American Dream 2: Bound in the Trunk

by Andy Le Strange

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; hogtie; cartrunk; toys; cons; X

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Part 2: Bound in the Trunk

Saturday 30TH September 2006

We woke early as there was a load of packing to do before we started the long journey North.

Jennifer was still elated after last night’s session and could not stop talking about the proposed scenario involving her mother. As we packed a discussion took place regarding the scope of the role-play.

“This must be special. Mom is coming a long way” Jennifer had sat down and was looking at me expectantly.

“It will be” I replied,  “We must work out a plan and stick to it. Your mother must behave like this is real to have the desired effect”

I had no reservation’s regarding Jennifer. Last night proved she was capable of upping another gear from her so far impressive performances. I didn’t know Lucinda and only had Jennifer’s word that she was going to participate with the same enthusiasm as her Daughter.

“Don’t worry about Mom. She is a real actress and is way better than me”

I didn’t say anything and continued to pack. I think Jennifer realised I had concerns things would not work out and I left it at that for now. Hopefully Jennifer would impress upon her Mother the need for reality when she came over. The scenario still intrigued me and I decided to give it a go anyway.

We left at about ten and started the long drive North. Jennifer had put on a tight fitting pair of hot pants with the obligatory sheer tights underneath. A yellow short sleeved t-shirt and a pair of of black pumps completed the outfit, the now near invisible red rope marks on her wrists and upper arms barely evident.

 The first couple of hours were driven in silence, something was on Jennifer’s mind, and I could sense it.

“Stop at the next services Andy,” She suddenly said

“I’d rather not. We’ve got a long way to go,” I replied slightly taken back by her request.

“No! I need you to pull in”

Reluctantly I took the next cut off for the services and parked the car in the half empty car park.

“Ok. What’s the problem?”

“No problem. I just fancy something. Please say you’ll do it for me?” She said leaning over towards me and putting her hand on my shoulder.

“Look Jennifer, we don’t really have time for this….” I started to protest but was cut off as Jennifer blurted out…”Tie me up and put me in the trunk”

“You what!” I exclaimed in disbelief “Don’t be bloody stupid, what if a police car pulls me over… of worse still we are involved in an accident!”

“Andy…I want this so bad. I’m still buzzing after last night and I want you to do this. Please Andy” She spoke in a way there was not going to be much point in refusing her request. But I still had real reservations about this one.

“Look…. lets get a coffee and calm down a bit” I attempted to change the track of the discussion but she was having none of it. “Only if you promise to do this for me…please”

We headed for the Starbucks coffee shop and sat down with two Latte’s

“This will be so cool. Don’t you get excited by the element of danger?” She said between sips. I must admit I did. My imagination started to automatically explore the mechanic’s of Jennifer’s request.

How…….was I to bind and gag a grown woman and stuff her in the boot of a car in broad daylight, in a motorway service station? Method….Of bondage. Jennifer had always left this part to me and didn’t evidently have a preferred position or gag. Time….Constraints as I would have to drive even more carefully with Jennifer in the boot bound and gagged. This inevitably meant a later arrival at my flat.

I decided to play along and submit to her request. She would probably get fed up in a darkened car boot and want released in a short while.

“We have to get off the motorway to do this!” I suddenly exclaimed. “It’s far to busy here and I don’t want to get arrested,” I reasoned if I had to do this it would be on my terms. Jennifer looked at me intently and finally nodded her head.”Ok, but I want it to be real”

She was obviously getting into character and preparing herself for this incredibly risky scenario. (This was the first time Jennifer had demanded something as risky as this, but it wouldn’t be the last)

We continued on the journey and took the next exit. It was still relatively early in the day and the country roads we drove were quiet. We searched for an appropriate spot and after a couple of miles a turn off on the left beckoned. The single-track road was deserted and after about half a mile I pulled over and stopped the car.

“Ok what is my purpose in doing this…” I started to say only for Jennifer to punch me square on the nose.

“AARRGGH….FUCK!!!!” I exclaimed shocked by the blow.

“Leave me alone you fuckin pervert…. let me out of here….” Screamed Jennifer grabbing at the door handle. I instinctively leant over and grabbed her by the neck, genuinely taken aback and angry at her unprovoked blow.

“What the FUCK are you doing you crazy bitch?” I shouted only for my anger to subside as I realised Jennifer was in full role-play mode.

I tightened my grip on her despite her struggles and wondered what to do next. I felt myself getting hard as Jennifer struggled against my grip, unleashing a string of obscenities at me. I kept a small tool kit in the car for repairs and it was lying on the rear seat. I grabbed for it while still restraining Jennifer who was still trying to get out the vehicle. I opened the small pouch and fumbled for a long red handled screwdriver.

I got hold of the driver and quickly held it at Jennifer’s neck, just under her right ear.

