Trouble in Fairyland 9: Escape

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2014 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF; F/f+; M+/f+; captives; majick; bond; cuffs; rope; leather; escape; plants; machines; munchkins; witch; fpov; cons/nc; XX

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Chapter 9: Escape

I hauled my head up off the floor and the world swam about me. I gave my head a shake and fought down a wave of nausea. Every limb ached and my brain felt like it was trying to escape through my ears.

I forced my eyes open and the bright sunlight was almost painful. I lifted myself from where I lay on the floor and looked about. I could see the Evil Queen lying prone on the mattress that made up the centrepiece of her evil machine of sexual torment.

I allowed my eyes to run up and down the corner pillars, and I shivered as I saw the now open manacles top and bottom that had held me and my friends imprisoned in their fiendish mechanical grasp.

I heard a faint moan and I saw Bo Peep lying away to my right. Clearly the machine had drawn every ounce of our energies, both physical and sexual, from us before releasing us from its steely grasp. Casting us away as casually as we might throw away an empty bottle once we had finished its contents.

Ignoring my moaning limbs I made it to hand and knees before calling out to Bo Peep. She turned to look at me, the rumpled curls of her blonde hair falling across her lovely blue eyes in a worryingly enticing fashion. For a fleeting moment I wanted her back on the machine so we could play it through again.

“Come on” I whispered, dreading the thought I might wake the slumbering Evil Queen, “We have got to get out of here before she wakes up”

Bo Peep looked over at the bed, took in the sight of the recumbent Evil Queen and was on her feet and moving faster than my aching limbs could manage. Moments later her arms were about my shoulder and I could feel the warmth of your flesh against me. My head turned, our eyes met, and before I could stop myself I had kissed her. Bo Peep blushed a delightful scarlet before we were moving quickly towards the door.

“Wait” the voice was soft but carried across the room. We turned and saw Snow White reaching out to us from where she was lying on the floor, a pleading look in her eyes. Bo Peep and I exchanged a look. It was Snow White who had had allied herself with the Evil Queen against us, but was she really corrupt or could she be saved?

“Please” she cried out, “Help me escape”.

Moments later we had her across our shoulders and as a trio we were out the door and moving as quickly as we could along the corridor.

“Turn left here” whispered Snow White, “It takes us to the back garden and I can get us out from there”.

Bo Peep and I exchanged another glance over her head as we hoped above all hope that we could trust the leather clad vixen Snow White had become not to lead us into another trap.

The big oak door banged open before us and moments later we were outside in what could only had been the private gardens of the Evil Queen.

The air was full of the groans and whimpers of the sexually tormented. People in singles and couples were spread around the garden, while a stone path wound its way between them.

Snow White took a hard drip on our shoulders and hissed sharply, “No matter what happens, do not stray from the path or there will be nothing I can do for you”.

We both nodded dumbly as we took in the scenes scattered before us. The closest woman was spread naked across a low rise in the ground. Magically enchanted plants had hold of wrists and ankles and had dragged her out into a tight spreadeagle while the rise beneath her spine thrust her hips and proud breasts upwards. Feathery foliage had sprouted up about her and it moved as if swayed by a gentle breeze, caressed every inch of her exposed flesh until she was crying to with frustration and desire.

And behind her a couple were impaled upright on gleaming metal poles that vanished into their anus’s and kept them on tiptoes as they clung to each other in tears. Desperately I watched the man try repeatedly to lift the woman off her pole but his straining muscles always failed to lift her quite high enough and his tears flowed ever more freely as he was forced to allow her to sink down onto her shiny shaft and she wailed as the intruder again slowly slid up inside her unwilling body.

Away to our left a woman was spread upright between two tall poles, her limbs spread wide and tight in the fresh air. The wind turned the windmill slowly on the top of a tall mechanism that stood behind her. I watched in open-mouthed fascination as I watched the vertical shaft from the windmill slowly wind a spring attached to the end of a long coaching whip. It creaked and groaned as the tension increased and the suspense was nearly too much for me.

She was pleading to the air as the spring reached the right tension and as the mechanism released it swung through it’s arc with a terrible swish. The woman let out a scream as it slashed a bright red line across her tightly stretched arse and she jerked helplessly within her agonisingly tight bondage.

“Make for the gate”, snapped Snow White, suddenly upright and leading us forwards towards a small arched gateway in the wall. She had recovered fast and she was soon swiftly walking before use, her leather clad arse swaying gloriously on her teetering heels.

