Bondage Barbie 12

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; leather; susp; cons/nc; X

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Chapter 12 - Cold Comfort

The muffled grunts and moans came clearly through the small speaker in the earplug I was wearing.  They were being picked up from the equally small microphone taped over Beth’s gagged mouth.  Not surprisingly they also coincided with the motion of the snowmobile as I drove it across the field behind the chalet.

It was a beautiful sunny but cold day that had started as usual with us working on Dawn after breakfast.  She was now hanging from a heavy-duty hook screwed into one of the oak beams that crossed the ceiling of the living room.

As I circled back towards the house I could see the suspended leather clad figure through the picture window and knew that she could see out.  That was all she could do since we had laced her into a kid leather body suit.  The inserts front and back were held in place with a crotch strap and we had strapped her legs together before lacing them into a thigh length single boot with a very high heel.

Her bound wrists and arms were over her head and encased in a leather single glove and arm sheath which covered them from a metal ring at the point of the fingers, down behind her head, to just above the armpits.  Then heavy straps continued down the front and back of her torso and connected to the waist belt.  Besides the crotch strap the belt also had straps connecting it to the top of the boot.

This series of straps meant her weight would be evenly distributed when we lifted her up and settled the finger ring over the ceiling hook.  First though we finished the outfit by forcing her jaws wide apart over a huge leather gag, pushed plugs into her ears and pulled a tight rubber cap over her head.  After tucking in her hair I ran surgical tape across her lips and around her head two or three times to hold the gag in place.

Beth was ready with the black leather discipline helmet and after I installed the hollow leather nostril inserts, she fitted it on the helpless girl lacing it tightly down the back and then to the neck of the body suit.  The helmet had eyeholes and small openings at the nostrils but the rest of the smooth leather was unbroken and fitted like a second skin.

Once I tightened a wide gag strap over Dawn’s mouth we used the eyelets on a small flap of leather that ran from ear to ear and laced the helmet back to matching eyelets on the arm sheath.

Now she could only look straight ahead and we lifted her until we could slip the finger ring over the ceiling hook. As she hung straight down we tightened every one of the straps before running another one from the bottom of the boot to a floor ring.  I squeezed in front of her with my back to the window and checked that her eyes were open.  She knew I was quite capable of taping her lids if she closed her eyes other than to blink occasionally.

Now for Beth - she didn’t know what I had in mind for her and co-operated as I got her dressed.

She bent over as I installed the butt plug then I handed her the dildo and let her do that one herself.  A pair of tight latex panties was followed by a leather bra and full leather body suit.  After I had laced that up I passed her a pair of elbow length kid gloves that she pulled on and I laced them over the sleeves of the suit.

A small pair of disposable plastic gloves stopped any residue getting on the leather as I taped her fingers together with the thumbs tucked across the palm.  Heavy pointed leather mitts laced passed the wrists and her hands were completely helpless.

She knew what was next as I buckled a wide belt around her waist and ran a strap from the front of it up between her breasts where it split to cross each shoulder and met again at the back of her neck.

She was not yet gagged and gasped audibly as I twisted her arms up between her shoulder blades and attached the finger rings to the hook in the strap behind her neck.  Using all my strength I pulled her elbows together at the small of her back until her forearms were flat against each other then buckled the strap to hold them in the reverse prayer position and tightened another one around her wrists.

She sat quietly as I held a knee boot with a very high heel for her and she pushed down hard to get it on.  When they were both on I took my time lacing them evenly and very tightly up her legs.  A crotch strap attached to the front of the waist belt and I pulled it between her legs and buckled it at the back.

Beth looked beautiful in the black kid leather; it strained across her chest because the position of her arms caused her breasts to bulge forward.  I kissed her and as she responded by opening her mouth I filled it with a leather gag.  A small piece of tape across her lips held it in place for the moment.  She was still sitting down so I used cord to tie her ankles to the legs of the stool while I worked on her head.

Leather earplugs and flared nostril inserts went in followed by a rubber cap and additional tape across her mouth and around her head.  I laced her into a leather helmet that matched the one on Dawn with openings only for the eyes and under the nose and then firmly tightened a gag strap across her mouth.  I left her like that while I dressed myself.

Wearing a warm turtleneck sweater tucked into leather slacks I carried the rest of the outfits back to the main room and untied Beth’s ankles so she could slip her booted feet into the legs of a one piece quilted leather jump suit.  It was sleeveless but had a pouch at the back that fitted over her bound arms.  A wide zipper ran from the crotch to her neck and I closed it under her chin and then fastened the storm flap over the zip with button studs.

Another belt went around her waist and I pulled a large pair of mukluks over her boots to add warmth and protect the leather.

I fastened the small microphone to the gag strap and hooked the tiny transmitter to the belt at her waist.  The fiberglass shell safety helmet was hard to force over her head but when I had it on her the interior padding pressed into her cheeks and kept it firmly in place along with the strap under her chin.  I walked her down into the garage under the chalet and over to the snowmobile I had modified.

