American Dream 4: Ransom Note

by Andy Le Strange

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; hogtie; crotchrope; mast; climax; cons; X

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Part 4: Ransom Note

Sunday 1st October 2006

We had a long lie in after not arriving until ten thirty at night.

We had just dropped into bed knackered from the journey and went straight to sleep. The unpacking and other stuff could wait.

I woke about six o’clock as usual and got up to make coffee. Jennifer was still asleep and I didn’t bother to wake her. I sat down in the living room of the flat and drank the bitter liquid, as I hadn’t any milk to put in it.

Whilst sitting there I planned out the next twelve hours activity and to a lesser degree the next week’s. Jennifer’s mother was arriving on Thursday and a lot of stuff pertaining to the visit and the success of it had to be planned out.
However this could wait until we were sorted for the immediate future and I started to write down a list.

By the time Jennifer surfaced at ten I was in full swing and already had been out for provisions. I had opened all the flat’s windows to air the rooms and had put the groceries away. I made Jennifer Coffee, black and strong, and sat down with her to discuss the week ahead.

The rope marks on Jennifer’s wrists and ankles were still visible, a reminder of my uncharacteristic brutality on the journey to Scotland. She didn’t seem to mind however and excitedly discussed the impending visit of her mother.

“Her flight from L.A. gets into London around two o’clock in the afternoon. She then catches the three thirty shuttle to Glasgow, meaning she will be ready to pick up around five” I could tell Jennifer was looking forward to this intensely. I was also but would temper my enthusiasm for the moment until I was entirely convinced that Lucinda knew exactly what she was getting into.

“We can go meet her at the airport and maybe have dinner before coming back here. Mom will need a good rest before we begin the scenario on the Friday.” Jennifer babbled away. “Do you have a plan worked out to deal with us both Andy?” She put her head on her arm and peered at me with that cheeky look of hers.

“Of course I do. One thing you should know about me by now is that I am always well organised” I replied with a slight smile. “I think you will find my plans exceed your expectations.”

The rest of the day was passed by unpacking and similar boring stuff. We went out for dinner at seven, popping into the local Indian Restaurant, which was very good. We turned in early, as I had to be at the Power Station for seven the next morning.

Monday 2nd October 2006

The first day at the Station was full of the necessary preliminaries that take place when one is working on a Nuclear Facility. The usual security arrangements and documentation took nearly four hours. Not everyone can work on these facilities and those that can have to be carefully vetted and approved before being issued with an unescorted pass. As I had been working in this environment for many years my security clearance was second to none but I had still to learn and follow some site rules local to this facility, like the method of measuring daily radiation doses, which was not the same as my previous site.

I eventually got away from the Station about four thirty and drove straight to the pub. I had booked holidays for Friday and Monday and would now turn my attention to planning the weekend’s activity with Jennifer’s Mother.

I sat in the corner booth of the pub with a notepad and a pen. I sketched three columns on the paper and inserted headings in each.

Column 1…….Day

Column 2…….Bondage/Reason

Column 3……Victim/Method

I had always planned out scenarios on paper previously and viewed this as no exception. It made for a smoother role-play when you knew exactly what to do next, although from time to time a certain level of improvisation was necessary. From Jennifer’s description of her Mothers previous time as an actress I reckoned that she would be improvising as well. She would probably try to catch me out during the scenario and I would probably have to double guess certain situations.

Jennifer on the other hand was fairly easy to read in any situation and was very good at adapting to my ideas and going along with them, so I didn’t envisage any problems there. My challenge would be her Mother.

I scribbled certain ideas down in each column and then started again with a fresh piece of paper. I called this technique “Brainstorming” and had been a method I used in work to solve technical problems and plan solutions. After I had about ten pieces of paper in front of me I took each one in turn and deleted certain entries on each. When I was left with the ten modified papers I had the bare bones of the scenario.

As I wanted to keep this from Jennifer these papers would not be seen front of her. I put them in my briefcase for reviewing at the next stage of the scenario. I required to know from Jennifer what arrangements she had discussed with her Mother and where these fitted into the scenario formulating in my head.

Jennifer had spoken on the phone to her Mother during the day. She informed me they had a long chat about the upcoming weekend and had several final points that I would integrate into the scenario. A couple of these were the same as previously stated and Jennifer was to relay my comments to her Mother. (My Comments in Italic’s)

The scenario should begin on Friday morning as Jennifer thought her Mother would need a good rest after her long haul journey. (This made sense and I agreed) The two women would try at all times to escape. If escape were successful the scenario would be over. “Escape” would be classified as being successful if either woman managed to free herself of her bonds and dialled 911 on the telephone to simulate calling police, or caught me by surprise in any way. (This also made sense. It would give the scenario a real edge and also keep me from getting sloppy. The call number 911 in the UK does not call the emergency services) Lucinda was to be tightly gagged at all times, although the final decision would be made by myself. (I had no problem with this). If a sexual element was involved there was a request by Lucinda for both Anal and Vaginal penetration. (Again there was no objection despite my relative distaste for Anal sex. It would only apply to Lucinda as Jennifer shared my thought on this type of sex) There was to be no safe sex practiced during the scenario. (Agreed as this would also inject an element of realism) Lucinda had been fully informed of my preferences for the women to wear Tights at all times during bondage. I would have the powers of discretion to alter this rule if I deemed it appropriate. (Agreed) I would be responsible for issuing the garments for wear each day in the morning. (Agreed. I had already started noting the requirements on my master copies in my briefcase) There would be a toilet break each morning before commencement of the day’s activities. Food and water would be supplied at my discretion. (Agreed) Any interrogation techniques would be at my discretion. Although there was a request from both women that these would not involve any undue pain or marking of skin, apart from rope marks. (I did not wish to cause any pain to either woman although a degree of discomfort was acceptable. Agreed) Both women were to struggle and fight the ropes at all times. (Absolutely necessary) No safe words were to used. (I was a little unsure regards this as I had once participated in a scenario where things got a little out of hand. I decided to give this some thought and make the decision later)

I was to e-mail Lucinda the photograph’s taken of Jennifer in Bridgewater along with a ransom note tonight.

