Another Slaviversary 3: Shifting Mindsets

by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2013 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

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3: Shifting Mindsets

The Percocet pill the slut gave me really took the edge off my pain. I tried putting up a strong facade because I didn't want Mistress babying me too much but it was becoming too much. I was going to have to live with her carrying me around until my feet were healed enough to at least walk short distances.

Slut served Mistress and I in the living room, Mistress had set up a little TV tray table for herself and sat next to me on the couch. Slut held the serving tray before Mistress and offered the meal to her first. Mistress took two of the soup mugs and set them on the table and proceeded to get the sandwiches, leaving the slut with an empty tray. "None for yourself?"

"This slut's food is in the kitchen Mistress. There was not enough room on the tray for all three servings. Would you like this slut to eat on the kitchen floor or at your feet?"

"Hmm sit on the loveseat to eat."

I was taken by surprise. Slut obviously thought she was hearing things. "Mistress did you say I can sit on the furniture?"

"Yes, I think we are going to TEMPORARILY relax the rules for this weekend a little. So I also won't punish you for questioning me or addressing yourself improperly just now. Now set yourself up a table and get your food. Oh and bring out saltines too."

"Yes Ma'am. I have them out already."


While she was cuddling with me for a bit, Mistress had the slut try her new phone out by calling Mistress. Much to my sadness Mistress left for my car shortly after.

Slut was cleaning up the lunch dishes and I was alone again in my thoughts.

I hadn't revealed to Mistress my whole nightmare earlier.

After I was thrown back in my alcove in the dream I woke feeling completely encased, I was gagged and looking through some sort of lenses at a little girl's room, except in large proportions. I tried moving and all my limbs were free. I remembered my extremities being cut off. I managed to try to get my hand in front of my face. What I saw was a furry paw. I looked down as far as I could and saw two wiggling fur covered legs. Suddenly there was movement ahead of me but it was too fast to identify and suddenly I was being lifted up and squeezed.

"Oh little boy you are alright, I feared you had a mental breakdown and was catatonic." The voice was higher than I remembered but it sounded like Mistress! I wiggled and tried to push back.

She leaned me back so I could see her, it was indeed Mistress with the large collar Helena had put on her, but she had ponytails and ribbons in her hair, and her makeup made her look like a little girl.

"I'm sure you have questions my love, and I hate the answers I am going to have to give you."

She turned me around so I faced a mirror. What I saw chilled me to the bone. There was my Mistress dressed as a child in a pink frilly dress, complete with crinolines, holding a big stuffed bear. I moved my arms and the bear did too.

"It was the only way Mistress Helena would let me keep you. I could not bear, no pun intended, to let you be kept in that little cubby-hole any longer, squirming about the dirty floor unable to move and eating like an animal. I've been bottle feeding you through the gag for the last few days."

I wanted to scream, tried to scream but all that came out was a whistle through the gag.

"If I wanted to save you I had to agree to this." She motioned to herself and then the room. "Mistress had my vocal chords modified to make my voice like a little girl, and yours were removed entirely. She had the rest of your limbs cut off above your knees and below your elbows. We can never run because if I take you from the house... well... it will be a painful death for you. I now have an RF transmitter in my neck so even if I left you behind, she would be able to retrieve me."

She set me on the huge pink canopy bed and knelt on the floor. "I hope you can forgive me. You must believe I had no idea; she played me like a fiddle. She had me believing you had run off with the slut and hating you for it, hating myself for having you dominate the slut and have sex with her, and believing that had caused you to fall in love with her. Please give me a sign you still love me and forgive me."

I leaned forward against her and got up on my 'feet' and putting my shortened arms around her neck. She cried and squeezed me.

"What a shame! After all that and you two still have such a strong emotional bond." Helena and two of her brutes were there in the door. "I thought for sure he would reject you after he woke to this. Oh well time to throw out the old toys. Toss the teddy out the door!" One of the brute's made his way across the room.

Mistress screamed and tried to prevent the beast from reaching me but she collapsed in a heap, convulsions racked her body from being shocked by Helena.

I watched helplessly as I was carried away from my equally helpless wife. The brute opened both of the ornate front doors. I felt myself flying in an underhand arch, tumbling through the maw and then... I was being held down by Mistress and slut in our bed.

As I had relived the earlier part of my nightmare to them, I could see the pain in Mistress's face so I cut off this part so she would not have further pity on me for my situation.

I sat there and cried. Mistress would not do much more than she already had. Police involvement would be out of the question because Helena, being a part of the cover-up, knows too much about the slut being here and could easily turn it around on us. A thought that I'm sure Mistress has well considered is a possibility. All I could do was say a silent prayer that one day karma would catch up to her like it did Brandy Stallton.

"Master! Why are you crying? Are you in pain?" She came rushing over and almost fell, catching herself on the couch.

"I'm okay, just an emotional outburst. Come over here and get those damn boots off, the last thing we need is you busting your skull open. If Mistress says anything I'll take care of it."

She lay on her side and hoisted a foot at me and I undid the lock. She rolled over and we repeated the process.

"I'll keep these here so Mistress can see I removed them from you."

She got on her knees and took my hand. "Little boy, are you sure you're alright."

"I'm fine really, now get a move on or I'll make you get over my knee for a bare handed paddling."

She gave me a knowing smile that all but said 'Yeah right!' as she stood up. I waited until she was just even with me and backhanded her ass as she passed. She cried out in surprise and laughed all the way into the kitchen.


I had heard the garage doors open and close, then about twenty minutes later I was woke by the slut rushing for the door.

I could hear the slut welcoming Mistress and being dismissed after she gave a status update.

Mistress set a box down next to me, the top flaps interlaced to keep it closed.

I looked at it like it contained a poisonous snake. "Open it, it's safe."

I looked up at her, and then did as instructed. On top was a folded note, under which were my wallet, iPhone, and the boots I wore last night. They in turn appeared to be sitting on the pants and vest I also wore.

I opened the note.

Miss Christine

Mistress's driver brought me these and asked what he should do with them.
I took possession of them and found little boy's spare car keys in the wallet.
I would have called you but Mistress had shut down the house phones and
confiscated all the staff mobiles and this phone is password protected.
I managed to slip away and bring these to the only car left at Knot Time.
Luckily the keys worked in it

I pray for your slave-husband's recovery. Mistress's cruelty has been
escalating so that I feared for his very life while he was in her walls.


I looked at Mistress. "You owe Gerald much. Mostly for him letting me know you were there. This was meaningless. We were lucky the way it sounds."

