Writing My Future 5

by Julise

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© Copyright 2004 - Julise - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bondage; kidnap; D/s; nc; XX

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Writing my Future - Part 5
by julise
Writing my Future - Part 3 by julise
Lisa stopped in what seemed like a dining room.  As I could only look down, I only saw legs of a table and chairs but it was definitely some sort of very formal dining area.  We stopped for a minute, I guess so that Lisa could surmise where to put me, and then I felt her tug on my collar again.  She stopped me before a chair at the head of the table and pushed on my shoulders sending me into a kneeling position.  When my knees reached the hard floor, Lisa wrapped my chain leash around the heavy table leg and then locked it there with a sturdy padlock.  The click of the padlock seemed to echo in my ears and taunt me with the permanence of my situation.  I fought back what seemed like an endless supply of tears.  I had cried more in the last day and a half then I had ever cried before.  It just wasn’t fair.  Sometimes that was the only thought that went through my mind over and over again.  It just wasn’t fair.  I felt Lisa lean down and her breath was on my neck again.

“Now this slut will stay right here and wait for Master.”  

As Lisa said this she pinched my nipples through the dress and licked my ear.  I tried to move my ear from her tongue because it tickled and it was just too much but she was firm in holding my head where she wanted it.  I moaned in frustration and she began to giggle as if I were an animal that had just done something cute.  She stopped and began to pet my fake hair.

“I wish that I could stay and play with this dirty little whore tonight, but alas I have a prior engagement.”  Lisa then held her cheek next to mine and held my head tight against hers, “That’s okay though my pet.  We have the rest of your pathetic little life to play.”

Lisa then licked my neck and got up and left me there.  When it seemed she had gone I felt myself let out a huge sigh.  I think that I had been holding my breath waiting for the psycho bitch’s return.  Well when it was obvious that she wasn’t coming back it was quite a relief.  I looked around the dining room where I had been chained and saw some of the most gorgeous art on the walls.  The woodwork of the chairs was impeccable and it seemed that the table matched, although I couldn’t say for sure as I couldn’t see the top of the table.  

The art pieces on the walls were interesting with an abstract theme.  They reminded me of abstract expressionism but none of them looked quite like the work of any of the “big ones” in that genre.  There was one piece in particular that caught my attention.  It had little black boxes all over in no certain pattern and there was a little splash of red in each corner.  That was it.  It was so simple and yet so elegant and strong.  It mesmerized me. Somehow it almost made me forget my captivity, such was the power of the piece.  This is a piece that I most certainly would have purchased myself, at any cost.  It brought such a wonderful feeling to me.  I was almost elated.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had only experienced my little room in the basement and darkness since I had been here.  This painting somewhat represented my life before my abduction.

As I was taken in by this painting I heard approaching footsteps and my heart leapt into my throat.  I could tell that those steps belonged to a male and was almost positive that it was Tom.  I instantly froze and dropped my eyes.  My body began to slightly tremble in fear.  I had no idea what my night had in store for me.  I closed my eyes with dread...but...was there just a little bit of arousal there?  I cursed myself at that thought.  Then I felt hands running through my fake hair.

“So beautiful.”

Tom’s voice.  He sounded so soft and wistful.   It confused me and tears immediately ran down my cheeks from the sound of his voice and the sincerity in his compliment.  Then Tom sat in the chair next to me and lifted my chin with his hand so that our eyes met.  I tried to stop the tears but they were going to flow whether I wanted them to or not.  

“It is such a pity that it was necessary to shave your head for your training.”  

Tom then brought out a handkerchief to dry my eyes.  I tried to look down but he pulled my chin back up.  As he dried my eyes he spoke softly to me.

“Your eyes are so incredible, such a lovely shade of blue.  I used to picture what you looked like before we found you and I have to admit that my imagination just couldn’t capture the reality.  My imagination failed to bring to light such a real woman.  Your femininity and your sensuality go beyond anything that I could dream up.  Even when you cry you are an aesthetic creature.”