Jennifer was buzzing with excitement and she practically begged me to bind her there and then. “Andy, can we have a small game before bed?”

I wasn’t going to suggest any role-play before Friday, as I wanted both women fresh and more than ready with anticipation for when the scenario would begin. However I thought that it may enhance the situation if when I was mailing Lucinda, Jennifer should be in character as well.

After dinner I went over to the computer and started loading in the photographs of the chair bound and gagged Jennifer. Jennifer sat on the sofa watching me intently.” I think some of these pics are so fuckin hot!” she commented. “I was so hot when you were taking them Andy”

“I know, I was there remember?” I said, wishing she would shut up and let me get on with this. I had slipped into the role of kidnapper almost unnoticed.

“Yeah, its gonna be real cool when Mom comes over”

As this latest comment distracted me again from the task I suddenly got up and moved over to Jennifer. She gasped as I shoved her down on the sofa, and then quickly turned her over so that she was lying on her stomach.

Jennifer had been lounging about the flat all day and had not bothered to change into clothes. Instead she wore her white bed time t-shirt over a pair of sheer brown tights. Her feet were bare, displaying her perfectly painted dark red toenails under the sheer nylon.

I grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her, quickly pulling a length of cord from my trouser pocket and binding them tightly. I didn’t cinch the bonds and she was still bucking about as I tied her ankles together, again without cinching. “I think you should be bound and gagged the same as a real kidnap victim would be, as I mail the stuff to your Mother” I explained to Jennifer as she started to understand my meaning and quickly get in character.

“Yu fuckin scumbag, let me loose..MMPHHHHHH” She gasped before I tightly gagged her with the large oval black ball gag that I had hidden down the side of the sofa.

Strapping the ball in place I picked up another long length of cord and cinched Jennifer’s wrists with it. I then pulled her ankles backwards and wound the cord between her ankles, effectively hog-tying her. She thrashed around groaning into the gag and glaring at me.

“At last, some fuckin peace and quiet” I said to myself as I turned back to the computer and started typing the ransom note.

Dear Mrs ******

Please find attached pictures taken recently of your daughter, who despite being rather tightly restrained is unhurt and in good shape.

This may not be the case if you do not accede to my demand of $500,000, to be delivered by yourself at a place to be determined.

As you can see from the photographs the newspaper date is 30TH September. You have until tomorrow at 1500hrs to agree to our demand or you will never see your daughter again.

If you are thinking of calling the authorities about this I don’t need to remind you that this course of action would have the same effect as not paying the money.

 Jennifer has been stripped to her underwear and has been tightly bound and gagged as I write this. Find attached a photograph of her to remind you that I am not joking.

You have until 1500 tomorrow to respond

I took a photograph of the struggling Jennifer and loaded the file from the camera into the computer. Jennifer had gotten the moment just right and her pleading eyes, wide over the large ball gag were perfect.

I attached the files to the e-mail and sent them to the address Jennifer had given me for her mother.

I turned back to the struggling Jennifer and watched her for a while. She was indeed a superb kidnap victim, playing out the bondage scene to the limit. Her strong, athletic legs straining against the hogtie whilst her hands were flexing and unflexing constantly. Her full lips were wrapped around the ball in her mouth, slight dribbles of saliva working their way out from behind the gag and running down the sides of her mouth.

Jennifer was thrashing around, helpless in the simple but effective hogtie. I decided to let her do her best while I looked out my notes that I had jotted down in the pub and try and finalise the scenario. I visualised a long weekend of bondage for both women, but even more severe for Lucinda. Before I sat down and reviewed the notes I tightly applied a cord crotch rope to the squirming Jennifer who groaned into her gag as I pulled it tight, the cord cutting into her by now soaking wet crotch, only restrained by the nylon of her tights.

I reckoned that Jennifer would be turned on even more if I made things more uncomfortable for her Mother. And in the main this scenario was for Jennifer’s benefit, not her Mother’s whom I didn’t even know. So I decided there and then I would have to bind and gag Lucinda even more stringently than her daughter, although Jennifer would be bound and gagged tightly at all times as well.

From the photographs of Lucinda she was smaller than Jennifer, who at Five feet Eight was quite tall for a woman. Lucinda had been an ex-gymnast and dancer before getting her break in the movies. Subsequently she had developed big, powerful shoulders/arms and her legs were well built and athletic, like Jennifer’s but smaller and more compact. Her tits were smaller than her daughters but looked from the photos as if her nipples were well developed. She looked well younger than her forty-six years and had aged well.

I got quite hard visualising the tight bondages she would be subjected to and her superb, full mouth silenced by a variety of tight gags. Apparently she had something about being gagged, hence her request not to be left ungagged even for a moment. My concentration was broken by the repeated rasps of Jennifer’s sheer nylon clad thighs gyrating together and thrusting her now throbbing pussy against the crotch rope. Her muffled screams and grunts filled the room as she came violently, smashing her crotch up and down against the sofa whilst wildly shaking her head from side to side. She suddenly went limp as the tremors of her exertions drained her.

I left her to recover and finished writing up the notes. I was looking more and more to the weekend and was confident I would not disappoint the women in any way at all.



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