Behind Closed Doors 10 - The Rubber Match

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; leather; bond; latex; toys; nc; X

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Chapter 10 - The Rubber Match



Jane selected another heavy rubber band from the pile and used two fingers on each hand to stretch it out.  Sliding her thumbs between the two strands she pushed down to make the opening larger and then worked it over the already bulging flesh of Natasha’s right breast.


After the tenth one settled on top of the others around the base she stepped back and waited.  Karen, who had been holding the girl’s right arm below shoulder height to stop the breast from being partially flattened while Jane snapped on the elastic bands, changed her grip.   With one hand she held Natasha’s wrist while the other spread the girls fingers apart.

One at a time Jane fitted more rubber bands at the base of each finger and another just behind the first knuckles then Karen hauled on the rope pulling the arm back up to the spread-eagled position.  Jane released the tension on Natasha’s left arm and held it as Karen moved in front and started the process over again on the left breast.



They were in the basement of their home that had been Natasha’s dungeon for over a year and were dressed in full Domme outfits including facemasks.  The masks were necessary because each step of this newest project was being video taped.

The girl was naked, if you didn’t count the wide strap holding the ball gag in place, the Zorro mask and cords around each wrist and ankle that held her spread- eagled.  Over the next little while she was going to get acquainted with rubber and latex in all the painful ways that her two tormentors could conceive.  The bulging breasts that were rapidly changing colour were just the first step in the process.

When Karen had added her quota of elastic to the left breast and the fingers of the left hand, they stretched Natasha back between the floor to ceiling posts. The build up of tight rubber bands stopped any flattening of the two mounds of flesh bulging from her chest.

The two tormentors then each took a handful of bands and, twisting each one two or three times, rolled them down to the bases of the hanging girls toes.

That done Jane picked up a small tool that looked like a pair of needle-nosed pliers but in fact worked in the opposite manner.  She slipped a very small rubber band over the closed points then squeezed the handle causing the tips to move apart stretching the tiny band open.


Karen had worked Natasha’s right nipple through the opening and, when it was in position, Jane rolled the band off the end of the pliers.  It clamped around the base of the nipple.  The next one landed just in front of the first and the two soon had each nipple encased with a half a dozen bands until they jutted out a good ½” from the engorged breasts.

With a wicked grin Jane held the pliers in front of Natasha’s tear filled eyes and slowly fitted another tiny band over the tip then slowly slid the points down the girl’s chest past her navel to stop just above the clean shaven mound.  She continued to watch Natasha’s eyes as Karen used her fingers to manipulate the victim’s most intimate area until out from under its hood came her oh so sensitive clitoris.



Prior to the start of their latest exercise in torment ex-nurse Jane, after administering the regular morning enema, had checked the semi-permanent catheter in their unwilling houseguest.  Now she held a small container under the tube and released the clamp for long enough to allow Natasha’s bladder to empty.

The thick butt plug was 6” of stiffened rubber and between them they worked it fully up inside their subject then Karen started squeezing the bulb of the pump.  At 2” intervals the plug had softer rubber collars that now began to expand outwards locking it immovably in place.

The rubber dildo was longer and thicker but worked on the same principle except that, instead of collars, it was studded with small rubber nubs that the pumped air forced out from its surface and into the sensitive flesh of Natasha’s love tunnel.

Releasing her ankles, so she hung by her wrists, they worked a tight pair of latex panties up her legs until they snapped snugly in place from waist to halfway down the thighs.  After dumping in some talc they pulled a tight latex sockette over each foot and ankle covering the banded toes.

As they lowered Natasha and carried her over to the worktable the two Dommes easily overcame her struggles as she still showed a weak spark of defiance.  Jane adjusted the camera and then they strapped her down at the waist, thigh and elbows leaving her hands available to receive a pair of very tight latex gloves.  It took sometime to work each finger, the thumbs and the bands constricting them in place but when it was done they snapped several larger rubber bands around each wrist to lock on the gloves.

The full body latex cat suit Jane and Karen started installing on Natasha was deliberately a size or two too small for her and they knew they had their work cut out to get their victim in it.  Starting with her feet they smoothed any air bubbles from the black rubber until, finally, they had her arms down the sleeves and already gloved hands in the attached gloves.

At this point they easily flipped Natasha over on her stomach and pulled the heavy duty zipper all the way up her back to the neck; the suit fit like a second skin.  A very, very tight second skin.

