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David is invited to Marsden Mansion for a party that will change his life

Weird Doc Marsden is weird because he has a timelooper and can change the past. He is also a member of The Society, a retired Grand Master, and a very kinky old man who has a story to tell David that will change his life.

This is chapter one of four. This is either a Sci-Fi story woven through a BDSM story or a BDSM story woven through a Sci-Fi story. If you’re a Sci-Fi geek who doesn’t want the BDSM stuff, just skip through that to the Sci-Fi story. If you’re a BDSM freak who doesn’t care about the Sci-Fi stuff, skip that and enjoy the BDSM portions. The BDSM portions stand more or less on their own, but the Sci-Fi story is in four parts that only make sense if you have read the chapters in sequence.

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CHAPTER ONE - The Marsden Mansion

David DeAngelo walked slowly into the elaborately-restored ballroom of the Marsden Mansion. Doctor Victor Marsden was very rich and more than a little eccentric– though some people would use the word kinky rather than eccentric. Rumors of his parties had swirled around the small town of Pattersonville for the sixty years he had owned Marsden Mansion, once called the Patterson Estate.

The Pattersons founded a town around their mill in the late 1800's and named it after themselves. They soon became immensely wealthy. The second generation built a huge country estate back in the 1920s. The roaring twenties were an era when rich people showed off their money. It was also an era built on inflated property and stock values. The Pattersons went bust in the crash of ‘29 and the estate fell into ruin.

The bank foreclosed on the property, divided the manor house into small apartments, and leased out the surrounding land to local farmers. It remained that way until Victor Marsden won big in Vegas and then doubled or even tripled that money in the stock market. With his new-found wealth, he bought the estate and began to restore it. Through the years, he continued to restore the manor house as he steadily increased his fortune in the stock market. Also along the way, he got a doctorate in Paleontology and personally sponsored many digs throughout the world. His many finds made him well known and highly respected throughout the world, but around Pattersonville he remains just “Crazy Doc Marsden,” the weird rich guy who throws some of the wildest parties in the world.

David didn’t know why he was invited to a party at the Marsden Mansion. He would have assumed it was totally a mistake if the invitation hadn’t been hand-delivered by one of Doctor Marsden’s personal staff. David tried to turn down the invitation. “I’m an introverted geek,” he said. “Why would Doc Marsden want me at his party?”

When that didn’t seem to faze the messenger, he continued, “I’m not that great with girls. I don’t understand the subtle signals that girls are always giving off. I mean, how am I supposed to know that red high heels or high heels with red bottom soles are supposed to mean ‘I’m horny.’? Or that a gray scarf tied on the left side means you are looking for someone to tie you up? The only thing that I know for sure is that I don’t fit in with the people who come to these parties.”

The messenger listened politely and then said firmly, “It is a semi-formal party. Dress appropriately. A car will pick you up at 8:45 Friday night. Be ready.”

David just swallowed hard and said, “OK.” The messenger smiled at him, turned, and left.

The car arrived exactly on time. David had been ready for over an hour. Before that, he had spent an hour and a half putting on and taking off almost every piece of clothing that he owned. “What is semi-formal?” he shouted in frustration as he threw his last pair of pants onto the pile on his bed. Finally he decided that he would dress like some of his heroes in the tech world. When his ride arrived, he was dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans, a dark khaki sport coat, and a white polo shirt. The one item he didn’t have to decide about at the last minute was his shoes. He had actually gone out and bought a new pair of black sneakers to wear with whatever he finally decided to wear.

From the look of the front driveway of the mansion with all of the cars parked around the huge circle, most people had already arrived. The driver walked in with him, staying slightly behind. A middle-aged man dressed in a red suit coat of some sort, black pants, and a frilly white shirt asked him, “How should I announce you?”

David looked back at him in total confusion. The driver whispered loudly in his ear, “He wants your name,” so David said, “David, just David... I guess.”

The man in the red coat pounded a tall, heavy cane of some sort on the floor and yelled loudly, “David... just David.”

David stood frozen but the driver tapped on his shoulder and pointed across the ballroom to where Doc Marsden was beckoning him. He continued walking slowly until he found himself standing in front of the old man’s wheelchair at a small round table.

“Come, come, sit down here next to me,” Doc said. “I’ve saved a place for you.” He gestured out at the room and said, “We’ve all been waiting for you.”

That really didn’t help David’s nerves. As David sat down, the old man continued, “I think tonight is going to change your life.”