"Mistress, I fear she might seek retribution."

Mistress came around and slid the box to the side. Sitting down she wrapped a comforting arm around me. "Keith, are you familiar with the concept of 'Mutually assured destruction'?"

"Yes Mistress, I think so. If we or the Soviets fired a nuclear missile, the other would return fire and it would result in both countries blowing each other into the Stone Age."

"Yes, well I know enough about her skeletons, and vice versa. I go missing or say the right word in a phone conversation with certain people; the IRS will have her within days. It was a safeguard I learned from her actually, so I am sure she has similar files on me, although the only illegal activities I have done she is also heavily implicated in."

"Other than my kidnapping?"

"Hmm, yeah that one no, but you will never admit on the stand that you are an unwilling prisoner."

I kissed her neck. "Not even if they were hooking my balls up to a car battery."

"But she is knee deep in creating the red herring from the slut's 'escape' from the law. Her desires on me in the past and comments she's made, I felt safer having a series of dead-man switches in place, just in case she got too big for her britches."

"You are a wise woman my lovely wife."

"And don't you forget it my talented husband. Now what should we do this afternoon?"

"How about we watch some movies Mistress?"

"Sounds like a plan." Mistress raises her voice. "Slut make up three bags of popcorn, and bring a bottle of soda and three glasses out here."

From the door I hear: "Yes Mistress!"

"I know just what movie I'm going to put in too!" She went to the entertainment center and dug through the DVDs, loading one but not letting me see the case. I only knew it was not one of the porn movies since those are all stored in my closet with Mistress's fetish clothes (or should I say in Mistress's fetish closet, with my street clothes).

Mistress had set up the other two TV trays again and poured the soda into the glasses the slut had provided while she had the popcorn in the microwave.

"Mistress where do you want me to put the spare bag of popcorn?"

"It's for you, I told you; relaxed weekend."

"Thank you Mistress."

Mistress started the movie and to my delight it was one of my favorites; 'Avatar'. Mistress has said she thought it was okay but she personally prefers action movies that are less science-fiction.


Throughout the movie the wedlock device seemed to be giving me pleasurable sensations, I figured if they were real they were low level electrical current since I felt no movement within me. I kept looking over to Mistress and little boy. Both seemed engrossed in the movie. Little boy was tucked into the body of our Mistress with his head between her breast and arm. Her visible hand was resting in his crotch. When I see Mistress and little boy being affectionate, I often wonder if little boy sees himself more in a feminine role or as a child with his mother. Perhaps it is a little of both as I get mixed vibes when I see it.

I now regretted not seeing this movie when it was in theaters; the depiction of Pandora was beautiful and vibrant. When it got to the love scene between the 'human' blue man and the blue woman the device seemed to kick up a notch and I knew it was not my imagination. I saw Mistress looking at me out of the corner of her eye. She didn't let me get too excited, this was something little boy never mentioned the double intruder could do.

After the movie, Mistress had me take care of changing of little boy's dressings under her watchful eye. When I attempted to pull the gauze padding away it didn't want to come loose. Mistress saw this and knelt down, wrapping her arm around his calves and looked at him. "Brace yourself this could sting. Pull them as gently as you can slut."

Little boy scrunched his face up and cursed a little, but I managed to get both off with relative ease.

Mistress looked at the pads as I took some anti-bacterial cream to his tortured feet.

"How are they?"

"The good news; no signs of an infection yet." Mistress said a bit dryly. I looked up at her and could tell she was trying her best to control her rage.

"The bad news?"

I couldn't stop myself from responding. "Your feet still look like ground beef on the bottoms."

"Sadly that is pretty accurate. The lacerations are not as deep as I feared they were last night. But it still isn't pretty baby."

"I'll live then?"

"You got no choice; I've not giving you permission to die!"

He laughed "Yes Mistress, as you command!"

It was decided by Mistress that it was too late to make dinner so she had pizza delivered. I nearly ran for the stairwell out of habit when the doorbell rang. Mistress grabbed my shoulder and pointed me at the kitchen.

"No worries get the plates and take your time."

"Yes Ma'am."

Mistress loaded another movie as we ate; it ended up being 'Wedlock' the inspiration for the device in me.

Mistress played with the device throughout the movie, teasing me with the pleasurable tingle.

When the movie was over and the pizza boxes were cleaned up Mistress looked at me. "I want some alone time with my husband, time for you to be put back in your cell and properly attired."

I knew I didn't have a chance of a repeat of my previous night's request. "Yes Mistress, this slut's believes her regular collar is in the bedroom next to yours where little boy chained her up yesterday afternoon."

She smiled at me "Good girl, go wait for me in your cell."

I kissed Master on the forehead as I passed him. "Good night little boy, this slut hopes you sleep better tonight."

"Thank you, sleep well."

Shortly after I got into the cell Mistress showed up and replaced my collar. It felt oddly comforting to have it back on. The collar was then attached to the ever-present chain.

"Ok time to remove that device." She unlocked my chastity belts crotch piece and pulled the double dildoes out of me. "You're freaking dripping down there; I think the first order of business for you tomorrow will need to be steam cleaning the loveseat! I bet the cushion is drenched."

As she reattached the front of the crotch piece I almost felt sad. I had basically had my Master's cock, in one form or another, in my pussy for the last day and a half and now I felt so empty. "They made this slut wet from their constant moving Mistress, and your playing with them while we watched the movies didn't help her condition either."

Mistress looked at me confused from where she was stooped in front of me. "What are you talking about?"

"The electric tingling that was coursing through this slut as we watched both movies."

She began laughing as she pulled herself to a standing position. "That little sneak! That's why you kept looking at us during the romantic scenes!"

"It was little boy?"

She cocked her head and gave me a smile. "He was the only one with a remote for it. Good night slut. Other than some odds and ends, and the steam cleaning we'll have another light day tomorrow. I'll set the lights to go off by ten."

The door closed and I rubbed my bare breasts for a few minutes thinking how little boy was secretly teasing me right under Mistress's nose.


I laughed to myself as I returned to the upstairs. I have the slut so thoroughly confused that she believes little boy was teasing her. But I didn't want to admit to her it was me and have her think I was getting soft on her.

In truth her actions the last two days have seriously impressed me. She has developed a protective attitude toward little boy, so much so she risked punishment to stand up to me when I wanted to make Helena's face look like my husband's feet. When I looked through those goggles I saw not the determination in her eyes but the mindless rage in my own eyes reflecting from the surface of the dark plastic. I had even forgotten little boy was in my arms until she motioned to him.

