The Toy Store

by Cropsncuffs

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My boyfriend has bought me to a toy store. OK, so admittedly it’s an adult toy store, but it’s still not what I had in mind for the day. He’s looking at frankly tacky toys and outfits that I wouldn’t be seen dead in. And as for some of the lingerie, it’s in such bad taste that it’s just not true.

And as if that isn’t all, he is flirting with the tiny Asian girl behind the counter and lapping up the way she is giggling at his terrible attempts at humour. Oh the shame of it. Then I realised that he was actually talking to me and pointing at a door in the rear wall of the shop.

“Pardon ?” I said, suddenly aware that I hadn’t been listening to a word he had been saying.

“I said” he repeated “The lady says they keep the really special toys through there. Why not go and take a look and I’ll be with you in a moment”

I shrugged my agreement and sashayed through the door to remind him just what he was missing if he passed my company up for that of some tacky shop assistant.

The room was brightly lit and for a moment I thought I had gone into the wrong room. Sure, the room was full of adult toys, but not quite the kind I had in mind. There was a giant blue teddy bear sprawled face-down on the floor, and I could see a rocking horse over to one side. There was an over-sized dolls cot draped with a range of dolly accessories and an almost life-sized ballerina doll swinging gently from a frame, her points just touching the floor and her body almost impossibly slender. A huge cuddly dog stood on it’s four oversized feet by the ballerina. It had been modelled on a Rottweiler I was sure, but someone had got their sense of scale wrong as it must have been at least double the size of the original animal, maybe bigger. And at the back of the room was a playpen that could have doubled up as a cage for a bear

I wandered over and peered at the playpen. It was massively constructed with thick wooden bars and lintels. And someone had clearly not been reading the instructions very carefully as there seemed to be odd hoops and other bits of brass screwed into various different points. Things a child could easily hurt themselves on. So, not just oversize, but tacky as well. Just like the Asian shop assistant.

The rocking horse stood silent and still on it’s stand, a wooden nose peepeing out from under a sheet draped over it’s back. As I was removing the sheet the bridle caught my eye. Where I expected to see cheap plastic or rubber reins this bridle was made up of thick straps of real leather hide. And there were strange additions about the ears that I couldn’t figure the purpose of, and after years of riding about on horses of one sort or another I thought I knew all there was to know about saddlery and accessories. But as the sheet came away in my hand the saddle suddenly become of immense interest to me. Where there should have been a smooth curve a large double dildo stuck rampantly upwards. I could feel my eyes getting wider as I took in this monster and could not stop myself wondering what it must feel like to be impaled on it. I looked about the wooden frame and found a remote control slipped into a discrete pocket. Glancing about to check I was still alone I picked it up and pressed a button. Instantly the rocking horse started to rock gently back and forth, and at the touch of another button the dildo started to vibrate gently. I moved a couple of sliders and soon I had the horse rocking back and forth in just the right rhythm and the monster dildo vibrating at just the right pitch to make me sweat and flush with wonder at how it must feel to take that particular ride.

I allowed the creature to come to a halt, and as I examined it I realised that if I mounted it my feet would not reach the floor and I really would be be impaled. No, hang on, there were stirrups and reins to hold onto. I picked up one of the stirrups and shivered at what I found. At first glance they were just normal stirrups to stand on, but on closer inspection they were cunningly designed to include fastenings and cuffs that, once applied, would keep you very firmly in place.

My curiosity piqued I took a closer look at the bridle and soon figured out the extras. Slender but no doubt strong cuffs designed to keep your hands occupied and away from the stirrup cuffs. This was no toy, it was a very sophisticated piece of bondage equipment.

Dropping the sheet back over the rocking horse’s secret I turned my attention back to the other toys with a very different frame of mind. The cot came next, and just like the playpen it was massively constructed, but this time it had been thoughtfully been supplied with wheels. The inside was padded as if it were a real cot, but there were inexplicable rings and holes in edges and the base that spoke of other purposes.

I lifted the baby reins and found them to be as adult sized as the cot, and as I offered them up to my chest and slipped my arms through the hoops I knew exactly what they were for. Likewise a huge dummy. I slipped it into my mouth and found the moment the bulb popped past my teeth it expanded to fill my mouth and made a very effective gag. Odd straps rolled out from the back of the dummy and curled about my face, reaching round for the back of my head, and as I caught sight of their very real buckles I realised that this was a dummy designed to be strapped in place to keep any ‘naughty babies’ silent when they were lying in their cot. And by the look of the reins there were means to make sure they stayed there.

I dragged the dummy out of my mouth and threw it down in distaste before turning to the giant teddy bear. I gave it a kick where it lay on the floor. When nothing happened I took hold of a thickly padded arm and hauled it over onto it’s back. I gave a yelp as it rolled over to reveal a raging erection between it’s fun-fur blue thighs. My hand was at my mouth as I looked at the magnificent erection for a long moment, then reached out and gave it a playful squeeze. Somewhere within the thick costume I heard a soft, muffled groan.