David didn’t respond except for a nod as he sat down. Then he said softly, “Thank you for inviting me, sir, but I really don’t know why I’m here.”

“Time for explanations later,” Doc said with a dry chuckle, “but for now, It’s showtime!” Those last words he nearly shouted out. When he did, the room suddenly became silent and a spotlight came on in the center of the dimly lit ballroom. A man dressed in a black tuxedo with wide, shiny lapels stepped into the light and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Masters and Mistresses, Masseurs and Doms, submissives and slaves, Members of The Society and all guests and neutrals present; our first presentation for tonight is a simple collaring ceremony.

Doc leaned in close to David and said softly, “I think a collaring ceremony is such a delightful way to start an evening, don’t you?”

David just stared out silently as the lighting for the rest of the ballroom got slightly brighter. Then a man dressed in a western-cut black suit with a black polo shirt on under the coat stepped out into the center of the ballroom and stood near the man in the spotlight.

“Master Cunningham,” the Emcee said, “has decided to add a new slave to his stable.”

Doc again leaned in close to David and whispered, “It’s actually his first official slave.”

David turned to face Doc but his attention was instead caught by a naked young woman who began to walk timidly toward the Master in the center of the room. When she had just about reached him, another naked woman appeared and stood next to him, holding a tray. The young woman stopped and then continued forward. When she reached Master Cunningham, she lowered herself to her knees, stretched out her arms, and bowed down her head and arms so that her forehead was touching the floor in front of him. Her hands were flat on the floor just at his feet. She then said in a loud, but somewhat shaky voice, “Master William, I desire to submit myself to you this day and beg that you accept me as your slave.”

Master Cunningham said simply, “Kneeling rest,” and the young woman lifted up her body so that she was sitting on her ankles. The woman with the tray lowered it so that the young woman could take something off of it and then stepped away. The young woman held out her hands flat with her palms up. Across her hands was a pink collar with jewels or sequins glimmering on it. In a quivering voice she said, “I offer this collar and myself to you and submit to you as my Master... if you will have me.”

Master William looked down at her and smiled. It was obvious from the warmth of that smile that they loved each other. His smile widened as he reached down and took the collar from her hands. Then he carefully wrapped it around her neck and said loudly, “I accept you as my slave. Your name shall be princess.”

He smiled down at her and asked, “What is your safeword?”

She lowered her eyes and answered softly, “Maleficent, Master. My safe word is the name of the evil queen in Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent.”

“And what is your escape phrase which would terminate this relationship if I violate our agreed upon terms and boundaries?”

She swallowed hard and then said with a shaky voice, “I will never have to use it, my Master, but it is ‘The apple has been poisoned.’”

He waited a moment or two and then said with a smile, “You may rise.” He took her by the hand and pulled her to his side where she stood with tears of joy slowly rolling down her face.

Doc leaned in to David and said softly, “I think you figured out that Rebecca... slave princess... is Master William Cunningham’s slave wife. There are several Masters here tonight who have slave wives.” He chuckled and added, “... and there are as many Mistresses with slave husbands, or in some cases, slave wives.”

“I don’t understand why I am here,” David said once again. Then he quickly added, “I’m glad you invited me, but...” He gestured with his hands. “... I don’t seem to fit into all of this.”

Doc laughed. “You think that a nerdy boy like you wouldn’t be part of the BDSM scene, do you? Didn’t you watch what just occurred? A man and a woman made their relationship explicit. No need for interpreting abstract symbols or guessing hints. Everything is out front and above board. Rebecca has agreed to be slave princess and William has agreed to love and protect her and play by the rules. And if he forgets the rules or does something that princess won’t accept, she just says ‘Maleficent’ and they stop and discuss it.”

“Oh,” David said, “that would appeal to a nerd.”

“Or nerdette,” Doc Marsden responded. Then he looked David directly in the eyes and said, “But are you a Master or a slave?”

David sputtered “I... I... I...” but Doc held up his hand and said, “Don’t answer that... yet. Just watch a few more of our presentations. And between sets, I will tell you a little about myself.” David was about to answer, but the MC was starting to say something so he just nodded.

The spotlight was back on and the tuxedo-clad man was saying something about wishing Master William and slave princess a long life together. Then he turned completely around as if looking for something in the crowd in the ballroom. “Ah,” he finally said, “I wasn’t sure if the equipment had arrived.”