He then tenderly kissed my eyelids.  I was awash with so many mixed emotions.  I didn’t know what to make of this.  I didn’t trust him that was for sure, but why was he doing this?  I almost missed Lisa.  She played with my emotions but I was always safe to assume that she had a sadistic purpose.  This was too hard to figure out and I didn’t know where to take my perception of his words.  I have to admit that I was enjoying his soft and almost loving touch.  But I tried not to let myself get lost in it.  Like I said I didn’t trust him.  I wasn’t going to let myself be fooled.  He looked in my eyes again and his admiration made me feel like the painting that I had been admiring before he entered the room. 

“I never would have thought myself to be so lucky as to own such a slave.”

He sat there and just looked at me for a very long while.  I tried to look down several times out of embarrassment but he would pull my head up each time.  My eyes would avert his gaze but always came back to his intense eyes as they took me in.  Time seemed to slow down or even stand still.  I could feel the drool drip around the metal gag holding my mouth open.  I felt like such an animal, an object.  It became very awkward and embarrassing for me.  I didn’t know where to look with the limited movement that my head had in his hands.  He then let go of me and I was very relieved to be able to look back down at the floor.  My chain leash clinked and more drool seeped out around my gag.  It was beginning to pool around my cleavage.  He began to pet my hair again.

“Well slave, I think that you are going to enjoy the evening that I have planned for us.  It will be just the two of us as Mistress has gone out with some friends.  First I think that we will have some dinner and then maybe we could talk a little.   Maybe we could get to know each other a little.”

My eyes grew wide with surprise as I continued to look down.  As he said this he scratched behind my right ear.  Oh it felt so good and mixed with his words it began to relax me a little.  I realized that I had no choice but to resign myself to my fate for the moment and maybe even enjoy myself.  If what he said was true, that we might talk later, there were possibilities there.  I started to feel a bit of...well I can’t explain it really, relief or arousal, maybe somewhere between the two. 

“I will go get dinner.  You wait here my little siren.”

He got up to leave and I was filled with anticipation.  I felt more drool pour out of my mouth but I began not to care.  I felt that maybe things were looking up.  I was filled with hope about the prospect of a talk.  I even began to think of Tom as a man at that moment.  Not just my captor, but also a man.  It didn’t hurt that he was a pretty good-looking guy either.  No my situation definitely seemed to be looking up.  

That was when I felt an itch on my nose.  I instantly tried to bring my hand up to scratch it but then I felt the constraint of the arm binder holding my arms immobile behind my back.  This snapped me back into reality.  Oh he was good.  He made me forget about the hopelessness of my situation for a moment.  Yes, he certainly knew what he was doing.  I cursed myself for having fallen for his tricks.  And he called me a siren.  That bastard!  I strictly told myself that I would not fall for anymore of his tricks.

Tom came back with a bottle of wine and one wine glass.  He set it down on the table and then just stood there.  More drool seeped out of my mouth.  I continued to look down.  He came over to me and leaned down in front of me.  He started to rub the spit around that had collected around my cleavage.  He rubbed it all over my cleavage and then pulled the dress down around each breast so that my full breasts were showing around the corset-like top of my dress.  He began to rub my spit around my nipples and firmly kneaded my breasts.  I quickly became aroused from this treatment and my breath quickened.  I closed my eyes and dropped my head even more.  I didn’t want this to feel so good but it did.  More drool dripped down and gave him more spit to rub around.  I could feel the moisture in my pussy drip out around the tops of my inner thighs.  Oh I am glad that Lisa was not around to make fun of me for this depraved show.  

Tom stopped his manipulation of my breasts and stood up.  He grabbed the bottle of wine and popped the cork.  I could hear the velvety liquid fill the glass and it seemed that my drool got thicker.  What Tom did next surprised the hell out of me.  He set the wine glass down and leaned down in front of me.  He lifted my chin again so that he could look in my lust filled eyes.  I returned his gaze and looked into his lust filled eyes.  He spoke again with that soft and deeply seductive male voice but with a little warning mixed in.

“Slave, I hope that you remember your rules.”

