Another Slaviversary 4: Recovery and Loss

by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2013 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

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4: Recovery and Loss

Over the next couple of weeks I slowly got back on my feet, figuratively and literally. I was not able to stand for too long yet but I could walk a fair distance and even drive. Some changes had happened around the house since the night Mistress and slut went to Knot Time without me. The biggest surprise I had was when Mistress moved the slut from the cell to the bedroom beside our own.

Mistress had seemed a bit softer in regards to the slut. Whatever happened that night had caused Mistress's attitude to turn a corner. Slut really hadn't worn her wrist shackles, ballet wedge boots or anti-sitting device since the day before my ordeal, and Mistress made it official just the other day that slut was no longer required to wear them unless she or I decided slut needed to be put in her place.

I had once again taken a more active part in the day-to-day operations in the house and phased out Rebecca's help. She would stop in every couple of days just to see how we were doing.

The doctor was pleased with my healing and was rather shocked I had managed to push myself to walk that quickly without pain management therapy.

Then one snowy Tuesday after Thanksgiving the garage door opened just after noon. Slut and I raced to the door, she made it to her spot but I hadn't. When I saw the look on Mistress's face I knew something was seriously wrong. Her make-up had run like she had been crying.

She grabbed my arm and dragged me toward her office. "Slut, get back to work."

She left me standing to the side of the desk as she sat. I knelt before her. "Mistress has little boy done something wrong?"

She pulled me up and onto her lap. A few tears were sliding down her face. "No sweetie, not at all. I got a call from Doctor Miller today... about Helena."

"Umm... okay?"

"Keith, she has had brain tumors for almost a year, after what happened with you she found out they are inoperable. He doesn't think she will make it but a few more weeks."

"Karma's a bitch."

"I don't blame you for feeling that way. He tells me they are in the areas of the brain that deals with impulse control and morality."

"So what does that mean?"

"Simply it means her sense of right and wrong were seriously hampered for the last four months or more. She was not in her right mind when she kidnapped and tortured you."

"Pardon him Mistress, but in this case little boy thinks 'No duh!' seems an appropriate response."

I half expected her to slap me for what I said, but instead she just held a hand to my face. "I mean she hasn't been her normal self for some time and she couldn't see it or stop it herself. When I laid her out that day it snapped her back to reality. She insisted that she stay restrained in bed from then on and sought consultations on surgery, but it was way too late." I saw the pain deepen in my love's eyes. "And the people she wanted next to her for emotional support she knew would not come after what she did."

"So why has she asked for you now?"

"She didn't, I'm her power-of-attorney both for financial and medical, and Doctor Miller decided it was time to tell me just in case. Keith after what she did to you, she didn't want to face me and see that anger again. She has apologized to me and she would like to see you in-person to do the same."

"If that is your wish Mistress."

"No Keith, I am torn. I want the fences mended, but I do not want to force you to face her again. If you are willing I'd like you to go, perhaps you can find closure."


"I know about the teddy bear picture."

"It was just a sketch."

I lied. Three weeks after my nightmare I had done some drawings where I just let my mind flow by listening to Ravel's Bolero and not really thinking about what I am doing. Rebecca commented on how cute the picture was, snapping me from my trance. I nearly shit my pants when I saw the 'crying little girl and her teddy bear' from the nightmare. It was so detailed I could even see the face through the bear’s eyes. I tore it from the drawing pad, knocking over the easel. I crumpled the paper up and summoned slut to dispose of it immediately.

"No it wasn't. I saw the scared face showing behind the bear's eyes, I know my own face when I see it, and Helena's crest on the room's wall was obvious. I can put it together from there"

I turned away. "I don't want to talk about it. I should beat the slut for not destroying it like I told her."

"She tossed it in the trash, but Becks recovered it and left it in here with a note about what happened."

She forced me to look at her and I couldn't resist that stare. "Okay... it was how that nightmare I had really ended." I explained the whole story to her in detail.

"Baby will you go, I think you need to put this behind you and facing her will help with that." The look she gave me was the right mix of pain and hope, I could not say no.


I stood before the ornate and imposing double doors. While with a little effort I could reach the top of a standard 80-inch tall door, these doors were easily ten or twelve feet tall making me feel even smaller than normal. I almost turned to leave when the door opened to reveal Gerald on the far side. "I was honestly sure you would not come little boy."

"Another second and little boy was about to chicken out and leave. This one understands he owes you much thanks Gerald."

He cracked a smile and winked at me. "I assure you sir; I do not know what you speak of. Madame Helena is expecting you, right this way please." He led me up the ornate steps that wrapped around the outside of the circular foyer to the third floor. If anything could be said about Helena Devereaux is she had a flare for the eccentric, even in architecture.

When Gerald opened up the door to the master suite (or should it be mistress suite in this case?) I was not prepared for what I saw. The once proud lifestyle domme in a silk nightie under the comforter that covered her from the waist down, her wrists had wide leather cuffs attached to chains running under the king size bed and giving her room to reach across herself. I could see chains running out at the bottom of the bed also.

She set down her book and handed a nurse her reading glasses. I froze in the door; despite her situation she still oozed both sexuality and power. "Come closer child, you are in no danger now."

I saw Doctor Miller sitting at a desk with his laptop off to the side and he nodded at me.

When I stood over her I could see she had lost a fair amount of weight, and her once tone facial features were gaunter. She reached out and took my hand. "You get him a chair!" She said as she turned to the nurse. "After what I did to your feet you should not be forced to stand before me, but sit with me as an equal. Doctor Miller has told me you have made a faster recovery than he anticipated, that speaks volumes to your determination. You have a strong will, not normally a good thing for a sub."

"Little boy..."

"Equals remember. I do not deserve your respect any longer Keith."

That was the first time I ever heard her use my birth name. "I needed to get back on my feet, being pampered by Mistress just seemed so wrong, but she refused to let me do much for myself as long as I was injured. The sooner I could do more for myself, the sooner I could serve her properly. You might say I only did it for her."