I knelt down by the head and peered into the dark glass eyes. As I turned the head back and forth under the lights I caught a fleeting glance of a pair of human eyes staring back at me. The man inside the suit made faint sounds and the teddy bear shook for a few seconds before the man inside gave up the fight and collapsed back on the floor. Then it came to me. The suit was so thickly padded that there was no way he could get up without help, and even if he got up there was nothing he could do other than perhaps falls over again. In it’s own twisted way the teddy bear suit was as wonderful a piece of restraint as the rocking horse. Maybe even more tormenting as there were no tight cuffs and chains, and the poor person trapped inside could actually thrash about but with no real hope actually getting free.

I peered deep into those helpless eyes and I couldn’t help myself. I reached down and softly caressed that raging erection, stroking it softly from base to tip in the slowest, most teasing manner I could muster.

I could hear him whimpering deep inside his soft prison, and he did his best to thrust his hips up at me, to allow himself the relief he no doubt so desperately desired. I snatched my hand away as I felt him start to pulse and there was a very faint but heartfelt moan of frustration from deep within that soft prison.

“My dear girl” said a sing-song voice somewhere near my ear “If you try, you buy”

“Here, hang on, what about” and that was the last thing I remembered as a cloth closed over my face and I felt myself toppling over into unconsciousness.

When I came too the room was very different. Well, no, it wasn’t at all different, but now it was full of people. Wailing, crying, screaming people, many of whom did not seem entirely willing to be there.

There was a girl strapped to the rocking horse. Her wrists and ankles thoroughly cuffed to the bridle and stirrups. There were tears running down her face as the evil device rocked back and forth. She kept desperately trying to lift herself off the huge vibrator on which she was impaled. But the stirrups were just the length to stop her quite lifting herself free. No matter what she did the very tip of the vibrator remained buried just inside her, and behind her a tiny asian in a full riding gear, complete even to the hard hat, was slashing a long riding whip across her buttocks to urge her back down again.

There was someone in the playpen. He was dressed in a full-sized child’s sailor suit complete with hat. Soft white cuffs had made prisoners of his wrists and ankles and he was anchored to the front and rear bars of the pen with no hope of getting free any time soon.

My worst fears about the cot were also confirmed as I saw another man thoroughly confined therin. His muscular naked body was swathed in the reins, and they had been looped around his wrists and the ends fed back through holes in the cot’s floor to tie him thoroughly in place. The huge dummy was strapped tightly into his mouth and his fingers had been taken away from him by thick baby mittens that kept prying fingers from setting him loose or making his torment any more bearable.

A ‘nanny’ stood over him, and as I watched she slipped pink straps about his ankles and anchored them to the floor of the cot to complete his immobility. Then, snapping on a rubber glove she reached down behind and began to fondle him.

And down on the floor the teddy bear I had tormented was being ridden roughly by the ballerina doll. As I watched she turned her face towards me and I saw she wore a blank white mask from behind which big blue eyes cried out for help. She shook her head hopelessly, and I saw tiny padlocks that held the mask in place rattling. Despite being free, it looked as if she was a much a prisoner here as the rest of us.

Which left me. I was suddenly aware that I couldn’t move, I seemed to be bent over at the waist with both my arms and legs fully extended.. I tore my eyes away from the scene before me and looked down to see that I now had a black furry body. In a moment I realised I was inside the giant Rottweiler body. My arms and legs had been fed down it’s limbs and were now locked in tight. My legs went straight down to the floor in the padded back legs, and my arms were wrapped about some sort of handle half way down the front legs. To the initiated I looked as if all my limbs were the same length, and as I shifted my weight I found I could move about but not straighten up.

A big collar had been fastened about my throat to keep the rigid costume in place, and me tightly inside. And as I watched another of the tiny Asians turned to face me. She was carrying the oversized head that would complete the costume. I cried out, I pleaded, I desperately shook my head as she approached. I made the whole creature rock gently, but I could not unseat it, and as I felt the tears start to come she smiled at me as she reached out and slipped the huge head over mine and my human face was lost to the world.

She moved it slightly, and suddenly my big green eyes were staring out of a black furry face. Something clicked, and I was locked in tight, forced over at the waist for as long as they chose to keep me there. I was wondering what fate would befall me when I felt a pair of hands on my padded hips. I let out a cry, and for my reward a gag popped into my mouth and rendered me silent as I felt a penis slip inside me from the rear and start to thrust. I allowed my head to droop as much as the costume allowed and I surrendered myself to the sounds and smell of the orgy that was going on around me and wondered when, or even if, I would ever be released.

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