With that said he then immediately did something to the gag to loosen it and then removed it from my mouth.  I looked at him in surprise and gratitude then immediately looked down and began to work my jaw.  I slurped in the drool that had collected around my mouth and moved my mouth around to relieve the ache.  I almost felt as if I were in heaven without a gag.  It is amazing how such a normal thing as not wearing a gag felt like a privilege to me.  But I didn’t care to think about that at that moment, I was too busy reveling in the absence of a gag.  I think that I even had a little smile come across my face for a second but it may have been imagined.  

What I felt next surprised me even more.  Tom had gently pushed the wine glass to my lips and began to tip the wonderful liquid in my mouth.  I gasped suddenly at this gesture, as I didn’t see it coming, but quickly gained my composure to take in the wine.  It was pinot noir, my favorite.  It was a very good pinot noir at that.  I took in as much as I could without having control of the glass and I relished the taste.  Tom took the glass away and set it on the table before he left the room again.  I knelt there feeling something like euphoria.  

Tom returned with a plate and a cloth napkin.  He set the plate down on the table and sat down.  He again pet my hair while he looked down at me.

“You look so wonderful my pet.”

I then began to picture what I must look like.  My breasts sticking out of the beautiful black dress, my wig flowing down my back with silky brown hair, my face beautifully made up, my arms tightly restrained behind me in an arm-binder, the look of lust in my eyes, my goodness I must have looked like a wanton whore.  Tom scratched behind my right ear again.  Jesus that felt so good.  I unconsciously nuzzled my head against his hand.

I heard the scrape of silverware against dining ware and then the next thing I knew I felt a forkful of risotto at my mouth.  I looked up at him in surprise and wonder and he was smiling holding the fork to me.  I opened my mouth wide and graciously took the forkful of risotto.  It was exquisite.  I thought that I would die from an overdose of luxury.  I chewed the risotto slowly at first but then my stomach felt its presence and I remembered how hungry I was.  Lisa never gave me my lunch.  Not that I would have enjoyed more dog food anyway, but I needed something.  This was a much-needed improvement on the dog food.  It was incredible.  I chewed the rest hungrily and swallowed.  

The meal went on like that until the food was gone.  There must have been a lot because I’d had enough to fill me up and I am sure that he ate quite a bit himself.  He didn’t talk much during this time he just ate his dinner and every once in a while fed me as if I were a faithful little dog kneeling at his feet waiting for his table scraps.  Oh how true a picture that was.  He would also give me a few drinks of wine here and there.  It felt like one of the best meals I had ever had.  Give me a break, okay?  It was relative to my situation.

When we were finished he wiped his face with his napkin and then he leaned down and dabbed the napkin at my face, careful to not smudge my make up.  He put the napkin on the table and then grabbed a set of keys from the top of the table.  He unlocked my leash from the table leg and pulled me up.  He had to hold me up a bit because my legs had gone a little numb from kneeling for so long.  He held me very close to him and I could feel his head next to mine but I continued to look down.  As I was starting to get the feeling back in my legs and regaining my composure he leaned down a little and began to kiss me softly on the lips.  This surprised the hell out of me and I startled for a second before I melted into the kiss.  I felt his hand go behind my head and pull me into him even more.  I lost my balance for a second but he never faltered.  I don’t know how long that kissed lasted but at that moment I felt that it could have gone on for eternity and I would be happy.  

Tom pulled away from my lips and instantly tugged on my leash to follow him.  I blissfully followed, intoxicated by his kiss.  This man had strong seductive powers.  Having been in such an uncomfortable situation before that, it was hard for me to keep my guard up with him.  He, of course, knew that.

He had taken me to some sort of study.  Not your normal study, this one had a very light blue plush carpet and industrial art surrounded the room.  There were odd images on the wall and odd sculptures on any table or desk in the room.  There were shelves and shelves of books, but they were not normal shelves.  These shelves were made of metal and the whole room looked pretty cool.  It was an intimidating room though.

