Another Slaviversary 2: Interrupted Celebration

by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2013 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

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2: Interrupted Celebration

Little boy had me lay down for a nap in the spare bedroom in the late afternoon. He said I'd need my energy for later as he locked my collar to a chain on the headboard. I laid there seeing my 'isolation suit' hanging on the wall. I had a love-hate relationship with it; I hated the all-encompassing restrictive design, but loved the fact that it meant I was getting time out of the house and didn't have to worry about being recognized. Mistress had me wear the hood and collar a few times with my normal uniform when Master Richard and Rebecca came and played cards with Mistress and little boy while I served food and drinks.

Around five o'clock little boy freed me from the bed and instructed me to make a small batch of spaghetti for dinner. Little boy took place settings into the dining room.

When I brought the pot of spaghetti to the table I noticed two plates at the table. "Master are we expecting someone?"

"No silly, I am allowing you to eat at the table tonight."

"What will Mistress say?"

"I am making the decision; if she disapproves I will accept full responsibility."

I was very uncomfortable eating at Mistress's table. I thanked God for the small miracle that little boy set my place across from him and not in Mistress's chair.

Once we were cleaned up from dinner little boy led me to the bedroom and set out my outfit.

"Master where is the slut's goggles, hood, and collar?"

"We will put them on when we arrive at Knot Time, for now we will just do below the neck."

After I was in the catsuit he slid a pair of rubber panties up my legs, the insides had been dusted with powder. "You will need these since when I designed your suit I planned for you to always have in the anti-sitting device sticking through; we have a top to match."

We managed to get me into the bra. I needed to push in my boobs as little boy pulled it down over them. He then wiped me down with a cloth to get the excess powder off of me.

He soon had me locked back into the shoes I wore earlier (which were a bit more snug with the thicker rubber) and white cuffs strapped around my wrists and ankles.

Last he handed me a ball cap and my 'Sandy' glasses. I dutifully, and clumsily, donned both. "Do I have to remind you about the Wedlock device?"

I shook my head. "No Sir, it reminds me itself every time I move."

"Okay then, I'll get dressed and we'll head over."

Little boy wore leather pants over boots, and a leather vest over his bare chest. He looked the part of a Dom, except for the thin stainless steel collar on his neck.

We were driving away when little boy started talking. "Mistress has signed you up as the entertainment for tonight."

That doesn't sound good for me. "Umm, entertainment?"

"Yup I will be attaching you to the whipping post for 90 minutes starting at eight, ass high in the air. I am providing the only implement to be used on you, a relatively soft flogger, with two layers of rubber it shouldn't hurt too much."

"But wasn't this supposed to be a special night for this slut?"

"Hmm. Soft flogger, extra padding, only 90 minutes, sounds like a relatively easy night to me. I could get some paddles or canes if you prefer."

"That is not necessary Master, the slut will settle for the original plans."

He smiled. "I thought that would be the case."

We were silent the rest of the trip. When we got to the parking area just inside the industrial complex little boy parked in the back of the lot. He removed my hat and glasses and set them on the back seat. Soon I had been fitted up with my hood and a white posture collar was locked on over it. Little boy came around the car and let me out.

"Looks like Mistress Helena is here already, maybe Mistress told her you would be available for punishment and she wanted to be first in line." He motioned to the white limo parked next to the building.

We stepped up onto the curb when we heard little boy's name called out. We turned to see the limo had pulled up behind us. Helena was sitting in the open door and waving him to come toward her. "Little boy, come here I have something to show you before we go in." He led me over and leaned into the limo's passenger compartment.

I suddenly got hit with the image of a pedophile luring a child into their van. A second later little boy let out a muffled cry. I felt tugging on my leash. I could hear the struggling inside the limo. I wrapped my fingerless gloves around the leash and tried to pull little boy out. The end of the leash came out of the limo and swung around my back.

I rushed the limo door. Suddenly Helena was in my face. "I know who you are Brandy, if you want to have a chance at living you will disappear now and not tell anybody anything." She shoved me away and climbed back into the limo.

I tried to chase it as they drove off, but they pulled steadily away. I stopped, struggling for breath through my nostrils as I watched the limo get smaller. I braced myself for the shocks I knew were coming.

But they never came. Was the 'wedlock device' a fraud? My leash was swinging back and forth around my legs, something kept bumping my ankle. I lifted the leash and heard a jingle. Quickly I pulled the end of the leash into my field of vision. The object bumping my ankles was my Master's car keys, and the device that went with my nether region's intruders!

Little boy knew he was in trouble and did what he could to protect me from what would have been collateral damage from his abduction.

I turned around and ran... Straight for the club's entrance.

I got into the foyer by almost knocking over the bouncer. He tried to grab me but he was a tad too slow and the rubber too slick.

I ran past the coat check room unhindered.

I looked over the main area, looking for someone to help. I saw Rebecca dressed in a yellow catsuit near the bar and aimed for her. I got a few steps before the bouncer caught me hollering for me to stop.

It was enough to get Rebecca's attention. She pointed at me and yelled. "Richard it's slut, and she's alone!"

I was still resisting the bouncer when Richard had made it to us.

"Hold up what's going on here?"

"This wannabe just blew through the entrance."

"She isn't a wannabe. Slut where is your Mistress and little boy?"

