Trouble in Fairyland 8: Revelation

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2013 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; other/f+; captives; majick; bond; cuffs; rope; susp bdsm; spank; tease; torment; oral; sex; climax; fpov; cons/reluct; X

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Chapter 8: Revelation

So, at last I had the full set. All of the bitches were mine to do with as I pleased. As the three of them wiggled down the corridor before me I felt my heart singing as I was as last able to put my plan into operation.

The bitch who was once been Snow White was leading the other two on their leashes. I had guessed she would be the turncoat of the group. And she was so easy to turn. All those frustrated years living untouched in the middle of the forest with those randy little dwarves and their broadcast hormones she just couldn’t cope with all the pleasures I gave her, then took away again. Little slut. And now look at her. Long black boots, tight leather hot pants and a matching top that makes her look the ultimate dominant slut. Which she is I guess. Well, after me of course. And all it takes to keep her in line is free access to the toys in the castle cellars and a few willing volunteers. Ok, maybe the volunteers are not always so willing, but she has such a persuasive nature. Especially when she has a whip in her hand.

And as for her friends, well, just look at them. Bo Peep, all floaty net petticoats, short white dress and blonde curls. She always looks ready to flee at the slightest chance, eyes everywhere, glancing about at the slightest sound of movement. Silly little thing, but sturdy after all those years working outdoors. Pale of skin that thick black collar looks really good on her. Almost as if it was meant to be there, and so long as Snow White gets her way it will not be coming off any time soon. The matching manacles on her wrists behind her back complete the look delightfully.

Which brings us to the last lady in the little tableau. Lil Red Riding Hood herself. The one I thought was going to be the hardest to add to my little coterie. A red gingham little number with those flared petticoats that reveal a gloriously tight little arse from behind when she walks that so brings out the lesbian in me. White stockings too, a mass of red hair in two bunches, big blue eyes and lovely smattering of freckles over a nose I would so love to settle my arse over. Her collars and cuffs suit her as well, only hers are brown which somehow goes better with her. But enough of my ramblings and lustings, we are here.

“Stop” I cried, and Snow White brought her charges to a halt with a sharp tug on her leash. Bo Peep gave a little gasp as she was brought up short, and Red cursed incoherently through a big red ball gag I had watched Snow White forced between unwilling lips when she had refused to be quiet after a particularly wild slagging match between the previous friends.

I could feel myself smiling as I swayed past the sexy little group feeling six eyes following me as I took a key from about my neck and unlocked a dark oak door. Snow White’s eyes filled with lust, Bo Peep’s with bemusement and Red’s with a passionate hatred. I smiled back at them all. After all, what is the point I being the Evil Queen if you cannot torment people occasionally ?

The door swung smoothly inwards to reveal the one room in my castle that has been awaiting me unused for so long. Dark wood paneled the walls, and they are decked with gleaming chrome accessories to my passions. Handy accessories that are mostly fixed to the wall and all fitted with locks that make their removal quite impossible without my assistance. Where the candles flicker on the chandelier all those wicked devices seem to dance in the light and are even now making my charges look about with eyes made wide by a mixture of both horror and longing.

And standing in the middle of the room is the object of my desires, and the reason I have taken so much trouble to bring these Fairyland stalwarts to my towers.

“Take a good hard look girls” I said as all eyes fell on my toy, “It is the reason you are all here”

I could hear three sets of breathing in the room with me, but all else was silence. Six eyes besides mine were staring at the thing that stands in the centre of the room.

“I had it made by Munchkin artificers so far South of here the yellow brick road network is only a rumour to them. They have a mighty resistance to all things magical so they could be trusted to build this from the plans I came by. And it has taken until now for me to assemble the right group to try it”

All eyes were on the thing before them. Made of wood as dark as the wall panelling about us it looks like a strongly built four poster bed, with deep red curtains and shiny black sheets upon an inviting bed. But each upright was decorated with something that drew the attention of every one of my little girls. Top and bottom of each post was a set of steel manacles Tight together at the base, dangling from chains at the top. And as there were fours posts I could almost hear them working out what was coming next.

