Transvestites Bondage Punishment

by Marylynn

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© Copyright 2003 - Marylynn - Used by permission

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This story now contains new parts 1, 3 & 4

Transvestites Bondage Punishment -  Part 1
by Marylynn
Transvestites Bondage Punishment  by Marylynn
Katie, my wife, left just minutes ago and I was already in my treasure chest of female clothes that I have had hidden from her for the six months since we were married. As I pulled out the two locked chests from the back of the closet, I opened both with the keys hidden in the recesses of my wallet. One locker contained my beautiful and sexy "Marcie's" clothes and the other held the self-bondage restraint items I would put on later after I was properly dressed as "Marcie".

First, I decided that since my wife Katie would be gone all afternoon shopping with her sister Carla, I would have lots of time to enjoy my dressing up. Then I would tie myself to the bed with several bondage items I had secreted in the second chest. I loved to struggle and pretend that I was being held captive as I was bound and couldn't resist whatever happened to me as I was tied tightly to the bed as Marcie.

First, I decided that before I put on any of my pretty feminine garments that I would bind my now hard erection so that I couldn't get soft, no matter how hard I tried to play with my penis after it was bound. So I grabbed a roll of 4-inch wide Ace elastic bandage and began wrapping it and stretching it around and around my hard-on. I wrapped from the base toward the cock head, gradually pulling the cock-head out further and further as I did so. The effect was to extend my penis to its maximum length as I wrapped and tightened the Ace bandage around it. This had the advantage of keeping the erection in place until the bandage was removed, without being able to cum in the meantime.

Finally I had the whole roll around it with only the cock head uncovered. It however, was enormous in size due to the constriction of the entire shaft as I wound it around and around. I pinned the end of the roll in place and reached for my long legged, very firm and boned girdle with the split crotch. I pulled it on and reaching through the opening in the crotch, I pulled my bound cock and balls free to protrude outside of the girdle. I noticed that the cock head was hard and getting a little purplish in colour from the tight constraint of the Ace bandage. Next, I took a pair of black nylons out of the locker and slipped them on. The cool black nylons caressing my legs felt wonderful. I fastened the tops to the six garters at the base of the girdle and looked in the full-length mirror I had placed in the closet to admire myself. My waist was much constricted in the firm boned garment. 

Next, I slipped into a long lined brassiere with back fastening hooks and eyes. In a few moments it was on and I then inserted my realistic size DD silicone bustpads in the cups of the bra. Looking at myself in the mirror now that my shape was very womanly (except for the huge erection) of course, I thought I looked very feminine as I squeezed my huge tits with both hands.

I dug in the clothes locker again and came up with black 5" high-heeled strap-on patent leather shoes. Sitting on the "bondage" locker, I slipped them on and buckled the ankle straps tightly. Standing in these 5" heels was difficult, but I took a few steps back and forth in the closet and admired them in the mirror. I felt so much like a woman in them that I hurried on with the next item, a pink taffeta slip which came to my thighs just low enough to cover my thoroughly bound cock.

Just at that moment, the closet door was flung open.

There stood my wife Katie and her sister Carla!

Part 2

I had been caught. My wife Katie and her sister Carla opened the closet door to find me there dressed in "Marcie's" lingerie, stockings and wearing my 5" high heeled shoes. Marcie is the name I call myself when dressed in my female clothes. I finally stuttered...

"But, you were going out for the whole afternoon. Why did you come back so soon?" 

Katie replied "I have known about your little secret for a long time. I first got suspicious of your cross dressing when I found my panties and bras were put back in my drawers differently than I had them arranged. And also I found that you have been using my worn panties to masterbate in and then putting them back in the clothes hamper. Your semen stains were on them, so I knew for sure how you had used them. Finally, I took the keys to your "hunting and fishing clothes" lockers from your pants when you were sleeping and found all of your hidden feminine things in one locker, and all of your bondage things in the other locker. I saw too that you have quite a collection of bondage and restraint catalogs addressed to a post office box you rented under the name of "Marcie". So you see, my dear husband, "Marcie" that I know all about you and have for a long time. The question was what to do about it, so I talked it over with my sister Carla here and decided that I could either divorce you or accept your cross dressing and bondage out in the open". 

"Lucky for you, I decided against the divorce, but Carla and I decided we could also have some fun out of it for ourselves."

