Bondage Barbie 11

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; leather; cons/nc; X

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Chapter 11.  Holiday Bound

I tightened the seat belt and shoulder harness to keep Beth firmly in the front seat of the van.  Her gloved hands were laced in leather mitts but seemed to rest quite naturally in the pockets of the belted leather trench coat she was wearing.

In fact the metal rings on the ends of the mitts were attached to the snap hook on the crotch strap which ran from the front of the waist belt between her legs and up to the back of the belt.  It also held the semi-rigid inserts in place.  She was wearing a pair of tight black leather slacks and knee length laced boots with very high heels.

A neat strap that looked like it was part of the boot went around her ankles and kept her feet motionless against the bar under the front seat.  She was completely helpless, but only we knew that.  Anyone close enough to look in the van through the tinted windows would see nothing unusual.  A light blanket covered the hump in the back seat that was Dawn.  Her travelling mode was a lot less comfortable than Beths.

It had taken both of us well over an hour to get Dawn ready.  Starting with the semi rigid inserts front and back we had then laced her in a one-piece kid leather body suit.  Her arms were folded up between her shoulder blades and strapped in that position.  A strap from her gloved and mitt confined hands split to run across her shoulders, then joined again to run down between her breasts, which bulged against the bra cups, to a wide waist belt.

A crotch strap attached to the same belt ran between her legs to buckle at the point of her elbows.  By pulling these straps as tight as they would go her arms were completely immobile and the crotch strap taunt between her legs.  Strapping her legs together at the knees and ankles, Beth and I worked them into a single leg boot with a wickedly high heel.  Standing on either side of the table we pulled at the laces until the boot was smoothly closed and skin tight up to her thighs.

Dawn was moaning at the pressures constricting her body but as Beth pulled the temporary gag out of her mouth and I filled it with a leather pear shaped gag, the moaning stopped and Dawn began breathing slowly and evenly through her nose.  Over the weeks of bondage she had learned this was the only way to get sufficient air.

As Beth pushed the leather plugs into Dawn’s ears I got the rubber cap ready and then pulled it over her head.  Tucking in her hair I fastened the chinstrap under her left ear and then wound 2" surgical tape across her mouth and around her head.  That kept the gag firmly in place.

Hollow nostril inserts went in her nose and soft leather pads settled over each eye before we fitted the kid leather discipline helmet and, as Beth smoothed it over Dawn’s face, I laced it tightly down the back.

Only small openings at each nostril allowed our captive to breathe and broke the smooth leather encasing her head.  A strap over the mouth area completed the job after Beth laced the neck of the helmet to the collar of the body suit.

There was no way for Dawn to do anything except try to relax against the strain of the bondage.  Her leather-encased body was held to the table with a strap across her waist as I turned to Beth and started on her travelling costume.

When she was fully dressed I held the trench coat for her and settled it around her shoulders.  Her tightly mitted hands slipped into the pockets and I clipped the small metal rings to the snap hook on the crotch strap.  Now she was also helpless and I buttoned and belted the coat around her body.  She was not gagged and sat quite comfortably looking at Dawn’s rigid form while I got myself dressed.

Wearing leather slacks, comfortable medium heeled boots and a belted three quarter length leather jacket I returned to the playroom and unbuckled the strap holding Dawn to the table.  Swinging her legs over the edge I easily got her rear end in the seat of the wheelchair and pushed it through to the garage.

Beth followed along but was, of course, unable to help me load Dawn into the van.  With the sliding door wide open I soon had the bound, blind, deaf and gagged girl on the seat. Using soft 1/4" cord I bound her booted ankles to the floor bracket of the seat in front of her.  The seat belt went across her upper thighs and I was ready for the next step.

The straps running across her shoulders from the hand mitts to the waist belt each had a roller buckle level with her collarbones.  I ran a strap around her legs at the knees and then fed each end through the shoulder buckles.  Leaning on the back of her neck I forced her shoulders down and forwards, when her kid covered breasts were squashed against her legs, I took all the slack out of the straps and closed the buckles.

This process caused some grunts from the leather-covered girl but she was absolutely helpless to resist anything I did to her.  We were going for a three hour drive and by the time it was over Dawn would be happy just to straighten up.  I ran another piece of cord from the ring in the crown of the helmet to the seat bracket and then draped a light blanket over her form.

With Beth now securely held in the front seat I added one further item to make for a nice quiet trip.  Telling her to open her mouth and stick her tongue out, I clamped the tongue between two leather pads and pushed it back behind her teeth.

Halfway back on each side were small plastic clamps and I peeled her lips back so I could use a small key to tighten the setscrews against the outside of her top teeth.  My thumb under her chin pushed up until her lower teeth settled in the lower half of the clamps and I tightened those screws.

I touched up her lipstick and then studied the effect.  She was efficiently gagged but not noticeably.   The suitcases had already been packed and loaded in the back of the van and now I locked up the house, pulled on a pair of leather driving gloves and backed out of the garage with my restrained passengers.

We were going to my chalet for a week or so and while Dawn would know we were travelling she would have no idea as to our destination.  Beth could only watch as I drove carefully within the legal limits on the highway and took great delight describing some of the bondage treats I was planning for them both.

Just under three hours later I pulled the van into the big double garage under the chalet and left the girls where they were while I toured the house and turned on all the systems. The automatic thermostat had the building heated and just needed to be re-set to make it comfortable.  The chalet had all the features of my home in the city but was so remote I would be able to have fun with Beth and Dawn outside in the snow, something not possible at home.

I released Beth first so she could help me with Dawn.  As we allowed the leather-encased girl to straighten up there was a big sigh of relief heard even through the layers of tape and leather holding her gag in place.

An hour later she was held upright, standing in the single boot and still in the body suit, between two floor to ceiling metal poles.  We had freed her head and taken out the gag long enough to get plenty of fluid and some food into her.  Then the gag went back while we had our own meal and planned some fun in the new surroundings.

They had both survived a new experience with the trip; Beth’s session with the tongue clamp was an interesting experiment since it was a very effective gag but did not show to the casual observer.  I would use it again.

I checked to make sure the deep hot tub outside on the covered deck was coming up to temperature and then Beth and I started to strip Dawn out of the body suit.  We removed the inserts in the washroom and cleaned her up before using plastic ties to lock her wrists behind her back.  She was now completely naked except for the ball gag stretching her jaws wide apart.

Beth and I also stripped and then pulled her between us outside to the hot tub.  The air temperature was cold but we climbed down into the steaming water and pulled Dawn in with us. A table beside the tub held everything we would need for the next little while.  Ducking under the water I used more long plastic ties to attach Dawn’s ankles to rings on the tub bottom.

With her legs now wide apart we released her wrists just long enough to re-attach them to rings higher up the sides level with her waist.  With the water over our shoulders it was very pleasant and Dawn was a naked filling sandwiched between us.  Unable to wait any longer I reached out and got two double dildos off the table.  They were rubber and felt marvelous as Beth and I slid them into our vaginas and strapped them in place.

Gently, me at the front and Beth at the back, we worked the other halves up inside Dawn until she was struggling and bucking against the double invasion.  Holding Dawn’s head still with a handful of her hair I rested my chin on her shoulder and found Beth’s lips with mine.

The combination of the warm water, the slow regular movement of our hips, the helpless, gagged and violated girl and the sensations we raised in each other soon had shudders coursing through our bodies.  What a way to start a holiday!

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