American Dream 6: Together Again

by Andy Le Strange

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© Copyright 2012 - Andy Le Strange - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; captives; bond; cuffs; strip; lingerie; tease; fantasy; cons/reluct; X

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Part 6: Together Again

Thursday 5TH October 2006 1950hrs

The rest of the drive to my flat had been uneventful.

We drove in silence, broken only by the intermittent clanging of the cuffs on the metal frame of my drivers seat as Lucinda tested her bonds. I watched her in the rear view mirror but her expressionless face gave nothing away.

She was actually more attractive in the flesh than in the photos Jennifer had shown me. Long dark hair framed a pretty face with a slightly square jaw. A pair of lips that I bet could suck an egg through a fuckin straw and a narrow nose complimented each other perfectly. Lastly her big, deep brown eyes that no doubt would have been watching me closely if it weren’t for the darkened glasses.

I parked the BMW in the space reserved for my flat and turned the engine off. There was no one around and I decided to make a quick exit before we were observed.

I turned to face Lucinda and spoke in a low menacing whisper.

“Alright you fuckin boot, we’re going to get out the car and walk a short distance to my house. You will not speak of cry out. If you do so I will make you watch me fuck your daughter and then I’ll fuck you. This is the only warning you will be given.” Lucinda nodded. “Good” I hissed and got out of the car and moved around to the back door and opened it.

I knelt down and unlocked the cuffs around Lucinda’s ankles with the small silver key, releasing them from the cuffs attached to the seat. I then grabbed her arm and pulled her up and out of the car. Closing the door I briskly walked over to the front door of the flat, carefully guiding the blinded American by the arm.

At the door I looked around to see if anyone was watching. All quiet.

I unlocked the door and pushed Lucinda through it and into the small hallway of the flat. She stood there turning her head to try and work out where I was.

“Ok, you can sit down now” I said taking her arm and guiding her over to the sofa. She sat down, wrists still cuffed behind her.

“How about the trick glasses coming off?” She inquired

“They stay on for a bit longer, bitch,” I flatly decreed “I am in control of this fuckin situation so deal with it” Lucinda laughed softly and shook her head.

“Ok, if you insist” her mocking reply

Ignoring her for the time being I went into the bedroom and checked on Jennifer.

She was where I left her earlier, except she was now fully awake and was not in the best of moods. The ether had left her with a painful dull ache in her head and the tight black leather straps that bound her arms and wrists to her sides were starting to throb.

Jennifer sat in a straight-backed chair, her upper body bound as described and her booted legs also attached to the chair legs by two more straps. She strained at the bonds and glared at me. I had probably disappointed her by making her stay here while I met her Mother but this was for the benefit of the scenario, so she could just get on with it.

I hadn’t gagged her because of the possibility of nausea from the ether but as she apparently had none of these effects, I immediately stuffed a white cloth into her mouth and wound a scarf tightly around to keep it in. She was still a bit groggy with the effects of the ether and after the initial surprise did not offer too much resistance.

I returned to the living room where Lucinda still sat on the sofa. I approached her and removed the glasses from her eyes. She blinked as the brightness of the room momentarily blinded her, then she looked around, taking stock of her surroundings.

She fixed me with a glare and spat ”Where is my Daughter you Bastard?”

“In there” I motioned with my head in the direction of the bedroom. “She’s perfectly safe, for now!”

“You wont get anything from me you prick!” Lucinda said in a loud voice “I demand you let us go at once!”

It was my turn to laugh. “Don’t be fuckin ridiculous woman. You and your slut Daughter are going nowhere until I get the money!”

“Where is she, I demand to see her” Lucinda repeated. I went over to her and slapped her hard across the face with my open left hand. The unexpected blow sent her reeling back on the sofa, her skirt riding up exposing a superb pair of nyloned thighs.

“YOU…YOU… FUCKIN BASTARD” she exploded, taken aback by the blow. I grabbed her arm and pulled her up from the sofa, pushing her in front of me and through the hall door towards the bedroom.

Lucinda was bundled into the bedroom and stood frozen by the sight of her bound Daughter. “MMMPPPHHHHHHHHHHH” Jennifer bucked around in the chair, eyes pleading at her Mother.