"Keith, you will take good care of Christine, I know it. I envied her when she brought you to the club the first time, I have had plenty of willing slaves and paid servants, but you... your adoration of her showed me something I had been missing, something I had long ago tried earning from Christine herself. I was so happy for her." She turned away from me for a moment. "There is no excuse for what I did to you; I cannot fathom what I was thinking at the time. In the moment it must have made sense to me. You have no reason to forgive me, nor do I deserve it. But I ask that you forgive your Mistress."

"For what?"

"For exposing you to me. She in a way put you in harms path, unknowing how I was going slowly mad with my desire for her."

I leaned over and kissed her forehead. "I would never hold anything against her."

We talked for a good while; before I left she sent Gerald off to retrieve 'the file' which he gave to me on his return. I opened the envelope to find a series of a dozen or so 8x10 photos of Mistress and a USB memory stick. I flipped through the photos to see the last several being Mistress grabbing me on that fateful day she made me her slave. I went through them a second time, paying closer attention I saw myself in the distance in every picture. Helena had Mistress being followed as she was following me.

"Leverage if you ever need it, I suggest you find somewhere safe to hide them, keep the digitals somewhere separate from the physical copies. I've had Gerald destroy all the other files I have on my friends already. I thought you deserved this one."

"You shouldn't have. I don't need it."

"Insurance child, you always need it. Now go before your Mistress decides you've been here too long and busts up more of my staff." She gave me a weak smile to show she was joking.


When I got home dinner was waiting, I told Mistress I'd be with her in a few minutes I needed to take care of something very important first. I went straight to the den and plugged the USB device into my laptop and deleted the files. I had the first two pictures through the shredder when Mistress came in.

"What are you doing in here? Dinner is getting cold."

"He is sorry Mistress but little boy must destroy these photos, he does not want to take a chance of them ever being used against you."

I expected to see a look of confusion on her face, but instead I saw sheer pride. She took the photos from me. "We can do it after we eat; in twenty minutes I doubt a SWAT team is coming through the door to confiscate them. Damn my ass looks huge in that one!"

Later that night as Mistress and I lay in bed a thought occurred to me. "Mistress, did you know Helena was going to give me those pictures?"

"She hinted at it, but I had no concerns. I knew you'd never use them against me."

"Part of little boy wanted to keep them, for sentimental reasons. They represented a special moment in his life. You followed this slave for almost a week learning all you could about him. How do you think Helena knew you were following me?"

"I told her I had a prospective as a permanent slave to train. She probably had me followed by her stooges. They are good, they found out more about you then I ever did."


"I never knew your father ran out on you and your mother when you were eleven. I knew your mother died shortly after you came to Detroit, but I never knew about your father. You never talked about them."

"My past before you is not important. All that matters to me is making you happy, that makes me happy."

"I want to hear it from you my dear husband. Here and now."

Her tone told me there was no begging out.

I told her how my mom caught my father with one of his coworkers and gave him the ultimatum of staying faithful or leaving. He packed his bags that night and never made an attempt to come back to us again. I elaborated on how even at such a young age I tried to be both the man of the home and a respectful son. And how with only my mother's small income we could not afford the rent on our suburban home and moved into a small one-bedroom apartment in the city.

"Go on, there's more I can see it in your eyes."

I told her how when I was fifteen my mother came home after getting drunk one night and crawled in bed with me, which was not in itself unusual as we only had the one full size bed that we shared. But she was drunk and horny and had been unable to fulfill her desires before coming home. In that moment the alcohol and sexual frustration overwhelmed her maternal instinct and she mounted my face. I woke to her calling me by my father's name and telling me it was her turn to get off for a change, while running my face through her moist folds.

Mistress looked horrified. I gave her a smile and explained how my mother had tearfully apologized the next morning when the memories came to her and swore she would never drink again. But it had been my sexual awakening and I soon saw her in a new light; a sexually deprived woman who needed release, another thing my father had failed her in. I told Mistress how I secretly hoped my mother would use me again, and doted on her, practically courting her.

"She insisted I go away to Wayne State when I got the art scholarship, she told me we both needed some space. I was hurt. She explained to me when I came home for spring break that she knew about my crush on her and she felt she had been keeping me from finding my own way and developing relationships with girls my own age. I needed to try to find someone with whom I could be with forever, which I could not do if I was distracted by my incestuous crush.

She was so proud of me when I graduated and got a job with the advertising firm. Despite talking to her several times a week she never told me she was sick until a few days before she died. When she needed me most she had kept me away so I would not run home to care for her and lose all I had accomplished already."

Mistress wiped the tear from the corner of my eye. "I should have asked about this long ago. No wonder you became submissive to powerful women, you were sexually abused by your own mother. Please don't take my reactions as an insult to your mother, I can tell you still adore her and wouldn't have wanted any different. Did you ever hear from your father again?"

"Only when he showed up a few years ago on my building's front stoop wanting Mom's life insurance money. He felt he was entitled to it. He had basically become a homeless junkie, but had managed to track me down here. I don't even know how he found me, but I told him right out that he lost any claims when he left us high and dry. He hung around for a week hassling me whenever I came or went, and then he either decided I wasn't caving in, he overdosed, or got himself killed."

"He is in prison. Someone from your building had called the cops and he resisted when they tried to take him in for loitering. They found drugs on him, charged him and he was convicted. His first month in prison on a six month possession charge he got caught shanking a guy to steal his drug stash. The guy he shanked died in the infirmary, now he is serving a life sentence in a maximum-security prison. All info courtesy of Helena's investigation stooges."

"I'd be lying if I said that broke my heart. Mistress, aside from your sister, you have never told me about your family either. They are probably much more normal than mine."

