Behind Closed Doors 7 - Sex on a Spit

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; leather; bond; rubber; breathplay; toys; nc; X

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Chapter 7 - Sex on a Spit

Jane and Karen were in seventh heaven - again.  First one and then the other would explode with an orgasm so overpowering that, after getting their breath back, they told themselves that nothing could surpass it and then the next one would take them even higher.

As lovers over the past few years they had found the secrets of bringing each other to a satisfying peak in their love sessions but now, with the introduction of Natasha to the equation, everything had taken on new dimensions that they found hard to believe.

Whether it was having an outlet for their fetishes and a target for their domination and S/M instincts or just the freedom to release their long suppressed love of bondage on an unwilling beautiful victim they didn’t know.  Their love just seemed to grow stronger in direct proportion to the trials they inflicted on the beautiful, and now nineteen year old, girl.  She had spent her recent birthday strapped in a heavy green rubber suit sweating inside the sauna

Now, naked on the huge king size bed, they used the hapless Natasha to generate wave after wave of sheer ecstasy that engulfed them time and time again.

Natasha was not having so much fun; in fact she was not having any fun at all because her attention was concentrated on getting enough air in her lungs to stay conscious.

Her predicament was the result of nearly two hours preparation by the pair and she didn’t know what was causing her the most discomfort besides the fact that, at the current moment, Jane was impaled on the dildo protruding from her plugged mouth.  Every time the woman pumped her hips in the throes of yet another building explosion Natasha’s only source of air, the two small tubes protruding from her nose, got blocked with a mass of warm, wet, quivering flesh.

Somewhere, outside the mind-boggling feelings she was experiencing, Jane knew enough to lift herself away from the leather helmeted head between her thighs long enough to let the girl get a breath before she rammed herself down again to embed the deliciously long, thick rubber toy inside her.

Further down the bed Karen rested on one elbow, recovering from her last trip to nirvana and looked, with a smile on her face, at her partner’s actions.  With her head thrown back, eyes closed, teeth clenched and lips glistening, it was not hard to see how close Jane was to exploding again.  Karen judged the moment precisely and, just as the dildo was halfway buried inside Jane again, she tweaked the gold ring in Natasha’s clit – hard.   What little movement Natasha’s head was allowed by her restraints came in play and she jerked upwards just as Jane was coming down and this made the tip of the rubber shaft touch her very essence.  The scream was one of overpowering pleasure as Jane managed to lift herself off the shaft before collapsing on the soft leather sheets struggling for breath.

Karen grinned and continued to relax for a while and recover before going back for more.   She had turned the setting on the strap-on double dildo down to minimum and enjoyed the soft vibrations inside her as the exposed end, moisture from Natasha slowly drying on it, throbbed gently against her belly.  She studied the panting form encased in black leather and recalled how they had prepared for this session.

Like a chicken on a spit the leather covered girl was suspended between the head and foot of the bed with her body clearing the sheets by just an inch or so more than half the width of her shoulders.  This allowed the unresisting form to be turned, (or should that be rotated?), to make any of her treasures readily available to the two tormentors.

They had started, as always before an extended bondage session, with Jane using her nursing skills to get the girl completely cleaned out.  This time though she had gone one step further.  Earlier in the afternoon when they had decided what they would attempt in the evening, Jane had plugged the bound girl and used a hand pump to fill her twice and then on the third occasion she had forced in so much fluid that they could see Natasha’s stomach start to distend and cause her obvious discomfort.

Then Jane forced a feeding tube in the girl’s throat and filled her top end with a high protein energy drink until she could hold no more.  Over an hour later they had returned to the form that was twisting in its bonds over the toilet bowl and released the pressure.  Giving her a few moments to settle they collected what they needed and started to prepare Natasha for the evening’s fun.

The black leather corset was heavily boned and fitted from her neck to just above the hipbones.  When they finished lacing it and tightening the several straps that added stiffness to the boning they each took an arm and worked tight kid leather, shoulder length gloves on them.  If Natasha had any thoughts of resisting they were crushed by the very simple expedient Karen had employed.  By installing a harsh gag and plugging one of the nostril inserts the wicked woman had insured that Natasha’s full concentration was on getting air.

With the gloves on and laced to the armpit, where they attached to the sleeves of the corset, Karen and Jane joined each other to work on one hand at a time.  A throw away plastic glove over the tight kid was followed by a small rubber ball placed in the palm then, while one of them wrapped the fingers around it, the other taped them into a fist that was then covered with yet another layer of leather in the form of a tight mitt laced down to the wrist.   That done they used all their strength to tighten a wide heavy leather belt around Natasha’s waist and used D rings on it to clamp her wrists to her sides while they worked on her legs.

Working easily through long practice they fitted the heelless ballet boots, that were the curse of Natasha’s feet, on her legs.  After just a few months anytime they removed these boots or any of the others with nothing less than a 6” heel, the girl had trouble getting her bare sole to touch the floor.  Jane estimated that by the end of the year the ankle muscles would have atrophied to the point where their captive would never walk again in anything less than a high stiletto heel.

