Behind Closed Doors 8 - Homeward Bound

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; leather; bond; rubber; toys; nc; X

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Chapter 8 - Homeward Bound

The cape was a vision of flowing black leather.  The high, cowl like collar was folded over and held snugly just touching her slightly raised chin by two large leather buttons, one under the other, at the left side of her neck.  Just a glimpse of the crimson lining of the collar showed around the curved edge.

More leather buttons every six inches held the front closed and a half belt at the waist pulled the leather taut over her chest before it flowed across her lap and down to a foot or so above the floor.   As she sat motionless on the straight-backed chair her hands rested in her lap clutching a small black purse.  Her hands and wrists as they emerged through the arm slits of the cape were covered in tight crimson leather gloves that matched the colour of the collar lining.

Showing from under the hem of the cape her legs were close together and encased in a pair of black leather boots.  The boots were laced up the front with an ornamental gold buckle on the outside of each ankle. On her head was a fashionable black leather hat with a deep, tight crown and a wide brim that drooped slightly at the front to shade her eyes.  The underside of the brim was crimson.

Blonde hair cut in a classic pageboy flowed from under the hat to gently brush the top of the collar.  The crimson accents of the outfit were matched yet again by the glistening colour of her lips.  She looked so beautiful, a designers’ dream or a fashion model, seemingly just waiting quietly for something or someone to come along.

A closer look however, told a much different story.

The toes of the boots came to extremely narrow points with almost no soles to support the feet.  A side view revealed heels of an amazing height that forced the feet into incredible, and painful, arches.  The ornamental buckles were, in fact, anchors for narrow black straps that could hardly be seen against the leather of the boots but were keeping the ankles securely locked together.

Her wrists, clad in the tight gloves, were crossed as they rested on the purse but they were also very securely bound with thin crimson leather thongs that were almost invisible against the glove leather.  Unseen, other restraints disappeared under the cloak between two buttons to hold the wrists and purse in place.

A closer examination of her face showed that it was covered with a very realistic latex mask.  The lips, glistening with their crimson paint, looked quite natural at first glance but then a slight bulge underneath them became noticeable.  The skintight mask disappeared under her hair and collar with holes just at the nostrils and around the eyes.  Makeup had been expertly applied to merge the mask’s edges with the skin around the girl’s sorrowful eyes.

A glistening tear welled at the corner of her right eye and started down a path over her latex covered cheek.

A hand appeared with a tissue and dabbed at the tear before it reached the leather of the cape’s collar.

“Oh look Karen, she’s crying again,” said Jane “I do believe she is going to be very uncomfortable for the drive home but she looks just darling doesn’t she?”

Karen took a break from packing their things to come over and stroke the tight leather crown of the hat and adjust the front brim as she leaned down and grinned at Natasha.  “You know Jane, I think we have outdone ourselves this time.  We brought her to the chalet as a blind leather covered ball but she will go home able to enjoy the scenery during the three-hour drive.  That is if she can get her mind off what’s going on under this beautiful cape!”

Under the leather of the cape Natasha was cruelly restrained and every bump during the drive would bring home the things her two tormentors had done to her body as they got her dressed for the ride.

The start, after the usual indignity of cleaning her out, had been to hang her from her wrists so that her toes barely cleared the floor and lace on the boned leather torso corset.  The garment started with a stiffened neck brace that they left undone then allowed her breasts to bulge through two openings before it swooped in at the waist and ended just at Natasha’s hipbones.  A ball gag kept her moans down to muffled whimpers.

With both of them tugging at the laces they eventually managed to get the back edges of the corset to meet and that crushed the girl’s waist down to an excruciating 21”.  There were sleeves that laced down each arm to just below her elbows and were in turn, laced to the sides of the corset immobilizing her upper arms.  They fitted the crimson gloves over each hand and up to the sleeves where they were laced in place and then temporarily forced her wrists behind her back and tied them together.

The hated thigh high ballet boots took the usual amount of time to lace smoothly, and very tightly, up each leg and then they laid her on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide to the bottom corners while they went to work on her breasts.  Their aim was to make the ride home as uncomfortable as possible for their plaything and they stood on either side of her working with undisguised enjoyment.  They first tightened 1” wide leather roller buckled straps around the base of each breast and pulled on them until they buried themselves in the flesh and the glands immediately started to change colour. 

Two elastic rubber bands snapped time and time again over and behind each nipple ring but they were not yet satisfied.  Jane fed a thin leather thong through the nipple rings and pulled on it until they met over the center of her chest before tying it off there with several more sadistic turns around the already tormented nubs.

It wasn’t really a bra it was more of a wide leather strap that they attached to the corset on either side of Natasha’s breasts and pulled on it until they were crushed even further.  Two narrow straps now crossed her chest from shoulder to waist and, as the women pulled on them, they sank down the middle of the tortured leather bound mound of flesh giving the impression of a normal bust line.

Easily handling the crying girl they bent her over the side of the bed and forced in a huge rubber butt plug taping the thin wire leading from the base flange to the outside of her leg.  Adjusting Natasha’s position Jane checked to make sure the catheter was closed and then filled her love tunnel with a muscle-stretching dildo; its wire joined the one from the plug.   Jane snapped a small soft-toothed clamp on the girl’s clit just behind the permanent gold ring they had installed a few weeks back.  Then they covered the entire crotch area with several layers of itchy tape.

After working a pair of skintight latex panties over the tape they buckled a crotch strap through her legs and laced on a boned leather thigh sheath that went over the boots from her crotch to just above the knees crushing the upper legs together in its embrace.  For show more than anything else they pulled a tight, below the knee, leather skirt up her legs and belted it tightly around her waist.  They buckled the ankle straps and lifted Natasha to sit on the chair before stepping back to admire their handiwork.

