Transvestites Punishment Bondage - Part 5

by Marylynn

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Transvestites Punishment Bondage - Part 5
by Marylynn
Transvestites Punishment Bondage - Part 5 by Marylynn

I was having a miserable night trying to get some sleep while bound so securely to the bondage bed that Bob had so cleverly designed. His ingenuity to make bondage so impossible to escape from had already been demonstrated by my experiences the day before. My arms still ached from the torture of having them bound closely together in an armbinder and raised by a winch while I was forced to remain almost motionless as Katie, my wife, assaulted me with a huge dildo and at the same time Bob forced his huge cock down my mouth and throat. 

My anal canal still burned from the Vicks Vaporub covering the inflated 8" rubber dildo sticking into my rectum, but it had eased somewhat after the first hours I laid in captivity within the tight leather straps restraining my whole body, from head to toe, on the unique bondage device.

After I had showered last night, I was fed by Katie and Carla before being tied down as I was. My meal consisted only of a high nutrition fibre milkshake and a large bottle of Pepsi Cola. Now I realized that the fibre was expanding in my stomach and I had no way to release the contents into the diaper even if I could will myself to let it go. The dildo would prevent any discharge through my anal canal. My bladder was also filled to the point that I had to have some relief, so I let myself urinate, even though I hated the idea of being as helpless as a newborn infant. The piss shot out of my restrained penis in a gush, but then I realized that because of the way my penis had been forced up and through the divide in my testicles, that my piss was squirting against my rectum before being absorbed by the diaper material. At this point, I had no choice but to empty my full bladder into the diaper, realizing that I would have to lie in the soiled diaper and be wet until morning came. I slept fitfully for the remainder of the night. My corset stays dug into my flesh without mercy and my feet were cramped from being bound into the 6" high heeled boots laced on last night by Katie and Carla.

At last I could tell someone had opened the bedroom door and was approaching my bed because I could hear faint but distinct sounds of high heels clicking on the hardwood floor. My head straps were unbuckled and then the leather hood was being unlaced as I heard my wife Katie say. "Well, good morning, Marcie. I hope you had a restful night." Then she laughed and Carla who had entered behind her said, "We have a busy day in store for you Marcie, so after we release you, go in the bathroom next door and remove everything you're wearing, except of course, your tie-wrapped chastity belt. Put your diaper in the container next to the toilet and close the lid. Then run a hot bath in the tub and thoroughly clean yourself up. After that, drain the tub and refill it with fresh hot water. You'll find several women's disposable razors on a shelf along with cans of foamy shaving cream. You will get back into the tub and shave off every bit of body hair. Yes; I mean your legs, arms, underarms, chest, crotch, stomach and face. I want you shaved so clean that we can't find a hair anywhere on you except on your head."

The straps had all been released by now and I struggled to get on my feet. Weak as I was from lack of sleep and the towering 6" heels, the women helped me to the adjoining bathroom. Katie warned "Now get in there and do exactly as Carla instructed or your punishment for today will be even worse for you!"

It took me an hour and a half in the bathroom but I had done a thorough job of cleaning and shaving my body. I even shaved most areas two or three times to be sure the women wouldn't have reason to punish me even more than whatever they had already planned. I entered back into the bedroom where I found that a dresser, a full length mirror and a chair with many straps had been added to the room, since I had left it.

"Sit down in this chair" Carla ordered. "Since you want to be a woman so badly, we decided to at least make you as pretty as we can". 

"Carla is a cosmetologist" Katie added. "So sit down here and we'll get busy on you." 

I sat, and immediately straps secured my wrists to the chair arms and my ankles to it's legs. "Let's see now, where shall we start with this frog who wants to be turned into a princess" said Carla. She felt my face for smoothness and said I had done a good job at shaving, while also examining the rest of my body. I was totally nude and wore only the "chastity belt" as they had ordered. It was still difficult, but I was gradually getting more comfortable sitting with my genitals strapped up between my legs. Sitting up straight and keeping my legs together helped to ease the situation.

