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David watches as a Mistress is put on trial for ignoring a safeword

Doc Marsden– Master Victor– continues his story as the party goes on. David finds out that it is a full weekend event, and wakes up the next morning the Master of a naked slave.

This is chapter two of four. This is either a Sci-Fi story woven through a BDSM story or a BDSM story woven through a Sci-Fi story. If you’re a Sci-Fi geek who doesn’t want the BDSM stuff, just skip through that to the Sci-Fi story. If you’re a BDSM freak who doesn’t care about the Sci-Fi stuff, skip that and enjoy the BDSM portions. The BDSM portions stand more or less on their own, but the Sci-Fi story is in four parts that only make sense if you have read the chapters in sequence.

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CHAPTER TWO - A Mistress on Trial

By the time Doc got back from the restroom, the center of the ballroom had been cleared and set up again. This time, there was a big table sitting near David. Further out were two smaller tables with chairs behind them. To one side were a dozen chairs similar to desks used in schools. The writing surface was folded down on most of the chairs, but as people filed in and sat down, they raised the surface up and set small notebooks on them.

“Masters and Mistresses,” the MC said slowly, “it is not with pleasure that I announce that there is to be a trial here tonight. Mistress Alicia has been accused of not honoring her slave’s safeword. Slave marcy contacted The Society’s slave hotline and requested intervention. Master Jorge Silvano will act as prosecutor. Mistress Julia Williamson will act as the defense representative. Members of the jury have been chosen at random from guests present tonight. Grand Master Emeritus Victor Marsden will preside as judge.”

The man with the red coat who had announced David when he entered, came and stood next to the MC. He thumped his large walking stick against the floor and said very loudly, “Hear ye, hear ye, the official court of The Society is now in session. All spectators are advised to remain silent during the proceedings.”

Doc winked at David and rolled his wheelchair out to behind the judge’s table. He looked over at a naked young woman sitting next to a man in a black suit and asked, “Slave marcy, do you wish to lodge charges against your Mistress?”

The naked young woman rose and said shakily, “I don’t want to, but I have to. I love my Mistress, but something is wrong and if it doesn’t stop, things could get out of control.”

“I understand, slave marcy,” Doc said softly, “but we need you to state the charges. What specifically happened?”

Slave marcy looked over at her Mistress and then back at Doc and said, “I hadn’t done anything wrong. I wasn’t being punished. But Mistress Alicia was in one of her moods and she usually took it out on me. Normally, that’s OK. Sometimes, I even like a little pain. But she wanted to fuck me in the ass with this huge dildo without preparing me or allowing me to prepare myself. I knew that it would tear me if I wasn’t loosened up, so I said no. She got mad and said that she wasn’t even going to use any lube. That’s when I used my safeword. I needed things to stop so she could calm down. But she forced me over the spanking horse and began pushing into me. It hurt horribly and I kept crying out my safeword, but she wouldn’t stop.”

Doc Marsden looked over at Mistress Alicia sitting with her representative and asked, “Is this how you remember the incident?”

“I was upset,” Mistress Alicia said calmly. “Maybe I’d had a bad day and was going to take it out on slave marcy, but that’s not unusual. I remember her saying no and I remember that I got very angry, but I don’t remember that she used her safeword.” She hung her head and said softly, “I don’t even remember fucking her. It was like a red fog descended over me. I don’t remember anything until she was lying over the spanking horse crying with blood seeping out of her ass.”

Doc leaned forward and placed his elbows on the table. David could see that Doc had placed his right hand on his neck. After a moment he raised up and said, “Mistress Alicia I believe that you don’t remember what happened. But I also believe that you totally lost control. What you don’t remember is slave marcy crying out, ‘Please Mistress, you haven’t prepared me. Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb... You will tear me with that. At least let me prepare myself. I don’t want this. Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb. I don’t want this. I don’t want this. Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb.’” Doc paused and then asked, “Do you remember now?”

Mistress Alicia looked at Doc in total shock. “Oh, my God,” she said. “I remember.” She looked over at slave marcy and said, “I’m so sorry, pumpkin. I don’t know what happened.” Then she started crying.

Doc waited until her sobs had subsided and asked, “So, do you plead guilty to the charges?”

Mistress Alicia looked over to her representative who nodded. Then she said, “Yes.”

Doc looked to the jury and said, “Masters and Mistresses of the jury. You will not need to decide guilt or innocence, but you will need to set forth the appropriate punishment.”

There was a quick flurry of conversation among the jurors, then one of them stood and said, “There is a prescribed punishment for these circumstances. The recommendation is that the Master or Mistress be reduced to slave status for a period of one month and must experience what the slave experienced less, of course, any potential of permanent harm or death.”

“Mistress Alicia, please stand before the court,” Doc said loudly. Mistress Julia led Mistress Alicia forward and positioned her in front of the judge’s desk. Then she stepped back behind the defense table.

“Mistress Alicia, I sentence you to a one month period of reversion. As a symbol of your slave status, you shall lose all body hair below the neck. Because of your obvious remorse, the hair on your head will be spared. You will regain Mistress status in thirty days or when the hair on your cunt has reached the length of one-half inch, whichever comes first. And you will be publicly fucked in the ass by slave marcy using the same dildo which you used on her. If you do not wish to abide by this decision, you will be expelled from The Society. Do you accept the punishment?”

Mistress Alicia stood silent for a moment. “Yes, Grand Master, I accept the punishment,” she then said and began slowly taking off her clothing.

