Advanced Bondage 3

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2017 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; spaceship; scifi; naked; transparent; clothing; bodybag; hood; cocoon; zero-gravity; float; tease; torment; denial; climax; cons; X

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Part Three


Nikki Vincent nodded without raising her head from Bob's shoulder. "I've been thinking about it," she replied.

"But why? You love bondage."

Nikki nodded again. "I do," she said softly. "Bondage is my one great love, always has been. But there are other things, things I'm getting tired of."

"Such as?"

Slowly, Nikki raised herself from where she lay nearly atop Bob. Kneeling beside him on the bed, she began ticking points on her fingers.

"I'm tired of riggers who can't keep their hands off me. They're supposed to be putting me into bondage for the shoot, not copping feels. I'm tired of directors telling me how to struggle, when and how to twist to present the best angle for the camera. I'm tired of cameramen who only seem interested in nipple and crotch shots. I'm tired of editors who always seem to cut out my favorite part of a shoot." She sighed. "And I'm especially tired of an agent who's determined to get me into porn so he can make more money."

"And your fans? Are you tired of them?"

Nikki shook her head. "Never. To be honest, keeping in touch with my fans, responding to their comments on my site, that's one of the few things about this I still enjoy."

Bob gazed up at her. "What about our special shoots?"

Nikki grinned. "That's different. That's with you. Besides," she added, her grin becoming a frown, "we've done two shoots so far, and my agent hasn't released either of them. He says they're not up to my standards, but I think he's just jealous that he had nothing to do with making them. Or jealous of you, I'm not sure which."

As she spoke, Nikki idly stroked the marks on her wrist from last night's bondage. Nothing futuristic there, just a simple spread eagle with leather cuffs, but it had been very intense for all of that. Part of it, she knew, had to do with her partner's ability to bring out the bondage slut within her. He knew just what she loved, and he knew how to give it to her in ways that drove her crazy.

"I don't like abandoning my fans," she said softly, "but I can't keep doing this. I used to love doing shoots." She laughed. "Hell, it was hard not to play with myself on the way to a shoot. Just the thought of being in bondage made me horny. Now, the only time I enjoy it is with you. You make me helpless, but then you just let me be me. You have no idea how important that is to me."

Reaching up, Bob grasped Nikki's hand. "I have an idea," he told her. "Give me today to work on it. Everything should be set up by this evening." Gazing up at her, he smiled. "In fact," he added, "I just thought of something I think you'll love." Releasing her hand, he rolled from the bed. "Might as well get started. As for you, no peeking. When I'm ready, I'll let you know."

For Nikki, the day seemed to pass with agonizing slowness. Bob had shut himself into his office, refusing to come out even for meals. Which left Nikki with very little to do. Even cleaning, something she normally hated, wasn't an option, here on this ship in orbit, where everything was always immaculate and spotless. By the time Bob finally called her, she was nearly out of her mind with boredom.

"Is it ready?" Smiling, Bob simply led her into one of the ship's many compartments. Like one she'd seen before, this compartment held only a table. The table looked empty, but after her experience with transparent bondage clothing, Nikki felt sure the table held something she'd love.

"Almost," Bob replied, lifting something from the table. "Now it's time to get you ready." Smiling, he knelt in front of her. "Foot, please."

Smiling, Nikki presented one foot, feeling invisible cloth slide over her ankle. It felt like a pair of panties, a feeling confirmed when Bob inserted her other foot, pulling the garment up her legs and settling it around her hips. A very snug pair of panties, she thought, feeling the invisible material press tightly against her most sensitive skin.

Next came an invisible bra, cupping her breasts just as tightly as the panties hugged her below. As Bob turned back to the table, Nikki gazed down at herself. Invisible underwear was new. The question was, why did he want her to wear it?

"Ok," Bob said, turning toward her, "have a seat." Nodding, Nikki perched on the edge of the table, her feet dangling. Again, Bob knelt, bringing something up over her feet. But this was no pair of panties. This time, the invisible cloth covered her feet, pulling them together. Slowly, Bob worked his way up, the tight cloth encasing her legs, fusing them together. Lifting Nikki to her feet, Bob continued working the cloth higher, pinning her arms securely to her sides. When he stepped back, Nikki was encased from toes to the base of her neck.

"Too tight?" Experimentally, Nikki squirmed, then shook her head. The invisible material encased her completely, rendering her totally helpless, but at the same time, it felt comfortable.

"Good. One last thing." Stepping behind her, gathered her hair into a ponytail before pulling the now familiar hood over her head, sealing her lips while allowing her eyes to remain open. Hood in place, he lifted her from the floor, carrying her into a neighboring compartment and stretching her out on the floor. "I think you'll enjoy this one," he said, before slipping out and closing the door.

For a moment, Nikki lay still, luxuriating in the tight hold this outfit had on her. Then, experimentally, she twisted, only to freeze as something totally unexpected happened. The floor vanished. Except for the cloth encasing her, Nikki could feel absolutely nothing. Startled, she stretched, reaching with her feet for a floor that was no longer to be found.

