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by lizsubintampa

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Continues from

Part 2

As I walked to the bedroom to take a shower my nipples still hurt, a lot, and although they were still very sensitive I had never had them hurt so much after so much time had passed. According to Nick I was only “hanging” for about 30 minutes before I passed out and it was now almost 4:30 PM. I had slept for nearly two hours and they still hurt.

When I was in the bedroom I let go of the blanket and looked at them. They were “red” and looked like they were put through a meat grinder. Well, maybe not that much but you get the idea, right?

I could see teeny dots on them where the clamps bit into me. What the f__k did he use? I touched the tips and although it sort of excited me they hurt. Again, this was never done to me and now I knew why I was so close to using my safety. It was awful and now I worried about what would happen when I showered. Did I even want to touch them?

Very gingerly, and I mean very gingerly, I stepped into the shower and as soon as the water hit them I couldn’t stop myself from hopping from the pain. So, again, what the f__k did he use to make me hurt so badly?

By the time I finished showering I must admit that (perhaps) the hot water helped reduce some of the pain but my next trial was how to gently dab myself dry. Still tender they hurt as I dried myself and although the pain was becoming less horrid when I looked in the mirror they still looked inflamed and were still sore and yet, bit by bit, I was getting “horny” and as much as I wanted to I was afraid of touching myself. I wanted them to “calm” down and I knew if I started to (play) with myself I would touch them and at that moment it wasn’t a very good idea.

So I tried to take my mind off of them (and my pussy) by blow drying and brushing my hair and putting on my make-up knowing, and afraid, of what I might suffer when I got dressed. He had told me to dress to please him and that always means for me to wear either a short fairly tight skirt or dress, 3” or 4” ankle strap heels that I have to lock on with the little gold luggage locks I use (I give him the keys when I “present” myself for his inspection), black stockings, and one of my black lace garter belt, panties and bra sets. 

How the hell was I going to be able to wear a bra? This was not a pleasant thought but as usual it stimulated me and I couldn’t get the idea of it out of my head (or pussy).

As I’ve said before I know I’ve become more of a so called pain-slut than I ever imagined I would but this time my thresholds had been increased a lot and while I had never in a million years would have thought Nick would do this to me I was, despite the pain, grateful and wanting more. I know that doesn’t make any sense but that’s how I felt at that moment. I was scared that he might hurt me even more but at the same time I was hoping he would…

It was almost 6 PM when I was, with the exception of my bra and blouse, finally dressed. I purposefully put that off until the very end and, here’s another surprise, for the first time in a long time I was happy that my breasts are so small and that, hopefully, my bra would take pity on them (nipples).

Very carefully I put my bra on, it wasn’t (too) bad. But as soon as I started to put my blouse on my nipples began rubbing themselves (well, I wasn’t doing it intentionally so they had to be doing it by themselves) and those all too familiar sensations started from the tips of my nipples down to my pussy and I hadn’t even tried walking yet…such fun.

Finally I was dressed (I even tested walking) and went to meet Nick in the living room. He was sitting on the couch, looked up, and told me that I looked wonderful. As I was thanking him I sat next to him, said, “thank you," but before I could ask him what he did to my nipples he put his arm around me, pulled me closer, kissed me and, until he put his hand on my breast, I was happy. Immediately the “not too severe pain” returned and although I tried to pull away from him I couldn’t.

My grunting and twisting clearly told him what he was doing to me but (the bastard) sort of laughed and said something really stupid, “I think the lady does protest too much," did he think this was a play from Shakespeare, which act was it, did Shakespeare write about the delights of torturing a woman’s nipples?

Laughing, again (!), he stopped, removed his hand from my breast and asked if I hated it as much as I was (yelling). Now, here’s “the rub” (see, I know a little Shakespeare too), I told him that I didn’t hate it but (submissively requested) he not do that for a while (yes, I didn’t tell him not to do it at all).

Giving me a quick peck on my cheek (thank you very much) he stood up, took hold of my hand and helped me stand. “Come, let’s go to dinner."

Still not much for chit-chat. Follow me and that was it.