“I further mandate,” Doc said loudly, “that you and slave marcy begin seeing one of The Society’s approved counselors to work on whatever led to this loss of control. Is that also acceptable?”

“Yes, Grand Master,” Mistress Alicia said softly. She was now standing naked before him.

“Members of The Society and all present here today,” Doc said loudly, “for the next thirty days you shall treat this woman as slave alice. Failure to do so will be dealt with by this court. Following her period of punishment, you shall once again give her the full titles and respect due any Mistress of The Society. Failure to do that will also be dealt with by the court... and by me personally.”

The staff men dressed in black hurried out and began removing the desks and chairs. Other staff rolled out a large, black, spanking horse that was mounted on a big rectangular platform. The horse itself looked like a gymnast’s vaulting horse except it didn’t have the big handles on the top. It did, however, have various straps to hold a person firmly in place.

The men in black were joined by several women also dressed in black and labeled as staff. They laid a large plastic tarp on the ballroom floor and then laid a smaller, black blanket over the tarp. One of them walked over to slave alice and said, “Stand in the middle of the blanket with your feet at elbow width and your arms straight out.”

Mistress Alicia– now slave alice– walked into the center of the blanket and stood with her legs spread and her arms straight out from her body. The woman followed her and after she was in place stood in front of her and said, “Wider. Your feet should be directly under your elbows.”

Slave alice looked down at her feet and then out at her arms and then bounced slightly as she moved each foot out about two inches. Three more women came scurrying out carrying a bunch of towels, a large bowl, and several bottles. Doc looked over at them and said firmly, “Confirm that this is the temporary removal cream. Her hair is supposed to grow back.”

“No,” said slave alice. “Use the permanent cream. Even after I regain my Mistress status, I want a reminder forever that I lost control and intentionally injured my slave whom I had sworn to protect.”

“If that is your wish,” Doc said. He then turned to the women and said, “Bring out the permanent cream.”

“We have it with us,” one of the women said. “Sometimes a slave becomes obnoxious and the order is changed from temporary to permanent.”

She then stood directly in front of slave alice and said, “This is going to sting a little...” She stopped and then resumed, “OK, it’s going to sting more than a little– but it only stings while it is killing the hair follicle.” She smiled at slave alice and added, “And after that, you never have to worry about shaving down there ever again.”

Slave alice said nothing and the women put on long rubber gloves and began smearing a rather foul-smelling cream all over her body from the neck down. From the tenseness in slave alice’s muscles, you could tell that it stung badly, but she said nothing.

“Now we wipe that off and use the neutralizer,” the lead woman said. She and the other two women then began carefully wiping the cream off of slave alice’s skin.

When the cream was all basically wiped off, they each held a spray bottle and began spraying a sweet-smelling liquid all over slave alice’s body. Her muscles relaxed greatly as the stinging finally totally stopped. Then the women again wiped her body. This time they weren’t quite as gentle.

“Bring forward the spanking horse,” Doc commanded and two staff men rolled it over to in front of the judge’s table and set some sort of brake to hold it in place.

“Slave alice,” he said firmly, “take your place on the horse.”

Slave alice carefully stepped off the blanket and walked over to the spanking horse. “I believe that you had slave marcy use a stool when she leaned over the horse so that after her hands were bound, her feet would be off the ground.”

Slave alice looked up at Doc and started to say, “How could you know that?” but her voice trailed off as one of the staff women set a small stool on the platform in front of the horse. She stepped up onto the stool and leaned over the leather padding. Two of the staff men took her arms and bound them firmly to the legs of the spanking horse. Then they walked around to the other side and spread her legs off the stool so they could bind her ankles to the legs of the horse on that side. When they were finished, slave alice was defenseless and totally displayed.

Slave marcy walked back into the brightly-lit area. She was now wearing a huge, black, strap-on dildo. She walked hesitantly up to her Mistress and began slowly rubbing a lubricant into her asshole. After one finger moved easily, she changed to two fingers. When they moved easily, she added more lube and switched to three fingers. She added more lube again when she started using all of her fingers held together in a wedge shape.

“I think you are ready,” slave marcy said. “By the rules of the court, I could have done this with no lube and no preparation, but I couldn’t do that to you... even if it would make you know how much you hurt me when you didn’t honor my safeword.”

“Thank you, slave marcy,” slave alice said, “you have the heart of a Mistress.”

“But I am happy as your slave,” slave marcy replied. “And I will be even happier when your heart has been restored.”

“Thank you, Mistress Marcy,” slave alice replied as slave marcy stood up on the small stool and began pushing the tip of the monstrous dildo against slave alice’s rosebud.

Slave marcy had prepared slave alice well and after a few slow pushes, the tip of the dildo opened slave alice’s anal sphincter and began its forced entry into her bowels. Slave marcy had to hold onto slave alice’s hips to keep herself on the stool and grunted several times with the effort of forcing the huge dildo into slave alice’s ass. Slave alice grunted even more as the monster stretched her and filled her insides.

Finally, after several minutes, slave marcy had the dildo fully within slave alice. She waited almost three minutes before she started thrusting. She used slow, deliberate thrusts that were each accompanied by a small grunt as she forced her body forward and drove the dildo deep into slave alice’s bowels.

The dildo and harness was designed so that pressure was transferred to slave marcy’s clit with each forward thrust. After a short while, slave marcy’s grunts were getting louder and slightly more shrill. After a longer time, slave alice began to push back against slave marcy’s thrusts. Slave marcy continued thrusting for almost ten minutes until suddenly she stopped and began quivering as she slowly pushed the dildo all the way in. Just as she got it fully inserted into slave alice ass, she gave a great groan and collapsed on top of slave alice. The small stool tumbled off the platform and lay on the floor. Slave marcy lay on top of slave alice maintaining a slow rhythm of pushing against the dildo until slave alice let out a somewhat softer groan. Then she stopped all movement and just lay there on top of her Mistress.

