The Toy Store 2: Back to the Toy Store

by Cropsncuffs

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Storycodes: M/f; FF/m; costume; petgirl; drug; capture; enclose; mask; stuck; cons/nc; X

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continued from part one   Part 2: Back to the Toy Store

“Please John, please, no, not again. Can’t we play another game tonight ?”

I love it when she starts to plead. And Gillian had just the right tone of voice to make it sound especially exciting. Her voice has a faintly desperate tone to it, yet retains just enough hope to make things worthwhile. Not that there is any hope of her getting me to change my mind, but I like to offer her hope that she might one day.

I smiled at her. I gave her my best sympathetic smile as I slowly shook my head and lifted the last part of her costume off the bed. She always looks lovely in the costume I had bought for her. It had cost a fortune and could be described as being perverted, but I thought it was a wonderful piece of the costume makers art and I loved making use of it.

Gillian was still pleading as I lovingly held up the thickly moulded head and turned it back and forth, admiring it’s lovingly cast curves The overhead lights of our bedroom made the black fur on the mask shine between the soft brown highlights. And under those brown brows were two empty holes that would soon be occupied by two big blue eyes. Gillian’s two big blue eyes.

I looked up from my study and saw that Gillian was watching me intently. The terrible truth was that she loved our giant Rottweiler costume just as much as I did. Being so utterly helpless and anonymous turned her on just as much as it did me, and she hated herself for it.

She was already the prisoner of that costume and knew deep in her heart of hearts that there was no going back. No escape until I let her free. In fact, she knew she was lost from the very moment her arms were slipped into those long forelegs and the straps were tightened to prevent her pulling them free. By then her legs had already been slipped into the rear legs of that oversize costume, her feet tilted as if she were wearing high-heeled shoes by cunning inserts that gave the padded haunches of the costume just the right amount of sway as she walked along.

Bent over at the waist and with all her limbs taken from her I always took great pleasure in slowly drawing the concealed zip the length of her back so she could feel the padded body slowly closing about her pale flesh. Once it reached her neck the human form had been replaced with a lovingly sculpted and cast replica of an oversized Rottweiler. Black and brown fur gleamed as if lovingly groomed and padding changed the very shape of her feminine curves into something very different. And once that zip had been pulled every inch of her was clasped in a tight embrace from which there was no release. Only her head remained. Protruding from that oversized body in a most bizarre fashion. Which was how she now stood. Her red hair framing her lovely soft face and her big blue eyes pleading with me. Part in a vain hope of release, and part for me to complete her transformation.

I hauled myself up off of the bed and held the mask in my hands. I moved slowly towards her keeping the face towards her as I approached so she could see what she was about to become. And all the time her eyes never left those two terrible empty eye sockets in that handsome face.

With a final plaintive ‘please’ she surrendered as I deftly reversed the mask and slipped it quickly over her head. It was a snug fit, and I felt the neck open over her face and snap tight about her neck. I glanced down and shifted the mask slightly. Suddenly the creature came to life as those two wonderful blue eyes appeared where those dead eye sockets had been.

I smiled down at her as I saw the first beginnings of lust in those eyes. A look I knew all to well. I heard a faint ‘pop’ and I knew she had parted her lips to allow the inbuilt gag to render her my silent plaything.

I walked back to the bed and lifted the final refinement of that exotic costume. A wide black collar that, once fastened and padlocked, ensured that I and I alone could remove the mask and set my lovely Gillian free.

I walked slowly round her and shook my head in wonderment. I never ceased to marvel at the way the costume absolutely transformed Gillian’s lovely womanly curves into the dark beast she became. True the result was way overscale but if there was nothing to compare her to she was as close to a perfect copy as anyone could ever imagine.

I lifted the tail and slipped a finger into her womanhood and I was rewarded with a little squeal. She was moist already and it was all I could do not to slip out of my pyjamas, grab those padded haunches and take her roughly from behind there and then.

She knew me too well as she abruptly tottered away from me. Practice meant she had learned to move remarkably well in her costume, and when she felt thoroughly randy she could thrust those padded hips back against my body in a disturbingly realistic fashion.

I was just about to snap on her leash when the doorbell rang. I cursed fluently and nearly ignored it. I glanced out of the window and saw a van parked outside with a discrete logo on the side. The adult toy shop I had purchased the stunning costume from had clearly bought my latest purchase round well earlier than they had promised.

