Accidental Inheritance

by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2015 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bar; dance; tease; nylons; discovery; chast; mc; cond; slave; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Little did I know what I was in for. I do not regret it, but it was a bit of a surprise.

It all started one Friday night, I had been out with a couple of girls from work. At this one bar there stood a man in his thirties waiting for a drink. He was not exactly the best looking man in the room, but he was definitely not the worst either. About 5'10" to 6' in height, a little overweight, close-cropped dark blond or light brown hair and he wore glasses. He was dressed business casual, dark dress pants, a Polo shirt, and black dress shoes. Something about him had peaked my interest.

So I got up from our table and went to his and asked him to dance a little. He was hesitant but his friends pushed him out to be with me with some words of encouragement.

When we reached the dance floor he asked; "Did you lose the bet, or is it a dare?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well why else would a woman like you be interested in me?"

Maybe now I should describe myself; I was a 33 year old woman with a decent figure I work hard to keep, it is a well proportioned 5'6" frame if I do say so myself. Red hair and green eyes. Because I knew we were going out that night I dressed a little more sexy then I normally do for work and changed my conservative heels for 5 inch stiletto pumps with an ankle strap when we left.

"You sell yourself short, I asked you because something about you has got my attention. I hope to figure it out soon."

I could swear he blushed at that. At the end of the song I led him to a small table off the side of the dance floor and we started finding out about each other. Tim was widowed a few years ago at the age of 34, and his friends had been trying to get him out in the field. He was afraid no woman would be interested in him especially if they discovered he was a broken hearted man. And he did not drink alcohol at all by choice.

I could tell he was holding something back and I was thinking it was the same thing that attracted me to him. I kept seeing his eyes wander over my body, stopping in the areas of my breasts and my pantyhose covered legs, before snapping back to my face. I pretended not to notice, he seemed interested, but the more he looked me over the more uncomfortable he appeared. My curiosity was peaked.

We danced to the next song, and headed back to our earlier table groups. One of the girls had a bit too much and asked to be driven home. So our designated driver left to take her home and said she would be back in a little bit so she could take the rest of us home or to our next bar.

This was my perfect excuse. I approached Tim's table and asked him aside for a minute. I explained to him the situation that our driver had temporarily left, and I decided I should go home before I get too drunk, and could he do it since I knew he was not drinking.

"Absolutely, just let me get my jacket and say goodbye to my friends."

I did the same. Soon he was leading me to his car and helped me in, his eyes once again on my legs as I pulled them into the car. I think I found his weakness.

We chit-chatted some more on the 15 minute drive to my apartment.

"I'm going to have some coffee to sober up care to join me for a cup or two."

He agreed and we went up to my apartment. I instructed him to get comfortable in the living room as I put on a pot of coffee.

He was sitting on the sofa and I arranged myself onto the chair so we could face each other. "Would you be a gentlemen and help a lady with her shoes?" I said as I lifted one of my feet onto his lap.

He got this shocked and scared look on his face, but proceeded to fumble with the clasp on the ankle strap. He made sure he had a firm grasp on my ankle when he removed the shoe, sliding his hand down my calf as he lowered it back to his lap. I placed my left foot also on his lap so he could finish the job. As he was just about done with it I shifted my position to "accidently" place my right foot fully in his crotch.

He startled and dropped the high heel to the floor. I was also startled, I felt something I was not expecting.

Tim was panicked, "I better uhh go Janice... I should..."

I was already standing over him pulling down his fly, "What the hell did I just feel?" He looked down trying to avoid eye contact as I pulled his penis from his trousers, or should I say pulled his plastic encased penis from his trousers, his cock was padlocked into a hard plastic tube. I looked up at him and he had this far away look in his eyes.

"A message for you." He said and he was holding a key in his open hand. I took the key and he did not even blink. The key had a USB Flash drive attached to it's ring. I stuck the key into the lock and it fit perfectly. Meanwhile Tim held the same pose as before, as if he was in a trance.