She flung open the gate without a pause and moments later we were outside and I could smell freedom. I dashed ahead and I could hear Bo Peep and Snow White struggling to keep up with me. Not for nothing had I spent most of my life in and around the woods.

“Hello darling.”

The voice was somewhere below the level of my knees and I came up short. Bo Peep and Snow White cannoned into my back and we all went sprawling. Swearing, I hauled myself up on to my hands and knees and found myself eye to eye with a pair of green eyes perched over a ginger moustache, His clothes were ragged, but he carried a length of rope in his hands.

“Munchkins”, I groaned as I saw others appearing from out of the cover of the bushes and grassy tussocks. Most were male, and nearly all carried the whips and ropes of their evil trade in people.

“Leave them be”.

Every head turned to see an ethereal white figure that was floating in the air away to the East.

“Galinda”, I breathed, “Thank all the hollies, the Good Witch of the East”.

“Leave them my little friends”, she called, gliding towards us, her blonde hair drifting out behind her as she approached, those long white petticoats swishing out behind her as the wind blow through them.

We hauled ourselves upright as Galinda floated towards us and I carefully moved to place her between us and the Munchkins. University material I might not be, but I had lived enough years in Fairyland to know how to keep myself out of most trouble. And the girls silently followed my lead as Galinda swept down between us.

“My little friends”, she said to the Munchkins, and I could hear the mutterings from them immediately. Any phrase containing the word ‘little’ was not going to go down well with the Munchkins. “Why do you accost these lovely girls? After all they have been through at the hands of the Evil Queen”.

As the very tips of her toes touched the ground the world suddenly came alive. Muchkins hurled themselves forwards, two of them throwing their arms about Galinda’s ankles and charged forwards. Her feet swept out from under her Galinda tumbled backwards and her shoulders hit the ground hard knocking the wind out of her.

Before our eyes a munchkin ran up her body and threw himself onto his knees against her ribs. Galinda let out a wheeze and before she could move he whipped out a tiny knife, slipped the blade under the neckline of her gleaming white dress and pulled.

The razor sharp blade parted the material as if it were paper and her glorious breasts spilled forth into the sunshine. She opened her mouth to scream as a second munchkin vaulted her head and came to land with his feet astride her nose. He bent swiftly at the waist as jammed a soft black ballgag between her ruby red lips.

Galinda jerked her body upright sending the munchkin on her chest flying through the air, but his compatriot had been expecting the movement and hung on to her hair, swinging above her head and came to rest nestled among the golden strands of her hair. His deft fingers grabbed the straps of the gag and buckled them tight.

Galinda looked down and wailed incoherently as she saw the munchkins at her feet pulling tight ropes about her ankles. She made to kick out at them but too late as a number of them grabbed a rope apiece and hauled together.

Her ankles hauled away from her Galinda crashed flat again, her skirts riding up to reveal long, slender legs of a milky white flesh that looked as if they had never seen the sun.

A noose dropped about her throat and she grabbed at it as she was being dragged roughly along the ground. A munchkin leapt across her and as he passed a fresh rope noose was dropped about her wrist and moments later it was snapped tight by another band on munchkins at the end of the rope.

It was a matter of seconds before the fourth and final noose claimed Galinda’s last wrist and there was a cheer the munchkins all hauled and Galinda was dragged out flat and spreadeagled on the rough ground.

A munchkin leapt upon her pinned body again, his knife flashing in the sun as he split the ragged remains of that brilliant white dress asunder and Galninda lay naked and panting on the ground.

Dancing about they swiftly rolled the Good Witch of the East over onto her stomach and a munchkin leapt upon her shoulders, the rope to the noose about her neck tight in his hands.

“You know the Queen’s law bitch,” he squeaked, “What walks on the earth in the fields of the Munchkins is fair game, and after those comments about little people, you just became fair game.”

Galinda dragged herself up onto her hand and knees, but as she tried to rise further the munchkin hauled on the noose in clear command and Galinda subsided onto her hands and knees again. Her face turned towards us, her eyes wide in absolute terror of the situation he found herself in. Bare naked as the day she was born with a muchkin slaver at the end of her leash.

The other munchkins capered around her cheering and waving their arms in the air in a wild jubilation. Their attention taken I grabbed my friends and ran.

As I started to move I caught sight of something sticking in the ground, and in a moment I realised it was Galinda’s wand. I snatched it up, and casting a glance over my shoulder at her downfall I followed the others at a dead run.


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