I mimed that Mistress was working but he couldn't understand me.

"Get me a bolt cutter."

I shook my head no and covered the collar's lock with my hands."

"God Master you suck at charades. Her Mistress flew away for work."

I pointed to Rebecca indicating she was right.

I next held my hand below my eyes and then made like I was holding a cock.

"Little boy?"

I reached out and took Richard's arm and yanked him toward me.

"Grabbed or pulled." Rebecca's guessed.

"Or taken." The bouncer piped in. I pointed at him.

I made a steering wheel action.

"A car?" I put my hands together and pulled them slowly apart. "A big car... He was taken by someone in a limo!" I nodded my head the little I could. "Rich, I only know one person who comes here in a limo!"

Richard looked shocked. "Slut was it Helena that grabbed Keith?" I pointed at him and bobbed my whole body. He turned to the bouncer. "Take me to the security room; I want to see the external camera recordings. Then have someone inform Marcus there's been a sub abducted outside by a Domme they don't belong to, have him call me for specifics. Becks stay here with slut."

Thirty minutes later the three of us were in an SUV heading toward Helena's estate, which was pretty far out of town from my understanding.


After reading little boy's email I decided I would skip the rest of the conference and join my slaves that night. I dearly missed them, even the slut. So I paid the rescheduling fee to fly back earlier.

The taxi dropped me off in front of the house. I knew little boy and slut would already have left for Knot Time. I punched in the garage's access code into the keypad so the first door would go up. I set my bags in the bedroom and went straight to the den. I opened the safe and took out the tool so I could immediately put on my bracelet and tightened the retaining screw. For an item I initially refused, I really missed its presence this week. Little boy had been right, it reminded me I had him waiting for me at home.

I was trying to decide whether I wanted to change before I left to join my slaves or go just as I was when the house phone rang.

The caller ID showed it was coming from Helena so I decided to answer it. "Hello."

"Thank God, I've been trying to call your cell for the last half hour."

"And you are?" I checked my cell; I had neglected to turn it on in my rush to get home.

"Oh sorry Miss Christine, it is Gerald, Madame Helena's butler."

"I'm in a bit of a hurry Gerald, is it important?"

"Ma'am, Mistress Helena has kidnapped your husband; I think she's torturing him right now! I'm afraid she has gone off the deep end!"


As soon as I had leaned into the back of the limo I had a flashback of being attacked and restrained by Helena at Mistress's front door, and I knew I had just made a mistake!

My right wrist had a handcuff slapped over it. I tried to yank away and scream, banging my head on the roof's interior when a gag was shoved between my teeth as I cursed at myself. I had an empty handcuff hanging from my wrist just waiting for my other wrist; a chain attached the cuffs to the floor of the limo. I wasn't going anywhere.

I looked at Helena who had sat down on the side opposite me, smiling with glee. I could feel the slut pulling on the leash trying to pull me out. I pulled hard enough on her leash to get my hands together and attached the keys in my right hand to the loop on the leash around my left hand. By this point the brute who gagged me was trying to get my free arm. I let the slut's next pull on the leash take the leash from my hand completely. I didn't want the Wedlock device electrocuting her for my mistake.

The moment after, my hands were joined by the cuffs in front of me.

"I'll take care of the whore out there." Helena smiled as she went past me. I heard her threaten slut. When she climbed back in she exclaimed: "Now she will be no trouble."

Once we were moving she had my gag removed. "You and I are going to get to know one another much better now; you will be my new pain slave."

"No! I won't give in to you! Mistress will come for me!"

"Don't you see? She is going to come home tomorrow to an empty house, she will eventually believe her husband ran off with her house-slave. She will be so broken hearted." She gave me this fake sad look. "She'll turn to me for comfort, and I'll slowly seduce her, make her my lover, and finally enslave her like I tried to do so long ago."

"Mistress will never submit to another person." I glared at her.

"Eventually she will have no choice as I will be slowly drugging her to break her will. I'm taking what I've wanted for so long by having it come crying to me."

She laughed as I ran at her. She was smiling because she knew the chain was too short for me to reach her, what she didn't know was not only was I well aware of it, I had done the basic math in my head accounting for a 'little boy' extension.

I leapt at the last possible moment, the chain and cuffs went tight and yanked on my arms, my legs kept moving forward to the point I had aimed just to her left. It was painful as my shoulders stretched in a way they were never meant to, but my momentum, combined with the forward momentum of the vehicle resulted in both of my feet contacting with a thud in her gut. The air left her lungs. The surprised look on her face was worth the pain that I was sure would come later as a result.

The pair of brutes dog-piled on me. And Helena kicked me. "You'll pay for that."

"Make it count! If you lay one hand on my Mistress I'll..."

"You'll be cowering in a cell begging for death by then! Gag him again, I tire of his insolence!"

I was ready this time and resisted, at least until I felt the fist come hammering down at the base of my skull a few times, the darkness crept over me in moments.

I woke naked on my back in a dimly lit room. My hands were still cuffed, and chained somewhere above my head. My ankles were bound together and strung up to the ceiling.

"You dare to strike me, you will pay the price."

"Let me go!"

"I want to hear your screams as I destroy the offenders."

