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I had planned to try to tell you about the things I’ve been up to in a sort of chronological order, starting in April, 2020 (the most recent story that I submitted to the Plaza in November), but I decided to jump ahead (quite a bit) to this past March when I had the opportunity to cross off two of my Bondage Bucket List (BBL) items (doesn’t everyone have one?) and wanted to write about it now rather than next year (gasp! Is it almost 2022 already?).

By the way, I know I say this when I write my stories but I just think I should repeat it again, all conversations I write are, as best as I can recall, accurate. They are not word for word but they are as accurate as I recall.

Part 1

I hadn’t seen Nick for quite some time and although we keep in touch very regularly our schedules (he travels a lot) just don’t allow me to see him very often so when he offered, very unexpectedly, to help me with two of my BBL items (I had told him about several of them) I jumped at the opportunity … suspension and pet play.

I’ve wanted to experience these things for quite some time so after going over some of the things I/we had in mind on the phone I agreed to stay at his place for the weekend and, if either of my fantasies didn’t work out, he assured me he would find other ways to amuse me for the weekend, or better translated, “other ways to amuse himself for the weekend”

Also, staying the weekend was part of the deal so I had to agree to that as well before he would (finally) agree to try to fulfill my fantasies. I guess you could say he blackmailed me, I know I would.

He lives in Sarasota, about 1 ½ hours from me, so I left my house Friday morning at about 10 AM but because of traffic I didn’t get to his place until almost 12:30 PM. As usual I parked in his driveway and sent him a text that I was there (he had told me he would be working in his office … which is actually an old unattached 3 car garage that he converted to both an office and a “play space” and is behind his house … I parked by his other garage at the front of his house.

I went to the front door, rang the bell, he buzzed me in, and over the speaker told me there was a pot of coffee in the kitchen and to make myself comfortable and he’d join me in about 15 minutes.

I sat at the kitchen table with my coffee and I think in about 10 minutes or so Nick came in. He was carrying a folder that he put on the counter and as I stood up he stepped over to me, hugged me, and gave me his usual deep probing kiss that sort of makes me swoon but, more importantly, makes me very excited (sexually) and when he moved one hand over my breast and held me tighter with his other all I could do was try to rub my pussy against his thigh and grunt. What can I tell you, he just does that to me (and, surprisingly, the only other person that comes close to his kissing is Helen).

You might say that I’m too easy, well, when it comes to Nick, I am.

“It’s nice to see you too, now take your clothes off and meet me in the dungeon”. He calls the playroom in the garage the dungeon. 

As soon as he let me go I started to undress and he just turned and went out the back door from the kitchen and left me there. So much for small talk, like, how are you, how do you feel, the weather is nice and so on… It didn’t take me long to take my sweat shirt off (it was very cold that day), jeans, panties, bra and sneakers. But what did take long was to convince myself to go outside like that. Now I know his nearest neighbor is (maybe) a ¼ mile away but I was never outside naked before so besides this being a new experience he was already starting to treat me as the submissive little thing I am. 

Yes, I loved it, and, no, I was not happy to go out like that but unless I wanted to get dressed and go home I had no other choice so I stepped out into the cold, my nipples, already “perky”, became even more so, and I took quick barefoot steps to the garage. I went in through the regular door, not one of the garage doors, and as soon as I got inside the warmth was very welcoming and my shivering disappeared very quickly.

Nick was standing in the middle of the garage and told me to come to him. He had leather cuffs in his hands so when I got to him he turned me so my back was to him and when he started to put the cuffs on my wrists I moaned and he “giggled”. 

As soon as they were on he locked my wrists behind my back and I asked him how he was going to suspend me this way. 

“You’ll see”.

Not much detail and I started to worry that he was going to pull me up by my arms like that. Of course I know he would never do something to hurt me (too badly) but this really concerned me.

Next he is on his knees behind me putting cuffs on my ankles (in between putting on the cuffs he rubbed my ass and “almost” touched my pussy. More squirming on my part, more giggling on his part.