She rushed to his aid as soon as we got into Helena's playroom, and deduced the best way to calm his frantic blind and deaf resistance. When I got home with him, she was already gathering the medical supplies to treat him.

She had come a long way from the 'looking out for number one' attitude she had when she broke into my basement.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

I hadn't even noticed I was back in the living room. "If you want to know my thoughts, it will cost you more than a penny, more like your soul."

"You already have that, and my body and love."

"Well in that case you can't afford my thoughts. I was just thinking about the slut's behavior the last few days."

"She was a perfect slave in your absence. Never once talked back or disobeyed. And she defended your honor against that gossip monger Alice. She has been attentive to my needs today."

"And she went behind your back to tell me you were having problems sleeping."

"That's how you found out? How'd she manage that, steal my cell phone as I slept?"

I gave him a smug look. "I'm not telling, we women need our secrets."

"Like why you're carrying the wedlock?"

I looked at the double dildoes in my hand. I had forgotten to put them down while in the dungeon! "Umm... Maybe." Little boy started laughing at me as I set them down on the loveseat. "That's going back down in the morning."

I made to scoop him up. "Time for some cuddling in bed with my husband."

"Little boy is not too proud to crawl behind you Mistress, you do not need to carry him."

"To crawl behind me of my choice or to show your submission is one thing, but I will not have you crawl because someone else took the ability to walk away from you." I lifted him and on reflex he put his arms around my neck.

"But Mistress..." I kissed him in mid-protest.

"I'll hear no argument from you. You are my slave and I love you enough to care. Be proud of that."

"This slave doesn't deserve such a kind Mistress."

"I beg to differ my love."


I woke with a jolt, but could not move very much as I was held down by my Mistress's arm wrapped around me. The memory of the bad dream already faded away enough that I could not recall it all.

I turned my eyes on Mistress and could barely make out her face in the dark, she was still sleeping contently. I wrapped my arm over her torso, just under her breasts, and pulled myself as close as I physically could. She reacted by pulling her arm tighter around me and mumbling something I did not understand. I felt the steady rhythm of her heart beating under my cheek. I let her heart lead me back to the land of sleep.

The next time I woke again it was to daylight streaming in the windows. "Mistress?"

No response. I sat up and dangled my legs over the side of the bed.

I reached for the TV remote and flipped through the channels. Nothing on but evangelist shows, news, or infomercials so I turned it off in disgust.

I heard the basement door open. "Now get that steam cleaning done before little boy wakes up, or I'll whip your ass!"

"Yes Mistress."

I quickly lay back down and covered myself up and pretended to still be asleep. Through barely open eyes I watched as Mistress walked past the foot of the bed dressed in one of her neck to toes rubber catsuits. She stood there and looked at me. She pulled the zipper down and shimmied out of the garment until she was standing there in just her plain panties. I slowly closed my eyes the rest of the way. I heard her hanging up the catsuit.

The next thing I knew I felt her weight on the bed next to me. "You can stop pretending, I know you're awake."

I tried to sound as groggy as possible. "Need kiss from beautiful goddess to wake sleeping slave."

Suddenly she straddled me, in one quick motion she had managed to pin both my hands above my head. Her hair fell around my head as she leaned over me. "Hmm? I bet a riding crop will work as good as a kiss."

I opened one eye. "Maybe, but would you enjoy that as much? Never mind, you might just enjoy that more than a kiss."

She kissed me deeply. "Only when I'm in that kind of mood and today is not one of those days."

She released my wrists and I wrapped my arms around my Mistress's waist. "How'd you know I was awake?"

"You have the cutest little snore that I love hearing, you almost sound like a purring cat."

"Really? I stayed up one night and listened, I didn't hear anything!"

"That's bad."

"You laughed."

"Pity laugh. Now do I just keep hanging my tits in front of your face or are you going to start doing something to entertain them?"

I didn't need any more invitation than that. My hands found their way to her chest and began gently massaging her glorious (in my prejudiced opinion) globes. I brought one then the other to my mouth to suck her nipples.

After a few minutes she sat up and rested her ass against my pelvis, I pulled myself up burying my face between her breasts and began kissing up and down her sternum.

She pulled my head away. "We will finish this later. What would you like for breakfast?"


"Just milk?"

"Straight from the source." I sucked her nipple into my mouth once again.

"Little boy!" She laughed as she pushed me down. "You'd starve trying to get milk from me!"

"But I would die a happy slave." I replied with a huge grin.

Mistress didn't want to sit around watching movies all day again so the three of us played a few card games and Mistress went to the gym mid-afternoon leaving slut and me alone. The slut did some cleaning in that time and planned dinner, giving me a list of a few things we needed from the store to text to Mistress. I felt so useless. Normally weekends were spent resting and serving Mistress's desires while doing minimal work, but all this sitting around doing nothing productive at all was wearing thin.

Mistress took the slut down to the cell shortly after dinner and gave her a few magazines to read to kill the evening. When she returned to me we settled into one another on the couch, Mistress with her head in my lap, dangling her feet off the end of the couch. I could tell she wanted a little time as the fairer persuasion and so I gently stroked her body and hair as we watched TV.

Mistress called an early night for us and we shared a long bath. After a change to my dressings we went to bed and she fell asleep with her head on my chest.

Monday morning started a little earlier than normal for Mistress as she had to do my normal chore of preparing the slut for the day, she then got me clothes so I could dress myself ('since I was having a guest most of the day being nude was not an option'), and finally got herself ready for work. She carried me to the living room and set me on the couch.

"Slut you mind your Master and Rebecca both while she is here. Feel free to respectfully inform her if she gives you instructions you cannot follow."

She turned to me. "I expect you to do nothing except relax and give directions to the girls consider yourself the foreman. Now I need to leave."

She leaned over me and we kissed. "Little boy loves you Mistress. He waits for your return."

"I love you too. I'll be home around normal time I think. Slut, you be good."

"Yes Mistress."

Slut brought me breakfast soon after Mistress left. She was eating while kneeling next to me when we heard the garage door open. We both had an initial Pavlovian reaction, except mine resulted in a curse when my feet hit the floor.

Fortunately the layers of gauze provided enough cushioning that I only felt a stab of pain and fell back.

"Hey guys! How's our patient?"

"In pain thanks to you! We both went to rush to meet Mistress when the garage door started rolling up. My fault really but..."

