Accidental Inheritance 2: Anniversary Gift

by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2015 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; D/s; chast, MC, bond; rope; gag; corset; bfold; bdsm; spank; toys; sybian; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part 2: Anniversary Gift

After a wonderful and romantic anniversary dinner, Tim presented me with a small wrapped box.

"What is it?"

"Your anniversary present silly, much more then that you will have to discover by opening it."

"I told you I already have my present from you and I would get it later tonight." I gave him a sly smile.

"I know my love, but it did not seem right for me to not get you something really from me. Besides I had it custom made and it was started before you told me not to buy anything."

I unwrapped it and opened the jewelry box it contained. I pulled out a gold necklace with a gold pendant in the shape of a 'female' insignia on an elliptical disk, on the back was etched: 'To Janice from her Tim'. All I could manage to say was it was lovely, I was so surprised he had taken the initiative to have something like this made I was speechless.

"This symbol of Venus represents your power over me, in more ways then one. Turn the circle counter clockwise."

I did as Tim instructed and the ellipse split and opened like a locket. Inside was a familiar shaped indentation and another inscription: 'The key that brought us together'. I immediately reached into my purse and withdrew my keys. I separated the key to Tim's chastity cage from the ring, and slid it over the peg that was designed to keep it in place in its little hiding spot and closed the pendant with a click.

I looked across the table to see my husband's smile. "This means a lot to me dear, now I will always know where the key to my greatest treasure is. Will you help me put it on?"

Wordlessly he walked around the table and took the ends of the chain from my hands and attached them behind my neck. The pendant perfectly settled in just where my neck met my chest. He whispered in my left ear; "This is another affirmation of my submission to You." Even in the hushed whisper I could here the emphasis in me being the dominant. The thought of my plans for tonight in cold irony to his comment brought an evil smirk to my face.

When we got home I had Tim carry me to the bedroom, as soon as he lowered me to our bed he kneeled alongside of me and he started kissing my legs. "Stand up and strip." I said as I swiveled to a sitting position on the bed. Tim was almost naked by the time I was upright. I opened my necklace and took out the key sliding it into the little lock that unnecessarily was keeping my man faithful. Removing the lock, I proceeded to remove the rest of his plastic prison with a practiced hand, reassembling the pieces to it and placing it on the dresser.

I reached out and stroked his already hardened cock. "Oh Mistress Janice please let me prepare Your pussy for You."

Shit, he was slipping into his slave self already without even being given the command. But I of course had other plans for him tonight. "No Tim you are not to be my slave tonight," he almost looked a little disappointed, "you see your gift to me is for you to 'Be my Master'!"

At the saying of the command Tim had went from a shocked look, to a devious one. "Well my love so this is what you wanted from me tonight"


He slapped me, not hard but enough to startle me. He had never done anything like that as anything more then a light joking touch in all our time together.

"Yes what slave?"

"Yes Master." I quickly reminded myself to try to act and speak as Tim does when he is slave.

"Strip to just your stockings and heels."

I quickly comply, and Tim begins feeling me up. I try to stand still, afraid he may hit me if I move. That is until his finger makes contact with my clit. I spread my legs a little to give him better access and let a moan slip out.

"My you are a horny little slut."

"Yes... Master."

He smiled at me as I caught myself before he could correct me.

"On the bed and remember you chose this fate for yourself."

He soon had me spread eagle with the hospital restraints, and was silently rubbing my clit. I soon had my eyes closed enjoying the sensation. He stopped rubbing and slid a blindfold over my eyes. I felt the tip of his cock on my lips. I kissed it and then felt him applying pressure to slide it further into my mouth. I was in no position to argue and allowed it to pass my teeth. I of course had sucked Tim's cock before but this was a first time in this position and I knew it was not the best I have done. Suddenly Tim pulled out of me and I felt the ball gag going into my mouth.

I panicked, gagged as I was I would no longer be able to use my safe word that would drop Tim out of his Master self if I was in distress. I had never thought he would gag me.

This did not go unnoticed by Tim. He held my head still and kissed me over the gag. "Do not worry janice I will not hurt you... too much." Next I knew I could feel him licking my cunt. I had to laugh at myself, even as Master Tim he had a strong desire to eat pussy.

I was on the verge of cumming when he stopped suddenly. I was desperate to be finished.

"Now now, no orgasm until I say so." I felt him remove my shoes and slip my own pair of ballet heeled ankle boots on me. He laced them on tight as he released my ankles from their bindings. I have only worn these a few times and had regretted ever letting Tim talk me into buying them.

He quickly cuffed my right hand then removing the hospital cuff he moved my arm over next to the left cuffing them together before finally releasing me from the bed.

He picked me up and carried me off, I had used my hands to slip up the blindfold as he took me to a corner. He unlocked my right hand and relocked my wrists behind my back. Giving my ass five hard slaps. "That's for trying to remove your blindfold. Next time it will be ten times this." He leaned me back first into the corner and pulled my blindfold back into place. "Now stay here if you know what's good for you."

I grunted my acknowledgement. Soon he was in the closet and opening drawers. He startled me as he gently ran his hand through my hair. "Alright slave I have a few surprises for you, and this will be the first." I felt him slide something between my arms and back, I could feel the laces hanging down my back and knew before he fastened the front closures he was putting me in one of my leather 'Mistress' corsets. After giving it a brief tightening he turned me around so my face was in the corner. Then he proceeded to tighten it tighter then I had worn any of my corsets ever. I was finding it hard to breathe. "Slow deep breaths love," came his gentle voice. Maybe this will be the worst of my ordeal.

"Walk with me to the bed, I'll guide you. You are very turned on slave, I hope you can wait until I am ready before you cum." I hadn't realized before then, but I WAS very excited, more then I expected myself to be.