Without thinking I put my seat belt on and, oh my, I didn’t think it was going to press against my breasts/nipples but when he began leaving the driveway I knew this, for me, was not going to be fun. For him, I was sure it was fun.

The drive was about 45 minutes (of small intense tortures) but somewhere along the way he took something out of his jacket and handed it to me. “Those are the clamps you wore so well today."

I’ve seen them online for sale and I’ve seen them used in videos but never “in person." They were “alligator” clamps with serrated teeth, no rubber or plastic coating to protect my nipples. Now I understood the teeny holes I saw on my nipples and why they hurt like hell and why, if they are ever put on me again, I would promise to do just about anything to get them taken off.

Of course we talked about them, like, did he know how much they would hurt, why in hell had he decided to put them on me, what the f__k was he thinking, and his response was, “because you love pain, I love inflicting pain and you didn’t use your safe word, did you?"

No response from me, it wasn’t necessary. In that all too brief moment we knew he was right. I actually had no smart aleck response to that.

Walking into the restaurant Nick held my hand and I was, when I am dressed like that in public, feeling both embarrassed and humiliated. As I walked my skirt rose to a good 3 or more inches above my knees, I wasn’t sure if anyone could see my garters or even noticed the locks on my heels but I imagined everyone did (and I’m sure a few probably saw, at the very least, the locks).

I was very happy that we were escorted to a small booth but before I could slip in Nick told me to wait for him to go in first. How ungentlemanly was that I thought until I suddenly realized he purposefully did that so my legs were exposed to anyone walking by or sitting near us. Such a sweet and charming (dick) he was and I could tell from his smile how happy he was to torture me like that. All during dinner I was blushing so much that I was probably bright red from the top of my head down to my pinky toes!

I leaned over to him in the booth, carefully, so I could whisper in his ear, “You really are a f__king bastard," and, giggling, he leaned over and said, “You’ve called me so many bad names today, maybe I should wash your mouth out with soap” … this was more of a statement rather than a question … my response, “please don’t do that, I’ll be good, your holiness."

Of course I should not have said that, but that is one of my biggest faults. I say things that I (instantly) realize will have consequences but instead of keeping my big mouth shut, I don’t. After all these years you would think I would know better and when Nick said, “As long as you promise to behave perhaps I will not do that," “thank you” was my heartfelt response.

Dinner was actually very good, and we talked about everything but what he did to me and how I felt about it etc.. It was as though we were out on a casual date and while I knew the elephant was in the room I had relaxed quite a lot and although my nipples were still way too sensitive when we left the restaurant I really had a good time. It was when I got into the car that I started to worry about the rest of the evening.

Understanding he was driving a very nervous lady Nick attempted to keep things light but by the time we got back to his house I was a wreck. I tried to suppress my anxiety but it was obvious to the both of us that I was anxious and worried about “what was next” but at least he tried to calm me by taking hold of my arm and helping me into the house.

“I’m going to leave you for a few minutes. Sit in the living room and I’ll be back shortly," he said, before kissing me (oh I love what he does to me when he kisses me).

Again I sat on the couch and with my eyes closed I was thinking about what he did to me in the afternoon and even though I was still sore my nipples didn’t disappoint me and made sure that I was once again getting wet and anxious and was trying to imagine what he would do to me next and I just couldn’t stop pressing on my pussy through my skirt wiggling and, yes, moaning.

I’ve no idea how long he was there but when he said, “I see you are enjoying yourself," I immediately opened my eyes, stared at him, and, yes, I felt flushed and it was (even to me) how obvious it was that I was more than just a little excited.

“Stand up and take your blouse and skirt off. Then I want you to turn, slowly, for me so I can enjoy the view and while you are doing that I want you to put one hand on your breast and the other on your pussy and you may rub your pussy but you may not try to put your fingers in your pussy. Do you understand?"

Nodding yes, I stood and tried to take my blouse and skirt off as slowly as I could. I was trying to copy strip teases I’ve seen and I hoped he would like that and, apparently, he did because he didn’t tell me to stop or do it differently so when I finally had my hands (in place) and continued turning as slowly as I could I felt “proud” that I was turning him on. At least that is what I (saw) in his smile.