"Almost obscenely so. With a pair of workaholic doctors for parents, a nanny raised my sister and me until I was twelve or thirteen, after that we were on our own. I am still pretty close to my sister, but she is still stationed overseas in the army hospital in Landstuhl Germany, I usually only get e-mails from her. Our parents shunned her after she opted for a career in the military as a doctor instead of getting out when her first tour was up and taking a job in the public sector. I was shunned even more for being a finance major instead of pre-med. I could imagine what they would say if they had found out I was a professional dominatrix for six years."

"They'd probably be too scared to say anything, especially if you'd tell them while fully dressed and equipped as such. With your adoring husband kneeling at your feet of course."

She smiled at me, the kind that warms your heart and scares you at the same time.


When little boy told me about Helena I was shocked more by the fact that he and Mistress cared than the fact she was dying.

"I don't know if Mistress wants you to know yet, but if the time comes I want to be there with Mistress and may leave at a moment’s notice."

"Why Master? After what she did to you, this slut would think of you as anything but sympathetic."

"The tumors made her act irrationally, now the shock of what she did have made her genuinely remorseful. By the time she could admit to herself about the problem, it was too late to save herself. I'm going to be spending some time with her a few days a week, I need you to cover for me here and make certain things are done properly."

"Yes Master."

Over the next few weeks Master made several trips to Helena's estate. I feared each time it would be the last I saw of him. Then one Monday night the week before Christmas he never came home. When it came time for Mistress to be home I had dinner ready, but I knew when Mistress got home she would get upset and not want to eat. But she never made it home from work either. After she was an hour late I broke a rule and watched the TV without permission to see if any of the local networks reported any major accidents. Nothing.

I grabbed my little flowery cellular phone and brought up little boy's contact and called it. It went right to voicemail. I called Mistress next. She picked up right away.

"What is it Sandy?"

"Mistress are you okay?

"That's subjective dear, but yes."

I let out a sigh "This slut is worried about Master little boy. He went out this morning and never made it home. He went..."

"I know where he is, I'm at the hospital with him."

"Is he..."

"He's perfectly fine; it is Helena that was admitted. Eat without us."

"Yes Mistress, this slut understands."

"Oh and Sandy, thank you for being concerned for us."

When the garage doors opened just before midnight I rushed from my bed and took the few steps to my kneeling spot. Mistress rubbed my head stubble as she walked past me. "You did not need to stay up for us, but since you did, I want both of you in the living room now."

Mistress walked between us as we knelt before her 'throne'.

She pulled out her crop and pressed the popper against little boy's cheek. "You have been sneaking out the last two weeks." She moved the crop across the gap to my own cheek. "And you have been covering up this transgression."

"Mistress the slut is not to blame, she just followed little boy's instructions." Little boy said in a sorrowful tone.

"I will determine who is to blame. Both of my slaves have been lying, one directly, one by omission at the other's instruction. Explain yourself little boy."

"Yes Mistress. This lowly slave sought to be a friendly face to Helena. She was surrounded all day solely by people she paid to be at her side. He knew you, Richard, and Rebecca would be visiting her some in the evenings." I saw tears trace his cheek as he looked up to Mistress for the first time. "This one thought he could redeem his failure to be by his mother's side to comfort her in her final days by being there for Helena."

"Slut what do you have to say for yourself?"

"This slut has no excuse Mistress. She did as Master asked and made sure the home was taken care of properly. She did not know if you were aware of what Master did, but she also did not think it was her place to tell you if you did not."

"Yes indeed." She rubbed her fingers on her chin. "You will both need to be punished for the deceptions."

"Mistress, litt..." The crop catching his chin as she swiftly brought it up stopping him in mid-sentence. There was no force behind the movement, just threat.

"Despite your honorable intentions my love, you failed to respect my control over you and left without permission for a non-necessity. You on the other hand..." she glared at me with a slight smile on her lips, "you were in a no-win situation, lie to me or tattle on little boy, risking one or both our wraths."

She got up and walked around us both. Stooping between us she grabbed the ring on my collar with two fingers. "Maybe I should make you wear this collar again little boy. And stuff the slut's holes with the wedlock dildoes. Keep you both in the house for good."

"If that is your wish Mistress, it is little boy's command. He will accept this fate."

"What do you think of this plan slut?"

"Mistress, this slut has no opinion; your word is her law."

"Fine then, my decision is made." She sat on the chair again, leaned back and crossed her arms. "Slut for your crime you will spend tomorrow night in the cell, wearing a straightjacket from the time dinner is cleaned up until the morning routine. Little boy for your crime, starting tomorrow night you will be in your sleep sack nightly for seven straight nights. Next time you will clear it with me before doing something like this. Aside from your lack of honesty with me, I am proud of you both. Now we all need some sleep, and I still have to go to work in the morning."

A night with no arms on the hard concrete floor of the cell, or seven nights of near immobility, likely being teased by Mistress before being allowed to sleep, I believe little boy got the harsher sentence in this case.


When Mistress came home Friday afternoon I was ready for her. It was the 23rd and Mistress had her work's Christmas Party. She kissed little boy and dismissed him to go back to his 'secret project'. Something he had sequestered himself away in the den to do and neither Mistress nor I knew what it was. Mistress went to her bedroom with me on her heels ready to administer her home spa treatment. After she showered I gave her a facial, doing a mani/pedi while it sat.

Soon it was time to dress and I slid Mistress into her matching silken bustier and panties followed closely by the suntan stockings that I then attached to the bustier's garters. Once the blue dress was slipped on I pulled up the zippers located on each side seam, they squeezed it tight against her bosom while showing just a hint of cleavage. I styled her hair as she applied her makeup, changing her mind on shades a few time and started over. "Go make sure little boy is getting ready"

I left the room and looked in to my bedroom to see little boy's suit was no longer hanging there. I went down to the end of the hall and saw the den door was open now. "Master are you ready to go?"

"Just need to take off the smock and slide into my tie and jacket, then I will be. Is my beautiful date ready?"

"Almost, so you may want to wrap up whatever you are doing."

"Okay go back to Mistress, and don't let her change her make-up so often that we'll be late." I could hear his chuckle and it brought a smile to my face. This happy distraction from Helena's declining condition was sorely needed by them both.

