Another Slaviversary 5: Epilogue

by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2013 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

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5: Epilogue

"So what's so important that it couldn't wait for later Gerald?" Richard asked, letting more than a bit of annoyance bleed into the question.

"Madame Helena instructed me to give these to you in private after the internment."

He handed me two envelopes, one with my name, the other Keith's. He similarly gave Richard an envelope also.

I looked into one of the envelopes in my hand and saw the name of a bank in the Cayman Islands and what was obviously an account number and a security PIN, nothing else was contained.

"You will both need to attend the reading of her will next week, Miss Christine; among other things, she left you the beach house in Hawaii that you honeymooned in. For you Richard; she has left her villa in the Swiss Alps. Marie and I will be trustees on a fund set up to pay the caretakers for these homes for the next year, after that it will be your responsibility. All the rest of her property and holdings will go to her only living relative, her niece."

"I didn't know she even had a niece." Richard said looking at me.

"News to me too!"

"You mean neither of you know?" Gerald looked at us with a shocked expression. "Richard, your wife Rebecca is the only daughter of Madame Helena's late sister."

Both Richard and I's jaws went slack.


When we left the private room we returned to the main hall to see little boy and Rebecca standing really close together, hiding someone behind them.

They both had big smiles on their faces as they stepped aside, revealing Sandy kneeling behind them. I pushed little boy aside and grabbed Sandy's arm, I turned and retraced my steps to the private room with slut in tow.

I pushed her into the room and slammed the door closed behind us. "What the hell are you doing here? I told you to go home!"

She went right to her knees and looked at my feet as she answered me. "This slut did go home Mistress. She found your letter."

"Then why aren't you halfway to the Canadian border?"

"This slut has no desire to be free, nor does she deserve it. She humbly begs Mistress to reconsider. This slut fears that without your control she will be lost. You taught her the true meaning of dominance and submission, and she cannot imagine living a life beyond serving you and Master little boy."

I could see the makeup stained tears running down her cheeks.

"Slut you have given me much to think about and now is not the time to think about these things. If you truly do not want to leave, go home and wait for me in the cell. If you leave that is fine too."

"Yes Mistress."

We walked back out and slut asked little boy for his keys, to my great surprise he turned them over without reservation.

She looked back over her shoulder when she reached the door. Her eyes locked with mine and she nodded and left.

Little boy came up beside me and held my hand. "Did you insist she leave?"

"What if I did?"

"She won't go; the loss would be too great for her."

"You mean losing us?"

"No, being trapped in her chastity belt with the wedlock in forever."

"What!?" Some of the guests who had arrived early turned to stare at me.

"She didn't tell you?" He searched my face. "No, I bet you never gave her a chance to. She turned on the invisible fence to your office door, locked herself in the belt with the wedlock in and threw the belt's key into the office."

"And then came here to offer herself to me. What if I don't want that responsibility anymore?"

"Mistress, you know I love you right?" I nod. "You need to accept you made this your responsibility when you decided to deliver your own punishment instead of turning her over to the police, and you extended that commitment to both you and me for life the moment you broke her dominant will. After what you did to her you just can't throw her away because now you fear you have become too attached to her."

"Who says I have become attached to her?"

He squeezed my hand a little tighter and said; "Mistress, do you honestly believe I cannot see it. I maybe your slave but I am not dumb."

"No I suppose you are not, and you think we should keep her."

"Or maybe find her a dominant that would treat her properly."

I glanced at him to see that he didn't like that idea any better than I did. "No you are correct little boy, she is our... my responsibility now." I held his chin and made him look to me. "Thank you for being my conscience dear."

He smiled at me. "I'm pretty sure that is in my job description, right next to kissing your feet."


Mistress, with me in tow, mingled and socialized with a lot of people, very few of which I knew. I just stayed quiet in her shadow and only participated in the conversation when addressed.

When the club was pretty full we made our way back to our table near the stage. Rebecca and Gerald were there comforting Marie. The older French woman had been crying off and on for most of the day. I rested a hand on her shoulder as we passed and gave her a reassuring grin when she looked at me. She smiled back through the tears.

"Hello everyone, thank you all for coming." Vic Marcus had come on stage to open the event. "For those who are not among my normal clientele; I'm Victor Marcus and I'd like to welcome you to Knot Time. I wish your first time here would have been under happier circumstances, since we are here this afternoon to celebrate the life of Helena Deveroux, a woman of power and extremes in more ways than one." I heard several people chuckle at that comment.