"Offenders?" A moment later the cane hitting across the soles of my feet answered my question. She delivered blow after blow to my feet, and when she tired she passed the cane to one of the brutes to continue.

I was crying uncontrollably by the time she ordered me to be turned over. I had tried to slip into subspace, but I could not find the way. With the pain I was experiencing, I would not have been surprised to see my legs ended in bloody stumps at my ankles if I had managed to look up.

Once I was flipped I was strapped down with my hands together, anchored to whatever was supporting my weight, belts ran over my back at my waist and chest, my legs hung limply down the sides and were restrained by a strap buckled over each calf.

"Show him your mark!" The brute closest to me showed me his forearm tattoo; a horse up on its rear legs with a whip across it. "You're getting one just like it, but yours will be branded in your ass. Next time you see your wife; she will have willingly subjected herself to the tattoo version also."

"No!" I tried to get free, a fruitless effort.

"You fetch the branding iron and the flame pit. You put an isolation hood on him. I want him to have no distractions. I'll remove your collar later, I'm sure we have the proper tool, but I think we'll use bolt cutters just so you can see your precious gift destroyed." When the man approached me with the hood I put up a futile effort to avoid my fate.

I was soon blind, deaf, and gagged. My back was being beat with a flogger as I waited for my ass to be forever scarred by this madwoman. When the flogging finally stopped I felt the intense heat wave over my ass from side to side. I braced for the extreme pain. Then suddenly the heat was gone. She was toying with me, trying to crush my spirit.

I realized someone was fumbling with my hand restraints, when I felt them loosen I pulled my hands free and started swinging wildly but not connecting with anything. I felt long fingernails dig into the underside of each of my wrists and my arms were overpowered to a halt.

I continued to try to wrest free but Helena's grip on me was too strong to break. My right hand became engulfed in rubber from each side. At first I thought they were rubber mitts being slid over my hands, but then I realized they were filled already. They were living hands! The rubber hands that had no fingers or thumbs, it was the slut!

She patted my hand and forced me to open it. The grip on that wrist released and slut guided it to my other wrist and set it on top of the hand holding my arm. She pushed my hand up the arm until I hit a band of metal. An all too familiar band of metal. I moved the hand to my leather encased face and rubbed it against my cheek. The hand pulled away and the hood came off. My senses were flooded by light and sounds. If I had tears left I would have cried when I finally could see Mistress and slut staring at me. I heard men groaning in the background somewhere and knew my Mistress had kicked some ass on her way in. I'd gone with her to several martial arts tournaments and knew she was a former regional champion.

"You okay baby?"

I couldn't answer; I just wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her into me. She stood up and lifted me to a standing position, my feet off the floor. I got dizzy from the sudden movement but resisted the nausea.

I kissed her and tried saying, "I love you." But all I could muster was a whisper.

She turned her attention behind me. She began lowering me to the floor when I suddenly heard a scream and felt an explosion tear through my lower body. Darkness overtook me.


Richard and Rebecca were trying to figure out the best way to approach the situation we found ourselves in. I was essentially of no help unless they freed me from my outfit, and I didn't want that.

A car flew past us and slammed on the brakes in front of the gate. I caught a glimpse of the vanity license plate: 'TALLADY'. I immediately recognized Mistress's silver Mustang and opened the SUV's door and sprinted for the opening car door.

I caught Mistress unaware as I wrapped my arms around her. "Slut?" I stepped back and began pantomiming the situation. By then Richard and Rebecca joined me. "What is she doing here, what are you doing here?"

"Good to see you too!" Richard quipped.

"Sorry, it's just been a horrible half hour."

"Helena abducted Keith on their way into Knot Time, slut here ran inside for help after trying to chase them down. Why she tried to chase a car is beyond me. She insisted on coming, but refused to let us cut her out of the suit."

"I think I know why she chased them. I'm surprised you're even still standing, you should be getting your pussy fried out or did little boy disobey me."

I held up my leash up, pulling the end from my panties where I had tucked the keys.

"How'd you end up with them? Never mind, not important!" She pressed a code into the intercom box and the gate slid open.

We were met at the door by a butler. "Thank God you got here so fast; one of the bodyguards just took the branding kit from the horse stable into Madame's playroom."

Mistress pushed past him with renewed urgency, the rest of us couldn't keep up.

We came into the room just in time to see the red-hot branding iron stop its bounce across the stone floor and Mistress deliver a right hook to Helena. Richard had pulled a gun from somewhere and trained it on the two musclemen that were on the floor. The one's left leg looked like it had been broken near the knee, and the other had been holding his nose and was kneeling over a small puddle of blood.

I saw little boy was laid lengthwise over a bench on his stomach, strapped down and hooded. Rebecca and I went to him. I struggled with his hand restraints; I managed to get enough of a finger under the belt to pull it back through and off the buckle's stay bar.

I had lost my balance and tipped back onto my ass, saving me from being hit by little boy's wild swings. That was enough for Rebecca to stop and move away from the strap she was working on.

Mistress came over and grabbed his wrists from above and behind him. He continued to struggle against her. He had no idea what was happening, or who was here with him. He needed a calm familiar hand.

I approached him and Mistress snapped at me. "Don't! He's crazed! I don't know how much longer I can hold him."