When I returned to Mistress she had once again changed her make-up. "Mistress if you keep that up you will never get there!"

"This is it. I am pleased with this one, go fetch the clutch and shoes in 5C."

Mistress had a shelving system for her casual/dress shoes and accessories that was twenty 9" wide columns and five 8" tall rows. I walked into her closet and located the pigeonhole on the shelf she indicated; a black pair of size 15 strappy sandals with a 3" stiletto heel. "Mistress these are sandals. Are you sure you want them since it is so cold out?" I yelled out to her.

"Yes slut, I'm not going to be outside really. The hotel has an indoor parking garage so they should be fine."

I set them in front of her and slid them onto her feet as she raised each one in turn, and then securing each ankle strap when completed.

Mistress stood and from my vantage point on my knees with my ass resting on my heels I could just barely see the stocking tops above her dress's hem.

"How do I look?"

"Like a goddess in human form. This slut believes you are gorgeous, Master will be busy keeping all the men, and many of the women, from trying to take you home." She gave me a devilish smile as she pictured that.

Master gave a wolf whistle when she emerged from the bedroom. He took a knee before her and kissed her hand. "I am the luckiest husband on Earth."

I saw him try to peek up Mistress's dress but with his thigh in a vertical position he was a hair too high.

"Later tonight you might get to see that, but not now." He blushed as he stood; I had not been the only one to notice his attempt to peek. "Slut, other than cleaning up your dinner dishes and turning down our bed the rest of the night is yours. Feel free to watch TV or read, go to bed as you please and do not worry about waiting up for us. Don't get into any mischief."

Master was helping her with her wrap. "Yes Mommy, I will be a good girl. Promise." I tried to keep a straight face but failed when I saw little boy's eyes bug out.

Mistress tried to scowl at me, but ended up turning away so I would not see her smile.

I woke at a little after five in the morning and went to the hallway bathroom. I had left the hall light on last night so they could see when they got home, and it was still on. My need for the bathroom suddenly forgotten, I turned to Mistress's bedroom. The hall light cast through the open door onto the empty bed, undisturbed from the way I left it. Master's sleepsack still laid out flat where he would have slept.

They never made it home!


We had almost got home by the time my phone rang with Rebecca's trumpeting ringtone.

Mistress glanced over at me as I answered it on speaker. "Hey Becks, what's up?"

"I've been trying to call Chris, are you two together?" I heard the sadness in her voice.

"I'm here Becks." I could hear the dread in Mistress's response; she had heard Rebecca's tone also. "She's going isn't she?"

I heard the sniffle from the phone bare seconds before the Mercedes tires were leaving a layer of themselves on the pavement as Mistress spun the car around in one swift and nauseating motion.

"Be there in fifteen..." Mistress shifted the car into a higher gear, "make that ten minutes."

We were escorted up by one of the maids. Richard stepped aside for Mistress to take his spot.

"Look at you child, I hope you didn't leave an important event for little old me."

"We were already going home Hel, and no event is more important than being here with you."

She looked to me. "You are a handsome one when dressed too. Maybe you should make him dress that way on a regular basis."

"Nah! I prefer seeing him in the buff; it is quite arousing for me."

Helena laughed. Just then Gerald entered with a good-looking older brunette. "I'm sorry it took so long Madam."

The woman slid in next to me and rubbed Helena inner thigh through the blanket. "Pardon Madam, the vault eez mine. I veft my boudoir for a late night valk in zee snow. Gerald, he could not locate me vith eaze"

"That is fine Marie; I had dismissed you for the day. Now that you are all here; Reed tells me that the cancer has spread to and is shutting down some of my major organs; I have decided it is not in my own best interest to go on machines to keep me alive. Marie and Gerald; it was an honor to employee you and you have both served me well as my senior house staff. I hope you will both stay on and serve my heirs well."

"Oui Madam, I beweiv I speaks for Gerald alzo ven I zay; vee vil be honored to do zuch."

"Indeed my lady." Gerald said in his normal aloof tone. The tears on his cheek betraying the emotion the butler was hiding.

She looked at the rest of us in turn. "I wanted to tell you all how special you were to me, and how it hurt me so much to know I had alienated myself from you with one betrayal. In a way the loss of your respect had saved me by forcing me to see what I had become and been ignoring in myself for far too long. I ask that when it's time; that you do not mourn my death, but celebrate my release from my madness." She took a deep breath before continuing. "I have talked to Marcus a few times the past month. I have arranged that he provide for my wake at Knot Time. I hoped you six would help him host it, you are my family."

Mistress pulled me in tight to her. I put my arm around her back and she kissed the top of my head. "We will be there, right honey?"

I squeezed her, pressing the side of my head into her right breast. "Do you have to ask?"

"Count on us too." Richard piped in.

"Thank you all. It's late, go home get some sleep." None of us moved. "You don't have to stay and watch me wither and die."

"No but we can stay and keep you company you old hag!" Mistress baited her.

"Youth these days!" She said in mock indignation rousing a bout of laughter from the gathering.

We took turns as couples napping on the large leather couch off to the side of the room. Mistress kept me close. She tried to put on a strong front but I could tell she was an emotional wreck inside and needed me near for emotional support.

As the day broke Gerald and Marie left to get their staffs on track for the day. Coffee and Danishes were brought in for the four of us, Doctor Miller, and the nurse.

When the heart monitor let loose with its long steady buzz Mistress lost herself to her emotions and began crying like a baby. I held her, wishing for once that she did not tower so far over me so I could bring her head to my chest and comfort her like a man should. I looked over to Richard to see him holding Rebecca like I wanted to hold Christine. Necessity is the mother of invention they say, so I lead her to the couch and sit her down. I sat on the armrest and spin so my legs are across her thighs and pull her in to rest on my chest. She gave me a half-hearted chuckle as she looked into my face from a few inches below. Wrapping her arm behind me she pressed herself deeply into me.

