Accidental Inheritance 5: Stuck

by Loraspa6

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Storycodes: F/m; chast, program; MC, cond; denial; video; collar; puppy; petplay; stuck; mast; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part 5: Stuck in a Loop

"Three more weeks? Janice it's already been two months!" I knew Tim would not take the news well.

I had been sent on assignment to Los Angeles to oversee the set up a new distribution facility for my company.

'Why me?' You ask, I wish I knew. I am not qualified in any of this. It seems I am just a liaison between the contractor and the office so some VP can keep his wife's social schedule. "I'm sorry dear, but there have been complications with the local electrical union over their contract and its holding up everything else."

"What am I suppose to do? I feel lost without you and I need some sexual release. I fear some of the women at work have picked up on my desperation."

"Tim, you are just imagining it."

"No baby, they can smell a vulnerable man, and my submissive self has started bleeding through in my day-to-day. They were like this when Robyn was sick. They backed off after she died and my submissive self was locked away by her so I could survive. Now they are doing it again. There have been a couple who have been getting a little too close since we got together, and the last few weeks they are flashing some chest and leg at me, they are temptresses and I don't know if I have the willpower to keep them away for much longer. If one of them overwhelmed me at a submissive moment..."

"They could do nothing, your cock is nice and secure in its cage."

"But they could discover the cage and embarrass me publicly, or make me orally please them on demand to keep our secret. i need to serve You, my Mistress, soon or i may lose my resistance to others."

I could see the despair in his eyes; he truly feared he would fail me. I could tell his slave-self was already bleeding into our conversation, he was speaking 'I's and me's' just below his normal voice tone and the 'You's' slightly louder as he does as slave tim.

Paradoxically his submissive side is his most powerful personality and could seem to override or coexist with his normal personality when he was upset or aroused.

I sighed, he was correct he has been deprived for almost two months already with no way to please himself. At least when his late wife Robyn was in bad shape she had given him a post-hypnotic instruction to masturbate while entranced in the shower every two to three days as needed. I had not even given him that.

"Be my slave, strip."

I could hear the relief in his voice when he smiled and said "Yes Mistress!"

While I had not left Tim with instructions to masturbate, I had a contingency plan if he got the need. I hiked my skirt around my waist and pulled off my panties. "Lick me!"

He pantomimed eating my pussy as I rubbed my clit with my thumb and pushed my index and middle finger into my moistening slit. In his mind it was as if he truly was tasting my nectar. His expression became increasingly pained. "Does my slave need to cum?"

"Mistress You are cruel to this slave. You know he cannot cum while You have Your key so far away."

"Do you doubt me slave?" I took out my key from its place in my necklace and reached for my laptop's webcam. "Hold out your hand."

He looked shocked unable to understand what he was seeing. My hand reaching through our home computer's screen holding the key to his cage out to him.

He reached out and I laid the key in his hand.

Tim looked at the key in awe as I pulled my arm back from my laptop. "But... how?"

"I am your Mistress, your Goddess, I can make the impossible possible."

He just stared at the key is utter disbelief. I commanded him; "Unlock yourself."

He pressed the key into the lock, twisted and it popped open. "It's real!" He practically squealed as he disassembled his little friend's prison.

I returned to my self-ministrations. "Slave, your hand is now my pussy when you see me cum, you will cum in my pussy."

He moaned as he began masturbating. He was so happy to be in 'my pussy', it made me excited to see him in such joy.

As I have had been relatively deprived myself, occasionally turning to my trusty vibrator these last seven and a half weeks. I always felt guilty afterwards knowing Tim was suffering in chastity alone, it had been a few weeks since I indulged myself last. As such I had my orgasm relatively quickly. Tim looked like he was ready to turn inside out by the time we both released.

He collapsed in the desk chair. "Thank you Mistress, this slave needed You soooo much."

"You are welcome Tim; now give me back my key." I reached for the monitor and he placed the key back in my hand. I made a show of returning the key to my locket.