Nick came over to me, put his hands on my shoulders, and kissed me. I, as always, began to melt and tried to push my pussy against his thigh. But he would not allow that, instead he sort of pushed me away (arm’s length) and went and sat on the couch.

“Come here and kneel, I want you to take my cock out, kiss, lick and suck it until I come in your mouth, if you do a good job I will not wash your mouth out with soap tonight.”

Additional encouragement was not needed. I was more than willing and very (hungry) to do that for him and as soon as I was in position I kissed and licked and tasted him until, finally, I put him in my mouth and, using my tongue, began to suck his cock. I moved my head up and down, first slowly then a bit faster, and did that for several minutes before he wrapped his hand in my hair and made me move at “his” pace and it didn’t take but a few more seconds before I felt him spasm and begin to jerk and, holding my head down to the bottom of his cock (I could hardly breath) he came and I had no choice but to try to swallow his cum. Gagging, I was becoming a little frantic but he held me down until he knew I had to breathe but when he pulled my face up he held me so that my lips were at the tip of his cock and he said, “lick me clean and do a good job."

Grateful for breathing I was more than happy to “clean him” and when he finally pulled me up he told me what a good cock sucker I was … I had never been called a cock sucker before and, well, for some reason I didn’t mind and actually liked the compliment.

“Go and clean your face and bring a wash cloth back to clean my cock."

It’s funny how telling me to do that made me happy, and, as I was cleaning my face I thought, “hey, I think I did really good. I’m a good cock sucker."

Now, don’t misunderstand, I’ve sucked quite a few cocks over the years and while I believe I do a good job (never really had a complaint, so to speak) I was never told I was a good cock sucker so, again, I really liked having Nick tell me that and when I came back to him I knelt down and as tenderly as I could used the cloth to clean him and loved it when he got hard again.

”Turn around and stay on your knees," he said, and as I did that he got off the couch, got onto his knees, put some lube in my ass and took me “doggy style."..OMG!... and when he came again, I joined him and came too. It was, hmm, fantastic!

“You really are a good cock sucker and lay, now go get another washcloth to clean me."

Such lovely and tender pillow talk… But of course I did not complain and when I finished he took hold of my hair and pulled me up. Keeping his hand in my hair, and keeping me slightly bent over, he pulled me to his bedroom and once I was sitting on the bed he told me to lay down and while I watched him undress I saw he was hard again (what is he, a f__king machine, does he own a lot of viagra stock, silly to think like that I know, but what can I say).

Of course that wasn’t as important as when he came to bed, rolled me over to him, put his arms around me and (surprise) got on top of me and took me in the “missionary” position. And it was wonderful. When he was finished, so was I, literally, and I was totally exhausted and when he (spooned) against me I don’t think I stayed awake another 5 minutes.

Normally I am up by 6 AM (no alarm clock needed) but when I woke in the morning it was nearly 9 AM and I not only felt happy I somehow felt refreshed.

Nick was not in bed or in the room so I figured he was either in the kitchen or out in his office so after getting all the sleepy dust out of my eyes I got out of bed, took off my heels (he left the keys on the nightstand, so thoughtful), stockings and bra, my panties were nowhere to be found, walked, a bit slowly, the bathroom and took a long hot luxurious shower. And if I used up all the hot water I didn’t care…

Having no idea what to wear I put on my jeans, sneakers and a pair of panties. My nipples were much much better but still quite tender so I decided to wear just a tee.

In the kitchen I found a note Nick left me. There was some ice tea and fruit salad in the fridge and when I was done I was to get undressed and come out to the playroom. Why he doesn’t call it a dungeon I have no idea but “when in Rome."

I did not rush and it was nearly an hour before I finally finished breakfast, took off my clothes and, warily, left the warm sheltered walls of the kitchen. Barefoot, I sort of jogged to the (playroom) while, at the same time, trying to see if anyone was able to see me. Being outside like that was not in my comfort zone. Helping me to move a little faster was the fact that it was also 51°, and my goose bumps were starting to show.