I swayed my lovely arse over to the bed and rattled one of the sets of upper manacles with my fingers while smiling at the suddenly very nervous little group of Fairyland icons.

“That’s right ladies, one bedpost for each of you. And when you are all in place it will draw on your sexual energies and channel them into the bed’s very being. Then I shall take my place on the bed and allow all of your sexual energies to flow thorough me, giving me the absolute sexual ride of my life”

They were all exchanging nervous glances now, even leather clad Snow White.

“But don’t think it will be all going my way my pretties. I am, after all, one of the most powerful sexchantresses in Fairyland, and once the excitement begins my powers will start to feed back through the bed into you all as you hang there. Should be a wild old ride for us all, don’t you think ?”

They are exchanging worried looks now. And finally Snow White asks the question that they are thinking.

“But there are only three of us ?”

I smile at them and gesture towards the far pillar. The one they cannot see. Unthinkingly dragging the other two behind her Snow White walks around my bed of passion and sees that post number four is already occupied.

“Who else did you expect to see ?” I asked as they looked at the already chained figure of Rapuzel. Her long auburn hair was thoroughly trussed tight with leather straps within which it still rolled and stirred like the living thing it was.

I could feel them all taking in the sight of Rapunzel chained tightly to the pillar, her fine naked body stretched tight against the dark wood. Her head was slumped as her body tried to recover after the ordeal of a few hours on one of the most through machines in the cellars.

“Chain them Snow White” I said, and without a word she shoved Bo Peep against the nearest pillar. As the mechanised manacles snapped closed about her ankles she whimpered. Snow White had the cuffs off her wrists in moments and before Bo Peep could gather her thoughts her wrists were raised and the upper manacles snapped closed about them.

Concealed cogs and gears of the mechanisms within the bed ground into life and Bo Peep whimpered some more as the chains were drawn upwards until she was stretched tight.

Beautiful redheaded Red Riding Hood followed quickly and with commendable willingness. Even I couldn’t tell if she was submitting because she knew there was no escape, or whether the little harlot wanted to experience the ride of her life. Big Bad Wolf might have been something special, but I am prepared to bet this was going to be something else again.

“Now you my dear” Snow White turned big blue eyes to face me with tears welling up in them “Move child !” I snapped “Complete the square so the fun may begin”

Dropping the now empty leashes Snow White backed against the final empty pillar of my machine and pressed her heels back against the fixed manacles. They snapped closed about her ankles and she was crying as she raised her hands towards to hungrily gaping manacle above her head.

The moment they met the springs snapped them closed and near silent gears started to move. Moments later her pale skin and black leather was stretched tight against the dark wood and the square was complete.

I took a pace back and waited to see what would happen next. It was not long before I could see results and I could feel a smile spreading across my face. All connected by their passions it was just moments before I heard Snow White’s breathing quicken, and there was a quiet gasp from Bo Peep. A faint mewling sound brought me to Red Riding Hood’s post and deft fingers quickly unfastened the leather straps that held the ballgag between those ruby red lips and popped it free.

“Your voice I want to be able to hear” I said. Taking a pace back I watched her draw in her breath to spit at me, then her eyes dilated and she let out a wail of passion as she started to struggle and wriggle within her tight restraints.

I took a long pace back and looked at the enclosed space between the four pillars and their writhing occupants. Before my eyes the air seemed to solidify, to take on a grey haze that swirled and shifted before my eyes.

I felt myself licking my lips as I slipped out of my dress and stood naked before the machine of my own making. Then, casting every magic precaution to the wind I stepped forwards and plunged into the swirling greyness.

The greyness closed in about me, making the sounds of the room and my castle sound distant and muffled. I felt the black sheets shifting under my hands and knees as if they were alive and I could feel faint movements in the air caressing my flesh.

To a background soundtrack of four mighty sexual spirits of Fairyland panting and crying out I laid back on my gently shifting bed and relaxed into it’s stirring folds. With a dramatic sigh I unfolded my limbs and reclined.

