Writing my Future 2

by julise

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© Copyright 2004 - julise - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bondage; kidnap; D/s; nc; XX

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Writing my Future - Part 2
by julise
Writing my Future 2 by julise

I was lying in my cage when Lisa entered my room and turned the light on.  The sudden light hurt my eyes and I had to blink rapidly to get used to it.  I had been kidnapped by Lisa and her husband, Tom, the day before, and it now seemed that I had nothing more to look forward to in my life except pain, humiliation, and servitude.  My jaw was sore from the very thick dildo gag in my mouth, my shoulders ached from having my wrists cuffed behind my back all night with leather cuffs, and my back ached because I had to scrunch my body up to lay down in my cage, my new home.  Every time this thought occurred to me, I had to fight the tears back.  I had hardly slept all night because of the discomfort from the huge butt plug up my ass.  It didn’t help that I kept squeezing it trying to dispel it out of my ass.  And then there were those fucking nipple clamps.  They were tightly clamped to my nipples and attached with a very short chain.  If I stayed very still I could enjoy the numbness that encompassed my nipples from the clamps, but every little movement was a painful reminder.  I won’t even go into my humiliation of wetting myself after holding my pee in for many hours.  Of course, the fact that I had no choice in any of this didn’t make things easier. 

Lisa was naked, save a pair of black high heel fuck me boots, and she had two bowls and a bag with her.  She began to move, click clacking around the room happily, humming a song that I didn’t recognize.  I continued to lie where I was.  I didn’t move at all.  It hurt to move and I just didn’t have the strength.  I was even too tired to be curious as to what she was doing.  I just hoped that she would not touch me.  Of course, I knew that she would.  This woman scared me; there was something in her eyes.  I started to shiver. 

After she had finished her preparations, for whatever, she approached my cage.  She leaned down, her almost black hair falling around her face and shoulders.  She pushed her hair behind her right ear as she talked to me like I was her 10-year-old niece or something.  Actually, it was more like she was talking to her dog.

“Rise and shine sleepy head.” she chimed. 

She unlocked my leash from the cage door and then she unlocked the cage door itself.  She pulled on the leash and I had no choice but to get up on my knees and crawl out of the cage on my knees.  She seemed to enjoy my obvious discomfort as I moaned from the movement of my sore body through my gag.

“Awwww, did this dirty slut have a hard night?” 

She used a disgusting baby voice that caused me to look up at her with loathing at being treated like this.  As soon as I did this I saw a gleam in her eye and I instantly looked back down at the floor. 

“How many times did we tell you not to look into a higher being’s eyes, you stupid smelly cunt?  Well whore, looks like we already have something to punish you for.”

I could tell that this made the sadistic bitch happy.  And I knew that she was making a reference to me wetting myself when she called me “smelly cunt.”  I cringed my eyes in shame at that and then I sighed into my penis gag.  Some of my resolve was dissolved in that sigh.  I was so tired, thirsty, and hungry that I pretty much just didn’t care anymore, for the moment that is.  Oh how quickly I had forgotten the pain of the riding crop the night before. There I was kneeling on my knees waiting for Lisa’s next move.  She was just standing there looking at me, probably contemplating my punishment. 

“Well, we will deal with your punishment later.  Now we need to feed this pet, don’t we?”

With that she rubbed my freshly shaven head, as she would have pet a dog.  I felt so humiliated.  I just sat there looking at the floor ahead of me.  The butt plug was still uncomfortably lodged up my ass and the nipple clamps showed me no mercy.  There had to be a way out of this.  There just had to be. 

She took me by my leash over to the two bowls that she had carried in with her.  In one bowl was some water and in the other bowl was dry dog food.  The bowls were bright blue and on the outside the words “slutslave” were written.  I stopped where I was and looked at this with fear and some of my lost resolve came back with the prospect of eating dog food.  She patted the butt plug, causing me to wince, and began to speak. 

“Okay slutslave, I am going to take your gag out so that you can eat.  I do not want to hear a word.”  She grabbed my leash tighter, pulling my head close to her as she raised her voice, “NOT A WORD!  Does this piece-of-shit whore understand?”

