Another Slaviversary 1: The Slut's Slaviversary

by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2013 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

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stories continue from Slaviversary

1: The Slut's Slaviversary

I had been pre-rinsing the cookware to load into the dishwasher when little boy came in and set the table dishes next to the sink. "After you have the dishwasher running Mistress would like to have a word with you in the living room."

"Yes Master. Please let Mistress know that the slut will be with her shortly."

"Good slut." Little boy gave me a shit-eating grin; he knew what it was Mistress wanted me for. His grin reassured me I was not in trouble. Little boy did not find happiness in pain for punishment's sake. I knew while submitting to Mistress he would reach the point where pain and pleasure melded as one, the mindset many called 'sub-space', but to watch as another was hurt was uncomfortable to him.

When I entered the living room Mistress was sitting prim and proper on her chair (I liked to think of it as her 'throne'), dressed in a blue silk top and black skirt over the suntan colored hosiery on her crossed legs, the coat to the skirt suit had been tossed over the back of the couch when she came home from work.

Master little boy knelt next to her. Little boy did not wear clothes in the home usually, his only adornments being his stainless steel chastity tube and slave collar. He also wore the control for my punishment collar on his wrist. Like me he was totally hairless below the eyes. However little boy was allowed to keep his short hair on top of his head, while I was kept bald after my formerly shoulder length blond hair had been removed by our Mistress.

I went to my knees before them, a tricky thing to do when you are locked in wedge style ballet boots and a corset. The wrist chains do not really help either. The rod protruding from the rear shield of my chastity belt comes in contact with the floor putting pressure on the butt plug attached to the shield's inner surface.

I placed my hands flat on the floor, looked up to make eye contact, and then looked to the foot she had on the floor before addressing her. "You summoned the slut Mistress."

"Yes slut, I have some good news for you."

When Mistress has given me good news the last few months, it has resulted in minor improvements to my situation. The most recent changes were that I was no longer required to wear the ring gag on the residence level of the home, and that I now eat at Mistress and Master's feet with them, instead of in my cell after them. When that change happened little boy was also promoted from eating at Mistress's feet to sitting next to her. Maybe she would be telling me she was going to allow me to grow my hair back!

"Next week is your slaviversary; we will be celebrating it a day late on Friday."

"Mistress, the slut does not mean to be smart but shouldn't her slaviversary have been months ago? You took this slut just a few weeks after you took Master as your slave."

She laughed. "Technically speaking; yes I have possessed your body since then. But unlike little boy you did not accept me as your Mistress on the day I captured you. It will be a year ago next Wednesday that you tried to run while little boy was otherwise occupied. The next day was when you finally accepted that you were a slave of my household."

"The slut sees Mistress's logic. Please forgive her questioning you."

"That's fine, you did it respectfully. I will be taking Friday off and we will take you to lunch in town, and then an evening at Knot Time. And I have some ideas for earlier in the day also."

"Mistress what about the slut being recognized? Brandy Stallton is still wanted by the FBI. If the slut is seen by someone who knows her, you and Master may get arrested too."

"I've planned on ways to prevent that. I think we all will be perfectly safe. Are your chores done for today?"

"The slut just needs to put away the leftovers when they cool."

"Fine, you may go wait in the kitchen for now. You may watch the television or listen to the radio while you wait. Little boy, let's get me more comfortable." With that they went to their bedroom, as I went to kneel in the kitchen and relax.


The next two days were routine for Master little boy and I. Admittedly I was on edge over the plans for next Friday, excited to have my first real day out in public, a chance to prove myself to Mistress that I have surrendered myself to her. But the fear of being recognized and going to prison, or murdered in cold blood by some criminal looking to collect on one of the hits out on me, tempered that excitement.

Little boy had been in Mistress's study where he was doing one of his sketches for the fetish magazines when he shouted; "Garage door!"

My cue to stop what I was doing (in this case I was just putting away the vacuum cleaner) and wait by the door. Little boy had settled in between myself and the door, in the area I could not approach without being shocked by my collar. He always greeted her first when she came home. I heard the garage door lowering and a moment later the shadow of our 6'-1 1/2" tall Mistress was cast over us by the garage lights.

Little boy went to kiss her feet as was his norm, but she just walked past us, almost kicking him in the head as she went. Little boy and I exchanged glances, I could read the confusion in his eyes.

"Slut, go back to whatever you were doing."

"Yes Mistress, right away."

"Little boy, my den, now!"

He scrambled past me.

"Slut is dinner ready?"

"Yes Mistress, the slut just needs to place it on the table after Master little boy sets it."

"You set the table, I need to talk to little boy." She gave me a 'move on' wave of her hand so I did just that.

When they came out about fifteen minutes later I served the meal. Both were quiet throughout dinner. Mistress looked like she was deep in thought.

"Dinner was good slut, thank you. Little boy, since slut did your share of the dinner prep, you're doing the cleaning up tonight."

"Yes Mistress, little boy will start immediately."

"Slut, come with me."

I feared Mistress was taking me to the dungeon to relieve some stress, but instead she went to her chair and directed me to kneel.

"Slut I got a bit of a surprise today, I'm being sent to a seminar in Colorado next week. I leave Sunday. I have misgivings about leaving you home alone with little boy."

"Mistress the slut understands if you wish to keep her locked up all week."

She smiled at me. "No I have no fear for him here in the home itself but outside. I wanted to cancel Friday, but your Master insists he can handle you in public. He feels you will be well behaved for him."

"The slut will be a model slave for Master; she no longer wants harm to come to either of you Mistress."

"So at one time you did?"

I just put my ballet heeled foot in my mouth! "Back when the slut first was your prisoner Mistress; Yes she did, but wouldn't anyone in that situation?"