Doc yelled out to the man, “If W says the equipment will be here on time, it will be here. The truck arrived at eight o’clock in plenty of time for our little fantasy race.” He laughed and then said, “Don’t worry folks, the actual races will be tomorrow afternoon out in the paddock area. This is just a demonstration of technique.”

Six or seven men dressed in all black with “staff” written on the back of their black T-shirts wheeled out a strange-looking device that looked somewhat like a black frame from a giant, collapsed, beach umbrella. They set it in place and lowered four legs that had been folded up against the tall post. The legs lay on the floor and stretched out about three feet from the upright portion. Then the men began pulling out four... somethings. Whatever they were hung from a stiff rod that opened upward like the struts of an umbrella. Once all four struts were pushed fully up, the devices which hung from them were moved into place at the outer ends of the struts, about eight feet from the center pole. With some twisting that was accompanied by several loud clicks, the devices took shape. Two poles came down from the strut. A single pole ran between the uprights about five feet off the floor and held the poles approximately three feet apart. A short pole– about two feet long– went forward on the upright poles at about waist high.

David was wondering what this strange piece of equipment could be for and became even more confused when four more or less naked men were led out and positioned between the upright poles. They were barefoot with nothing on their legs. Their arms were also bare except for large, leather wristcuffs with something dangling from the sides. Each man had a black mask or hood which covered the top portion of his face. His mouth was visible and there were openings for his eyes. A small opening over the ears evidently allowed for hearing, but the ears themselves were not visible. Two of the men had large, black plumes sticking straight up from their hoods. The hoods of the other two were formed to the top of their heads as if they were bald.

All four men had on wide, black leather belts with a thin crotch strap which seemed to split into two pieces to go around their cock and balls. Two of the men had a strange black metal contraption encasing their penis and balls. For one man, his prick seemed to be only an inch or so long. The other man’s penis was all but gone and his testicles seemed to be pressed back and up into his body. The two men whose pricks were not constrained were sporting impressive hard ons. They were also the ones with the plumes on top of their head gear.

All four of the black belts had a large threaded chain link hanging from chrome D-rings on each side. As the men were put into place, one of the staff workers opened the threaded link and attached it to a D-ring on the upright poles. After attaching the links, a similar system was used to attach the wrist restraints to the front of the short poles. The final thing put in place were small butterfly clamps which attached to the men’s nipples. A chain ran from each of the clamps to a spot on the upright struts slightly above each man’s head. The chains were not pulled tight and seemed to be primarily to hold the clamp and keep it from falling if it were to dislodge from the nipple.

After all of the men were in place, a Mistress stepped into the light. She was dressed in standard English hunt attire with high black boots, tight Jodhpur pants, and a red, fitted hunt jacket. The only thing not standard to the attire which declared her an official of the hunt was that she was wearing a white silk blouse, open at the throat, rather than the expected linen shirt with a black tie.

She was holding a long handled whip with the leather curled back into her hand. As she approached the men in the carousel, she released the leather and let it swing out from her body. The leather itself was thin and braided, but the end was not tailed. Instead the end of the whip had a small, square piece of leather on it like you would find on the tip of a crop.

As she stood next to the carousel, the MC said loudly, “I present to you Mistress Ivana and her matched set.”

She nodded toward the MC and walked slowly around the carousel so that each of the men could see her clearly. Then she said firmly, “Starting position!” and all of the men raised their right leg into the air until the knee was bent slightly greater than ninety degrees. She swished the whip slightly and the tip swung out and slapped into one of the ponyboi’s asscheeks with a loud pop.

“Begin!” she said just as the whip struck.

The four men began prancing around in their tight circle. “On your toes! Knees higher!” she called out and the men raised onto their tiptoes and began bringing their legs well beyond the ninety degree mark.

The whip flicked out four times, striking each of the men on the ass cheek. Then the Mistress changed the way she flicked the leather so that it swung upward rather than horizontal. One of the ponybois yelped as the crop patch landed squarely between his legs.

The Mistress then reached into her pocket and held up a remote of some sort. “Let’s add a little pleasure,” she said loudly and pressed a button.

Doc leaned over to David and said, “She just started the vibrators on their ass plugs. They have three minutes to make thirty revolutions on that wheel or the pleasure turns to pain.”

David replied, “What?” but Doc just said, “Watch... watch... You’ll learn something.”