Reaching over my head he dangles a red ball gag and I opened as wide as I could so he could put it in my mouth. As soon as it was snug behind my teeth he buckled it fairly tight and I knew I was not going to be able to “spit it” out so, in my best gagged talk, I asked him “now what”? Of course it came out something totally garbled and while he may have understood some of it I think he got more pleasure from my drooling on my breasts, tummy and floor.

“I love when you do this. Don’t you”? he asked as he used his fingers to mop up some of it off my tummy and rub it over my face and nipples. It’s humiliating to have him rub it over my face, but it’s amazing how much more sensitive my now wet nipples were becoming and there was little I could do but try to play with his cock with my cuffed hands.

Once again he giggled/laughed and told me to get on my knees and then onto my back which, for me, is not so easy to do with my hands behind my back. I finally got down to a point that I was leaning over to my right and gravity helped do the rest. It was a little bumpy and made me squeal but once on my back I again started to realize just how exposed and helpless I was. It sent shivers through me and I loved the feeling.

When I was on my back I saw, for the first time, a winch hanging from chains in the ceiling (yes, I know what a winch looks like). I hadn’t remembered ever seeing it before so while it was a little bit of a surprise I knew that being suspended was now more than just a promise. It was going to happen and, again, I groaned and crossed my legs trying to rub myself. Of course he would have none of that and kicked my legs apart and stood between them.

What a lovely picture I was (I thought), naked, legs spread apart, hands cuffed behind my back, a big red ball gag in my mouth, drooling and horny as hell. 

As he lowered the chain he brought it down to maybe a foot or so above my ankles and then, taking one of my ankles he attached my cuff to a bar that he picked up from the floor and then used a hook from a chain at the end of the bar to the chain from the winch and that was when I saw that the cuff had a long length of leather that ran from my ankle and up along the inside of my foot (Nick later explained they were suspension cuffs) and when he picked up my other ankle to clip it to the other end of the bar I was now spread wide, on my back, gurgling like a mad woman, and suddenly began to have doubts about being hauled up like that but despite the fear that was creeping in all I wanted at that point was for him to (use) me (you know, “Ef” me) but the only thing he did was pat my pussy and tell me not to be in such a rush … bastard!

Then, as I was slowly being lifted I kept looking at my spread legs and at my pussy. Oh, I couldn’t see my pussy but I did see my (very neatly) shaved patch and I also felt the air sort of moving over (it). By the time my head was off the floor I could feel the weight of my body hanging from my ankles and despite all the images running through my mind about how open and vulnerable I was and how my nipples were aching, screaming, to be touched. I needed him to stop what he was doing and, again, take me, make me come…

While all these thoughts were racing through my mind I suddenly realized that he kept hauling me higher until I was finally face to face with his crotch and, once more, I tried to beg him to touch me but he would have none of that and his slap to the inside of my thigh brought me back to reality. I was his toy, he would do to me what he wanted and the only thing I could do about it, besides screaming, trembling, jerking and rocking back and forth was to use my safety but, of course, I did not. I was scared, frightened, crying and needed to be touched more, using my safety was not an option.

Now this may sound a little odd but one of the first things I noticed was the fact that my hands, cuffed behind my back, could not stay up, or is that down? (towards my ass) and it was a little painful to try to keep them “up”. When I’ve seen suspension videos I never thought about that but now I was experiencing it and while it was not overly painful it was not comfortable for my arms. It was becoming a real strain but at the same time that strain added to my cravings, the strain forced my mind/body to want more… 

However, before I could even try to start to complain Nick was standing behind me and with one palm over my pussy he started to slap my inner thighs. He started very lightly and as he did that I tried to encourage him to rub me more. His plan though was to begin slapping my thighs harder and harder making me scream and wriggle or, for maybe a better description, jerk my body like a rag doll. 

“Oh, dear”, he said, “you don’t look very comfortable, let me make it better”, and he just walked away from me, literally leaving me hanging!