Carla began by plucking my eyebrows into graceful arches. It hurt as she went on and on, taking out at least a hundred of them. She then applied a skin toned foundation cream to my entire face and neck followed by eyeliner and mascara for my lashes. "Uh-Uh" she said. "Mascara isn't enough to do it. Here, let's try these false eyelashes on her". She applied glue to them and fixed them on my eyelids and under my eyes. "Much better. Now lets get some blush brushed onto those cheeks and some lipstick on her." Those steps completed, she then outlined my lips with a darker shade of lipstick than she intended for the rest of my lips. She told Katie she was entending my lip line slightly and making them fuller, as well. Satisfied with her outline, she had me separate my lips to apply the lipstick and glosses she had chosen. That done, she reached into the dresser and came out with a beautiful wig; much better than anything I had ever bought for myself at home and placed it on me. It was beautiful to look at. It was jet black and shoulder length. It had a slight frosting of blond strands throughout and was curled up somewhat just where it brushed the shoulders. Putting it on me, she stepped back to view the total effect. "Very passable, isn't she?" Carla asked Katie. 

"Oh my, Marcie, I'm almost jealous of you" she responded.

"Now, let's get Marcie dressed for her outing this afternoon" remarked Katie. The two women giggled at this and I wondered mightily what they had in mind for me. Certainly they wouldn't take me out in public, I assured myself. The chair straps were released and I was told to stand up. A white, boned satin corselette appeared and was fastened about me as Katie laced it up in back. Carla inserted silicone breast pads in the cups as she did so. I was told to sit again as Katie opened a fresh pair of glistening nylon stockings and put them on my legs. Standing again, she fastened the four garters to their tops. Over the corselette, a satin slip was lowered over my head. It fit snugly over my torso and breasts. The hem ended just at the top of my thighs. Next came a very feminine deep purple high necked blouse with long sleeves which had three button closures behind the neck in back. When it was on, Katie had me lift each foot in turn while she buckled a pair of red high heeled sandals on me. The heels were about 4" high so I had no trouble walking in them, especially after the heel heights I had earlier been forced to wear.

Finally, Carla had me step into a leather skirt which she zipped up around my now nipped in waist. The skirt was also a deep purple color to match my blouse and ended just below my gartered stocking tops. It was tight fitting and hugged my hips tightly. Finally, the women walked me over to the full length mirror where I could see their results. I was aghast. The reflection in the mirror revealed a quite stunning female beyond anything I could have ever imagined. "Oops, One final thing we missed.” She produced a set of long, bright red fingernails of the glue-on type. She had me sit in the chair again, but with no straps this time, so as not to ruin my pretty outfit or makeup. Carla went to work placing each nail carefully and gluing them on. When she finished, she announced, "I hope you like them Marcie, because I put them on with superglue." Katie chimed in, "I hope you find a good excuse for wearing them to tell the people in your office when you go back to work next week." At this, both women laughed aloud.

Just them, Bob came in and told the women that the motor home was set up for Marcie and was ready to roll. I knew that Bob and Carla had a huge 34-foot motor home but I had no idea what he meant. The women noticed the look of consternation on my face. Katie then explained, "Last night, we put our heads together to see what novel punishment we could come up with for you today. Well, Bob has been working on a bondage arrangement inside their motor home all morning just for you, sweetie. We are going to take you for a ride in it now. Our destination will remain a secret though until we're ready to reveal it to you."