I wished that they would stop asking me if I understood.  Of course I understood, I am an adult, an intelligent adult for that matter.  Yes, I am!  I am an intelligent, self-made woman!  I am an accomplished businesswoman.  I was on my way to an impressive career.  I told myself to hold onto that thought.  I wasn’t going to let them brainwash me into thinking that I was actually this slutslave that they were trying to make me into.  So what if I wrote bondage stories describing scenes like this.  Those were fantasy.  FANTASY!  My head was screaming at that last thought.  I felt her tug on my leash tighter.

“Does. this. slave. understand?” she said through gritted teeth.  She looked extremely annoyed.

 I slowly nodded my head yes while looking at the floor ahead of me.  Did I really annoy her that much by my delay in response?  Or was that just a tactic used to scare me, because all it did was peak my curiosity...and anger.  How the hell could she be so fucking annoyed when I was the one who was taken out of my comfortable home and brought into this situation unwillingly being forced to live as a slave?  My eyes narrowed in hate as I looked at the dog food.  I wondered how she would like it, and for a moment I felt good while thinking of her in my position. 

Lisa roughly began to undo the gag harness.  I heard her unlock the padlock and then I felt the harness loosen.  The relief that I began to feel was like no other.  It almost drowned out the feel of the butt plug.  I sighed and as soon as the gag was out I was moving my mouth this way and that to get the soreness out of it.  Did I mention how unnecessarily thick that stupid penis gag was? 

“Now this slutty slave has 15 minutes to eat its food and drink it’s water.  Get to it!” 

As she said that she pushed my head closer to the dog food.  I was 2 inches from the dog food and the smell made me sick.  I switched over to the water and started licking up the water enthusiastically.  I was so thirsty.  It was hard to do with my wrists cuffed behind my back so that I couldn’t grab the bowl, but I did the best I could.  Suddenly I felt my leash being pulled up and I couldn’t reach the water anymore.  I whined out a groan because I hadn’t even come close to quenching my thirst. 

“Slave, I think that you will not be allowed anymore water until you eat some of your food.  We want you to be a nice and healthy pet.  We wouldn’t want you to starve to death, would we?” she patted my head again like a dog.  I hated it when she did that.

She then picked up the water bowl and put it out of my reach and came back to push my face in the food again.  That stupid bitch, I just sat there and stared at the food, smelling the disgusting smell.  What should I do?  I was soooo thirsty and I NEEDED more water, but the only way to get it was to eat this dog food?  I began to cry and the tears just poured out of my eyes.  I hated this.  I just wanted to die.  Lisa saw this and laughed while she pushed my head so far into the bowl that my nose went beyond the food.  My breasts pushed against the floor causing my clamped nipples more pain. 

“Hahaha.  Stupid little whore, what the fuck did you expect to be eating, huh?  You need to learn that you are nothing but a little slave, a fucktoy, if you will, a means for pleasure for my husband and I.  A slutty little slave only deserves dog food.  You are no better than a dog, my slut.  Why should you get people food?”

I was still crying with my face in the bowl of dog food. 

“Let’s see, my slut, you have ten minutes left and if you don’t eat any of your food, you will not get anymore water until lunchtime.”

For a few seconds I sat there and pondered the situation.  I decided that I needed the water very badly.  I told myself at that moment that I was going to survive this so that I could get away and take my revenge.  I had friends.  These were people who would help me out knowing what I had been through.  I slowly took a piece of dog food and luckily it was small enough so that I could swallow it whole.  I began to do that with the next one when I felt a tug at my leash.

“Chew it slave.  Taste the food that we provide for you, you ungrateful little bitch.  By the way, 8 minutes left whore.”

I began to cry again, this time out of frustration.  I took a mouthful and chewed it up and swallowed.  It was disgusting.  I did it again.  I tried to take bigger bites so that I could hurry up and finish and have my water.  They had put so much food in the bowl.  After four bites, it barely looked like I ate anything.  I took my fifth bite and then I couldn’t do anymore.  I just sat there crying looking at my food.  I wanted to ask her if that was enough for her, but I didn’t want more punishment.  I realized what I might be able to get away with.

“Mistress,” I said with a weak and cracking voice, “may I... I mean... may this slave speak?”

I could tell that Lisa was curious.  Luckily it amused her more than angered her.

“Sure.  It won’t make a difference, but go ahead slave.  Let me hear the weak little ridiculous voice of this ridiculous whore.”