I ignored her and placed a hand on each side of his right fist. I felt him hesitate. I forced my fingers in, opening his fist as I patted the back of his hand. Mistress let go. "Keep control of that hand slut" I could tell the fight had left him when he recognized my mittened hands. I moved his hand on top of Mistress's left hand which was still controlling his left wrist, moving it up until he felt her bracelet, he quickly nuzzled the hand.

Mistress took her hand away and unbuckled the collar of the hood and removed it. He squinted as the light, as dim as it was it still blinded him. Rebecca began undoing the other straps. "You okay baby?" Little boy wrapped his arms around Mistress's neck in response to her question.

After a few moments Mistress stood, keeping Master in an embrace. Mistress looked at Helena with evil intentions. When she lowered little boy to his feet, he let out an agonized howling sound and went limp in her arms.

"Chris lift him up!" Rebecca went to her knees and she gasped. "The bottoms of his feet are beat to a bloody pulp!"

Mistress cradled him like a sleeping child. I followed her gaze. Helena had been silent all that time, and had not moved from the spot that she fell to after Mistress's punch. I saw true genuine fear in her eyes. Mistress moved toward her. I moved in front of her and waved both arms in front of me to say stop.

"Move slut or you're next."

I stamped my foot and pointed to the limp man in her arms and then to the room's door. She stared at me and I stood my ground.

"Helena you ever come near me or either of my slaves again you will wish the slut didn't manage to convince me to leave." Mistress nodded to me and indicated I lead the way.

Rebecca and Richard pulled up the rear. The butler opened the door for us as we crossed the foyer.

"Thank you Gerald, if I were you I'd become scarce for a few hours. I didn't mention your name at all, but she may put things together."

"Miss Christine, I'm so sorry I couldn't get you on the phone sooner!"

"Not your fault, it was off. Now disappear for a while."

We cleared the gate and Mistress looked at little boy hanging limp in her arms. "Richard take my Stang and the slut, I'm taking your truck. Rebecca stay with him in the back."

"Where are you taking him?"

"Home for now, once we check him over in a safe environment we can determine if hospitalization is required."

Richard and I got to the house first; I went straight to the basement's medical cabinet and got the antibacterial ointment, gauze, and surgical tape. Even though she no longer worked professionally, Mistress still kept the dungeon's medical cabinet fully stocked, with emergency and aftercare supplies.

By the time I got back upstairs Mistress had little boy on their bed. I gave her the supplies I had brought up.

"Good girl slut, thank you for anticipating my needs."

I looked at little boy's feet and had to fight off the urge to vomit. Mistress looked at me; she must have heard my retching and made a sympathetic look. "Red topped key on the proximity device's ring. Go to the kitchen powder room and get yourself some air. If you can, get out of the suit, or get Becks to help you if you want."

I motioned I wanted to stay.

"Becks!" She had obviously been crying before she and Richard came in. Mistress took my leash and handed it to her. "Take slut down to her cell and help her out of her suit using the red key, fetch her a mask that will allow her to see and talk. Give her the privacy to change masks then both of you get back up here, we may need to hold him down to bandage his feet. Richard get some towels and a wet rag".

Once in my cell she popped the lock on my neck and removed the collar. "Let me get these cuffs off you." As she worked on the ankle cuffs she looked at my shoes. "Oh these are our locking shoes! Let me see those keys again."

I handed them over and she separated the smaller ring from the car keys. Once the shoes were off she stripped the suit off of me. I waved her out and pulled the door closed. After undoing the laces I pulled the mask off and took as deep a breath as the corset allowed.

I had started getting light headed pretty quickly with all the activity and limited air supply.

I heard the door open a crack. "From what I remember of your measurements this should fit."

I took the spandex mask from the offered hand and pulled it on. "Thank you Rebecca, this should be fine."

"Slut what is your real name? I can't stand Christine's habit of nicknaming her slaves."

"Rebecca, it is best you do not know my real name. It is nothing but trouble."

"Ok Brandy, no problem I won't ask."

"Thank you Rebec... Hey!"

The door flew open. "Yes! I knew it as soon as Keith gave me your measurement sheet, I wasn't absolutely sure since the waist dimensions were a bit different but the rest were dead on. Your secret is safe; I don't believe the allegations against you."

"Well you should, it's all true. This slut is here because she tried to kidnap little boy from Mistress, and got caught. Mistress provided the police with the information to free this slave's other victims"

"What? Why?"

"Greed, stupidity, hubris, or all the above. Spending a year and a half as an unwilling prisoner myself, the slut still cannot begin to compare what she has experienced to the horrors she knows were inflicted on those people because of what she did as Brandy Stallton. But sadly little boy can now."

"I... I don't know what to say."

"Please no one can know. It would be a death sentence for me if the hit-men find me, or worse; Mistress and little boy could be killed also or go to jail themselves!"

"I... well... uhh..."

"Just forget what you know for now, my Master needs me."

"Forget what slut?" With a wink she turned to leave.

"Thank you." I scooped up the proximity device from the floor. Better to not get too far from it right now. "Let's go."


I cast the slut and Rebecca a nasty glance as they came in. "Took you two long enough!"

The slut hung her head. "Sorry Mistress."

"Each of you take an arm, Richard's going to hold his..." The doorbell rang. "Who the fuck could that be. Becks get rid of them, whoever it is."