I had finally looked up at Rebecca and lost my whole train of thought. She was standing there in a white latex nurse's dress, red high heels over white latex stockings that ended just below the hem of her dress, which was considerably shorter than the traditional garment, barely below her crotch.

She gave me a twirl. "You like?"


"This slut thinks her Master is dumbfounded."

"I have a matching outfit for you Brandy, it is in a bag in the hall, and your Mistress said you should put it on."

My brain caught up to reality and I turned to the slut. "Shit! I should have had you put on a mask!"

"Please, this slut told you not to call her by that name Rebecca." Slut turned to me. "She knows Master, she has known since before your collaring ceremony."

"What? How?"

"You told me, or should I say you wrote it out for me."

"No! No way."

"Every number you wrote down on that measurement chart told me who she was."

"Mistress is going to kill me."

"This slut told Mistress that Rebecca knows on Friday night when slut found out."

"Alright finish your breakfast, and then go put on the outfit that Becks brought you."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Why don't you gather the laundry from Mistress's bedroom and start it."

"Consider it done!" She bolted from the room.

I never saw anyone so happy to do laundry!

The girls worked almost as smoothly as the slut and I have after a year of cooperation.

I had Becks fetch my small easel that I use when sitting and colored pencils and did some random sketches of ideas for future fleshing when I heard the dryer ding.

"Someone fetch the dry laundry and I'll fold it"

Slut came out the hall. "Mistress said you are just a foreman, no working."

"And this foreman said fetch him the dry clothes. I can sit here and fold laundry. If Mistress doesn't like it you can tell her I threatened to punish you if you didn't obey me."

"But you didn't."

I pressed the button on the bracelet for the briefest of seconds. She let out a yelp. "Now I have. Move it!"

She disappeared through the kitchen door.

"Was that really necessary?" Rebecca was standing near the living room window that looks out over the back yard where she had been dusting.

I smiled "A slight reminder seemed necessary. Mistress would have held it longer."

When my phone started playing 'The Bitch is Back' I snapped up the phone. "Yes dear, how was your morning?"

"Shitty, any problems at home?" I knew she was in private at that point.

"Everything is fine Mistress. Little boy is glad you have your penis locked up with his nurses here."


I quickly took a shot of Becks stretching on the step-ladder stretching for the curtain rod with the feather duster and texted it to Mistress.

"Check your text messages."

I heard her laugh. "Tell her she is a little trollop."

"Hey Becks, Mistress says you're a little trollop."

"Thank you Chris!" She yelled.

"You said nurses, as in plural?"

"She told the slut that she was to wear a matching outfit per your instruction."

"I did no such thing!" There was a pregnant pause. "But I bet she looks cute in it, tell slut to leave it on until I see it. I really just wanted to hear your voice baby. I swear Alice seems to have sabotaged every one of our accounts while I was gone and I'm doing nothing but damage control. To top it off she called in sick today. Sick my ass! Avoiding the fallout is more like it. All this after Friday, I'm just a bit overwhelmed."

"Maybe when you get home little boy can help you relax with a massage."

"Or maybe I'll just take my frustration out on the slut. Wish I could get that bitch Alice into my dungeon instead."

"Relax my love. It will not help to go back stressed out. Karma will get her. Deep breaths, Imagine little boy between your legs, his mouth pressed deep into your pussy."

"Hmmm that does sound good. Maybe we will close the day making that image real. I'll see you when I get home. I love you Keith."

"I love you too my dear Christine. I wait for your return."

The slut had been standing there with the laundry basket for several moments already and I signaled her to set it next to me.

"Word of warning: Mistress is having a bad day at work. Do not be surprised if we end up taking a cropping in the dungeon."


Rebecca had left a few hours ago when little boy said that it was enough for today and the house was sufficiently clean.

I was waiting on my knees for Mistress to come in after little boy informed me the garage door was opening.

"Good evening Mistress, dinner will be ready in twenty minutes."

"Why so long? I should beat you for the next twenty minutes for not having it ready!"

"That's little boys fault Mistress." He yelled back the hall. "He felt you need time to unwind before eating. If you come and sit with him, he will massage your neck."

"You're lucky. Stand and let me look at you." I comply and Mistress takes my hand and makes me turn around. "Looks good on you, I have a bone to pick with Becks for lying to you about the permission for you to wear clothes. But for now you may wear anything she brings you as long as your Master approves."

"Yes Mistress, this slut apologizes for being deceived."

"Go finish dinner we are going to have a busy night."

I didn't disturb them until dinner was ready to serve and asked where Mistress would like it served. She decided the Dining Room, so I quickly set the table while she carried little boy in.

I watched from my place on the floor between them as little boy trying to find a comfortable way to sit in the dining room chair. It broke my heart to see my Master struggling with something as simple as sitting properly in a chair. He tried to keep his feet in the air, or to rest them on the edges of his soles, but it was just too much to hold those positions.

"Honey, when was the last time you had a pill?"

"Shortly before you came home Mistress."

Little boy had only taken one of his pain pills all day and refused additional when Rebecca or I offered. Why was he lying?

"I'd say by the look on slut's face that's a fib, isn't it slut?" I looked up at her. I felt like a deer in the headlights. I dare not lie to Mistress, but if I didn't I would expose Master as a liar. "Normally I would be upset by your failure to answer, but you find yourself in a no-win situation. Now little boy, care to save your slave from her predicament."

He hung his head. "This morning with breakfast Mistress. Little boy is afraid he will get hooked on them if he take them too often, he is too weak willed. The slut and Rebecca both tried to get him to take some a few times."

"Slut, find something to support your Master's ankles so he can keep his feet raised."

"Yes Mistress." I went to the kitchen, already with a plan in mind.

I grabbed a 13x9 glass casserole dish and then went off to the living room where I borrowed a throw pillow.

When I re-entered the dining room from the living room side little boy's body language reminded me of a scolded child. I guessed that may have not been far from the truth. I slid the dish in upside down behind his legs and lifted them to slip in the pillow over it

"How is that Master?"

"It is fine slut thank you." I looked up at him and saw the faint red handprint on the side of his face. Evidently Mistress deemed his lie deserved punishment but did not want me present for it.

Dinner was completed in relative silence. Mistress retired with little boy to the living room while I cleaned up from dinner.

When I emerged from the kitchen Mistress was sitting on the floor between little boy's legs, his ankles resting on her thighs. Little boy was smiling as he rubbed her temples; evidently all was forgiven between them.

