Behind Closed Doors 6 - Sauna Set Up

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

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Chapter 6 - Sauna Set Up

Natasha was hanging by her toes – literally because the only other thing taking any weight besides her neck was the huge butt plug buried deeply inside her.

It had only been a small sneeze; hardly noticeable except to the trained ear of someone like a registered nurse named Jane.

They had arrived at the chalet and carried the tray containing the stringently bound Natasha inside before unloading the rest of the luggage and turning on the systems to make the fishing lodge comfortable.  Jane had taken off Natasha’s blindfold and removed the gag plugging her mouth only to be rewarded with a sneeze.

When most people sneeze they tend to hunch their shoulders and dip their head but in Natasha’s case, being held immobile by the multitude of leather straps, all that resulted was a slight screwing up of her mouth and the sound.  It was enough for Jane to decide that medical attention was required. 

Jane was a firm believer in the methods used by Scandinavians and several American Indian tribes that involved sweating things like a flu bug from the body.  As soon as they had eaten Karen and Jane went to work on the portable single seat sauna they bought out of storage. Karen’s husband had used it to relax after a long days fishing or his twice-weekly five-mile run.

The cone-shaped unit was just over 4’ high with the top about 20” across.  The back panel was fairly straight but the sides then turned out to meet the one-piece curved clear Plexiglas door that locked against them to form a tight seal.

The flat base was nearly 4’ long and 3’ at its widest point. Designed with a small seat built into the back wall the sauna easily hooked up to household plumbing and electrical feeds.

The user sat inside, settled their neck against the half moon cut in the back edge of the top and pulled the door closed; with a towel wrapped around their neck and usually another around their head to soak up the perspiration, the half moon in the door sealed them inside.  Controls set on the inside of the door allowed the user to adjust wet or dry heat to their comfort level.

Needless to say, Natasha’s comfort was not one of their considerations as they modified the unit by removing the seat and installing a couple of heavy hooks two thirds of the way up the back wall and a solid bracket between them just a little lower.

They checked that the rubber seals around the door were in good condition and fitted the two halves of a new heavy-duty rubber collar at the top opening.  The controls were re-mounted on the outside of the door and wired to a remote hand unit and, of course, the inside door handle was removed; not that Natasha would be able to reach it.

They had released the girl from her traveling tray allowing her to un-kink her muscles a little by changing the straightjacket straps from under her thighs and instead buckling her arms across her back. With her body still encased in all the restraining leather she was stretched out on the carpet nearby as they worked.

Now they hooked up the plumbing and electrical connections of the sauna using feeds from, and a drain hose to, the nearby bathroom then checked to see that everything responded to the controls.

Satisfied, the two lovers turned to the task of unwrapping their pet from the rest of her traveling outfit and preparing to cure her cold.

Jane had previously unwrapped a dozen or more rolls of heavy bandage dropping them in a bucket of water laced with a large measure of vinegar; now she checked to see that they were completely soaked.

Just slightly concerned about Natasha’s breathing Jane installed a ring gag that stretched her mouth wide open and then they spread-eagled the naked girl between two of the lodge’s support posts.

Donning rubber gloves the two massaged a strong unguent that Jane had prepared into every inch of Natasha’s skin from the neck down. As Karen held one of Natasha’s arms Jane expertly wrapped the hand with wet bandage.  She started with the individual fingers that were then clamped together with another layer and finally folded into a fist and wrapped yet again.

Karen changed her grip to the wrapped ball of Natasha’s hand and Jane used another roll of the soaking wet binding carefully wrapping the arm from wrist to shoulder.  In this manner they soon had their victim covered from the neck down in a minimum two layers of the tightly wound vinegar soaked bandage.

Before covering the breasts they found several heavy elastic bands and snapped them around the bases then Karen fed a rubber thong through the nipple rings and pulled them together.  Natasha’s comfort was not their first consideration; in fact, the exact opposite was their goal.

They left her crotch open for the moment but as they did her legs Karen held a curved plexi splint against each limb on top of the first layer so it fitted from the knee to just past the bandaged toes.  As Jane continued to wind the wet strips around Natasha’s leg Karen gripped the foot with both hands forcing it against the splint to be held in the en point position.

With Natasha back spread-eagled between the posts the next step was to install a huge double walled butt plug.  The plug was made of hard rubber and was hollow with the lower portion threaded.

This diabolical toy was greased then pushed and twisted deeply inside the girl for its full length; a flange still extended out an inch or so from the stretched rosebud.  They held it in place with straps that tightly encircled each leg just at the point where they joined the torso.

Now the holes Jane had pierced some weeks ago down each side of Natasha’s vagina came into play. Using thin strands of rubber they laced the lips wide apart to grommets on the straps around the top of each leg.  Jane held a container under Natasha and deflated the small balloon inside her catheter allowing her bladder to drain; then she inflated it again and Karen held their newest purchase in place.

It resembled a clear plexi version of a man’s athletic cup and fitted over Natasha’s wide-open vagina where they taped it in place by the side flanges then added more of the wet bandage.  When finished there was still a view of the gaping love hole and the end of the butt plug but every other inch of skin below her neck was firmly swaddled with two or three layers of the vinegar and water soaked bandage.

They moved the girl to lay face down on the floor and folded her arms behind her back so that the ball of each fist settled inside the crook of the opposite elbow.  Several more rolls of the wet bandage locked the arms in that position and then even more tightly against her back as they wound more layers around her upper torso.