The stiffly boned heavy rubber corset extended from Natasha’s shoulders to the top curve of her hips and, standing on either side of the table, Karen and Jane were able to get a great deal of pressure on the laces to pull the edges of the torturous garment together.  The built in hard rubber cups of the corset were forced down over Natasha’s latex covered breasts so that her chest took an almost normal shape concealing their distortion from the constricting bands.

Continuing to work as a team the two women each bent one of Natasha’s arms up between her shoulder blades and used strong roller buckled straps from the sides of the corset to lock them in the strained reverse prayer position.  A wide strap across each shoulder flattened the rubber covered hands against the top of her back, crossed between her breasts and buckled back to the corset.

Two more straps were attached to the back of the corset, fed through the helpless girl’s crotch up to the front buckles and pulled through to the last notch.  This put even more pressure on the oversized inserts.

A beautiful pair of shiny white rubber ballet boots took them nearly half an hour to lace, over Natasha’s already latex encased legs, all the way up to the top of her thighs.  Wide straps just above and below the knees welded the booted legs together and a white one, with a smart gold buckle in front, was tightened around the ankles.

Now they moved to Natasha’s head and started by pushing in soft rubber earplugs then stretching a tight rubber swim cap over her head pulling the chin strap tight before fastening it under her left ear.  The goggles were custom made with fairly small oval lenses set in frames that were deeper and wider than usual.  The lower rubber flange of the goggles extended down across Natasha’s cheeks and half way down her nose while the top one almost covered her forehead.  Several straps held the unit in place.

The tops of the oval frames had been painted with gold rubber paint and had several holes drilled in them.  Two hard rubber tubes extended a short way from the center of the frames down each side of Natasha’s nose.

After pulling out the ball gag they gave the poor girl a chance to swallow some water before installing a rubber clamp across her tongue and packing it back in her mouth.   Karen used her thumbs under Natasha’s chin to try and force her mouth closed over the gag then Jane immediately ran two or three turns of tape over the lips and around the head.

The next item was a black latex helmet that snapped in place leaving just her goggles and nose visible.  Before pulling it down over her neck they fitted a hard rubber throat shield that it held in place to ensure Natasha’s airway would not be constricted more than they intended.

Very carefully, Jane slid a hard rubber mold up over Natasha’s jaw until the tubes inside the nose cover locked with her nostril inserts and then one more push got the tubes from the goggle frames to snap in place.  The top of the mold then fitted tightly against the bottom edges of the eye frames.

The white latex helmet laced down the back of the girl’s head leaving nothing showing except the gold frames and glass lenses of the goggles.  The rest of the face was smooth white shiny latex.

They waited a few minutes to make sure that Natasha was getting enough air.  Over the last number of months, being gagged more often than not, she had developed a strong set of lungs and was used to breathing through her nose. 

That is what she was doing now except she had to pull the air a couple of inches further through the holes in the eye frames, down the side of her nose and then into her lungs.  She seemed to be handling it so Karen and Jane continued with their plan.

Karen reached inside the full length white rubber tube dress so she could guide Natasha’s legs into the hobble skirt without the toes and heels catching and maybe damaging it.  They worked it all the way up until they could close the back zipper.  That done a wide white rubber belt with an oversized gold buckle went around the waist and another around the neck.

Despite the number of layers on Natasha, they were so excruciatingly tight that the vision of shiny white rubber was very obviously female with the curves in all the right places.

Standing the helpless rubber manikin on a small rotating platform they held it upright by locking the back of the waist belt to an upright post at the back edge.

Placing themselves on either side they allowed the camera to see the finished product – two Dommes and one white rubber covered female form with gold highlights at the eyes, throat, waist and ankles.  A full length black rubber hooded cape then hid their handiwork.

The computer expert was Karen and she checked to make sure she had every thing needed from the video of the last few hours to enter and win the contest on one of the fetish world’s top rubber and latex sites.

They had joined the site several weeks ago and when a contest was announced for the most extreme use of rubber/latex bondage the two decided to accept the challenge; much to Natasha’s discomfort.

When Karen finished editing the video it showed the process they had followed in reverse, black cape, white dress etc. 

A few weeks later they were contacted and told that the judges had considered several potential winners but the nose cover breathing set up through the frame of the goggles was a real plus and when they got down to the rubber bands on Natasha’s breasts, clit, fingers and toes it was no contest.

“So” said Karen, “we won”.

“What did we win?”

“I don’t know but we did have fun didn’t we Pet?”  That was Karen’s reply as she stroked the tight white latex stretched over the head of the tightly bound form crouched beside her chair.


Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction and elastic bands, used as described in this story, would cause serious circulation problems so please don’t think about emulating the scenario.


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