I waited a few moments to see if he would do anything, but he did not. The 'message' must be in the USB Drive. I walked over to my desk and plugged it into my laptop. The folder opened to reveal two files; Read Me First.txt and Commands.txt. So I opened the Read Me First file.

If you are reading this I must have passed from this world.

Tim if you are reading this, it means I or someone else have released you from my commands. Know I loved you very much and I am sorry I have been too sick and/or afraid to take care of your sexual needs, I know you were more concerned about me, but you deserved the attention and now that I cannot give you it at all I wish I did when I was still able to.

If you are someone else, you have discovered my husband's secret. I had the foresight when I became so ill to program him in case something happened to me. I had been keeping him in chastity for about two years before I became sick. And he has been my hypnotic slave in the bedroom for around three years before that. He loved being under my control, and refused to give it up when I wanted to leave off his chastity cage and wipe out my hypnotic commands. He insisted on keeping under my control for as long as possible. I have evidently waited too long to remove these.

I made sure he has been well maintained in my loss, He removes the cage under an automatic hypnotic trance every time he showers, then performs maintenance on his CB-6000, before relocking it on and waking from the trance. He is programmed to remove it for doctor appointments and replace it without remembering he did such. He will carry the key and this letter on his person at all time, but his conscious mind will not acknowledge that fact except in an emergency.

Tim is very shy sexually, and was submissive to me only because he was so shy, it also makes him not so aggressive in the bedroom as he is afraid to initiate sexual intimacy. You may have discovered all this already since you are reading this.
He also has a fetish for pantyhose, stockings, high heels, and being helpless before me, either in bondage or by command.

If you have enough interest in him that you activated his trance, I have an offer for you. You can have Tim as your lover and plaything, a few words and this key and you will be his new Mistress. My commands will be yours. Be warned I have embedded deeply in him safeguards to protect him, if you become abusive to him to the point he gets mad, all commands will be nullified and a new command will activate that will remove his natural shyness and he will reciprocate the violence inflicted upon him.

If you do not want to live with this responsibility I request you use the command that will release my hold on him or return to him the key.

Either way tell my beloved I am sorry I kept him in this state so long. I never meant it to be like this at the end.

You have one hour from when he gave you the key to make your decision, then he will reclaim the key and Flash Drive (by force if need be) and walk out. You will be a vague memory when he wakes in the morning if this occurs.


PS If you ask Tim questions he will answer them honestly for now.

Shy to a fault sexually, that is what drew me to him, I feel it now. Should I take advantage of this, my own personal sex slave. The poor man has been denied sexual release for four or five years now. No wonder he was so uncomfortable, he got excited and his penis had nowhere to go in its cage. I looked at him sitting there holding the same pose he had when I drew out his caged cock. "Tim can you hear me?"

"Yes Janice."

"Do you like me?"

"Yes, you are a beautiful woman."

"Then why did you not pursue intercourse with me?"

"I cannot have sex as a man. My cock is locked up in a device that my wife had the key for. I can only assume someone at the hospital or crematorium has it now and they never returned it to me."

"If I wanted to have a relationship with you despite this how would you feel?"

"I would be happy to find a woman who loves me, but I am afraid I can only offer you limited sexual stimulation and I would be unable to please you and keep your heart."

"If I were to be happy with that would you consider me as a life partner?"

"Oh yes, you are a beautiful woman with a strong will, you manipulated me completely and I could not resist."

"Fine." I walked over to the computer my decision made. I opened the other file and looked over the command list, quite an impressive and imaginative list. The first one was the command to release him.

I removed the key from the drive and walked over to him. Holding it before his face I could see the reflection of it in his eyes. "Tim, I inherited this key from Robyn!" His eyes closed briefly, when they opened they had a shine in them. I felt warm in my pussy.

"Janice what happened. I feel so alive, so... different."

"It seems I have received a present that I plan to open with this." I showed him the key.