While Katie was telling me this astonishing news, Carla rummaged through my bondage locker and retrieved several things and threw them on the bed. 
"Now come out of there and turn around with your arms behind you" Carla commanded. It was difficult to walk in my 5" high heels, but I managed to mince into the bedroom and put my hands behind my back. As soon as I had done so, Katie held my arms close together while Carla handcuffed me. The rock hard erection I had forced myself into using the Ace bandage caused the taffeta slip I was wearing to protrude outward several inches.

Katie noticed and lifted the hem of the slip. "My, my, look what we have here, Carla". My exposed cock head had turned a reddish-purple from the tight constriction of the bandage and I wanted to relieve myself of the pent up cum stored in my balls, but there was no way I could. Droplets of pre-cum glistened on the head. Katie flicked her fingernails against it several times and pain shot through me as the droplets scattered off of it.. "Let's leave him… Oops, "her" like that for now", Carla said as she began tying my elbows close together in back of me. 

"What are you doing" I asked her. She stepped in front of me holding a ball gag. "Now open your mouth or I'm really going to give that cock of yours some torture".
I did so and she forced the large red ball into my wide open mouth as Katie buckled it on tightly from behind.

Now lets get "Marcie" to your house. "You pull the car in the garage, Carla so the neighbors won't see us while I put this ball harness and leash on him." 
In an instant, she had the ball harness strapped around my scrotum and pulled on the leash, dragging me from the bedroom, down the stairs and through the kitchen to the garage. Carla held the car door open as Katie pushed me in and had me lie on the floor of the backseat while Carla quickly roped my ankles together and hog tied my wrist handcuffs to my ankles with a short length of rope. I was forced to lie on my stomach with my aching cock under me and my balls hurting from the tight harness around them. Now that I was helplessly confined inside the car, a blanket was thrown over me and the car began backing out of the garage. Why were they taking me to Carla's house, I wondered, but in an instant the girls in the front seat informed me of their plans for me.

"My dear Marcie, we are taking you to Carla and Bob's house for some fun. We let Bob, Carla's husband in on your little secret, too. He liked the idea of having a whorish slut like you to have some good times with, if you get my drift. In fact, he has equipped their basement with all kinds of bondage equipment and devices to restrain you while we all have a good time with our little "sissy-girl" every weekend from now on. We used your bondage and restraint catalogs to order lots of new toys to try out on you. We also ordered leather corsets and lots of other leather and latex rubber items for your discomfort and our enjoyment. So just lie there and enjoy the rest of the ride".

After about 10 minutes, the car slowed and turned into a driveway. I could tell because I could hear a garage door being operated electrically. The door then closed and the blanket was pulled off of me. Standing on one side of the car was Bob; completely naked except for a pair of latex rubber briefs with a built-in sheath for his cock and balls. Both girls went inside as Bob untied my hog tie and ankle ropes. He left my arms pinned behind me and cuffed though, as I crawled out of the back seat and he stood me up. I am 5 foot-seven and he towered over me by a good six inches and was very muscular. 
"So, sweetie" he said as he looked me over from my blond wig to my shiny patent high heels, "I hear that you like being a woman, but you sure dress like a slutty whore. Come with me, my little prostitute." Bob lifted my short slip and grabbed me by my bound cock shaft and pulled me along behind him, in through a door and down a flight of steps to their basement.

I couldn't believe my eyes. All sorts of bondage racks, spanking benches, suspension harnesses, crosses, bondage tables, kneeling benches, winches and eyebolts were installed in a large, well lighted area of the basement. The walls were lined with hooks that held all sorts of whips, riding crops, paddles, leather restraints, bondage hoods and other gear. There were drawers in benches, which I suspected held even more of these kinds of things. There was also an area equipped with a restraint table, a sink and lots of enema bottles, rubber tubes, nozzles and long rubber gloves. Just then, Katie and Carla came down the steps sipping glasses of wine in their hands. They were dressed in bizarre and exotic outfits.

Katie was wearing a leather bra with holes for her large tits to protrude through, knee high laced leather boots and an hourglass leather corset which accentuated her beautiful, curvy body even more. Her jet black hair was tied back in a severe pony tail and she had donned long black tights under her boots and corset. Her long silver earrings glistened in the fluorescent lights. On her arms she had on armlength black satin gloves to complete her outfit. Carla was wearing a skintight, red latex catsuit which fully covered her body. She was wearing white high heeled pumps and had on armlength white latex gloves; even though the catsuit already had long sleeves. I figured she must like the tight fitting latex feeling very much since she also had on a latex hood which completely covered her head except for eye, nose and mouth holes. Her auburn hair couldn't be seen under her hood.