A few moments later she returned. "Uhh Christine, I thought maybe it was best not to send this guy away."

I turned to the door to see a man standing with Rebecca. "Who the fuck are you? I'm a bit busy!"

"Gerald sent me, I am Helena Devereaux's staff doctor; Doctor Reed Miller. I'm sorry for what she did; I am here to offer my services. I'm familiar with your lifestyle," he made a sweeping hand motion, "no questions, no judgments, just healing. Please let me help."

Could I trust him? Was I willing to trust him? Could I afford not to? "I'm watching you like a hawk!"

"Understood, with this betrayal I would expect no less."

He immediately started with vitals. He shined a flashlight in his eyes. He turned to me. "Has he said anything at all?"

"Not since he passed out."

"When was that?"

"When I stood him up on his feet back at the mansion. He screamed and blacked out."

"Yes his feet are very bad; the overwhelming pain probably shocked his nervous system. Didn't you think it may hurt?"

Richard jumped in before I could snap at the man. "We didn't know! He was laid out face first with his feet just above the floor."

"Oh sorry. Didn't know that. What's his name?"

"His name is little boy." I replied. He looked at me in a way that made me want to slap him.

"Trust me it's the name he prefers." Rebecca told him.

"Alright, sorry. Just I'm used to real names. Can I have everyone else but you leave Ma'am." I nodded to Richard and he led Rebecca and the slut out. "I'm going to use some smelling salts on him to try to wake him up."

The doctor cracked a vial open under little boy's nose. He soon started moving. "Little boy, can you hear me?"

His eyes opened, and he immediately started squinting and rubbing his forehead and groaned.

"You have a headache?"

"Mm-hmm, and back, and feet feel on fire. Who are you?"

"I'm a doctor. Take this flashlight from my hand." The doctor held out the flashlight and little boy reached for it and came up a few inches short.

He tried again and again a third time. "Play fair, quit moving it."

"I haven't moved it son, your eyes are not focusing well, because you took several strong hits to the back of the head."

I looked at the doctor. "When did that happen?"

"From what I'm told; it happened in the limo, after he pulled something the bodyguards called a 'slingshot' kick to hit Madame Devereaux in the stomach. He used the chain that was attaching him to the limo's floor to propel him into her or something."

"Suddenly I don't feel so guilty for what I did to them."

"Wait you did that, they said it was like a half dozen men."

"Mistress is a very good figh..." Little boy turned slowly to face me, his eyes got huge. "Mistress you're home! Oh my God, forgive little boy for not picking you up at the airport!"

"Not your fault sweetie, what do you remember of today?"

"Nothing, I remember driving slut out to Knot Time last night; at least I hope it was just last night."

"It was tonight baby, I came home early intending to join you two at the club."

"I remember Mistress Helena pulled up and..."

"Don't ever call her Mistress again; she no longer deserves your respect!"

He looked at me scared and confused. "Mistress why are you so angry with her?"

"He has a concussion from the blows to the head; he might not remember the events of tonight right away, if at all. Some parts may come to him in flashes."

"Mistress was I in a fight at the club? Is slut okay? Please tell me she is here, I had the wedlock dildoes in her!" He became a bit frantic at the thought of her suffering.

"Easy son!"

"She's here, safe and sound. Nobody laid a hand on her. When everything started she evidently came into possession of your keychain, and she ran inside for help. We'll find out the whole story of how later."

"Little boy told you Mistress. Little boy was convinced she has fully accepted her servitude, and could be trusted a little more".

I sat next to him and hugged him. "I've never been happier that I was wrong."

While all this was being discussed the doctor was looking at little boy's feet.

"The damage to his feet is severe. So much so I won't try to numb it from below. I'll like to give him some oral pain killers before I dress them. If the pills are not sufficient I would rather use anesthesia than trying to inject Novocain from above and passing through the thickness of his foot."

"If that is what you think is best."

"What's wrong with little boy's feet?"

"The fire you feel is because the soles of your feet are, for lack of a better term, shredded. The sensitive tissues are exposed. You will need to stay off your feet for a few weeks at least."

"Little boy can't do that, he has responsibilities."

"Why do you talk that way? It's a bit... disconcerting."

"That's the way I instruct my slave's to talk. Honey just talk like we were in public for now. I'm more concerned about you than perfect behavior."

"But... but..."

"He really loves being that way doesn't he? I've seen many of servant and slave working on the estate. But I've never seen one upset by being told to act like a normal person."

"He's a born submissive, my perfect compliment."

Little boy blushed and leaned into me. "Little boy feels complete with his Mistress. He was destined to be hers."

The doctor smiled. "If we can get some water for him to take these pills with. And then we'll just need to wait about half an hour to start."

"Slut! A glass of water for your Master!"

I heard a faint "Yes Mistress" from down the hall. A few minutes later she entered glass in hand.

"Doctor is it alright if we get everyone in here and talk about how things happened tonight, help jog his memory and give me a whole picture."

"As long as he doesn't get too upset I don't see a problem. It may also help distract him while I'm cleaning and dressing his feet."


Mistress had the slut share her side of the story ending with her chasing the limo down the street. It did give me some flashes of the events in the parking lot.

Richard interrupted her "Why DID you chase them?"