I shifted myself and heard myself purring as a wild arousal rode through my body, and the firm softness of the mattress shifted unnaturally beneath me. It cupped my buttocks, massaged my shoulders, then softly but firmly spread my limbs up and out as the waves moved under me.

I caught the fleetingest of touches at my wrists and ankles, then magic cords as slender and smooth a silk coiled about them, pulled swiftly tight. I let out a howl as they hauled me tightly speadeagled on the bed.

Gasping now I felt a hundred teasing mouths descend on every inch of my naked flesh. Stroking, caressing, licking, kissing, nibbling. Teasing my already aroused body until there were tears of frustration running down my cheeks.

The magic cords hauled me even tighter until I was whimpering, and I sensing a movement I lifted my head and looked down my straining body. A glowing androgynous face rose up between my thighs and smiled up at me. Then it’s lip spread into a wide smile and an inhumanly huge tongue flicked back and forth between it’s lips.

Without a word it sank between my widely spread legs and I felt inhuman lips touch mine, and moments later that terrible tongue started to do it’s work and the first wild orgasm crashed over my helpless body. And all the time the soundtrack of four wild women filled my ears and drove my body onwards and ever onwards.

My world was swept suddenly upside down as the cords about my ankles hauled me upwards until I was swinging from the roof of the bed, the cords at my wrists pulling me tight.

I caught a glimpse of phantom hands to my left and right moments before they descended on my upturned buttocks, spanking them sharply and sending waves of gloriously sensual pain through my body.

My hair fell about my face and I felt more than saw something pushing its way through it’s thick waves. I felt something warm at my lips and through eyes only open a slit I saw a huge ghostly penis before me. I allowed my lips to part and it slipped inside, filling my mouth with a velvety warmth that made me drool with desire.

Without thinking I swirled my tongue about it’s head, sucking gently on it as the spanking blows continued to rain down on me in a terrible rhythm. As my mouth was suddenly filled with the only possible result of my tongue’s attentions I came again.

The magic cords dropped me back onto the shifting bed and before I could move the bed had tight hold on my wrists, ankles and knees. Holding me tightly down on all fours. Swift movements spread my knees and wrists, forcing my arse wide and head down until I was in a position of near terrifying submission.

I threw back my head and let out a cry of animal passion I heard echoed by the four figures at my corners as we all surrendered ourselves to our passions. As I lowered my head I sensed something moving across my limited field of vision. I shook back my hair and as it fell back across my face I saw a phantom creature before me. On four paws it peered down at me, and as it walked around behind me I caught a glimpse of an unnatural freak of its body. Bobbing below a wide chest hung two erect penises set one above the other.

It walked from my sight and I lowered my head in preparation for what I knew must be coming as the ultimate sexual perversion, thrill and degradation. I felt a long tongue drag itself the length of my upturned sex, probing briefly before I felt the bed lurch and moments later my naked back was covered by the thickly furred chest of the phantom beast. Forelegs grasped me tightly as those two penises thrust desperately forwards to find a hot moist home for themselves.

As one they thrust into me and I screamed out loud as the magic beast took me roughly and without mercy, pounding into my poor helpless body’s obscenely offered openings. In the background I could hear the four spirits of Fairyland screaming out their orgasms a fraction of a second before mine ripped through my body as it had never done before as the phantom beast tore pleasure and pain from my body in equal measure. I could hear myself snarling like an animal as orgasm after a orgasm rocked my body. And then, the sweat rolling off me, I felt exhaustion drag my eyelids closed and the grip of the bed on me fade as consciousness left me.

When my eyes flickered open all was quiet and still. I was still lying on the bed, the black of the coverings contrasting wonderfully with my pale flesh. I felt as if I had been wrung out by a whole series of the machines in my cellars. I lifted my head and saw figures sprawled on the carpet. The bed had released the sexual spirits of Fairyland that had given me a sexual ride beyond my wildest dreams and now they too lay exhausted.

And as I lay there, still racked by utter exhaustion, I wondered where I dared take things from here ?

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