Advanced Bondage

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2015 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; scifi; spaceship; suit; magnetic; bond; gag; insert; video; voy; climax; cons; X

"Where the hell did it go?"

Glancing around at the disaster area that had just recently been a neat, orderly room, Nikki Vincent swore softly, then grinned at her own actions. It had been years since she'd acted like this. Like a rookie, she thought, her grin widening.

It had been a long time since Nikki had been a rookie. A veteran and respected figure in the bondage video scene, her name, and her body, were among the best known of the many models churning out bondage videos and photo shoots for an avid audience. Nikki had seen it all, done it all, and enjoyed most of it. Today, though, she was feverishly trying to prepare for something entirely new.

Several months ago, an obscure man in an even more obscure part of the midwest had made a discovery that was still rocking the world. The man, who still refused to give his name, claimed to have discovered an alien ship containing highly advanced technology. From the stories Nikki had seen on the news, the man now lived aboard that ship in high earth orbit. Governments called him a terrorist, the press called him a threat to the whole planet, and he had called Nikki, offering her the most unique and original bondage shoot in history.

Normally, Nikki would have brushed off such an offer. These, however, weren't normal times. Less than a week ago, she'd ended things with her boyfriend. He'd been with her for years, always there with her for every shoot. Things had seemed great until she'd learned that she was only one of several women who were enjoying his company. Needless to say, the breakup had been less than pleasant, and now Nikki found herself at loose ends, needing something to help her move forward. When the offer came, she'd accepted without a second thought. Which led her to her current situation.

The ringing of her phone distracted her from her search. Snatching it up, she hit the send button. "What is it?"

"Are you ready to go?" Hearing the soft voice of the man known to the world only as the Spaceman, Nikki froze, staring at a half empty case.

"Ready?" Her voice clearly expressed her exasperation. "I'm nowhere near ready! I haven't got anything packed, and I can't find my favorite outfit!"

"Nikki," came the calm voice, "you don't need to pack anything. I'll provide everything you need. The only thing you need to bring is you."

"How do I even know this is real? I've never seen you. I don't even know if you're who you claim to be."

A soft laugh came through the phone. "Look out your back door."

Back door? Living in a fifth floor apartment, Nikki had never before been asked to do that. Now, turning toward the back of the room, she froze at the sight of a strange, boxy shape just beyond her patio's rail.

"What," she said slowly, "is that?"

"It's your ride. Now hang up the phone and climb aboard." The line went dead.

Cautiously, Nikki stepped out on the patio. The strange shape seemed to hover just beyond her patio. To Nikki, it looked like something she'd seen on any number of science fiction programs. As she watched, something in the side opened, a ramp sliding across her rail to touch the floor at her feet.

"This it too strange." Slowly, she made her way up the ramp. At the top, she hesitantly touched the side of the strange shape, only slightly reassured to feel something solid beneath her fingers. Refusing to glance down at the five story drop below, she stepped quickly through the opening, nearly gasping in relief at the sight that reminded her of countless movie shuttle craft.

"Welcome aboard. Have a seat and you'll be on your way." Jumping slightly at the voice, Nikki dropped into one of the soft seats lining both sides. Turning, she watched as the opening vanished.

"Now what?"

"Now," came the voice, "relax. I'll see you in a couple minutes."

Indeed, it seemed only moments before the opening reappeared. Nikki cautiously emerged to find herself standing in a huge, cavernous area. Eyes wide, she stared around her before focusing her attention on the man who stood waiting.

Not bad, was her first thought. The man facing her looked to be a few years older than her, of average build and appearence. Not great, she thought, but not bad.

"Where am I?"

The man smiled. "You're on my ship," he replied. "Welcome aboard, Nikki. My name is Robert, but you can call me Bob."

Squaring her shoulders, Nikki stepped forward to grasp his outstretched hand. "So I'm in space? Doesn't feel any different."

The man's smile widened. "I'll show you to your quarters," he said, "and then we can begin. If you're ready, that is."

"No porn," Nikki said flatly. "Bondage and nudity are fine, but I don't do porn."

The man nodded. "I know. That's one reason I chose you."

"And the other reasons?"

"You'll see. Now, if you'll follow me."

After a quick tour, Nikki found herself in a small but comfortable bedroom, glancing at her new outfit in a mirror. The material was a soft blue, slightly shiny, and it hugged every curve of her body. With long sleeves and legs, the only parts of her left exposed were her breasts, crotch and head. Running her hands over the smooth material, she decided she liked this outfit.

"Now what?"

Bob smiled. "Now," he said, "I need you to lay on the bed, face down." Nodding, Nikki complied.

"So when does the bondage start?"

