Writing My Future 4

by Julise

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© Copyright 2004 - Julise - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bondage; kidnap; D/s; nc; XX

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Writing my Future - Part 4
by julise
Writing my Future - Part 4 by julise
As I sat next to Lisa, my mistress (or psycho bitch), having one forced orgasm after another I heard footsteps come into the room.  I was still thrashing about with wave after wave of orgasms. 

“My, my, the slave looks wonderful trussed up like that.  Does it have both a plug and a dildo in?”  Tom’s voice did not seem to sound as deep as it had the night before.  At that moment I realized that it had only been about 24 hours since I had been abducted.  It seemed like a lifetime passed before that moment.  And now here I was condemned to a life of sexual slavery for...what?...forever?  Not if I could help it.

Lisa spoke up, “Of course it has a plug and dildo in silly.  I pay attention to all of the details my dear.  All of them.”

I could hear the smacking of two people kissing.  Normally, I probably would have wanted to puke at the thought of these treacherous sadists kissing but this sound just caused more sexual stimulation within me and I had another orgasm.

“How long has the slave been like this?”  Tom asked with an amused tone to his voice.  Prick.

“A little over 2 hours now.  It is probably the biggest slut that I have ever seen.  It is a good thing that we claimed it so that we could train it.  It would have gotten itself into trouble one of these days.  I am positive of that.”

As Lisa was talking she came over and rubbed my baldhead.  This sent me over the edge on my millionth orgasm of the day.  I was constantly at odds with whether or not they were even pleasurable anymore.  Sometimes they were almost painful after having so many.  It felt like that was all I was, just one big orgasm. 

“Well I want you to stop this playing around and get it ready for dinner.  I want the slave in the dining room in an hour and a half.”

“Why don’t you get the slave ready Tom?  I have to get myself ready to go out tonight.  You know?  I was busy with the slave all day waiting for you to get home and now I barely have any time to get ready before I have to meet Melissa and Greg.  By the way, that sounded like an order, you aren’t mistaking me for a slave are you Tom?”

I couldn’t see what they were doing and it was hard to concentrate on any noises in my condition. 

“Lisa, come on.  Don’t give me any trouble right now, we talked about this earlier remember?”  Tom sounded tired and exasperated. 

“Fine Tom.  Let me go get the dress and the wig, but don’t expect me to comply with orders from you, okay?”

With that she stomped out of the room.  I could hear Tom chuckle a little bit and he whispered to himself, “You just did.”
I then felt Tom’s presence in front of me.  He leaned down and thankfully turned off the phallic instruments buzzing away in my ass and my pussy.  I sighed a heavy sigh of relief and felt a short little mini orgasm go through me.  Tom began to rub my baldhead.

“Yes, I think that this slave is going to be a fine slave.”

I sat there just exhausted not caring what anybody said about me or anybody else.  I didn’t even try to resist his words as I breathed heavily.  I stopped sucking on my penis gag and I felt a sharp slap on my left breast.

“Who told this slave to stop sucking on the gag whore?”

I immediately went back to sucking the penis gag shoved mercilessly in my mouth.  Tom took off the vibrating clamps and I heard them clink onto what I would guess was the desk.  I didn’t really know as I was still blindfolded.  Tom began to rub and knead my breasts.

“Now slave, I have been thinking and I realized that you will be gagged most of the time with us...because we like you that way.”  I could hear a smile in his voice.  “This however should not stop you from showing respect to higher beings, so whenever you are given anything, a compliment, food, orgasms...anything; I want you to thank your master or your mistress through your gag.  I want you to respond to any yes or no question with a yes master, no master or yes mistress, no mistress.  Is this clear?”

I was too exhausted to even look scorned.  I shook my head up and down and mumbled a “yes master” through my gag, “uuhhs muhhssuhh.” 
Lisa then came back in the room and came over to unlock my leash.

“Now slave, didn’t mistress give this slave many orgasms today?”  Tom was talking to me as if I were a five-year-old child. 

“uuhhs muhhsuhh.”

“What do we do when we are given something slut?”  He was still talking to me in that demeaning manner.  The horrible thing was that I wasn’t putting up a fight mentally at this treatment.  I was still recovering from the orgasm torture.  Now I had to thank the psycho bitch for the torture, but I put up no resistance.  It took too much energy and it was futile to resist anyway.

“uaanngh uuhh mmusswhhuhh.”

“What is this slut thanking me for?”  I could hear laughter in Lisa’s voice.

“uaanngh uuhh whur uuu uuurghuussmms mmusswhhuhh.”

“Ohhhh, what a good slave we have honey.”  Lisa cooed over to Tom.  She didn’t even respond with a “your welcome” or anything after all of my efforts.  Psycho bitch.