I was led through the house to a door on the driveway next to the motor coach's rear entrance door. Then out into the driveway for a couple of steps up into the
motor coach, they escorted me. I entered into an area of the coach, which had a couch on each wall facing each other. This left a wide center aisle where I could see a rectangular metal pipe device anchored to the floor of the motor home by several pipe flanges securely screwed to the floorboards. The device consisted of lots of 3/4" galvanized steel pipe, elbows, tees and so forth for binding a subject into just about any position possible. Bob explained. I set it up so that I can easily rearrange the height or location of any pipe in just a few minutes with only a couple of pipe wrenches. Pushing me forward up the aisle toward the device, Bob said, "Now turn around, then back up until I tell you to stop and then kneel down facing the rear of the motor home. If you resist in any way, we will force you to obey anyway, so it is your choice.” I weighed whether to try to get away but I was blocked in by the very muscular Bob and he would also have the help of Carla and Katie.

I did as he ordered and after I had knelt down I saw that my knees and ankles were almost touching two of the cross pipes. Bob got around behind me and tightly strapped my ankles together and to the pipe just above them. This raised my feet clear of the floor and now all my weight was resting only on my knees. The next thing that happened was Bob back around in front of me securing my legs just above the knees to another cross pipe. Bob then told me to extend my arms outward toward the sides of the motor coach. As I did so, I saw that there was another cross pipe at the exact height of my shoulders and arms. Bob said "A perfect fit. See, I measured the distance from your knees to your shoulders when you were bound to the bed last night, so I knew just how high to place that cross pipe for you." With that he began strapping my outstretched arms at several points to the pipes. When he had secured the last of six straps on each side, I could not move my arms or legs at all. Next he placed more straps around my waist and just below my breasts to a vertical pipe that ran up to the arm cross pipes. Now I couldn't move anything at all except my head and neck. "Let's get on with it" Bob said to Katie and Carla. "Katie, you stay back here with Marcie. Have a seat on one of the couches and relax. I'll drive and Carla will ride up front with me until we get there."

In a moment, the motor roared to life and Bob backed out of the driveway. I implored Katie to tell me what where we were going and why. She smiled sweetly at me and said, "Oh, you'll find out soon enough. Now I'm not saying another word until we get there." I sighed my frustration and felt my knees begin to hurt from the position I was in, even though the floor was heavily carpeted.

After about 20 minutes or so, I felt the coach turn sharply, come to a halt and the motor shut off. Katie finally told me where we were. "Marcie honey," she cooed,  “I know from going through your bondage locker at home where I found lots of magazines about bondage and also cross dressing, that you are not a homosexual. There were no gay magazines among your things. I did some research and found that only about 15 to 20 percent of transvestites or "cross dressers" if you prefer, are actually also homosexuals. Besides, you are much too good in bed with me when we have normal sex so I know that you are not gay. But you have hurt me deeply by concealing your habit of cross dressing, by doing it only when I was away from the house. If you had asked me about it earlier, I might have been acceptable to it. But now I want you to suffer humiliation and shame like I had to when I found out about your secret."

”We are now in the parking lot of a well known gay bar called the Lavender Lounge. From the looks of the parking lot, it is full of gay guys trying to score on each other. Bob is in there right now advertising to all the gays that there is a cross dressed transvestite out here that just loves to give blow jobs to one and all. He's telling them the more, the merrier. He is also handing out numbered tickets to anyone that wants a free cock sucking for as long as it takes to accommodate all comers. Oops, a little play on words there, eh Marcie?”

“To continue, I don't know how many guys will want to use you, but remember these guys are experts at long and protracted blow jobs with all their experience. We also decided to make sure that you will give them your very best performance. How are we going to do that? I'll show you, darling" With that, Katie reached into a cupboard for a power supply box that plugged into a wall socket nearby. Dangling from the box, were wires with attachments to be placed on his cock head and up his rectum. "First the anal plug goes in" she said as she stepped behind me. The plug was a solid metal bulb shaped cylinder with a large front diameter and a small base. She worked it into my anus slowly until the large bulb was trapped in place. With no lubrication, it certainly couldn't be expelled. Then she placed a metal capped device over the exposed head of my penis, which had been drawn up close to the rectum by the tie-wraps placed there yesterday. The metal cap had a plastic insulated cover on the outside so as not to short out, should it make contact with the anal probe. 