Part of me was always delighted to receive a new toy, but this time their timing was rotten. The doorbell rang again and I cast a long, lingering glance at Gillian as she stood there watching me warily.

Calling out a cheeky ‘Stay’ I snatched up my robe and went to the front door.

Two of the shops staff stood on my doorstep smiling at me as they always did. I have no idea where they get their wonderful toys and costumes manufactured but the store was always staffed by tiny asian girls with sweet smiles and tiny voices and laughs that made my libido scream.

I invited them in and allowed them to pile my packages in the hall. I couldn’t recall exactly what I had ordered but they seemed quite sure that all these boxes were involved.

One of them offered me a glass of clear liquid and said something about it being ‘for luck’. She had poured it in front of me, and both of them were drinking from the same flask so I guessed it had to be good. After all, on the rare occasions I had been offered food or drink in the shop itself it had been exquisite.

I dimly recalled inviting them upstairs to see how Gillian looked in her costume and taking a picture of them standing either side of her. It was like seeing two children standing with a real Rottweiler and I couldn’t but help thinking how great it would be to have them dressed up as puppies following Gillian about the room.

Quite what happened next I don’t recall too well, but when I got all my senses back my back and shoulders ached. I raised my head and found myself facing the big bedroom mirror. Only what stared back at me made my blood run cold. My whole body was encased in gleaming black and tan fur just as Gillian’s had been. I was bent over at the waist and no matter how I tried I could not straighten up. I turned back and forth on front of the mirror as best I could and a part of me marvelled at the haunches and curves the costume had given me over my masculine curves as now I too was a Rottweiler.

Every inch of me was being squeezed by the tight body, and I could feel the straps that kept my arms tightly anchored within the forelegs. I was as trapped as Gillian had ever been as I took in the bizarre sight of my human head emerging from the shoulder of a dog’s body.

“How it feel Mr. Johnny ?” asked a sing-song asian voice which bought me out of my reverie and snapped my head round. “Sorry about drug juice, but Miss. Gillian placed order and we had to deliver”

Then tiny asian was standing by the bed bowing towards me. I tried to turn to face her and nearly fell over as I tried to master the new feeling of walking bent over. And sitting on the bed beside her was the mask the completed the costume. A mask just like the one I had used to torment Gillian.

Without a word she scooped up the mask and slowly advanced towards me. I tried desperately to back away. Part of me wanted to run while another wanted her to slip the mask over my human face and submit to them all.

For a moment that terribly blank face floated in front of my eyes, then practised hands quickly reversed it and slipped it over my head. I felt the neck close about mine and elastic bought the face tight against me. I knew the inevitable would happen sooner or later so I parted my lips and felt that large soft ball expand in my mouth and gag me. For a long moment I relished the helplessness of my situation and I felt myself shiver as I felt the collar being closed about my neck.

Clumsily I turned and looked at myself in the mirror. Where those two blank holes had been were now my two brown eyes and the submissive part of my soul soared. I felt a pressure in my groin and as I turned sideways on to the mirror I watched as my manhood slowly unfurled from within the costume and hung erect.

I heard a sound and turned as best I could to see the other asian walking alongside Gillian. The head of Gillian’s costume had been removed so she could speak to me.

“Like the feeling John ?” she asked softly “Like being my dog? Well, just you wait until I get out of this outfit and I am going to make you pay for the way you treated me in this outfit. Hey, what, no, stop”

The final desperate cries came when the asian at her side slowly shook her head and started to slip Gillian’s mask back over her head.

I watched as it popped back into place and the big blue eyes appeared once again in that dark face.

This time they were frightened as well as full of lust as she felt her control of the situation slipping away from her.

She desperately tried to pull away from the asian as she bent and deftly fastened the collar about her neck.

Now there were two giant Rottweilers in the room with absolutely no hope of immediate release.

“Your bill overdue Mr. Johnny” said the tiny asian at the end of my leash “So you pay this way now. You two going to be in shop window for a day, maybe two. Then we all go to show. Take you for walkies maybe. Then maybe, if you good, we let you go again all bills paid. Mind you, don’t be too good. If you too good at this, we may keep you both for next show”

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