I knelt to their side and waited. Mistress had her eyes closed and as far as I could tell oblivious to my presence.

"That is so good baby, but it is time to stop." She said softly and little boy slid his hands down her neck and finally left them rest on her shoulders. "Slut what's taking you so long?" She yelled.

"Mistress, this slut is right here."

Her eyes opened and she turned to me "Oh! I didn't hear you come in. Follow me, I am still stressed."

After a quick stop in her study (where I could not follow), Mistress took me into the spare bedroom next to hers and unlocked the closet. She gave me one of my old skirt suits, a blouse, and a matching bra and panty set. "Put those on."

I felt a little silly stretching a pair of sexy panties over my steel and rubber chastity belt, but I knew Mistress was in a bad mood to start with so I did not even dare comment. Mistress strapped a pair of high heels on my feet; she seemed to be going for the business girl look for me.

Once in the dungeon she slid a hood on me that had press studs for a gag and blindfold and she strapped suspension cuff to my wrists. Leading me to an overhead bar, she clipped me into the snap hooks. She disappeared behind me and I felt my wrists pulled upward a few inches, stretching my body so my feet barely touched the floor.

She removed my collar and set it aside. "So slut, tell me did you and Rebecca have any private conversations today?"

"This slut and Rebecca did talk some away from Master."


I was guessing Mistress was already fully aware of what was said, so I had no option but tell the truth. "Rebecca asked this slut about how she came to be in her current situation, and specifics about what this slut does on a daily basis. Slut told her the truth as best that she understands it. And this slut told her outright that she accepts this fate now as penance for her crimes."

"I am pleased, what was her reaction?"

"She was surprised that a former Domme would so readily accept submission rather than prison."

"Very well, a few more things yet." She walked away again; when Mistress came back to me she pulled down my panties and unlocked my belt's crotch strap. My nether regions soon felt the intrusion of a pair of inserts, one descent sized dildo in my pussy and the unmistakable tapering of an anal plug. I grunted as the thickest part was forced past and my sphincter clamped down on the thinner stem leading to the base. I then felt Mistress play with my clit a little before taping what felt like a vibrating bullet over it.

With a pull she got the crotch strap relocked, pushing the three invaders deeper into my body. She pulled my underwear up, and straightened my skirt. Then she pushed a penis gag into my mouth and locked the four press studs in the corners of the panel home."

She began talking to me as she buckled a length of belt around my knees and ankles

"Now slut, you are not being punished, this is fully for my needs. To compensate, you will be given pleasure with your pain, you may cum whenever you wish, as often as you can. Now I need to get myself ready for the scene."

She went behind me again and then she went past me to the stairs, and went up.


Mistress had come out of our bedroom dressed to kill. The black skin tight leather catsuit, tight red corset, and a red leather hood that only shown her makeup darkened eyes and blackened lips. Protruding from the rear of the hood was a faux ponytail of realistic black hair, her natural auburn hair well hidden in the hood. Her eyes appeared to have no iris from eye color altering contacts. On her feet were the red platform boots that made her so much taller.

I gave her a toothy smile. "I'm sorry Miss; my Mistress is not here right now. Would you like me to grovel at your feet until she returns?"

"Very funny. Of course for me to have really fulfilled this self-indulgent fantasy I would truly need to hide my identity."

My confusion must have showed. "You will understand shortly. Let's just say I need to do this to purge the desire from my mind before I go to work tomorrow, and possibly do something I'd regret. Time to get you ready my love. Lay on your stomach it will be easier for us both."

I complied without second thought. I felt the rope cinched over my wrists, followed by the same being done at my elbows, pulling them to the point I could make them touch with little extra effort. This was a new experience for me, Mistress usually used chains and leather for binding me, she had never touched me with a rope, nor had I ever seen her use it. From what I could feel she was a highly skilled rigger (as I have heard rope bondage experts called at the club). She followed that with a tie at my knees and ankles. "I'm going to sit you up on your knees, tell me if it is too uncomfortable for your feet."

I felt a bit of pain from (the remains of) my soles as the skin bunched but decided if it was for Mistress I could deal with it. "Little boy can handle it Mistress."

"Good if it does get too much just roll onto your side. One last thing and you are ready." She slipped a black spandex hood over my head.

Unlike her hood mine was more like a superhero mask, enclosing my head but leaving the area of my nostrils, mouth, and chin exposed. There were no eye openings and I could barely see through the material.

"If you think I'm losing control lightly bite and hold onto my labia, I don't want to truly hurt the slut, but I need to vent and if I do not act out this fantasy I fear I might decide to do it for real."

"Mistress, what are we doing?"

"Just play along for me."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good boy." Her smile was genuine, but with a bit of sadness.


"Hello Alice, welcome to my home. I'm sure there are a lot of questions behind that gag wanting to be asked, there always are."

'Alice' grunted and twisted and made a believable effort to escape.

"How did you get here? I took you from your home, caught you just as you entered. Who am I? Think of me as your new occupational therapist. Why you? Because you pissed off enough of your coworkers that they pooled their resources to pay me to 'treat' you for a week while you take a 'last minute vacation' from work. Why did they do that? Well that one you'll have to answer yourself when you think of it, I don't ask the clients about your crimes against them."

I rip open 'Alice's' jacket and shirt exposing her chest as the buttons fly. "I guarantee my 'treatment' works. If when you are released any of your co-workers call me and say you are up to your old tricks, I will find you and bring you back. I will give you a much longer training and then sell you off to a whorehouse, one where the clientele are rather sadistic, and the workers are less than willing, or maybe to a 'private collector'. Unless you make yourself desirable to me like my worm. Worm where are you?"

"Coming Goddess." Little boy undulated as best he could across the floor from where I left him at the steps.

"You better be here before I'm ready to deal with this one or you will join her."

I began cutting away the clothing from 'Alice' until she hung there in her underwear. She struggled as best she could, which bought little boy/worm the time to get to us.

She looked down at him as he bumped into me and kissed my leg. "Worm is here to serve its Goddess."

"It's a shame you cannot see my patient worm; she is quite a lovely girl."

"She is a pale child next to you Goddess. Worm knows that without seeing her."

"Maybe if you do a good job on my pussy while I administer her introductory treatment I will give you the honor of seeing my face tonight."

"Worm will do its best to earn that glory! It lives to drink your nectars." Little boy worked his face up my leg to my crotch.

"Now don't get ahead of yourself, I need to ready the treatment tools first."