As I came in I hugged/rubbed myself trying to get warm and Nick, standing across the room next to his work bench, turned, said good morning and told me to come over and stand with my back to him. Obviously, we were back to the no chit chat stage so, doing as told, I went over and stood facing away from him.

“You know, if you want to stop and go home you only have to say so. Otherwise I’m going to do what I want while at the same time trying to satisfy your cravings. Do you want to continue?"

It is not really important but the first thing I thought about was why he called it “my cravings” but that lasted less than a second before I said, “Yes, please, I want to continue."

“First is your new collar, please lift your hair so I can put it on you."

Lifting my hair Nick put the collar on and after making sure that it wasn’t too tight (he asked me) I heard him lock it. Although not a big surprise it was a posture collar. Maybe 3” high in front and while it didn’t restrict my being able to turn my head or nod up and down very much it felt stiff and I liked that.

Taking my hand in his Nick took me over to a mirror a few feet away on the wall so I could look at myself. The black collar was shiny and had silver rings on both sides and in the front. But the thing that caught my eye the most was a metal dog tag, shaped like a bone, with the inscription (first line) Bella, (second line) Property of Nick.

Wow! He was really going to try to make my (fantasy) of pet play come true and I now had a name; Bella. My first reaction was to turn red but the feelings of humiliation and desire overwhelmed me, I wanted to become his pet.

“Now, I’m going to ask you once again if you want to continue. If not I’ll take the collar off and you will have two choices. You agreed to come for the weekend and I will use you and play with you until Sunday evening or, if this is too much for you, I won’t hold you to your promise and you can go home now."

I didn’t hesitate, I told him that I wanted to continue and, again, agreed to stay the weekend.

“Very good. Now, the first rule you must know is that you are, from this moment on, my puppy. Puppies do not talk, they bark, yip, yelp, growl and so on but they do not talk. Does Bella understand?"

Looking at him (in the mirror) I said “arf or ruff ruff” and smiled.

Again he took hold of my hand and led me over near the front of his work bench and without looking said, “Bella, sit."

As I got on my knees and put my hands on my thighs I said, “ruff” and smiling, even putting my tongue out pretending to be a dog.

Laughing Nick told me to stay and as he was sorting some stuff out on the bench I kept thinking about my ID Tag and actually felt myself getting wet and, of course, my nipples were way beyond hard. They tingled from yesterday but they also needed to be touched and played with. This was a very interesting event, the only time he touched me so far was to put the collar on and hold my hand. Yet here I was wriggling with desire.

The next thing he told me to do was to give him my hand and as I watched him put the leather bag on (it had no fingers) I thought that this was going to be one of my paws and, after putting my other hand in the second bag (mitten?), he buckled and locked them on and as he put some other leather things on the floor next to me I thought, hey, this isn’t too bad, I can crawl on my hands and knees pretty easily like this..

Next he told me to fold my arm and when I did he started putting on a leather binder that was designed to hold my arms folded so that, obviously (even to me), I would only be able to “crawl” on my elbows, it even had a pad for my elbow … very much like what I’ve seen in videos online … “I borrowed these from a friend and I’m sure they will fit just right." Of course they did, I couldn’t (unfold) my arms and my hands were now useless.

After locking the binders on he said, “Bella, get on your back." “arf," I said, happily.

On my back the “binders” for my legs were next and when he had finished buckling and locking them my ankles were up against my thighs, just below my ass, and they also had pads (for my knees). I began to wag my ass and tried to tell him (arf, arf, arf) how much I liked it and I even tried to turn a little so I could rub my face against his thigh.

Laughing (again), Nick told me to behave and before I could even try to tell him how much I liked this he was putting a harness gag on me. It had a bit that went into my mouth, keeping my jaws from closing, but it also had something I wasn’t familiar with. Attached to it was (what felt like) a hard leather disc, maybe the size of a quarter (?) that when all the straps were tightened it was on top of my tongue so that I couldn’t (talk). That is, by holding my tongue down it made me struggle to say anything that would be easily understood and when I tried all that came out of my mouth was a lot of garbled nonsense and a lot of drooling. The drooling immediately embarrassed me and my muddled words made Nick laugh.

