Writing my Future

by julise

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© Copyright 2004 - julise - Used by permission

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Writing my Future
by julise
Writing my Future by julise

I am an attractive single woman in my mid twenties.  I keep a very busy lifestyle and I do not have much time for dating.  I finally resolved to just coming home to my vibrator and sex sites every night.  This was fine with me. 

I began to get interested in the bdsm sites after a while.  I could drive myself crazy with intense orgasms off of the many stories that I read.  Personally, I would not like to actually be in any of these situations, but it was nice to fantasize about being tied up and used as a mere fucktoy.  However, I would cringe at the thought of actually experiencing these things.

Pretty soon I got so into the fantasy that I begin to submit stories to these bdsm sites.  My stories became pretty popular and I received a lot of e-mails from people wanting to meet me, or play out the fantasies.  There were definitely some weird people out there.  I never answered my e-mail, but I liked reading the responses to my stories.  These responses motivated me to write even more.  It became an obsession.

One night I was sitting at my computer writing a bdsm story.  I was so into it that I didn’t hear the noise behind me.  If only I had heard it, then maybe I would have been prepared and had a fighting chance. 

I was staring intently at the screen trying to figure out what the master in my story was going to do next to his poor little slave girl when all of a sudden somebody put a rag over my mouth!  I struggled so hard but then I began to lose contact with reality.  I remember that my last thoughts were ones of confusion and helplessness.

I woke up to darkness.  At first I thought that I had gone blind, but then I realized that there was a rubber mask over my face.  I also felt what seemed to be a thick, short dildo in my mouth.  I tried to spit it out but it would not budge.  With each minute I was able to think more clearly and I began to realize just how helpless my situation was.   My arms were fastened behind me with what seemed to be leather shackles and my wrists were fastened to my ankles that were also shackled in leather shackles.  I was lying on my left side.  I felt a chill and soon realized that I was naked.  I began to struggle for a while even though I knew that it was no good.  Movement was what I craved.  I was angry.  Who had the gall to do this to me?  Time passed by so slowly.  I would stop struggling for a minute to rest and then I would resume struggling.  Each struggle would be stronger and more desperate than the last.  It felt like this continued for hours. 

“The more you struggle, the more you turn us on.”

I stopped, terrified by the male voice speaking to me.  My breathing was heavy causing my breasts to heave with each breath.  I tried to speak through my gag, but it only came out as gibberish. 

“I think that our new slave is scared.  Good.”  This came from a smug female voice.  I was petrified.  My breathing became heavier.

“Maybe we should explain, worthless slave.  I am your new master and my wife here is your new mistress.  We had you kidnapped for our pleasure.  Whatever you knew of your life before is gone.  You should get used to the idea that you now only exist for our purposes.” 

At this I began to struggle again.  I didn’t think that it would do any good, but I had to do something.  I became infuriated when I heard the woman laugh. 

“I don’t think that it likes its predicament.  Good.” 

I really despised her.  Why was she referring to me as an “it”?  As if I were a mere object?  This was horrible.  I was beginning to realize that my fantasy bdsm stories were no longer fantasy.  The stories had become sort of a worst nightmare fantasy for me.  With each story I wrote, granted I would be extremely turned on, but also I would appreciate my freedom even more.  I couldn’t bear the thought of my freedom being taken away from me, yet here I was, bound, gagged and blindfolded with my new life as a slave being explained to me. 

I felt my wrists being undone from my ankles and strong arms picked me up.  My legs were weak so he held on to me and then undid the chain between my wrists, brought my wrists above me and attached them to a chain hanging from the ceiling.  I dangled there for a minute before my legs started regaining some of their strength.  The rubber hood was removed and I was able to look at my captors.  They stood together, naked as well, and looked at me like they would a new painting or a new couch. 

My dildo gag was still in place but again I tried to talk. 

“SHHHHHH.”  The woman came up to me and placed her finger over the outside of my gag.  I began to cry realizing that there was no way for me to escape this crazy couple.  She smiled at my tears and then licked them off of the right side of my cheek.  I brought my head back repulsed and she slapped me.

“Insolent slut!  You do not resist your mistress or your master!  Do you understand you worthless whore?”

Shocked from the slap, I meekly nodded my head yes.

“That’s a good slave.”  She purred as she licked up fresh tears. 

She stood back and looked at my stretched, naked body before her.  I got a good look at her.  She was medium height with a decent body.  Her breasts were big and she had long dark, straight hair.  Her eyes were brown with a disturbing look of evil.  I was very scared of this woman. 