“Mistress, I cannot eat anymore.  I am very full, may I please be excused from eating the rest?”

Maybe if she thought that I was submitting to her she would be more lenient on me.  Oh how wrong I was.

“Hmmm, let me think about this.”

She walked around me and squatted down so that her face was closer to mine.

She leaned down and whispered in my ear, “No, you may not be excused you filthy slut.  You must finish the rest and you have 5 minutes left.”

She then pushed my head down into the food.  I crumbled at that and just let my body fall sideways while I sobbed.  I think that I moaned a few pitiful no’s in there too.  Lisa realized that I wasn’t going to eat anymore, however she still stood there and counted down my time like the insane bitch that she was. 

When she got down to the end of my time, I was lying on the floor on my right side with my wrists cuffed behind me.  My crying had slowed a little and I was just staring at the floor ahead of me with exhaustion.  I was already exhausted and the day had just begun.  Lisa pulled on the leash attached to my collar, pulling me to my knees.  I kneeled there and started shaking. 

“Well, it’s too bad that you didn’t eat and drink more, because you have a long punishment ahead of you.”

She looked so happy.  She pulled me up and pulled me over to a chain hanging from the ceiling.  My ankles were still hobbled from the night before so I was still waddling ridiculously.  When we arrived at the chain she locked my leash to the chain and went to the other side of the room to a very large trunk.  She looked through the trunk until she finally pulled out a long black bar with rings on the ends.  She looked over at me and I think that she smiled, but I could not see her face very well as I was looking at her legs, trying not to look up at her face.  She came over to me and unlocked the chain between my ankles.  For a moment I thought about kicking her, but then I realized that my predicament did not allow for an easy getaway.  She then locked my ankle cuffs to the rings at both sides of the bar.  My legs were spread very widely, but it was not uncomfortable.  She then took off the chain from between my wrists and locked my wrist cuffs to the hanging chain along with my leash.  After she was done she stepped back and looked at me.  I just hung there looking at the floor ahead of me.  The chain that my wrists were locked to pulled my wrists all the way up, but I still had even footing with my spread feet on the ground, so there was not a great strain on my shoulders, yet.  My leash had not been pulled too tight when locked to the chain either, so all in all, save the nipple clamps and the butt plug, I was not that uncomfortable. 

“You look yummy slut.  I will now prepare you for your punishment.  For your punishment you will be gagged, but I left the gag off for right now because I want to hear you scream when I take off the nipple clamps.  Mmmmmm, your screaming will be delicious.”

At that she shoved two fingers up my cunt and fucked them in and out for a couple of minutes while she grabbed my collar.  I could feel myself getting wet and this made me very angry.  My eyes became slits as I looked at the floor ahead of me.  My wetness delighted her.  She pulled her fingers out and showed them to me. 

“Look at how wet you are!  My god, we really got a good whore, didn’t we?  Normally I would have you lick this off, but I can’t help it, I want it for myself.”

At that she began to lick my wetness off of her fingers very seductively.  I quickly glanced up at her and then back to the floor.  She was moaning and licking and it was like she was making love to her hand. 

“My god you taste delicious, sweet pet.  I want some more.”

She then began to play with my clit and I could feel my wetness begin to drip down my left thigh.  This was so humiliating.  I started to shake and my embarrassment was so powerful that it dissipated my anger.  I just wanted her to stop.  She continued to work on my clit and then she just shoved her fingers in my pussy again so that she could lap more of my juices off of them.  Then she stopped and she stood there and looked at me. 

“My slut, you will feel such pain today.  I cannot wait to begin.”

Then without warning she ripped off the nipple clamp on my right nipple.  I felt this incredibly intense burning pain on my nipple.  I don’t even know how to describe it, it was like nothing I had ever felt and it felt greater than any pain I had ever felt at that moment.  I howled and screamed and shrieked with pain.  My body was twisting in my bonds.  I wanted so badly to bring my hand down to comfort my poor abused nipple. 

I had lost my wits and I began to scream out, “YOU BITCH!  OH MY GOD!  YOU FUCKING BITCH!”

The pain subsided a little bit and the tears came.  I looked at the floor in front of me and my breathing was very heavy.  She just stood looking at me and laughing. 