“Bella, you know you are a dog. Stop trying to talk like a human," and, to bring his point home, he slapped my ass, and, howling as best as I could like a dog, I tried to back away from him so he wouldn’t hit me again.

That also made me realize just how slow, difficult, it was going to be to “walk” like that. My elbows were (of course) lower than my knees, I was limited in the “strides” I could take, and with my ass I was now feeling so totally exposed I felt more than just embarrassed. I felt humiliated and, yes, very turned on.

“Just a couple of more things before your transformation is complete."

As I stood still he took each of my front paws, pulled them up, and locked their ends (where my fingers were uselessly bound inside them) to the rings on the sides of my collar. I couldn’t even shake my hands or make them flutter. They were useless before he did that and now they were even more useless.

Next I felt him attaching something to the harness on the side of my head, sort of just above my ears, and, of course, as thick as I am sometimes, I didn’t think that he had just attached a pair of black leather puppy ears until he put the leash on my collar and pulled me, gently, towards the mirror.

And there, staring back at me, was a puppy, with ears, a bit gag that prevented me from talking, my arms and legs folded so I now walked on my paws, my nipples, exposed to the cool air now even harder and more sensitive, and my pussy (do dogs have pussies?), now wet, was making me wag my tail and not just to be petted.

“Oh my, you are so right, Bella. You need a tail."

Tail? I don’t need a tail, don’t you understand my body language and arfing? No, I need more than a tail…

Leading me by my leash to the bench while I’m trying to scream “ef me” in dog talk I tried to keep up with him and when he stopped I did the best wagging I could but as soon as he turned back to me I saw it, a bushy tail attached to a fairly large butt plug and while I immediately tried to back up I knew there was nothing I could do to stop him and I also knew I wanted (the tail)…

So, being a good puppy, I turned and while wagging my “rear end) I backed up to him and as soon as he started to put it in me I realized two things. First, it was very well lubed and, second, it was bigger than I thought and when it finally “popped” in me it wasn’t going to come out. Of course it hurt but once it was past my sphincter the pain almost instantly went away and as I began (gladly) wagging my tail Nick got down on his knees and started to pet me. He petted my hair and my back, including my ass, and as he was telling me what a good puppy Bella was one of his hands roamed down to my tummy and then all too slowly found my nipple. I was afraid of what he was going to do to it but as he gently played with it I could not do anything but moan with pleasure and from my reaction we both knew what I wanted, needed.

Then, suddenly, without doing anything more to “help” me he stood up, pulled my leash and said, “Time for walkies."

Screaming like a banshee I tried to yell “Walkies? …You gotta be kidding me, I need to be f__ked, not walked,” but you know how that came out. Total nonsense with a lot of drool being tossed about while I was shaking my head.

It was at this point that (Bella) knew her master would have none of her “yowling” and after giving the leash a firm tug he began leading me towards the door. As I’ve said before I was not comfortable going outside (naked) so imagine how I felt then.

For all intents and purposes (with the exception of the leather bindings) I was naked, gagged and wearing a pair of dog ears. There was no way I wanted to go out but (and I didn’t see this coming) a stroke of a crop not only made me yelp (very loudly) but made me instantly obey and as I scurried along beside him I went outside, on all fours, and whimpering, followed him around the yard (and it is not a small yard).

During my (walkies) I learned to heel, sit, stay, lay down (getting up was almost impossible but the crop gave me the necessary incentives to figure out how to do it) and, after taking my leash off, to fetch a ball that he would toss.

Going as fast as I could to fetch the ball I immediately had a problem. The bit gag prevented me from even thinking about grabbing it with my teeth (thank goodness) so the best I could do was try to roll it with my chin, face and paws and everything time I brought it back to him he would pet and stroke me by rubbing my nipples and wriggling my tail. He never touched my pussy though and that only made me hornier. But despite my trying to “voice” my need he did nothing more until the last time he tossed the ball.

I had just reached the ball and was close enough to start pushing it with my nose or paws when I felt the vibrator turned on in my ass. I had no idea the plug was a vibrator and suddenly I didn’t care about the ball, I began wagging my tail and clenching my ass and as I was concentrating on “cumming” I didn’t even realize when I had fallen over on to my side, and then my on to back, while my arms and legs were flailing uselessly in the air.