She extended her arms, grabbed my medium sized breasts, and began to painfully knead them. 

“They are so firm.”  She looked back to her husband, “I love our new pet honey. As usual, you made a better choice.”  She turned to look at me and purred, “I wanted a boy.  I am glad that we got you instead.  I didn’t realize how much fun a chained woman could be.  I think that we will have you for a long time.”  She gently caressed my cheek with an evil, lustful look in her eyes.  I fought the urge to move my head away from her hand.  I just hung there and let her caress me while I cried and shook in my chains from fear and repugnance.

The woman stepped away and grabbed something on a side table.  She came back in front of me and presented a wide, black leather collar.  My eyes widened and I began to jerk and struggle in my chains.

“Oh little slave.  There is nothing that you can do to stop this.  It is nice that you keep trying though.  However, when I bring this collar to your neck you better not struggle against me.  Is that understood?”

I just stopped struggling and looked at her.  I didn’t want to acknowledge her question.  This was humiliating enough.  Luckily she took the fact that I stopped struggling as an answer to her question.  She brought up the collar to my neck and snugly fastened it.  She went around to the back of the collar and I heard a padlock lock into place on the collar.  As I heard the lock my body jumped and I slumped forward in humiliation. 

“This looks very nice on you slave.”  She said as she pulled on the collar to test it. 

My head moved forward with her pulling on the collar and I just looked into her eyes with disgust.  This caused her to laugh and she went to retrieve something else from a side table.  She came back with a riding crop.

“Now slave.  I am going to give you just a very tiny taste of just one type of punishment you will endure if you disobey either one of us, or anybody else that we tell you to obey for that matter.” 

She then continued to give me 50 lashes all over my body, including my breasts!  I thought that I was going to die, or at least pass out.  When she finally finished the whipping, I was sobbing and incoherent as I hung limply from my chains.  She then shoved the crop handle into my cunt and looked at me. 

“Does the slave understand the implications of its disobedience you filthy whore?”

I had no choice but to weakly nod in fear.  I had been defeated.  So soon?  I was disgusted with myself.  Was I really that weak that I would submit out of fear of more pain?  I continued this fight within myself as my captors began to kiss passionately. 

The man came up to me next after retrieving an electric razor from the side table.  He grabbed the crop handle and began to push it in even more.  I tried not to struggle as he humiliatingly fucked me with the handle of the riding crop. 

“Now I will explain the one rule to you, slave.  You will obey us without question or delay.  That’s it.  We tell you to do something, you do it.  It is that easy whore.” 

His voice was very powerful and hypnotizing.  I looked into his eyes as he was talking.  He had icy blue eyes with a cold and menacing stare.  His hair was semi short with the messy look and he was very tall.  Normally I would find a man like this very attractive, but I just looked at him with complete and utter disgust.

“The first thing that you should know is that a slave is never to look into a higher being’s eyes!”  And with that he slapped me so hard that I could taste blood coming out of the left side of my mouth.  I instantly looked down to the floor and began to cry again.  This only made both of them laugh mockingly at me.  I flushed red from the embarrassment of my situation.  The next thing I knew I felt the electric razor humming at the top of my head.  I looked up in shock and tried to yell through my gag.  It had taken me so long to grow out my long, wavy dark brown hair.  I continued to plead through my gag until I felt the first glob of hair run down my body and I realized that it was too late.  The man finished off with a sharpened razor to render me completely bald. 

As he was finishing up, his wife came over and bent down to undo the chain between my ankles and rechained them to eyebolts in the floor thus causing my legs to widen as far as they could go.  She pulled the riding crop out of my cunt.  She then began to shave it.

I hung there as they both shaved me, the woman shaving my cunt and the man shaving my head.  I realized that my degradation and humiliation had only just begun.  After they were both done, the man approached me and twisted my right nipple.

“Slave, you disobeyed me.  When I began to shave your head you looked up at me.  Right after I told you that a slave is not to look into a higher being’s eyes.  You will now be punished.”

I began to shake and cry and plead through my gag to please let me go this once.  The shock from the electric razor on my head surprised me and I lost my wits.  This was no use however.  The woman began to laugh and rub her hands together in anticipation.  She went over to a cabinet on the wall and took out a very large butt plug.  I realized right away what my punishment was to be.  I struggled with everything that I had.

The woman spoke to me harshly, “Slave, if you do not calm down and relax, I will follow this with 50 more lashes.”