When the boots were laced tightly up to the top of her thighs they took two metal cages and locked one over each knee.  These extended about a foot above and below the joint and prevented the legs from having even the slightest bend.  A metal rod attached to the cage went up the outside of each thigh and was strapped in place. Similar cages fitted from Natasha’s lower calves to the tip of her excruciatingly arched feet except these had a socket for an adjustable spreader bar on the inside of the ankles.

They fitted the bar and set it at around 2’ for the time being then moved up to start on her head.  The two part metal clam was ratcheted forcing the girl’s jaws wide and allowing them access to her mouth and tongue.  The flat topped tongue clamp locked in place with the barbell studs and dental wire around her lower teeth but still left enough room for them to force in the penis gag mouthpiece and settle her upper and lower teeth in the grooves provided for them.

The wide rubber penis wasn’t quite long enough to reach down her throat to her choke reflex and her teeth, embedded in the rims, stopped it from going in any further.  They removed the nostril plug and wound tape around her head over the rubber cap that covered her hair leaving just the threaded socket in the middle of the gag uncovered and waiting for its toy to be installed.

The black kid leather helmet had just eye and nostril holes and when they had finished lacing it down the back of her head it was like a glistening second skin.  Karen pulled on the roller buckled gag strap while Jane made sure the opening in it lined up with the socket.

Now they had each taken a hold of one of Natasha’s wrists, released them from the waist belt and twisted her arms up behind her head so that her forearms were parallel to her shoulders.

When they were held in place with several straps they forced the leather covered ball of each fist into the bend of the opposite elbow and used more leather straps to lock them in place.  The metal bar they clamped from elbow to elbow across her locked forearms had an open socket pointed backwards just over the top of her leather encased head that was forced slightly forward by the position of her arms.

Now for the final piece of the set up Karen took a 18” rod and fitted it in the socket at the middle of the ankle spreader bar while Jane threaded one that was nearly 3’ long through the receptacle on the forearm brace and down Natasha’s back until the end locked in place at the middle of the waist belt.

Lifting an end each they raised the girl over the bed and settled the ends of the rods in receptacles set in the head and foot boards.  Held rigid down the middle of the huge bed like a chicken on a spit, her body unable to bend and suspended above the leather sheets, Natasha was again at their mercy.

Shortening the ankle spreader bar Jane used it to turn the girl 180 degrees so she was face down and then, while Karen lubed up the massive butt plug, adjusted the spreader bar to push her legs 3’ apart making the puckered rosebud readily available.  There was no way Natasha could resist the intrusion of the hard rubber and when it reached the point where the flange was tight against her skin they locked it in place with a split strap from the small of her back by flipping her over again and buckling it up either side of her vagina to the front of the corset.

While she was face up they each took a 1” wide roller buckled strap and settled them over the poor girl’s bulging mammary glands.  In moments her tortured breasts were engorged and tipped by hard nipples that just begged for a pair of toothed clamps joined with a fine gold chain.

Karen gently worked the seven inches of hard rubber inside her own very receptive orifice and strapped it in place around her waist and hips, before settling herself between Natasha’s legs.  Pushing the spring-loaded extension down until the knob lined up with the other not so willing receptacle she turned it up to maximum.

Jane lubed another dildo, screwed it in the socket embedded inside Natasha’s gag, then settled herself to kneel over the girl’s head facing Karen and lowered herself until just the first inch or so entered her passage.

From a tray set on the bed beside them they each picked up a glass of chilled white wine and, as they leaned forwards over the corseted waist of their victim, they clicked their glasses and sipped until they were empty.

The glasses dropped to the kid leather sheets covering the bed and they locked their lips together and reached for each others breasts as Jane lowered herself further on the waiting imposter while Karen, with one swift forward motion, buried the strap-on inside the leather covered Natasha.

The evening passed in a haze of passion; there were so many combinations available to them.  After the first session they changed places.   With Natasha rotated so she was face down Karen slid underneath and spread her legs so that Jane could get the mouth-mounted dildo in position and strap it there.  Then she crossed her legs over the back of the rod and Natasha’s locked arms.  When Jane was in position and now wearing the double strap-on, Karen guided it in the glistening tunnel just inches from her own face and then started working her hips.

Now she was relaxing and waiting for her partner to recover enough for the evening finale.  They had been saving their newest toy for just such an occasion.  It was a triple shafted dildo with multi direction hinges.  Once the main shaft was buried in the ravaged girl who would be locked in the face up position they would settle themselves on the other two shafts until their bodies were glued together and then turn on the diabolical device.

Karen reached for the wine glasses, filled them from the waiting bottle and handed one across the leather encased form to the panting Jane.  She studied the nearly empty bottle for a moment and then, with a laugh, rammed the long neck inside Natasha.  There was only a cupful left in the bottle and she wondered what sort of sensations it would cause as it flowed into the violated sensitive passage of the helpless girl.


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