American Dream 3: Planning

by Andy Le Strange

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; hogtie; cartrunk; toys; climax; cons; X

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Part 3: Planning

Saturday 30TH September 2006


Jennifer sank back in the passenger seat and let out a deep sigh. She was still dressed exactly the way she was when she had gone into the boot, apart from the pumps, which she had taken off her aching feet.

Deep red rope marks were plainly visible on her wrists, elbows, above knee and ankles and her full mouth had marks at each corner from the ball gag straps.

In brutally binding Jennifer and consigning her to the car boot I had taken the intensity of our bondage games to a new level. This was what she was trying to come to terms with and I was not sure what her reaction was going to be.

I had released her after approximately an hour. During that time I drove carefully and well within my limits. Her struggles were very vocal for the first half hour and then trailed off as she exhausted herself fighting her bonds. By the time I opened the boot and untied her she was totally defeated.

I had helped her out of the boot and back into the passenger seat of the BMW.

We drove in silence only broken by the occasional sound of her trying to work some circulation back into her aching limbs. The bullet vibrator was still buried deep in her pussy but had been turned off when I released her. She looked over at me and still rubbing her nylon-clad legs started laughing.

I turned towards her puzzled that she found the preceding ordeal amusing but knew right away that this was the laughter of approval, not disapproval.

“I certainly asked for that Andy, didn’t I?” she said in a low voice.

It was a sentiment I fully agreed with. She had started the scenario and had in fact goaded me into the brutality that I responded with.

“Well to be perfectly honest with you…yes,” I replied in a matter of fact voice, giving nothing away of my reservations that I may have gone too far.

“Well I think it was wonderful. I have never been tied like that before and must have came dozens of times. Not just the vibrator but the realism of the situation made me”

She stared intently at me  “We must keep up the same level when Mom gets here. I know she will love that kind of intensity.”

It was then I realised Jennifer had been testing me. She wanted to see just how far I would go to inject realism into the situation. She was sure taking this Mom thing seriously.

We stopped again for coffee and started to discuss the proposed scenario in more detail. We agreed the ransom thing was the best way to go and planned to send Lucinda the photos of the bound Jennifer when we arrived in Scotland. The photos would be accompanied by a ransom demand payable by Lucinda in person. To enhance the reality of the scenario I would have little contact with Lucinda, apart from interaction in the role-play. All preceding arrangements would be done by Jennifer direct with her Mother.

Jennifer rang Lucinda from the coffee shop to discuss the plan in more detail. I had made myself scarce for the duration of the call and when I returned Jennifer was grinning from ear to ear.

“Mom is really excited about our plans. She has told me some preferences she would like in the scenario, can we discuss these now and agree on them?” Jennifer blurted out

“Certainly, but the scenario will take its own course. We can’t influence this by what your Mother prefers”. I decided to take control of this from the beginning and not be dictated to by whims, likes or dislikes.

“Fair enough Andy, but Mom would be grateful if you can put up with one or two little things” Jennifer replied.

“Ok, what are they?” I asked

“Right, the first thing is that she asks if you would ensure she is tightly gagged at all times. Of course there will be exceptions like meal breaks and interrogations if you are going down that route but overall this is what she wants”

I had no problems with this request. In fact I had planned both women would be gagged for almost the entire scenario.

“Ok, that’s an easy one. Next”

“Mom would like fairly strict treatment. She is going to be fully into this and she will expect the same in return”

Again no problem. Lucinda would get no quarter during the scenario.

“Lastly if you are going to fuck her she would like both anal and ordinary penetration”

I nearly spat out my coffee at this. “ Your mother said that?” I gasped trying to regain my composure.

“Yes” Jennifer burst out laughing at my reaction “ Mom is a bit of a girl.”

I had practiced unprotected sex with Jennifer during our time together and would imagine she told her mother this. Presumably there would be no problem with Lucinda.

“When is she coming over?” I asked, feeling excitement build up just discussing the situation.

“Next Thursday, she…well we thought the thing could be done over a weekend” Jennifer looked hesitatingly at me. We had never done a role-play for that length of time and would require some detailed planning on my part to keep it interesting.

“Ok, we’ll go for that then. I can take the Friday off as a holiday. You sure your Mother realises what she’s getting into?”

“Oh yes. Absolutely Andy. She has never been involved in anything like this before and she’s determined to make it work on all levels”

“We will send the pics and ransom note tonight. This will be the start of the scenario and your Mother should act accordingly,” I confirmed. “Does she know of my preferences regarding dress code ect ?”

“Yes. I have fully briefed her. She will not be a disappointment, don’t worry”

I found myself imaging Lucinda clad only in sheer tights, frog tied and ball gagged, struggling while Jennifer was bound to a chair looking on.

Jennifer was still rubbing her wrists. She caught me looking at her and smiled.

“You were fantastic today. I want that level of commitment all next weekend” She whispered

“No problems, I just hope you and your Mother know what to expect”



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