The ponybois were now prancing frantically around their little circle. The two men whose pricks were captured in the chastity devices were leaking cum... or piss... or a combination of both. The pricks of the other two men were bobbing and swaying as they pumped their legs up and down like show horses.

Just short of the three minutes, one of the non-constrained men broke step and stood shuddering as he erupted out onto the floor. The Mistress held her hand– and the remote– high in the air and said, “You know what failure means!” She then pressed another button on the remote. All four men tensed up as if someone or something had speared them in the ass. One of the restrained ponybois screamed a high pitch scream. The other just took a deep breath... a really deep breath. The unrestrained ponyboi who hadn’t yet climaxed, let out a deep, quivering moan and copied his harness mate by spurting out onto the floor.

Doc leaned in to David and asked, “Do you know what happened there?”

“One of those guys couldn’t hold back because of the pleasure he was getting from the vibrating ass plug,” David said.

“And the other?” asked Doc

“Well,” David answered, “it looks like he could handle the pleasure, but the pain took him over the top. And maybe it did the same for the two with their pricks in those strange holders.”

Doc smiled and said, “Now you know what a painslut is.”

A round of soft applause drew Doc’s and David’s eyes back to the center of the ballroom. The black-clad staff people were releasing the ponybois from the carousel. The Mistress stood facing them with her hands on her hips. “I am very disappointed in you all,” she said sternly. “If they didn’t have to get everything switched over for the next demonstration, I would have you clean up the floor with your tongues!” She flicked the whip so that it snapped very loudly against one of the ponyboi’s asscheeks. She then led all four bois out into the darkness.

“While they are resetting,” Doc said softly to David, “let me tell you a little about why you are here. It’s a long story, but bear with me. We have all weekend.”

David spun his head and said, “What?!” but Doc just shifted in his wheelchair and then leaned back slightly and rested his arm firmly on the arm rest. “It all started back when I was in college,” he began. “I was supposed to be working under a couple of famous paleontologists as a summer intern, but the federal government was shut down because of some sort of political infighting. That meant their grant was frozen and they ‘lost their window’ for the dig. I, however, was still committed to twelve weeks of study at the site out in the desert in Nevada. Basically I was a cheap security guard until they could get their funding back in place and come back to the dig. Nobody ever came through that desolate section of desert, but the dig was not properly covered and protected, so someone had to ‘check on it daily.’ Since it took so long to get out there, the best way to do that was to have someone live on site full time in the dilapidated security trailer.”

Doc took a sip of his drink and then continued, “It had its perks for an introvert like me. Nobody bothered me. There were wonderful night skies. And I had a big satellite dish that brought in all the TV and movies I could want. Internet didn’t exist back in those days, and satellite connections to bulletin boards were a little iffy, but when it worked, it had decent speed... for the day.”

He smiled at David and continued. “And once a week I was authorized to use the work Jeep to go into town to get supplies and ‘socialize.’ It didn’t say how long I could be in town, so I would go in on Friday afternoon and then socialize with the local babes until Saturday morning– I’m not a total introvert. Then I would buy my supplies and head back for another week of introvert heaven.”

“It was my third Saturday on my way back to camp that I met him. I thought I was seeing a mirage at first, but then I realized I was actually watching someone... or something... crawling across the ground alongside the rutted trail that led back into the hills before becoming a not quite as badly rutted, but barely visible trail back to the dig. He looked human... sort of. His head was too big and his arms and legs just didn’t look right. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans, but they were about to fall– or slip– off of him as he crawled. He had a pair of tighty-whities on under the blue jeans, but they were no longer tight... or white.”

Doc shook his head before saying, “He was in really bad shape. I stopped the Jeep and ran over to him with my jug of water. When I tried to give him some, he pushed it away and then said in a croaky voice, ‘No... poison for me... I need... I need... Mux.’”

“‘I don’t know what that is,’ I said back to him and ran to the Jeep. I grabbed my big box of groceries and lugged it back over to where he was laying. I had bought some soda and some milk and some beer and even some orange juice. Maybe one of those was what he was trying to say.”

“I set the box down next to him and said, ‘What do you need?’”

“To my surprise, he reached into the box and grabbed the quart of ammonia I had bought to soak off some of my burnt cooking from one of the pans in my primitive kitchen. He opened it and downed about half of it. Then he took a deep breath and began slowly drinking the rest.”

