Accidental Inheritance 4: Bimbofication

by Loraspa6

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Storycodes: F/m; M/f; chast, demands; program; device; MC, bond; cuffs; chairtie; bimbofication; cond; stuck; oral; cons/reluct; X

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Part 4: Bimbofication

I gave him the best pleading puppy dog eye I could. "Please Tim. That bitch has disrespected me one time too many!"

"No Janice, please just stop it. I will not allow you to use the programmer on unwilling people."

I pouted a little. "You used it on Linda!"

"No. I did not do that, Master Tim did. You know full well by now that the Master Tim personality you created in me does not have the morals I do. He enjoys fucking with peoples minds"

"Tim, the people I want to use it on deserve to have their minds screwed with."

He looked at me with a deep sadness in his eyes. "Janice my love, I cannot do it. Robyn and I built it only to be used consensually. I live with the pain that I, as Master Tim, did make permanent changes to Linda with the programmer. I cannot willingly do it again."

'Willingly' interesting... maybe I could... yes of course! "My slave boy! Come here slave."

Slave tim looked up at me lovingly from the floor. "Yes Mistress, what would You like of this slave?"

"Teach me how to use the programmer device."

"I’m sorry Mistress Janice, i can't do that."

I slapped him hard, so hard he tumbled to the floor. "Timothy Alexander Hilliard! You dare to deny your Mistress!"

Tim climbed to his knees again and looked up at me with tears. "Never Mistress Janice! i cannot teach You what i do not know. As slave i do not have that knowledge. Mistress Robyn forbade me from retaining that information; it is the one thing that i will not even take post hypnotic suggestions on either. We were afraid that if someone discovered it they would force Her to make me use it on others as her slave."

I sit in the chair and kick off my high heels. "Worship my feet." Tim begins to lovingly kiss my feet through my pantyhose.

So slave tim can't teach me, and normal Tim won't. Maybe I can convince the Master Tim personality to teach me. He has been too sneaky the last several times I unleashed him. Making sure I cannot restrain him back into normal Tim. And usually leaving me fully restrained and desperate to cum when he goes to sleep. Then when he wakes up as normal Tim he releases me and begs for forgiveness. After the last time I added a time release option to Master Tim so he cannot control me longer then I feel safe.

Maybe, just maybe, I can convince Master Tim to teach me. Let's start him out in a happy mood. "Tim go upstairs and strip, wait for me kneeling on the bed."

"Yes Mistress, i wait to please Your love canal."

I enter the room and he is positioned as instructed. He licks his lips in anticipation. The hunger evident in his eyes. Well the slave will be disappointed tonight. I undress, my lovely necklace the last thing I remove. Opening its secret compartment I withdrawal the key hidden in it. I walk to my slave-husband. He sees my key and leans back exposing his chastity tube for me to unlock it.

With his penis free I kneel down before him. "Sit on the side of the bed."

He settles into the new position and smiles at me. "Mistress Janice what are you doing?"

"One Hour, Be my Master." I immediately take his cock in my mouth before he has fully become Master.

"Well, well! You think you can bribe me into revealing the info you want?"

I stop and look up at those hard but caring eyes. "No Master I just hope to convince you to teach me, by making it beneficial to you also."

"And how is that girl?"

I hate it when he calls me that! "By making the women I use it on into your pets."

"Even as Master I only want you my girl."

"But what if you had a bevy of slaves to care for both of us; you do not need them for sex if you do not want."

He gave me an evil smile. "That may be nice. Come"

We went to the computer room and he showed me how to access the program and send the data to the device. It was relatively easy and if I had known where to find the program I could have figured it out myself. He had me sit in the chair and had me write a program, but we did not download it to the device. "One more thing you should always do to an unwilling subject"

"What is that Master?"

"Restrain her." I felt him grab my arms and cuffed my hands behind the seat.

I tried to stand but the cuffs were secured to the base of the chair. Where did he get the cuffs from? I saw the programming device come over my face and the pressure of the headphones on my ears. I need to say the release command but the colors are so pretty, the sounds so relaxing...


God what has she done! I rushed home as fast as I could, Master Tim had driven as far as he possibly could before the hour was up and I was once again the controlling personality. I had vague memories of what he had written into the device and it scared me what I remembered. I had to get home before the command sequence that made the changes permanent to Janice were ran into her.

I pulled into our driveway and sprinted through the house. There she was just where he, or I left her. I pulled the headset from her head. I could still hear the audio signals from the headset as I pulled it away. Good!

"Janice! Janice honey, talk to me."

"Master? Why are you so worried? Does you want little slave janny to suck your massive cock? I will make you happy."

I removed her cuffs "Janice, I'm not your master, you're my Mistress"

"Oh no! That's not right." She pouted, and then a smile spread on her face. "That's alright I know what to do! Be my..."

"Stop! Suck my cock after all." She dropped to her knees and happily took my member in her mouth and made it stiffen. Moaning in ecstasy as she did.

I brought up the program that Master Tim wrote. That Bastard! If I ever showed any signs of submissiveness she was programmed to say 'Be my master' and bring him out. I continued reading the program, each command making me more sick to my stomach. His intent was to make Janice the perfect little submissive wife with no will of her own, and too dumb to care. He has taken away both of our lives.

