Bad Day at the Office 3

by Andy Le Strange

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© Copyright 2016 - Andy Le Strange - Used by permission

Storycodes: FMM/ff: kidnap; captives; warehouse; ballgag; bond; rope; cuffs; strip; hogtie; force; reluct/nc; X

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Chapter Three: Stripped and Bound

Ingrid had been instructed by Prague to make the captives presentable for the list of clients who were interested in paying a lot of money in order to have either one or both women as their own possession.

There had been instances of this before with the syndicate but the last auction was over a year ago and had actually been more of an abduction to order. The client wasn't happy with the "merchandise" as the woman in question refused to play the part of the quiet, introverted damsel in distress the client was wanting. Instead she had nearly wrecked the recording equipment, used to film her in a variety of outfits and predicaments, when she got loose from her bonds during the night. Unfortunately for her, a bit part celebrity of little note, the gang found another buyer who purchased her for $500.000. The sale was put back for a fortnight to allow the woman to recover from the beating administered by Green after her escape. For his part in the debacle Green was fined his share of the deal for beating up the woman too severely and also because he had tied her up prior to her escaping.

Subsequently Green was a bit pissed off but thought of the episode as a learning curve. Never would any captive escape his ropes again he vowed. With this in mind Ingrid promised herself that Green was the man to take care of any restraining of the current captives over the next few days. Not the stuff dished out during the recording of the women in various bondage positions, as there would be all three gang members present for this, but the real tight stuff used to restrain the captives during the night and when they weren't performing for the cameras and alone.

Kirsty Price had her mouth cleaned up before being taken back downstairs to rejoin Ruth. The two women were taken through to another part of the basement that was just as dank and depressing as the rest of it but Kirsty noticed several CCTV Cameras had been set up around the room. Kirsty had been made to strip at gunpoint upstairs by the goon known as Mr Black, who had permitted her to keep her Hose, Brassiere and Thong on. She doubted this concession was made as a kindness and was more likely part of a plan which was being put into operation.

The goon couldn't take his eyes off the policewoman as she had reluctantly removed her tight uniform. She did so as quickly as possible in order to cut the show short and had already decided there was no point in putting up any resistance at this point anyway, as the gang had already used brutal violence and would no doubt not hesitate to do so again. "Enjoying the show you fuckin lowlife ?" Kirsty had taunted Black as she pulled off her tight uniform trousers. Black in turn didn't reply, his eyes transfixed on the athletic and powerful legs and thighs of the police officer clad in black pantyhose. Kirsty loved the feeling of sheer pantyhose under her uniform and always wore a fresh pair each shift. She threw the trousers to the floor alongside the discarded shirt she had removed seconds earlier. She was wearing a white thong panty under the hose and also wore a white brassiere.

"Now what buster ?" Kirsty glared at the thug who just grinned back at her. Disgusted, the officer folded her arms and continued eyeballing Black in order to show she was not being intimidated by him, standard Police tactics in a situation like this. Slowly Black motioned with the gun for Kirsty to go back downstairs and then followed the officer who had automatically assumed the position, hands behind head walking slowly down the stairs in her nylon clad feet.

Ruth was grateful to see the return of Kirsty and was still wearing the underwear she had been stripped down to previously. Together the women made a good match, both athletic and toned with strong shapely legs encased in sheer nylon. Kirsty being the slightly taller of the women with a more toned physique from her police work but although Ruth was slightly less powerful looking she had a most impressive body for her 38 years.

Ingrid was in no doubt about the value of these women. She had sized them up during the journey in the van and had told Prague what sort of clients would probably bid on them. There was all sorts of clients and all kinds of preferences but she was confident that these two would fetch a good price. To assist in the process her job now was to film the women in a variety of different outfits, to enhance their assets and push up the price. Also they would be put through several scenario's where the grit and determination of each woman would be tested. Ingrid had not decided the exact format of these "Tests" but was sure the captives would put on a good show as each was very fiesty in her own way.

Ingrid was talking to Green in the corner of the room while Black covered the two captives with the gun from the opposite corner.

"Ruth, listen to what i say and don't reply. Do you understand ?" whispered Kirsty to the bank manager, who kept her gaze on the floor and slightly nodded in confirmation.

"They need to re-coup the money they failed to get from the bank. And the quickest way of doing that would be to sell us to the highest bidder !" Ruth turned her head, a shocked look on her face but recovered her composure and returned to gazing at her feet, still clad in her high heel pumps.