Bob said, "Let's get started" as he led me to an open area of the room which had a set of adjustable ankle spreader bars bolted to the floor. He spread them about 3 feet apart and fastened the leather restraints around each ankle and buckled them closed. He lifted my slip again and took off the ball harness and unwrapped the Ace bandage from around my cock shaft. As the blood returned to the long confined organ, I felt like I was on the verge of an orgasm, but Bob quickly placed an electric shock unit on my penis and balls. Testing it, he set the control at medium and pushed the ON button. A series of three painful shocks shot from my testicles to the head of my penis and then reversed direction and shocks were sent from the head of my penis back through my captive balls. I moaned into the ball gag again and again, trying to form the word STOP. Any further thoughts of having an orgasm ended as the pain in my crotch was awful. All I could manage were muffled noises through the ball gag. The series of shocks finally ended as Bob said "Until your wife Katie says you can cum Marcie, I will start the shock machine up again to keep you from even thinking about getting a hard-on". What had I gotten myself into? I liked some self bondage while dressed as Marcie, but I could release myself when the ice cube timer dropped the keys and I could then free myself after an hour or so.

Katie and Carla then removed my elbow ropes and handcuffs while Bob brought over an armbinder made of heavy leather. It was designed so that both arms were inserted into a single long glove ending in a mitt for both hands, completely encasing my arms and hands as it was laced up in back. The laces were drawn tighter and tighter until my elbows nearly touched. Then three leather straps were cinched up and further bound my wrists, elbows and upper arms, while two more straps went around under my arms and over my shoulders to buckle back at the top of the armbinder. I was completely helpless with my feet spread out and my arms locked behind me. Bob then removed the ball gag the girls had put on me earlier at our house and replaced it with a type I had never seen nor heard of.  It also fastened around the mouth and neck, but this gag had an opening in front that held a hard rubber round and short shaft that went into the mouth. This shaft was hollow and forced the mouth to remain wide open, once the gag was buckled in place and locked. 

I opened my mouth wide at Bob's command to do so, under the threat of resuming the electric shocks on my penis and balls; something I definitely did not want to endure again. He put the "0" gag on me and my mouth was now firmly held in the wide open position. It looked to me as if the diameter of the hole in the center of the gag was about one and a half inches. Before I knew what was happening, I felt my arms being pulled up in the air behind me. Carla had attached a winch rope which passed through an overhead pulley to a steel ring attached to the end of my armbinder. As Katie winched up the rope, my arms were drawn up more and more toward the ceiling. This forced me to bend over at the waist more and more to keep my bound arms from being dislodged at the shoulders. When I was bent over to the point that my head was at the same level as my hips, Katie locked the winch in position to hold me there. My arms and hands were now pointed upward to the ceiling. Any attempt to lower them caused even more pain in my shoulder joints, so I could not move them.

Katie then came around in front of me and lifted my head up to look at me. While she told me what she was going to do next, Carla buckled a blindfold around my head and secured it. In the back of the blindfold was a steel ring, and she ran a long leather strap through it and then passed the end of the strap through the steel ring on my armbinder mitt. As she drew up the strap and buckled it in place, my head was now held at a 90 degree angle to by torso. It was extremely hard to maintain this awkward position, but anything I tried to do to ease the strain on my body only made it worse. I was totally immobilized and at the mercy of Bob, his wife Carla and my wife, Katie.

I felt my ass cheeks being spread and someone was inserting something into my rectum. Katie purred, "Don't move too much, my slut Marcie, I am just lubing you up with some KY Jelly in that tight pussy of yours. You want to be a woman? Okay, well I am going to show you how it feels to get fucked like a woman, to see how much you like it. Remember all the times I had to do it for you when I wasn't in the mood for it, but you were. Well, this is payback time, sweetie".
I felt the cool KY jelly shoot up my anus and then she pushed her finger in to make sure I was well greased up. Then I felt a pressure against my anus hole as something rounded but wide was slowly being forced into my ass.

Katie told me to just enjoy it because she was finally getting a chance to be the "fucker" rather than the "fuckee". She had put on a leather harness, equipped with a large, hard rubber dildo. It was fastened by a strap around her waist and another that went through her crotch and then fastened to the waist strap in the back. I felt my ass hole widening as she pushed forward to get the head of the 8" long penis in. It hurt, and I moaned as much as I could through my gag.
"Here comes the head in" she laughed. I felt as if my ass would split, but she just pushed on. Suddenly I felt the slightly smaller diameter of the dildo shaft entering me and I realized that she had succeeded in getting the cockhead inside of my ass canal. "Here it comes, slut-whore. Hope you feel like a good fuck, honey, because that is just what you're going to get from me.” She slid the shaft all the way in and began pumping me. In and out, in and out at a faster and faster pace. Just then, I felt flesh against my tongue. What was going on? 