“‘You humans have such fragile bodies,’ he said as he gave me a crooked smile. Then he continued in a very soft voice, ‘I got lost while setting up an observation post. It was only a short hike and I thought I had enough...’ He paused to think of the word, then he continued, ‘... water. But your sun is so hot and the air is so dry and you are such fragile beings. My human body was failing, so I...’ He gestured at himself. ‘... reverted.’”

“He smiled again and said, ‘I think you can tell that I am not from your planet.’”

“‘Not if you drink ammonia,’ I replied.”

“‘Ah,’ he answered, ‘ammonia. I had forgotten that word. Do you have more?’”

“‘No,’ I said, ‘I got that to clean some pans. I was almost thinking that I should get more, but the choice was quarts or gallons and I didn’t think I needed a gallon.’ I gave him a smile and a shrug and said, ‘Well, I can’t go back now and change that.’”

“He began taking something off of his neck. It looked sort of like a thin collar or necklace with a large brooch or stone on one side of it. ‘I could have gone back and taken the other path,’ he said, again smiling at me, ‘... if I had realized in time how much trouble I was in. But I didn’t know how bad it was until all of a sudden I started to revert, and then it was too late.’”

“He held up the necklace and said, ‘This is set for a human biometric. My other one is still in my ship.’”

“‘What does that do?’ I asked.”

“‘This,’ he said, handing the necklace to me, ‘is a Timelooper. If you put this on and think clearly about where and when you want to go, just press the crystal and you can go back and tell yourself to get two gallons of Mux– I mean, ammonia.’”

“‘What do I do?’ I asked as I slipped it over my head, ‘just walk up to myself and say, ‘Get two gallons of ammonia.?’”

“‘If you go where you are,’ he explained, ‘you will remain invisible, but you will be able to hear yourself as though it were a very strong thought in your mind. If you go where you are not, you can be visible if you want to be and you will be able to interact with the world around you.’”

“‘OK,’ I said, ‘two gallons of Mux, coming up.’”

“I slipped the weird necklace over my head. The chain looked like metal but stretched easily as I pulled the necklace down and positioned the jewel on the right side of my neck. I thought hard about the grocery store where I bought the ammonia. Then I tapped the little jewel and suddenly I was standing in the laundry detergent aisle next to myself. ‘Get an extra two gallons of ammonia,’ I said loudly. ‘You are going to need it.’”

“I tapped the little jewel again and I was back with the alien in the desert. ... And there were two gallons of ammonia in my grocery box.”

“‘Holy Shit!’ I cried out. ‘It works.’”

“I looked over at the alien. He had shed the filthy clothing and was standing there naked guzzling one of the gallons. His skin was becoming more and more smooth and less and less human-looking. It was also turning a somewhat pale shade of gray.”

“‘Do you want me to drive you up to your ship?’ I asked as he finished the first gallon and started on the second.”

“He wiped his lips... or at least the edges of his mouth... and said, ‘I’m in enough trouble for just letting you see me. I don’t think my commander would like it if you saw our vessel.’ He gave me another of his weird smiles and said, ‘Besides, I will soon be strong enough to make a mind link and have the ship send someone to pick me up.’”

“We sat in silence as he slowly downed the second gallon of ammonia. Then he said, ‘I think this is where we go our separate ways.’”

“He bowed slightly at me and I reached up to take off the weird necklace... except it wasn’t there. He laughed and said, ‘It has adjusted completely to your biometric. So, I guess it is my gift to you for saving my life. I will tell my commander it was lost in the desert when I reverted.’ There was a high-pitched buzzing whine and he said, ‘My ride is here. Thank you and goodbye.’”

“A cone of light enveloped him and drew him upward into the sky.”

“I couldn’t feel anything on my neck, but I was pretty sure it was still there. And I was absolutely certain I didn’t know how to work it. I thought real hard about just before the light took him away and pushed the area of my neck where the jewel had been. Suddenly I was standing next to myself. ‘Ask him how it works!’ I shouted, then tapped the jewel again.”

“When I returned, he was gone, but I remembered him laughing and saying as he started rising into the sky, ‘I heard you. Just think of when and where you want to go and press the activation crystal. You will come back when it thinks you should or when you press the crystal again. Just don’t die or do anything that will cause you permanent harm or you won’t come back. Dead is dead. Other than that, have fun.’”

“Wow!” David said softly, “But what does all that have to do with me?”

“All in good time, son,” Doc replied. “Meanwhile, it looks like the next demonstration is ready to start.”

