Accidental Inheritance 3: Linda

by Loraspa6

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Storycodes: F/m; F/mf; M/f; chast, MC, blackmail; demands; bond; chairtie; bdsm; punish; oral; climax; cons/nc; X

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Part 3: Linda

A few weeks had passed since Tim and I's anniversary, and things have fallen into their normal routine, well as normal as a married woman, and her full-time chastity caged, part-time hypno-slave, husband can be.

I had spent a half hour at the gym after work, when I had returned to my locker it was open. I quickly inventoried my belonging, everything was there except my necklace! How was I going to tell Tim the necklace containing the only key to his chastity tube was stolen?

I walked in the door and Tim was standing there holding a cordless phone.

"Janice I was about to call you, I know your necklace was stolen. The thief called and has made demands if we ever want to see the key again."

"She knows about the key?"

"How'd you know it was a woman?"

"It was stolen out of my gym locker, so only a woman would have had access. What are the demands?"

"So far the only one is I am to have you securely bound to a chair in our bedroom when she arrives in fifteen minutes or she will destroy the key." He paused, "I think I know who it is, I recognized the voice. It sounds like Robyn's once close friend Linda."

"That could be how she knows about the key!"

"We don't have much time, I have an idea but no time to explain."

Soon I was cuffed to a dining room chair in the bedroom. "I am suppose to wait for her by the door on my knees, I expect we will be back shortly." He kissed me and looked in my eyes. "Trust me. I love you."

I heard her enter and practicaly squeal with joy. I promised myself ths bitch will not get away with whatever she has schemed up.

Soon she entered our bedroom with a naked Tim close behind, head hung low. She sat on the end of the bed facing me. I recognized her as an overweight woman I saw around the gym occasionally. She indicated for Tim to kneel on the floor beside her. He did not even look in my direction.

"Hello Janine." she smugly said.

"It is Janice." I growled.

"Whatever. There is going to be some changes around here. You see I recently went through a messy divorce..."

I interupted; "What does this have to do with us."

"Patience. I have needs, needs that have been neglected far too long. As you see I am not exactly a 'fine catch' for men. I decided I needed... regular service to satisfy my needs. Then I remembered dear Robyn's telling me about Tim's situation before she died. So I began looking him up. When I found out he was married I assumed you had found the 'key' to control him. So I began following you around and searching your belongings while you were in the gym. Today I touched your necklace and when I wiped off the fingerprint I accidently opened the hidden compartment, and low and behold I found what could only be Robyn's key. So now that I have the key your husband is now my hypnotized slave.

"You can't have him, he is my husband!" I yelled.

"Oh and you can have him as your husband, I do not want an emotional relationship, I just need a live dick between my legs." She rubbed his head before continuing. "Now here is how it will work. I will be the only one to use his cock, when I am not using him his little man will be locked up. You can have the rest of him any other time you want. You will be bound by him prior to my arrival. I have instructed him that I will replace in his memories of you or any other woman he has been with while I am with him. He will immediately forget about you and will not know you even exist in the same room once you are bound, and will not until a half hour after I have left."

"Tim release me now!" I yelled, but Tim didn't even flinch. "Tim? Please!"

"You don't get it do you? He does not even know you exist. Do you my pet?"

"Know who exists Mistress?"

"Nevermind slave I think it is time you undress me and make your Mistress happy"

They stood and he stripped her one piece of clothing at a time.

"Come Mistress I shall prepare you for your worshipping." Tim led her to our bed, and as she lay on the bed Tim attached a hospital restraint to her arm."

"What are you doing?"

Tim straightened up with a stunned look on his face. "Preparing you to be worshipped as usual Mistress."

"What do you mean?"

"We always begin by me tying you spread-eagle on the bed and I lick at your pussy-alter until you demand I release you for you to take my cock. Does Mistress want something different today?"

"Hmm, no that does sound good. Continue."

Soon Linda was fully secured to the bed and Tim looked down at her. "So is 'my' Mistress ready with her newest 'magic words'?"

"Ohh yes lick my pussy slave."

"No those are not the words I need to hear now."

"What? What words do I need now?"

And it was then that my mind caught up to reality and what was said sunk in. "Be my Master!" I yelled.

Tim's hand came down across her face before she understood what had transpired.