As I began grunting louder and louder Nick would turn the damn thing off and my legs (paws) could do nothing to help me and while I was writhing and crying I didn’t even notice that Nick was now standing next to me and, as he smiled, he knelt next to me and with his hands on my nipples and pussy he told me what a good dog I was and when he made me come I felt myself spasm, I arched my back to meet his hands, I moved my pussy against his hands, I cried for more and he didn’t stop until he knew that there was little more he could force out of me.

I was on my side, panting, trying to thank him, and despite the chill in the air I was sweating and exhausted. I’ve often heard the word “sated," and if I understand its meaning that was what I was … fully and totally sated.

Finally , helping me onto my “paws” he again attached the leash and slowly led me towards the house when something else happened to me and I don’t even think Nick expected it, I needed to pee … badly.

At first he thought I was trying to get him to make me cum again and told me to behave but with all my grunting and, yes, growling he finally stopped trying to pull me and asked if I was in pain and needed to stop (I hadn’t used my safety).

Moaning, I shook my head and wiggled my ass and (ugh!) squatted. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and despite the humiliation of doing that I just kept peeing. Nick, in his best master voice, said, “Good Bella," and that humiliated me even more but it also made me hornier and when I was done I turned around and backed myself up to him, wagging my tail and doing my best impression of a dog in heat until he finally was kneeling behind me, turned on the vibrator, and took me, doggy style, in the yard and I didn’t give a damn if anyone could see us.

When (we) were done he, as gently as he could, took the plug out of me and I felt “empty," but in a good way, and while I was grateful he took it out in my mind I actually missed my tail…

Now when he picked up the leash and brought me inside I instantly felt the warmth of the indoors and hadn’t realized just how chilly it was outside. “Do you have to go to the bathroom?," he asked and I shook my head no while also realizing for the first time in quite a while that I was still drooling quite a bit. Bending over Nick patted my head and told me he was going to take the gag out and although I shook my head no he told me that it would only be for a little while so I calmed down and let him unlock and unbuckle it. It actually felt very strange to be able to move my jaws and be able to swallow again but I also didn’t stop being his puppy. I “arfed” and pushed myself against him, letting my master know how much I loved him. And I missed my gag…

“Good Bella, now go over to my desk and you will find a water bowl."

Gazing up at him I smiled (I know, dogs don’t smile) and happily (and slowly) crawled to the desk and started lapping at the water. It took a while to “slurp” enough to satisfy me but I managed and, again, with my ass sticking up while drinking I could feel his eyes on me and (again) the feeling of being humiliated returned and I liked it very much.

Finally, when I was done, Nick called me, “Bella, come," and I ran to him; well ran is not a very accurate term but I did waddle over as quickly as I could.

“Come," he said as he went to the door and without putting the leash on me I followed him outside and then into the house and, again, because I trusted him so much, I didn’t hesitate going out like that.

Once in the house he again put the gag on me and as I tried to nuzzle against him he checked my hands and feet to make sure my circulation was okay and then said, “I’m going to make dinner but I want to make sure my puppy doesn’t get into any mischief," and, as he said that, he walked over to the far corner and took a covering off what I thought was a window seat. But when the cover was off I stared at it in a sort of disbelief and amazement. It was a wire cage with what looked like a solid floor covered by a blanket for me to stand or lay on when I was inside it. It was just big enough for me to crawl into and maybe just big enough for me to lay down in

Pointing to the cage he said, “Bella, bed," and with a moan I crawled to it and slowly managed to work my way inside. I discovered that I could barely turn around and when I was finally facing him he was closing the door and locking it. There was no way for me to get out. I was there until he decided to let me out. I watched him get some stuff out of the fridge and by the time he put something into the oven I was on my side half asleep.

As he was leaving the kitchen he said, “Good Bella," and left me in the cage. I had no way of knowing if he was going to the living room or the bedroom. All I did know was that I was in “my crate” and would stay there until he let me out.