She smiled at me. "And now?"

"No Mistress, there is no point. The slut would still be a prisoner if she managed to escape. A prisoner of the fates. She has nothing, nowhere to go, and no one to turn for help. Live a life hiding in rundown towns working for cash to survive, or here protected and provided for in exchange for servitude. You and Master keep me fed and cleaned; I take care of your home, and cook for you. It is better than I deserve from you."

"Very well, go help little boy clean up from supper. I need to think."


When my cell's lights came on I was startled from my sleep. It felt like I had just fallen asleep a little bit ago. I immediately got to my knees expecting little boy to take me to the wet room for the morning routine. I was shocked to see Mistress enter in a robe. The belt of the robe was not tied so the robe itself was not closed, exposing her breasts and well-trimmed bush to me. To be honest, in the nearly year and a half I have been in this house, I had never really seen Mistress not decently covered (a subjective term based on her previous occupation). Mistress set a chair in the door, and sat on it straddling the back, further displaying her nether regions to me.

"Mistress is it morning already?"

"Yes, but only about 1AM. I wanted to talk to you with little boy not in earshot. He does not want you to know this, but with what is going on with my work, I think you need to know the truth."

"What truth Mistress?"

"Your recent privileges have been earned for you."

"Do you mean by someone else?"

"Exactly. Little boy thought you have earned each privilege, to prove to me his belief in you, he endured a challenge for each one." She looked at me with a wistful grin. "For your gag to be removed, he remained gagged while you were in your cell. He had to willingly apply the gag himself, and not remove it except at my instruction or when he came to get you for the day. For you to eat with us, he ate his breakfast from a dog bowl that I picked up used at a yard sale; that was two weeks he ate willingly from it. He has gone a month without being released from his chastity except for supervised cleanings, just to give you your slaviversary outing."

"Mistress why did you let Master put himself through these for me. The slut is not worthy."

"I agree, but your Master believes you have made a real effort to better yourself, and wanted to reward you. I needed to see how strong he felt about it. I know if he feels strongly about something he will give it his all. He has not failed in anything I have placed before him when it benefitted you."

I felt the tears as they traced my face. "The slut should have endured the trials, not little boy. If she would have known, this slut would have told him not to do it."

"That's what he said, and that's why you will not tell him you know. I just wanted you to know it, because this week he does not have me to protect him. He hasn't failed you; don't fail him by proving him wrong."

"The slut intended to be the best slave she can for Master, now she knows she will be."

Mistress reached out and took my chin. "Good because the alternative would be very bad for you." She picked up the chair disappeared through the door. As it closed the lights went out and I was again alone.

Well I guess if I see little boy walking around here bald, I can expect to finally grow my hair back.


We parked in the departure parking lot of the airport. Mistress handed me the Mercedes' keys. "Be careful with her. I better only see enough mileage for a round trip back to the house when you pick me up Saturday night."

"You know little boy prefers his Subaru to drive around Mistress. These luxury sports cars make him nervous."

She smiled at me; she indeed knew I was uncomfortable driving either her Mercedes or her Mustang. I had actually tried to convince her to use my car to take her to the airport, but she didn't like the leg room in it. And since my wife had legs that went on forever, I understood that on a 45 minute drive it would be uncomfortable for her. Personally I didn't see any difference in leg room, but I have sufficient leg room in the back seat of the Mustang.

"I want you to read one online Femdom story, and one video from the collection each night."

"Yes Mistress, and other than Friday, business as usual for myself and the slut. Do not worry Mistress, little boy has faith she will behave" She smiled at me, I know she is worried and why. But I see that the slut has long since accepted her fate.

We started walking through the lot when we heard; "Christine! Over here."

"Hi Laura. Good timing, give your bag to little boy."

Mistress's co-worker handed me her bag so I now had one in each hand. She reached up and toyed with my collar. Laura had been one of Mistress's old co-workers that also worked at the firm Mistress is now with. She knew Mistress had left the old firm to become a professional Dominatrix. At the firm's Christmas party last year she cornered me and forced me to show her my collar. She has played with it whenever she sees me since.

"Always such a gentleman. You did remember to take off your bracelet didn't you Chris. I'd hate to get hung up in security because you can't take off a simple metal bracelet."

Mistress rolled up her sleeve showing that the bracelet that matched my collar was indeed not there. "It's at home on my desk. I'm not happy about it, I feel naked without it. I think I'm going to have to order the removal tool keychain so I can just take it off for a short while, and be able to put it back on later."

I walked Mistress and Laura to the Departure Terminal, carrying their suitcases as far as security would let me.

"Okay Keith, you stay out of trouble, I'll see you Saturday evening." She gave me a kiss that melted my soul.

"Travel safe my love. I'll miss you more than you can know."

And miss her I did! Our king size bed felt like an empty football stadium to me. I could not sleep that night, I lumped her pillows and the blankets up on her side in hopes it would make me feel better, but it was all for naught. My wife and Mistress was hundreds of miles away and I missed her with every fiber of my being.

Tuesday afternoon the doorbell rang. I threw on my t-shirt and shorts as the slut went down to the dungeon. I looked out the window to see a man in a suit. I opened the door "May I help you?"

He flashed a badge at me and my heart sunk "Agent Lucas Mantin FBI. Are you Keith Urnst?"

"Not any longer, I took my wife's name when we married, it's Keith Cavanaugh now."

"Were you forced into this marriage?"

"What? Why would you ask something like that?"

"You've heard of the Brandy Stallton case?"

Mistress had prepared me for this long ago, a little fact and fiction to give them satisfaction. "She was the woman arrested last year for kidnapping and selling people as servants to wealthy foreigners. What does that have to do with me?"