I walked away to the store room and watched as little boy acted blind and fidgeted about until he hit the slut's feet. "You are Alice?" She grunted in reply. "This one is called worm. Goddess keeps its limbs bound and it is kept blind like a real worm. But worm adores Goddess. She feeds it her urine and pussy juice. She saved it from its destructive life; it broke many women's hearts. She trained it to not do that, but it soon returned to its old ways. Now it has learned to please Goddess's needs always. Alice will be wise to learn her lesson well, it has heard many return to be trained as pain sluts for far off lands"

"WORM! That is enough fraternizing. She is below your place, you have a use."

'Alice' grunted and squirmed more. I set my cart up and positioned myself at arm’s length from the helpless woman. When she saw the top of the cart her grunts became delicious squeals of true terror, not acting a part.

I leaned down and slipped the vibrator remotes into little boy’s hands and whispered in his ear; "Be generous, but take it slow."

I stood back up and unzipped my crotch. "Okay worm you may find and begin feasting upon my pussy as soon as you can hear her scream."

When I hit her square on the tit with the riding crop, she howled and little boy/worm launched up from his haunches and scored a direct connection with my pussy, belying the illusion of his blindness.

I went to work on Alice with many of my tools, I could hear occasional grunts of pleasure between the impacts as little boy played with the devices in the slut's belt. All the while he never missed a beat with his tongue, keeping me on the edge as he had been instructed before we came down.

I was brought down by the incessant pull below my crotch. My slave's tongue had stopped its ministrations and he had been pulling on my labia with his teeth. When I shook my head out of the zone I had been in I was startled to find that I had the small cattle prod in my hand. I had only put that out for decoration, (if you pardon the pun) for the shock factor. I looked over the slut and saw several minor bruises on her breasts, arms, and legs. Clover clamps were hanging from her nipples, the chain of which was firmly entwined in the cattle prods electrodes. Her 'uniform' corset likely protected her torso from any bruising and most of the pain from hits directed there.

Little boy sensed the change in me and returned to my pussy. I dropped the cattle prod. "Do you think you understand what you are in for this week Alice?"

The slut lifted her head and looked at me giving a slight nod. I was astounded by the look in her eyes; it was not what I expected after realizing little boy had to drag me back from the edge. She had the far off look of someone who had one of the greatest orgasms of her life. "Enough little boy the scene is over."

I quickly lowered the slut to the floor and little boy wrapped his still-bound body around her as she folded up into a pile with him. I untied his wrists and elbows.

"Take care of her restraints, while I get the after-care kit".

Little boy was starting on her legs when I came back from the cabinet.

I removed the gag and gave her a gulp of sports drink before removing the rest of her hood.

"Did this slut please you Mistress? She almost believed in her part for a while, but lost her character when the orgasms started coming."

"You were perfect slut. Maybe too perfect I almost lost myself completely in the fantasy."

"Mistress... I think... slut thinks she slipped into sub-space again. She remembers the vibrators hitting a high point and you had just added the nipple clamps and I just saw explosions in my mind, everything after that just blended together."

I smiled at her "I am happy for that, because my guess is it was shortly after that was when I slipped into my blind rage."

Little boy filled us in on what he could tell happened from his place between my legs, which wasn't much. He knew slut had at least three orgasms and my upper body was in constant motion until he heard the cattle prod trigger pulled. It was then that he looked over his shoulder to see what I was doing. After the third pull he broke off to see my sadistic glare and tried to get my attention, I shocked her two more times until I came out of the haze.

Little boy had managed to be supporting slut as I was working on getting her circulation moving through her limbs.

"Do you feel better Mistress?"

"Yes slut, you made it possible to work out my anger at the real person who upset me. I just got this thought in my head to kidnap and torture her and could not dismiss it."

"She deserves it in this slut's humble opinion, based on what she knows of Alice." I raised an eyebrow at her. "Slut assumes this Alice you wanted to torture was the same one that approached Master and herself on Friday."

I had completely forgotten about that and how she started a gossip chain that my husband was fooling around on me before she even left the restaurant. Another mark in my bad books for Alice!

Fortunately word got to me fast enough, one of the first people she called was with Laura and I at the conference. I had slut handle that by confronting Alice in the restaurant.

With that memory fresh in my mind some dots connected for me, slut obviously did a good enough job humiliating Alice in front of the group she was with from the office because all the incorrectly modified files were done using my log-in Friday afternoon.

I had reported it as a possible outside hack to the electronic security people in IT, but even this morning I was sure that when they check it they will find it originated internally. Now I had no doubts at all.

"Mistress, anything this slut can do to help mess with that woman, she is ready and willing. She grated on slut with her accusatory attitude, not to mention her attempt to use this slut and little boy to cause you embarrassment." She leapt up and hugged me. It was the second time she has shown affection to me since Friday night. Although I immediately chalked up Friday's event to her concern for little boy. "This slut would do anything for you Mistress, she has come to care for you, and she deserves much much much worse than you and Master little boy."

Little boy moved over to us on his knees and put his arms around our waists. "Group hug!" He yelled from beneath our stacked breasts.

What could I do but laugh and return the hugs.


The rest of the week went by relatively uneventful. Mistress was a bit sour each day when she came home, but would brighten with us. Tuesday evening, Doctor Miller came and checked up on little boy and was pleased with what he saw.

Rebecca and I got along smashingly, quickly having the house in tip-top shape. We got along so well that little boy threatened us that if we kept giggling and carrying on he'd make us work in separate rooms. Wednesday she brought new uniforms for us, maid uniforms like you would see in an expensive hotel, but made of latex and with a significantly higher hemline than the real kind.

I was so sure of our work I requested that Mistress inspect it on Thursday and was pleased when she found only minor non-punishable infractions. In all honesty the infractions were in the things Rebecca did without my guidance, but I was not going to lay blame when I did not ensure that it was done correct myself afterwards.

Friday night, right after dinner Mistress took little boy to the bedroom and I was instructed to clean up. Mistress came and took a few snacks and drinks from the kitchen and disappeared again. I was kneeling near the hall when she emerged from the bedroom in full Domme attire; leather dress under a tight corset, thigh high boots, and leather opera gloves slung over her shoulder for later.

I assumed she was going out to Knot Time for the evening. "Mistress, this slut is done in the kitchen; shall she lock herself in her cell, or stay up to attend to Master until your return?"