After a few moments, slave alice said very softly, “I always wondered what that actually felt like.” Slave marcy, still laying on top of slave alice, replied even more softly, “I love you, Mistress.”

Doc clapped his hands loudly twice and pointed at one of the staff men. The staff man gave a short whistle to summon three others and they rolled the spanking horse, along with slaves alice and marcy, off into the darkness. Then Doc said loudly, “That is the last of our programmatic events for this evening. You all know where the private entertainment rooms are if you desire them. If you haven’t checked in yet, please go to the desk in the entry foyer to find out your accommodations for the weekend.”

He then turned to David and said, “You are also staying the weekend. If there is anything special you need from your apartment, I will send someone for it. It is very important to me... and to you... that you hear my whole story.” He chuckled and shook his head, “And I think you are starting to see that my story isn’t something you can take in all at once.”

Doc made a hand motion to indicate that David should stay seated. So, David sat back down and pulled his chair closer to Doc Marsden’s wheelchair. Doc stroked his chin slightly and said, “Let’s see now, where was I in my story? Oh yes, I had just guessed that the brunette had come back from the bathroom totally commando. After the laughter from her seven girlfriends died down I said, ‘I’ve never met a woman who didn’t have an aura before. Do you want to move to another table and talk about it for a while?’”

Doc gave David a big smile and then said, “We moved over to one of the small tables and started talking.” He laughed slightly and then continued, “I don’t even remember what we talked about, but all of a sudden the bartender was yelling out, ‘Last Call. We close in a half hour. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.’ It was two o’clock in the morning. Her friends were gone. We were about the only people still in the bar. I looked at her and said, ‘I guess this is where one of us says ‘Your place or mine?’”

“‘Or I just walk home... back to our hotel room,’ she said. ‘I can walk with you,’ I said quickly. To which she replied, ‘You did notice that I have seven roommates, didn’t you?’”

“I smiled at her and said, ‘I know. Walking you back to your hotel means just walking you back.’”

“‘And what does walking back to your hotel mean?’ she asked.”

Doc looked sheepish, almost embarrassed as he said, “I told her ‘Anything you want it to mean.’ That’s when she said, ‘Just a drink and a view from your balcony.’ Then she added, ‘I will leave after that. There, now you don’t have any false hopes or whatever.’”

He looked David in the eyes and said, “I got the idea she was testing me, so I said, ‘If that’s what you want, that’s what we’ll do.’” He smiled as if remembering something particularly pleasant and then said, “And that is what I intended to do, but...”

He got very silent and looked out over the top of the small crowd that still remained in the ballroom. After a while, David said, “But what? What happened?”

Doc shook his head and said, “Sorry, got lost in my memories.” He took a deep breath and then said, “I decided that I needed more information about her, so I thought about when she was packing for the trip and pushed the jewel or whatever it was that was now hiding on my neck. I was suddenly in her room at the sorority. She was sorting through her underwear drawer and rolling up the panties she wanted to take with her. I was looking over her shoulder and could see that there were two pair of leather panties on the bottom of the drawer. I leaned in closer to her and said, ‘Take those.’”

“She stopped for a second and shook her head like she wasn’t sure what had just happened, then she pulled the two leather panties out of the drawer. One was black leather and rather large, almost a granny panty. Across the top of it, like a belt, there was some writing on the leather in a bold, golden font that said, ‘Mistress Deborah.’ The other panty was almost a micro. It was white leather with bikini-like tie straps on the sides. Across the front of the leather, in a black, handwriting-style font it said, ‘slave debbie.’”

“I pressed the button and was once again back on the sidewalk with her walking towards my hotel. We only went a little further when I said firmly, ‘Stop. We have to talk.’”

“She stopped and turned to look at me. ‘What about?’ she asked and I said, ‘I need to tell you the truth. I’m the one that made you bring your fantasy panties. That’s why you were short two pair and wore your grungy orange ones.’”

“She got really quiet and then said softly, ‘They’re not fantasy panties. They are for when I get together with some of my friends in the community.’”

“‘But you weren’t going to bring them,’ I said. ‘I went back and put the idea in your mind. I didn’t realize how strong that power of suggestion would be. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have misused the power. I’ll just walk you to your hotel and it will be like we never met.’”

“She turned to me and asked “What do you mean by ‘went back’?’ I told her the whole story. She thought the panty color aura trick was very funny. Then she started walking again and said, ‘Let’s go to your hotel room. You promised me a view of the strip from your balcony.’”

“‘You’re not mad?’ I stammered out.”

“‘No,’ she said. ‘You suddenly have something very powerful and it takes a while to understand it and not misuse it. I’ve seen that in Masters or Mistresses with their first slave. But you knew you misused your power. You’re starting to recognize the responsibility of being powerful... Master Victor.”

“I took her hand and said, ‘Do you think Mistress Deborah can help Master Victor learn how to use his new power?”

Doc was silent for several seconds. Then he took a really deep breath and said, “We were married for over fifty years. She was Grand Mistress of The Society for twenty of those years.” He shook his head very slowly and said, “She was special, both as Mistress Deborah and as slave debbie, though sometimes I think she was more powerful as debbie than she ever was as Deborah.”