"If you were invited here, Helena felt you were open enough to her... shall we say other lifestyle, and would get along with all those she held close, whether they be a business acquaintance, a friend, or the people she considered her extended family.

"Back when I first got the idea for a club for people of our particular tastes, Helena was my first stop for advice. She loved the idea so much she offered me an empty warehouse she owned at a steal. That in its own right should tell you how much she liked the idea. So here we are just over twenty years later in that very same building, honoring her. She helped build this community of open sexual acceptance, turning fellow deviants," he made a gesture referring to himself, “into entrepreneurs, and in a few cases opening up this life to a few of her friends from the business and financial worlds. Many tolerated it just to do business with her, others embraced it as a break from monotony, and some dived in whole heartedly." I nudged Mistress and she smirked at me.

"So I ask you on her behalf, embrace the concept of her dual nature today, socialize with the people here who you would likely never have met otherwise, but who also held this great woman in high regard as you do."

Vic held his beer bottle high. "Raise your drinks in toast. To Helena, the only woman who could get this unlikely group together!"

After the crowd settled from the various callouts of 'here here' and 'to Helena' Vic looked out over the crowd. "Oh and to my regulars, don't get accustomed to the open bar today, during regular hours tonight, you bring the wallets with you!"

The crowd broke out in laughter.

About twenty minutes after the main course was served Victor got up from the table and asked Marie and Gerald to accompany him. It was the moment I had been waiting for with equal parts pride and trepidation.

"May I have your attention for a moment please?" Victor said into the microphone. "As you all probably know Helena took great pride in her faithful, some may even say devout staff and her stable of willing unpaid submissives that cared for her home, and bowed to her EVERY desire. As she neared the end she wanted to have this devotion recognized with a gift to her staff."

A pair of men brought out the enshrouded stand as Victor continued speaking.

"Some of you may know Gerald and Marie here, as they have been in Helena's service as her aide de camps for many years, Gerald the senior butler and in charge of the grounds staff, Marie the senior maid and in charge of all other household staff. Both, as many of her other employees have, also would accompany her as submissives here and other alternative lifestyle events when her desires dictated." He turned to them and placed an arm around Marie. "If you would please accept this on behalf of your coworkers."

Gerald removed the cover to reveal the slightly larger than real life portrait of Helena from the waist up. She was wearing a jacket with her crest emblazoned over the heart, a riding crop tucked into the crook of her arm.

My concerns over the audacity of this gift were washed away as Marie dropped to her knees and kissed the ornate frame. Mistress grabbed my hand, tears welling in her eyes at the sight of Helena's staff and slaves leaving their seats to pay tribute to the painting.

Victor returned to his seat without another word to the crowd. I knew he initially had the same concerns of Helena's egocentric megalomania that I did when she approached me about the job a few weeks ago with him present. Neither of us spoke about it to her directly, but had shared our views in the privacy of the club later that afternoon. It would seem she was right that her staff would appreciate the gift.

"Victor it's a wonderful likeness." Mistress said

"Good enough for a commuted sentence?" Victor asked with this lopsided grin that showed he held a secret.

"Vic! Tell me you didn't get some criminal to do this."

"No, Helena hand-picked the artist, truth is she insisted on this particular fellow. When he delivered it here he told me that his primary benefactor threatened him with a month in solitary confinement if the work did not meet their approval."

"Well it is definitely impressive; I hope the benefactor recognizes the fine work... man... ship... Or is it a benefactress?" She asked with sudden understanding.

She turned to me looking to confirm her epiphany, and I nodded in response.

"Yes it is good enough for a commuted sentence." She said to him as she continued to hold her loving gaze on me.


When I got home I immediately went to my room and grabbed my collar and proceeded down to the cell and stripped out of my clothes and folded them into a neat pile. My Sandy glasses and wig placed on top.

I had thought about lowering the chain from the ceiling and attaching it to my collar. The problem was that aside from the lights I knew nothing of the panel that controlled the cell and I didn't want to be caught exploring them either.

I nervously waited for Mistress, rehearsing in my head the responses to what I thought Mistress would say upon her return.

When the door finally opened I dropped to my knees, bowed my head, and laid my hands palm up at my side.

