The Toy Store 4: Sitting in the Chair

by Cropsncuffs

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continued from part three Part 4: Sitting in the Chair

I love it when they realise everything is not quite what they expected. When they realise that they may have gone just a little too far in their requests and that control has slipped just that little bit too far out of their grasp. For Victoria and Arianna it happened when their bodies touched.

My girls had deftly slipped cuffs about their wrists while they had stood breathlessly apprehensive, delightful little Goosebumps pimpling their exposed flesh as unseen hands pulled buckles tight. Their eyes currently hidden behind blindfolds, the girls had placed very specific requests with the Adult Toystore and now we were going to make their dreams come true. Well, our interpretation of their dreams of course. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for as your wishes may come true.

The cuffs that now enclosed their wrists dangled from chains that hung from the ceiling. Once fastened their arms were raised above the level of their shoulders and they stood slightly apart as they awaited their ‘fate’.

I gestured to one of my little helpers and in the darkness above a motor hummed into life. I watched Victoria cock her ear to listen, but Arianna stared resolutely ahead. Both gasped as they felt the slack in the chains being swiftly taken up and their wrists being hauled upwards.

Victoria started to look desperately about, despite her blindfold her head flicked left and right.

As the chains vanished upwards ever upwards they were both forced to take an involuntary pace forwards, then another until they both let out a soft yelp as their bodies met unexpectedly.

Two pairs of soft breasts met and warmly caressed each other. Then as another pace was forced upon them their bodies met along their full length and this time Arianna pressed herself urgently forwards, caressing Victoria’s body with hers in a passionate movement that made her partner gasp. I watched Victoria’s head dip forwards as she buried her face in Arianna’s hair and heard her sigh gently.

One of my girls darted forwards and delivered a swift blow across Victoria’s arse with a wicked little riding crop. She jumped at the shock of impact, and the movement passed though her and onto Arianna who gave a gasp as the shock struck her body through her partners flesh.. Victoria’s head pulled away from her partners hair and as she let out a sigh Arianna’s mouth found hers and kissed passionately.

The sudden crack of a whip across Arianna’s tight arse made both their bodies jerk in tandem but their mouths remained tightly joined.

Slowly but surely the chains wound themselves upward ever upwards until the girls stood on their tiptoes, their bodies pressed tightly and helplessly against each other. One of my girls delivered a final savage slash of her whip to each tightly drawn arse before their feet left the ground and their mouths finally parted to let out a wail as their arms took the full weight of the bodies.

Their weight pressed them together tightly and I watched as both blindfolded faces found the neck of their partner and rested there as gravity took them into it’s bondage and squeezed them ever closer together as they hung there, limb pressed tight against limb, breast roughly caressing breast. I watched as nipples rose prominently as two lesbian bodies revelled in the proximity of kindred spirits and a warm body.

Up and up they went, their bodies pressed tightly together, then as swiftly as it began their bodies began to descend again.

No sooner had their feet left the ground then a cunning new piece of technology was slipped beneath them and now their descent towards it began. The Chair, our latest development for the discerning connoisseur of mechanised torment, and one which our lovely guests were going to be the first to ride.

Half-moon in shape it has 2 seats, one of each arm of the upturned moon. Well, more saddles than seats, and each with a number of terrible features mirrored in the other. A seat for two to ride together.

Their feet touched the machine and before they could attempt any balancing deft hands moved their feet so they descended either side of the seat. No sooner had they descended too far to pull their legs back up then they were doomed to the torments of the chair in all it’s perverted glory.

You see each saddle a special feature. A big, upturned feature in the form of a thick, leather covered phallus that stood proud of the soft leather covered curves of the saddle. The black leather cover of the phallus had been deliberately left rough with thick welts and upraised stitching running across it’s realistically rounded head and along the length of the broad shaft.

Victoria’s shaved womanhood was the first to meet the tip of the mighty phallus and she gave out a sharp yelp. Arianna’s head snapped round at the sound, then gave a yelp of her own as her own monster appeared at the womanly gate between her thighs.

Two sets of thighs clamped tightly to the padded sides of the seat while the chains grew slack, then stopped, their arms still raised beyond any hope of offering them help for escape.

I watched with a sadistic pleasure as the muscles in their legs started to shiver, then shudder as they fought valiantly to keep their increasingly heavy feeling bodies from the inevitable. Victoria looked the fitter of the duo, but it was her limbs that lost the fight with gravity first.

She pleaded as her legs trembled, their muscles pushed beyond their endurance, and Arianna whispered her support directly into her lover’s ear but all to no avail. With a heart-felt cry Victoria’s straining muscles succumbed and as they lost their grip on the seductively soft leather of the seat she sank slowly down onto that huge black phallus.

Her head rolled back and she let out a howl as she was slowly penetrated by the massive invader as gravity slowly by surely forced her downwards until her body reach the warm leather of the chair and her legs thrashed free in the air. I watched as her thighs made a feeble effort to regain their grip and lift her off the invader but it was a hopeless effort. When we at the Toystore designed a nice new toy we made sure it was utterly inescapable.

Arianna cried out to her lover as she heard her distress, then her limbs lost that same fight and she slithered slowly downward to her doom. Her scream was only half human as our leather shod invader filled her to capacity.

Then the chair started to move. On it’s central mounting it started to slowly rock back and forth, imparting a terrible, gentle movement to it’s riders as they sat impaled. I watched as they started to moan softly, then they fell together again seeking solace in the contact of each other’s body. They moaned gently into each other’s ears, burying their faces in each other’s hair and then kissed hard and passionately as the orgasm mounted inside them.

Timed at just the right rate the chair’s rocking motion slowly fucked them, made them prisoners of their own passions as they softly cried out and moaned to themselves. Tears were soaking their faces as their bodies betrayed them and I watched as Arianna’s legs briefly thrashed in the air before her head fell back and she let out a scream as the forced orgasm struck her hard, quickly followed by Victoria until the room was echoing with their screams and moans.

Then all was quiet aside from the rhythmic hydraulic sounds of the rocking chair and the soft sobs of it’s occupants. Victoria and Arianna were breathing heavily as they lent against each other, their bodies flushed and shining with sweat.

Deft fingers uncuffed their hands, but before they could react they were quickly re-cuffed behind their backs and as questioning blindfolded faces turned to face me the chair swung back into action with a whole new rhythm.

“Must make sure you girls get value for money” I said in my best Faux-Asian accent “At least two more orgasms to come today”

They were both protesting valuably as my girls darted in again and made their mouths the prisoners of big red ballgags. There were muffled complaints as they blindfolds were whipped away and they stared longingly into each others eyes as the evil, insidious motion of the chair started to do it’s work again. I watched as legs pumped frantically in a final desperate attempt to free themselves from the chair’s embrace, then I smiled as their bodies came to rest against each other and the slowly building tempo and moans and groan began anew.

Some days I love my job so much.

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