He turned to David and said, “I think that’s enough for tonight. You have the room next to mine. That was Deb’s room for when she wanted to use one of her slaves overnight. She was a much more strict Mistress than I ever was a Master.”

He shook his head as if clearing his mind of memories and then said, “I can arrange for company for you for the night, if you so desire. There are slut-slaves of every color, flavor, and gender here tonight.”

“I don’t think so, Doc,” David answered. “I think I need some time by myself to try to figure out... everything.”

“Remember, the weekend is just starting,” Doc said firmly. “Breakfast will be at eight. I’ll send someone to wake you up around six. That will give us time to sit and talk before breakfast.”

“Fine,” David answered. Doc made a hand signal and a young woman dressed in staff black stepped forward and said, “If you will follow me, I will show you to your room.”


David was in the middle of a wonderful dream when his eyes opened in the morning. Except the dream didn’t stop. He tried to sit up, but the young woman sucking on his prick reached up and pressed on his chest, keeping him in place so he lay back and enjoyed her expert blowjob.

As she sucked on his dick, he watched her bald, glistening head bob up and down. She was straddling one of his legs, which kept her own legs spread wide enough for David to have a very clear view of her totally naked cunt. Her entire body seemed to glisten with a light film of something, but her cunt was obviously dripping something more than the oil that covered her body.

David arched his back slightly as his balls released and he ejaculated into the young woman’s mouth. He expected her to release him and let his cum spurt onto the bed, but instead she kept her mouth firmly in place and swallowed everything.

As David lay there breathing hard, she smiled up at him and said, “Good morning, Master David.”

“Who are you and why are you in my bedroom?”

“I am slave yul,” she replied. “I am here because I am a submissive slut who loves serving my Master.”

“That explains why you are a slave, yul,” David responded, “but why are you here?”

“Master Victor has given me to you for the weekend,” she replied. “Or perhaps permanently, but in any case, he said that it would not do for a Master to be here without a naked slave following him around.”

“OoooKaaayy,” David said, sitting up on the bed. “Let me shower and get dressed and we will go to breakfast. Maybe Doc will explain things.”

“I can shower you and get you cleaned up,” slave yul said pleasantly, bowing at the waist as she stood next to his bed. “You will probably want to shave yourself, but I can do the rest.”

“I’m just getting used to all of this,” David said as he stood and walked into the bathroom. “I think I’d better shower myself.”

“It is a big shower,” slave yul replied. “I will get in with you and at least soap your back.”

“OK,” David said, “but let’s keep it limited to that.”

Slave yul insisted on starting the shower and then getting in first to make sure that the water was properly adjusted. Then she smiled and said “It is ready, Master David.”

As David got into the shower, he noticed that slave yul kept twisting her head rapidly as if flicking the water off her face. He was going to ask her what she was doing but then he noticed that she had no eyebrows or eyelashes and was trying to keep the water out of her eyes. She was Oriental and her face looked very weird with no eyebrows or eyelashes. Maybe she would have looked just as weird if she was Occidental, but her olive skin and slightly slanted, almond-shaped eyes seemed to make the lack of eyebrows and eyelashes even more odd.

“Why did they remove your eyelashes?” David asked as slave yul handed him a washcloth.

“They didn’t, Master,” she replied, bowing her head slightly. “I have alopecia. My own body decided that it didn’t want to have any hair.”

“That must have been difficult growing up,” he replied. “You probably got teased a lot.”

“No, Master,” she said. “It was a blessing. It happened shortly after my eighteenth birthday. I had realized by then that I was a submissive slut. It was what I was and there was nothing I was going to be able to do about it. I was almost ready to kill myself to prevent bringing shame upon my family, then this happened.” She used her hand to gesture at her face and then down at her cunt. “Losing all of my bodily hair made me an outcast,” she said firmly. “That was shameful, but it was my shame alone. And as an outcast, I was no longer a part of my family. I could bring them no shame. So I was free to be the submissive slut my body wanted to be.”

She began soaping his back... all the way down, but continued talking. “But I didn’t have a Master to control and protect me,” she said softly. “I soon came under the influence of evil men who would have used me up and thrown me away... if I was still alive. But Master Victor found me. He convinced the evil men to sell me to him for one hundred yen. That is less than one American dollar. He could have met any price they asked, but he was very angry with how they were using me. They laughed at him at first, but then he began telling them things no one could know about how they made their money. One of them tried to shoot Master Victor, but his gun was empty. Another pressed a button to call his men from another area of the building, but the buzzer didn’t work. Finally one of them called out, ‘Akuma! Akuma! Take her, Demon. She is our gift to you.’ They thought Master Victor was the Devil.”

She giggled slightly as she rinsed David’s back. “Master Victor slowly counted out the one hundred yen,” she continued, “and placed it on the table in front of them. He had refused their gift and shamed them with the extremely low price that he paid them. He looked them in the eye and said very firmly, ‘Never try to find her or I will return.” Then he ordered me to follow him. He brought me here and I have served him ever since.”

David stepped out of the shower. Slave yul quickly stepped out and handed him a large towel. She used another towel to quickly dry herself and then waited while David shaved and dried his hair. As he was brushing his hair into place, he looked over at slave yul and said, “That does speed up getting ready in the morning, doesn’t it? And you don’t have to wonder about how you will wear your hair for the day.” Slave yul just giggled and followed David back into the bedroom.