"Close, we haven't caught her yet. But that is what she is suspected of. We have been following up on some new info we uncovered and your picture was one of several that came up in a series of emails between her and a customer. We know you don't leave this house alone often, and you quit your full time job and moved out of your apartment around the time of the emails. When I saw the collar on your neck, I wanted to make sure you are here willingly."

I rubbed my collar smiling at him. "I work from home doing freelance illustrations for magazines now. And this is basically my wedding band so to say. I directed his attention to the picture on the wall of Mistress and I standing and hugging each other on our honeymoon in Hawaii, her left arm was intentionally draped over my neck placing her bracelet over my heart and next to my collar. "See my wife has one too, on her wrist though. We didn't want traditional rings. I liked the collar; she wanted a bracelet because she wears necklaces often."

He eyed me suspiciously, trying to see if I was lying. He finally smiled and nodded at me. "Well we wanted to inform you and the other people in the pictures so you can be a little more cautious. She hasn't been heard from since some of her credit cards were used in Bogota Columbia right before we started looking for her, but once down there she could easily have got false papers and be anywhere by now."

"Thank you for your concern Agent Mantin. I will definitely watch my back. I'd hate to leave my beautiful wife wondering what happened to me." I offered my hand to shake which he took.

He turned to leave. "Don't take this the wrong way, but you two make an odd pair."

"You should see us dancing; I got the best view on the floor." I winked and gave him a thumbs up.

He laughed as he headed down the walk to the car.

After he was gone I went down for the slut. She was kneeling in her cell waiting. "Slut have you ever been to Bogota in South America?"

She looked at me "No Sir, the only time the slut has left the US was to go to Canada, and only the once. Why Master?"

"Nothing just something that popped up in the conversation with our visitor."

Later we were eating our dinner in the kitchen (I didn't see the sense in eating in the dining room without Mistress), I began nodding off at the table.

"Master, perhaps you should put this slut in her cell and you go to your bed. You do not look well. This slut can do the dishes in the morning."

"I'm just tired slut, don't worry about me."

"Master the phones ringing!"

"Huh? Oh thank you, keep cleaning up slut."

I rushed to the den and grabbed the phone.


"That took you long enough slave!"

"I'm, excuse little boy, he is sorry Mistress, but he was not expecting your call until eight,"

"Honey it is eight."

I looked at the phone's Caller ID and it was indeed just after eight. Where had the time gone? The slut and I began eating at 5:30! "Little boy must have lost track of time Mistress, he is sorry."

"Now, how was your day?"

I told her that today had been basically normal, except for the visitor. I proceeded to fill her in about the agent that visited here today.

"Interesting, but obviously nothing to worry about. Little boy I need you to get me something from one of my file cabinets."

"You mean the ones little boy is not allowed to touch?"

"Yes, get me the cell number from Ed Hernandez's file."

I found the file and read off the number.

"Good night little boy, I miss you."

"Little boy misses you very much also Mistress. Good night."

I hadn't even cleared the door before I pressed down on the button of the collar control. Slut squealed from where she was kneeling in the kitchen.

"Slut! Why did you let me sleep so long?!"

"Master you looked so tired, you were not even done eating when you fell asleep. So the slut decided she should let you rest, and she went about her work. If she would have known that Mistress was going to call she would have made sure Master was awake."

"You're lucky I don't take a paddle to you. Now come on time to get you ready for bed."

"Yes Master, the slut is sorry."


Little boy had seemed a tad off-balance during the call.

I hoped the visit by this Agent Mantin was truly routine. But I better make sure it stays routine.

I had wired cameras into my home well before even capturing little boy and had all the recording stored on a 20GB Data Server that would keep the last two weeks of video from every camera. I logged into the server from my iPhone and reviewed the front door activity. I watched and listened to the conversation. At least the feint of having one of Helena's servants traveling to Columbia with the slut's credit cards had diverted their attentions a little. However the timing and line of questioning seemed a little too much of a coincidence to me. Logging off I dialed the number little boy gave me.

The ringing was answered quickly. "Hello?"

"Hello Slave Feeble." I heard the familiar sound of a sigh of contentment

"Hello Mistress. I expected you to call last week."

"Why Feeble?"

"One of my agents was supposed to come and see your husband last week to question him and inform him he had been a possible target of a kidnapping enterprise."

"Yes an Agent Mantin came today while I was out of town. He tried to get my husband to say he was my prisoner, and he was forced into marrying me. Am I under investigation?"

"No Mistress, not officially at least! What was asked specifically?" I explained to him what I saw in the recordings. "I apologize Mistress; Mantin has gone off on a tangent. I will call you back shortly; I will nip this in the butt now."

"Very well Feeble, Call me back at this number. And Ed..."

"Yes Mistress?"

"Thank you."

"Not a problem Christine."

About twenty minutes later my phone rang.

"Hello Feeble."

"Mistress I had a talk with my subordinate. He had actually ended up following your husband last week and saw his collar. He watched and when he feared that if he interviewed him with you present as originally instructed by me he could tip off a possible conspirator. When he saw you had not been around in a few days he decided to act. I have ordered him to break off his unsanctioned investigation, that I know you both personally, and while you're both a bit eccentric, you are in a loving and consensual relationship."

"Very good, and I can count on your support if this ends up going any farther."


"Thank you. Now how are things with Maitresse Raven?"

"They are very good Mistress. She and my Goddess get along nicely, and like you she does not give up my key easily."

FBI Senior Agent Ed Hernandez (I called him Feeble, a play on the slang term for FBI 'feebs') and his wife Gloria used me as a keyholder for his chastity belt because Gloria would give in to temptation and unlock him too soon. "How long has it been Feeble?"