After a few moments of complete silence I dared raise my head enough to see Mistress's high heels still standing in the door.

"What makes you think your desire to stay outweighs my order for you to leave?"

"This slut read it as an option to leave Mistress; you said she 'may leave'."

"You're not helping your case by playing word games."

"Mistress, as this slut said earlier she does not want to live without you. This slut has decided if you send her away she will turn herself in to the police as Brandy Stallton and plead guilty to her crimes." I looked her in the eye before continuing. "I swear on my very soul Mistress that I will not reveal that I have been here this entire time."

Mistress gave me this look of confusion. "Why would you do that?"

"This slut does not deserve the small kindnesses you have given her already, let alone total freedom."

"IF I allow you to stay, will you do anything we ask, no discussion or complaints?"

"Absolutely Mistress. Your and Master's wishes are my commands."

She turned from the room only to return a few minutes later with a brown leather garment. She set it aside and then proceeded to remove my chastity belt.

"Put that on, I'll be right back."

I quickly discovered the item was a garment commonly known as a 'dog-suit' or 'f-suit', a body suit with pouches for sleeves that forced the wearer to keep their arms and legs doubled over. This then makes the wearer walk on their knees and elbows.

The particular suit that Mistress had given me featured a fully open crotch, no hood, and the limb pouches had zippered openings that could be locked when closed.

I fished my limbs through the appropriate pouches and pulled the zipper up the back closed.

I knelt and waited for Mistress to return. When she did come back she had changed into a pair of jean shorts and a tank top.

"Do I really have to tell you what to do next?"

"No Mistress." I immediately went the rest of the way down to my hands and knees.

Mistress immediately tucked my arms into their pouches and slid locks into the zipper pulls. She soon followed suit with my legs and finally locked the back zipper.

She produced one of my old uniform ring-gags that now had a carabineer clip on either side of the ring. I opened my mouth to accept it. She slid it in my mouth and buckled the strap but did not lock it.

"Last chance to leave if... "

I vehemently shook my head no and 'kissed' her lower leg.

"Okay hope you're really up to the challenge."

Mistress picked me up and placed me on my back and then slid a blindfold over my eyes.

"Hello is this Megan?

Wonderful, I don't know if you remember me, but I had gone by the name Mistress Crystal a few years ago.

Yes you heard right I got married and quit the business, but not the scene mind you.

Yup my husband is my submissive, and I have another full-time sub too. She is the reason I'm calling.

Well what I'd like to know is do you still have glory hole services at your establishment?

Oh good, what I'd like to do is offer her to you for a few weeks to work the glory holes, and you can keep the tip money.

Well I'm trying to decide if I want to keep her, and if she willingly completes the service I may keep her. She will be bound at all times while she is with you."

There was a long pause in the conversation from Mistress's side.

"Okay you think on it. You were my first call I'm going to call other establishments also so first to accept my terms will have her for a month.

You too, have a good evening."

I was in shock that Mistress would do this.

"I'll be back for you when we are ready to deliver you to your new employer"

My body language must have spoken volumes to Mistress. I felt her toes press into my side. "Do you have something to say?"

I turned my head away. I had a lot I wanted to say; I wanted to beg her not to do this, I didn't want to be a glory hole whore, and I didn't want to be away from her and little boy. I knew none of my opinions had any value, Mistress had her course set and no amount of wind from me would change it.

"Oh Istress, is sloch will oo er ess ta ing hana oo or nam."

There was a pregnant pause and then I heard Mistress leave.

There I sat on my back like a flipped turtle, in the dark. I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I had no sense of time at all.

Perhaps I could have turned myself over, but I saw no sense in trying.

When the door finally reopened I heard the clicking of high heels. "Bad news slut, no one wanted to have you hanging around their business. I think a new game is in order, I’ll drop you like this in the red light district and if you make it home, you can stay."

I panicked! I saw myself trapped in this dog-suit forever as some back alley pervert's plaything. I begged and pleaded but even I couldn't understand the words escaping the ring-gag in my mouth.

Mistress picked me up once more and turned me over. I was set astride of a soft object; a large dildo was guided into my ring-gag filling my mouth. I heard first one then the other carabineer snap shut.

I tried to lift my head but met with resistance, not just dead weight resistance either; it pulled me back and then cocked my head to the left and right. There was a living person attached to me and I was sure it was little boy. With this realization I calmed down, Mistress would never endanger him.