David looked in his suitcase which had been brought from his apartment. Doc had said today would be casual, so he selected a different pair of blue jeans and a light blue Henley-style shirt. It was basically a polo shirt with no collar so it looked a lot more casual. The men hadn’t packed any of his other shoes, so he stayed with the black sneakers. After he was ready, he said to slave yul, “I don’t know where I’m going, so you’d better lead me to where we are having breakfast.”

Slave yul’s eyes opened wide. “No, Master,” she said in surprise, “that would not be right. A slave never leads a Master. I will walk three steps behind you.”

“But I don’t know where I’m going,” David said, starting to sound exasperated.

“Then I will walk at heel behind your left elbow,” slave yul said firmly, “and whisper suggestions as we walk.”

David laughed and said, “I didn’t realize there were social protocols for walking a slave. Thank you, slave yul, for teaching me how to be a Master.”

“You already know how to be a Master,” slave yul replied with a smile. “You just need some polish and refinement of your techniques.”

David nodded his head and then said, “Follow at my elbow... I mean heel... or whatever,” and walked out of the room. Slave yul took her position and whispered, “left” as they went through the door.

In a few minutes they were back in the ballroom. Tables had been set up at one end and a large stage was in the middle. Doc was already at a table, so David walked briskly through the crowd and joined him. Again, there was a chair waiting for him next to Doc. He looked around, unsure of where to tell slave yul to sit, but she just smiled at him and quickly knelt next to his chair.

“You have interesting alarm clocks here,” David said as he sat down at the table.

Doc laughed and said, “That is slave yul. I named her after Yul Brenner. After she found out who he was, she loved the name. She is... insatiable. She could wear out a mechanical man. You will see her later in the Big O contest. I have assigned her to you for the weekend, so I would advise eating your oysters at dinner tonight.”

“Uhhh...” was all David could answer.

Doc patted the table next to his wheelchair and said, “Come, closer. Let me go on with my story.” David shifted his chair so that it was closer to Doc and Doc continued his story.

“You may have figured out that it was love at first sight,” Doc began. “Well, Deborah and I got married at the end of the summer. She came from a really well-to-do, high society family. They didn’t like me very much until I paid off all of Deb’s college debts. They also noticed that I always seemed to know important people’s names before they introduced me to them. Deb finally told me that I was trying too hard and that people were starting to talk about my habit of smacking my neck all the time like I had a mosquito buzzing around me. After that, I saved the looping for when I made a major mistake, and I learned to be real surreptitious about pressing the jewel. I figured out I really didn’t have to press it, I just had to make contact with it, so all I had to do was pull my hand across my neck and it activated. I tried it a couple of times when I didn’t mean to activate it and it did nothing. So, evidently I had to want to activate it and somehow touch it with my hand or fingers or whatever.”

“Paying off Deb’s and my college debts used up most of my nest egg, so we went back to Vegas to get a little more money. I figured hitting it big on the roulette wheels a second time would draw too much attention... or maybe get me killed... so I hit the twenty-one tables. I tried to keep it reasonable. I kept my winnings to less than $50,000 at each casino. But I hadn’t figured on several of the casinos actually being owned by the same people or that the security people worked together and kept common files on big winners. I had won just short of $400,000 when we stopped at the last casino.”

“As soon as I sat down at the table, two big goons stepped up on either side of me and said, ‘The boss wants to see you.’ Another goon grabbed Deb by the arm and they started hustling us to the back of the casino. I bent over so I could touch the jewel and I intercepted myself in the parking lot. I was really scared, so I tried to grab myself by the hand to get me to slow down or turn me around or whatever. It felt like an electric shock went through my body and suddenly I was the old me. I mean, I was still the future me, but I replaced the old me.”

“I immediately stopped, grabbed Deb by the hand and said, ‘Let’s get out of here.’ We didn’t even go back to our hotel. We just got in our car and took off. I paid a private investigator to check us out of the hotel and send us our luggage. He told me that the people at the hotel were really anxious to know where I was. Then he advised me to never come back to Vegas. That was a long time ago. Supposedly the casinos are clean and law-abiding now, but I never went back.”

Doc was interrupted by the servers who began setting food on the table. David noted that they were very fast and efficient... and that they were all naked. About half– both men and women– were clean-shaven. Most were wearing collars of one sort or another. One woman, who seemed to be in charge of all of the servers, was wearing a very tiny black bikini bottom and bright silver pasties on her nipples. She had a collar around her neck, so she must have been a slave of some sort. Maybe the minimal clothing was a symbol of her authority over the other slaves.

David turned to ask slave yul if she wanted anything, but she was gone. “She’s competing in the Big O contest,” Doc said as he poured some syrup on his pancakes. “It should be starting in just a few minutes.”

David spread some butter on his stack of pancakes and was debating between the four flavors of syrup when the MC from the first night called out, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Masters and Doms, this morning we have an orgasm contest between six of your slaves.”

Six naked slut slaves walked out onto the stage. Slave yul looked almost tiny standing with the other five naked sluts. There were six Sybian machines lined up across the stage. Each was lifted slightly up from the floor of the stage by a small platform and was surrounded by a framework of some sort. There were several pulleys and cables hanging from the top bar of the frame.

David watched slave yul as she stood next to one of the machines and squirted a large glob of lube onto her palm. She rubbed her hands together for a moment and then began smearing the lube all over the two dildos which stuck straight up from the pink saddle area of the machine. Then she stood over the machine and slowly lowered herself down onto the two prongs. Once she was in place, a man dressed in the customary staff black, carefully bent her calves back and strapped her legs in place. Her ankles were almost even with her hips and her knees were several inches off the floor. She was now fully supporting her weight with her crotch. A leather belt was added that kept her from rising up off the saddle of the Sybian.