"Seven weeks, almost eight."

From the background I heard Gloria yell: "Maitresse taught me to milk his prostate last month. You were right Crystal it is so much fun to watch them squirm. I should have tried it when you suggested it!"

I laughed "Well Feeble, I'll put in a good word for you with Raven. You have been a big help, sorry for calling so late."

"Thank you and you are welcome Mistress."

It was pushing 10 at night here and I decided I should do a visual inspection at home. When I booted up the program on my laptop it started by default on the Isolation Cell. The slut was laid out diagonally across the room, instead of with her feet toward the wall opposite the door as I have required of her.

I activated the audio link. "What do you think you are doing slut? Get that mat positioned properly or you will lose it!"

She sprang up onto her knees and looked straight at the camera. "Thank goodness Mistress; the slut feared you were not checking up on us. The slut did this hoping to get your attention Mistress."

I had my doubts of her sincerity. "Why would you want my attention?"

"She is concerned that Master is not well. He was falling asleep during dinner, and slept until she woke him when you called."

"And when he slept you did what?"

"The slut cleaned up from dinner, and then knelt by his side waiting for him to take her to her cell."

"He told me none of this earlier. If this just a ploy to get out of punishment..."

"Please Mistress, just ask little boy, he will not obscure the truth to you if you claim to know already, The slut will accept any punishment you deem required if you will please just check on Master."

Her concern seemed real. "Very well wait for little boy or me to get back to you before going to bed again."

"Yes Mistre..." I flipped through to the bedroom feed before she could finish.

It was already in night vision mode, I could see little boy lying in bed, eyes wide open staring at my empty pillow. I started the playback of the nighttime recordings from Sunday and Monday nights. Sunday showed little boy rolling around, and building a pile on my side of the bed. He could not seem to get comfortable. Monday, was much like tonight, he lay there wide awake all night staring at my side of the bed. Then I watched the recording from tonight, and it was just as she had said. He fell asleep while eating he even dropped his fork on the floor narrowly missing the slut's hand as it fell. The slut had good reason for concern.

I switched over to live feed and I dialed his phone. He practically leapt off the bed as my ringtone scared the shit out of him. "Mistress! Is there a problem?"

"Yes little boy, with you. Why aren't you sleeping?"

"I was in bed Mistress."

"But you weren't sleeping. Why didn't you tell me you were having a problem sleeping?"

"How... Little boy did not want to worry Mistress. He is just having a problem sleeping without you Mistress."

"Maybe lying in a cage will help you sleep."

"Yes Mistress." He said dejectedly as he got up and headed to the door.

"Keith I was joking!"

"I'm sorry Mistress, he is just... Forgive me Mistress, this slave is just so..."

"Baby get out your sleepsack and set it on my side of the bed."

"Little boy has tried to..."

"You are not going to be lining up pillows and blankets this time, but filling it with a warm body. Fetch the slut, have her get in it, and try to sleep that way."

"Mistress, are you sure? I want you, not..."

"Do it for me, try to sleep this way. It may not be me, but a living surrogate may be sufficient for you to sleep. Do not worry about getting up until you wake naturally, or when I call to check with you before I go for breakfast."

"Yes Mistress, as you command."

I had flipped quickly back to the cell during the end of my conversation with little boy. "Slut little boy will be with you shortly to administer your punishment. If you need me again do just what you did tonight. Fix up your sleeping mat now."

"I understand Mistress"

I watched as little boy got the slut and led her by the hand out of the cell, and then into the sleepsack on our bed, making sure her arms were in the internal sleeves before closing the zipper. The sleepsack had been custom made for little boy. Since she was two inches taller than little boy and had a descent bust line, it fit her rather snugly.

"Master, has Mistress approved this? The slut does not want to get you in trouble."

"It's her idea. I will be honest slut. I have not slept well without Mistress. Somehow she found this out. She thinks having you in bed with me will help."

"This slave is glad to be of help Master. Now Master please try to sleep, close your eyes and just dream of Mistress."

He turned out the light and I watched in the night vision.

I heard the slut whisper; "Master? Master?" Slightly louder she spoke toward the ceiling; "It worked Mistress. Thank you for trusting this slave's word, she is proud to serve in your absence. Good night Mistress."

I watched a while longer as my slaves slept. Little boy had a content look on his face as he cuddled up to her. I was not sure if I should feel happy that he has become so dependent on me, or jealous that another warm body was sufficient to replace me. I decided to be relieved he would be more awake and alert in coming days.

The next morning they were both still asleep when I got up to hit the hotel gym. I called little boy's cell and watched as they startled awake.

"Good morning Mistress."

"Do you feel better my love?"

"Yes Mistress, thank you, she was a sufficient placebo, the slut's breathing and heartbeat put me to sleep very quickly."

"Take her to bed with you, just like she is now, until my return. You will tell me if there are any more problems. I don't need you falling asleep while driving or mowing the lawn."

"Yes Mistress, little boy understands. He is sorry!"

"Put me on speaker."

"Ok you're on speaker."


"Yes Mistress?"

"I want you to keep an eye on little boy. If he continues to have a problem you will have him call me. If she tells me she told you to call and you didn't; I will take you over my knee."

"Yes Mistress" They said in chorus.

"Now get yourselves in gear, you are already behind schedule for today. Little boy keep yourself dressed the next few days and carry your phone."

"Yes Mistress" They said in chorus again.


I was chained up in my cell as little boy did his enemas, before he came and got me and administered my own. After our shower, little boy and I went through the rest of our daily routine and were quickly at the point where we normally would be at lunchtime. As I cleaned the counter little boy came up beside me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you slut, I don't know how you did it, but I know you somehow told Mistress."