He pointed out at the center of the room. The ponybois were gone, but in their place were four ponygirls. They, too, had wide belts around their middle, but they were not black. They were white and covered in something glittery like small diamonds or some type of sequin. Like it had been for the ponybois, D-rings on the sides of their belts were attached to the upright struts on the carousel. Unlike the ponybois, their hands were not clipped to the short pipes. Instead, they were encased behind their backs in white, sequined leather bondage gloves.

A thin, white leather crotch strip ran from the back of the ponygirl’s belt to a buckle in the front. From the way the strip dug into each of the ponygirl’s clefts, it was obvious that it had been adjusted to be very tight.

Their breasts were encased in what appeared to be a sequin brassiere, or at least a myriad of shiny strands which formed a cup over each breast. The strands connected to a bright silver ring which encircled the nipple. A similar, but larger ring connected to the strands between the ponygirl’s breasts. From that ring, a belt-like strip of strands went down to the top of the wide white belt. If you looked closely, you could see that it was not attached to the belt, but instead went under it and attached to something behind the belt, perhaps the ponygirl’s clit or maybe to the case of the dildo vibrator which was embedded in her cunt.

The four ponygirls wore matching headpieces which were white and were topped in a white plume of feathers which stuck up at least a foot over their heads. Like it had been on the ponybois, the hoods of the headpieces totally covered the upper portion of their heads. Unlike the ponybois, however, there were no eye or ear holes. The ponygirls were effectively blind and deaf. One feature that the ponybois had not had was a bit which was held in place by the white leather of the hood. There were small rings on the ends of the bits where reins could be attached, but the rings were empty.

Despite the ear covers, the ponygirls were evidently able to stay in step because they could hear– or feel– each other’s feet hit the floor. All four of them were wearing high, white ponygirl boots with built in hooves and horseshoes... and a ton of small jewels or sequins. The horseshoes were some form of hard plastic, but still created a realistic “clip-clop” as the ponygirls slowly pranced around the circle.

A Mistress dressed in a white, spangly, western-style suit dress stepped up next to the carousel and held a microphone to her mouth. “Fellow Mistresses and Masters,” she began, “my team is equipped with Master W’s best remote pony controls including several features which I requested he include in this new model.”

She held up a remote with a joystick control similar to those used for remote controlled cars or airplanes. “Most of you,” she continued, “are familiar with the control which shocks the left nipple to indicate a right turn...” She wiggled the joystick and the four ponygirls futilely attempted to turn away from the carousel’s tight left turn. “... and a shock to the right nipple to indicate a left turn.” The four ponygirls simultaneously tried to turn even more tightly to the left.

“There is also,” she continued, “the shock to the anal probe to tell the pony to speed up.” One of the ponygirls yelped slightly. All four sped up considerably. The Mistress smiled and then added, “And, of course, the shock to the vaginal probe to indicate that the pony is supposed to slow down.” All four ponygirls slowed to almost a stop and then sped back up again to their original pace when the Mistress readjusted the control.

“But W has put a couple of new features in this control just for me,” she said as she held up the remote. “If one of my ponies is not raising her legs high enough,” she continued, “I enter the correct pony number and press the up arrow.” One of the ponygirls stiffened slightly and began bringing her knees even higher into the air as she pranced around in the carousel circle.

“Those bright rings surrounding the pony’s nipples are not really rings at all,” the Mistress said evenly. “They are actually four separate pieces of metal held together on a non-conductive flat washer. I can shock the top, bottom, left or right sides of the nipples. A shock to the bottom of both nipples indicates that the knees need to be higher.” She pressed something on the remote and the ponygirl returned to her normal prancing height. “A shock to the top of both nipples indicates the knees need to be lower.” She chuckled and said, “A highly trained pony can be fine tuned so that both knees come to the same exact, proper height by shocking the top or bottom of both– or just the left or right– nipples.”

There was applause from the crowd. The Mistress bowed slightly and said, “I will accept that applause on behalf of Master W, who is not here with us tonight.” She paused, smiled widely, and then said, “But there is more. The four electrodes in the nipple rings... and the clit electrode... and the vaginal vibrator and probe electrode... and the vibrating anal plug electrode... can all be set to very low power at the proper frequencies to create pleasure.”

She again entered something on the remote’s keyboard and began moving the joystick. All four ponygirls began breaking step and stumbling to a stop. They stood in place shaking and bobbing their upper bodies up and down and shifting their feet trying to remain upright.