“If you’ve never seen a Sybian before,” Doc began to explain, “It vibrates very intensely and very loudly. The vibrations alone will drive a woman crazy, but that big front dildo also rotates and wobbles. It runs around the inner walls of a slut’s cunt and hits every g-spot a woman might have, no matter how hidden they might be. The back dildo just sits there, but it conducts those heavy-duty vibrations right into the middle of the slut’s ass. A Sybian on full power could get an orgasm out of a block of ice.”

“Oh,” said David as he returned to watching slave yul settle in on her machine. Once she had quieted, a naked slave walked up to her and pulled down one of the cables. There was a rectangular piece of leather attached to the end of the cable which the slave put in slave yul’s mouth. Once the leather was firmly clamped in slave yul’s teeth, the naked slave attached an oversized wooden clothespin to each of slave yul’s nipples. David could see slave yul grunt slightly as the clothespins were attached. Each of the clothespins was attached to a thin cable which went up to the top frame where it went through a pulley and then came back down to support a shiny cylinder about the size of a soda can.

After all of that was in place, the naked slave pulled down two cables with big rings on their ends and placed the rings in slave yul’s hands. After slave yul was tightly gripping the rings, the naked slave began wrapping a wide piece of leather over her hands, binding them to the rings.

“Those rings have some control over the Sybian,” Doc said, pointing at slave yul. “Once the power is turned on, the rings will control the intensity of the vibration and the speed and wobble of the dildo. If she pulls the rings down, the intensity increases. If she hits a Big O, they have another use, but you will see that soon enough.”

“What does the cable with the leather piece do?” David asked.

Doc laughed and said, “I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

David would have pressed Doc about it, but the MC stepped in front of the center of the stage, held up his right hand, and said loudly, “All bets should be in place. The orgasm contest begins in three... two... one... He then brought his arm down sharply and the Sybians sprang to life. A large display on the floor of the stage also lit up and started counting down from twenty minutes.

The noise was almost deafening. Two of the slut slaves almost immediately started bucking their cunts against the saddles and yelping in time with the rotation of the dildo in their cunts. Another two sat almost rigid, as if they were willing the vibrations to go away. One girl pulled her rings down so that her arms were straight out to her sides and then sat there with her head slightly back moaning softly. Slave yul pulled her rings all the way down so that her hands were at the 5:30 and 7:30 positions. Despite the overall noise, it sounded like her Sybian got louder when she did that.

Slave yul sat with her head tilted fully back and her eyes closed. After three or four minutes, she groaned loudly through her clenched teeth and raised her hands back up to the top position. There was a loud clang and the display on the top of her frame switched from zero to one.

“This is a time and number contest,” Doc said almost excitedly. “You get so many points for each minute you stay in the contest and additional points for each orgasm. It’s a twenty-minute contest, so it is possible that several of the sluts will stay in for the whole time. That means the number of orgasms might decide the winner.”

“What takes them out of the contest?” David asked.

Doc laughed, “Again,” he said, “I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the point is to orgasm as many times as possible without going all the way to the Big O.”

“Can’t they,” David said, “just fake it? Aren’t girls supposed to be real good at faking it?”

“They might fool you... or possibly even me,” Doc replied, “but they can’t fool the sensors on those machines. Those dildos have been specially constructed with sensors that measure contraction of the vagina and asshole. It would take a female Houdini to have that much control while on that machine.”

Two loud clangs brought David’s attention back to the machines on the stage. One of the slave’s who had been grinding herself against her saddle now had a one displayed above her. The slave who had held her hands out straight out also had a one.

David started to turn away, but Doc tapped him on the shoulder and said, “You’ll want to watch this. Slave lucy is always the first to go big. David turned back toward the stage. One of the two slaves who had been sitting so rigidly still was now starting to bounce and bob on her machine. It was obvious an orgasm was building within her and she was trying to push it back down... unsuccessfully. Suddenly she rose as high off the machine as the restraint belt would allow. Her arms pulled down as her body tensed and spasmed. Then she tilted her head back, opened her mouth wide and screamed as an intense orgasm tore through her body.

Several things happened almost simultaneously. One, a loud buzzer sounded and the display above slave lucy’s head showed a big red X across a time of 15:27. Two, with the leather released from slave lucy’s mouth, both shiny objects dropped from the top frame, tearing the clothespins off of her nipples. Three, the cables holding her hands suddenly went tight, pulling her arms taut above her head. And four, her Sybian roared to maximum.

Slave lucy was now calling out almost continuously, “Oh, God... Oh, God... No, no, no... aaaahhh,” as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body.

Doc leaned in closer to David and said, “Slave lucy always orgasms out first. If she would only learn that she needs to not hold back. If you hold back an orgasm, it just builds. If you let it out, it is less intense. That’s how you win.”

“Then why does she keep competing?” David asked and then quickly added, “I mean, why does her Master or Mistress keep entering her?”

“I’ll answer both questions,” Doc said with a laugh. “Her Master keeps entering her in hopes that she will learn to let herself go into a petite orgasm so that she can hold off the grand orgasme de la mort.” He paused and pointed to slave lucy, who was descending into incoherence as she writhed in almost continuous orgasm on her racing machine. “And slave lucy secretly wants as many orgasms as possible but her mind won’t let her body do what it wants.”

“Oh,” said David.