"I reckon they are going to film us in some sort of sick fuckin show designed to make the clients bid against each other. Its vitally important that we keep this going on for as long s possible" Kirsty hissed

"What ?" Ruth hissed back "Why would we want to prolong this lunacy Kirsty ?"

"Two reasons. Firstly if we decide not to play ball the auction will be over before it starts with the outcome being a bullet in the back of the head for us two. These people cannot let us go free now, we know too much !" explained the officer in a hushed whisper.

"And second ?" Ruth responded

"These sick fucks who bid in these things like "merchandise" who will put up a good struggle at all times.This is what ramps up the prices and the longer we keep it going the more time the Police have to track us down. Its just like a bit of role-playing for the cameras. They won't tie us up too tightly to ensure we might get free once and a while to make it look good. The real bondage will come later when we are alone."

Ruth felt the tingle of excitement again well up inside her. To be bound and gagged with a woman like Kirsty, while who knows how many unseen figures were tuning in to their struggles somehow perversely turned her on. She was actually looking forward to this but could not show her feelings to the Policewoman who was trying desperately to keep them alive.

"Ok" she whispered "I'll do my best"

"Sorry for the delay Ladies but due to the difference in timezones we will not be starting our little show until tomorrow morning, nice and early." Announced Ingrid in aa matter of fact voice.

"So all that's left for this evening is to make sure you two don't run around and cause trouble. Mr Green please make our guests secure for the night while i turn in. Big day tomorrow!" ordered Ingrid as she left the room.

Green sighed and started to amble over to where the women were waiting. Suddenly Black called out to green and joined him in the middle of the room.

"Miss Bossyboots has gone to bed and i've had a cunt of a day. So why don't you go get those bottles out the van and we'll have a couple of drinks before we turn in ?"

Green's eyes lit up but he turned and looked at the captives with a scowl. "But she told ME to tie them up Black. And i really want to do a number on that cop bitch for kneeing me in the balls !"

"Easy man, easy. Look you know my eyesight ain't too good in the dark and the van's a good ten minutes away. You go get the booze and i'll deal with these bitches. Dont worry, they ain't goin anywhere"

Green looked unconvinced by his partner's argument and stood shaking his head for a bit. Then he looked back over to the women, who in turn looked back at him with contempt. "Oh ok then. But do a good job on them or i'll get my fuckin ass kicked by Ingrid"

"No problemo man. Just hurry up and get the booze" said Black, already moving over to the captives. Kirsty watched as Black pulled the ballgag deep into Ruth's full mouth, pulling her hair back with one hand and thrusting the rubber ball into her gasping mouth working it behind her teeth before fastening the buckle behind her neck tightly. Ruth shook her head from side to side and grunted through the rubber ball that filled her mouth. Not that the policewoman was in any condition to do anything to prevent the gagging as she lay tightly hogtied on the floor. In fact Kirsty had been gagged first, silenced by a huge harness ballgag that she decided not to put up any resistance too.

"GNNUUGHHH......NNHHUUGHHHH" was all that came out but still Ruth shook her head violently as if trying to shake the ball out of her mouth.

Black stood up and admired his handywork.

Both women lay on the ground on their stomach's. Ruth was still thrashing around as the novelty of being bound and gagged started to wear off slightly and the dull ache as the cords dug into her flesh started to get progressively worse. Kirsty just lay there silently twisting against her bonds, testing the ropes that bound her.

Ruth had been forced to lie on the cold floor at gunpoint as Kirsty knelt over her and started binding her wrists which had been pulled behind her back. The gun now pointed at Kirsty as she followed Black's instructions and tied up the Bank Manageress. Kirsty finished binding Ruth's wrists and with more cord started binding her ankles. Black was following protocol and not taking any chances trying to restrain the two captives at once. Kirsty cursed under her breathe as she had hoped the thug would have done this differently but again he was too clever. In minutes the policewoman had finished Ruth's bondage, cords held her pantyhosed ankles, knees and Wrists. Ruth lay there straining against the ropes which Kirsty had been forced to tie tightly as she was under constant scrutiny from Black.

Now it was her turn as Black thrust her to the cold stone floor and wrenched her arms behind her back. "Think you're a tough bitch eh lady cop ?" the thug hissed as he bound and cinched Kirsty's wrists tightly and then moved up to her elbows. "Well i'm going to show you who's tough. And when Green gets a hold of you tomorrow you'll be in a world of shit lady !"