"Leave your cage off until morning, if you have the urge to masturbate before then do so without guilt. I love you." I blew him a kiss.

"i love You too." And he returned the blown kiss and I disconnected from Skype.

After the incident last year with Linda stealing my necklace and key, I decided just having the one original key to the lock was just inviting trouble. If it got really lost or stolen we would have to cut Tim free. So the following week I tried to get copies made at the local Home Depot, but they had no blanks to match it. I decided on the next best thing and bought a new Master Lock set that was identical to the original lock, and the set came with two locks and four keys. That night I replaced the lock, and exchanged the key in my necklace. Then I gave a key to Tim while he was entranced and instructing him to always have it on him when he left the house alone, but to only consciously remember it in emergencies.

The remaining lock, keys, and the original set were then put in my fire safe in the closet. Upon my modified commands I gave him at the start of my trip, he ignored the spare key I placed under the monitor and when I gave him the order to hold out his hand, he picked it up and had it in his hand already while he believed I had passed mine through the computer. And the reverse occurred when I ordered him to return the key to me.

It was such a thrill knowing he had the way to free himself the whole time. I have wondered since if Robyn would have had the same feelings despite her condition when she programmed Tim to carry his key and the USB flash drive with her final wishes for his care.

Time for me to go and hit the exercise room.

All through my workout something bothered me, I was forgetting something. When I returned to my room I showered and tried to watch TV, but something was still off. I went to the desk and reviewed the work requests and other documents I had received that day, thinking maybe something in there was the source of my butterflies. When that came up empty, I decided I would sleep on it.

About half past Midnight I woke with a start. TIM!

I scrambled across the room to my cell phone, just in case I was wrong. I speed dialed the house. He may get upset that I am waking him up at 3:30 in the morning on a work day, but I am sure he will laugh at the reason.


"Tim did I wake you up?"

"Wo Mistuss." That confirmed it, I'm an idiot!

"Tim what is in your mouth?"

"Or ussy. Need oo ake ou um." Oh boy, I am a big idiot!

"Tim your hand is no longer my pussy, take it away from your mouth. Did you try to fuck my pussy again?"

"Yes Mistress, i wanted to cum again, but i had to wait for You to cum, and Your pussy would not cum, i tried to please it. But You would not cum! i have tried all night." He sobbed. "i must be a bad slave that Mistress will not cum!"

"Ohh Timmy, I'm sorry! Be my husband."

A moment later he broke his silence "Janice! You got me stuck in a programming loop! I couldn't cum without you, and I couldn't stop myself!"

"I know that now baby, I'm sorry, I was not thinking straight after earlier. How long have you been like that?"

"I don't know, since you disconnected from Skype."

"Oh God honey, that was over 5 hours ago!"

"That would explain why I'm so exhausted. I am going to be beat tomorrow at work. Ow!"

"What is it?

"My cock and hand are red and raw from beating it so long."

"Oh Tim, baby will you please forgive me." I knew his answer right away, he was after all programmed with this reaction longer then I had even known him he would indeed forgive me as soon as he spoke the words.

"Of course my love, as long as you promise not to do it again. You will make it up to me later?"

I was not expecting that last part, but he did deserve it. "I promise!"

"Good, I am going to bed. But I do want to ask you one question first; how did you unlock me from LA? That has been bugging my rational mind all night!"

"Timmy's Tuning Time! You will dismiss all concerns of how I passed you the key to your cock cage now and whenever the thought comes to you. You will just assume it is natural that I can do that for you. You will go to bed when we hang up, and forget about thinking about it when you go to sleep. Timmy has been tuned up. I will let you out again in a few days and leave you free to do whatever you wish the rest of that night. Use some antibiotic ointment to your cock in the meantime, a q-tip to apply it again after you have placed your cage back on in the morning. Anything else dear?"

He yawned. "No baby, thank you for saving me from the loop, even though you created it. I love you anyway!"

"Good night, I will be more careful next time. I love you."