Doctor Miller picked up the antique styled phone next to Helena's bed. "Find Gerald, tell him I need him."

When the doctor shut off the monitor, he too looked like he was ready to cry.

When Gerald came in he unlocked the cuffs from Helena's limbs and removed the chains from the bed. He gave them to another servant who had accompanied him. "You know where they belong."

"Yes sir." He turned and left.

Gerald took a few moments to look upon his mistress.

My own Mistress made me move and she walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry Gerald, I know you were an employee, but she always wished more for you."

"Yes and I wanted it, but she valued me too much as her 'major domo' to accept me as a full slave. Since the house rule was that all slaves are responsible to the staff as well, I would have lost my place as head of staff. I was honored she let me sub for her when I could."

He sighed and gathered himself up. "Thank you all for being here, even though she slept through her last hours, I know it meant much to Madam that you were all here. Take a few moments and then I ask you all to please go so I may break the news to the household and they can mourn. I will contact you when I have the arrangements made."

Richard got up and shook his hand. "Of course Gerald, offer our condolences to all".


Little boy insisted on driving home and I wasn't in the mood to argue. He lead me to the passenger seat and hit it to the #2 preset so it slid back to match the driver's seat.

"Oh that's where little boy's phone went after that last turn!" He said as he picked his iPhone from the floor. "Woah, slut must be worried about us, she called my phone nine times."

"Let her worry, let's just get home."

"Yes Mistress."

When I walked in the slut was kneeling in her place, eyes down. "Welcome home Mistress, this slut assumes your party must have been very enjoyable for you to get home so late."

I had pulled my hand back to slap her insubordinate face off her head when little boy grabbed my wrist. "Mistress go start getting undressed, little boy will deal with the slut."

I pulled my hand away and walked through the bedroom door, slamming it behind me. When my husband walked in ten minutes later I had only managed to remove my shoes. I had been crying the whole time. He made me stand and slowly stripped me down until I was nude. I sat as he stripped down to his chastity tube.

He walked up to me and stood between my legs, wrapping his arms around me he held me tight.

"It will be okay Christine, the pain never truly goes away, but it will diminish."

"Thank you my love. Come, lay down and hold me."

I lay down as low on the bed as I could. Little boy being the bright soul that he is saw what I wanted and positioned himself high enough that I could rest my head on his chest. He stroked my hair and shoulders as I cried myself to sleep on his chest.

When I woke I turned toward little boy I was shocked to be staring at the slut's blue eyes. "What the hell!" I took in the sight of her in little boy's sleepsack.

"This slut is sorry Mistress, she only meant to tease; she did not know what you were going through. She would not have done that if she knew."

"Where is little boy?"

"He made me lay down with you and went to work on his painting. He..."

I leapt from the bed and went to the den to find it locked. I banged on the door. "Open the door little boy!"

The slut yelled from the bedroom "Mistress, he is not here!" I walked into the room again. "You left before the slut was finished. He left about twenty minutes ago, he told me to tell you he had to go get the frame for the painting so he had it for when he finished it."

I was steaming mad at him for putting his work ahead of my needs. "Mistress, Master knows about you using this slut sexually."

I felt a chill go through me. "He what?"

"He said to this slut he was putting her into the sleepsack so she would not take advantage of Mistress sexually again. I swear I didn't tell him anything about that night, just as you instructed Mistress"

My hand flew to my mouth on reflex. "I haven't told him yet either." I had not wanted him to know at the time because of what he had just gone through, but yet he knew, and seemed to blame slut for it. Surely he is submissive enough to accept me using my other slave as I desire, at least I hope he is.

I was so focused on how this could play out; I never even let the slut out of the bag before walking into the living room and sitting in my chair. I thought I heard a door close and some whispering. He came from the hall carrying a frame and matte board. "Good afternoon Mistress, do you feel better?" He set them down and came over and knelt before me kissing my bare feet.

"Yes little boy. Why did you leave?"

"Forgive this slave Mistress, but he needs to finish this commissioned painting as soon as possible now. With the upcoming funeral he will not have as many days as the original deadline dictated. The painting is near completion, he will have it finished tonight, so it can dry overnight and be sealed sometime tomorrow."

"It is Christmas tomorrow, and you intend to work? You are the reason I began celebrating it again." I had not celebrated, decorated, or even sent cards in many years. But Christmas was a time of happy memories for little boy. He didn't have much growing up, so for him the holiday was about family and getting the one or two things he wanted most, making it special. He went out last year and bought decorations from his artwork fund (which I replenished afterwards) and did up the living room with a small artificial tree, and lined the front eaves and trees in the yard with lights. I allowed it since it made him smile, and I actually got in the holiday spirit too. This year I even bought the fixings for a small traditional meal for the three of us.

"Just an hour or two in the evening. Little boy will have to move it into the garage for ventilation. Then he can matte and frame it Monday."

"What is special about this? I want to see it now."

"Please Mistress; the client was adamant that nobody sees it before the unveiling, even you."

"I could chain you up and just take a look at my leisure."

He looked at me with a betrayed look on his face. "Please Mistress; you will be there to see the unveiling. If you respect me as a husband and artist you will abide by that request and not force me to break my word."

"Are you willing to spend a month in the cell in exchange for keeping that word?"

His reaction was priceless as he weighed the consequences. "Mistress, this slave will accept these terms. He hopes that when revealed you will have a change of heart and allow him back by your side."

"If you feel that strongly, I will honor your promise to this unknown client, your punishment will be stayed until the unveiling and then I will determine if the deal will be followed through or that all is forgiven. Now another matter at hand my slave; your comment to the slut about her taking advantage of me, what brought that on?"

"Mistress, little boy knows about the weekend after his attack."

"What do you know?"

"Slut had her tongue buried in your pussy while you were drunk, this slave just does not know if you were a willing participant."

"How did you come by this... idea?"

He looked me right in the eye. "You told me two weeks ago."