Tom sat down on a black leather couch and pointed at his feet for me to kneel by.  I didn’t realize this at the time, because I was still in a daze, but I knelt immediately without thinking, without hesitation.  The carpet was very soft and was a welcome change from the hard floor in the dining room.  I instantly looked down at the floor.  Tom wound my leash around his hand until there was no slack.  I had no room to move my head anywhere but where it was.  I could feel Tom looking down at me.

“Well slave, here are the rules for our discussion.  You must always end any response with ‘Master’, and I hope you already knew that one.”  He tugged a little on my leash as he said that, “You may not speak AT ALL unless I direct a question at you or if I give you permission to ask me a question.  There will be no exceptions no matter how lax things seem unless otherwise stated.  Does this slave understand?  You may look up at me as you like during our conversation.  Now acknowledge that you understand slave.” 

He again tugged on my leash.  I looked up at him and nodded.

“I understand Master.”  My voice sounded so foreign to me.  I hadn’t spoken a word without a gag since this afternoon.  

“Good slave.”  He began to pet my “hair” again, “This slave has a lovely voice.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Hmmm, your welcome slut.”  I could hear the smile in his voice.

“So slave, tell me, what do you think of your new life so far?”

  I was surprised by the bluntness of the question.  I was expecting more of a warm up, not just jumping right in with such a question.  

“Ummm...”  I started and then I stammered.  I couldn’t get any words out for fear of telling the truth and then a fear of not telling the truth.  I think that Tom sensed this.  He pulled on my leash.

“Slave, you will not be punished for telling the truth.”

This helped me get the words out.

“I don’t like my new life Master.  I hate it.  I want to go home and back to my life.  I don’t want to be here.  I just can’t be here.  It isn’t fair.  It just isn’t fair.  I was a free woman just a couple of days ago...” tears began to stream down my cheeks and a big knot set itself in my throat, “and now I am not.  I have done nothing wrong.  It just isn’t fair.  I...”

At that I felt a tug on my leash and knew that I should stop there.  I began sobbing and I looked down at the floor, feeling sorry for myself.  I knew that I had been too longwinded in my answer but I got lost in the emotions of my answer.  I sat there, kneeling at Tom’s feet shaking with sobs from my self-pity.
“Get a hold of yourself slave.  You are forgetting your rules.  Address your Master and yourself correctly.”
I felt the tug at my leash but I continued to sob.  Just when I felt as if I could contain myself the strong feeling of wanting to sob would take over again.  I couldn’t let go of it.  And then I heard the soft sound of my name.


I froze.  I slowly looked up at Tom.  He was looking intensely at me.  He had his handkerchief and was leaning down to dry my tears.  I forgot all about my tears after I heard him utter my name.  I was still shaking but the flow of tears stopped and my breath was going back to normal.

“That’s better.  This conversation will be ended quickly if you do not control your emotions, do you understand?”

I slowly nodded my head, secretly craving for him to speak my name again.  He was almost talking to me as if I were a human, a human child maybe, but still a human.  I had so many emotions go through me.  I knew that they knew my name, but to hear it, oh to hear it after what I had been through was incredible.  I continued to stare at Tom; I tried not to let the adoration for him that was starting to pulse through me show.  

“Now, you will get over these feelings very quickly.  We have a very rigorous training schedule for you.  You will get used to your new life.  You will have no choice Laura.”

I cringed at the addition of my name to that sentence.  It was nice to hear my name again but not with such a thought.  I frowned and looked down.  Was this true, would I never have choice again?  It just couldn’t be.

“Now tell me about your childhood.”

I looked up at him in surprise.  I didn’t know how to respond.  I really didn’t want to think about my childhood while I was trussed up and treated like a dirty whore.  I wanted to sit on the couch with him.  I wanted him to take the damn arm binder off and pull the top of my dress back up over my breasts so that we could interact; man and woman.  

“I...this slave doesn’t know what you want to know Master.”

He pulled on my leash again and looked at me very sternly.

“Laura, you will answer my questions as they come to you.  You will not hesitate.  You know what I want to know.  Tell me about your childhood.  This means tell me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words ‘your childhood.’  Come on, I know for a fact that you aren’t really a stupid whore.”
He then tugged on my leash again.  I began to feel like I was five.