He hung up and I could see him in my imagination jerking for all he was worth and unable to get release, turning to licking his hand to get me off. "OK now where did I put that vibrator?"

Part 6: Puppy Dog

I was finally back from Los Angeles after three months away and I stood there at the airport for a half hour waiting for my husband Tim to pick me up. I tried his cell phone and the home phone and did not get an answer at either. Finally I called a friend to come get me and take me home.

"Thanks again for getting me Liv; Tim said last night he'd be there."

"Could he have gone to the wrong airport or got the time wrong? He'd be there for you come hell or high water."

"I know that, that's why I'm concerned. I called again just before you picked me up, just got his voice mail. He said he was working on a surprise for my homecoming."

Liv gave me a sly smile. "Maybe he's waiting for you in bed?"

"Get your mind out of the gutter! He said it was something ordinary."

"Pardon me for thinking Miss Hypno-Mistress's bondage boy might get kinky." We both laughed, then Liv turned serious. "You don't think that psycho bitch that stole your locket came back do you?"

"Not likely, risk would be too great for her."

"Well we will find out soon enough."

When we pulled in both cars were in the driveway. The door was not locked and we walked right in. Upon Liv closing the door a dog started barking from upstairs. "When did you get a dog?"

"We didn't, at least not when I left we didn't."

There was no sign of a dog being in the house downstairs. When we climbed the stairs I slowly opened our bedroom door. I closed it again as the growling beast charged the door barking and scratching at the inch thick hollow wood door.

"Was that..."

"Yeah, that was Tim."


I heard the wall below open. Finally Mommy was home! I had been trapped in her den all through the dark time and most of the light. She has not been here and I needed to go out very much. I ended up relieving myself on the indoor grass. Mommy would be unhappy but I tried to not go, especially since she changed her den since she last let me in it. I barked so she would come looking for me.

When the wall opened it took me a few wags of my tail to realize it was not Mommy at the moving wall. Intruders! I barked and chased them from Mommy's den. Somewhere deep in me I felt joy when I saw the one with red head fur. I did not understand this. As I tried to scare them away I could hear them talking like Mommy on the far side of the moving wall. I heard them say part of my name.

I began pacing the den when something caught my eye. On the stone next to Mommy's sleeping area was a pair of flat leaves standing on end. One had Mommy's face on it; the other was the face of the red furred one that was on the far side of the wall.

This red furred one must be one of Mommy's pack! I hoped Mommy would not be mad I chased one of the pack. I cautiously approached the moving wall. Scratching it and whimpering to show I meant no harm.

When the red furred one opened the wall again and placed her high paw out to me, the black haired one hollered part of the Mommy-word that tells me I am not good. But when she didn't finish I sniffed the offered paw. Deep in me something recognized 'red fur' and wanted to be near her, so I offered the top of my head for her paw to rub to show her I accepted her.

She talked to me in Mommy-words; she said part of my name, but the others I did not understand.

All the while the thing deep in me howled like it was the dark time that was lightened by the big white spot in the sky.

The two strangers talked for a while and I heard them say my full name. That made me happy and I wagged my tail very hard. After a while red hair went to take Mommy's gift from my neck. I growled at her to tell her Mommy could only touch it and she stopped.

She looked at me with salivating eyes. I remembered Mommy doing that the last time I saw her. She was slow and not playful that time. I tried to get her playful, but all she did was salivate, and it hurt me to see it for some reason, so I stopped and laid with Mommy.

Now red fur was doing it and I had the same feeling. I lay at her lower paws and I felt her touch my head. I wagged my tail to tell her she was forgiven.


"Why is he acting like a dog? Did you accidently trigger him last night?"

"No, he doesn't have any triggers that make him a dog that I know of."

"Maybe we should check."

"Go on the computer, should be a text file in the Documents folder called 'Commands', it was Robyn's original that I have kept updated in case I have a blonde moment."

Tim started scratching at the door again, but only whimpering, no growls. I slowly opened the door, almost as slowly I put my hand out like you would do for a dog to sniff you.