I played dumb. "This slut does not know what you are talking about Master."

"She knew too much about my situation for someone two time zones away. Did she slip you a cell phone?"

I turned to him, "Master! Do you honestly believe Mistress would trust the slut with a phone? She is a wise Mistress, she has her ways."

After our dinner cleanup little boy left me in the cell until he was ready for bed. There had been no more incidents with him sleeping during the day, so I believed Mistress's solution would get him through the rest of the week.

It felt good to be that close to another person again. Aside from Marv, I had not been intimate with anyone since the client I had two days before I started hunting for Keith Urnst. During his sleep little boy's hands roamed my body a little, waking me on occasion from the pleasant feelings.

Soon it was Friday morning and little boy was hoisting my legs up. I was surprised when he came back and started a third enema (Fridays I normally only got two), when he hung up the bag a fourth time I knew today was going to be a bit different.

In all I got six enemas, if my colon had any shit left in it; it would be a miracle! Little boy then had me stand and attached my wrists to the spreader bar that my feet had just been attached to. He had touched up my shaving earlier in the week while we showered after our enemas. He went over my legs, underarms, and head with the razor. He left me hanging and returned with a key. I knew that key.

"Master you've had the slut's chastity belt key all week?"

"Of course, and my own, just in case of medical emergency. Now I'm going to shave your pubes, hold still while I'm working."

"Yes Master."

He soon had the belt and corset set aside and was spreading the shaver lotion over me. He carefully shaved my pussy, pubic mound, and even my asshole. To finish he sprayed me down with cold water from head to toe.

Another surprise came when little boy brought a yoke in from the main room. He first attached it to my neck and then each arm was detached from its end of the spreader bar and into the end of the yoke.

This device usually meant pain was soon coming.

Little boy had me lay on a bench with my ass hanging off the end and attached my collar to a chain from the floor.


"Not really Master, but is the slut's comfort really an issue?"

"No it's not slut. Five with the flogger across the belly." That was Mistress's voice!

After little boy had made my belly a little pink I looked around and saw a laptop sitting up on the table, Mistress was watching through an online video chat. She saw me notice the computer. "That was for being sarcastic. Finish up little boy."

He quickly had cuffs on my ankles and just above my knees. These cuffs were soon hooked to chains so that I was splayed open and unable to close my legs. Lastly he attached what looked like the handle of a shopping cart over me

"She is ready Mistress."

"You did good little boy. Get everything else ready. Slut when was the last time you had an orgasm?"

"About a week before this slut broke into your home Mistress."

"So your Uncle Marv has never made you cum?"

"No Mistress, the slut would feel an orgasm building but he always finished before the slut could cum."

"No real surprise there, that's one of the reasons why I only dated him a short time. That and he really wasn't much into submitting to me." I saw the look of surprise on little boy's face, he had evidently not known Marv and Mistress had a sexual history. "Today I will let you cum, if you agree to my stipulations."

I felt a few tears on my face. "Anything Mistress, the slut is at your mercy."

I could see her smile on the laptop's display. "Fail to do as instructed or beg for anything I instruct to stop and it all ends and you may never get another chance."

"The slut understands Mistress."

"First little boy will fuck you up the ass, until he leaves his sperm deep in your rectum. With that complete he will slide on a cock ring while he is limp and you will orally service him until he is hard again. When he feels it is time he will fuck your cunt until I say to stop. You will ask for permission to cum each time you are close, and then you will wait for me to allow it."

"Please Mistress, I... she agrees to it all!"

"Okay little boy, nipple clamps, and remember hang the weights over the side."

Little boy attached a clover clamps to each nipple. I suppressed a scream as he dropped the weights which were each attached to a clamp by a several inch long chain. They hung below my torso and were swinging freely pulling my breasts to the side.

"Do you want to continue?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Begin then little boy."

I was lubed up and he began pushing into me. Unlike the first time he took me anally, he slid in with little resistance. Finally a benefit from wearing the rear shield of my chastity belt daily!

He took hold of the 'shopping cart' and its purpose became obvious; leverage!

He pushed in and out, causing the weights to swing and painfully tug my nipples in multiple directions.

"Crop; left, right, center!"

Little boy's right hand disappeared from my view, and then I felt the bite of the crop's leather popper at the base of my left rib cage a moment later. I saw the crop as he raised it to reach for the same spot on the far side. I looked him in the eye as he delivered a blow to my stomach. He closed his eyes as the hit landed home.

Mistress called out sequences and locations for the crop to be delivered and little boy followed them to the letter.

"You may cum little boy, deliver your strongest blow to her stomach as you release, and stare into her eyes as you do it. Now!"

Mistress had trained him well and he released on command. It could have been my imagination, but in my emptied state I swear I felt his semen filling me. I saw the look of relief at the release and regret as the crop came down hard on my stomach. I could not suppress that scream.

"Goooood boy! Now hold it in her until you feel things get loose. Stick a few fingers in her pussy. Tell me is she a horny slut?"

"Dripping Mistress."

"Make her suck it off you."

I was not really a stranger to the taste of a female's love juices, but it was the first time I would be tasting my own.

Little boy lowered the three middle fingers of his right hand toward me and I opened up for him. Several strands elongated from his fingers and leapt to my lips. I was dripping wet!

I didn't resist as he slid his fingers between my lips, and dutifully sealed my lips and sucked his fingers clean.

"Little boy, next stage."