Bob said "Okay, she's got your back door occupied, but I've got something for this end, too". Bob had removed the latex briefs he had worn earlier and was now totally naked. His huge cock was rock hard and he knew he was going to enjoy a good blow job while Katie fucked his ass. He slid his huge cockhead in through the "0" gag which was holding my mouth wide open for his forced penetration. I felt my whole mouth fill up as he slid his cock along my tongue, up against the roof of my mouth and into my throat. I had to keep from gagging as he pummelled against my chin with his huge ball sack by breathing rapidly through my nose.

"Suck it, whore" he commanded "or I turn on the shocker again for you. Do you want that"? No, No, I thought as he rammed his huge thick cock down into my throat. I began sucking him as hard as I could manage without gagging. Katie worked her hips behind me, ramming her huge dildo in and out of my ass canal. Just then Carla grabbed the control unit for the shocker and switched it back on, then she turned the intensity knob up to maximum power. My cock and balls went into spasms as the electricity surged through them. I felt faint and was sure I was going to pass out. Suddenly, the electric shocks stopped. I hung helplessly in my bondage as both he and Katie pulled out of me. Then Katie said to Bob, "Okay, I've got his tight little asshole warmed up for you. Come back here and let's see how our new whore likes a real cock shooting a big load of cum into her virgin pussy!

Part 3

Bob’s huge cock ramming into my ass as Carla sent electric shocks through my balls and cock with her torture device finally ended as Bob finally came to a climax. Bob shot huge loads of cum up my anal canal and I could feel his cock expand even more inside me as his jism erupted from his balls into me. Carla shut off the electric current device connected to my own cock and balls as Bob withdrew from me. Carla and Katie, my wife, both laughed as Carla noted. "Well, he's not a virgin any more after the fucking you and Katie just gave him. I'll bet "Marcies' little ass-cunt feels really sore from the dildo and Bob's cock working him over". I could only moan weakly as I felt tears run down my cheeks from under the blindfold. I was totally exhausted from the ordeal, which began a scant few hours ago when Katie and Carla surprised me in my closet dressing in my feminine things I had hidden there.

Carla said "Katie, since he wants to be a female so badly, let's fix him so he has to sit down to pee like we do". 

"How do we do that"? asked Katie. 

"Just take off those electric clips we put on his cock and balls. While he is still bent over and helpless in his bondage, I'll show you". I couldn't imagine what they had in mind as I hung there with my bound arms strapped up to the ceiling behind me, and my legs far apart in the floor-mounted leg spreader bars.

Carla searched in a drawer to find what she was looking for. "Aha, here they are". She produced three plastic tie-wraps about 12" long and a quarter-inch wide. "Now, remove that Ace bandage from his cock that he put on himself at your house, Katie". She slowly unwrapped my cock, noting that the cock-head had turned purple with engorged blood being trapped in it for so long. As the last few wraps came undone, I gasped with pain. The bandage had been on so long that as the blood rushed from my cock-head so fast, it was intensely painful. Carla told Katie, "Put one of the three tie-wraps on his cock just behind the cock-head and leave it snug but not fully tight yet. Then put the second one snugly around the base of his balls, pulling them down first, to get it up as high as you can".

"Fine" Carla said. "Now pull his cock down through his balls to split them apart, while I slip in this third tie-wrap to connect the other two together".
Once she had the ends of the last tie-wrap connected, Carla pulled my cock down through the crease between my testicles and fully tightened up the one around my cock head and the one around the base of my balls. Then she proceeded to also pull the third one tight, pulling my cockhead right up against my asshole. She again pulled all three ends as tight as she could and then snipped off the loose ends with a pair of wire cutters. "There" she laughed, "now he will have to sit on a toilet and pee like a woman, just like we do. Katie. He won't be able to remove them himself without mutilating himself either, because he can't see where to cut them. Actually, the safest way to remove them is to carefully melt the plastic with a soldering iron, but he sure wouldn't want to try that by himself". Katie roared with laughter at Marcies new predicament and gushed, "You have such great ideas-what should we do next"?

