Bad Day at the Office

by Andy Le Strange

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© Copyright 2015 - Andy Le Strange - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/ff: F/f: robbery; kidnap; captive; rope; cuffs; gags; hoods; bond; hogtie; transport; cons/nc; X

Chapter One: Failed Heist

The van swayed from side to side as it continued to accelerate through the single track country road, buffeting about the two women sprawling on the rear floor. One of the women wore a red short sleeved shirt and a grey business skirt that rode up over her shapely thighs as she was thrown around by the violent motion of the van. The other figure was dressed in the uniform of a police officer, who was spared the other woman's indignity, as she was wearing a pair of tight fitting uniform slacks.

Both women cursed under their breath as they were thrown together, the officer's hooded head striking the other woman's shoulders as the van again defied the laws of physics and remained on all four wheels. The Policewoman had also been tightly cleave gagged under the claustrophobic confines of the canvas hood and involuntarily grunted with pain through the drum tight gag. The sharp pain as her head bounced off her fellow captives body was in contrast to the dull ache in her upper mouth where she had been brutally pistol whipped in response to her reluctance to get into the van in the street alley across from the bank where she had been on routine duty just hours before.

The attempted robbery had not gone well. Kirsty Price had just started her shift in the downtown branch of the Acme Trustees Bank when the gang had burst through the main doors brandishing automatic weapons at her and  the other four customers, who turned around rooted to the spot with fear. Kirsty reached down for her own weapon but reconsidered as a high powered rifle was aimed unwaveringly at her midriff.

"Don't even fuckin think about it Cop" The man who was holding the weapon growled and Kirsty slowly took her right hand away from the holster and raised both arms in the air.

Two other figures went straight to the counter and whilst one, another man who was wearing a balaclava similar to the guy who was covering Kirsty, covered the staff and the customers with an ugly looking shotgun the lithe figure of the third member of the gang, a woman, ordered the Manageress to let her through the security door. The Manageress, a woman in her late thirty's, was reluctantly  persuaded by the 9mm handgun the woman was brandishing threateningly.

"Open up Bitch or you get it first, then the Cop" The woman hissed pointing over to the motionless figure of Kirsty with the revolver.

"Ok, ok....Dont do anything silly....I'll let you in" Stammered the Manageress whilst fumbling for the correct key to open the security door. The Woman robber just continued to point the weapon in her general direction while looking around the bank nervously. She was tall and well built, unlike her colleagues she was not wearing a balaclava to hide her identity, but wore a pair of dark aviator sunglasses.

Finally the lock of the security door clicked and the heavy door slid open enabling the woman robber to move quickly through it whilst grabbing the startled manageress by the arm and walking her into the rear of the bank.

"Ok, where is the vault ?" Spat the woman

"It's no good, the electronic timer doesn't operate till midday on a Monday, so i reckon you'll have a bit of a wait" the Manageress said with a hint of smugness, knowing the gang wouldn't wait around for the best part of three hours.

"What the fuck !" Shouted the robber  "I was told there was no delay !"

"Well you've been misinformed. You had better get going while you can" responded the Manageress with a slight smile. This didn't go unnoticed and the manageress was sent sprawling back across her desk by a vicious backhanded slap across the face.

"Shut your fuckin mouth and get out there and start putting the drawer cash into this" snarled the robber producing a large canvas bag and tossing it over to the startled Manageress who was holding her stinging cheek gingerly whilst  glaring daggers at her assailant.

The robber pushed the woman out into the main telling area and the manageress started opening up the cash drawers and stuffing the contents into the bag. As it was early on a monday the drawers were not overly populated and it was in fact a poor substitute for the risk that the gang was taking. The woman robber knew this and was getting very, very agitated. The men who were unaware there was any problems stood dutifully covering the customers and the motionless figure of Kirsty Price.

"Hurry up you bitch !" snarled the woman, her mind doing overtime as to what she could do to recover the situation. One thing she did know was that the gang had to get out of the bank as soon as possible as she didn't want any further customers to come in and discover what was going on.

"Right come on you !" the robber hissed, grabbing the manageress by the arm and forcing her through the security door and out into the foyer. "Bring along the Cop and let's get the hell out of here !" she shouted to her colleagues as she made a run for the front doors, pushing the bag holding manageress before her.

The men backed up to the doors, one still covering the customers and staff with the shotgun and the other holding Kirsty by the arm. The two men exited the bank and walking quickly entered the adjacent alley where they had parked the dark blue van.The woman robber was already sitting in the driver's seat, having already forced  the Manageress into the van's rear.

"Right you, in there and no tricks" ordered the thug holding Kirsty, pushing her towards the rear doors of the vehicle.

"Fuck you asshole !" Kirsty responded , half turning and kneeing the man in the groin. The thug sank to his knee's releasing his grip on the Policewoman who shouted into the rear of the van telling the manageress to come on out "Quickly Ruth, let’s go !"

Kirsty turned back to the street but was hurled backwards by the force of the revolver smashing across her upper lip, wielded by the woman robber who had jumped out of the van on hearing the commotion. The policewoman was stunned by the blow and whilst fumbling for her own gun was knocked unconscious by the other thug who had produced a leather blackjack and expertly struck the reeling policewoman across the nape of her neck.

That's all she knew until she had come to, finding herself handcuffed behind her back, with her own damned cuffs presumably. She had been tightly gagged with a strip of cloth that dug into the corners of her mouth and a canvas hood had been pulled over her head. She had been bumping into another figure on the rear of the van which was presumably the Manageress Ruth Bishop.

Ruth too had been cuffed for the journey but instead of the confining restraint of the hood that had been used on Kirsty, she had been blindfolded and gagged by more pieces of the plentiful cloth. Ruth was still startled from the events of the morning but was also aware of a feeling of excitement that buzzed within her and wouldn't go away. Her hands had been cuffed in front of her and she found herself perversely wishing that she had been restrained in a more stricter fashion like Kirsty. The gang obviously felt that a professional law officer needed to be more stringently restrained than a mere bank manageress.

Finally the van slowed to a crawl and stooped. They had presumably reached the end of the journey and this was confirmed by the opening of the back doors.

"Rope them and get them out" the low eastern European voice of the woman barked out and both captives felt loops of thick hemp rope wrap around their upper arms before being roughly dragged to their feet by the two men.

The ropes were pulled taught and the men grabbed the trailing length and yanked the women out of the van, Kirsty athletically leaping out and landing on her booted feet whilst Ruth narrowly avoided being almost pulled to the ground as her high heeled pumps proved more problematic in keeping her balance as well as her fellow captive.

After about five minutes of brisk walking they slowed and stopped. Both women looked around nervously, unable to see where they were and why they had stopped. The sound of a heavy key being inserted in a lock, turned and the creak of a heavy door opening told them that they had reached their destination.

"Get them inside and take them downstairs. Make them secure and then get rid of the van. I have to make a few phone calls to our people in New York !" the woman robber instructed the thugs who in turn pulled the helpless captives in to the building and closing the door heavily behind them.

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