"If slut got too far from Master little boy she was going to be severely shocked automatically." She answered matter-of-factly.

"You sneak! Making her think that." He pointed at Mistress in a playfully accusatory way. "I wish I had thought of that."

"Nothing sneaky Master Richard, it was true. When I found myself with an arm chained to the limo I hooked my keychain with the other half of the wedlock device to her leash so she would not be punished for events beyond her control."

"That reminds the slut! Here Master these are yours." She handed me the device. I pulled her down and kissed her on the mask's forehead. I filled in what I could remember of my struggle in the rear of the limo; how I knew I had no way out once the first cuff was attached.

"I can't believe she went through all this trouble to take Keith!" Rebecca shook her head.

I had a nagging memory in my head; I tried to focus on it. "It... was not about me at all." I took Mistress's hand and looked at her. "It was all about you!"


"She said she was going to hide me away in a cell and torture me, and scare the slut away to make you believe we ran off together. Something about giving you pills to break your will as she comforted your broken heart and seduced you."

"Oh Christ, this is partly my fault!" We all turned to the doctor who was part way through wrapping my foot in gauze. "She asked me for something like date-rape pills to make some of her slaves more pliable. I gave her sugar pills and told her they would do just what she wanted. I figured with her willing slaves she would never notice."

"When she told me her plan I got so mad I attacked her. I knew the chain attached to the handcuffs was too short to make it to the other side of the limo. The best I could have hoped for was to back up to her to maybe touch her. I remembered in action movies where the star uses a column to swing around and kick the goons, so I tried that, except I used the chain as my rotation point." I rubbed the back of my head. "I was so proud I had managed to score a direct hit and caught her and the muscle off guard! Of course I was still otherwise helpless; they tried re-gagging me when I taunted Helena. I think that's where I took the clobbering to the head. I don't remember much more right now except overwhelming pain in my feet."

"There all wrapped up. If I could interrupt the retrospection for a minute." Mistress nodded for him to continue. "Obviously he is going to need to stay off his feet for a while. Dressing will need to be changed at least daily, more if they get a little too bloody. I want you to call me if the bandages start showing signs of puss drainage. Not anything that can be done for the concussion but resting anyway, so not being able to walk helps that also. Here are scripts for antibiotics and for an oral pain-killer; I gave him two before I started so he should be good through tonight. Give him one every 4 to 6 hours as needed and a half hour to an hour before changing his bandages. Any questions?"

Mistress looked at me. "No sounds pretty straight forward. Slut did you get all that?"

She looked confused. "Yes Mistress. Why?"

"Because you will need to care for little boy while I'm at work."

"This slut understands Mistress."

"I'll come back in three or four days to check on him. Now if you'll excuse me I have three other patients I need to go back and check on."

"Thank you Doctor, thank Gerald for me. I'll walk you out."

As they left the slut knelt down on the floor next to the bed. "Master the slut will take good care of you. This slave will also do both of our chores while you are laid up. She knows she will fail to complete the daily routine, but she will do her best to keep Mistress's house suitable."

"I know you will slut, and I will keep Mistress grounded in the reality that you are doing the work of two."

When Mistress returned she had slut scoot aside and sat with me. Rebecca and Richard had been having a private conversation in the corner. When they were done Rebecca came over and knelt next to the slut.

"Mistress Christine, this slave would like to offer her assistance. It is too much to expect for the slut to handle her other duties and pick up the slack from little boy and help with his care. My master has given me permission to help out a few hours a day here, if I work later at the shop to keep up my seamstress duties."

Mistress looked to Richard and he nodded his assent. "Thank you Rebecca, that is very generous of you, but not necessary. You have your own responsibilities."

"She's going to come anyway Chris. She'll be here Monday by mid-morning."

"Rich! I do not..."

"Mistress can this be discussed later, or in another room. Little boy does not mean any disrespect, but my head is still pounding, and you all screaming isn't helping it. He'd get up too leave but..." I motioned to my feet.

Mistress looked at me with a slight smile. "Sorry my love, we will leave you to rest. Everybody out."


While I served them coffee in the living room, Mistress relented to Richard's insistence that Rebecca help out and shortly they left for home.

Mistress called me out of the kitchen when she returned from the seeing them out.

She grabbed me lightly around the throat. "I should string you up and beat the rebellion out of you for your actions tonight."

"Slut is sorry Mistress!" She released her grip.

"Except you were right in all three cases. Thank you for making me focus on little boy more than revenge. Not to mention you arranged a rescue party not knowing I was on my way already, while gagged and hooded."

"Mistress, may this slave say something?"

"What is it slut."

"Thank you for consenting to Rebecca's help. This slut thinks we need someone here that can look normal and freely leave for supplies not to mention answer the door while Master is unable to."

"You understand you will have to stay masked while she's here."

"If that is your wish Mistress, but this slut found out tonight it is not required for Rebecca."

"What? Did she see your face?"

"No Mistress, but she has known for a long time. She tricked this slut into revealing the truth by calling her by her old name after she gave her the mask tonight."

"How did she know?"

"When you had little boy measure this slut, Rebecca somehow recognized her dimensions as Brandy Stallton. Rebecca said our secret is safe with her."

"Even with the crimes you committed?"