The bells were clanging almost continuously now as one slave or another experienced what Doc had called a petite orgasm. David went back to eating his breakfast, but then the loud buzzer again sounded. This time it was one of the slaves who had been grinding herself against her saddle. Her time was crossed out at 12:03. Another buzzer sounded and the other saddle grinder screamed out in pain or passion or a combination of the two as the large clothespins were torn from her nipples and she experienced her grand orgasme de la mort. It was now just slave yul, the slave who kept her arms straight out, and a third slave who sat rigidly in her saddle almost like a statue. The counter above her still displayed a zero.

When the timers got to 5:00 almost everyone had stopped eating and was watching intensely. At 3:11, the buzzer sounded again and the slave with her arms held wide was now sitting with them held taut above her head. It was only slave yul and the statue as David was now thinking of her.

“If they both make it through the final dash,” Doc said, “slave yul is the winner because she has six orgasms recorded. If she doesn’t make it and slave evon does, then slave evon wins even though she hasn’t had a single orgasm.”

David found himself rooting for slave yul. After watching her so far, he had no doubts she could finish the contest. Then at 1:00 all of the Sybians roared to maximum. Evidently those on high before were only at 70 or 80 percent. Now they were all at 100 percent. Slave yul was rocking forward and back in an obvious attempt to hold off the orgasm of death, as Doc called it. At ten seconds, the entire crowd began counting down.

When the clocks reached zero, it suddenly became deathly quiet as all of the Sybians shut off at the same time. There was a short pause and then two screams of passion echoed through the ballroom. Slave yul and salve evon both were sitting with their heads thrown back surrendering themselves to their grand orgasme de la mort.

“Slave yul won,” David said excitedly. “What does she win?”

“Nothing but the praise of her master,” Doc replied, “but that is one of the most precious gifts a slave can ever receive.” He then pointed over David’s shoulder.

David turned. Slave yul was standing there all sweaty and out of breath. “You did very well, slave yul,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you, Master,” she replied enthusiastically. Then she lowered her head and said, “This slave is covered with sweat... and other things. If Master would allow, this slave will go cleanse herself before returning to your side.”

“Of course, slave yul,” David replied. “I am sure you will know where to find us when you return.”

Doc looked down at his watch. “We have time before the races,” he said flatly, “Why don’t I tell you more of my story? After Deb graduated from college, she got a low-level job with a Wall Street brokerage. But she had a rich client... me. And soon she had other clients who had heard of her phenomenal success in predicting the markets. Within two years, she was a partner, but that meteoric rise evidently got the attention of SEC investigators.”

“They sent one of their young, super-tough people who was known for getting her man... or woman. Deb was worried, but I told her to tell the truth, that her husband was psychic. They wouldn’t believe her, but it would confuse the hell out of them as they tried to prove that I couldn’t be magically predicting the stock market.”

“I was there for that meeting with the investigator. She was a lawyer– a Harvard graduate by the name of Veronica Harrison. Her card said ‘Ms Veronica Harrison, Esquire.’ Under that it said, ‘Chief Legal Investigator.’ She had the haughty demeanor and expensive clothing to match every word on that card. Everything about her from her carefully coiffed hair to her expensive black pumps said ‘I am powerful.’ Her expertly tailored suit dress looked like it would impress any judge or jury with her competence and importance when they took us to trial, if it ever got that far.”

“We sat at a table in the conference room. She had a briefcase full of stock reports and trend graphs. She carefully laid out six stacks of paper on the table and said, ‘Every one of these stocks suffered a major, unexpected drop in the past year. And in each case that a stock dropped, you sold short.’ She laid out five more stacks of papers and said, ‘Every one of these stocks experienced a sudden major jump in the past year. In every case where a stock jumped, you bought just before the important announcement was made that caused the climb. One is luck. Two is skill. Eleven is stock manipulation or insider trading and I am going to take you down.’”

“‘And twelve is the ability to see the future,’ I said with a smile. Then I added, ‘Or sometimes the past. How about this, Ms Harrison? If I tell you some things from your past or your present or your future that I couldn’t possibly know... your first love?.. your greatest fear?.. your childhood friend?.. your most hidden secret?.. your deepest desire?.. would you accept that I am a psychic?’”

“Deb laughed and added, ‘the color of your panties?..’ That got a scowl both from me and from Ms Harrison.”

“I reached into the inside pocket of my suit coat and set six envelopes on the table. ‘I provide what you call the inside stock information to my wife, Deborah,’ I said evenly. ‘And as proof that I am truly psychic, these envelopes will provide the answers to the questions I just proposed.’”

“The three of us sat there in silence for a few moments when all of a sudden Deb got a really weird expression on her face and said, ‘I don’t need those envelopes because I know the answer to the big question that nobody is asking.’”

“I looked at her like she had gone nuts, but she just smiled at me and said very sweetly, ‘Trust me on this one, honey, this is my field of expertise.’”

“She stood up and walked around the table to stand next to Ms Harrison. The woman turned her chair to look at Deb and Deb began to speak. ‘I can,’ she said slowly and deliberately, ‘tell you the reasons you started this investigation... both the reason you told yourself and the reason you won’t admit to yourself.’”

“Ms Veronica Harrison turned her chair back to the table and started gathering up the folders she had placed there. ‘It looks like I will be seeing you in court,’ she said in a very threatening voice.”

“‘No,’ Deb replied firmly turning the chair back so Ms Harrison was again facing her, ‘we will be seeing you in my playroom.’ She paused and then said, ‘That’s where you want to be. You had your staff do a deep background check on me. You heard ALL about me and you think you want the pleasure of humiliating a Dom like me.’”