When she was straddling the back seat I fastened straps from a buckle in the middle of the seat back across each of her thighs to another buckle in front of her crotch.  Further straps at the ankles and knees kept her legs tightly against the body of the machine.  I flipped down the facemask on her helmet.

Returning to the main room I put on my own quilted leather jump suit and a pair of warm snow boots.  I checked Dawn and tapped her leather-covered cheek when I saw her eyes were closed.  They shot open at my touch and I wagged a finger at her to remind her to keep them that way.

Picking up my own helmet and gloves I rejoined the hapless Beth, opened the garage door and started the machine.  The earplug went in my left ear and I pulled on the safety helmet and my gloves before settling on to the seat in front of Beth and between her legs.  Straps from her waist belt buckled together at the front of my waist.  This pulled her hard against my back and I could feel her breasts pushing against me.  I lowered my face shield and drove into the snowy fields.

Even though deep snow covered the fields the machine bucked as I sped across them.  The response from Beth was predicable.  She was warm but helpless.  Unable to adjust her position to soften the movements of the machine and the leather toys imbedded deeply within her that shifted with each bump.

I drove across the deserted countryside for half an hour before heading back to the chalet. Stopping the machine facing the big picture window I looked up at Dawn to make sure her eyes were open and then loosened the belt around my waist.  Leaving Beth strapped to the still running machine I went inside, fitted an electric massage vibrator over the glove on my right hand and crossed to the leather encased girl hanging in the window.

Reaching around her I could look out at Beth and hear her moans as the vibrating motor of the snowmobile inflicted its motions through her body.  Dawn soon felt a similar sensation as I turned on the vibrator and started to run my hand over her.  I paid particular attention to her breasts and crotch and she was, of course, unable to avoid my ministrations.  Beth could see what I was doing through the window and gradually her moans changed to panting through the nostril holes of the leather helmet.

Dawn’s body was also reacting and when I judged her to be very close to climaxing I stopped and left her hanging – in more ways than one.

Back outside it only took one more circuit of the field before Beth stiffened against her bonds and shuddered so hard I felt it through my back.  The microphone told me the rest and her helmeted head bounced off mine as she struggled with the orgasms that wracked her confined muscles.  Then all the tension went out of her body, at least, as much as it could with the restraints holding it, and I headed back to the garage.

Upstairs I stripped the outerwear off Beth then forced her face down on the floor and hog-tied her ankles to the buckle at the point of her bound elbows.  A padded leather blindfold went over her eyes and I removed the microphone.  With a pull to take in another notch of the gag strap I left her that way and, stripping off my own jump suit, moved over to Dawn.

This time I stood in front of the hanging girl and watched her eyes as I used the vibrator.  Her lids soon closed and shudders ran through the length of her leather-covered body.  I shut off the vibrator and put it aside then reached for a blindfold to strap on her before detaching the strap holding her boot to the floor ring.  Wrapping my arms around her it wasn’t difficult to lift her high enough so the ring at the end of her arms came off the ceiling hook and I lowered her until her weight was on the high-heeled boot.

With my arms still around her waist I pulled her over to stand between the two floor to ceiling metal posts.  Adjusting a cross bar until it was level with the top front of the thigh boot I looped some soft cord around her just under the leather covered buttocks to hold her body against the bar.  More cord immobilised her ankles against the lower crossbar.

I reached up over her head and got a hold of the arm sheath near the elbows.  Pulling forwards and down she had no choice but to bend at the waist and as soon as I could get at the finger ring in the leather mitt a piece of cord went through it and down to the ankle bar.  Pulling on the cord with one hand and pushing down on the back of her neck with the other I soon had her bent double over the bar and tied off the cord around her wrists and ankles.

I checked there was enough space between her helmeted head and booted knees for air to get to her nostrils and stepped back to admire her new bondage position; a person could not get much more helplessly confined.  They had both had their satisfaction and now it was time for mine.

Slipping out of my leather slacks and panties I crouched down and slowly pushed in a very well lubricated butt plug.  Next I eased a remote controlled battery operated dildo into my vagina and pulled on a pair of latex panties.

With the slacks back on I tucked in the sweater and buckled a wide belt around my waist.  Reaching back between my legs I caught the short strap hanging from the back of the belt and pulled it through to attach at the front.

The crotch strap was tight enough to hold the toys in place but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.  Warmly dressed again in the quilted leather jump suit and winter boots I checked my captives to make sure that, other than the bondage, they were not in distress.  Both were breathing slowly and evenly through the inserts and I felt it quite safe to leave them for a while.

Moving carefully back to the garage and donning my safety helmet I pulled on my gloves, fastened the wristbands, and drove the snowmobile back outside.  Visualizing the positions of my two beautiful girls in bondage, and feeling the vibrations of the machine as it sped across the fields, I flipped a switch on the steering bar with my thumb and activated the vibrator deep inside me.

After just a few minutes I had to stop the machine until the sensations settled down before I roared off again – looking for bumps.  Satiated for the time being I returned to the chalet.  Heaven had to be like this for a leather bondage dominatrix!

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