"Go release him, Bob and Katie, while I get his next punishment ready at the enema table". As my blindfold, O-gag, armbinder and leg spreader restraints were finally taken off me, I could barely straighten up. As they helped me to the enema table where Carla was making unseen preparations, I hobbled as best I could in my towering 5" heels. What was strange to me was the new sensation between my legs from the way Carla had bound my cock and balls in the tie-wraps. Katie noticed the way that my hips had to sway outward as I teetered in my heels and remarked to Carla "Oh look, "she" has to walk just like a woman by swivelling her hips with every step because of the way her genitals are now completely between her legs, like ours."

"Welcome to a women's world, Marcie", Carla snickered.

I was made to lie face down on the enema table as the three of them quickly buckled restraints around my wrists, ankles, knees, thighs, waist and neck with thick leather straps. My pink taffeta slip was pulled up above my waist and my girdle was pulled down to expose my buttocks completely. Katie laughed as she saw my cock head, now firmly secured between my testicles, with the head nearly touching my anus. "How does it feel to have a nice "pussy" between your legs, honey?" Before I could utter a protest, Bob and Carla had a pump-up gag in my mouth and buckled it on tightly behind my head. The gag was pumped up until my cheeks looked liked a squirrel with a mouthful of nuts. I could only "Ooomph" into the gag. Nothing intelligible came out. 

Suddenly I felt pressure in my anus as something was inserted there and was also being pumped up with air. Carla said "We're inserting a Bardex enema tube in you, Marcie. It is a nozzle device for an enema, which seals one air bladder just inside your anus and another just outside it to completely seal your asshole so that liquids cannot leak out. Nothing you can do, no matter how hard you try, will let any fluids escape until we deflate the two air balloons." Just then, I felt a gush of something flood into me. It was neither hot nor cold, just room temperature, or so I thought. Katie said "We are giving you a high-ball, my dear. Actually, we have a magnum of bubbly champagne mixed with a quart of fizzy soda in your enema bag. We were careful not to cause any mixing action yet, because when it is all injected into your colon, we are going to release you and have you dance for us. As you do, the bubbles from the champagne and soda will mix and fizz up inside you, causing you very intense cramps.....much like a woman in labor!" 

"Well, we know you want to be just like a woman", Carla laughed, "So we want you to know what labor pains are like, too".

The two quarts being injected into me felt like two gallons. Finally, the overhead bag holding the liquids was empty. I was released from my bondage, but the Bardex nozzle was clamped shut to retain the air balloons in place. My heavily boned girdle was then pulled back up in place to my waist, causing me further discomfort from the swelling in my stomach. I felt a sudden wrenching in my gut and tried to expel some fluids for relief. Nothing escaped from the Bardex sealing my anus tightly closed. I was then stood up and told to dance for them. My wife, Katie, was holding a riding crop in her right hand. When I didn't obey her command to dance, she hit me across the buttocks with it three times. I slowly began to dance up and down. As I did so, she yelled "Faster, Marcie, or you'll get more and harder swats from me." I could feel the bubbles fizzing and expanding as my insides begin to really swell up from the sudden increase in my dancing tempo. I danced for almost three more minutes before the girls decided I had finally had enough "labor pains" from my enema. My insides felt ready to explode, but nothing I could do relieved the terrible cramping.

I was finally allowed to slide down my girdle with my stockings still attached to the garters and led to a toilet. The clamps were removed from the air balloons and the Bardex nozzle shot out of me, just as I managed to get down onto the toilet seat.

Carla and Katie were talking to Bob as I was evacuating my horrible enema into the toilet. I could not hear what they said, but I could see all three grinning and pointing to the many varied punishment devices in Bob and Carla's basement torture chamber. Finally, the group broke up and Katie walked over to me. I was still flushing the fluids from my rectum in loud squirts. "Well, Marcie, my dear husband, we have lots and lots of ideas try out on you tomorrow. I'm really enjoying you being a transvestite "female" for us to have more fun with. I bet you can't wait to see what we're going to do to you tomorrow, sweetie."

Part 4

After finally expelling the remainder of the horrible champagne and soda enema I had been forced to take into my colon, Katie ordered me to strip completely and take a shower in an upstairs bathroom. However, she warned me not to try to remove the plastic tie-wraps binding my penis up and between my separated balls. "Those stay on you permanently, Marcie, as a constant reminder that you have to sit down to pee from now on, just like we women have to." Carla chuckled and added "Also, you won't be able to ever get an erection or be able to cum with your penis bound up between your legs like that. Those tie-wraps on you are in reality a cheap but effective chastity belt."

