Behind Closed Doors 5 - A Breathless Trip

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; leather; bond; straitjacket; breathplay; toys; nc; X

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Chapter 5 - A Breathless Trip

“So how is our pet doing Jane?”   Karen spoke as she steered the luxury SUV on to the highway increasing speed to merge with the other traffic.

The two of them looked like a couple of fashion plates dressed for the chill early November weather and would have been quite at home lunching in any upscale restaurant or chatting at a cocktail party.  Karen wore a red leather pantsuit with a black wool turtleneck sweater, black ankle boots and her hair tucked in a red leather poor boy cap.  Resting on the steering wheel her hands were in a pair of short black kid leather driving gloves.

Jane had opted for black leather; a tight skirt that ended just above the knee and belted hip length jacket over a white silk blouse.  Her high-heeled boots rose to her knees and her hair flowed around her shoulders from under a perky black leather French beret.

Sitting in the passenger side captain’s chair that she had adjusted to a position a couple of feet back of Karen, Jane dropped her kid gloved hand to gently rest on the black head that was to her left and slightly lower than the armrest.

She felt a slight tremor run through the leather-covered ball that was Natasha.  It was the about the only movement available to the girl and feeling it Jane said,  “She’s just fine and we can start anytime but we have a problem because I forgot the stopwatch.”

“No problem,” said Karen “we’ll use the Explorer’s odometer.  Just let me get it up to 60 mph that’s a mile a minute and I can set the tracker to read off each fraction of a mile.”

“Ready? Now.”

Jane slid her leather-covered finger over the end of the small hose secured to the top of Natasha’s head. Another tremor and the very minimal movement transmitted through Jane’s hand as Natasha found that her air supply had been cut off just confirmed the efficiency of the pair’s bondage efforts.

“Coming up on one half mile Jane – now” said Karen and Jane moved her finger from the tube.  “That first 30 seconds should give her an inkling of what’s to come so we’ll let her recover for a few minutes before we do it again.”  Jane stroked the leather covered head like she would a kitten but Natasha was panting – not purring!

After the success of their Halloween display the two had discussed the possibilities of a visit to the winterized chalet that Karen inherited.  It had most of the comforts of home but was fairly remote with the nearest neighbours over five miles away.  But it held some interesting possibilities, because of its wood beam construction, for their continuing fun with Natasha.

There was another plus in that it was in Wisconsin and to drive there they could very easily take a short detour through Chicago.  Jane had phoned to see if the helpful Kat had any new toys and equipment that sounded interesting.

The decision made, they then planned how to transport “the pet”. 

To start they gave her a complete clean up – inside and out.  Jane expertly administered the enema and released the catheter to allow Natasha to drain her bladder then re-inflated the balloon to shut off any possibility of a leak over the next few hours. Except for her head, eyebrows and eyelashes there was not a hair on Natasha’s body.  They had considered shaving her head but that was still in the future.

Working like a well-oiled team, giving the girl not the slightest chance to resist, they started on her costume after first installing a nice big ball gag to muffle the pleas as the severity of her position increased.

The bra was more that just that.  A heavy leather “Longline”, with the undersized cups lined with hard rubber nubs, it was strapped in place across her back and over each shoulder after they got her breasts inside the cups. This was accomplished by tying a thin cord around each nipple, threading it through a hole in the point of the cup, then literally pulling each tit harshly into place.

Extending up from the bra was a fairly stiff throat protector that curved around the front of Natasha’s neck and then up to force her to raise her chin; it strapped at the base of her neck.

Each hand was taped so that the fingers made a cone and then they temporarily tied her wrists to opposite ends of the bed’s headboard while they prepared her lower extremities.

The butt plug and dildo were joined with a flexible connection and held deeply inside the girl by crotch straps from a wide waist belt. Karen made sure the wire from the toys stayed free. They fed an extra crotch belt between her legs, leaving the ends free, then used soft cord at the thigh, above and below the knees and at the ankles to rope Natasha’s legs together before getting to work on the double leg boot.