"She did not believe this slut did those things as Brandy Mistress. This slut told her the truth that she truly had, and how this slut ended up as your slave."

"I'm not sure the truth was the best thing to say then, but it is done. The mask is at your discretion with her then. Let's get you settled into your cell for the night and get that device out of you."

I knelt down. "Mistress please, this slut knows she does not deserve it, but can she sleep near to you and Master, she does not want to be alone, and wishes to be close if you need her help with Master little boy. As far as Master's wedlock device, she does not mind it being left in; she knows it was not intended to come out until tomorrow at the earliest."

"You want to sleep in my bed with us. Have you developed romantic feeling for my husband by sleeping with him the last several nights?"

"No Mistress, this slut would settle for the floor in any nearby room or the hall. She does not want your husband."

"Fine, fetch a blanket and pillow from one of the guest rooms and sleep at the foot of my bed."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you." I leaned down and kissed her sneakers then headed back the hall.

Little boy was asleep when we entered.

"So much for not being able to sleep without me!" Mistress said with a smile.

Mistress stripped out of her clothes and showered. It was only the second time I had seen Mistress relatively naked and I was in awe. She was so perfectly proportioned for someone of her excessive height.

"Mistress, since Master is asleep; would you like this slut to eat your pussy to relieve some stress?"

"I'm not in the mood, and if I was I would prefer my husband regardless." She snapped at me in a hushed voice.

I did not let her tone upset me. "Slut understands Mistress; she was just trying to be of service to you."

Despite the anger vanishing from her eyes she kept up the harsh verbal tone. "I better not wake to find you wandering the house, you stay put here, or the hall bathroom only. My bathroom is off limits."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress, slut will not make you regret this privilege. Good night."

I heard some rustling on the bed and little boy let out a slight content moan.


When little boy woke screaming I was woke from my sleep, as was likely half the neighborhood.

Mistress was already trying to calm him down, she looked at me and then his kicking feet and I got the message. I sat my ass down across his calves so he would stop kicking.

"Easy baby it's okay, what is the matter?"

He stared at her almost looking through her. He held up his hands and stared at them. Finally he mumbled: "Dream, just a bad dream." He looked at Mistress's chest and ran his right hand over her left tit and left out a sigh.

"Keith honey, please tell me about it. Don't hold it in." I got off of him at that point and sat on the bed near his hip. He acknowledged me by patting my thigh.

"It was a horrible nightmare Mistress. It was like one of those 'What If?' comics depicting how things happened if one little factor was changed. In my dream you never rescued me from Helena, and she tortured me for hours then threw me in a small stone alcove barely big enough for me when the door closed.

It repeated for countless days, months even, torture and a dark alcove, until one day I was strapped spread-eagle to a table at my forearms and calves, gagged, and covered by a sheet. When the sheet was pulled away Helena was standing there with you. She bragged to you how she had found me and brought me there so you could properly punish me for leaving you.

She handed you a meat cleaver and she told you of all the things I likely did with the slut when we ran away, instructing you to chop off my fingers as she goes. Finally she tells you to chop off my whole hands and my feet.

As I lay there in agony, she attaches you to an x-frame and strips your clothes off of you. It is then I saw her 'horse and whip' mark tattooed on your left breast. She had enslaved you in the time I was captive. I tried to crawl away now that my stubbed limbs which were unable to be kept in place by the straps. Then you saw the brand on my ass, and questioned Helena on why it looked so old and healed.

She then admitted to you I never ran away, that I had been in that very basement since the day of my disappearance. You were terrified to learn that you just maimed me because of a lie. As you hung there crying and cursing her for what she did, she attached a thick steel neck collar and matching cuffs to your limbs. And that's when I woke up. Mistress, it scared me so much to think you became her slave!"

"All that pain and dismemberment and the thing that scared you the most was Mistress turning submissive." I giggled.

Mistress shot me a glance that told me to watch my mouth. "Little boy, no person on Earth will enslave me more than you already have. I am a slave of my love for you."

"Forgive little boy for waking you Mistress." I rolled my eyes as I went back to the foot of the bed. The mushiness was making me sick to my stomach.

"Forgiven. Now let's get back to sleep, I've missed you next to me so much, and I didn't have a slut to cuddle with like you did."


In the morning I carried little boy to the huge tub, leaving his feet dangling out, and bathed him.

"Mistress this is all wrong, you shouldn't be doing this!"

"Nonsense! A good Master or Mistress takes care of their slaves when they are unable to do it themselves, as does a good spouse. You've taken care of me enough. Now it's my turn, let's get you clean. The slut is making us breakfast, and after that I will run to the pharmacy for your pain meds and to get more bandages."

I began handling his balls and he laid back and enjoyed the experience. Soon his noises of contentment turned a bit pained. I knew his cock was trying to harden and I watched as it swelled to the limits of its prison, the skin swelling through the ventilation slots scattered around the tube. I had originally planned last night that after we would have returned from Knot Time I was going to fuck him senseless. Then when his cock had drained the blood from his brain, let him lick my pussy by pure animal instinct. I sighed at the lost opportunity and went back to washing my man.

When I left I almost went back in to yell at little boy for not setting the Mercedes' seat back. It was unlike him, he is normally so conscientious about that. Then I remembered he originally was going to use it to pick me up today when I was scheduled to return, so there was no need to adjust it until he got to the Airport.