“I can take a pony to the very edge and hold her there for hours,” the Mistress said gleefully, “or I can give her a tremendous orgasm as either a reward or after many orgasms, as a punishment.”

Three of the four ponygirls were writhing in obvious orgasm. The fourth still stood squirming in place.

“There are some ponies, however,” the Mistress said almost with a laugh, “that do not respond to pleasure and pain the way the world expects. For them– or perhaps to punish a pony that does respond to pain in the world’s way– I can send lightning bolts through any or all of the electrodes.”

She held up the remote and dramatically pulled the joystick all the way back. The ponygirl who had been just squirming let out a deep, loud, groan and collapsed in her traces, hanging from the struts to which her belt was attached. She thrashed and quivered all the while crying out, “Oh God... oh God... oh God.”

The lights dimmed once again and the Emcee’s voice said, “Thank you Mistress Tracey. We will now take a short intermission while the server slaves pass among you refreshing your drinks and so forth.”

At a table to the left of Doc and David, one of the Masters had a server bent over the table pounding into her from behind, so evidently “and so forth” included a lot more than drinks and hors d'oeuvres. David was evidently gasping in shock because Doc leaned in and said softly, “The gold leather collars indicate slut slaves who also act as servers. The red leather collars are just server slaves or are slaves loaned out to the occasion by their Master or Mistress.

“Oh,” David said. “I think I have a lot to learn.”

“Including,” Doc Marsden said with a grin, “more of my story.” He set his drink down and began, “If I remember, the alien had just left me with the necklace.” He smiled broadly at David and said, “I sat there next to the road for almost fifteen minutes deciding what to do, then I drove the rest of the way to the dig, put everything away and clicked the little inspection key that was wired into the satellite connection. The big brains now had proof that I had ‘checked on’ the dig for the day.

“After changing clothes and showering, I headed back into town... did I mention that the town was Vegas? I went over to one of the casinos and started placing bets at the roulette tables. I figured that if this collar worked the way it should, my future self would see where the little ball would land and then come back and tell the current me where to put my chips. I started out with small bets on the side numbers and colors and made sure that I lost almost as much as I won... almost. Once I had a little bit going for me I started betting on individual numbers and waited for the big chance... a double. I had $300 on black thirteen when it won and my future self told me to let it ride. I did and suddenly I had $367,500 in winnings. They won’t let you just cash out that kind of winnings. I had to set it up for a transfer of $350,000 to my checking account with the appropriate deductions for state and federal income taxes. That still left a lot of money going into my previously very thin account. I took the other $17,500 in cash... again minus federal, state, and everybody else’s taxes. I’d never had eight thousand dollars in my pocket before... almost nine thousand. And back then you could buy a really good car for three thousand.

“I started to head back to the dig and then thought, ‘If anything is wrong when I get back, I can just come back and tell myself that I have to get going. So I stopped and put most of the money under the back seat of the car. Then I headed downtown to the club I had been in the night before. Yes, I had gone to one of the really nice clubs. And yes, geeky introvert that I am, I had struck out with several very nice babes. We talked, we drank, we danced, they left. The story of my life.

“As I was passing a Motel 6 my own voice suddenly yelled in my head, ‘Rent a room!’ I was hoping that it was a great message from the future about my chances with some of the women at the bar, but then the thought voice continued, ‘The road is too dangerous in the dark. You can’t drive back to the dig until tomorrow morning.’

“Since I was rich now, I passed by the Motel 6 and rented a room at one of the better hotels. They looked at me and the old beat up Jeep a little funny, but money talks and I ended up with a very nice room overlooking the Strip. After I checked in, I walked down the block to a club that I knew was popular with college students. Usually there were a few unattached young women there, and tonight was no exception. I’ve always been better with a group than an individual, so I decided to make my move on a whole table of slightly tipsy coeds sitting in a large corner booth.

First I concentrated very hard on each of them and thought of when they were getting dressed for the evening. I tapped the jewel and suddenly I was in a hotel room– actually two adjoining rooms. The noise was phenomenal as they yelled at each other to hurry up or get out of the shower or not hog the mirror or whatever. I stepped into the corner and watched everything. They had fantastic bodies, but the chaos of eight college coeds getting dressed at the same time wasn’t sexy, it was scary... at least to me. After what seemed like ten or fifteen minutes, I had what I needed. So, I again tapped the jewel and was once again standing at the bar in the club.