After I had stripped and showered, Carla led me into an adjacent bedroom in their house. The only furniture in the room was a dresser and a strange looking wooden bed with lots of eyebolts and lots of heavy black leather restraining straps attached to it. The bed was normal length, but that's where the similarities stopped. The bed was only three feet wide and had a solid wood bedframe instead of a mattress, which held all the various eyebolts and straps in place. There was a raised mattress in the center of the frame, which had been formed in the shape of a female lying on her back. It was covered in black leather and had a small raised section for the head to rest on. The thickness of the mattress was only about 2 inches and did not look to be at all comfortable to lie on.

Carla said "Now we'll prepare you for the night Marcie, where you can contemplate what we might have planned for you tomorrow." She opened a drawer and removed several items, placing them on the dresser top until she had all the things she needed. "First, put on this pair of adult diapers, so you won't foul our bondage bed in case you have to go during the night". As I drew them up my legs, I saw they were formed like a pair of boxer shorts but had a lot of thick padding covered by a covering of white plastic material. The waist and the leg holes had elastic bindings which closed tightly against my skin to prevent leakage, and there was a small hole in the rear through which an inflatable dildo was attached on the inside and was connected to a piece of rubber tubing protruding out through the small hole.

Katie lubed the rubber dildo up with Vicks Vaporub to make it especially painful. Then she pushed it all the way inside my rectum before pulling the waistband up into place. I could feel the dildo burning inside me. It was also being pumped up by a rubber syringe that Carla attached to the end of the tubing. After a dozen pumps of the syringe, she clamped off the end of the tubing and removed the syringe. "Now go and lie face up on the bed there so we can finish you up" I waddled to the bed, my legs being forced apart by the way my genitals had been securely fastened.

I got to the strange looking bed and laid on my back as instructed. Carla then rolled a pair of heavy black latex stockings up my legs. Next she laced a pair of thigh length boots on over them. The 6" heels forced my feet into an unnatural arch as she laced them on and tied them off. She fastened some of the straps anchored to the wooden platform of the bed around my ankles, knees and thighs. "Now sit up so I can lace this leather corset on you." The corset was very long and was back laced with severe looking steel stays sewn into it. The corset reached from the top of my thighs to just under my armpits and had breast cups with snap openings sewn on them as well. It took several minutes to be laced up and the women had to temporarily remove some of my leg straps to lace up the bottom end. Finally it was on me and I was ordered to lie back, so all the other straps could be secured over my body. "Look", said Katie, "how nicely his body conforms to the hourglass shape of the mattress he's bound to." My arms had been placed at my sides and were strapped tightly in place after Carla put on a pair of black rubber latex gloves reaching to my armpits. I began to perspire heavily inside the leather and rubber garments, but there was nothing I could do about it.

"What should we do about giving him some breasts to fill those empty cups on the corset?" asked Katie. "I have something here for her", Carla remarked as she produced a pair of nipple clamps made of steel with biting teeth that would not cut through the nipples, but were very painful and could not be shaken off, no matter what. She unsnapped the bra cup openings and I begged her to not put them on me as I saw how menacing these clamps looked. "Guess we'll have to gag her now, Katie before we clamp these on her titties". A leather hood was slipped over my head and I felt something hard and rubbery around my mouth.

Just then, Carla clamped one of the wicked clamps on my right nipple and I let out a scream. As I did so, the hard rubber penis shaped gag was forced into my open mouth. Soon the bondage hood was laced into place down the back of my head and locked on with a heavy leather collar. There were no openings in it except a pair of small nose holes for breathing. My head was then pushed down and additional leather straps were buckled in place over my mouth, neck and head. Just then, the other tit clamp was snapped on to my left nipple. I tried to plead and beg Katie and Carla to release them, but only muffled groans could be heard through the confining heavy leather hood. Katie said to Carla, "I know he can't hear us now, but let's put some silicone breast pads on top of those clamps before we button them up. "Great idea." Carla went back to the dresser and produced a pair of large realistic looking silicone breasts. She pushed them into the cup openings, forcing the nipple clamps tighter against my chest, hurting me all the more.

Katie bent down and said in a loud voice so that I could hear her through the thick leather hood. "There you are, sweetie. All tucked in. If I didn't know that you were actually my husband, I would swear that you were a beautiful goddess with that wonderful figure we've given you. Good night, Marcie."

Katie and Carla switched off the bedroom light and closed the door, leaving me alone to wonder what punishments were in store for tomorrow.

            (To be continued in Part 5)

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