The Toy Store 5: The Girls play in the Nursery

by Cropsncuffs

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Storycodes: F+/ff; bfold; cuffs; bond; suit; gag; frame; objectify; tease; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

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continued from part 4 Part 5: The Girls play in the Nursery

I can feel myself smiling as I feel Arianna gently slipping my clothes off my body. I stand fully 5ft 9 inches tall and I have the figure to match. Toned, shapely, magnificent with a generous chest, tiny waist and rounded hips that make women thoughtful and men breathless. Tiny little Arianna must be having to stretch up tall to undo all the buttons and catches. It’s a shame I cannot see her body stretching about me as she is a delightful little thing with long blonde hair that falls all the way to her trim little waist.

Why can’t I see her lovely little form ? Why because she has slipped a light but through blindfold over my big green eyes and I have been sternly told I am not to remove it until she is finished.

You see, she has purchased some time at the Adult Toy shop and now she is getting me ready for my surprise. I feel myself smiling again as I hear her breathing quicken as she slips off my blouse and she pauses to look at my glorious 44DD breasts. I breath in deeply, press back my shoulders and I feel fingertips caress their softness lovingly before moving swiftly on.

I hear other footsteps in the room as I stand straight, tall and naked before her and I hear something dropped on the floor. It sounds like a tarpaulin but I am sure it cannot be.

I can hear Arianna moving the pile about, arranging it on the floor I guess. I flinch as I hear metal grating against metal and not for the first time I wonder what she has in mind for me. After the wild ride of the Adult Toyshop chair I have caught her looking at me thoughtfully on more than one occasion and I guess I am about to find out what she has in mind for me.

I feel her hand about my ankle, lifting my foot gently off the floor, guiding my toes into a shoe. I feel the shaped innards of the shoe forcing my toes into a point as if I were wearing high heels and then a pliable material is being wrapped about my calves.

I sway on my toes for a moment before my second foot is swiftly shoed and soon I am standing even taller on my tiptoes, swaying very gently for balance as it feels as if I now stand over 6 feet tall.

I can feel her rolling the costume up my legs, tugging it over my thighs before smoothing it sensuously about my rounded buttocks in a way only your lover knows how to do right. I am smiling again and I can hear myself purring gently as the warm material clings to my flesh like a second skin.

I can sense her moving in front of me and she takes my hand in hers. There is a fleeting caress of her finger on my palm, then she is folding over my fingers before offering them up to the neck of a firm glove. The elastic stretches, then my hand pops inside a tight pouch that keeps my fingers curled and as my second hand follows the first into a second glove of tightly rolled captivity I realise that I am now helpless in Arianna’s hands. With no hands or fingers I will be quite unable to extricate myself from whatever fate she has in mind for me. And deep down I shiver at the thought. Part in fear, and part utterly turned on at the thought.

As I feel the rest of the costume closing about my body my hands feel suddenly heavy. I shift my feel and they feel heavy too and I wonder that strange fate Arianna has planned for me.

A fastening runs the length of my back and I gasp as the fabric pulls tight about my body and squeezes me delectably from every angle. Then the blindfold slips away and Arianna’s sparking hazel eyes are staring up at me from either side of that cute little upturned nose of hers.

I look down at my body and see the skintight suit that encloses every inch of my flesh is covered in a short fur that perfectly matches my own shoulder length auburn hair. My eyes travel down my arms and where my hands used to be are hooves, my human hands curled up inside them, helpless and hidden until Arianna chooses to restore them to me. As I turn them around in front of me, my eyes only half-believing what they see I realise why my hands suddenly feel to heavy. On the ends of the hooves are gleaming steel horseshoes. I bring them gently together and they give a metallic ring just like a real horses hooves. A ring that makes me shiver with delight.

I look down my shapely, tightly sheathed body, shifting my weight as I swing forward a leg to reveal just what I had been expecting. The ends of my long legs have also been turned into horses hooves my pointed toes held prisoner within. Only my head remains of the human being I came in as.

I look back to Arianna and I heard my sharp intake of breath. She was holding the final part of my captivity in her hands. It is a realistic equine head covered with the same auburn fur as my bodysuit, and where my eyes should appear are realistic dark lenses that will hide my bright green eyes from the world.

“I want you to ask for it Victoria” she said softly “Ask me to complete your submission”

She lifted the head closer to me and I felt myself swallow. It was the sort of head that you could only submit to in an act of absolute faith in your captor. It was a head you could never get off on your own, and part of you would always be in fear of it never being removed.

“Please” I heard my self saying breathlessly “Complete my costume. Complete my submission to you”

Arianna was smiling as she mounted a block at my side that raised her up so she could reach my head. She twisted the head and turned the gaping darkness of the neck towards me. Unreasoning panic suddenly took a grip on me and I tried to take an impromptu step away as it loomed large before me. But Arianna was quicker and for a fleeting moment I felt the neck pressing against the top of my head, then it expanded and swiftly swallowed what remained of my humanity whole.

I tried to pull away from that terrible moment but as quickly as I tried I felt the material closing tighter and tighter about my head. I could taste steel on my tongue and I uttered a muffled curse as I realised the cunning head included a metal bit that now slipped between my lips and completed my utter subjugation.

I raised my head and found myself looking along an equine muzzle with a smiling Arianna standing in front of me. There was a rein in her hand and as she gave it a tug I found it attached to my bit and I could but stumble after her under her utter control. Her tight little arse swayed wonderfully as she walked in front of me, tugging smartly at my reins as I struggled in the heavy hooves and teetering tiptoe poise that the costume forced upon me.