The three part outer garment was made of heavy but flexible green rubber like that used for a fisherman’s chest waders.  They worked Natasha into the lower portion feet first with the material forming snugly over the bandages, positioned the two openings correctly at the crotch then fastened it just under her breasts with several rubber straps.  There was a heavy rubber ring built in the toe of each leg and they wrapped a strong strap around each ankle and then down and through the rings to strengthen them.

The next piece they dragged over her head and down to her waist where it molded to her form and was further held in place by straps down each side of her crotch and up to the waist band at the back. The high collar was quite thick and had a small channel encircling her neck when it was fastened in place.

The two tormenters lifted Natasha, with one on either side of the rubber-encased form, each gripping an ankle and the chest straps. Bending her legs up behind her as they carried her to the sauna they slowly lowered her on the butt shaft held in place by the bracket on the back wall.  The shaft had an opening down the core and fitted inside the hollow butt plug.

As they lowered her they lined up the hooks on either side and allowed the toe rings to settle over them.  While Karen held Natasha from falling forwards Jane tightened the threaded collar connecting the butt plug and shaft and fitted a small rubber unit in a hole at the front of the vaginal cup.  A hose led from that unit to an outlet in the sidewall of the sauna.

Double checking everything was in place she then began to close the door and as she did Karen moved her hands up to hold Natasha‘s head until the door closed and the rubber seals around the two half moons fitted in the neck channel to complete the seal.

Satisfied with their efforts so far they took a break but not before Jane fitted a funnel in through the ring gag and fed Natasha some high- energy mush to keep her strength up – she was going to need it. They also turned on the unit and set the dial to its lowest level to allow heat to start building inside.

Now it was time to complete Natasha’s encasement in rubber and have her experience their idea of a cure for the common cold!

With her head held immobile by the gasket clamped around her neck Natasha didn’t have a hope of avoiding the ministrations of the dominatrix.  Karen dampened the girls’ hair with the vinegar mixture then pulled a heavy rubber swim cap over it.  Tucking in the loose ends of hair she then buckled the chinstrap and they went to work on the gag.

Packing her mouth with a huge rubber ball attached to a mouthpiece that fitted over her teeth and inside her cheeks was the first step; it stretched her jaws to the absolute maximum before dislocation would occur.  There was a hole drilled through the middle of the gag and from it hung a short piece of flexible tubing with a connection at the end.

The rubber gag strap had an opening for the tube to feed through and was buckled at the back of Natasha’s head.  The lenses on the green goggles were only about one inch round, just enough for the “patient” to see through.  They were set in rubber frames that clamped tightly around her eyes and down over the bridge of her nose; they too were firmly buckled in place.

The third part of the green rubber outfit was a tight hood that covered her head and the lower half of her face to just under her nose.  The gag tube fitted through yet another hole over the middle of her mouth. Jane screwed the short arms of a V shaped hard rubber tube in the nostril inserts permanently embedded in Natasha’s nose and quickly connected the other end to an air feed similar to a diver’s regulator that was attached to the outside of the sauna casing.

She explained to Karen that she had set the forced air feed to contain a very small amount of nasal decongestant that would assure the air passages stayed open.  With Natasha breathing regularly they turned up the heat control and hung a large bag full of electrolyte-enriched liquid to a hook above her head.  This was connected to the tube coming from Natasha’s gag; the feed was closed for the time being.

“We’ll give her half an hour to get up to temperature and then we can start the fun.” Jane grinned at Karen and they headed for the bar to pour a couple of cocktails while they waited.

As they sipped their drinks Jane, with a twinkle in her eyes, explained the theory behind what they were doing.

“As she starts sweating the unguent will get in the open pores and then with the vinegar acting as an astringent it will clean the poison from her system.  After the first hour we can let the pump system force in an enema through the butt plug and leave it inside until the drain opens, that should give her some interesting feelings.”

“When we fire up that vagina cup it should drive her around the bend with frustration but there is at least an hour before that happens.”

Karen was making them another drink as she looked over at Jane.

“You don’t really expect me to believe that crap do you?”

“No but it sounds better than just saying we are sweating the hell out of her doesn’t it?”

Karen sat down beside Jane where they both could look at the helpless girl inside the sauna as if they were watching TV.  Jane had the remote control and, as the heat increased, Natasha would now be sweating profusely inside the bandages and the tight rubber suit; she opened the flow to the mouth tube so their captive didn’t get dehydrated from all the fluid loss.

After a while Jane activated the enema system and set the timer so that every two hours the cycle would repeat itself.  “She’ll be fine for the rest of the night but let’s see if she enjoys that toy Kat sold us.”  Jane worked the controls of the remote allowing water to fill the pipe leading to the front of the vagina cup.  A tiny nozzle at the end of the tube and just inside the cup instantly started spraying a very fine jet against Natasha’s most sensitive region and then started oscillating at random.

It would hit her clit then a moment later the outside lips and, in a wink, would be shooting the needle thin jet directly at the center opening before going around again.

Natasha even managed to make her discomfort known with some faint mewling noises that were ignored.

“Well that’s stage one,” said Jane “let’s try stage two.”  She slowly pushed yet another button on the remote that closed the tiny opening of the jet.  With the only escape gone the water pressure built and gradually a tube of corrugated rubber that had been compressed behind the nozzle filled and becoming firm it grew – and grew until it slowly impaled Natasha on its now hard stiff shaft.

After ten minutes a small drain opened in the base of the tube allowing the water to drain out on to the floor of the sauna where it soon evaporated in the heat.  The shaft gradually withdrew from Natasha’s love hole and compressed back to its original state.  The nozzle opened and the system was ready again.

Jane set that timer to repeat on a thirty minute cycle and, laughing, the two turned out the lights and went to bed leaving the bound, rubber encased sweating girl to her night of torment!


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