After a long minute of gloating over the helpless girl they gathered together the supplies needed to make Natasha’s head as uncomfortable as the rest of her.  Rubber plugs were pushed deep in each ear and they pulled out the ball gag.  Natasha managed to get out about half of a desperate plea for them to stop before Karen forced her jaws apart with a wedge and then held her head while Jane captured her tongue and installed the hard rubber clamp behind the barbell stud. 

The clamp had inflatable pouches top and bottom and, as Jane pumped them up, Karen slowly removed the now unnecessary wedge.  Any space behind Natasha’s teeth was rapidly filled but Karen kept one hand on the top of Natasha’s head and the other around her lower jaw to make sure that her teeth stayed clamped together against the increasing pressure.  Before she disconnected the pump Jane gave it a couple of final squeezes and then smoothed a wide piece of tape over the lips from just under her nose to the point of her chin.

Karen released her grip and reached for the rubber cap to pull over Natasha’s hair, tucked in some loose wisps and fastened the chinstrap under her left ear.  That done Jane used two more turns of the tape completely around her head to further secure the gag and seal in any drool that was sure to accumulate.

Jane stood in front of Natasha so she could see what was coming next and held their favorite kid leather discipline helmet while Karen undid the laces to open it.  Within minutes it was being tightly laced down the back of the girl’s head and smoothed over her features until it was skintight. 

The gag strap of thin but wide and strong leather buckled very tightly behind her head leaving just the slightest bulge over the mouth area.  The latex flesh coloured facemask had been obtained from an e-bay supplier and was very realistic.  They stretched it down over her leather-covered head and it snapped in place at the base of her neck.  The neck brace was now fastened in place forcing her chin up slightly so her head was erect and facing forward with no ability to turn.

Jane pulled over a small table with her makeup kit and began to work on Natasha’s latex covered face.  The first thing she did was to use a cotton swab to dab some non-toxic glue around the edges of the mask nostril holes and pushed the tiny flaps up inside her nose making sure the only airways available to her were open.  More glue went around the edges of the eyeholes and they were pressed in place to surround the now pain filled eyes of the brutally restrained young lady.

Once that was done Jane carefully blended in a foundation to hide the join and expertly applied eye shadow, liner, mascara, a touch of blush and two coats of the chosen lipstick set with a clear gloss coat that made them glisten even more.

While Jane had been doing that, Karen brushed out the pageboy wig and was ready to settle it in place to frame the beautifully made up face that, except for the eyes, was completely false.  It took some pressure to fit the hat evenly down over the wig so that the brim framed her rigidly held head at just the right angle.  A few moments with a comb followed by a quick puff of hair spray and they were satisfied.

Karen pulled the girl to her feet steadying her as she tried to balance on the impossible heels and Jane went for the beautiful cape.  She could not resist stroking the soft leather enjoying the feel of the sensuous material as it hung folded across her arm.

They untied the helpless girl’s wrists from behind her back and draped the garment over her shoulders before feeding her hands and wrists through the slits; the upper arms from elbow to armpit were already immovably laced tightly against the sides of the corset. They closed the cape, fastening the buttons and pulling the half belt tightly around her waist.  The collar was lifted up and then folded down to surround her neck and be buttoned closed at the left side of her neck.

Allowing her to sit back on the chair they bound her wrists and settled the purse under her hands before feeding the ties between two of the cape buttons and knotting them through the buckle on the belt of the skirt.

Leaving her to sit looking beautiful in her misery they finished packing and closing up the chalet.

When they were done and the SUV loaded they removed the ankle straps and pulled Natasha to her feet supporting her on either side as they forced her towards the door.  The rest of the leg restraints only allowed her to take tiny steps in the almost impossible boots.  Once they were beside the vehicle the two women had to lift the girl in, there was no way her leg bonds allowed her to climb in without help.

They had unfolded the seat behind the driver and settled her in it after making sure the cape flowing down her back was smoothed under her buttocks.  Jane replaced the straps around her ankles but instead of then tying them back to the seat she fed another strap through a floor ring and yanked on it so that there was a constant downward pressure on the heels and toes of the boots.  Just another piece in the plan to make the girl as uncomfortable as possible during the drive.

The shoulder harness seat belt was pulled tight and put yet more pressure on Natasha’s tortured breasts.  Jane reached under the cape and plugged the two wires from the inserts into a small box that was connected with a discreet wire to a knob on the center console.

They closed the door and studied their victim through the tinted window.  Even knowing what they did about her condition they could not see anything to draw unwanted attention except that the visible part of the figure certainly gave the impression of a fashionably dressed young lady.

The drive away from the chalet was over roads that even the suspension of the luxury SUV could not smooth out entirely and every bump transmitted itself through the chest belt, plugs and toes of the boots to Natasha.  Once Jane turned on the southbound highway that would allow them to by-pass Chicago Karen turned the knob on the console activating the vibrators buried in their passenger.  The intruders would now be controlled by the speed of the vehicle.

As the slightest sound of a whimper emerged from the figure beside her Karen grinned and said:  “Ok Jane the system is working just fine and if you keep on the speed limit she’ll just get the vibrations but if you go over the limit they’ll transmit a mild shock from the contacts in their tips that she’ll really feel.”

As Jane drove home she could have easily stayed at the speed limit but every so often she got impatient (yeah sure) and passed the car in front causing Natasha no end of discomfort.  She really didn’t enjoy the scenery! 


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