"Neither. Come with me." I stood and followed her into the next bedroom, the one where my various clothing was stored. I immediately saw my isolation suit hanging out. "You still have an obligation to fulfill from last week. Little boy assures me he can take care of himself for a few hours, and I already changed his dressings. Get out of that cute little maid uniform and get over here."

I carefully stripped out of the uniform and lovingly laid it over the vanity chair. When I stood before Mistress she unlocked my chastity belt and the wedlock dildoes were pushed into me. Once the belt was fully secured and locked back up I was handed the catsuit of my isolation suit, already powdered inside and waiting for me.

Soon I was dressed just as I was last week, right down to the baseball cap and my 'Sandy' glasses.

Mistress tossed her gloves in the carry-all duffle bag that I was sure already contained my goggles, mask and posture collar.

"Okay you know how this is going to work, just like last week was supposed to; you are going to get beat with a small leather flogger, 90 minutes locked to the short whipping post, ass available to anyone who wants to take a few swings with that flogger only. Unless you give me cause to allow any implement. The rest of the night you will be at my side."

"Yes Mistress."

We said goodbye to little boy and he expressed his disappointment that he could not be there with me and he hoped I enjoyed it. He gave Mistress a conspiratorial smile and we went to leave.

I let out a yelp as we approached the door into the garage and the Wedlock informed me I had got too close to the door.

"Shit! I knew I was forgetting something." She pushed me back a bit. "Sorry slut, I forgot to turn off the fence. Be right back." Her apology seemed sincere; I believed she was being honest.

She disappeared around the corner of the hall; the only thing in that direction was the den and front door. She returned quickly and nudged me toward the open door. "Okay this time there won't be a shock."

In the few times I had been out of the house I learned one thing; Mistress, like most everything in her life, drove aggressively. If I could see my hands, I'm sure my knuckles were white. This was my first time in the front seat of her Mustang while she drove and it scared me (usually I'm laying in the back seat and unable to see much).

When we reached the lot Mistress had parked in the far end. While she dug the rest of my outfit out of the bag, I looked nervously about.

"What's the matter, scared of what is coming?"

"No Mistress, it is just last time SHE was here waiting for us, or well for Master at least. I... this slut just remembers how she was unable to help her Master when he was taken and watched as they drove away leaving her standing there breathless and waiting to be shocked senseless." I looked at my rubber mittened hands as they wrung together. "Now I fear for a repeat performance."

"Trust me slut, if she comes for me she better have an army of thugs. I will not be tricked, or be naive enough to walk into a trap."

"I hope you are right Mistress."

She grabbed my chin and forced me to stare at her. I expected to see the normal condescending gaze in her brown eyes, but instead I saw the look that I had previously only seen her give to little boy; caring reassurance. All my insecurities were gone; I was in the hands of a confident powerful woman, my Mistress. The woman who captured and tamed me, who made me think about other people's feelings and rights by taking away my own rights. She was equal parts my teacher, tormentor, and protector.

She smiled when she saw the change in me and held up my goggles and mask. "Shall we?"

"Yes Mistress."

Soon my outfit was complete and Mistress had smothered on her gloves. When she opened the door she offered me her hand, once I was out she clipped the leash to my posture collar and handed me the flogger and I wrapped my fingers around it. "Hold this for now."

We strutted right past the bouncers; Mistress had preferential treatment here and didn't have to wait to be checked by the staff. I held a proud posture and confident pace as I followed Mistress. The bouncer checking the line was the same one from last week. I saw him give me a lopsided grin before checking out the next person as a suitable patron.

Mistress immediately checked in with the bartender that was also in charge of 'scheduled entertainment'. As usual anyone who wanted to make a display of their sub or self could do so pretty much anytime, but you could also book stage time. If you wanted to drum up business, you would pay a fee for the time, when I was here as a Domme I had seen Richard and other retailers do fetish/bondage fashion shows or equipment demonstrations. If you were offering a sub up as entertainment (like me tonight) you received half-price drinks for the duration of the display.

Mistress went to a reserved table and had me kneel on the slave-pad. "You're going on later than originally planned; they had an early show already scheduled for this week, so they could not fit you in the same time as last week."

Soon the club's tables were filling up. Richard and Rebecca joined us along with two other couples. Rebecca and I were evidently the only slaves as both members of the other couples had seats.

A manufacturer got up and on stage with a few 'volunteers' to display his new remote harness system.

The scene's rumor mills had been busy this week as questions had been asked by our tablemates and passersby about if what happened to little boy were true, and speedy recovery wishes.

I watched the demonstration of how the wrist and ankle cuffs were linked to the rear of the body harness by fray-free steel wire that could be adjusted via self-contained mini-winches connecting the collar to wrists and waist to ankles. One of his display models was on his knees and unable to move his legs while another had her arms in a reverse prayer. On a table a third had both wrists and ankles retracted placing her in a hogtie.

Suddenly I realized I'd seen something similar before. I tapped Mistress's leg to get her attention as she was essentially ignoring the demonstration and focusing on her conversations.

"What is it slut?" I pointed to the display and grunted. She looked for a moment as he demonstrated the length adjustment feature. "Do you want one?"

I shook my head no and tapped her bracelet with one hand and my neck with the other.

"You think little boy would like it?"

I was frustrated and shook my head.

"No he drew it!" Rebecca said. "It looks like one of his drawings that were published in the 'Bound Slave' magazine about six or seven months ago.

I put my hand on her shoulder and gave a whole body nod.

By this point the demonstration was over and the man had welcomed people to ask questions and come and test the devices.

Mistress let a few questions be asked before she addressed her own question.

"This looks like it was based on a LB Cav drawing, is that where you got your idea?"

"Why yes Ma'am, very astute of you! I was inspired by a LB Cav illustration; LB Cav has a great imagination."

I inwardly smiled at the praise for my Master's work. He had on many occasions had me pose for these works to check body positions and limits so his works were accurate.

When the merchant had finally cleared off the stage Mistress led me up by my leash. "Are you ready?"

In response I bowed to her, turned, and lowered myself so my collar was above the post. With the efficiency of a pro she had me immobilized. My collar linked to a ring on the upper front of the post, wrists to rings halfway down either side, and feet linked to the adjustable spreader bar that had been in her carry-all bag. She came around front and took the flogger from me that I had held since we had arrived.

As typical when an entertainment session starts the Dominant in charge would say a few words of introduction and set the ground rules.