I automatically stopped, and she proceeded to lube up the dildo and my anal opening.  As she pushed it through I tried to relax, but it was hard.  I felt like I was being ripped apart.  She finally got it all the way in and left it there.

I looked down at the floor with a sickening realization.  This is my new life and it is only just beginning.  How would I survive this?  I would have no choice.

I hung there looking down at the floor with my collar locked on my neck, my arms chained above me, my ankles chained to the sides exposing my newly shaved cunt, a dildo gag in my mouth on my newly shaven head, and a large butt plug jammed in my ass.  I started to cry again.  My captors only looked on from across the room as they began to make love to each other, every once in a while shouting out degrading names towards my direction. 

After my captors finished making love, they just sat there and looked at me hanging there with my dildo gag, large butt plug poking out of my ass, locked collar, and arms bound above me.  They had just finished shaving my head and my pussy and I was hanging from my chains feeling my loss of dignity.  I continued to stare at the floor right in front of me, scared that they would induce more punishment if I looked over at them.

“Hey slave, do you want to know how we picked you?” asked the woman.

I didn’t move.  I continued to stare at the floor ahead of me.

“We are your fans.  We have read every single story that you wrote.  After a while it got to be too much for my husband and he became obsessed with finding you.  This also happened to be around the time that we sold our last slave.  So we were looking for a new slave anyway.  I had suggested that we find another boy, as that is what we usually have…they are so much fun.  But my husband decided that we just had to enslave you.”  She then pulled on the ring on my collar and my head jerked forward.  “With each story that we read by you, I began to agree that we needed to have you.  A person should not write bdsm fiction that well.  It is dangerous.  But I guess that you realize that now.” 

After her speech I began to cry again.  She started laughing and licked my eyelids.  I closed my eyes and took it all in.  The realization that I put myself in this predicament was too much.  I should have been more careful in hiding my information.  I just wanted to see my stories on the sites, so I didn’t really care about what information I was asked to provide.  If only I had just stuck with looking at the sites instead of participating by submitting my stories.  I felt like such a fool.

“Well, too bad that you won’t get a second chance to learn from your mistakes you little slut.”  With that she patted my butt plug, causing me more discomfort.  She turned to look at her husband, “I think that she has had enough for today.  We should put her to bed and let her soak in her situation over night.  Tomorrow we can start the intense training.”

“Good idea Lisa.  I will put her to bed, you go get ready to go out.” 

“Mmmmmmmmm, but I want to help put her to bed Tom.”

“I can handle it.  You will do it some other time.  Now go get ready.”  Tom’s voice raised and became sterner with the last sentence.

Lisa just glared at him and then turned back to me. 

“Fine.  I will see you tomorrow slave.”  She then licked my lips around the gag.

I was kind of relieved that Tom made her leave.  I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with Tom, but Lisa really scared the shit out of me.  Tom came over to me and in a very soothing tone he told me that he was going to undo my gag and that I had better not speak unless I was spoken to.  After he undid the harness to the gag and pulled it out, I moved my jaw around trying to get rid of the ache from having the gag in for so long. 

“Now slave, I will allow you one question.  So make it a good one.”

I looked at the floor in front of me for the longest time.  I didn’t know what to ask.  I was thrust into this situation, and I couldn’t think straight.  Finally I came up with something. 

“Is there any way to earn back my freedom?”  I continued to keep my head bowed.

Tom tenderly caressed my chin and then he held my chin up so that I would look at him. 

“My slave, you have a lot of training ahead of you and it shows in your question.  You are not an autonomous being anymore.  You are the lowest form of life, a slave.  You will never be free again.  If we get tired of you, you will be sold.  This will continue until you get older.  When your sexual services are no longer desired you will simply become a house servant to whomever you end up with.”

I looked up at him with shock and horror.  I kept thinking that he had to have been messing with me.  He was trying to break me psychologically, that had to be it. 

“The sooner you accept this as your new life, the easier it will be for you.  Now let’s get this slave off to bed, shall we?  Oh, but after I punish this slave for not addressing me as master after its question.  You didn’t think that I was going to let that slide did you?”

My brain began to scream, but I just stood there looking at him imploringly.  He brought out a pair of nipple clamps from his shirt pocket and attached them very tightly to my nipples.  I began to moan in pain.  He warned me not to make too much noise and that I should thank my master for punishing such a worthless slave.

“Thank you master for punishing me.”  I foolishly said.