“What the hell”, I (garbled) at him. Resulting in even more drool now flowing down my cheeks, in and around my nose, my eyes and probably into my hair, and certainly beginning to form a small lake under me.

“Can’t have you bitching all the time”, he said when he gently pushed me by my “pussy” so that I was now swinging and spinning, “I’m going to fix your arms so you are more comfortable but if you keep bitching I’ll whip your pussy. Do you understand”?

Still swinging I attempted to shake my head yes and I also yelled out yes (or yethhh or something like that) and, with the bastard still laughing, he grabbed my pussy, put a couple of fingers inside me, and helped me to stop swinging. 

My response to this kindness was inevitable, he was “playing’ with my pussy and I wanted him to finger me more and more, rub my clit, rub anything that would let me have an orgasm (I know, I still have a problem with saying “cum” or should I write “come”?).

After all, anyone that is willingly tied up, naked and hanging from the rafters while trying to get the person that was doing this to her to make her cum should be able to say just about any vulgarity that comes to mind…no?

Instead he pulled his fingers out and as I tried to shout every nasty word I could think of he tied a rope around my waist and then tied its ends to my wrists. They were now securely “up” near my waist and the strain was almost immediately gone. 

But he wasn’t finished “making me comfortable”. He had plans…

He tied another rope to the waist rope behind me and let it dangle while I just said “haatt u dnng” while swinging my ass in the air as much as I could. It’s really a weird feeling hanging like that and having no real way to control how you are able to move, you are totally at his mercy. Weird but exciting…

And then, the final steps of demonic torture; coming around in front of me he sort of squatted a little and put the first nipple clamp on me. Now as you know I have had nipple clamps used on me before but these were totally different and extremely nasty and painful. I had never experienced that much pain before and as I screamed bloody murder all I could think about was getting it off me…it was really that painful. 

As I was screeching and bouncing around his fingers found my pussy and as I flopped like an eel I also found myself ready to explode, I was on the very edge of coming, and he knew it because just as I began to spasm he pulled them out of me, lifted my head up, and kissed my soggy face while telling me he was almost done, just hang on for another few minutes … what, he was trying to be cute!!! Hang on…???

The pain was still very bad, and I almost called out to use my safety, and when he grabbed my other nipple I actually tried to run away. I don’t know if anyone has ever tried that while suspended by their ankles but trust me, you can’t run away, you can’t escape, there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent what you know is going to happen and when the other clamp bit into me I believe, to this day, I could have been heard in Miami … only a four hour drive away.

I couldn’t stop crying and I was finally too exhausted to move. I just hung there, sobbing, wishing he was dead...but also feeling everything begin to well up inside me again. I was now even hornier than I could imagine ever being with that much pain.

Standing again he gently rubbed my pussy and played with my clit and, well, I responded as I always do. I moved with his touch and cried some more. My nipples felt like they were literally on fire and, working together with my pussy, I felt myself building up towards coming again; and, then, his next step to torturing me happened when I felt it slide inside my pussy, it was a cock, not his of course, but this huge cock just slid in with no resistance whatsoever and by the time I realized he had taken that damn rope hanging from my waist and tied it around (the cock) so it wouldn’t come out, he turned it on and I was off on a rocket ship ride like none I had ever had before.

I was rocking, jerking, swaying, spinning, screaming, gurgling and when my (whole) body tensed and he took the clamps off … “I came”, and “I came”, and “I came”…

I literally have no idea how long I was out, but when I woke up I was wrapped in a blanket, on the couch in his living room, my head was on his lap, he was gently stroking my cheek and I whispered, because that was as loud as I could get, thank you.

“So glad you enjoyed yourself. When you are ready, take a shower and get dressed, we’re going out to dinner tonight and just to let you know, I enjoyed myself too”. 

He then helped me stand and as I wobbled towards the bedroom he gave my ass a gentle slap and said something like, “by the way, dress to please me”.


Thank you for reading my story and, as always, I appreciate any feedback, good or bad, and hope you have enjoyed the first part.


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