“Your punishment has just tripled for talking without permission...and of course for INSULTING YOUR MISTRESS!”

As she said this she grabbed my sore nipple and violently twisted it.  I screamed and she let off and slapped my face.

“You insolent slut.  I can see that you are going to need a lot of training...but we like that.  That will be fun.  I just hate it when a slave breaks easily.  Of course I am used to men and I think that maybe men break easier than women.  They just don’t have the pain threshold of a woman.  Do they slut?” 

Her voice was so fucking condescending and oddly pretentious.  She began to walk around the room and grab different kinds of whips as I hung there with a swollen right nipple and the left nipple still clamped with the chain hanging down holding the other clamp.

“I’m beginning to think that I would like to train women from now on, for a while at least.  I had no idea it would be so much more fun than men.  You know, it’s funny because Tom wasn’t even into this whole scene until he met me.  I guess you could say that I brought it out of him.  I already had a little sissy boy slave when Tom and I met and I think that Tom enjoyed humiliating the guy.  He never did anything sexual, well except make the slave blow him every once in a while, but he really got off on humiliating the poor boy.”

She was putting whips and dildos and things of that sort on a table next to the cabinet on the other side of the room as she babbled on and on.  I just hung there and looked at the floor ahead of me.  I began to feel very cold and I started shivering.

She continued, “That slave was a willing slave though.  He really got off on pain and humiliation from the beginning, so it wasn’t as much fun because he didn’t have to be broken in.  Of course when we sold him without his consent to a pony farm, he squirmed in his bonds with real fear after that.  Tom and I found that so exhilarating.  We go see him every once in a while and his humiliation is so real.  It is great!”

She then wheeled the table over to me.  I was shaking very badly now.  She ran her hands all over my body to calm me down, but it didn’t work, it only made me shake more. 

“Oh come on slut.  It isn’t so bad.”

Then she began to laugh hysterically at her bad joke. 

“Well I guess it is.  Sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face on that one.  So anyway, Tom and I decided that we should start developing a foolproof way of capturing non-consensual slaves.  You see we are pretty wealthy...well I am at least.  Since my experience was with men, and most importantly, since we were using my money, I talked him into kidnapping men, as he had wanted to try women.”  As she talked she continued to rub all over my body.  “But I loved going after testosterone filled manly men and then breaking them into our little girly pets.  Soon Tom did too.  The best was the first time we would make them dress up like a woman.  The looks on their faces were priceless, the sweet humiliation.  But then one day Tom convinced me...”

I started tuning out her sick and twisted reminiscent babbling.  I kept wondering if this bitch was ever going to shut up as she prepared my punishment.  I just hung there and continued to shake.  Without warning she stopped talking and ripped the nipple clamp off of my left nipple.  Just as I realized what she was doing I shouted out.


I screamed and writhed in my bonds from the pain as the blood rushed back into my nipple.  Luckily I was able to bite my tongue this time so that I didn’t spout out any insults.  When the pain subsided my breath was shallow and my chest heaved.  I hung there and tearfully looked at the floor in front of me with the sickening thought that this was not even the beginning of my punishment. 

After I had somewhat recovered, Lisa started rubbing something on my nipples.  It felt very strange and it began to burn.  It felt oddly cold and hot at the same time and the burning continually increased.  The sensations caused from this were so extraordinary.  It was stimulating and somehow painful...actually more like uncomfortable, at the same time with the way it mixed with the soreness from the clamps.  I began to struggle in my bonds so that I could bring my hands to calm my nipples down.  I was writhing and moaning from this sensation.  My moans were clearly both from discomfort and arousal.  I could do nothing else as the sensations on my nipples took hold of me.  Lisa just laughed. 

“Nothing like a little icy hot on the nipples to get a slave going.”

She chuckled some more to my chagrin and then grabbed a leather gag with leather covering for the mouth, a ball at one end and a pump at the other.  She inserted the ball into my pussy and began pumping it so that it was very large inside of me and also so I couldn’t expel it from my pussy.  I was still writhing away from the icy hot on my nipples.  She had an annoying look of amusement on her face.  She then got down on her knees and began to lick at my clit.  She worked her tongue expertly around the gag shoved in my pussy and my engorged clit that was poking out.  Before long the sensations were all too much and I had a tremendous orgasm.  More intense than the night before and I hated to admit it, but it was extremely enjoyable.  She didn’t stop after my first orgasm.  She continued with her tongue, moaning and fingering herself at the same time.  Her breath, tongue, and moaning felt so good that all I could think about was my next orgasm. 