He tightened the clamps even tighter and joined them together with a short chain making me howl in pain.

“You will not refer to yourself in the first person anymore, slave.  You are not deserving of such a privilege.  From now on you will address yourself in the third person.  Does this slave understand?”  He pulled on the nipple clamp chain speaking so close into my ear that I could feel the warmth of his breath.

“Yes master this slave understands.”  I whimpered with my eyes tightly shut trying to drown out the pain.

He unchained the cuffs on my arms and ankles and put padlocks on the leather restraints.  He attached a short chain to my ankle cuffs and brought my wrists around to my back to do the same.  He attached a leash to my collar and began to walk pulling on the leash.  The chain between my ankles was very short and I had a hard time not falling so I hobbled along the best I could behind him.  I know that I looked ridiculous, and I felt stupid.  I noticed that the dildo gag was stuffed into his back pocket by the straps with the dildo part sticking out.  I hoped that he would forget that it was there. 

He led me to another room that told me we were in some sort of basement.  The previous room had carpeting and a fireplace and finished walls.  This new room was all concrete.  There was a very large dog cage in the corner and all kinds of eye rings in the ceiling, walls, and floor.  The walls were adorned with all sorts of whips and chains and things of that sort. 

“This is now your room.  You will rarely ever see the outside of it again.  You will sleep in this cage over here.”

He then led me to the cage.  I stood behind him as he opened the door.  He turned around to look at me.  He pulled the dildo gag out of his back pocket and I stepped back a little until I remembered that I was not to pull away from them without punishment.  I stopped myself, but I was too late.  He had noticed that I backed away. 

“You are not obeying very well are you?  Not only did you step back, but you were also looking up at my face when I turned around.  Does a slut need to be reminded of its place?”

My eyes widened and I whimpered out, “No master, I…this slave is sorry master.”

“Well slave I guess that I will just have to leave that butt plug in you all night.  I was going to take it out as I imagine that you are quite sore from it, but since you need to be reminded of the rules, I will leave it in as a reminder.”  As he said this he twisted the butt plug very violently causing me tremendous pain.  Tears streamed down my face.  After he was done tormenting me with the butt plug, he put the dildo gag into my cunt and held it in there with one hand while he massaged my clit with the other.  This surprised me and took me off guard.  Before I could stop it, my body responded more than I wanted it to.  I was repulsed and shocked but I still could not stop the fluttering feeling that was growing in my stomach. 

“I think I know how to speed this up.” 

He chuckled and grabbed a butterfly vibrator made especially for the clit.  He attached the butterfly to my clit while still holding the dildo gag in my cunt.  After a few minutes my body could not hold back and I had a violent orgasm that rocked my whole body.  It was followed by a few mini orgasms.  I was still in my post orgasm haze when I felt him take out the dildo gag all slimy with my juices, and stick it in my mouth before I could realize what he was doing and resist.  After he had buckled the gag (he placed a padlock on the gag as well), he remarked how violently I came and what a slut I was.  I was so humiliated that I turned beet red.  My juices were trapped in my mouth and I felt like I could have puked, but I tried not to think about it. 

“Get used to tasting your cum, because it will become a familiar taste.” 

Tom then pushed me to my knees and walked me into the cage with my wrists chained behind my back, a short chain connecting my ankles, tight nipple clamps connected on a very short chain that pulled on my breasts, a very large butt plug in my ass, and a dildo gag covered in my juices shoved in my mouth.  They knew how to humiliate a woman, that was for sure. 

After I was in the cage, he closed the cage door and locked it.  He pulled my leash and wrapped it around the bars and locked it together with a padlock.  I just sat there and stared at his legs while he locked my leash onto the cage door.  The leash gave me just enough slack to lay my head down on the floor, but not much more.  I laid my head on the floor of the cage where a stiff pillow had been placed.  I felt defeated and degraded.  Tom said goodnight and walked out of the door turning the light out.  I could hear the door locking after it was shut.  That furthered my feeling humiliation.  There was no way that I could escape from my current position to even get to that fucking door. 

I was getting so enraged thinking about it all.  I knew that all of these little extras, like locking all of the bondage adornments on my body, locking the cage, and locking the door was a psychological ploy to further remind me of my place as a slave.  I had written about such things in my stories, but I was not going to let it work.  I would comply with their orders to avoid punishment, but they would never get my mind.  I made a promise to myself right then and there that I would not let them transform my mind. 

to be continued...


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