Advanced Bondage 2

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2017 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; scifi; spaceship; suit; invisible; bond; hood; gag; video; voy; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part Two

“Finally!” Slamming the door behind her, Nikki Vincent leaned against it. Days like this, she thought, seriously challenged her love for her work.

After several moments, Nikki began making her way across the room, leaving behind a trail of discarded clothing on her way to the shower. A long, hot soak, she thought wearily. Maybe then I’ll be able to relax.

Later, sprawled on her bed, Nikki stared up at the ceiling. Being home hadn’t helped. A long, almost scaldingly hot shower hadn’t helped. For a moment, Nikki seriously considered several large, stiff drinks. Then, as a thought popped into her head, she smiled.

“Desperate times,” she whispered, “call for desperate measures.” Rolling over, she reached into the drawer of her side table, pulling out a small, silvery cylinder. Rolling onto her back, she brought the cylinder to her mouth.

“Hello? Are you there?”

For a moment, there was silence. Then, surprisingly clear, a voice came from the cylinder.

“Nikki? What’s on your mind?”

Nikki smiled. The voice she heard, she knew, came from a man the rest of the world knew only as The Spaceman, discoverer of an advanced alien ship where he now lived in high earth orbit. The cylinder Nikki held was from that ship, a communicator given to her after her first visit. Now, hearing his voice, her smile widened.

“Bob,” she said softly, “help!”

After another brief silence, she heard, “Bad day?”

“Bad day,” she replied, “bad week, bad everything. Nothing’s going right, and it’s driving me crazy. Please, come get me.”

“That bad?”

“Worse. We did a shoot today, which meant I was in bondage, off and on, for over six hours. And I’m not horny.”

“Nikki,” came Bob’s voice, “bondage always makes you horny.”

“Not today,” Nikki replied. “That’s how bad it is. Please, come get me. Let me come up there for a while. We can do another of your shoots. And maybe….” Here, her voice turned coy. “Maybe we can do other things, too.”

“Maybe?” Nikki laughed, hearing the smile in Bob’s voice.

“Ok, we will definitely be doing other things. So, can I come up?”

“How long will it take you to get ready?”

Nikki rose from the bed. “I’m naked,” she said, moving across the floor, “and I’m almost to the back door. So five seconds, maybe six.”

“Give it a couple minutes. See you when you get here.”

Moments later, a boxy shape dropped to hover beside her patio. Nikki waited impatiently until the ramp extended, then scrambled aboard. “I’m in,” she said, dropping into a seat.

Like before, it was only a matter of a few minutes before she was, once again, standing in the huge area she’d seen before. And, like before, Bob stood waiting for her. This time, however, she didn’t stand on courtesies, throwing herself against him and hugging him tightly.

“Oh,” she sighed, resting her head on his shoulder, “it is so good to be here, away from all of that. It’s been terrible.”

“Tell me,” Bob replied, holding her gently.

“It’s my agent, Ted. Lately, he’s been telling me my numbers are falling. For every job I take, I turn down at least five others, but he says I’m losing my appeal, that my audience is moving to newer, younger models. He says there’s only one way to stay at the top.”

Raising her head, Nikki locked gazes with Bob. “Bob,” she said softly, “he wants me to do bondage porn. He wants me to let some guy fuck me while I’m bound and gagged. And you know that’s not going to happen, no matter how horny bondage makes me.” Lowering her head, she rested it once more on his shoulder. “Only one man gets to fuck me while I’m bound,” she went on, “and I very much hope he’ll be doing just that before I leave here.”

Bob smiled. “I think that can be arranged,” he said. “But first, I think you need some alone time. And I think I have just the thing. Come with me.”

"So where is this thing?" Puzzled, Nikki glanced around the room, seeing only a small, empty table. Before, during her first visit, there'd been a special outfit, made of a special fabric that used some kind of magnetic fields to hold her body secured in any position Bob chose. In the images and video Bob had taken of her, nothing appeared to bind her, yet she had never been more completely helpless.

It had also been during that first visit that they'd become lovers. Things she would never consider doing in front of a camera, she did for him willingly, even eagerly, knowing in her heart that this was something wonderful that only the two of them would share. Now, staring at the empty table, she felt a sense of disappointment.