I can’t begin to tell you how boring it was to be in the cage but after a while I settled down and actually fell asleep. Not very comfortably but I did fall asleep. The sound of him unlocking the cage woke me and I suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom and, as awful as this sounds, I needed to do more than pee. Not a very pleasant thing to contemplate and I was hoping that Nick would understand and let me loose so I could go to the bathroom. I should have known better because after I finally managed to “tell” him what I needed to do he took me outside and led me over to a place near the fence. He tied the leash to one of the posts and told me he’d be back to check on me because, as he said, “it’s important that Bella is house broken or I will have to keep her chained outside all the time."

Now it was getting dark and it was getting very chilly. I was actually starting to shiver but I knew, from past experiences with Nick, that he would do exactly that. He loved making his “partners” or “playthings” suffer. That is his DNA. No, he won’t hurt you so you are injured or anything like that but he loves to make you suffer. He has, with my permission, exceeded a limit(s) that we had previously discussed, but if I used my safety he immediately stopped. As I said, I trust him but am also afraid of him. And that makes me want to submit to him both mentally and sexually or, if you prefer, carnally. 

So I am now in quite a quandary, I’ve already peed outside but “pooping," well that’s another thing altogether. I couldn’t wrap myself around the thought and there was no way I was going to do that. No way, no how, no conceivable way, I couldn’t, wouldn’t do it. Of course I did it. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I tried squatting as best as I could. Humiliation doesn’t even come close to how I felt. I actually cried, shivering and shaking. I did the only (unthinkable) thing I could think of to call him. I “howled," like a dog barking at the moon and when he opened the door and started walking towards me I was a mess (mentally). I had never even thought about the consequences of “being a dog," how far someone like Nick would take me. I was, as I said, way beyond being humiliated and when he bent over behind me and (wiped) me with a warm cloth until I was “clean” I stood as though I was a statue. Tears were coming down my face, I couldn’t stop crying.

When he undid the leash from the post and yanked me out of my stupor I followed him, meekly, and even though the house was so wonderfully warm, I was shaking from the shame and embarrassment. I wanted to literally crawl away and hide. But he pulled the leash and I followed him to the table and when he said, “Sit," I sat on my “haunches," like a good dog.

Nick then put his plate on the table and before he started to eat he reached down and took my gag off. “Quiet girl," he said so I stayed quiet. I didn’t yell at him, I didn’t call him every nasty name I normally would have, no, I was afraid that if I said anything he would put me outside and there was no way I wanted to test those waters. No, despite my anger and fear I wanted to please him and, I know how awful that must sound, but at that moment that’s all I could think of doing.

Taking a piece of meat from his plate (I think it was pot roast) he put it by my mouth and I hungrily took it from him. Over the next half hour or so he fed me and petted my head. But not once did he even hint that he would release me. Of course he did check my circulation and it was okay, my hands and feet felt warm but I wanted, in fact, desperately, needed for them to be released from their bondage. If you have ever been tied in a position, such as a hogtie, where your limbs are kept bent for quite a while there is, in my experience, a “need” to straighten them out. Both your mind and body scream for release and it causes (again, for me) an almost desperate need and frustration.

After dinner and after cleaning the dishes Nick went to the bedroom and called for me to follow him. I could hardly move, I was starting to get stiff but I followed and sat next to him when he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Did Bella enjoy herself today?" he asked.

Looking up at him with what I imagined were puppy eyes I nodded yes and even arfed.

Smiling he took keys out of his pocket and began the (all too long for me) process of taking the binders and gag off me. I felt as though I was in heaven when I was finally able to stretch my arms and legs, and when he put his hand on my cheek, I got up on my knees, reached up, grabbed his neck, and pulled myself up and kissed him. He took hold of me under my arms, lifted me up, and put me on the bed. I watched him undress and when he got on the bed I pulled him on top of me and, in my best and most commanding voice, told him to f__k me. I was not disappointed and as soon as I finally was able to cuddle next to him I fell asleep.

Again, I know how many of you do not or will not believe this story but I assure it is true.

And, because I was committed to stay the weekend there is more to this story, Sunday was just a few hours away.


Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration. I am already starting to write about Sunday and will submit it as soon as possible.


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