"No little boy, I never told you anything about that."

"You talk in your sleep."

"I do not!"

He smiled at me, like the cat that ate the canary. I wasn't fond of being on this side of that smile. "Shall he prove it to you? Give little boy a minute." He got up and went right to the locked door of the den and let himself in. "Please come here Mistress."

When I entered little boy was standing next to the wall safe, the concealment removed from it. He cracked his fingers for effect, and with barely looking he turned the knob a few times and opened the door. I stared slack jawed at the open safe. "Ta-da! Little boy has known this for over a year, this is the first time that he has actually tried it though. You repeated it over and over several different nights. Honestly he was afraid it was a test and it wouldn't work at all."

He knelt before me as I looked, still shocked, at the open safe. I finally managed to mutter; "I... I... I don't believe it!"

"Please don't be mad at this slave Mistress, until today he has kept all you said to himself." He kissed the top of my feet and looked up at me waiting.

Finally I laughed and he relaxed. "Not that I needed more proof of your trustworthiness, but this does do that." I walk over and close the safe and sit at my desk. I motion little boy to me and he shuffles over on his knees. "I never found the right words or time. Since the cat is out of the bag, here it goes; I did have the slut orally please me that night. I was drunk and horny. You were fast asleep, and I did not want to wake you. I took the slut to the other bedroom and had her please me a few times before eventually going to bed with you. She did not take advantage of me; it was the other way around."

"Little boy owes slut an apology for his earlier 'off the cuff' comment, he had not been thinking when he spoke."

"There is no need for that; she was more scared you were mad at me. You are not mad at me or jealous of her are you? If you are, you have hid it well these last few weeks."

He took my hand in his own. "Maybe a little jealous Mistress. It was shortly after that time that you started going soft on her, but I never saw you look at her the way you do me. I was confidant I was still the one you love."

"I can't believe nobody has ever told me that I talk in my sleep before!"

"Maybe no one before me was so attuned to your voice that your merest whisper woke them." His smile told me he was half joking, half serious.

After dinner slut began preparing the ham and sweet potatoes to be cooked tomorrow. Little boy, with my permission, had sequestered himself in my office again, while I curled up with a magazine on the couch. Slut emerged from the kitchen and knelt by me.

"The holiday meal is prepped Mistress, this slut will just need to put it in the oven to bake. Will you need her anymore tonight?"

"No slut, you may retire to your room for the night. I think I will get ready for bed myself. If you wake before us, let us sleep until about 9."

"Yes Mistress, good night."

I popped my head in the office, as expected the painting was arranged so it could not be seen from the door. "Baby I'm going to bed; if you join me soon I may be convinced to use my key."

He leaned out from behind the canvas with a big smile on his face. "Five more minutes, ten at most Mistress and little boy will be there. He is adding the finishing touches to the eyes and then it is finished except for the sealing and framing."

"Okay, but if it takes more than that you missed your chance."

Eight minutes later his tongue was caressing my clit. I pulled the key to his tube from my nightstand drawer. "Kneel on the bed." He reluctantly complied and I unlocked him. As I set his reassembled tube on the nightstand, he patiently waited for my next command. I made my voice as sultry as possible; "I want my husband to make love to me."

He gave me a knowing smile before proceeding to kiss me deeply. His hands roamed my body, stroking me in all the right places. I laid back and let him pleasure me, I had trained him well and now I reaped the benefits. When he began sliding his cock along my pussy lips and over my clit I gripped his hips to steer him in. He did not allow himself to penetrate my folds yet. I knew he was stringing me along.

When his right hand disappeared I felt the tip of his cock poised to enter me. With his left hand he took me by the chin and made me look him in the eyes. As I stared into his gold and green orbs he gave me a devilish smile. He slowly entered me until I felt his balls against my crotch. "I love the look on your face when I push into you. I wish you'd let me see that more often."

He pulled himself up my body, forcing me to raise my hips at the waist; he planted another kiss on my lips. I used the fact he already had my hips tilted to bring my legs up. I rested them on his chest before lowering them toward my torso. He gave me a shocked look as I wrapped my legs behind my head and crossed my ankles.

"What? You didn't know that I was this flexible?" I said in a sultry whisper.

"No, but I hope I can see you do this more often."

Before I could respond he began pumping into me with his meaty piston and words were lost to me.

My husband varied up his speed and stroke length, pushing me so close to the edge and then pulling me back, from the look on his face he was keeping himself near the brink also. He took his hands from my breasts and planted them to either side of my head and ankles just before picking up the pace. I was forced to look directly at him as my orgasm overtook me. I felt the eruption as I squirted all over our groins. As if it was cued up by my orgasm his splashed against my womb.

He laid out on me, and I lowered my legs and ass dragging his body with, his head came to rest between my breasts.

We lay like that for a few minutes before little boy pulled out and put his face between my legs, licking up the results of our passion as usual. I smiled to myself as I remembered how he hesitated when I insisted he do it the first time, now it was practically instinct for him. When he kissed me a few minutes later I could taste the sweet and salty mix on his lips.

After we showered I went to bed and little boy began carrying the presents out to the tree. He insisted they were not to be put out until Christmas Eve night. When he finally came to bed I was almost asleep. He kissed me good night and spooned me.


When I woke up around 8, I put on my maid uniform, and went to the kitchen. I started a pot of coffee and opened up a package of cinnamon buns, arranging them on a cookie sheet to put in the oven.

"Morning slut."

I went to my knees. "Merry Christmas Mistress. The coffee will be ready in a minute and this slut will be making cinnamon rolls for your breakfast."

I glanced up to see Mistress's pussy peeking out below her silk robe and my gaze must have lingered a few seconds too long. "You're getting as bad as little boy! One taste of my pussy and you can't take your eyes off of it."