“Well...I...um...this slave had a hard childhood like a lot of people Master.  This slave did not have a father and this slave’s mother was an alcoholic.  All this slave had was school and her...” I felt a hard tug on my leash, “oww...um...its cats.  This slave chose to pour itself into school and eventually graduated at the top of its class from high school.”

That was what I thought about when thinking about childhood.  I have always thought that the fact that I chose to drown myself into school to forget my problems actually helped me out in the end.  I broke from my thoughts out of curiosity as to why this monster wanted to know this about me.

“Well not very detailed, but telling.  And why did this slut choose to go into business?”

I looked at him in disbelief.  I didn’t want to talk about this with him.  Talking about my life made me feel even more humiliated in my current position.

“With all due respect Master, this slave has a hard time discussing these things trussed up like she...um...it is.”

My head fell forward as he pulled my leash hard.

“This SLAVE has no choice in the matter.  I ask this whore a question and it answers.  It is that simple.  Does this SLAVE understand?”

The intensity in his eyes brought fear into me and I quickly shook my head.

“Yes Master.”  My voice was small and weak.

“Now answer the question... Laura.”

Oh he was a sadistic bastard.  The sound of my name again surged through me like electricity.  The asshole knew what he was doing...and it pissed me off to think that it was working.

“Well this slave did not want to be poor like its mother, so it wanted to do something that would be lucrative and business was the natural choice.  It also turned out to be something that this slave had a natural talent for.”

Tom looked at me for a long time after that.  I looked down after a few minutes out of embarrassment.  I thought that maybe we were finished but the line of questioning continued from there.  When he could see that I was getting emotional again he would address me with my name in such a soft and soothing tone.  It subdued me as well as if I was a snake and he was my snake charmer.  

I started to feel like I was on trial or actually more like I was in an interview.  He had question after question for me.

“Who was your first boyfriend?”

“When did you lose your virginity?”

“How did it feel the first time you were fucked?”

“How many boys did you date in high school?...and college?”

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?”

“What type of books did you read?”

“Did you watch television?”

“How often did you talk to your mother?”

“How many times did you use sex to help your status at work?”

“Why did you hang out at the bar down the street so much?”

“Do you think that you were...no Laura look at me...were you on your way to your mother’s alcoholic ways?”

And it just went on from there.

He wanted to know everything about my life.  But as we talked more and more I opened up more and more.  He was still feeding me wine and this made me more uninhibited in talking to him.  I began to enjoy myself a little bit. 

“How did Mistress make you feel today?”

I looked up at him with a little apprehension and fear.  I didn’t want to answer this one.  

“Th...this slave doesn’t know how to answer that Master.  Mistress toyed with this slave’s sexuality today.  There was nothing nice about it but this slave felt feelings that she never thought she would feel, feelings that she didn’t want to feel.”

Tom stared at me some more and then he reached down and caressed my face.

“Laura, do you enjoy my attentions?”

My eyes closed in lust at his touch and the sound of him speaking my name.  I was hoping that he wouldn’t ask that question.  I didn’t want him to know that I did indeed enjoy his attention.  Actually one could even say that I craved it.  I kept telling myself it was the wine.  I looked down as his hand moved from my face to pet my hair.  

“Master, this slave has no choice but to admit that the attentions from you this evening have been very enjoyable.”

I felt like my face was beet red, and it probably was.  Tom brought his finger under my chin and raised my head up to look at him.

“Laura, we will abandon the protocols for the next couple of minutes.  I want you to talk to me as Laura.”

I stared up at him with such gratitude and possibly adoration.  My eyes teared up, but this time it was from relief.  I have never felt such conflicting feelings before.  I still knew that my situation was horrendous, but this man was showing me such kindness that I wasn’t expecting.  Since I had woken up from my abduction, however many hours ago that was, I had not felt any kindness at all.  Tom had made my plight seem not so bad in these last couple of minutes.  Yes, I thought that I might have gotten to him and that possibly I could convince him to let me go.  It is strange how self-deceived thoughts travel through a person’s mind when they are in captivity.

