Behind Closed Doors 9 - Party Pistons

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; leather; bond; electroplay; toys; nc; X

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Chapter 9 - Party Pistons

Jane and Karen were getting ready for their annual year-end party.  This was for their straight friends who had no idea, as far as they knew, what went on behind the closed doors of their home.  That included the intimate relationship they shared as well as the live toy for their fetish games – Natasha.

This being the case the girl had to be well hidden because with fifteen to twenty people invited you could never tell where some one might wander in the house, particularly because, since all the guests were using a taxi or limousine, the open bar would be a favorite spot.

The day before they had packed away the dungeon in the basement leaving nothing but an innocuous storage room with a couple of mattresses leaning against the wall.

It had taken two weeks for them to perfect the setup and now, with just a few minutes to go before the caterer arrived and an hour before the party started Jane was smoothing the bright spread on the bed in the spare room.  Karen arranged a couple of colourful pillows against the headboard and settled a cute little doll to sit between them.  She turned on the bedside radio to a soft music station.

At close examination everything in the room looked completely normal but looks can be deceiving and under the cover of the bed was a very uncomfortable Natasha.

The mattress leaning against the wall in the basement came, along with the box spring, from the double bed in the spare room at the end of the hall from the front door.   What remained was the angle iron metal frame with its wooden head and foot boards.

A couple of weeks earlier the local DIYS outlet had delivered two 6’ x 4’ sheets of ¼” Plexiglas.  Jane had purchased two large air mattresses, a couple of heavy coil springs and several metal spring-loaded plungers.

In the garage they set the two sheets on saw horses and, after a few minutes measuring and marking, drilled through both at the required points.  Leaning one sheet against the wall they installed the plungers through the holes and locked them at their full extension before screwing them in place.  The other sheet then sat on top of the plungers and was screwed down.

They now had an 8” sandwich of Plexiglas that would fit in the frame of the bed like the box spring.   Using a pump they blew up the air mattresses and checked that the height worked out for what they wanted.

On the day of the party Natasha spent most of the afternoon secured in a chair with her head strapped back and a funnel in her mouth.  Jane figured that the party would last at least seven hours from 8 pm to 3 am and planned to make sure the girl was well hydrated because with a houseful of guests they would not have any opportunity to look after her.  Once she judged she had had enough they hauled the girl to the bathroom and went through the process of two enemas before working her in a skintight leather cat suit.

The ballet boots were thigh high but also had metal rods down the outside of each leg reinforced with leather straps.  A simple piece of tape over the mouth muffled the moans and groans as they worked.  Natasha’s kid gloved fingers were folded in fists and then laced in heavy leather mitts before they forced the girl’s arms to bend at the elbow and used a couple of straps on each one to lock the fist tightly in the armpit.

Now they worked a heavy leather sheath over each bent arm and laced them from shoulder to elbow.  The top of each sheath had leather straps that criss-crossed her back allowing no play what-so-ever and the point of the elbows had a large metal D ring embedded in the reinforced leather.

The boned leather corset was quickly followed by clamps on her nipples as they poked through openings in the cat suit and Karen held the thin wires attached to each clamp off to the side as Jane installed the clear plastic suction cups.  In rapid succession they forced in a large butt plug, equally large dildo and moved the attached wires out of the way as the crotch strap from the corset was reefed snugly between her legs.

That left Natasha’s head.  Ear plugs and a heavy rubber cap were followed by Jane peeling off the tape and pushing a pump gag between the helpless girl’s lips.  Cotton pads went on each eye and were held in place with tape then Karen fitted the leather discipline helmet over Natasha’s face, settled the nostril tubes in place and smoothed the leather as Jane laced it closed down the back.  She finished it off with a stiff leather neck brace.

Deaf, dumb, blind, encased in extremely tight leather, they settled the bound form face down on an air mattress on the floor inside the bed frame.  They ran straps from the rings at each elbow to opposite corners at the top of the frame then pulled on her legs until they could get ankle straps over the ballet boots to the bottom corners and complete the spread eagle.

Karen lifted the girl’s torso while Jane fitted the two round springs under her breasts so that the nipples and suction cups were clear of the mattress.  The cups were attached to a small air pump.  The plexi “sandwich” now rested on one side lip of the bed frame while the two tormentors connected the six wires from the clamps, suction cups, dildo and butt plug each to the bottom of one of the plungers.  They lowered the other edge until it settled on the other lip just like a box spring.

Reaching in between the two clear sheets they pulled the locking pins from the plungers, attached the ends of the wires to a small connector and plugged that in the wall plate behind the bedside table.

The top plexi sheet was now weight sensitive, held up by the springs in each plunger.  Any more weight would activate the electrical feed to the plungers and as they slipped down the contact would increase the activity of the toys attached to and embedded in the girl.  The second air mattress went on top, was covered by the colorful spread and Karen put the pillows in place.

While Karen showed the caterers where everything was Jane got dressed.  Pale pink leather tailored slacks, darker pink sweater and matching high heels accented her good looks and then she took over while Jane showered and changed.  She had selected a dark brown ankle length suede skirt with a crisp white satin blouse.

Sharp at eight the door bell sounded and when Jane answered it she had to suppress a giggle because the first guest was Natasha’s mother Marsha with her new boyfriend. 

“Do come in, how are you, do you ever hear from that daughter of yours?”

“Yes” said Marsha “she e-mails me occasionally from somewhere on the coast.”

It was cold out and as Marsha’s escort took her heavy winter coat Karen came up to them and said  “Just throw your coats on the bed in the spare room”.

With the large group of guests arriving it was the start of long night for Natasha – and she didn’t enjoy the party!


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