American Dream 5: Pick Up

by Andy Le Strange

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© Copyright 2012 - Andy Le Strange - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bond; ether; outdoors; cuffs; bfold; captives; fantasy; cons; X

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Part 5: Pick Up

Thursday 5TH October 2006 6am

I awoke at the usual time of six o’clock. I left Jennifer sleeping as it was to be a big day for her. In more way’s than one.

The days up to now had gone in like a flash. My new assignment at the Power Station was settling down to a familiar routine and that out the way left me to concentrate on the weekend ahead.

On Tuesday we received a reply from Lucinda in response to the ransom note I had sent. This arrived when I was a t work but on my instructions Jennifer didn’t open it until I arrived home.

To whom it concerns

I agree to pay the requested ransom of $500.000 and will deliver this in a sealed bag anywhere in the UK I am directed to.

On receipt of this money I expect my daughter to be released into my care immediately.

Let me know of meeting place by return

Lucinda ******

Short and to the point. It showed an understanding of the mechanic’s of our scenario and augured well for the success of the weekend.

I had replied that same evening with the information Lucinda required.

Flight Number BA 3665 1525 Hrs London Heathrow to Glasgow International

When through channels go to the top tier of the car park opposite terminal two.

I will be waiting for you and will approach you.

You are to do exactly as I say…. No further warnings

Jennifer wasn’t to see this e-mail. I wanted to keep her out the loop at this point as I developed the scenario in ways of my own.

There had been no further contact at this point between Jennifer and Lucinda. I had forbad this, pointing out that both women should get into character for the remainder of the week. Jennifer agreed and apparently so did Lucinda because she did not mail or call Jennifer. Another sign that she was taking this seriously.

I made breakfast and served Jennifer in bed.

“We had better leave about four. Mom’s flight will land at half past and we don’t want to be late. Did you arrange to meet her in the terminal?”

“Yes, where else?” I lied

“It’ll be so good to see her, I can’t wait” Jennifer happily chirped

“You had better get up and get dressed” I said to Jennifer in a monotone.

She had not realised that the scenario had already begun in my mind.

Thursday 5TH October 2006 1400hrs

Jennifer had been in the bathroom for an hour and a half.

I Sincerely wondered where women get the patience to make themselves look good every day in life. At last Jennifer came through to the living room and turned around theatrically to show off her outfit. “Voila Andre” she stated in a mock French accent.

She was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt, which was very tightly drawn, over her upper body. She had on a tight white brassiere which pushed her tits through the cotton t-shirt, which stopped about three inches from her waist, revealing a strip of tanned flesh. Her long legs were clad in a pair of dark blue Levi’s, which hugged her every curve. A pair of knee length side zipped black leather boots topped off the outfit. I must say she looked absolutely sensational.

“You look sensational” I complimented in the same monotone. She still hadn’t detected the danger signs of my change in persona.

“Well thank y’all kind sir” she drawled, “I’m just a little ole southern gal who likes to please”

“Well we had better get going” I stood up and motioned her forward, “After you”

Jennifer walked towards the front door, briefly pausing to pick up her handbag, which she casually slung over her shoulder. I walked behind her and just before she opened the door grabbed her arms, pinning them to her sides and hand gagged her. “AGGHHHHHH..MMPHHHHHHHHHH????” Jennifer exclaimed through my large hand.

I walked her backwards into the flat and through to the bedroom. She was unresisting for the first ten seconds or so and then, realising what was happening started struggling furiously. “LLTTTMMPPGGHHHO” she screamed into the hand gag, trying to kick my shins with her heeled boots.

I got her into the bedroom and threw her down on the bed. She struggled against my grip turning her head to look at me “What the fuck are you doing…. this isn’t supposed to happen…what the fuck….no ..No” she stuttered as she saw me pick up the small brown bottle and remove the top.

A sweet pungent odour filled the bedroom as I poured a quantity of the clear liquid on to a cloth, which I had already previously put on the bedroom dresser with the small bottle. Still holding Jennifer down with my right arm, I applied the cloth over her nose and mouth and pushed it hard into her face with my left hand. Jennifer’s eyes widened over the cloth and she started bucking around as the ether buried its fumes into her airways.


She slowly ceased her struggles and with a soft sigh went limp.

I took the cloth from her face and put the lid back on the bottle. The strong odour was still evident and I opened the window to air the room. An old friend who had been a medical student had given the ether to me a while ago but I’d had no opportunity to use it in a practical sense until now. Ether was harmless apart from an aching head and nausea for an hour as opposed to chloroform, which used in an application like this could cause damage to internal organs.

I looked at my watch: 1420. Time to get Jennifer prepared.

Thursday 5TH October 2006 1700hrs

I parked the BMW on the top tier of the airport car park well away from other cars. In my by now totally immersed character I automatically checked for the coverage of security cameras in the park. It would pretty much spoil the whole fuckin weekend if I got nicked for abducting a passenger in the airport!

Satisfied there was no threat from surveillance in the section I had parked, I sat in the car and awaited the arrival of Lucinda. I had no idea how she would react when she realised that Jennifer was not here with me to greet her, as had been arranged.

My logical thinking completely ruled out Jennifer’s presence at the airport for two reasons.

Firstly the scenario would be better served from the reality of Jennifer being held elsewhere whilst I obtained the ransom. There was no good reason for the abductee to be here at the meet.

Secondly I had engineered this development as a change to the agreed scenario, which should serve to both women the unpredictability of my thinking. A reminder that they should not take me for granted.