Struggling with my suddenly monocular vision I found myself in an adjoining room filled with toys and nursery furniture. What little I could make out from within my equestrian prison told me all I needed to know about the Adult Toy shop nursery. There were barely concealed leather straps on many of the structures, and other costumes lay scattered about awaiting their not necessarily willing occupants.

As my footsteps moved onto the wooden floor the steel shoes on my hooves clattered in a disturbingly realistic fashion and for a fleeting moment it sounded if there was a real horse moving across the floor.

I came to a halt facing a bizarre frame standing on the floor, with long curved runners at it’s base and a strange frame at it’s centre.

Fighting with my unaccustomed restricted vision I was caught unawares as someone give me a shove from behind and I toppled forwards off my teetering heels. As I gave a terrifyingly equine whinny from behind my bit the frame caught me as I fell and I felt deft fingers dancing about me, pulling straps and buckles tight until I was unable to move, my arms and legs pinned outstretched.

I tied to rise but I found myself helplessly fastened and as I raised my head I saw what had become of me. A number of mirrors had been thoughtfully provided to show me my fate.

Where once I had been a tall, leggy young woman now I was a lovingly prepared rocking horse. My thoroughly tied limbs stretched forward and back and the terrifyingly accurate looking head took away what little humanity I had retained.

Arianna strolled back into my vision and lovingly ran her hand along my back, and I purred despite myself. Her palm curved around my haunches and gave them a firm pat that made my whole body shiver. The squeal I let out as two fingers dived through an unexpected split in the rear of my costume made her laugh. Then she gave me a shove and suddenly I was rocking wildly back and forth as she caressed me, stroked me, even taking a rough rubber curry comb in her hand and working every inch of my flesh beneath that tight costume until I was almost howling through the gag for a more intimate caress.

Out of my sight I heard a commotion, and although the rocking motion continued the delightfully rough caresses fled leaving me frustrated and awaiting the next phase of Arianna’s wicked plans.

Imagine my surprise when I hauled my head up again to see a new nursery toy sitting before me. An oversize teddy bear with long fair fur and thick padding about it, and it was a long moment before I spotted a pair of terrified hazel eyes staring back at me from behind it’s furry muzzle. Her long blonde hair emerged from the costume and lay down alongside her in two long waterfalls, and where her arms and legs had been folded back there now remained only padded stumpy limbs. Things had not gone as Arianna had planned and now she was part of her wicked scenario.

I was brought back to reality as I felt something land astride my back. I whipped my head round to see a tiny Asian on my back in full riding kit, and she rocked me hard back and forth while hauling the reins. I snorted in a worryingly horse-like manner before my tiny rider slashed a riding crop across my unprotected arse and crouched over as if riding me for real.

My whole world become one long rise and fall as she rode me for all she was worth. Two other tiny shop girls crouched down beside my lover and I felt a surge of jealousy as I watched them caressing her, stroking her, grooming her lovely long hair and treating her as the nursery toy she too had become.

Roof, Arianna, floor, Arianna, roof, Arianna, floor, that became my world as I was ridden. I heard a thinly muzzled gasp as I watched those tiny figures slip fingers through concealed slits in Arianna’s costume to tease out two willingly erect nipples, and by the time she was back in my vision again she was whimpering as I watched them caressing them with the very ends of her magnificent ponytails in a most intimate and teasing manner.

I felt my rider dismount as the sounds of Arianna’s arousal carried through my mask and moments later I felt hands on my haunches. Twisting my head to look in the mirrors I saw my rider sporting a mighty strap-on. I whinnied, part in frustration and part in fear as I felt the head touch the split at the rear of my costume.

With a hard shove she sent me rocking forwards as she lent back. Then as I rocked back she lent forwards and I was penetrated deep and hard and I let out a howl of fulfilment as her thighs smacked my arse and she gave another shove. Again I rocked forwards with the terrible certainty that as I rocked back that plastic intruder would be waiting to plunge into my womanhood again. And again and again until I was forced to yield in to inevitable release of my passions.

Dragging my eyes back to Arianna I watched as the Asian shop girls gave her a playful shove and she fell on her back on a thrashing mass of desperately waving arms and squealing protests. They were laughing as they fell on her. Three of them now, I watched from my swaying, sexual perch as one playfully spread her thrashing legs and I caught sight of a flash of pink flesh as my rocking carried me out of her view, and as I swung back down again and I felt my rider plunge into me again I saw one asian with her mouth buried between her legs while the other two had taken a nipple apiece in their tiny little mouths and were licking, nipping and sucking for all they were worth.

Again she vanished from my view and all I could see was ceiling, then as my eyes swept past her I could hear her thoroughly gagged squeals of delight as those tiny tongues went about their evil work, then I gave out a bitted whinny as I was thrust into again. I felt a palm slap my haunches as the rhythm slackened, then take a firm grip on my glorious arse as she slowly but surely took her own pleasure of me while all the time my ears were filled with the sounds of Arianna having wild pleasure forced upon her.

Then all was silent and still. All I could hear was the panting of spent bodies, and as I raised my equine head and looked along my muzzle I could see Arianna curled up with her tormentors. Slowly I became aware of the shop girl who had ridden me to orgasm with such wild delight was roughly grooming me with a harsh brush that made my flesh glow and my heart sing. Then she bent down and spoke softly into my ear.

“Good little rocking pony. You make morning shift very happy. Give them good break. Afternoon shift coming soon, you be good to them too yes ? Otherwise we may have to punish next time you come here”

Afternoon shift ?

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