I had a half hour wait for the medicine so I wandered about the store picking up the bandages and other odds and ends when I came across the cellular phones. Among them was a series of 'pay as you go' phones for kids. It didn't have a numeric keypad or touchscreen, just a basic display, a scroll up/down key, dial/answer and hang up/power. I looked at the specs. It could only call numbers that were programmed from a computer using an included data cable and software disk. Further reading of some of the security settings showed that it could also block any calls not coming from a programmed number. I think slut needs a phone in case little boy has a problem so she can at least call me. I threw a super girly one in the cart. Bright pink with purple flowers should be suitably embarrassing.

I pulled in the garage and made a mental note about making arrangements with Rebecca to get little boy's car today.

I walk in the house and the slut was giving little boy a mug of coffee. He was still on the couch with his feet propped up on the extended footrest. His laptop was on the couch next to him.

"Mistress would you like a cup of coffee?"

"Yes slut." She scurried off and I noticed she had on her daily ballet boots. "You make her put those on? And how did you get your laptop, you crawl into the den?"

"No on both Mistress." He gave me a slightly apologetic look. "Little boy is sorry Mistress, he had left his laptop unattended in the dungeon after our 'chat' session yesterday. He had the slut get it for him while you were out. When she brought it up she also brought her boots up, put them on and gave me the key for their locks."

He dangled the keys in front of me. I was astonished. "Well with everything going yesterday leaving the laptop set up in the basement was understandable. She was not alone with it, and it appears to be a moot point after last night anyway."

"What is with this cut off milk jug on the floor?"

He blushed. "The slut did that, little boy needed to go to the bathroom. She emptied it right away when he was done."

Just then the slut came in. "Sorry Mistress, but there was not a full cup left so this slut made a fresh half pot for you."

"Thank you and I am proud you decided to put your boots on. I was not too worried about that given the situation. I will be in the den for a bit, put these away, and put your Master's pills on the counter." I handed her the bags, except the one with the cell phone.

"Yes Mistress, This slut feared she would be punished if she willfully continued to take advantage of the situation. Is there any other specific tasks you would like done after this, or should this slut putter about."

"Putter about if you choose, or kneel in waiting here in the living room. Either way; be mindful of your Master's needs."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Slut, bring little boy a pill then please, his feet ache something awful."

"Yes Master." She trotted off.

I gave little boy a kiss, "I'll be back in a little bit, I bought something for the slut and I need to set it up and make a few calls."

"Little boy loves you Mistress."

I close the door and open the cell phone package. I insert the mini-CD into my desktop computer and begin the installation of the software.

While that is running I call Richard at the shop.

"Cuff Linx, how may I help you?"

"Hey Rich."

"Chris! How's Keith?"

"In pain, he is trying to cover it but I know his tells. He had an intense nightmare this morning too."

"Not surprising, I'd be terrified of her if I went through what he did. Just so you know, if he hasn't already done so, you will likely get a call from Vic Marcus today. He called me this morning; he is banning Helena from Knot Time and putting out a black-ball notice to all the club owners in the entire Detroit Metro area."

"Okay. I still find it hard to believe she would do this. But anyway, can I borrow Becks for an hour or so to get little boy's car from the club's lot, before Vic has it towed."

"He isn't going to get it towed, he waits a few days first, plus he asked me if it was the kidnapee's car and I said it was and that you would get it as soon as possible. Come and get her anytime today."

"Thanks I'll send her a message when I'm on the way."

"No problem Chris, go take care of the little boy now and tell him we said hi."

"Will do. Talk to you later."

I finished the cell phone's set-up and activated it.

When I came back to the living room slut was watching little boy do a soduko puzzle on his laptop.

"Slut hold out your hand."

She did so with a little trepidation and I set the cell phone's charger cable in her hand. She looked at it with curiosity but feared to ask me what it was for. "Ummm thank you Mistress."

"You are going to need to be a little bit more responsible, your master sacrificed his chance to escape in order to protect you, you will need to be willing and able to help him, and summon help if it is beyond your ability to handle." I showed her the phone, "This can call five numbers, my cell, Rebecca's, Richard's, and also little boy's cell, and last but not least Doctor Miller. If while I'm at work and there is an issue use your judgment as to how serious the need is. Low; call Rebecca or Richard, High; the Doctor, Life or death; me."

"This slut understands Mistress."

"Good go charge it in the kitchen; you will make sure it always has a sufficient charge. Make us all lunch now, soup and grilled cheese sounds good for today."

"Of course Mistress."

I looked back to little boy expecting to see mild amusement, instead he was looking at a map on his laptop with a confused expression.

"Mistress according to iCloud, my iPhone is in the Knot Time parking lot."

"Yeah so?"

"Little boy had it and his wallet in his pants pockets when he was abducted. It should be showing up at Helena's mansion assuming he was stripped there. It does not make sense"

"Well I'll find out after lunch, I'll need your keys so Becks and I can go get it."

He looked over his shoulder. "Slut where are my keys? You had them last!"

She came to the door. "This slut believes she and Rebecca left them sit in the cell downstairs. Shall she fetch them before she starts the sandwiches?"

"No slut I got them. You've handled far too many keys the last 24 hours."

"Yes Mistress."


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