He took my necklace from her neck walked over to me and placed it on my neck before untying me. "I believe this belongs to you my dear. I guess tonight we will both be the Masters with a new toy to play with."

"Release me slave I command you." She spat out.

I walked over and sat next to her on the bed. "You don't get it do you?" I said mimicking her earlier comment.

Tim smiled evilly at her "I was never your slave, your words were just words, not commands."

"But how? I had Robyn's Key, she told me if I got the key he would be my slave!"

"Well she neglected to tell you that it was a first come, first serve deal." I smiled, "I found the key first, it alone did nothing but unlock his cock, you needed the transfer command, which Tim unknowingly had with him, and the key to make him your slave. After that the key just opened a lock. Now you need to be punished for attempting to steal my most precious properties"

Master Tim got this big smile on his face, "And I know what just to do, Janice keep our guest occupied." He left the room quickly.

"What's he going to do?" She looked scared.

"No clue, his master persona is... a little unpredictable. The first time I activated it he tormented me for hours, and finished it by locking me in a chastity belt, but only after he mailed the keys to unlock it from a post office to go to his work."

"No he can't do that to me, please don't let him!"

"I doubt my belt would fit you. Nor would he want to 'give' it away as it is expensive to replace."

"So how are you girls. Are you ready for your punishment Linda?"

I looked over and Tim had this contraption in his hands that looked like a cross between a portable walkman and ski goggles. "What's that thing?" Linda strained to see what he had.

He walked up And started to place it over Linda's head. "Just a little something Robyn and I put together awhile back."

He pressed a button on the device and turned to me. "Get this cage off of me and put that mouth to good use rather then asking questions. I've given you some leeway because of this," He pointed over his shoulder at our bed, "but your Master's cock needs attention."

Well I let the genie out of the bottle, so I better go along with it until he is ready to release her. I dropped to my knees and did as ordered.

We were sitting there, my head in Tim's lap, as he repeatedly ran his hand through my hair. "Master may I ask a question?"

"What is it Janice?"

"What did you place on her head? She has been quiet for quite a while."

"Oh that is the device we, Robyn and I, build to hypnotize and initially program me until we got me to a point where my mind was programmable as it is now with post hypnotic commands. It uses a combination of audio and visual stimuli to overwhelm and program the mind."

"You're hypnotizing her? Are you planning on keeping her?" As Master Tim I hoped he did not get this idea because I was not going to allow that.

"No, no, no. I am a one woman man, I will be releasing her shortly after it is done, as soon as I reveal what has been done to her."

"Which is?"

"Patience little one, Your Master's cruelty will soon be known. Ahhh it is done now."

Tim began removing the headgear, as she started to come around and fight her bonds. Tim gave her a stern warning about her behavior and released her limbs from our bed, and then manhandled her to the floor at my feet. He sat down next to me.

"Now Linda here is the deal, if you want my cock in you, you must beg Janice to be allowed to have it, AND lick her to an orgasm first if she allows."

We both looked at him shocked.

"Or you could just come over here and jump on my cock."

She went to stand, but instead came to her knees looking at me.

"From now on if you want a cock in your cunt, you will have to lick a cunt to orgasm before your body will allow you to take a cock."

"No please, don't do this to me." She pleaded. She saw he was not going to change his mind. "Janice please let me lick you, and use Tim's cock, please I need it."

I caught Tim's slight shake of his head, "Never. Now get your clothes and get out of our house."

Tim stood on the front porch as she left. "Oh Linda, one more thing, if you ever purposely approach Janice, myself, or any of our property again, or even try to talk to someone about what happend here today, you will uncontrollably begin to masturbate until we dismiss you to leave. No matter where we are, even in public."

She gave him a startled look, then practically ran to her car.

"Was all that true Tim?" He glared at me, and I realized my mistake as I saw his hand start to raise "Be my husband."

I braced myself for the sting as the hand came to rest softly on the side of my face. "Thank you my Love, I have had enough of being cruel for today, even if she does deserve it all." He smiled and continued "And yes that was mostly all true. The need to lick pussy will stop in three weeks, but it will likely be some time before she tempts fate and tests it."

"And the part about coming near us?"

"Completely true."

"Wow! You must teach me about this little device of yours. I have some ideas..."

"Why? You already have complete control of my mind with a few words."

"Oh, not for you dear!"


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