I could hear Tom and Lisa smacking lips again.  Then Lisa came and grabbed my chain leash and led me back down into “my room” in the basement.  She took off my blindfold and gag with a warning that I had better not utter a word.  I had to comply by mumbling yes mistress into my gag before she took it off.  She fastened me in the shower and gave me a quick shower.  She then sat me down and locked my cuffs to a chair.  She had brought make up down with her and proceeded to put it on me.  I had noticed a long black dress hanging on the wall and I wondered if she was going to get herself ready down here too. 

After she was done with the make up she produced a mirror.  I didn’t look half bad even though my head was shaved.  She had done my make up very tastefully, almost as if she were a professional.  She then undid me from the chair and immediately locked my wrists behind me.  She locked my ankle cuffs together and grabbed a chain from the ceiling to lock to my collar.  She went to get the black dress and brought it over to me and put it on me, unlocking each wrist cuff to get the dress through and then relocking them after the dress was on. 

I was stunned.  Why in the world would they make me up like this?  The dress was stunning.  It was a silky material and it went down to the floor.  It was very snug around my body with only tiny spaghetti straps to hold the dress up.  The top of the dress was so tight that it pushed my breasts up and caused endless cleavage.  The top of the dress almost felt like a corset and indeed Lisa had threaded it up in the back, which is why it was so damn tight. 

Lisa walked out of my vision and came back holding a big box.  The box contained a long brown wig, modeled almost exactly the way my hair was before they shaved me.  This made me cry and Lisa ignored this as she unceremoniously put the wig on my head.  It had some sort of rubber material that worked around my head like a glove and after that the wig was firmly in place.  It was not going to go anywhere until somebody took it off.  It felt very strange and surreal to have “hair” again after being shaved bald the night before.  Lisa left the beautiful hair down and flowing around my shoulders.  She came at me with some sort of contraption and put it towards my mouth.  I opened without resistance but with fear of that metal contraption.  She placed the horrid thing in my teeth and then she began to work on the gag until this wretched thing held my mouth open very wide.  I just sighed and accepted my fate for the night.  I promised myself that I would regain my strength in the morning.

Lisa then came at me with the highest black heels that I have ever seen.  She put them on my feet and they fit me perfectly.  I could feel some anger somewhere in me by the obvious fact that they must have known my shoe size before they abducted me.  What else did they know about me?  And how the hell could they find things out like my shoe size?  I wonder how long they stalked me before they grabbed me.  I had no strength to let my anger surface however and it just dissipated almost as fast as it appeared. 
“Stay.”  Lisa ordered me like a dog.  I immediately looked at my cage and realized that is basically what I had become.

Lisa went over to the cabinet on the other side of the room and grabbed something black.  When she came back over to me she showed me the black, leather sleeve that she was getting ready to put over my wrists and elbows.  I just stared at the glove hanging in front of me with my mouth open wide by the metal contraption. 
“This glove will leave your arms completely immobile.  More so than usual.”  She kind of laughed the last sentence out.

Lisa began to move the sleeve up my shackled arms behind my back.  Eventually it got all the way up to the top of my shoulders bringing my elbows very close together.  I then felt her begin to lace up the glove shoving my elbows closer together and rendering me completely immobile.  Just like the psycho bitch said it would.  Then I felt something connect to the back of my collar as it pulled on the glove.  I assumed that the glove was attached to my collar in some way.  I wiggled my arms the tiny bit that I was able to and, sure enough, my collar moved with them.  I sighed heavily.
“Now, now, none of that you sexy little cunt.” 

Lisa then moved some of my fake hair behind my ears and breathed her hot breath at my neck kissing it lightly while I just stared at the floor ahead of me.  I don’t know if it was the way that I spent my afternoon or what but her words and actions made me wet and I almost craved to have her touch me more.  But then she ruined it by slapping my face about four times.
“That was just to remind this whore of its place before we go upstairs.”

I stared at the floor ahead of me in confusion.  What the hell did she mean by that?  She clipped a leash onto my collar and pulled me along shuffling behind her.  I was pulled up the stairs and into the lavender aroma filled house.  I secreted more juices as the smell reminded me of my afternoon of orgasm torture.  I realized that the smell of lavender would never be the same for me.  Tears welled in my eyes as this pushed me back into the reality of my situation. I tried not to think about it so I looked around the house as I waddled behind Lisa with the chain connecting my ankle cuffs only giving me about a four-inch slack.  The house was beautiful and huge!  Then I felt Lisa roughly pull on my leash.
“Stupid slut!  A slave always looks down.  Nobody gave you permission to look around and frankly a slave does not have the right to look around.  You fucking stupid bitch.”

She pulled harder on my leash and I almost fell over.  I regained my balanced waddling and then looked down only seeing the artful tiles and beautiful plush carpeting as we went from room to room.  It felt as if we walked forever before she finally stopped.

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