I knew I was blushing at that point. It was true, I dreamed often of orally pleasing Mistress and being rewarded with an orgasm of my own, and when the dreams were not of her it was little boy. I was of course very sexually frustrated, not having orgasmed since the day Mistress used me as a surrogate for that bitch Alice. My subconscious knew my pleasure was dependent on them and used that in my dreams. It was as if I was mentally torturing myself.

Mistress looked toward the kitchen door and took two steps toward me and parted her legs. "You may kiss it." I leaned forward and kissed her pubic mound just under the triangle of her trimmed bush, I snaked my tongue out and dragged it across her pussy lips causing her to gasp. "Bad Girl! I said kiss it not eat it."

I looked up to see the smile on her face, telling me she was teasing me. "This slut is sorry Mistress, but she could not help herself."

She waved me away. "Get back to work. Oh slut, also you may forego 'slave talk' today in consideration of the holiday."

I kissed her foot. "Yes Mistress."

Little boy's voice hollered for me from the living room. "Slut! Enema time!"

"Put in the rolls and get our coffee ready. I'll tell him they can be done later." Mistress left giving me a wink.

After the rolls were served and we each had at least one cup of coffee Mistress told little boy to hand out the presents. I went to go back to the kitchen to clean up. There was no sense in me sitting here as they exchanged gifts.

"Where are you off to?"

"The kitchen Mistress, this slut isn't needed here..."

"Sit, you will stay and watch." She pointed to the loveseat. "Remember you can talk normally today too."

When I was seated little boy carried a few small boxes to Mistress. I noticed there were more gifts this year than last when they got each other two or three presents each.

Mistress unwrapped and opened a small box. She smiled ear to ear as she read the writing on the thick paper. "Thank you baby, I will get good use of this. How did you know to go here?"

"I know you have a hard time finding 'off the shelf' outfits, so I checked the labels in a few of your skirt suits for the designer."

Mistress then opened the next box and pulled out a few home spa treatment kits and a few bottles of nail polish. "Thank you slut, this was so thoughtful!"

"What?" I was confused. Then I realized what had to have happened. "Mistress I cannot take credit for that, Master asked me about the brands I use on you and he must have got them."

She smiled at me. "You think I don't know that you silly girl, you haven't left the house without me along for quite a while. At least you were honest about it. Little boy get those three boxes over there."

I was shocked when little boy set one box next to me, I looked at the tag, 'To: Sandy, From Christine + Keith'. He set the next box off to the side and the third he once again brought to me.

"Little boy open yours first."

He tore into the wrapping and opened the box. "Mistress, I believe you mis-tagged these. I think this was for slut." He pulled out a chastity belt and held it out.

"No baby, look inside it. It is a male chastity belt; see the tube for your penis inside." He nodded; a shocked look was on his face. "This isn't for everyday use, just for when I tell you to wear it. Now let's try it on while slut opens her presents. Go ahead slut."

With one eye on me as I unwrapped the first box that little boy had gave me, Mistress was fitting the device on little boy. I unfolded the top of the box and extracted a new wig on a foam head. It was the same brown as my Sandy wig but was a feathered look rather than straight. The next box also held a similar wig, in a curled style.

I walked over and knelt down and kissed Mistress's bare feet. "Thank you Mistress they are wonderful."

"We thought giving you some options were in order. I am pleased you like them. Try them on see how they look."

I ran to my room and placed them on and looked at myself in the vanity. I returned to the living room still wearing the feathered one. "Mistress am I allowed to wear one today"

"Yes, I think that would be a nice change of pace."

When all the gifts were open little boy had got some art supplies, Mistress had got a rear shield and various sized anal plug inserts for little boy's new chastity belt, supposedly from little boy (obviously wrapped and tagged by Mistress herself since he knew nothing about the belt). I received a new skirt suit and high heel shoes.

"Now you'll look presentable for the viewing on Wednesday." Mistress smiled at me as I held the ensemble up to my body.

"The viewing? You're actually letting me go to it?" I could see little boy was as shocked by this announcement as I was.

"To pay your respects to the woman that helped keep you alive, it seems fitting. She managed to keep the FBI looking for you everywhere but here, and therefore the criminal elements looked in the same direction also"

"I just didn't think you'd trust me out as Sandy at that kind of event."

"You have grown as a person, embraced your submissive self and flourished. Do not disappoint me."

"Yes Mistress."

"Little boy, be a dear and get dressed and go next-door to invite Mrs. Fellencer over for dinner."

Little boy gave her a confused look. "Yes Mistress, right away."

Once little boy was out the door Mistress pointed to the tree. "Slut fetch me the little gift in the branches."

I immediately went to the tree and located the hidden box. "Shouldn't we go get dressed in more presentable clothes Mistress?"

I glanced at the small box as I handed it to Mistress, there was no tag. Just then its contents beeped

She flashed a devilish smile at me. "Trust me he isn't going to see that old gossip." She tore open the wrapping to reveal a remote device almost identical to the one used with my wedlock dildos. Then it beeped again.

Master came bursting in the door and brushed the snow of his coat before removing it.

"What did she say dear?" Mistress winked at me.

He knelt down at her feet. "I never got the chance Mistress." He looked up and I could see the smile on his face from where I stood. "It seems my new chastity belt is wedlocked and this slave could not reach her home. But I expect you already knew that Mistress."

"Indeed I did, this belt has all the same features as the slut's device, except I can turn off the connection to the invisible fences, and I can link it directly to the slut's device. So just like in the movie, my two prisoners could be stuck with one another. Now enough of this, little boy go do the sealing of your mystery painting while the slut and I start making our Christmas feast."


When Wednesday arrived Mistress took me to the wet room for the usual routine and she helped me dress. "Take little boy's car and go to a mall. The viewing starts at 10 and I expect you to stay through the service and come straight home afterwards."

"Yes Mistress. This slut understands."

I went to the mall closest to the funeral home and wandered. Since I didn't have any money I simply window-shopped to kill the time.

When I finally arrived it was about 10:15 and the viewing line stretched out the door and down the side of the building. Fortunately it moved fast and I got into the heat before my legs froze off.

