Bondage Barbie 13

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; leather; ponygirl; cons; X

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Chapter 13 - Snow Ponies

For obvious reasons my charges had not moved, both being gagged and blindfolded with Beth hog-tied on her stomach in the middle of the floor and Dawn folded almost double over the cross bar.  They could not tell I was back so I relaxed with a drink and left them as they were while I checked a German bondage video to refresh my memory.

I had remembered seeing a small one passenger pony trap in the back of the garage left, probably by the previous owners that was equipped with skis and long shafts.  The video gave me an idea how to use it.  Pulling it out to an open spot on the garage floor, I spent some time wiping it down and planning the changes I needed to make.  The tool bench provided an electric drill along with several brackets and ringbolts so, in just over two hours, I stepped back from the modified sleigh.

Beth moaned as I released her contorted limbs and was unable to help as I did the same with Dawn.  A session in the hot tub was the answer and the three of us settled into it, Dawn with just wrists and ankles restrained with plastic ties.

After a meal we spent the rest of the day relaxing on the couch watching videos from Europe.  Beth and I were sitting on either side of Dawn pointing out to her ideas that we had not yet tried but she could look forward to us experimenting with.  All three of us were wearing soft, cosy terry cloth robes but Dawn was firmly bound with her wrists tied to rings on the outside of straps around each thigh, a soft leather gag filled her mouth and was held in place with a strap around her head.  Cord bound her ankles about two feet apart to ring bolts under the front of the couch.

We had all had a busy day and Beth kept dozing off to sleep.  Dawn would have as well except my hands were roving all over her and I finally loosened the belt of her robe and took one of her nipples in my mouth while my fingers found her clitoris and gently rolled it between them.  Her groans through the gag woke Beth who immediately started tonguing the other nipple and kneading the soft mound of the breast.

Dawn could not control the reaction of her body and was soon panting through the gag and trying to arch her body away from us; the bonds took care of that and we continued our ministrations.  I called a halt before things got out of hand.  We untied Dawn’s ankles and walked her through to the bedroom with the king size brass bed.  The railings at the top and foot of the bed were ideal for our needs and we stripped the girl before lashing her arms over her head to the middle of the headboard.

A two-foot long spreader bar with clamps at each end held her legs apart and a strap from the middle of the bar attached it to the footboard.  The satin sheets and warm blankets made a cosy nest for the three of us with Beth on one side me on the other and Dawn in the middle.  I tightened her gag strap and we started on her all over again.  This time we didn’t stop until we were satisfied and then cuddled up to the beautiful blonde captive and slept.

We woke to a white blanket of new snow and skipped our morning workouts in favour of a light breakfast.  The two girls were going to get all the exercise they needed before the day was out.   I had kept my idea to myself so Beth had no inkling of what the day would hold but she worked with a will to help me get Dawn ready.

A temporary gag kept the moaning and groaning to a minimum as we laced her tightly into a black leather jacket that had a built in corset and then twisted her arms up between her shoulder blades.  Her gloved hands were encased in the pointed heavy leather mitts and their rings slipped over the snap hook on the strap at the back of her neck.  Both of us pulled on the strap across her elbows and fastened it when her forearms were touching.

The position of her arms forced her breasts hard into the leather cups of the corset and we tightened the cords threaded through the base of each cup to firmly trap each swollen gland.  By this time she was sobbing at the restriction on her upper body but we paid no attention as we went to work on the next step.

Beth held the girl’s ass cheeks apart as I pushed in a rubber butt plug.  I followed it with an equally large dildo in front and then we pulled a pair of tight latex panties up her legs and laced on skintight kid leather toreador pants.  Medium heeled but very tight rubber boots laced to her knees and a crotch strap went between her legs from buckles on the waist belt.

After sitting Dawn down and tying her ankles I turned to a surprised Beth and got her into a duplicate outfit.  It took a while longer since there was only me but eventually I had her just as tightly restrained.  The one-piece black vinyl body suits had pouches tailored into the back to accommodate their bound arms and front zips from crotch to neck.  When they were done up I closed the velcro storm flaps.