My lower body was raised and my cunt stretched around the fleshy rod of the man under me.

"I take it by now you've put a few things together."

The blindfold came off and I was indeed staring into little boy's eyes.

"Your Master has convinced me you should stay on with us." He rolled his eyes at that comment, which told me our Mistress was underselling her part in the decision. "Some of your restrictions will be changing for the better. At least from your point of view. We will discuss that more in-depth this coming weekend."

I heard a rustle and straps being run through buckles and knew what was coming next. My ass was lined with lube and fingers stretched it, when Mistress's strap-on pushed in I was ready and took it with almost no pain.

Mistress said nothing as she fucked my ass. The feeling of the two dicks rubbing against one another through the flesh of my nether regions was intense. When I started pumping my hips to get more movement from little boys cock Mistress pressed her hand against my lower back. "Not yet, I will tell you when you can start."

Just before I could no longer hold back my orgasm Mistress stopped with the strap-on buried in my ass. I felt the harness straps hit my sides as Mistress released herself from the device. Soon the straps were tightened, evidently matching straps were under little boy as my waist was pulled a bit closer to his own. The crotch strap that hung between my legs was also tightened down to a similar strap on little boy but it pulled to one side as if it was going down over his hip. I had already assumed he was in his sleepsack and this confirmed to me that his legs were indeed together with no openings. The strap-on's dildo was now firmly lodged in me.

Soon the upper portion of my vision was filled by Mistress's crotch as she pushed it between our foreheads. I could just make out the vibrator pumping in and out of her pussy, as her free hand rubbed her clit. Her squirting climax sprayed our faces. Little boy had just managed to close his eyes as it happened. I heard him blow air from his nose clearing his airway.

"Now slut you may feel free to fuck your master until you can't continue. Cum as often as you can. Little boy you may cum if you can. Good night my slaves."

We heard the door close and I began rolling my hips. I did not have enough movement to free myself from his erect cock, but that was not immediate in my agenda anyway.

I was soon coming down from my first orgasm, before I knew it my body as if on autopilot had started to go through the motions once more. Just as I was building to my second orgasm of the night I had a moment of clarity; Little boy had not cum at all! Mistress bragged on his staying power, especially when instructed to hold back, but he was told he was allowed to cum and had not despite the workout I had already given his cock. Just as I crossed the point where the eruption boiled through me I was sure I knew what the situation was.

When I came down from the clouds, I saw his eyes were squeezed shut. I made a noise and he looked up at me. The desperation was evident.

"Aak hang?" He looked at me confused so I tried again. "Ahk iing?"

His eyes got wide, and he nodded his head pushing the cock protruding from his mouth up and down in my throat. Mistress's final comment of 'if he could' was the clue; she had forced a smaller cock ring on him prior to his getting hard. My guess it was one so small that he likely would not cum anytime soon, and surely it would be painful when he did. It was unlikely he would even lose his erection for quite some time after the cessation of stimulation.

After I had rode him through another mind blowing orgasm I decided little boy was in too much pain for me to continue. As we laid there I could feel his cock move inside me as if his pulse caused it vibrate on its own. Otherwise we were stock still for a good fifteen minutes when I got a shock from the dildo in my rectum. At the same moment little boy jerked to life below me, his eyes showing surprise. He began actively thrusting into me at that moment.

Suddenly the overhead speaker kicked on. "Your anal intruders are going to fire off shocks if both of you are motionless for too long. I suggest you alternate so you don't get too tired over the night. See you in the morning slaves!"

Little boy groaned through his gag. This was going to be a long night for us both, but especially for him.

I hoped Mistress was teasing about leaving us like this all night, I doubt either of us will be able to last that long.


I smiled as I watched my husband repeatedly lift his ass off the ground to drive his manhood into our slave.

I wondered what had gone through slut's head tonight, the playing as if I was going to whore her out to brothels and now the fucking 'all night'. She will probably welcome the return of her chastity belt to protect her sore cunt.

Although some of tonight's elaborate practical joke on the slut were part of our brainstorming on the way home, others such as the shocks were wholly my idea, and little boy had been completely unaware of them.

I figure another half hour of this and they will both be too exhausted to fuck anymore. At that point I will free them and bring them to bed. Now I just need to decide if slut will spend the night with us in bed or in her own room.



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