“Okay Tom.”  I said through my tears.  

It felt so good to call him Tom.  I really couldn’t explain it, it just did.  Tom brought me up to the couch and had me sit next to him.  I was looking at him, I am sure, like a little puppy who couldn’t get enough of its master.  He gently caressed my “hair” again and then brought my head forward as he gave me another electric kiss.  I felt myself go limp in his arms and all I could feel was the euphoric feeling of his kiss.  He took his lips away and then looked at me as he continued to play with my “hair.”  

“I want to make love to you Laura.  I have done nothing but think about you since we found you.  I want to feel every inch of your skin on my body.  I want to inch myself inside you and feel your silky walls enclose around my dick.  I have never wanted anything this strongly, the way that I want you right now.”
Then he kissed me again.  I didn’t know what to say.  I was taken aback by all of this.  What was happening?  Had I been in the right mind I might have noticed that something wasn’t quite right.   

I looked at Tom after our kiss and then I leaned my head on his shoulder.

“I can’t believe it, but yes, I want to make love to you too Tom.  But I beg of you, please take this arm binder off.  Oh my god Tom, I beg you.”
Tom looked down at me and I couldn’t tell by his look what he was thinking.  He lifted me off of his shoulder and then motioned for me to turn around.  I happily did so.  I was as joyful and giddy at that moment as a ten year old is in a water park.  I couldn’t believe the intense relief that I felt when he loosened the arm binder.  He unhooked it from my collar and then slid it off of my arms.  My wrists were still chained together by the leather cuffs that were locked there, but now my arms had more movement.  Tom turned me back around to face him and then he gave me one of the most aggressive kisses that I had ever received.  He was even more aggressive than Lisa had been earlier that day.  I had no choice but to submissively keep my lips still because I couldn’t keep up with what he was doing.  I just had to sit there while he ravaged my lips.  

When he pulled away he looked at me some more and then pulled on my leash as he got up.  He led me out of the study and up a grand flight of stairs that had a beautiful railing going into a balcony.  We then entered a bedroom so big and incredibly decorated that I was overwhelmed.  The smell of lavender was particularly fragrant in this room.  It was decorated in a sort of modern Victorian style.  That was really the only way to describe it.  

Tom took off my high heels, thank god, and had me get up and kneel in the middle of the very large bed.  He then locked my leash to the headboard.  I just knelt there watching each move Tom made.  I was feeling so much lust and arousal at that moment and it became even stronger when Tom came up behind me and began to unthread the corset like top of my dress.  He did it very slowly, which heightened my arousal.  The dress then slid down my body and I stood up on the bed as much as my leash would allow so that he could take the dress completely off.  

I knelt back down and he put his arms around me from behind to massage my breasts.  I laid my head back against his shoulder and lost myself in the pleasure.  He then moved his hands to my shoulders and rubbed down my arms to my wrist cuffs that were chained together behind my back.  I felt him messing with them and then a minute later I felt no resistance between the cuffs.  I moved my arms to bring them in front and to my delight there was no chain holding them behind me.  I looked back at Tom who was now removing the chain from my ankle cuffs.  Tom looked up and smiled at my surprised but delighted expression.  

“Well if we are going to make love, I want to feel your willingness.”

I felt so much adoration for Tom at that moment.  Again tears poured down my cheeks.  This was the first time that I had my arms and wrists free since I woke up into slavery.  I looked down and tried to control myself.

“Thank you Tom.”  It came out as barely a whisper, but I know that he heard me.

I began to tremble with uncertainty.  I didn’t know what was happening to me.  Confusion began to engulf me and I didn’t know what to do.  I just knelt there with my head down and kept my hands neatly folded on the tops of my thighs.  Tom got off the bed and began to walk around it looking at me.  My only limitation was the leash locked to the headboard.  I began to feel even more naked without my strict bondage.  It was a strange moment.

“Laura...my god, you look fucking incredible.”  