Wide belts with metal rings just above each hip buckled around their waists.  The suits were lined for warmth and completely waterproof with elastic at the ankles to hold the cuffs tight against the boots. Starting with Dawn I installed earplugs then a very special leather helmet.  It had holes at the eyes and nostrils with a larger one framing her mouth.  On top at the crown of her head was another smaller opening.  As I laced the helmet down the back of her head I hooked her long blonde hair through the opening so it formed a ponytail.

Pulling out her gag I replaced it by forcing a hard rubber bar between her teeth.  The bar was five inches long and one inch in diameter.  A strap from each end buckled at the back of her neck and I tightened it until the bar was hard against her back teeth. There were metal rings screwed into each end of the gagging bit that would come into play later.  Beth was in no position to argue as I treated her head the same way and gagged her with another rubber bit.

Snapping a leash on one of the rings on Dawn’s bit I led her down to the garage, Beth followed along.  There were no restraints on their legs and the boot heels were made for comfortable walking.  They would feel the inserts working within them though.

I backed Dawn in between the shafts of the sleigh to stand while I connected short chains from the rings on her waist belt to the brackets I had installed halfway down the shafts.  Then Beth was backed in until she stood about two feet in front of Dawn and I connected her chains. 

I ran a martingale from Beth’s gag bit down between her legs and up to Dawn’s mouth.  Another went from there down between Dawn’s legs and up her back I pulled down on her ponytail and attached the end of the martingale to her hair.  Now her head was held up but there was downward pressure on her gag bar from Beth’s strap.  As a final touch I ran a braided leather lace from Beth’s ponytail to Dawn’s gag bar and then connected a pair of long reins from each end of Beth’s gag bar, across Dawn’s shoulders to the seat of the sleigh.

The doors to the garage were closed so they had nowhere to go while I went and got dressed.  A hooded quilted leather jump suit with warm laced up knee boots and lined kid gloves would keep me comfortable.  I returned to the lower level, opened the doors and led Beth and Dawn out into the snow.

Climbing on the single seat I gave Beth a light tug on the reins and Dawn a not so light tap on her tautly covered rear end with a leather riding crop.  They both started forward and soon matched their steps so they weren’t kicking each other. 

The tension on the tethers from their mouths and ponytails tightened then eased with their movements and the position of their confined arms kept their backs straight and chests thrust forward. 

I relaxed, tucked my chin into the fur edging of my leather hood and enjoyed the scenery as the snow ponies pulled me along at a gentle walking pace.  Once they had the hang of it I stopped the sleigh by pulling on the reins, got out and walked around to face them.  Using sign language I made it clear I wanted them to bend their legs and raise their knees more as they moved.  A couple of swipes with the riding crop emphasized my point and I climbed back into my seat.

When they moved off again with their heads nodding up and down, ponytails swinging and knees lifted high it gave the appearance of prancing ponies.  I kept the sleigh following the same path as the snowmobile, so even with the overnight snowfall it was not as deep and the runners slid easily.  Even so by the time I had driven them on a circuit of the field they were gasping for air around the gag bits and panting through their noses.  Their breath steamed in the cold but I was warm in my leathers and showed no mercy.

I made them start again around the field and then stopped at the point furthest from the chalet.  There was no need to hobble the helpless girls, I just tied the reins to a fence post and left them standing there while I took a short trail through the woods to check how the ice was forming on the lake at the back of my property.

Since they would have been sweating inside the vinyl suits I didn’t leave them for too long in case they started to get chilled.  After a quick look at the lake I returned and drove them back to the garage.  Unhooking the chains from the waist belts I pulled the two out from between the shafts and used an old towel to wipe the snow off their lower legs and dry the boots.

They were exhausted and completely docile as I led them upstairs and stripped off the waterproof suits.  That still left them helplessly bound from the waist up and a couple of straps around their ankles completed the restraint.

Sitting side by side on a couch, harsh bit gags still filling their mouths, I left them to recover as best they could.

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