Bad Day at the Office

by Andy Le Strange

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© Copyright 2016 - Andy Le Strange - Used by permission

Storycodes: FMM/ff: kidnap; captives; warehouse; rope; cuffs; gag; bond; strip; slap; force; reluct/nc; X

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Chapter Two: The Situation Deteriorates

Kirsty and Ruth were pulled inside the derelict building by the ropes, encircling their upper bodies, enthusiastically by the two goons on the other ends.

"Come on you Cop Bitch !" Snarled the thug tugging at a reluctant Kirsty who was trying to fight the incessant tugging on the thick cords. "I have a little something to give you later you slut !" the man warned ominously, obviously referring to the knee in the nuts the thug had suffered earlier at the hands of the Policewoman and the almost certain retaliation.

"HMMMPPHHH.....NNGGHHMMMM" screamed Kirsty into her gag as the thug finally managed to pull her inside with a renewed effort that almost toppled the officer off her booted feet.

Meanwhile Ruth was complying, albeit slowly and reluctantly, with her captors brief commands which were spat out at regular intervals.

When the two women were finally both inside the building the woman robber stopped and took a final look around the vicinity of the hide out, finally stepping inside and pulling the heavy iron door closed when she was satisfied there was nobody near their location.

"Take them downstairs and get the ropes off them." She instructed the two goons. "The hood, blindfolds and gags can go as well but keep the cop cuffed at the moment. We don't need for her to try anything and get damaged just yet as she may just get us what we missed out on earlier"

The goons gave their leader a blank stare through the balaclavas that they still had on. As most people in their line of work, these two were employed mainly for the frightening physical attributes that they brought to the job, not for their mental abilities which were limited. Whilst they had been attempting to get the captives inside, the woman had been on her mobile to her bosses in Prague, reporting that the information that she had been given about the Acme Bank was flawed. So flawed that they had not got even a small percentage of the money they had planned on.

What the bosses had suggested was the only option open to the gang at this time. They would have to auction off their captives to the highest  bidder in an effort to re-coup what they had lost on the raid.

This new arrangement was an inconvenience to her personally as it meant spending a few days at the hideout as opposed to splitting up and each going their own way as soon as possible. Now it meant having to spend some time with the captives in order to make them attractive to potential bidders. At least the goons would be happy as it was just up their particular street.

The woman tried the door again just to make sure it was locked before going down the tight stairs to the basement where her colleagues had finished her instructions with the two women.

Ruth stood over by the far wall rubbing her wrists, trying to induce some circulation back into the limbs that the tight cuffs had removed. She looked around the dank, dark surroundings with a surprised air of anticipation. The strange feeling that she had experienced in the van was still evident and she was almost tingling with excitement as she watched the goon remove Kirsty's canvas hood and roughly un-gag the Policewoman. Red marks were left by the tight gag on kirsty's cheeks as she shook her head free of the goon's enormous hand as it pulled the rag from between her teeth.

"Thank fuck for that !" She exclaimed, eagerly licking her full lips in an effort to restore some much needed moisture. Her upper lip was still bruised where the woman robber had pistol whipped her but she was not showing any sign of weakness as she looked around the present company, eager to remember details which could be vital as evidence in any future court case against these people.

She turned to Ruth and was about to try and console the Manageress before noticing that Ruth didn't really look as if she needed any support at all, as she just stood there staring back at the Police Officer.

"Are you alright  Mrs Bishop ?" she offered anyway, slightly puzzled by her fellow hostage's calm demeanour.

"Yes Officer, i'm fine. These people however won't be when your colleagues get a hold of them !" Ruth replied, the strange feeling welling up inside her again as she saw the Policewoman was still cuffed, her arms drawn strictly behind, her pushing out her ample breasts that were tightly restrained by her dark uniform.

At thirty seven years of age Kirsty Price was fitter than she had ever been in her life. Standing five foot ten in her nylons she was blessed with an athletic build that was evident in the curves of her tight uniform. She made sure she regularly worked out at the fitness suite at HQ, enjoying the many admiring glances that came from her colleagues, both male and female. Now as she scoured the basement for clues she realised that she was helpless to do anything about her situation except wait for an opportunity that may or may not arise. It all depended on how professional her captors were and so far that was pretty solid.

"Take her away and clean her face up, Mr Black" ordered the tall woman, for the first time calling her colleague by name. "And no violence, not yet anyway...."

Kirsty was grabbed and frogmarched through a side door of the basement despite her struggles.

The woman turned to Ruth and coldly looked her up and down.

"You can call me Ingrid Mrs Bishop. It's not my real name of course but it will suffice for our purposes here" said the woman in her curious European accent. "And my other colleague standing to your right is Mr Green"

"Yes i'm sure it is, just like Mr Black !" responded Ruth laconically

This drew a slight smile from Ingrid, the first time she had shown any sort of emotion all day.

"Well it's polite to know each other's names Mrs Bishop, especially when we have to spend a few day's together" Ingrid watched Ruth closely, looking for a reaction to this news.

Ruth was taken aback by Ingrid's revelation and the woman captor smiled again as she saw the reaction.

"But i thought... i thought that you would just release us after you had made you getaway. What on earth do you have to keep us here for ?" Ruth stammered out.

"All will be revealed in due course Mrs Bishop, in due course" Ingrid replied smoothly. "Now i'm sure you would like to get out of that oh so formal outfit as its very warm down here, so if you would strip down to your underwear please... for the moment"

"What on earth.... there is no way that i am going to do that lady !" Ruth spluttered, taken aback completely with Ingrid's request.

"We can do this hard or easy, hard is standing over there" said Ingrid pointing to Green with her left arm. Green for his part stood motionless apart from an ugly looking grin on his brutal features.

Ruth felt the tingle go through her again as she realised she would have to strip or Green would "assist" her.

"Ok... ok..i'll do it" said Ruth already starting to unbutton her now crumpled shirt.

Both Ingrid and Green watched with varying levels of interest as Ruth removed her shirt, exposing her tits that were restrained in a black strapless brassiere. She could feel their eyes on every inch of her body as she unfastened the grey skirt and stepped out of it, revealing her shapely and strong legs and thighs. Ruth could feel her nipples hardening and automatically raised her arms to cover her breasts.

"Now then, who told you to put your arms there" growled Green as he qiuckly moved across the floor and slapped Ruth firmly over the face, forcing the manageress to drop her arms to her sides.

Ruth felt her face redden, not just with the force of Green's blow but due to the prying eyes of not only the thug but Ingrid as well.

"Well Mrs Bishop, there was a very statuesque lady under all that bank managers outfit, wasn't there Mr Green". Green just nodded, his eyed glued to Ruth. "I'll permit you to retain the hose, bra and those very sexy pants you are wearing for the moment. Until we look out more, how do i put it, sellable items of attire to put you in."

Ruth realised there was nothing she could do about the situation, except wait for Kirsty to get back and even then there was no guarantee that even a trained policewoman would be able to provide a solution. The gang had shown total ruthlessness in their dealings with Kirsty and to a lesser extent herself.

Ruth decided to tough it out and straightened up her posture, putting her hands defiantly on her hips, staring back coldly at her captors.

 "Do your worst Bitch !"


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