Connecting the two wires to the control box, Katie said "If you decide to be less than 100 percent cooperative with our plans for you, I have something to show you which will guarantee it." On the side of the control box was a large red button. A sign next to it said in bold letters "IF YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING ONE OF THE BEST BLOW JOBS YOU EVER HAD, PRESS THIS BUTTON AS OFTEN AS NEEDED." 

"Just to show you how it works Marcie, here is a sample jolt of electricity." She mashed the button and I leaped as far as my bonds would allow at the horrible shock. At the same time, my mouth flew wide open as the pain registered in my brain. "See there honey, it forces you to open your mouth fully when it is pushed. I think our customers are going to like that a lot!"

Katie got up and said, "Now if you will excuse me, I think I hear your first blow job on the way." At that she exited out the back and joined Carla in the front of the motor coach. Bob had also rigged a privacy curtain across and behind the drivers compartment. He also had hidden two small TV cameras in the back connected to large color monitors up front, so the women could watch the action to follow.

Just as Katie settled into the plush seat next to Carla the cameras showed a man dropping his pants and lowering his shorts in front of Marcie. The cameras also had sound pickups attached to them. "Take it all the way in, whore bitch, I have a full load for you to swallow." At that, the cameras, one mounted on each side of the motor coach, showed close-ups of a huge cock entering Marcie's wide open mouth. Marcie's head was held tightly by the guy as he shoved his cock so far in that Marcie had to take some of it down her throat as well. "This is great" exclaimed Carla "and Bob also has VCR's connected to both of the cameras. “Won't it be great to show to Marcie later. Honey, you can get anything you'll ever want from him by holding those tapes over his head from now on." 

As the first guy finished and pulled out, only a dribble of cum oozed out the side of Marcie's mouth. The guy had made her swallow almost all of it. The door opened and number two guy entered as the first one left. "You're all warmed up for me now honey by my buddy Sam there. I want you to suck the socks right off me. Now get to it." Another large cock came into view, not as long as the first one, but much thicker.

And so it went on and on. It seemed that Bob was content to stay in the bar and drink with the gays although he was not gay either. The women watched the monitor intently and were amazed at the different sizes and thicknesses of the penis's which were forced into Marcie's mouth, one after the other after the other. 

Two and a half hours passed before Bob came out and said the last gay guy was having his turn now. "How many were there in all?" Katie asked. 

"I passed out 36 numbers total" Bob said. 

"My God Katie, do you realize how much semen Marcie had to swallow?" Carla asked. 

"No, how would you figure that out?" 

"Well, just figuring that each guy had ejaculated at least one ounce of semen, which I think would be conservative, that adds up to 36 ounces or more than a quart of semen". 

"I guess she won't be hungry or thirsty for awhile", giggled Katie.

The rear door opened again and Marcie looked so forlorn that Katie felt almost sorry for her. But Marcie looked relieved that another blow job wasn't coming 
when she saw the trio who had entered. At last her awful ordeal would be over, she thought.

"What's next for her?" asked Katie. “We still want to go through with the second part of our plan, don't we?"

Carla and Bob nodded agreement. Katie looked straight at Marcie and said. “Bob has made your bondage rack so versatile and easy to change for different situations, guess what's in store for you next, sweetie?"

"Oh no, I've had enough. Please let me go now".

"Not yet" replied Carla. "Now we're going to drive to another gay bar, but this time you will be bound to the pipe rack with your ass facing the rear door. You'll be bent over the top cross pipe so that your asshole will be completely accessible at exactly 34" above the floor. You'll be bent over double and secured in that position. But at least you'll have your electric box things removed from you because you won't be able to offer any resistance to being butt fucked anyway. I wonder how many gays at the new bar will be horny for a nice sweet ass like yours by the time we get there in about 10 minutes. Want to bet that bar is full, too?" 

Just then, Bob put the transmission in gear and off they drove for Marcie's next punishment.

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