"No! Janice are you nuts? He could bite you!"

"I have to try to reach out to him bring him back." He sniffed my hand and nudged his head under it. "Oh Timmy what has happened to you? I'm going to try some of the commands that would normally bring him back. My slave boy! Be my husband! Timmy's tuning time! Statue Slave!" He didn't react to a one of them. Dare I risk making Master come out with Liv here? I doubted it would work but at the very least If Master Tim came out his time limit would be in effect. "Liv if this next command works you need to run, I can't guarantee your safety, and I won't have long to keep him back before I am helpless to resist him."


"Just if he starts to stand, get out. Don't worry about me, I will be fine and hopefully everything will be normal in a few hours."

"Okay whatever."

"Be my Master!" I watched for the shift to the overconfident sadistic personality, but again nothing happened.


"I am sort of glad that one didn't work. I was not in the mood to be bimbofied."


"Long story, any luck?

"No, you were right nothing in here about a dog command. I've started searching all documents for the words 'dog', 'collar', 'canine' or 'puppy'. Hey it found a journal file that has some matches."

"Jan listen to this; 'I've decided to do a little puppy play with Tim. I created a puppy mindset that does not understand anything but basic commands you give a dog like sit and stay. I have named him Puppy-Tim. Real Tim has no recollection of his time as Puppy at this time. We will see if this changes as I use the command more.' So there is a command!"

"Why didn't she put it in the list then damn it!"

"Wait there's more dated a few months later; 'I have removed the puppy command and replaced it with a visual trigger. Whenever he sees the dog collar I bought for Puppy-Tim he will put it on and become his dog self. He still says he has no memories as the dog, he remembers finding the collar each time but nothing else until he wakes up as Tim. I have established a fifteen minutes window after I remove the collar before he returns to normal, giving me time to hide it from his view.' Take the collar off of him."

"Already on..." Tim started growling at me as soon as I reached for it. "Oh come on Tim!" I just burst out in tears all I wanted was to be in my husband's arm and the only thing between me and him was this collar! He lay on the floor shaking his ass and looking up at me. "Liv we have to overpower him."


"He's got the mind of a dog, we can outsmart him. Walk past him, I'll keep him distracted. Then you get on top of him while I'll hold his head down."

"Alright let's try it."

After a brief struggle Liv came up with the collar and Tim settled down to an almost catatonic state.

"Put it in your pocket, take it home and throw it out in your trash!"

"Will do, hey I found one more entry about this collar, do you want to hear it?"

"Might as well, Maybe it will tell where it was stashed."

"Ok here it is; 'I was completely off guard when Tim found the puppy collar today. He slipped it on before I could stop him. I had forgotten it was in that drawer when I asked Tim to open it for me. As soon as the transformation took place he was all over me. In my weakened condition I really was unable to fend him off. He playfully took my air hose leaving me struggling to breathe. He had no idea what he did and when I managed to get him to stop, I immediately took the collar from him and hid it under my pillow. I was so afraid I was going to slowly suffocate to death leaving Tim locked as a dog until someone removes his collar. I cried, not the smart thing to do but he saw it and calmed down. I will talk to him tomorrow about wiping all his commands and leaving his cock cage off permanently, I really can't enjoy it any longer and I don't want him hurt because I did something that I would be unable to undo later. In the meantime I had Tim pull the drawer of my nightstand out as far as it could come without coming out completely. I told him to close his eyes and not remember we did this as I threw the collar behind the drawer where he will not likely find it again.' So sad, he almost killed her because of the collar."

"I bet he doesn't even know, he would feel so guilty about that, and she wouldn't want to burden him with that memory. He should wake up soon, close the files. You can go if you want."

"No, I'll stay for a bit. Um, you probably have a mess to clean up in the bedroom, his crotch looks wet."

"Well he's been like this nearly a day, if I'm lucky it is only one mess."