There was no heel on this waist length monstrosity, instead the shoe portion forced their victim’s feet straight out in the ultimate ballet en point position.  Lacing took nearly half an hour with one of them working on each side and passing the laces back and forth as they pulled until the edges of the leather touched evenly down its length.  There was a slight flexibility left at the knee but otherwise it gradually welded the legs together to just below her crotch where they temporarily tied off the laces.

Karen reached for the straightjacket and held it up for a moment so that they could both admire the workmanship of the black leather garment.

Working it over her arms and upper torso they then, lovingly, spent the best part of half an hour lacing it on.  Each sleeve needed to be done from wrist to armpit and then there was an extra sheath that laced back down from the elbow to the fingertips and ended with a 2” wide strap.  Down her back it closed not just with laces but was supported with straps every 3” and they used the extra crotch strap to pull the lower hem tightly in place. Now they finished lacing the upper portion of the boot to waist level finally connecting it to matching eyelets around the waist of the jacket.

Standing on either side of the girl, who was now encased from the neck down in tight black leather, Karen and Jane passed the straps at the end of the arms under Natasha’s thighs and then, each pushing down on one of her shoulders, started pulling.  More downward pressure and the arms crossed until the hand straps could be connected across her back to a special, padded buckle.

Jane carefully inserted a long lever in the buckle and started pushing it back and forth.  Each stroke gathered in another ¼” of strap and Karen assisted by pushing in on Natasha’s elbows.  In no time Natasha’s upper thighs were crushed against her chest as she was forced to hug them.

One or two final pumps and Jane removed the lever as Karen locked the buckle.  This was no namby-pamby regular straight jacket.  Natasha’s elbows were on the opposite sides of her from normal and her breasts felt every one of those hard rubber nubs inside the bra cups.

They ran another wide strap around the girl to reinforce the jacket’s arm strap and then Jane pulled the next item from its storage box and set it on the floor near the bed.

Natasha was lifted and carried over by the two then lowered until the points of her feet touched first and with some pressure here and there they had her folded back on her haunches.  Doubled up as she was their package now started to take shape.

They had set her down inside an oblong metal pan with 3” sides.  The bottom was padded with thin foam, not for Natasha’s comfort but to protect the boot leather from the metal floor.  The size was perfect and the tip of the boot toe just touched one end while her knees came within a fraction of an inch of the other end.

The sides of the pan had openings for straps every few inches and the two heartless women started threading straps through them in every direction – diagonally across the shoulder over the buttock at the other corner, then the other way, then several across her back and each one tightened with the buckle lever.  They were merciless and soon had a web of black leather strapping woven across the girl.

Now they raised the front of the pan off the floor and unsnapped two legs that locked in place then lifted the whole thing on to a waist high table.   This left their victim at a 45-degree angle so they could work on her head.

“What have we here?” Jane laughed as she looked at the helpless result of their work. “Roast turkey?” 

“No, with her chin up like that and the ball gag, I think a suckling pig.” said Karen as she went for the rest of their supplies.

Karen pulled out the ball gag and was greeted with a flood of breathless sobs, pleas and promises that were ignored.  Jane stood patiently holding a glass of water until Natasha ran out of breath and then gave her a choice – go thirsty on top of everything else for the next few hours or drink.  Not a drop was spilled.

Using blunt probes they packed Natasha’s ears with sound deafening foam then snapped a heavy rubber cap over her head and tucked in her hair.

Now Karen did a very strange thing, standing directly in front of the girl she gripped the sides of her face then leaned forward and kissed her.  This was no peck on the lips; she forced her tongue in the surprised captive’s mouth and locked her mouth over Natasha’s.  Then, as the girl’s own tongue tentatively moved forwards, she nipped down on it with her teeth just behind the first barbell stud and slowly drew back from the lip lock pulling Natasha’s tongue out of her mouth so that Jane, standing ready, could snap a clamp across it behind the second stud.

“There, that was much more fun than poking around with our fingers to catch your tongue – wasn’t it?”

The gag they had chosen was like a hard rubber clamshell and they locked the two halves in place with extensions of the barbells piercing Natasha’s tongue, removed the clamp and pushed the whole thing back in her mouth until it settled behind her teeth and held her jaws wide apart.

Into the center of the gag Jane now screwed another piece of hard rubber shaped like a boxers’ mouthpiece.  It fitted under Natasha’s lips and around inside her cheeks; there was yet another hole in the center of this piece that would come in to play later.