"Where... did you get that?" He looked down at his crotch. "Oh God, Janice I am so sorry, I do not know... how? Oh jeez, I uhh..."

"Calm down Tim, I did that to you, and when I did you gave me this key."

"I gave it to you? But I thought it was lost when my wife died!"

"You had it all along, until I pulled your encasement out, then you turned it over to me. You are mine now."

"But how?"

"Robyn said in her letter that she is sorry it turned out like this and she loves you"

"You knew Robyn?"

"No it was in the letter you gave me with the key."

"I carried a letter with me for two years and it was still legible?"

"It was digital on a Flash drive. Along with a list of your programmed commands"

"But only she can use them, I am only to recognize them from her."

"Her commands are now mine Tim, 'My slave boy'."

He came to his knees at my feet.

"i am sorry i doubted You Mistress Janice," he kissed my feet, "will You forgive this slave?"

"Yes I will forgive you, if you can please me orally. Do a good enough job and I may even remove your cage and allow you to feel the inside of me with your cock." He looked at me and was crying. "What is wrong Tim?" I was afraid I already pushed the limits.

"This slave just... was afraid he would never... have this pleasure again." He wrapped his arms around my waist. " You are as much a gift from Mistress Robyn for this slave, as this slave hopes he will be for You."

He unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. He then slid sideways between my legs and began licking my pussy through the pantyhose and thong I wore. He may have been out of practice but his tongue was working wonders, even with two layers of fabric between us. Against my clit's wishes I pulled away from him. He looked up at me with hurt puppy dog eyes.

"Come my little slave, you will finish undressing me in the bedroom, then continue this pleasurable experience." I took his hand in mine and let him to my bedroom.

We made love that night many times, as Mistress and slave and as Janice and Tim. In the morning I was woken by Tim licking my clit until I orgasmed. "What was that for?"

"Isn't that the best way for a slave to wake his Mistress?"

"I would say it is, but I thought we went to sleep with your slave-self put away."

"We did, but a part of the slave is always with me, wanting to please his Mistress, and his desires and normal Tim's overlap."
He paused, I could tell he was deep in thought. "Are you going to keep me? Or was this just a one night fling and I will now be thrown on the streets never to be heard from again?"

"Has that happened before?"

"No, at least not that I remember. But I assume you were not out looking for a lifelong mate or love-slave."

I kissed him, "Tim, I had all but given up looking for a man who wanted to please me and not just use me as his personal sextoy." I took his hand. "Every man I encountered wanted me to change for him, you are just the opposite by nature, and with your post-hypnotic commands I could remold you if you started going that way. The question is; Do you want me to? As Janice and as Mistress. I do not want to keep you against your will and will release you if it is what you want."

He turned my hand over so it was palm down and kissed the back of my hand, then turned it over to palm-up and dropped the key into it. It was then that I realized he had, before waking me, replaced his chastity cage on himself. He kissed my neck and whispered in my right ear; "I am yours Janice," and then kissed me on the other side of the neck and whispered into my left ear; "i am Yours Mistress."

That was four years ago today, the second anniversary of our wedding. Since then I have taken up wearing stockings most of the time when I wear skirts because both the normal Tim and slave tim personalities cannot resist my legs when they are encased in nylon, and then his tongue will find my pussy without too much interference. Tim had an impressive supply of restraints already, that I make use of often, and I have developed a penchant for rubber and leather in the bedroom for both myself and slave tim.

As a matter of fact, I better get Tim down from where he hangs on the closet door, and out of the straightjacket and ballet boots now or we will miss our reservation for our anniversary dinner. This was my gift to him to be immobilized and forced to stand on his toes. His poor cock is straining against the cage. I haven't let him out of it in two weeks in preparation for tonight. It will be off in a few hours. You see, unlike his late Robyn I occasionally desire a more forceful lover, not often but from time to time. Tim does not know it yet, but that will be his gift to me tonight, the new Master Tim personality I crafted over the last several months in him will be unleashed tonight for the first time, and he will use slave janice all night long!

The End...


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