When I reached the guest book I signed in as Sandy Urnst. As I passed through the door I saw Mistress and little boy standing to the side of the casket with Richard, Rebecca, and a couple I did not recognize.

When I reached the casket Helena looked thinner than I remembered, but otherwise the mortician did a very good job. I offered my condolences to the first couple and hugged and kissed Mistress, little boy, and Rebecca. As I went on to find a seat I heard Richard ask Rebecca whom I was.

After the services I went home and straight to my room to change. On my bed was a handwritten note addressed to 'Sandy'.

If you are reading this then you have
made me a proud Mistress. I want you
to take the key and unlock your belt.
Once you have done that you may leave
my service. Take the Subaru and get
yourself out of town. Live your life as
Sandy or get a new alias. I just hope you
have learned that being an unwilling
slave is not a fun life and that you will
not return to your old ways.

On your bed you will find an envelope
with $5000 in it for you to start your new
life with. I wish you the best. I am sure
we will both miss you.


I read the letter three times. I'm really free.

The key turned in the lock when I inserted it. I truly was free.

I looked around me and decided it was time I gave Christine Cavanaugh what I owed her.


"You did what? How could you do that to me?"

We were in the back of Helena's limo heading from the private interment in the mausoleum on the Deveroux Estate to Knot Time when Mistress dropped the bomb on us about how she decided this morning on a whim to send the slut away as a free woman and giving her all the emergency cash from the safe.

Mistress was surprised by my reaction. "I really didn't think you'd care about her that much."

"I don't care what you do with the slut, but my car I do!"

"It's only a car Keith, you can get another one." Richard offered in a dismissive tone.

"I'll get you another. In the mean time you can drive one of mine."

She gave me a look that told me she was not happy with me, I knew I had made a mistake with my outburst and questioning her in front of another dominant, but I figured I had already dug this grave so I might as well climb in also.

"It won't be the same Mistress. The wagon was my last real gift from my mother. She scrimped and saved for a down payment so I had a reliable car to drive to college, and then worked herself to death at three jobs to pay it off. To me it is a reminder how much she sacrificed for me."

Mistress looked at me, gauging my comment. Her scowl softened and she took my hand. "You don't mean that figuratively either do you?"

"No ma'am. Please forgive this slave's outburst; it was improper for him to speak to you that way. He just..."

She put a finger to my lips. "I will try to get it back. I'm sorry but you are mine to do with as I please and so, in my mind, your car was mine to do with as I please also. If I had known it had sentimental meaning to you I may have done it differently, but considering the alternatives..." She gave a slight shake of her head to emphasis her position, "that was not likely."

Rebecca came over and sat next to me and hugged me. "Maybe she won't trust that Chris doesn't have the car GPS tagged and call a cab or something." She looked past me to Mistress. "So slut didn't know she was to be freed when she came through the viewing line?"

"No, if she went home as instructed she found out then."

"Wait, slut was at the funeral home?" Richard turned to Rebecca. "That was the girl you said was Keith's half-sister wasn't it."

Rebecca blushed and looked to Mistress. "Maybe Master."

"She promised to keep the slut's identity a secret."

"So slut is Keith's sister, you've made this into a real family affair."

Mistress gave me a non-committal look and checked to see that the privacy screen was closed before continuing. "Since you are the only one here who doesn't know; slut was originally Mistress Brandy. For the rare occasion I allow her out of the house, she becomes Sandy Urnst, Keith's sister."

"I didn't even recognize her! So you hid her from the police? Why?"

"Not exactly hid, more like I incarcerated her before the police knew to even look for her."

"She tried kidnapping me, but I refused to tell her where the keys to unlock me were, and while she tried to force me to tell her, Mistress came back and took care of her."

"She's been my prisoner since that day. I didn't dare turn her over with a basement full of restraints and whips. I broke her and trained her to be what she is today, a model slave"

"And after they started looking for her?"

I saw Mistress's evil grin. "Who do you think tipped them off? What better way is there to keep a reluctant slave in line than letting her know the police and her former clients are out for her blood."

"How long did you know Becks?" Richard asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well that's up for debate, I suspected back when little boy brought me her measurements..."

"The day you dresses me as a girl." I said in a hushed but angry tone. Richard looked sheepishly at Mistress, knowing that was still a sore spot between them.

"But I didn't know for sure until the night we rescued little boy from Helena."

He looked to Mistress. "I can't believe you didn't trust any of us with this. We would have had your back."

"I didn't want put you in that position. Hel knew, she helped me with the misdirects for those chasing her. Marv knew since he told me she was coming. I kept everyone else in the dark."

"Still, I would have done whatever was needed to help. You're practically family for Christ's sake."

"I know Rich, but there wasn't much help you could be and if things would have gone sideways, I wanted you and Becks to have deniability."

We arrived at the club a few minutes later and Gerald broke off from the rest of Helena's senior staff, who had been in the stretched limo in the lead, when he approached he asked to talk to Mistress and Richard in private.

They disappeared into one of the privacy rooms as the other of Helena's employees went about their assigned preparations.

Rebecca and I sat at the table that was going to be ours. I was silently feeling sorry for myself over the loss of my beloved car.

Rebecca broke the silence. "Keith what year was your car?"

"It was a '95, Mom bought it coming off a three year lease."

"So its 17 years old then, I doubt your mother got it with the intention of you keeping it this long. I bet she expected you to get a good job and be able to get a fancy car of your choosing many years ago."

"Yeah but..."

"No 'buts' Keith, you treated the car better than your mother ever intended. You did that in honor of her. Now it's time to move on."

"Maybe. It is just... I don't know."

One of the bouncers approached our table. "Hey, you are Christine’s slave little boy right?"

"Yes, why?"

"This geeky chick just asked me to give you or Christine these." He held out my car keys.

"Thanks!" I took them from his hands and heard a beep emanate from them as I took them.

"You’re welcome. What was that?"

"I don't believe it!" I muttered as I ran for the door.


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