Bondage Barbie 14

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; leather; con; X

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Chapter 14 – The Ultimate 69


Since coming to live with me Beth had become almost insatiable.  Whether she was tormenting Dawn with increasingly stringent bondage positions and outfits or was herself on the receiving end of my hobby, Beth kept coming back for more.  Many days I would slow her down by simply tying her hand and foot, forcing a large gag in her mouth and leaving her to stew.  The problem was that when I did release her she was so wound up and excited it sometimes took hours to get her satisfied.

Towards the end of our first week at the chalet I decided that the answer was to let Dawn do some of the work and, of course, she could not argue with my decision.  Without saying anything to Beth about my idea we started on the helpless girl.  Her upper torso was soon encased in tight kid leather with the top of her breasts and nipples squeezing through 2” holes in the bra cups and her arms locked between her shoulder blades.

A temporary gag and head harness muffled her moans as we worked.  The laces threaded through the base of the bra cups were pulled tight putting further pressure on her breasts.  While Beth held Dawn’s legs wide apart I checked the batteries in our largest butt plug, dipped it in some lubricant and started to ease it in place.  She struggled against the invasion but without the use of her arms Beth was able to hold her easily as I put pressure on the plug and slowly twisted it as it entered our captive.  When it was fully buried I taped over the end to hold it in place for the time being.

We worked her legs into a pair of crotchless kid leather pants and by the time we finished lacing them down the back from knee to ankle they were wrinkle free.  Thigh high ballet boots also required lacing up the length of her legs and forced her feet to point straight down in an incredible arch.  For the moment we tied her ankles together with cord then started on her head.

The harness came off and we popped the ball gag out of her mouth replacing it with a large hard leather gag that spread her jaws wide and had grooves top and bottom for her teeth.  Plugs went in each ear then the heavy rubber cap over her hair. Tape over her mouth and around her head a few times locked the gag in place and Beth pushed in the hollow nostril inserts.

The gleaming leather helmet had openings for her eyes and under the nostrils so she could breathe.  It laced down the back and then to the collar of the jacket.  Leaving her leather covered form lying helplessly on the floor of the living room I turned to Beth and she obediently co-operated as I started to dress her in a matching costume.

Once her arms were locked between her shoulder blades it didn’t make much difference whether she was obedient or not since resistance was not an option.

Flat on her back on the floor she spread her legs and bent her knees as I worked the butt plug up inside her and taped it in place. With her legs encased in skin-tight leather pants and the thigh boots snugly laced, I helped her into a chair so I could work on her head. 

Before long the earplugs were in place, she was efficiently gagged and laced into a leather helmet.  I buckled on a combination gag strap and head harness as tightly as it would go and was rewarded with a muffled moan from Beth.  Over the mouth area the gag strap had a metal flange sewn to it that would come into play later.

Pulling her to her feet she tottered in the incredible heels as I led her over to a table which matched the one at home.  Helping her up on it to lay as flat on her back as her bound arms would allow, I fitted the heels of the boots into the stirrups of the metal arms and strapped her legs to them at the ankle and just below her knees.

Adjusting the arms I got her legs spread wide apart, bent at the knee, and locked in that position.  A strap across her waist held her to the table and then I placed a low leather covered wooden “bridge” on the table.  It went across her body from just below her breasts to the top of her hipbones and would keep the weight off her so she could breathe.

Untying Dawn’s ankles I pulled her to her feet and forced her over to stand beside the table.  A harness from the ceiling pulley took her weight and allowed me to haul her up until her waist was just above to top of the bridge.  I swung her around and when her head was facing towards Beth’s feet, lowered her so her stomach was resting on the bridge.  A wide strap across her back held her in place and I fitted each booted foot into another set of stirrups on the legs of the table below Beth’s head. 

Straps at the ankle and around her bent knees held her legs firmly against the sides of the table.  Her vagina was now directly over and in front of Beth’s helmeted head.

I hauled another flanged gag strap and head harness brutally tight on Dawn and fitted a large vibrator dildo into the flange.  Guiding the knob of the toy to the entrance to Beth’s vagina, I pushed down on the back of Dawn’s head and forced about half the length of it into the throbbing cavity.

Temporary straps from the head harness to the table kept Dawn from pulling out while I moved to the other end of the table.  Beth’s eyes were gleaming through the leather eyeholes as I fitted another dildo into the flange on her gag.  I attached a strap from a ring at the crown of Beth’s helmet to the ring at the point of Dawn’s elbows and, as I pulled on it with one hand, the other guided the nose of the battery driven toy into Dawn.

When it was buried all the way to the flange I buckled the strap and returned to Dawn’s head.  Taking two medium strength 9” springs I hooked one from the ring at the crown of Dawn’s helmet and stretched it to the ring at the end of her elbow pouch.  The other stretched from the helmet ring to the end of the table.

I removed the temporary straps holding her head in place and the tension of the springs started to work.  As Dawn’s neck muscles relaxed the front spring pulled down and forced the dildo deeper into Beth but that put more pressure on the other spring and slowly the girl’s head was pulled back until the toy was halfway out again.

Once the process had started the hapless girl had no control over her head because the neck muscles tired very rapidly.  With the setup to my liking I hit the remote to start the buried vibrators and bent down to give Beth’s leather covered forehead a kiss.

For as long as the batteries lasted and the springs continued to alternate their pressure, Beth would be driven to come time after time.  An occasional check to see if she was in need of a squirt of lubricant in her vagina (she never was!) and my problem was solved for another few hours.

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