"Right now." As she heard the words, Nikki felt something strange. Other than the bed she lay on, nothing was touching her, yet something was drawing her left foot into the air. Glancing down, she watched as her knee slowly bent. Puzzled, she tried to straighten her leg, but her knee continued to bend until her heel pressed against her ass. Once there, it defied her best efforts to move it.

"The suit," Bob told her as her right knee began to bend, "is made from a very special material. It can create several independent fields. Kind of like magnetic fields." Both heels now pressed against her ass, Nikki glanced up to see Bob tapping at some kind of pad. "I can set them," he continued, "to put you in nearly any position I want."

Nikki's reply was silenced as she felt herself begin to bend at the waist, raising her ass into the air. Quickly, she rolled onto her side. As she watched, her knees rose, spreading slightly, to press themselves against her upper arms. Her lower arms, she quickly discovered, were already welded to her sides.

Nikki was stunned. There were no visible bonds on her, but she was as helpless as she'd ever been in her life. Her hands, feet and head were now the only parts she could move. She could move her knees apart slightly, but that only called attention to her exposed crotch, which didn't seem like a great idea at the moment.

"I'm stuck," she said, grunting as she struggled to uncoil herself from the small package she'd been formed into. Whatever it was that held her like this refused to release her, leaving her just as helpless as when she'd started.

"One more thing." As she watched, Bob approached with something in his hand. It looked like a strap of the same material as her outfit, with a slight bulge on one side. Reaching down, he placed the bulge over her mouth, wrapping the material around her head. As he withdrew his hands, Nikki felt the band tighten around her head, holding it in place. At the same time, the bulge began to grow, slipping between her lips and expanding to fill her mouth. Now thoroughly gagged, she watched as Bob withdrew from the room.

"Now we're ready to film," he said as the door slid closed behind him. "Feel free to struggle for the camera."

Nikki's response was to throw all of her strength against the force that held her. Writhing, squirming, she struggled fiercely, but only managed to roll herself slightly with even her most violent struggles.

As she struggled, Nikki could feel the familiar sensations begin to grow. She'd originally gone into bondage because she loved the way it made her feel, and this time was no different. As she writhed helplessly, she could feel her nipples hardening, as well as the slowly building moisture between her thighs. Soft moans began to leak from behind the gag as she closed her eyes and surrendered herself totally to the sensation of helplessness.

Nikki had no idea how long she lay in her helpless daze before a touch on her knee caused her to open her eyes. Bob bent over her, holding in his hand what looked like a belt with a crotch strap. Rolling her onto her back, he fastened the belt around her waist, then reached between her thighs and pulled the crotch strap up, fastening it to the front of the belt. The material immediately tightened, drawing what felt like a bulge against her crotch.

Nikki's eyes widened as this new bulge began to grow, expanding into her and filling her completely. A loud moan escaped from the gag as this new intruder began vibrating slowly. Nikki barely noticed when Bob once more left the room.

Now her struggles took on an entirely new rhythm. Before, she'd struggled for a freedom she quickly realized she'd never achieve on her own. Now her hips thrust as much as her bonds would allow, pushing against nothing, even as her muscles clenched around the thing vibrating within her. Chest heaving with her panting breath, her unblinking eyes staring at nothing, she moaned loudly as an orgasm built, then exploded within her, massive, shattering waves that left her limp.

When Bob entered the room, Nikki simply looked at him, her eyes half closed. He touched the pad in his hand, and her body collapsed, her bonds removed. Slowly, she straightened, moaning softly as the intruder within her slowly withdrew. Bob removed the waist belt, then the gag, leaving her once more clad only in her new blue outfit.

"How was that?" Bob asked with a soft smile. Nikki's mouth moved soundlessly for several moments as she looked for the strength to reply.

"Wow?" For Nikki, her reply didn't even begin to express what she was feeling right then, but it was all she had the energy to say. For long moment, she lay silent, her eyes closed.

"Ever since I started doing this," she finally said in a soft whisper, "my boyfriend has gone with me. He knew how much being bound turned me on, and he was always there afterwards to help me deal with my arousal." Slowly, she turned her head, opening her eyes to gaze at Bob as he stood beside the bed. "I left him last week," she said, "when I found out he was sleeping with other women too. So now he's not here." Slowly, she reached up, taking Bob's hand and drawing him toward the bed. "And I don't need him," she continued, her voice slowly growing stronger.

"I thought you said no porn," Bob said, allowing her to draw him down with her.

"I don't do porn," Nikki replied, curling herself against him and resting her head on his shoulder. "But what I do off camera is my own business." She smiled as she felt his arms go around her. "Now," she said, "I need to rest. Then we can discuss what happens next."

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