"I know it's here somewhere," Bob said, his hands sweeping over the table. Suddenly, his hands stopped, his fingers curling as if grasping something, though his hands remained empty. Turning, his hands fumbled as if adjusting something. Next, his hand made fumbling motions as if gathering a stocking. "Got to be very careful where you put this, or you might never find it again. Ok, up on the table with you."

Puzzled, Nikki settled herself on the table, feet dangling just over the floor. What, she wondered, was going on? Bob loved to tease her, especially when she was helpless, but this made no sense. She watched as he moved his hands to one foot. Suddenly, she gasped at the sensation of something beginning to encase that foot.

"What is that?"

Bob grinned up at her. "Something entirely new. Completely transparent material. As thin and soft as nylon, but strong as any steel. And completely invisible, so you can be fully dressed yet completely exposed at the same time."

Nikki laughed. "Oh," she said, "wouldn't the fashion designers in Paris have a field day with that. Not to mention the fits it would give the purists. How can you arrest someone for nudity when they're wearing a complete outfit?"

"Well, maybe not complete." With one leg encased up to the thigh, Bob turned his attention to the other. Then, with both legs invisibly covered, he drew her to her feet.

"You know," he said, hands running up and down both legs as if smoothing invisible wrinkles, "there's one thing you've never explained to me. You love bondage, you love being helpless. So why is it that, any time you're bound, you struggle so hard to get free?"

Nikki shook her head. "Not to get free," she replied. "I struggle to prove to myself I can't get free. It's the helplessness that turns me on. And every move, every tug and pull and twist, brings that helplessness home to me in a way that just lying there never would."

"So where some women would struggle to get out," Bob observed, "you struggle to get off."

Nikki laughed. "Something like that."

"In that case, I think you're going to love this." Slowly, Bob raised his hands, and soon her hips were as tightly encased as her legs. Then, with the feeling just above her hips, he dropped one hand between her thighs, stroking softly. Nikki moaned at the feel of warm skin touching her, realizing that at least one part of her body would remain uncovered.

Next, Bob raised his hands, fingers seeming to slide across the invisible fabric. His hands moved past her head, and she could feel something soft slip across both shoulders. Lowering his hands, Bob fumbled with her breasts, drawing them away from her body. Obviously, at least by feel, this new outfit had openings for her breasts, the feel of some kind of edge sliding across the soft skin. Then, as she felt something touching her chest, it became obvious that those openings were just a bit small, gently pinching the bases.

As Bob moved to stand behind her, Nikki frowned. "What about the sleeves?" she asked, glancing down to where her arms remained at her sides.

"Oh," Bob replied, "there are none." With that, she felt his hand begin to trace its way up her back. As it did, the material closed around her upper body, encasing it every bit as tightly as her legs. By the time his hand reached her shoulders, Nikki's arms were pinned securely to her sides, palms pressed flat to her hips.

"One more thing." With that, Nikki felt what could only be a brush being drawn through her long hair. It was, she realized with some amazement, easily one of the most erotic things she'd ever experienced, having her hair brushed while completely helpless. As she moaned softly, Nikki could feel Bob pulling her hair into a ponytail.

"That should do." Bob reached around her hands fumbling for a second at her throat before lifting over her head. Nikki moaned again as she felt something soft slide over her face. Then, as the feeling tightened, she realized that she now wore an invisible hood, one which now tightened to encase her head as tightly as the rest of her body.

"There," Bob said, moving to stand in front of her. "How does that feel?"

"Fine," Nikki tried to say, only to realize that she couldn't open her mouth. Even her lips refused to part, turning her words into a soft hum.

Eyes wide, she stared at Bob. Once again, nothing visible held her. And once again, she found herself completely helpless. Already feeling her arousal rising, she offered no resistance as Bob guided her into another room, this one containing, among other things, a comfortable looking bed.

"There." Smiling, Bob lightly pinched one hard nipple, drawing a moan from behind sealed lips. "Once I'm out of the room, the camera will start recording. Have fun." With that, he turned and slipped out the door.