“I ordered a beer and asked for a glass. I poured half of the beer into the glass and left it on the bar. Then I walked with the half-empty bottle over to the girls’ table. I used the neck of the bottle to point at each of the girls and say, ‘Blue, blue, light blue, red, pink, white, white, and a really strange orangy-pink.’”

“One of the girls, a tall thin blonde said, ‘What are you talking about?’ But the petite African-American girl suddenly yelped and said, ‘How can you know that?’ Her voice got louder and angry-sounding as she said, ‘Have you been spying on us, you creep?’”

“All of the other girls at the table suddenly looked at each other with shocked expressions on their faces and then they all looked at me like they were ready to kill me. I gave them my best doe eyes and said, ‘I’m sorry. That’s the color of your auras.’ I intentionally looked down and then said, ‘I can see auras. Most people are pleased to know what color their auras are on a given day. I thought it would help break the ice and maybe get you to talk to me.’”

“I turned as if I was going to leave when the brunette sitting in the middle of the booth– the one with the orangey panties– said, ‘No, wait a minute. Sit down.’”

“I pulled a chair from a nearby table and set it at their table opposite the brunette. ‘You really see auras?’ she asked.”

“‘I guess,’ I answered. ‘At least there is a color that seems to envelope each of you.’”

“‘Do these auras ever change?’ the brunette asked with a really strange smile.”

“‘Sometimes,’ I said haltingly, ‘actually quite often.’ I paused and then said, ‘I guess it depends on what is on your mind or whatever. I don’t really know how it works.’”

“The brunette smiled at me and then at her tablemates. ‘We are going to try a little experiment,’ she said, her smile getting even wider. ‘We are all going to go to the ladies’ room where you can’t possibly see or hear us and talk about things that might change our auras. When we come back out, we’ll see if you can detect the change...’ Her voice got very harsh, ‘... or if you maybe have one of those things that can see backwards through a peephole on a motel door.’”

“‘I don’t know what you mean,’ I said plaintively. Actually, I did. I knew how to build one, but had always thought the legal problems really weren’t worth the fleeting, distorted view of someone’s naked body.”

The eight girls stood up. The brunette yelled over to the bartender, “Dork here has agreed to watch our drinks while we... are busy elsewhere. You keep a sharp eye on dork to be sure he doesn’t move from this table or do anything with our drinks and there’s a twenty in it for you.’”

“The bartender yelled back, ‘Eyes like an eagle.’ and the girls disappeared around the corner.”

“I leaned in with both elbows on the table and waited. As soon as I saw one of the girls come around the partition which shielded the restrooms, I tapped the jewel. As expected, I was suddenly in the girl’s restroom with the eight coeds. ‘What are you doing?” one of them almost yelled at the brunette.”

“‘I’m catching a creep.’ she answered. ‘When he can’t keep up his aura charade, we call the cops and report a Peeping Tom.’”

“‘But how do we trap him?’ another asked. The brunette stared at her for several moments until she suddenly said, ‘Oh.’

“‘Well it’s not like we haven’t borrowed each other’s panties before,’ the brunette said.”

“‘But not after they have been used,’ another said. ‘And you’ve got your grungy time of month pair on because you forgot two pair back at the sorority house.’”

“‘OK,’ the brunette answered, ‘I won’t trade, but the rest of you do.’”

“‘Why don’t you trade with yourself?’ the petite black girl said slyly.”

“‘How can I trade with myself?’ the brunette said, then quickly added ‘Oh.’”

“I had what I needed, so I tapped the jewel on the side of my neck and was suddenly back at the table with the eight girls taking their seats. ‘Well, aura master,’ the brunette said. ‘Has anything changed?”

“I intentionally looked confused and said, ‘Your auras are mixed... or blended... or something... but they are becoming clearer. Then I once again used the neck of the beer bottle to point to the correct girls and say, ‘Blue, blue, light blue, red, pink, white, white, and...’ I stopped and let an extremely confused look come over my face as I said to the brunette, ‘... your aura has vanished.’ I cocked my head and added, ‘That’s odd. That’s very odd.’ I then looked around as if bewildered as the other seven girls began laughing uproariously.”

Doc looked around the room and then back at me and said, “Well, our little intermission is almost over, and I’m an old man. There’s a lot an old man can’t do as often as he used to, but there are some things we have to do at least three times as often. I’ll be right back. There’s a lot more of this weekend ahead of us and there’s a lot more of the story to tell.”

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