I looked up at Tom and I could feel my cheeks flush.  Tom got back on the bed and was in front of me.  He took my head in his hands and kissed me again.  This time he was soft and sensual.  

“Do you want to make love to me Laura?”

He looked down into my eyes and damnit if I didn’t want to do anything more at that moment than make love to him.  I looked down and nodded my head with embarrassment.  

“Don’t be embarrassed.  You are finally starting to see where you belong.  You wanting me right now is very natural.  I am your Master, and you should feel this way about me always.”

I looked up at him through more tears and for some reason his words did not anger me.  They only made me more aroused.  I wanted him to take me right then and there.  But I couldn’t just accept my situation like that. 

“Yes Tom, I understand, but I don’t feel it when I am strictly bound and treated like an animal.  I don’t...”

Tom silenced me by putting his hand to my mouth.

“Laura, all of that is part of your new life.  Of course those things will be harder to get used to because you have lived your life as a free woman.  You can’t just jump into being a slave, that is why we have set up a training program.  But nights like tonight will be plentiful, although there will me more restriction in the future, but if you behave at all times and accept your fate things could be good for you.  You are our slave and that won’t change, but it is up to you how painful or pleasure full your new life will be.”

The familiar tears streamed down my face again and I looked up at Tom.  I felt so helpless yet safe and that was unsettling.  It was exhausting to be feeling all of these emotions at once.

“But Tom, I have done nothing to deserve this.  I am not a slave.  I am a woman.”

Tom looked at me with pity, as if I were a teenager asking for a car loan.

“We will remove those thoughts from your pretty little head.  That is our job.  Yours is to stop analyzing and stop asking questions so that you may begin to accept your situation.” 

My eyes closed tight through my tears.  I shook my head no and I began to speak.  Tom put his hand over my mouth again.

“Laura, you must understand that this is permanent.  You are a SLAVE.  This will never change, but only you can make it a good or a bad thing.  I can’t help you with how you experience this, I can only control your environment.  Only you can control how you perceive and experience things.  That is the only control that you have left.  So don’t waste it Laura.”

He took his hand off of my mouth and gave me another soft kiss.  Then he pulled back to look at me with a warm smile.

“Of course we will condition you during your training, so that will help.”

I didn’t know what else to do except bury my head in his shoulder and sob.  He was right and I knew it, but I just couldn’t let go of my pride.  I couldn’t let go of being a woman.  I couldn’t let go of my hope for freedom.  To accept this situation would be to give those things up.  
Tom pulled my head up off of his shoulder and looked into my weepy eyes.  I just looked at him and sniffled.  He gently pushed me onto my back and spread my legs with his hands.  I laid there and looked up at the ceiling.  I knew what was next but I had become numb and at that moment I didn’t care what happened to me.

He brought himself over me with his dick at the passage of my pussy.  I could feel it pushing against my lips.  He didn’t move after that.  He just stayed in that position and looked down at me.

“Laura look at me.”

I looked up at him.

“Right now I am going to make love to you as Laura.  Just Laura.  I want you to realize this because after tonight I will only fuck you as my slave.”
He then kissed me.  My emotions became elevated upon hearing this and they brought with them a passion that made me put my whole being into making love to him.  I moved my pussy up more to meet with his cock and I felt him push it gently inside me as we kissed.  He began to thrust in harder and harder still while he continued to kiss me.  I kissed back and my tears poured out but my arousal ran high and I met him with each thrust.  I have never felt such intense passion and sensuality as I did during that love making session with Tom.  We were both moaning and grunting with lust and pretty soon he came inside of me.  I could feel him pump into me and I felt a rising panic.  But before my panic could make it to the surface Tom spoke to me.

“Cum for me Laura.”

He said this during his orgasm and it came out in a grunt as he continued to pump his sperm into me.  I was surprised to suddenly be overtaken with an intense orgasm.  I never would have thought that I could have responded like that at being ordered to cum.  But I did and the intensity brought me to multiple orgasms.
When I regained my composure I felt Tom lying next to me.  He moved his arm over my body to play with my breasts and rub on my stomach and then he spoke softly into my ear.