He pulled his fingers out of my mouth and turned around to the table. I could barely see the cock ring as he approached me. When he was starting to lean over me I saw it was actually two rings joined by a leather band, one on each side of his ball sack, I could tell they would be tight enough to delay, but not completely stop his ejaculation. He put his weight on the leverage bar and forced himself deep into my mouth.

Now I was glad for the additional enemas, as little boys cock appeared to be clean, both in appearance and taste.

I don't have much of a gag reflex but whenever Mistress has made me suck him off; his size had made it difficult to say the least. Normally I could back up enough to breathe every few moments. The way we were that was not an option. When I began struggling little boy pulled back enough and I took a breath through my nose.

"That's it little boy keep her on the edge." He pushed down a little again until he knew I needed air. We kept that pattern up as he swelled to his normal engorged size.

"Mistress, I am ready."

"Yes so is she, I can see her glistening from here. Push in her as far as you can for a few moments, then pull out and remove the clamps."

My view of little boy's ass started to get fuzzy as my lungs screamed. Suddenly I was gulping fresh air. The shocking pain erupted as blood rushed back into my nipples. This time the scream was unstoppable.

When my vision cleared I saw Mistress's face showing almost evil delight. "Now little boy, and keep that crop handy!"

Little boy began pushing into my love canal.

"God she's tight."

"Well Marv's the only one to be in her for so long, and trust me; he is not very impressive. Now right nipple, left nipple, Right bicep, left bicep!"

The crop rained down as dictated. The shots to my nipples drew tears to my eyes. "Do you still want this orgasm slut?"

"Yes Mistress!"

"Ask for permission when you want it" Mistress continued calling out targets and little boy continued to hit each one.

The first few times I thought I was ready I asked to cum and was denied. Finally I was practically begging, almost incoherent.

"CUM NOW! Double titty twister!"

The orgasm ripped through me when little boy grabbed my nipples and twisted my nipples in opposite directions, while slamming his monster deep into me. My vision exploded in stars.

I barely was even aware of the continued onslaught of the crop, as little boy's cock continued to plow into me I was shaken by what I could only describe as aftershock orgasms.

"Little boy you may cum when you are ready. You will give the slut twisters again when you are ready, slut you may cum again at that time!"

I looked on in anticipation as little boy reached over the bar and took my nipples between his fingers. I saw a pained look on his face; I knew the orgasm was going to be painful through the rings. Mistress was cruelly making him suffer for me.

Little boy toyed with my nipples, I felt him start to twist them, but it felt like it was all in slow motion. I don't remember receiving the pain, but I remember the mind shattering orgasm.

I came back to awareness with my head cradled in little boy's hands.

"Welcome back from sub-space slut. I am pleased with your reactions; it means my training of your worthless body hasn't been a waste."

"Th... tha... thank you Mistress. Slut has never felt so..." I struggled with the feeling I was having.


I cried at my sudden understanding "Yes Master that is it."

"Little boy, take her to the shower, fresh corset, and her belt goes on, as does your own. Then you both may lie down on my bed. Chain her collar to the headboard and set the alarm for 9:30. Your lunch reservation is at 11:30. I'll see you both tomorrow afternoon." She didn't even wait for a response as she disconnected the chat session.


The slut fell quickly to sleep after thanking me and kissing my cheek. I could tell in her eyes she knew I was behind her experience this morning. Of course my original plan involved the Symbian and no form of torture.

The cock ring had been a cruel part for me. My second orgasm had come with quite a bit of pain, destroying the pleasure. If Mistress had been here personally and been whipping me or something I'm sure I would have slipped into sub-space for her. But having her on the computer screen was not real enough and as hard as I tried the mindset would not envelope me.

I laid there for about a half hour, it was pushing 9 now and I just had too many thoughts to sleep. I slipped from the bed and went to the den. I had not brought my laptop up with us so I used the iPhone that Mistress got me a few months ago to send her a mail.


I have such odd feelings about this

Part of me enjoyed tormenting her for
you, part of me reviled it.

I feel happy I provided her pleasure, but
hate myself for providing the pleasure to
someone other than you.

I know it was at your order, but I always
feel like I betray you whenever I have
anything but oral sex with another

Does this make me a bad slave for not
enjoying something you order? Or a bad
husband for enjoying it enough to

Maybe I am just letting my emotions get
the better of me, or I am just missing you
that much that I feel extra guilty.

You are my one true love

Your adoring slave
little boy

I felt some of the stress leave me as I wrote the missive. Now do I delete it or send it?

On a whim I hit 'send'.

Since I'm up and around I go to the spare room and get the slut's clothes together. Mistress had her whole outfit selected already; I just needed to set it out.

I heard the alarm go in the next room for a moment before being shut off. "Master little boy where are you?"

"I'll be right there slut!"

I grabbed the first part of her outfit and went to apply it.

She looked at the device with awe. "Master what is that?"

"I'm disappointed you don't recognize the only two cocks that you have experienced for quite a while." The device was a pair of dildoes cast from Marv and I's penises. Mine would go in her front opening. Marv's replica slid along a metal strip and would seat itself in her ass. All kept in place by her belt.

She began laughing. "When you see them together it's no wonder it felt like you were splitting the slut."

"Well this will be in you today for our lunch trip."

The humor left her face. "How am I... eeyow!" I managed to be quick on the draw for that slip of her tongue. "How is the slut going to walk with that in her?"

"You'll figure it out; you have about an hour and a half to get accustomed to it. Now will you be a good girl and allow me to do it right here, or do I need to take you down and suspend you by the wrists."

"The slut will not resist you Master. You will not need to restrain her."

I took her key from the dresser and unlocked her belt. After a liberal lubing I slid the pair into her adjusting the strip a little for a better slide. I pulled the crotch strap back up and locked it back in place on the belt's front stem. She made an involuntary grunt as the devices were pushed deeper as I closed the belt.