Alone, Nikki began struggling against the invisible material holding her, breasts heaving as her upper body twisted from side to side. Her legs were still free, but Nikki knew full well that this meant absolutely nothing. Where would she go, on this ship in high orbit? And where, she thought with a smile, would she want to go. This, she knew, was exactly where, and how, she wanted to be.

Then, as she continued to struggle, Nikki noticed a mirror against one wall. Struck by a sudden urge, she moved to stand in front of it, staring at her invisibly helpless body. Turning her head, she watched as her ponytail swung side to side. Suddenly, the image of herself as a pony girl flashed across her mind. Moaning at the thought, she raised one leg, knee bending, as high as she could, lowering it only to raise the other. For several moments, she pranced in place, watching the play of her leg muscles with each move, the bounce and sway of her breasts. She'd never before understood the appeal of being a pony, but now, her arousal still growing, she decided she'd be anything he asked her to be, if only she could go on feeling this wonderful helplessness.

By the time Bob entered the room again, Nikki had abandoned her place in front of the mirror. Now on the bed, her knees continued to bend, but this time it was in an attempt to grind her heel against her crotch. With first one foot, then the other, she struggled for some kind of contact. Then, straightening, she rolled onto her stomach, her body arching as she struggled to press herself against the mattress.

"Need something?" Hearing Bob's voice, Nikki struggled onto her back, seeing him smiling at her from beside the bed. With a loud moan, Nikki stretched out her legs, wrapping them around Bob's waist and struggling to pull him to her. "Careful, there. The cameras may still be on."

Still moaning, Nikki shook her head, by this point far past caring. Her moan became one of disappointment as Bob freed himself from the desperate clench of her legs. Helpless, she could only watch as he removed his own clothing.

"Is this what you want?" he asked, lowering himself atop her. Nikki's only response was to wrap her legs around him once more, struggling to draw him down onto and into her. Smiling, he allowed himself to be pulled down, Nikki's moan taking on a new urgency as she felt him begin to slip within her.

Somehow, what happened next lasted far too long, while at the same time ending far too quickly. To Nikki, far gone in helpless need, it seemed that Bob filled her, thrusting strongly, for only seconds, yet each second seemed to last hours before her body exploded. If anything, this was even more powerful than her first time here, filling her completely, yet at the same time utterly draining her. When it was over, no bonds could have made her more helpless than the total relaxation that turned her entire body limp.

After what seemed hours, but was probably only moments, Nikki felt Bob's hand at the back of her head. Her hood loosened, and she could feel him drawing it away from her face. The material pulled away from her lips, only to be replaced by his in a kiss she weakly but eagerly returned. Breaking the kiss, Bob smiled down at her.

"What other reasons?" At his puzzled look, Nikki smiled. "When I first came up here, you said the fact that I won't do porn was one of the reasons you chose me. What were the other reasons?"

Bob smiled. "Well," he said, "I must admit I'd been watching you, and from what I could tell, you were a warm, caring woman, a good person." Softly, he kissed her. "Someone I could learn to care about. And then there are the other reasons, but you really don't want to go into them right now."

"I most certainly do," Nikki retorted. "Start explaining, mister, and don't stop until I know every single reason."

"If you insist." To her surprise, Bob lifted himself from atop her still helpless body, moving until his face hovered over her feet.

"Ok, there's this reason," he said, touching the tip of one big toe with his finger, then kissing the same place softly. "And this reason." This time, the touch and kiss were just barely to one side of the first. "And this one." Another touch and kiss.

Nikki moaned softly, squirming in her invisible bonds. At this rate, it could take him hours just to get to the tops of her thighs, an area that, in spite of what had already happened, was already desiring his attention.

"Maybe...." she began, only to silence herself. If he wanted to give her every reason, who was she to stop him? It was obvious he desired every inch of her, and it was only right that every inch feel that desire, no matter how crazy it drove her. Nikki forced herself to relax and enjoy the slow climb of his touches, his kisses. It would, she knew, be well worth the wait.

Briefly, her arms flexed against their invisible restraints, and she smiled. How hard, she asked herself, would it be to learn how to whinny?

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