“Deb paused and stared down at the young lawyer. It was very, very quiet in that room. ‘But what you really... truly... secretly... want in the bottom of your heart,’ Deb continued, ‘is to grovel naked at my feet and beg to be my slave.’”

“‘No... no, that isn’t true,’ the young woman replied. Her voice sounded firm, but for some reason she was leaning forward on her chair and starting to take off her expensive suit coat.”

“‘On your knees,’ Deb said in a tone of voice that I had only heard her use once or twice before.”

“Ms Harrison slid out of her chair and knelt on the floor. Her suit coat was on the table. Her blouse would soon join it.”

“Deb picked up the first envelope. ‘Your first love,’ she said softly and then tore open the envelope. ‘Harold Knox. You had a crush on him in the fifth grade. He was in eighth grade and didn’t even know you existed.’ She made an exaggerated frown and said, ‘Poor girl.’”

“‘The second envelope was your greatest fear,’ Deb said as she picked it up. Then she tore it open and said, ‘Surprise! surprise! You are terrified that people will learn about your kinky side.’”

“She picked up the third envelope and said, ‘Childhood friend? Let me guess... you didn’t have any friends... except one girl in the grade above you who didn’t return your attempts at friendship.’ She tore the envelope open and said, ‘Rheana Hart. I didn’t guess the name but I got everything else right, didn’t I?’”

“Veronica Harrison reached behind herself and unclasped her bra. As it dropped to the floor, she moved her hands behind her head and locked her fingers together.”

“Deb picked up the fourth envelope. ‘Your most hidden secret?’ Deb said leaning in close to Veronica’s face. She threw the envelope back on the table unopened. ‘I don’t need to open it. Your most hidden secret... The secret you keep buried all the way in the back of your closet is that you like to tie yourself up. You get off on it. You get off even more if you cram that giant vibrator of yours up your twat and maybe put that jeweled butt plug up your ass.’”

“Ms Harrison began shaking. She was crying, but did not break the attention position which lifted up and displayed her perky tits.”

“Deb threw the fifth envelope on the table unopened. ‘Your deepest desire is that someone who understands your needs would tie you up... and not just your body... they would tie up your life, your total being. Deep down in that Ivy League heart of yours you want to be somebody’s slave. You want to be able to openly be what you are... part of the time. You need a break from being dragon lady by being... slave roni.’”

“Veronica was still crying, but now her nipples were standing tall and proud.”

“‘Final envelope,’ Deb said holding it up. ‘My question. The color of your underwear.’ Deb began to carefully tear open the envelope. Then she stopped, smiled at roni, and said, ‘It’s empty, isn’t it?’ As she said that she pulled down the kneeling woman’s skirt and slip... revealing a fully shaved cunt.”

“‘Bend over,’ she said firmly. When roni didn’t move she repeated herself a little louder. ‘Bend over! I want to see your secret jewel.’”

“The kneeling woman bent forward until her head was nearly on the floor. Deb kicked the chair out of the way and moved around behind her. ‘Hmmm,’ she said, ‘that is an awfully cheap-looking jewel on that ass plug. And what is this little white dot in the middle?’ She reached forward and pressed it. Suddenly a dozen or so LEDs lit up in the plastic jewel and the plug began vibrating.”

“Deb laughed for a while and then said, ‘Wait a minute. That little dial next to the button is a timer, isn’t it? You wear it all day dreading that you can’t get somewhere safe and reset the timer, don’t you?’ She reached forward and stroked roni’s ass and said, ‘But the lights wouldn’t show in daytime and the buzzing isn’t that loud. There has to be more than that.’”

“The kneeling woman suddenly shot back upright and took it a deep, gasping breath.”

‘Oh,’ Deb said with a laugh, ‘it has a shock circuit in it. Does it get harder... and faster? How long until you can’t stand it and have to pull it out of your ass and shut it off?’”

“She stroked the woman’s breast and tweaked a nipple, getting a big gasp in response. ‘I tell you what,’ Deb said, ‘you can bend over and reach around and take that out... or you can step out of the rest of your clothing and kneel before me and submit yourself to me as my slave. Then I will let you roll over and take yourself high while that little thing shocks the living hell out of your asshole.’”

“Deb stepped back just a little and gave the woman room to stand up and step out of her skirt and slip. ‘I name you slave roni,’ Deb said firmly as roni knelt, stretched her arms out over her head, and bent over until her forehead was on the ground.”

“‘I submit myself to you as your slave,’ roni said softly.”

“‘I accept you as slave roni,’ Deb said. Then she said, ‘You may pleasure yourself as much as you want.’”

“Ms Veronica Harrison, now slave roni, rolled over onto her back with her legs spread and attacked her cunt with her fingers. She must have taken herself over the top seven or eight times before she finally just lay there quivering as that butt plug shocked her. Deb rolled her over on her stomach, reached down, and pulled the plug from her ass. There was a recessed button of the side that finally shut it all down. She wrapped it in my handkerchief and then wiped her hands on roni’s blouse.”

“After a while, slave roni recovered and Deb instructed her to dress. Then we sat at the table and Ms Harrison told us how to avoid triggering another SEC investigation. You just had to lose once in a while and not be the first one to jump onto a rising stock or bail on a dropping one. Deb and I made millions and millions in the stock market and the SEC was never again interested in us.”

“Ms Harrison would come down to our place every two months and spend a week as slave roni. She was the first of Deb’s slaves and when she retired, she came down to live with us as a permanent slave. She and Deb are both buried in the Marsden Mausoleum. Some day I will be buried there. But that’s for the future. For now, we have some pony races to attend.

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