"Be right back." I went into the den and exchanged keys, taking the collar key and leaving the chastity key. On my way out I switched off the invisible fence at the inner garage door."

She looked surprised when I removed her collar.

"Don't fret you will still be fully punishable." She just continued staring at the collar in my hand. "Slut?"

She looked up at me. "Does this mean you trust the slut?"

"No it means I've installed an alternative."

"The inserts you just put in?"

"Yes and they are more than just punishment." She looked at me for more explanation. "Have you ever seen the Rutger Hauer movie 'Wedlock'?"

"No sir."

"He plays a thief who was double-crossed and sent to a special prison. All the prisoners wear an explosive neck collar that is paired with the collar of another unknown prisoner. If the two paired collars get more than 300 feet apart, both collars explode killing the prisoners. That's where I got this idea from; your insert works on a similar principle if you get more than 40 feet from me you will activate the punishment at maximum strength until I disable it. At 35 feet you will get a low level warning jolt and I'll get a beep from the remote."

She gave me a concerned look. "But what if..."

"No what ifs, you just stay close to me and you will be fine."

"Yes Master."

"Now walk to the laundry room and back a few times to get accustomed to them in you, I'll send you a low level shock when I'm ready, I'll be in here or in the next bedroom."


The 'little Marv' plug wasn't hard to get accustom to, it was thinner than the plug of the device that hampers my ability to sit, but it was a bit deeper in me then the rear shield would be. The 'little boy' plug was a whole other story. It was my fourth lap before I felt like I had a normal gait.

I got the summons and went down the hall to find little boy sitting on the bed of one of the spare bedrooms. An outfit was laid out for me to wear.

"Master, these are some of the clothes this slut wore when she was free!"

"Yes Mistress had kept some of your old clothes. It helped with the cover that you left town. Now get dressed."

I almost asked him to leave so I could dress, I laughed at myself for that. This man has regularly bathed me, given me daily enemas, cleaned me up after I piss, and locked me in corsets and a chastity belt, not to mention he had fucked me silly just this morning. Modesty was not really necessary here.

No panties were set out that I saw just a bra and a new package of pantyhose. I opened the semi-opaque tan tights and slid them up my legs. The bra didn't quite fit right because of the corset so I had to adjust into the next set of hooks for a smaller fit. The black skirt was knee length, the top a blue light sweater with a low cut scallop neck and a black build-in mock turtleneck.

Little boy brought over a pair of court shoes with an attached ankle strap and knelt in front of me. "Right foot." I complied and he slipped on the shoe and slid the inside ankle strap through a little box on the outside. I raised my left foot for him to repeat the process without being prompted. "Good girl slut. Now that your outfit is complete, time for the cosmetics, over to the vanity." He motioned me to the side of the door. "There is the makeup Mistress has approved; you may use what you like. We expect respectful amounts, think business conservative, not streetwalker. Oh wait this may help you decide on colors!"

He sets a Styrofoam head on the table next to me; it was topped with a realistic brown shoulder length hair wig done in a rather plain style. Indeed the color of the wig altered my initial color selection that was based on my natural blond hair color. "Let me know when you will be ready for the wig, and I'll help you with it."

I took my time and got myself looking presentable and I sprayed myself with a light perfume. "Sir, this slut is ready for her wig."

"Okay line up the wig so it looks good." I did as instructed, and then little boy held a couple of fingers to my forehead. "Now pull it off again and hold it." I did as instructed and he ran what looked like a roll-on deodorant stick over my head near his fingers, and several swipes going back my head. "Wig adhesive," he went on to explain, "so we don't have to worry about it falling off easily. Mistress says it will take a little effort to remove the wig, but the adhesive itself will come off easily with just soap and water. Last thing are these."

He hands me a pair of glasses, which I dutifully put on. They are rather plain design, with plain glass lenses. I looked in the vanity mirror and saw a rather mousy librarian or secretary looking back at me. "Say hello to my half-sister Sandy, your 'out of the home' personality."


"Yeah, that was my idea, a contraction of 'slut Brandy'. Mistress thought it sufficient a name as any." He placed a hand on my shoulder. "You look lovely, in a bookworm kind of way. Nobody will be able to recognize Sandy Urnst as Brandy... whatever your last name was."

I didn't even bother to reply with my correct last name, it was now a thing of the past that was no longer of value to me.

"Here is your purse Sandy, with a wallet containing a realistic enough Illinois driver's license and fake credit cards, my old dead cell phone for appearances, and maybe you may want to put in some touch up makeup. Go wait in the living room as I dress."

"Yes Master."

"While you're dressed as Sandy in public you may talk normally and refer to me as Keith. You may start now just to get into the habit."

"Thank you Keith, it feels odd to say it again. I bet it seems odd to hear your real name."

"Sometimes I really hate to hear it. Now let me get ready or we will be late."

I was disappointed when little boy led me to his old Subaru Legacy wagon. It's not a bad car, he has kept it in good condition and it has all the right amenities, but sitting there next to a Fourth Generation Ford Mustang 5.0 Convertible and a Mercedes S-Class, it was a blah car to say the least.

I guess Mistress does not let him drive her cars because he would have to move the seat forward, and we all know men do not adjust seats back.

Little boy backs out of the garage and we are on our way once the garage door has closed.

His phone trills and he hands it to me. "No funny stuff just read me the message and hand it back. Mistress will have my hide if she finds out I let you even touch a phone."