"Yeah, whatever buster" Kirsty replied in a voice that made the goon pull the ropes even tighter forcing an involuntary gasp of pain from the officer. Black was good to his word and didn't let Green down. Kirsty was tightly bound at the ankles, knees, wrists, elbows and upper arms, finally a hogtie rope was looped round her wrist bonds and attached to her ankle ropes effectively hogtying her.

Black surveyed the scene and nodded his head in approval. These two bitches weren't going anywhere, especially the cop who he had bound tighter than the other slut. Black left by the small door and was about to turn the light off when he decided that the two women could share the torment of being bound and gagged for the night in all its hideous glory, while he got drunk with Green. He closed the door behind him and his footsteps thudded up the narrow stairs and fell away.

The two captives remained motionless until they were sure he was gone and then Ruth burst into a fit of manic struggling, thrashing around on the cold floor like a woman possessed. She shook her head violently trying in vain to get the large ball out of her mouth. Kirsty watched her fellow captives gyrations until fatigue overcame her and she lay on her back panting for breath.

The policewoman grunted into her gag to attract Ruth's attention and on doing so shook her head urgently, trying to tell the manageress not to waste her energy needlessly. Ruth narrowed her eyes in a questioning manner but refrained from launching into another fit of struggling. Ruth was shocked by the ordeal as this was the first time she had been tied up ever in her life, but was also enjoying the warm glow inside of her as the feeling of sheer excitement almost overpowered her during the attempt to free herself.

She watched as Kirsty struggled over on her side revealing her tightly cinched wrist and elbow bonds. Moving her hands about and mewing into the ball she at last made Ruth understand that she wanted to try and free the tight ropes binding each woman's wrists. Ruth signalled her understanding by frantically nodding her head and moving over to where the police officer lay.

Black had made sure Kirsty tied Ruth tightly enough to ensure she couldn't get free, likewise doing the same job on Kirsty only more tightly. But in his haste to get upstairs and into the large bottle of Vodka that Green had been dispatched to retrieve from the van, Black had made some basic errors and Kirsty had known this as he left the basement.

"Stupid Bastard" she thought and she would have smiled at his incompetance if the harness gag would have allowed her to.

The first mistake was not hogtying Ruth. It was hard enough to move around even when tied tightly as Ruth had been but it was a damned sight harder when you have been hogtied. He compounded this by making a bigger blunder in not tying down the women to some objects in the room to stop them wriggling around. There was a large wooden palette that could have been used or a heavy barrel at the other end of the room. He also made other mistakes like not taping their fingers together and not locking the door, but Kirsty only was interested in untying each other and getting the hell away from this place.

Ruth had moved close to Kirsty and offered her bound wrists to the officer to have a go at unpicking the knots. Back to back the two women strained to keep the position, necks aching with constant turning to try and locate the tight ropes. Eventually Kirsty's strong fingers worked the cinch knot free and with a grunt of triumph into her gag started to unwind the rope coils from Ruth's wrists.

In five minutes Kirsty was untying the last ropes that bound her nyloned ankles as Ruth was unbuckling the ballgag and pulling it from her aching mouth. "Thank fuck for that" she gasped as the gag was tossed in the corner " I thought that thing was growing in my mouth !"

Kirsty unbuckled the leather harness gag and similarly pulled it from her mouth and discarded the wretched device. "Don't worry about that, there are far more brutal gags than that, and if we don't get out of here they will all probably be used on us !" whispered the police officer as she rose quickly to her feet, helping Ruth to hers as the manageress was still slightly fatigued with the struggle.

"I thought we were totally screwed Kirsty, he had tied us so tightly !"

"He did but he fucked up big time letting us move around. That bitch Ingrid will hang him up by the balls when she finds out we're not here no more. Lets hope we don't get to stay around as i don't think they will make that mistake again."

The two women crept out into the other basement room, intently listening for any movement from above. The silence only broken bt the clicking of Ruth's heels on the stone floor. "Lose the pumps Ruth" Kirsty instructed "Not very good for running in"

Ruth looked at the officer and nodded, steadying herself on a broken shelf to remove one and then the other heel "These things cost me a small fortune, fuckin Gucci !" said Ruth lamenting her loss.

"They will cost you a lot more than that if you can't run in them !" growled Kirsty as she reached the stairs and listened for any sounds from above.

Suddenly the door at the top of the stairs was opened.

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