Tim groaned and opened his eyes. "Hey gorgeous, what... wait oh no! The dog collar was in the old nightstand! I thought Robyn threw that out after I found it the last time. I can't believe it happened again!"

"You don't remember any of it?"


"Hey I had to get home somehow; you were not coming to get me anytime soon. What do you mean 'old' nightstand?"

"I bought a new bedroom set and set it up. I hope the puppy didn't ruin it."

We walked over to the bedroom and Tim had picked a beautiful set out, the only parts of the old set left were the nightstands that he had been emptying into the new ones. "I had plans to take you out for a romantic dinner before brining you home to reveal it. When I moved your old nightstand after the drawers were empty I heard something rattling around in it and investigated. I tried resisting the collar's pull, but I was helpless as I watched it come to my neck. I'm sorry baby I let you down."

"You couldn't stop yourself, and you won't have to worry about it any longer, any other things like that we need to worry about?"

"None that I can rec... I just stepped in a wet..." Tim's face turned a bright red, and he felt his crotch. "Oh this is so embarrassing, he's supposed to be housebroken."

Liv and I laughed so hard we could hardly breathe.

"Tell me the whole truth. Are there any other visual trigger items that you respond to?"

His look glazed over "No..." He closed his eyes and took long slow breathes, he was taking himself deeper to look into his subconscious. "I allowed Mistress Robyn to remove all of them, but the collar she could not, she tried several times but was unable to remove it. She believed that since that personality was cordoned off from both my conscious and subconscious minds and did not understand English she could not penetrate it."

"Truth was told. Grab a towel to dry that up, you can shampoo the rug tomorrow."

"I was going to do it today." He frowned as he looked at the wet spot with his now wet socks in his hand.

"Get cleaned up, I'm hungry and I bet you are too. Liv, do you care to join us at the diner? Tim's treat."


Throughout dinner Tim could not keep his hands off of me, running over my leg and slipping into my crotch. If I had been in a skirt he likely would have taken those fingers all the way in. Fortunately we were in a booth to the side and could not be seen by the other patrons. Finally I reached under the table myself and came up holding his hand, our fingers interlocked. I kept our hands on top the table and Liv just smiled at us and Tim blushed.

Once home Tim brought my luggage up to the bedroom. "I don't remember you leaving with this many bags."

"Hey I was there for three months; I needed a few new outfits." He gave me 'yeah right' look as I sorted the bags' contents.

I went for a shower, and left Tim to turn down the bed. After drying my hair I slipped into one of my new outfits. I slid on the emerald green silk nightie that almost perfectly matched my eyes, followed by a pair of black stockings. Finishing the look with a ponytail ribbon of the same emerald hue.

When I returned from the en suite I discovered I was not the only one making preparations. Tim had tied himself into a 'Y' position, hands to either side of the headboard and feet together and tied to the foot board. His cock cage was the only thing else adorning his body

His eyes got huge when he saw me.

"You approve?" I gave him a few sensual poses

"God Jan, you look like an Irish Aphrodite."

"Shame you can't take advantage of it." I climbed on the bed next to him and pressed in close. Our lips met and tongues danced.

"I was planning to offer myself as a sacrifice to you."

I straddled him and unbuckled the cuffs. "Not tonight. I need to feel your hands, tonight I want you to make passionate love to me. You have suffered much for my trip, and your only concern for self was that you would lose your resistance, that deserves a reward.

When he was fully free he turned me over and spread my legs, I closed my eyes and waited to feel his rod enter my sheath. Instead I got his lips and tongue massaging me, his hands wandered northward until they found my breasts. I was about to complain that I wanted his cock when he broke off and in one smooth action, brought himself up and kissed me again. I tasted my own juices on him.

"I know what you want, but you need to do something for me first." He said as he knelt above me.

I looked deeply into his eyes. "Anything."

He pointed down "Umm unlock him so he can fill your need."

I laughed. "That would help."

He wasted no time once freed, it reminded me of our first time together, the wonderful day that I had found the greatest treasure in the world; the orphaned hypnotized slave who would become my husband.




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