The black leather helmet was a work of art and as they laced it down the back, carefully pulling out any slight creases, it became skintight with openings only at the eyes, nostrils and a very small one at the center of her gagged mouth.  They finished lacing the helmet down over the throat protector and then to the neckline of the straightjacket.

The gag strap was unusual.  Certainly it went over her mouth and around her head very tightly but it also had a metal piece that curved down on each side of her chin where the two arms angled out for an inch or so.  A screw went through the hole at the middle of the gag to hold the assembly even more securely in place.

Jane flipped up a hinged piece of metal with two catches on the top from the middle of the trays front edge and then they lined up Natasha’s head until the two metal arms from the gag snapped in the catches.  The leather-covered head was held without a fraction of an inch of movement possible.
After a few moments admiring their handiwork, that just had a couple more steps to completion, the two dominatrix left to freshen up and change for the drive north.

When they returned, dressed like a couple of fashion page models, they quickly finished their work on her head.  A few weeks earlier Jane had used her nursing skills to permanently remove any hairs from the inside of Natasha’s nose and, using surgical glue, installed a pair of inserts inside that slightly flared the girl’s nostrils and were threaded to a depth of nearly 1”.

She screwed a short black rubber tube in each nostril and then joined them with a connecting tube that curved upwards and snapped in a holder at the crown of Natasha’s head.

They had deliberately left the blindfold until last because it greatly increased their enjoyment of what they did to her to see the look in her eyes of fear and helplessness but now they installed the padded leather cover over her eyes and strapped it tightly in place.

Using the carrying handles on either side of the pan they easily carried the immobile package upstairs to the garage.  Sliding open the side door of the SUV behind the driver’s seat they slid the pan in the place where a passenger seat normally was installed.

Still at a 45 degree angle on its front legs they locked it in place with a couple of luggage straps, closed the door with its tinted windows and returned to lock up the house and get their purses.  As soon as they were ready to leave Jane plugged the wire from the butt plug and dildo in the cigarette lighter on the arm of her chair.

Now, just a half hour later they had begun their breath control game with Natasha as they headed for Chicago.

Unable to know when the leather covered finger would cover the end of her breathing tube Natasha was in a constant state of fear treating each hard won breath as possibly the last before she was cut off again.  Jane sadistically varied the times she used her finger giving the girl no chance to anticipate her actions.

Just as they were nearing the Chicago turnoff and Karen had timed another 45 second period she heard Jane laughing and asked her lover what was so funny.

“I decided to turn on the toys in the middle of that last session and believe it or not she managed to move.  Not much obviously but enough for me to feel it.  I was laughing at the thought that she was being screwed in so many ways all at the same time.”

Following Jane’s directions Karen soon had the Explorer parked almost in the shadow of the Hancock building and, after checking that their passenger was breathing evenly despite her restraints, they set the security and strolled down the street, drawing many admiring glances, to a small storefront with the name “Tengew Territory” across its fascia.  What looked like a Samurai warrior or stylized Japanese figure was outlined on the front window.  The window display was nothing except a coil of white cord on a black velvet background and a small sign saying, “We can do better, try us!”

As they entered Jane was greeting warmly by a blonde young lady who she introduced to Karen as Kat.  For the next half hour Kat showed them a line of bondage products that were hand made, inventive and mind-boggling.  Gags, binders, corsets and even nose hooks but there was one ball gag and head harness that Karen suggested would be just impossible to get in any mouth without serious damage to the wearer.

Kat just smiled and went to a wall intercom.  “Hey lazy bones, time to earn your salary, the red one please!”

Moments later a door at the back opened and Karen and Jane were introduced to Sadie.  Sadie, however, was unable to join the conversation because a copy of the ball gag was very firmly embedded in her mouth by a clear head harness.  The fact that her arms were locked behind her in a matching red arm sheath that was anchored in place with a crotch strap that held God knows what inside her was the icing on the cake

An hour, and several presents for Natasha, later Karen and Jane returned to their SUV.  With Jane again stroking the leather-covered head they traveled in satisfied anticipation to the chalet.


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