Her mind whirling, Nikki struggled to understand what was happening. Floors do not just vanish. How could she not feel it beneath her. Slowly, she noticed that the ceiling looked closer than it had before. Startled, she watched as it seemed to very slowly approach her. How could she be moving toward the ceiling?

"Zero gravity bondage," she heard Bob say. Obviously, there were speakers hidden in the walls. "Enjoy."

Nikki's eyes widened. No gravity? But that meant she'd just float around helplessly, bouncing off any surface she happened to touch. Watching the ceiling slowly approach, she found herself glad that her movement was so slow. Not sure what to expect, Nikki held herself still, waiting for that first contact.

When it came, that contact was gentle enough, her helplessly encased body softly bumping against the ceiling. As it did, the reason for her invisible underwear suddenly became clear, panties and bra both vibrating as soon as she touched the ceiling. Startled, Nikki twitched, the slight motion enough to push her clear of the ceiling. As soon as she moved away, the vibrations ceased, leaving her, once again, floating helplessly.

For Nikki, this was the start of the longest, most tortuous sessions she'd ever experienced. Helplessly, her body floated around the room, now and then bumping up against a wall, the floor, or the ceiling. Each time, as soon as she made contact, her underwear vibrated, sending pulses of pleasure through her body. And each time, the vibrations ended as soon as she bounced away from whichever surface she'd touched. Soon, her whole body was twitching uncontrollably within its cocoon. Her increased movement, slight though it was, quickly had her tumbling around the room, bouncing off surfaces with slowly increasing regularity. These bounces, with the attendant short bursts of vibrations, only added to the helpless writhing of her body as her arousal slowly grew to levels she'd never before experienced.

As her body tumbled, so did her mind. This, she thought, her mind clouded by a slowly growing fog of need, was the ultimate in bondage. Not only was she totally cocooned, allowing no real movement, but the lack of gravity removed also any control over her position, direction, things that normally didn't even come into the picture. Before, she'd always struggled helplessly as she stood, sat or lay on a solid surface. Now, deprived even of that, Nikki felt reduced to a simple piece of flotsam, helplessly drifting debris with only her growing need and those short bursts of vibration to keep her company.

Eventually, it became too much. Nikki's writhing had become spasms, her body jerking uncontrollably with each burst of vibration, thrusting herself more and more strongly away from whichever surface she happened to touch. The empty room was now filled with her panting, gasping moans, her eyes staring sightlessly ahead, her mind filled only with the fog of her need.

"Ok," she vaguely heard, "I think that's enough for now." At this, she watched without truly seeing as the ceiling, which had been approaching her, halted and slowly began to recede. For long seconds, she floated away from the ceiling, finally feeling her back touch the floor. The sensation immediately vanished as the spasms of her body made her bounce upward, but soon returned. After several bounces, Nikki lay once again on the floor, the now constant vibrations of her bra and panties quickly driving her over the edge of a truly massive series of orgasms that left her spent. Eyes nearly closed, she watched as Bob entered the room, her body not moving, barely even feeling, as he lifted her and carried her through the door.

In the room with the table, Bob quickly removed Nikki's outfit, followed by the underwear. Released, Nikki's body remained still, with only occasional twitches showing, along with the heaving of her breasts as she breathed deeply. Her eyes, still nearly closed, watched as Bob once again lifted her, carrying her to their room and stretching her out on their bed.

For what seemed hours, Nikki simply lay on the bed, her body refusing to obey any command to move. Finally, slowly, she raised one hand, only to let if fall limply to her side.

"I can't," she whispered softly. "Too weak. That was almost too much pleasure."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Bob replied, softly stroking her cheek. Nikki moaned softly, even this slight touch to her overly sensitized body sending more aftershocks through her. "And I think you'll enjoy the rest just as much."

"Rest?" Slowly, Nikki shook her head. "I don't think I can handle any more."

"No more bondage," Bob assured her, smiling softly. "At least, not until you've recovered from this session. Which, by the way, will be the first offering on your new site."

"Site?" Puzzled, Nikki gazed up at Bob.

"Site." Bob nodded. "That's what I've been working on all day. You now have a new site, totally unconnected with anything you've ever done before. From now on, all of the images and video from your shoots will be posted there, and only there. I also took the liberty of accessing the member list from the site your agent set up for you. All paying members to that site have been sent emails with the link to your new site. They've also been informed that membership in this site will be free until their membership on the other site expires. I've also set up the payment options for membership, and linked it to a new account in your name, one your agent has no access to."

Bob smiled. "You," he told her, "are not retiring. What you are doing is becoming an independent online model sharing her love of bondage with her fans."

For a long moment, Nikki gazed at him. Slowly, her eyes closed. "Please," she whispered, "do me a favor. Call Ted and tell him he's fired." Her eyes cracked open. "After that, come hold me, please."

Nodding, Bob left the room. Alone, Nikki allowed her eyes to close once more. She would not, she thought, give up on bondage. Instead, she would find new ways to enjoy the thing she loved. Smiling, she hoped he'd make it back before she fell asleep. She would always love bondage, she knew, would always love the helplessness, but no bonds could hope to hold her as securely as the arms of the man she now knew she loved even more. Still smiling, she quietly awaited his return.

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