"Master why are You not hard anymore? I know i did not eat Your wonderful spermies yet." She looked up at me with a sad look.

"Sorry slut, I am distracted give me a few minutes." She beamed at the term slut, just as she had been programmed to. "Just continue when I am less focused it will be more to your liking."

"Yes Master!" She dove back into my crotch.

And I dove into writing a new program for Janice to hopefully return her to normal.

A short while later I was ready. I slipped the device back on her head as she continued to bob her head up and down on my cock.

"I'm sorry Janice for what he did and what I am about to do to you to fix it." She looked up at me despite the fact that the device blocked her vision. I flipped the switch and said a prayer. Soon she was still between my legs. I pulled my cock from her mouth, but left her kneeling there as I began to write the next program.


"Ohhhh! I have such a headache baby."
I got no response. I open my eyes and look around the room, Tim is nowhere to be seen, but there is a paper on his pillow.

Janice my Love, I am in the computer room. I do not know what you
will remember of today, but I am trying to put things right, and ensuring
it cannot happen like this again.

I Love You!

I walk across the hall, and see Tim slumped and cuffed in the chair with the programmer on his head. I rush to him and take it off of his head. "Tim?" There is a large puddle of drool on his shirt. "So help me if you fried your brain, I will kill you!"

I heard a whisper from him; "I love you too." And then he coughed to clear his throat. "How are you feeling?"

"Like a bomb went off in my head, what happened?" I get the key for the handcuffs from the desk and start to release Tim.

"How much do you remember?"

"I remember you, err Master Tim, cuffing me, then I sort of remember going down on you and feeling very... uhhh belittled, but I loved it for some reason." I shook my head trying to remember. "You woke me at some point and asked me a bunch of questions and said something about 'mit peels'. Why does my head hurt so much?"

"From having that used on twice in only a few hours." He said pointed at the programmer device. "Master Tim used it on you to make you a dumb submissive bimbo and to make you call him out whenever the real me surfaced. But I stopped it before it made it completely permanent."


"I couldn't remove it from you, but I sectioned it off so I must activate the change by command. Which I'm sure Master will do next time you unleash him."

"That will not be anytime soon. What did you do to yourself that left you a drooling mess?"

He smiled at me "Well the drooling part is because the more susceptible you are to the programming the longer it is to come up when the program completes, because you are so deep. I altered Master, He was too dangerous as he was. He will now be more controlled by my morals. He shouldn't try to upset the overall nature of our marriage again when he is released. In theory he will not scheme more then a few hours ahead, and never about taking over complete control ever again. This should also prevent you from being locked up for days again, like the first time you released him."

"You should have let me do the programming for you."

"No Janice, this was my mess by even keeping this around." He picked up the device and smashed it into the desk.


"It's too dangerous. Unless you want to be a mindless fuck bunny again."

"But you said you made Master less dangerous."

"I cannot, will not, take that chance with your life again. I have to live with the fact that I used this device three times on unwilling victims, in one month’s time, including you twice. If someone else found out about that headset and forced us to reveal how it works, it could be disastrous." He looked at me with a look of fear that chilled me to the bone. "I almost lost the real you, I won't be able to live with myself if something severe happens to you because of that!" He punctuated that with a hand gesture to the debris on the desk.

"Tim, I just..."

He pulled me into his embrace "Janice please. You know you can normally convince me to do anything. But I must stand my ground on this. If you never have, or never will again, respect my choices on anything, please respect it on this."

I place a finger under his chin and make him look up at me. "Tim, I see how strongly this weighs on you. I have never seen you this deeply upset. I know now the dangers this device poses in the wrong hands and it appears Master Tim was definitely the wrong hands. I should always trust your opinion and should not have pushed you about this. I made a terrible mistake, forgive me."

He smiled. "Thank you, but there is enough fault to go round." He got this mischievous look in his eye. "But I think you still need to understand what you almost were, 'My little slave slut'!"

Suddenly I felt... not the same. I feel more... I can't explain this feeling.

"Janice go get in bed, play with your pussy until I get there. But no cumming or you will be punished."

I smile down at my Master, his smile seems only half... oh what is it, halfhearted! I am such a smart slut! "Yes Master, please hurry though i will need Your cock in my pussy very soon."

I turn and leave, part of me deep inside is trying to tell me that i am not good, i am wrong in my head. But how can feeling this happy and pleasing my Master be wrong. I lay on the bed and begin teasing my little clit while rubbing my breasts. I hope Master hurries or i may earn his anger!


Janice leaves the room, and I remove the box from under the desk. I take a final look in it. The real headset and a USB flash drive are in it. The flash drive contains the software in a highly encrypted compression file. I close the lid and snap the lock shut. The key is already duct-taped to the far side of a rafter in the small attic crawl space, and I take the box and hide it in the shed where I hope to never need to find it again. My own self-modifications will prevent me from ever revealing the existence of this device to anyone ever again, my wife included, and that Master Tim will never use the device again. With the real device hidden away I clean up the remnants of the non functioning prototype and make sure there is no trace of the program remaining on the computer.

Janice moans in ecstasy in the next room. I smile to myself; she is going to regret that. I will have to remind her when I return her to normal that I was more forgiving then Master Tim would have been.



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