Behind Closed Doors Chapter 4 - Mistress's Pleasure

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; rubber; leather; bond; toys; nc; X

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Chapter 4 - Mistress's Pleasure

Natasha really wished she could turn back the clock a few years and not have been such a brat with her mother then this would never have happened.

‘This’ was being forced to be the third participant in an evening where Jane and Karen were having all the fun and she was doing most of the work - with her mouth!

Jane was dressed only in a tightly laced red rubber corset and matching high heeled knee boots while Karen had gone to white leather for her outfit.  Both of them wore kid leather shoulder length gloves and had been letting their fingers do the walking, it seemed to Natasha, for hours.

The ring gag wedged behind her teeth and locked in place around her leather helmeted head was hard red rubber and could be adapted, using flanges on either side of her mouth, to hold the double ended dildo and penis gag that would plug her mouth and was waiting on the side table. 

The fact that she was strapped and laced in so much restrictive leather didn’t help and with her doubled up legs encased in the dreaded heelless ballet boots strapped to her thighs and then splayed wide apart, to a low swivel platform with the wired butt plug impaling her ass, was downright uncomfortable.

In the last few weeks Jane had put her nursing skills to good use and Natasha was now equipped with a semi permanent catheter that gave them control of her bladder and, to enhance her usefulness in the current situation, sported a gold barbell stud close to the tip of her tongue and another near the middle.

To deprive the girl of any chance relief unless they allowed it, the two women had filled her love hole with a large ribbed dildo that was strapped tightly in place but they had also used the small gold rings installed down each side of her vagina to pull the lips wide apart and lace them to straps on either side that were attached to her heavily boned corset.  All the girl felt was full and frustrated as the sensitive lips were immobilized and with the position they had her bound she could not get even the slightest movement up and down on the intruder.

Jane obviously felt their unwilling partner was shirking and zapped her a couple of times with the hand control.  Natasha was unable to react with even a wiggle as the butt plug awoke because they had bound her so tightly.  The only way to get relief from the pulsating tormenter in her ass was to put her tongue back to work and, since Jane’s legs were draped over her shoulders clamping her head and face even harder into the women’s crotch, she didn’t have that far to go to make it reach.

Earlier that evening Jane and Karen had finished getting Natasha suitably bound and carried her up to the living room.  Then they opened a chilled bottle of wine, turned on some low music and dimmed the lights before settling themselves on the chesterfield and pulling the unwilling girl closer.  Karen flipped a coin and lost so they positioned Natasha in front of Jane, attached straps to the sides of the ring gag and while Jane slid slightly forwards on the seat pulling the girls’ head into her crotch, Karen fed the straps through buckles on straps from Jane’s corset that framed her vagina.

Tightening the straps pulled Natasha’s leather encased head firmly between Jane’s legs and held it there.  She then draped her leather booted legs over the bound girl’s shoulders and commanded her to get to work.

The two lovers now cuddled and caressed, kissing deeply as they fondled each other’s breasts.  Natasha’s tongue had found Jane’s nub and her hot breath panting through her nostrils along with the tongue ornaments emphasized the sensations. Gradually the dominatrix’s body started to stiffen.

Her legs clamped even tighter around the leather-covered form in front of her and sensing how close she was, Karen lowered her head to tongue her partners’ nipples as she built toward her climax.

This was the first of many for both of them and would make it a very long evening for Natasha.

Karen sipped her wine and waited impatiently for her companion to recover with the leather-covered head still clamped in place.  Now it was her turn and she adjusted the straps from the front of her corset so that they framed her mound already moist just from the attention of Jane’s leather covered fingers and the anticipation of what was to come.

With a sigh and a huge smile Jane opened her eyes and reached down to release Natasha’s head then the two of them tightened all the straps holding the girl in her bondage, re-positioned her in front of Karen and repeated the process of bringing her tongue to its captive position within reach of the throbbing clit.

The night was young and there would be plenty of time later to adjust Natasha’s position, install the dildo gag, and continue the fun!


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