“Don’t worry Babe, this joker ain't getting the satisfaction” Lucinda had managed to regain her control and spoke evenly and deliberately. She turned and faced me.

“Now what?”

“Time to get ready for bed bitch” I flatly replied. Moving over to her I unlocked the cuffs on her wrists and quickly backtracking I pulled a Tazer from my inside jacket pocket. “Now you ought to know what this is capable of, right?”  

Lucinda froze when she saw the device and nodded her head in acknowledgement. “Good, we understand one another then. Ok go over to Jennifer and take off the straps.”

Lucinda moved quickly over to Jennifer and started unbuckling the leather straps that bound her daughter to the chair. When Jennifer’s upper body was unstrapped Lucinda bent down and started to undo the right ankle while Jennifer dealt with the left. When Jennifer was released completely she ungagged herself, spitting out the rag onto the floor.

“Are you ok babe, has this fucker touched you or hurt you in any way?” Lucinda asked Jennifer with an air of concern.

“No, not really. Just tied me up and stuff Mom” Jennifer lied

“Sorry to interrupt this touching reunion Ladies, but it’s getting late and I’m tired. And I have got such a varied day planned for you tomorrow.”

Both the women looked at me disapprovingly.

“Jennifer, go over to the other side of the bed and put your hands behind your head, hurry up bitch, you know the drill!” Jennifer walked slowly to where I had motioned with the Tazer and put her hands behind her head and clasped her fingers. Her tits were thrust out in the tight yellow t-shirt as she raised her arms.

“Good girl, now for Mommy” I motioned for Lucinda to move forward in front of the bed. “Ok tough lady, STRIP!!”

Lucinda gasped aloud. “No way fuckwit” She half laughed nervously.

“But I insist, do it or I Tazer you and do it myself, your choice bitch”

Lucinda sighed and looking at me intently, started to take off her suit jacket, which she put on the bed. She then pulled the sweater up and over her head, revealing a tight white brassiere holding in her smallish but pert tits.

Next was her skirt, which she unbuttoned at one side and wriggled out of. I had been semi hard since the scenario in the flat began but this developed into a boner as Lucinda’s strong, athletic legs were revealed in all their glory. They were not as long as her Daughters but were just as powerful and if possible, shapelier. She had put on a pair of sheer black tights and I could just make out the outline of a black G String below the nylon crotch. Without pausing she reached behind her back and unhooked her brassiere, tossing the garment at my feet condescendingly, her now erect full nipples standing up.

I was intrigued to see if she had put the same nail polish on her toes as she had her perfectly manicured deep ruby nails. “Heels as well. You wont need those for a while” Lucinda sighed and took them off, standing perfectly poised on one leg at a time and removing the heels with a slight swish of nylon against leather.

I wasn’t disappointed as her equally perfectly pedicured feet and the ruby nails were exposed, the polish glinting through the sheer black nylon. She put her hands on her hips and cocked her head slightly. “Now what?” She hissed.

“Lock your hands behind your head and stand over there” I motioned with the Tazer to a position at the foot of the bed. Lucinda slowly assumed the position.

I turned my attention to Jennifer and motioned for her to come over and stand where her mother had been. “Your turn slut, down to the tights will do just fine” I had naturally assumed she would be wearing hose under the denims and hoped I was correct.

Jennifer took her time, knowing that I savoured every moment of garment removal. Firstly the t-shirt was gone, followed by her brassiere. The unzipping of the long leather boots and their removal. Finally the Levi’s came off revealing a pair of pewter seamed hose, one of my favourites. Jennifer had put on a tiny white G String under the tights and the way it cut up her ass made my boner even harder.

“Ok, get over there next to Mommy” I made an impatient motion with the Tazer and Jennifer slowly joined her Mother, locking her hands behind her head without being asked.

This was surely an American dream. Two gorgeous women awaiting my next whim, which would be to bind and gag them tightly for the night.

I went to the wardrobe and took out a red leather sports bag, which I threw on the bed. I looked at Jennifer’s puzzled expression, as she hadn’t seen this before. The bag was bulging and was obviously full.

Yes, I had also been busy and done a bit of shopping.



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