He had me sit on the bed and proceeded to tie ropes around my knees. I was confused if he was going to tie me so he could fuck me why even take me off the bed in the first place. He grabbed my right foot and lifted it up behind me, looping my leg and ankle before cinching the loop tighter. He repeated it on the left so I was in a frog tie. He kissed my forehead and picked me up, and I was lowered onto a dildo? No not just a dildo, the Sybian! As Tim tied down my knees and ankles to the corners of the bed I thought of the times I tormented him, he would be tied up, sometimes wearing just his cage, and I would make him watch as I rode the Sybian to orgasm, and then forced him to clean me and it up with his tongue, or made him ride it with the dildo in his ass. I soon realized tied as I was, there was no lifting myself off of the saddle, my pussy was impaled on the dildo and my clit was tight to the vibrating surface.

He turned on the vibrations and the dildo rotations slowly. He was already at a quarter power by my guess and I was desperate already. He took off my blindfold "I will be back shortly dear, I need to run some errands. DON'T cum without my permission." With two slight twists to the controls and a kiss he was out of the bedroom door.

Errands! At this time of night, who is he think he is fooling. 'Don't cum' and then he amps up the Sybian, he wants me to cum so he can punish me, I know it! I am not going to give him the pleasure. Then I saw it; the headlights of our car pulling out of the driveway. He WAS leaving. My helplessness sunk in and I became mentally numb, lost in the sensations, the helplessness, I lost all control figuratively and literally, what have I done to my precious submissive husband! I've turned him into an uncaring sadist. The first orgasm ripped through me, leaving me seeing stars. I fought to catch my breath, while the cursed Sybian was building me to another orgasm. I had to hold it back, if I have another orgasm so soon, while so tightly constricted by the corset, I will surely pass out. It barely registered when I saw the headlights return. I was holding on to my orgasm and my consciousness by a shoestring.

I closed my eyes to focus on concentrating holding myself back. When a hand lifted my chin i stared into Master's eyes. "Cum now." I couldn't hold back any longer, this time the stars faded to darkness...

i woke to find myself bound on my knees, knees and ankles spread wide. “Oh good your awake. I was beginning to fear I would have to administer your punishment and let you find out about it when you wake. Or did you think I did not check for your cum before I allowed you your 'last' one."

From my position i could not see Master Tim or what He was about to do. "Now to begin your punishment." i waited to feel His hand come across my ass, instead i was shocked by the feel of cold metal enveloping my crotch. The chastity belt! Now i understood the emphasis on my 'Last' orgasm

I had bought it and used it to torment my slave, he was not allowed out of his own chastity until he could devise a way to release me in a set time. If he failed I was licked until I cummed, and he was kept locked up. To date he has never passed the test, but his desire to eat my pussy makes me think his heart was not into actually doing it.

"Now since you have cum and I have not, do you have a suggestion where I can use my cock." i pointed to my mouth as best i could with my hands tied above my head to the bed. "Good idea, IF I did not think you would be able to use some keyword to replace me with that wimp husband of yours. No I think I will use your ass." Damn and double damn, was i that transparent, or was Master Tim as devious as i can be.

i soon felt the KY being forced into my ass by Master's fingers. i had never allowed ANYBODY to stick more then a few fingers back there, now my newly cruel husband was going to rape my ass. He was gentle with His entry and it was soon almost enjoyable after i was stretched. i had fucked tim's ass several times so i knew He was aware of the feelings and safety issues.

Soon He came in me, but he did not pull out. "That was good love, but I still have two weeks of pent up cum to give you."

i groaned into the gag.

* * *

I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes. I remember Tim removing the gag just before he lay down and spooned me. I am pretty sure my hands and feet were still bound, but now I was free, stiff but free. I opened my eyes and saw Tim kneeling on the floor looking at me and crying. "I'm so sorry Janice, please don't be mad at me."

"Don't be silly, I got just what I asked for. Maybe not what I completely expected, but not unenjoyable. The Sybian was a nice touch. Now get this chastity belt off of me."

"That's what I am sorry about, I can't"

"What! 'Give me the whole truth'!" His eyes shifted letting me know the command had registered. With this command the only thing he could ever lie about was presents and things that were meant to be special events.” Why can you not remove my chastity belt?"

Almost mechanically he responded; "I mailed the keys to my office."

"You what?! Why?!"

"I mailed the keys to my office. Master Tim wanted to punish you and knew he would soon not be the controlling personality and be able to enforce his punishment. He knew I, as normal Tim or as slave, would release you as soon as you ask. So his 'errand' was to run the key to the Post Office's outgoing mailbox where it could not be retrieved. It will go to the regional center then to the local office by my work, and through our internal mail system before reaching me."

The emotional stress broke Tim of the truth mode and he began to cry again. "You must hate me! I didn't want this. I knew it was happening and I could not stop it."

I reached out and took his face in my hands. "Is that why you are so upset, you are afraid I will now be mad at you?"

"Mostly..." he wiped his nose on his arm, "but i am also not happy how i allowed you to be treated by him, you did not deserve such abuse."

"My poor little man, I programmed you to act like this. This is not your fault, I did not understand how... evil your imagination could be, and you have no fault in this but by being a thinker, planner. It was these traits that Master Tim used against me and I failed to plan for, otherwise you behaved essentially as I hoped."

"But I locked away your sex for... for God knows how long until the key gets to me." He stared at my crotch with such deep sorrow.

"Yes in your own way, you are punished as much as I am, you will not be able to have your favorite treat."

I picked up the blindfold and gag he used on me last night, "Put these on." As he did that I prepared his cage, with a fair amount of Bengay instead of lubricant. After it was attached i quickly locked it as he cried into the gag all I could say was "Oops wrong tube, how silly of me." Somehow I doubt he believes me.


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