I was not sure Lucinda would agree with this reasoning, Jennifer certainly had not been impressed, but if she had a problem with it well Fuck her. She would have to deal with it the same, as she would have to deal with all sorts of challenges over the weekend. I had decided to throw Lucinda in at the deep end despite her obvious jet lag and fatigue from her long journey.

Lucinda would just have to deal with this.

Thursday 5TH October 2006 1755 hrs

Still no sign of Lucinda.

Maybe her flight had been delayed and I logged into the British Airways web site with my smart phone to see if this was the case.

Flight BA 3665 1525 London Heathrow to Glasgow International
Flight Delayed until 1720 hrs

My relief was instantaneous.

She would be with me very soon and I started to prepare.

I opened up the glove compartment and took out three sets of handcuffs. I had purchased these on line from an Army/Navy store and these were the real deal unlike those toy town pieces sold on bondage web shops. They had real key locks and were fully adjustable for various sizes of limbs. Finally a three-inch galvanised steel chain held the cuffs together.

Also in the glove compartment was a roll of flesh coloured two-inch wide surgical bandage. This was to be used to gag Lucinda if required.

A door opened in the stairway exit at the far end of the rooftop car park. The door was about eighty yards away from where I was parked and a figure clad in black walked out, stopped and looked around. The figure was feminine, and on seeing my car parked the furthest distance away from the stairway, started to walk towards it.

The black clad figure moved gracefully, almost like a cat. Perfectly balanced, her approaching figure quickly revealed she was wearing a black suit jacket and skirt, which stopped, just above her knees. She wore a white turtleneck sweater under her jacket and on her legs she had a pair of black tights/stockings ending in a pair of black patent pumps.


I got out the car and awaited her arrival. She had a pair of sunglasses on and her long dark hair was blowing about in the wind. It struck me she looked every inch an ex movie actress, confident and assured as she strode down the concrete path towards me, her pumps clicking away like a staccato.

She slowed and stopped about five yards from the car. She looked at me intently from behind the shades. A small holdall in her left hand.

“What the fuck do I call you then?” she spat

“Anything you want, I don’t really care” I replied adopting the monotone again and slipping back into character.

“Have you got the merchandise?” I asked flatly

“Where is my daughter you Fuck?” she asked angrily, trying to look behind me into the car.

“She’s safely tucked away. You’ll see here in a little while. Now I ask again, have you got the merchandise?”

As I doubted Lucinda actually did have $500k on her person I was intrigued to find out how she would handle this situation. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

“I’ve got half of it, in a fashion. Why don’t we talk about it on the way to wherever you’re taking me?” Lucinda said confidently.

I decided to play along with her for the time being. “Ok. We’ll talk on the way”

I walked over to her and took the holdall from her. “This can go in the boot, but I warn you now, any smartass talk and you will join it”

Lucinda laughed and shook her head mockingly. “The big bad-ass kidnapper. Come on buster, lets get going. This fuckin cold weather doesn’t agree with me” At this she opened the back door and sat in the seat.

I quickly threw the holdall into the boot and walked around to the seat where Lucinda sat. Reaching into the front of the car I picked up the sets of cuffs and then bent down and hissed in her ear.”Alright you bitch…. hands behind your fuckin back” Lucinda smiled and slowly put her hands behind her, her perfectly manicured and painted nails glistening in the twilight of the evening sun.

I reached into the car and pushed her head and shoulders forward. She didn’t resist as I locked the cuffs on her tanned wrists and clicked them shut. I then bent down and attached one set of cuffs to the metal frame of the drivers seat and snapped the other around the metal chain of the third set. These were then quickly attached to Lucinda’s sheer nyloned ankles so that they were held fast against the seat.

I then sat in the drivers seat, started the car and drove off. We drove in silence for the first ten minutes, Lucinda twisting and testing the cuffs that restrained her.

“Ok Bitch. Where is the money?” I eventually asked watching Lucinda closely in the driver’s rear view mirror. “ There is half of a left luggage ticket in my purse. The other half is in a locker at Heathrow. When I have Jennifer released I will give you the number of the locker, which of course I memorised” Lucinda smiled at me in the mirror.

“That wasn’t the deal. You were to bring the money here” I said, slightly shocked at this new development in the scenario.

“Tough. That’s the way it is buster. You release my daughter and you’ll get the money, but if she has been harmed I’ll fuckin kill you, you son of a bitch!!” Lucinda was really getting into her role now. Jennifer had been right, her mother was an excellent actress who was playing her role to perfection so far.

I could not let Lucinda take control of the situation, which she was attempting to do. I pulled the car over and stopped. I reached over and opened the glove box, taking out a pair of large sunglasses. I had specially prepared these earlier, masking out the Len’s interior with black paint so that it would be impossible to see out of them.

I reached over to Lucinda and removed her real sunglasses. Her big brown eyes watched me with suspicion. “Here put these on. I think you’ll find the view interesting.” With that I applied the glasses to her eyes. “Try and take them off and I will tape them back on.” I said in the monotone again.

Lucinda was startled by this counter move but regained her composure almost immediately.” Whatever Fuckwit. It’ll need more than a pair of trick sun glasses to make me tell you what you want to know.”

This time it was my turn to laugh. “You’ll be more than happy to tell me by the start of next week” I said flatly whilst looking at her in the mirror. “You’re making a big mistake in playing the tough bitch”

“We’ve spoken enough. You had better gag me” Lucinda whispered, a new anxious anticipation in her voice. She was still trying to control the situation by getting me to do what she wanted.

“No, I think I’ll let you travel without your mouth packed for a while. Plenty of time to fill your mouth later” I said, starting the car again and driving on to our destination with a slightly frustrated Lucinda sitting helpless in the back of the car.



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