"Hello everyone, last week was the anniversary of the total submission by my and little boy's slave, or as I like to call it; her Slaviversary. As many of you have heard they were waylaid on their way in and little boy never made it in with her. I assure you all that my slave is at home recovering from the physical traumas and will return with me when he is able, these events have not deterred his desire to serve me and he is here in spirit. So tonight to celebrate the slut's slaviversary she is here and available to receive a beating with this flogger." She held it high for all to see. "Please limit yourself to her back and ass, and three minutes per pass through the line." I looked to my left to see Rebecca in her silver catsuit already forming a line at the edge of the stage with the rest of our table right behind her. "Have fun everyone, I'm sure slut will enjoy your gifts of attention."

With that Mistress took a few steps back and let loose a shot on my ass that was punctuated by pleasant shocks from my nether regions' occupants.

At first I thought Mistress just used the Wedlock's remote when she hit me, but as she walked to the bar the shocks kept coming in time with Rebecca's blows, a timing Mistress could not achieve with her back to me. I knew it was yet another feature I had not been informed about, a contact trigger or motion sensor.

When Mistress had almost reached the bar I felt a not so pleasurable burst of electricity, I saw Mistress look at the keys on the carry-all's strap and then to me and smiled, she had reached the 35 foot warning range. I knew then that she would be doing a lot of drinking over the next 90 minutes.


Slut was about 40 minutes into her showing when Vic Marcus had come to me to reassure me in person that Helena was banned from the premises when the manufacturer approached to thank him for allowing his demonstration.

"I am rather impressed that you recognized my designs as a LB Cav drawing, being he is relatively a new artist." He said when he turned to me.

"Well to be honest, I wasn't much paying attention to you; it was my slave that is now on stage and Rebecca here that recognized it."

"You might say I'm a big fan of his, I even have a personalized original he did just for me." Rebecca said with a smile.

"Hey so do I!" Tina piped up from across the table. Tina was the submissive girlfriend of Annabelle (who was currently in line again to give the slut another whipping), Tina was the second girl that little boy ate out to win my bet against Helena, and set the still standing Male Sub Cunnilingus Race record. That event was also the subject of her personalized original artwork she mentioned earlier.

She had actually left Annabelle for a short while because she questioned her sexuality when a man gave her one of the best orgasm of her life.

"You all talk as if you know him. Did you meet him at a convention?" With that we all burst out laughing.

I gave Tina a wink "You might say a few of us know him rather intimately. Actually he designed the base suit that my slave is wearing, and Rebecca here made it for her. "

"Yes and I have a matching suit to slut's." She smiled at Tina from her spot on the floor. A little one-upmanship that she had more than just a custom drawing.

"These two actually first met him right here on the same night."

"Is he a local?"

"Christine just tell the poor man instead of playing cat and mouse with him!" Evidently Richard tired of the banter.

"Spoil-sport." I stuck my tongue out at him.

"You really don't know him do you?"

"Quite the contrary, I own him body and soul." He gave me a surprised look. "I am his wife and mistress."

"Not necessarily in that order." Tina said laughing.

"You're kidding right?"

I offered him my hand "Christine Cavanaugh. If you look at the records board for Male Cunnilingus you'll see my husband's name."

"Little boy? Little boy Cavanaugh... LB Cav!" He stood there in shock.

Becks patted his forearm. "Yeah that was my reaction also when I finally found out my favorite new artist was one of my best friends."

"Well please tell him I am a great admirer and that I hope he is not offended I borrowed from his work."

"He would be delighted really, but in the future you may contact me for permission first," I hand him my card with my e-mail address from my Pro-Domme days, "and next time you're doing the handouts giving LB Cav a credit blurb for the concept would be nice. Perhaps he can do some illustrations for some of your future projects even."

He nodded his head in thought. "Of course! I will change the flyer's template tonight yet. It was nice meeting you all." He put my card in his wallet and shook my hand before wandering to the next set of tables.

When it was close to the end of slut's time on stage I got at the end of the line and turned away the late comers.

When I picked up the flogger I stood in front of her so she could see it was me. "Time for the finale sweetie." I adjusted the settings on the insert to deliver a constant pleasurable feeling and switched the motion sensor to just above the painful range.

I took a few swings and she jerked with each hit. She was already struggling to stay up by this time as the position had taken its toll on her muscles. The best she could do to relieve the stress was bend her knees a little.

I turned off the motion sensor, leaving the pleasant tingle running. I unclipped her neck from the post and encouraged her to go to her knees before releasing her feet and hands.

I helped her up to her feet and she was a bit wobbly and leaned into me. She locked eyes with me, and then pulled me down by wrapping an arm behind my neck, followed by going through the motion of kissing my cheek, even though she was physically unable to do such. Richard had started clapping which spread throughout the room.

Back at the table she rested her head on my lap and had her arms entwined around my left leg. "Do you need me to take you to the restroom so you can get some air?"

She squeezed my leg a little and shook her head. She seemed content so I did not pursue it further.

When we got home I led slut right into the bedroom intending on allowing her to say goodnight to little boy, but he was out cold. I turned off the TV and lights and closed the door.

I had hopes to quell my desires on my husband's cock tonight but I did not want to wake him.


Thoughts ran through my head of Annabelle asking me earlier in the night how slut was between the sheets, and slut's poorly timed offer to 'relieve my stress' the week before. I know I had too much to drink that night (so much that I shouldn't have driven home), which led to my next decision.

Wordlessly I led the slut to the next room and removed her collar and hood. I hiked up my skirt and dropped my panties. She watched me not sure what to do. When I sat down and spread my legs she dropped to her knees and kissed me just above my clit, her nose pushing on my pubic hair as her tongue brushed my labia. She kept eye contact with me to make sure she was doing what I wanted. When I rolled my head back she began in full force, holding nothing back. She was obviously no stranger to delivering Sapphic pleasures. I grabbed her shaved head, holding her there through my first orgasm, and I didn't let go. When she slowed I moved her head to keep it going and she picked up her pace. After orgasm number three, I pushed her back enough to break contact.

I woke about an hour later with slut snuggled up to me, asleep in her rubber suit and heels. I slid a pillow under her head as I pulled out my arm and left her covered in a light blanket.

Back in my bedroom I stripped down and tossed my clothes aside. My sweet little boy was still sleeping soundly in our bed when I crawled in smelling of sex. By instinct or chance when I pulled him into me his hand ended up cupping my pubic mound. The wife in me felt a little guilty for what I had just done, but the Mistress felt satisfied that what she wants is the way it will be. I now had a better appreciation of the conundrum little boy felt last Friday morning.


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