She brought me to three orgasms before she stopped.  I am not sure if she had any or not, but I am sure that she did.  I hung there completely disgusted with myself.  I felt even more rage and hate towards Lisa at having brought me to such a state.  My whole body felt extra sensitive and my nipples somewhat recovered but I could definitely still feel the effects of the icy hot.  I hated how my body had reacted.  I looked at the floor ahead of me with my eyes showing my shame mixed with anger while the gag and the pump hung out of my pussy. 

She stood up and laughed at how the look on my face betrayed my thoughts and then she began to kiss me.  I started to pull back, forgetting their stupid rule, but she had anticipated this and her hands were firmly held on the back of my head.  I couldn’t escape her tongue as she passionately kissed me while I hung there in my bonds.  I could taste myself on her and I wanted to gag.  After she kissed me she let the air out of the gag in my cunt and then shoved it in my mouth while she quickly buckled the leather strap around my head sealing it with a padlock.  She came back to the front of me and grabbed the pump and pumped up the ball with my slimy juices stuck in my mouth as much as she could.  She waited until she heard my mumbles of obvious discomfort and then she pumped it up three more times.  It felt like my jaw was going to crack off of my head.  I just kept thinking what a horrible bitch she was over and over while she reached over to the table of whips. 

“Now slave whore, I am going to punish you.  It will be so extreme that you will be wishing for the mere 50 lashes I gave you with the riding crop last night.”

My body began to shake again.

“I will hold up each whip as I begin to use them on you.  I will explain how your punishment works.  You have committed three infractions.  One, you looked into my eyes, a higher being’s eyes!  Two, you spoke without permission.  And three, you insulted your mistress.”

As she said that last infraction she slapped my right breast very hard.  My body jumped at the shock.

“For each infraction I am going to give you ten lashings from three types of whip.  Looking over my table of whips here, I think that I will choose the cane, the bull whip, and let’s see...yes, your old friend the riding crop.”

I shut my eyes in fear.  I knew that the riding crop was bad, but I had never felt the others and I had a feeling that they wouldn’t feel like feathers.  Tears started to flow freely from my eyes.  I knew that I was going so suffer greatly this day.  Ten blows from each whip for three infractions was NINETY BLOWS!  I began to sob uncontrollably.  Lisa rubbed my ass as she prepared to begin the whipping on my ass with the cane.

Lisa began to whip the cane on my ass.  She gave me the ten lashes with the cane and then moved on to the bullwhip.  I realized that she was going to do the ten lashes on each whip and then begin again.  I had no idea if that was the better than using all thirty on each whip at the same time.  I just knew that I was in incredible pain.  With each lash my body jumped and I would scream through my gag and try to get away from this sick, demented woman.  Of course I didn’t have much leeway with my bonds and she had free reign over my body with her whips. 

Lisa finished up with the riding crop and as she counted out my last ten lashes, I mercifully passed out from the pain.  I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up I was still chained in the same spot with the spreader bar attached to my ankles.  The gag was still pumped to an unbelievably uncomfortable size and the butt plug was still in my ass.  I felt an intrusion in my pussy and as I looked down, feeling my horrible collar against my chin, I saw that the riding crop was again shoved in my pussy by its handle, as it had been the night before.  I looked around the room and didn’t see Lisa or Tom, but I knew that they would be coming soon.  I was extremely uncomfortable and had no idea how long I had been like this, but I also didn’t want anymore of whatever they had in mind for me. 

I didn’t know if the whipping today was supposed to help me submit, but it only succeeded in making me very angry.  How dare they!  They can’t do this to a person.  It is just not right.  It is not fucking right!  These are the thoughts that went through my head as I hung there awaiting my next torment.  I cried from the hopelessness and the loneliness of my situation.

“hucking gackerk”

I mumbled through my gag, trying to say, “Fucking bastards.”

Then I heard the lock on the door and the door opened.  I closed my eyes and began to shake. 

Those fucking bastards.  I was going to escape and get even.  This I knew. 

            to be continued...


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