“Ok you bitch……stop struggling or you get this right through the neck!”

Jennifer instantly calmed down and ceased her frantic struggling.

“You fuckin bastard, get that thing away from me now!” She demanded but my response was to slightly increase the pressure of the blade whilst being careful in case she started any sharp movement.

“Right you, any more sudden moves and you get this good…… understand you fuckin whore!” I shouted at her, feeling myself getting into this bizarre scenario at last.

“Ok..Ok….cool it man” she drawled relaxing her tensioned muscles. “I’ll do as you want, just get it over with quickly!”

I relaxed the pressure on the blade and threw it on the car floor. Quickly I jumped out the vehicle and ran around to her side and flung the door open. “Out Now!” I barked grabbing her bare arm and pulling her out the car. She almost fell, stumbling on the uneven ground in her heels but managed to regain her balance.

“I’ll fuckin teach you to strike me woman!” and with that I gave her an open handed slap across the face. This was the first time we had enacted violence in any of our scenario’s but Jennifer had started it to galvanise me to action and I was now in no mood to disappoint her.

“URGGHH” she exclaimed, startled by the unexpectedness of the blow.

I bundled her into the rear seat and told her to lie face down and put her wrists behind her back. This she did whilst glaring at me over her shoulder. The hot pants had ridden up in the struggle and her ass cheeks were visible along with her athletic nylon clad legs, again making me hard. I went to the rear of the car and opened the boot. I took the bags out until it was empty and unzipped the canvas bag containing our bondage “Accessories”

I removed five lengths of cord and went back to the rear of the car where Jennifer still lay motionless. Quickly looping the cord around her crossed wrists four or five times I tightly cinched the tie. Next I grabbed her elbows and pushed them together, extracting a yelp of pain from Jennifer. She had difficulty naturally touching her elbows and I had refrained from too severe an elbow tie in our time together.

Not so this time as I pulled the cord tightly around her elbows, grinding them together. Jennifer grunted as I cinched the bond but controlled herself immediately, gritting her teeth. She lay there twisting and turning her wrists, testing the bonds.

She had wanted this to be real.

She turned her head to either plead with me or insult me again but her eyes widened with surprise as I jammed the large red rubber ball gag into her open mouth.

“NNNGGHHHHHHH” she tried to object as I pushed the ball behind her teeth, forcing her tongue down into her mouth. She tried to shake her head free of the gag but it was pulled even further into her mouth as I brutally fastened the leather straps behind her head.

Jennifer was fighting the gag and this gave me time to return to the bag and take out a silver bullet vibrator. We had only ever used this accessory once in our games and Jennifer had not been too keen on its efficiency
as it had pounded her pussy for over an hour. But I decided she deserved to be tormented totally after basically forcing me into this scenario.

I returned to the now animated Jennifer and deftly pulled her around to face me. Her eyes again widened, this time with concern as she saw the silver device in my hand. Without delay I grabbed her hot pants by the top and forced my hand inside of them and her sheer tights. “Well Well”…. I smiled “No panties today” as my fingers brushed over her shaped pubic hair. Jennifer launched into a renewed struggle, shaking her head from side to side and mmppphhing into the ball. I thrust the device deep into her pussy and ran the connecting wire up the side of her tights and out outside the hot pants.

Jennifer looked on in trepidation as I connected the wire to the actuator, which I tucked down inside her tights at one side. I then bound her ankles and knees tightly with another two lengths of cord and cinched both bonds.
I  grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up into firstly a sitting position, and then over my shoulder.

I walked slowly to the boot of the car and gently lowered the bound Jennifer into a sitting position. I lifted her tightly bound legs into the boot and at the same time rolled her over onto her stomach. Finally I tied a length of cord around her elbow bonds and pulling her ankles up and back, connected the cord around her ankles.

Jennifer grunted into her gag as I slowly pulled the hogtie rope tighter and tighter, eventually forcing the heels of her pumps to rest on her ass. As a  parting shot I took a latex strip, usually used in our scenarios as a drum tight or cleave gag, and tied it to her hair. The other end was connected to her four-inch heels of her pumps.

Jennifer’s body arched back as her head was pulled up and back. She started thrashing around but could not move much due to the severity of her bonds. I surveyed the struggling woman and realised that I had never bound her this tight before. It was too late to apologise and untie her so I decided she would just have to take the medicine.

As a final insult I reached down and turned on the bullet vibrator. Jennifer immediately went as stiff as a board as the pounding, thrusting device started its cycle. I closed the car boot and locked it before walking back to the driver’s door and getting in.

I could hear Jennifer’s muffled grunts and her heels scraping the inside of the car boot as she bucked around fighting her bonds and the torment of the vibrator.

I decided to leave her to think about the consequences of her request for at least an hour and drove off towards the motorway again.


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