“Welcome to your new life Slave.”

Of course I began to cry again and I felt my hope fall.  He got up, unlocked my leash, and pulled me off of the bed.  I stood there shaking and I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy onto the tops of my thighs.  What would become of that?  I didn’t even want to think of that right now.

Tom reattached my wrist cuffs behind me and then pulled my leash as he began to walk out of the room.  I was taken back down to my “room” in the basement as the naked and chained slave that I was.  When we entered the room with my cage I felt chills.  I was entering this room with a new outlook on things, but I hadn’t yet figured out exactly what it was that had changed.  Was it Tom?  Was it me?  

We stopped in front of my cage and Tom turned around with a serious expression on his face.  The warmth in his eyes was gone and I looked down to the floor as I realized that my time of being Laura was over.

“Slave, our rules are back in effect.”

He then reached up and pulled the wig off of my head.  I gasped out loud but I did not look up at him.  

I thought sadly how he had just ripped Laura from me.

Tom then took me over to one of the chains hanging down from the ceiling and attached it to my collar.  He walked away for a minute to return with the ever-present penis gag.  It was no surprise when he shoved it up my pussy and then held it there while he put a vibrator against my clit.  My legs shook as the vibrator worked a weak orgasm out of me and then he kept it on there for another one.  This one took longer though and he threatened me with the riding crop if I didn’t hurry up.  Fortunately I was close and I delivered the second orgasm to him.  As I was shakily recovering he shoved the penis gag wet with my juices in my mouth and then tightly locked the harness around my head.  I sighed and continued to look down.  He just stood there and looked at me with a firm expression. 

“What a dirty little whore this slut is.  It can have an orgasm from any.thing. can’t it?”  He had a disgusted tone as he emphasized the word “anything.” 

“Well, I think that we shall just have to see what this slut does when it can’t have an orgasm for a while.  Seeing that it will be bound and under our strict control, we will not allow it to orgasm for about a month or so.  I think that is what this slave deserves.  What does this whore think?”

With that he flicked the nipple of my right breast.  I crouched back in shock and stared ahead with what was, I am sure, a look of dismay.  I didn’t really like most of the orgasms that they had been repeatedly forcing on me, even though I derived pleasure out of them, but I knew that the feelings of frustration from not having an orgasm would be even more humiliating.  Oh my god, what a prick.  I didn’t know what to do. 

“Answer me slave.”  Tom then twisted my nipple.

“MMMM..  uuhhs muhhsuhh.”

“Good slave.  Verrry good.  Well since you agree, then we will not allow this slave orgasms for about a month.  It will be up to me to decide exactly when this slave can have an orgasm again.  It might be a month or it might be longer, but it will definitely be at least a month.” 

I moaned in despair and Tom laughed at me.  The asshole had barely given me enough time to think about what I had been through and the emotions that were still left over from my night.  He had let me be Laura again, probably for the last time and there were still things that I needed to sift through from that.  I didn’t need to ponder a new torture already.  

“Now, I think that Mistress told me something about this slave wetting itself during the night?  We have just the thing for that.”

Tom then went to go get the diaper.  I stomped my foot and I moaned my tantrum into my gag.  I felt like a toddler and that was just what they were trying to do, I am very sure of that.  Tom had built me up tonight so that he could bring me down even further than I had been before. Tom unceremoniously put the diaper on me and then locked me in my cage for the night.  He walked out degrading me and then turned the lights out.  Just before he shut and bolted the door he bid me goodnight.  

“Goodnight slave.”  

Then he was gone and I was alone in my cage to ponder everything.

Tonight I couldn’t even think of revenge all I could think about was the words that Tom had spoken to me as Laura.  I wanted so badly to be Laura again.  I wasn’t this slave that Tom and Lisa were trying to make me be.  Was I?  What was happening to my resolve?  Where was my strength?  I tried to tap into it, but it was fading.  It was fading fast with my hope.  

That night, I cried myself to sleep in a pitiful fit of self-pity.