The trust he was showing surprised me. "It's from Mistress, it says: E-mail, the equal symbol, the way I like it. Emotional confusion in you should be norm, smiley face. If you haven't left yet you should ASAP to make reservation. Tell "Sandy" to relax and enjoy herself for me. She has earned this day in your eyes, I trust your judgment. Then it has a red heart and the letter 'u'."

I hand him back the phone. "Thank you Sandy, I knew it was a message from Christine, mostly because I don't get many from anyone else but Rebecca, but also by the message tone.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Can't guarantee I'll answer, but you can ask."

"Did you willingly become Mistress's slave?"

He laughed. "Yes and no. She kidnapped me off the street after seeing me at a bar..."

"The Grand Street?"

"Yes, that's the one. You know it?"

"Been there once, the night before I came to take you. You might say that is the most direct reason I am in this position." I wrung my hands together, hoping I had not brought up bad memories for him.

He gave me a sideways glance, almost smiling. "So I've been told. Well when I woke in the cell, your current cell, she entered the cell and I looked up at her and knew I had met the woman of my dreams, and when she gave me the name 'little boy' something in me just clicked and I knew my destiny and Mistress had both found me. I was hers; if she had changed her mind and kicked me onto the street I would have been devastated. But I also could tell she wanted me to fight back, resist. So I did, even though I had no real desire to, up until the day you opened my cell door, and well tried to de-nut me."

"I only meant to scare you, honest. That explains why you didn't want to leave with me."

"Also your eyes, you had a look of a hunter stalking her prey, I knew your intentions were less than heroic."

"I thought I hid that well."

"Not even close."


We were walking in and I had 'Sandy' pose for some quick photos in front of the restaurant and a close-up head shot. I immediately sent them all off to Mistress.

We were met by the hostess. "Mister Cavanaugh! We were expecting your wife today."

"She was originally going to be here, but she was sent out of town this week for work."

"We wondered why the two of you did not come in as normal on Wednesday. She will be missed today also, right this way."

We had a pleasant meal, with light conversation and friendly teasing. Toward the end of the meal a woman walked up to the table. "Hi Keith, do you remember me? I work with your wife." She looked right toward the slut when she said 'wife'.

"Allie, no wait, Alice right?"

"Yes and how is Christine's seminar? She was so lucky to get to go to Boulder this time of year." Again she seemed more focused on looking at the slut than me.

The slut evidently was having enough of the implied comments and took the bull by the horns. "She was having a good time this morning when I talked to her. She was just sorry she missed my visit."

She gave the slut a nasty look, "Oh, that's nice. I passed up on going this year."

"Sorry to hear that, Christine was saying there was a lot of interesting things to do and learn this year."

The tension was thick when Alice took her leave. Her cell phone was to her ear before she even got back to her own table.

I was waiting for the waitress to return with my credit card when my phone started ringing. I was glad I had remembered to turn down the ringer so Mistress's ringtone had not blast out through the expensive restaurant.

I looked in Alice's direction as I answered. She had an almost evil grin on her face as she looked back at me.

"Hi baby."

"The nerve of you, going out with another woman while I'm away." She laughed. "Is Miss Nosey-body close enough for Sandy to go talk to her?"

"Yes Ma'am she is."

"Good, let me talk to Sandy."

I offer the phone to the slut. "Christine would like a word."

I saw Alice taking in the show, but I was distracted by the waitress's return. Slut handed me back the phone. "I'll be right back."

Seeing the call was still active I placed it to my head. "Okay I give, what's up?"

"Sandy will fill you in later. I gotta go now, Love you."

"Love you too, bye."

When the slut returned she gave me a wink and smiled.

Once we were back in my car I looked at the slut. "Okay slut, spill."

"What Master?"

"What did Mistress have you say to Alice?"

"Oh I thanked her for calling me a 'pretty nerd' and that my sister-in-law Christine said to remind her that she needs to have the Ferdinand analysis file on Christine's desk first thing Monday. She evidently called someone who is with Mistress so Mistress had me drop some inside info to waylay the gossip."

"I bet she was all kinds of embarrassed."

"Red in the face mad was more like it. I get the impression there is some bad feelings between them, and she thought she had something to discredit Mistress with. And the other people at the table laughed."

"You realize that was a big show of faith from Mistress."

"Huh? Wow you're right! I could have really screwed Mistress. I was just happy to help her, that woman was annoying!"

We laughed as I started the car and drove away.


When we got home I had the slut strip down to her corset and chastity belt. She was surprised to discover her shoes were locked on. They were in fact the same shoes I wore home from Richard's Shop the day he tricked me into dressing like a girl.

"Slut the crotch of your pantyhose are very damp!"

She gave me a shy smile, which turned into a big grin. "Master you and Uncle Marv have been slowly fucking your slave's holes all afternoon. She could not help but be wet."

I laughed. I must admit it was one hell of an image. "Get used to it; they are staying in until Mistress removes them."

"That is a mixed blessing."

I helped her remove her wig and as she went to clean the glue from her scalp and makeup from her face, I stored it back on the wig stand head and hung the clothes. I started extracting the slut's 'Knot Time uniform'. I left the ballet boots and posture shock collar in their place; tonight she would be wearing the same shoes as today, and a normal posture collar. Also being added to her ensemble was a matching white rubber bra and panty set that was to be worn over her catsuit.

I tossed her the hosiery "Start with washing these up, and then finish cleaning up the kitchen. I need a few things from the dungeon for tonight."

"Yes Master little boy"

Mistress had her plans for tonight and I was going to carry them out. Going through the store room shelves I pulled out a white posture collar and a matching set of wrist and ankle cuffs. I then went to the wall to get an adjustable spreader bar and a flogger with medium soft leather thongs. I stuffed all of these in a small duffle bag along with a handful of carabineer snap rings and returned to the main house.


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