Then It Probably Is

by Kitsune71

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“Come on Jerry! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


“Come on think about it, when else will I have the chance to not only get all the equipment I need but also the space and chance to learn from real artists!”

“Bunny, your parents made their wishes very clear in their will, which was you needed to finish college before you can claim your inheritance and I'm not about to let you throw it away on some silly… little… dream…”

“Fuck you uncle! I'll find the money myself then!” I screamed and chucked my phone onto the bed.

“Well that didn't sound good.” I looked up to see my roommate Lacie in the doorway looking concerned.

“Yeaaah, my prick of an uncle wouldn't recognize a great opportunity if one fell on his big bald head.” I rolled my eyes and flopped down on my bed.

“I'm sure he just wants what's bes…” At my glare Lacie stopped talking and walked over to sit down next to me.

“Lace I'm not going to get another chance like this again, you know I wanna open my own shop someday and one of the best tattoo artists in the city is retiring.” I let out a long sigh and looked over at her before continuing. “Sam offered me his station and all his stuff for an unbelievable price, plus an opportunity to learn from his apprentice who’s all set to take over his business…”

“Wow that sounds fantastic…but if your uncle won't help you what are you gonna do?” Lacie asked.

“I…I don't know, but I can't miss out on this. I just need to figure out a way to make a lot of cash quickly,” I said, staring up at the ceiling.

“I…I might know a way.” Lacie spoke quietly.

Snapping my head up, I stared at my beautiful roommate, stars in my eyes and hope inflating my chest.

“Really, how?” I asked, sitting up quickly.

Lacie's cheeks flushed, her face taking on a hue almost as vibrant as her fiery hair, causing a grin to spread across my face as it was always amusing to watch Lacie's revert to her old self. I couldn't fathom what had transpired in the past six weeks to bring about such a change, but my once timid roommate had undergone a remarkable transformation. From the moment I met her, Lacie had been a reserved and introverted individual, often dressing conservatively and struggling to make eye contact or engage in conversation with strangers. Lacie was still far from being the type to seek attention on social media, wild parties, or bar hopping, having said that she was actively putting in an effort to hang out and talk with me than she ever had before. All that made me very curious as to what was bringing back a glimpse of the old Lacie…

“Do… …do you remember a month or so ago when I needed to get a job to help pay for school..,” Lacie said, staring down at her feet.

A light bulb flicked on in my brain and I perked up. “Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that! You never told me what happened,” I said, feeling a little guilty I hadn't even thought to ask, after Lacie had left the bar that night I’d caught my jackass of a boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) making out with some slut in a dark corner and well let's just say for a few days I was so caught up in my own misery I’d forgotten I even had a roommate.

“I didn't say anything because I was embarrassed about it but uhh,” Lacie said shifting uncomfortably on the bed.

“Well come on Lace, spill,” I said eagerly.

“Do you remember when I went to the bar to get a drink?”


“Well you see…”

Thirty minutes later you could have knocked me over with a feather, after the story Lacie had just laid on me I could only stare at her speechless. It was laughable, it was ludicrous, and if she hadn't shown me some pictures from her phone I wouldn't have believed a word of it.

“Bunny? Are…are you gonna say anything?”

“How… wha… really? You?” I was trying hard to process this while not sounding like too much of a judgmental ass. “My roommate is a pornst…”

“HEY!” Lacie shouted indignantly.

“Wait! Hold on! Just a min, you're not suggesting!” I said, horrified.

Holding up her hands Lacie said “What no!…well at least not entirely.”

“Are you nuts! I am not about to whore myself out for…”

“Bunny! I'm not suggesting you do what I do, and besides Dominic has only had me do those kinds of scenes a couple times…”

Taking a breath Lacie looked me in the eyes and continued “Look I occasionally help Dominic figure out some of his scenes and well… he told me he recently received a large offer for some commissions and he's been having a hard time finding a second girl to help with. You'd fit the role perfectly and the best part is it's a kind of supporting role so you wouldn't have to…you know” I stared at Lacie, trying not to laugh at the crazy redhead for even suggesting such a ridiculous and crazy- “and Dominic pays really really well…”

”…How well?”


Two days later Lacie and I were standing in front of a battered warehouse in the industrial side of town watching the taxi we’d taken drive off.

“I can't believe I let you talk me into this…” I said as Lacie buzzed Dominic's studio.

“Come on Bunny it'll be fine, in fact knowing you this will probably be a lot of fun,” Lacie said cheerfully.

I was about to deliver another snarky comment when the door clicked open and I could only gawk at the stud my roommate had apparently been getting paid well to model for… among other things. This dude was totally Lacie’s type, well built, tanned, thick dark hair and a smile that would put even the most mistreated dog at ease. 

“You must be Bunny, it's nice to officially meet you, I’m Dominic.” turning back to Lacie the man continued “Well Lacie you weren't exaggerating she'll fit the part perfectly” Dominic said looking me up and down.

I was really beginning to wonder what he and Lacie meant by that as I hadn't really dressed myself any different then I normally did. I looked down at myself, I was wearing a black leather jacket, black leather mini, AC/DC tank top, fishnets and combat boots. I was wearing a good amount of mascara, dark eyeshadow, blood red lipstick and my dark hair hung loosely around my shoulders. I always like to think of my look as rocker chic, that said it wouldn’t be the first time or the last that I’d be labeled as ‘that goth chick’.

“Thanks, I think,” I said with a raised eyebrow.

“Let's head inside shall we?” Nodding, I followed Dominic and Lacie inside the building. I was fairly unimpressed as we walked through the dusty lobby and worn walls of this so-called studio and as we walked down the decrepit hallway towards an old freight elevator I couldn't hide my disappointment.

“Not much of a studio you've got here,” I said dismally.

“That's actually on purpose Bunny, I purchased the building for next to nothing. I'm sure you've noticed this isn't the ritziest part of town and while I have a few security cameras here the best deterrent for break-ins I've found has been to make it look like there's nothing worth taking.”

Smirking, I said, “In that case I’d say you nailed it.”

Lacie put in her two cents cheerfully next when she said, “Wait til we get to the basement, the first floor may be a dump but the basement is really nice. Lots of sets, a cute little lounge area and a nice dressing room!”

“Uh huh,” I said as we got in the rickety old elevator and Dominic used a key to initiate the elevator into moving slowly downward. When the doors opened there was a short walk down another small dingy hallway and I continued to remain unimpressed. Then Dominic opened the door and as we walked into the large underground studio my opinion abruptly changed.

For a one-man operation the studio was actually quite impressive, like Lacie described the bottom floor had a small lounge area, a dressing room, multiple sets and I even spied a small office. As it was a large area there were quite a few sets I couldn't see, but from where I was standing, I could see what looked like a set containing a bedroom, a dungeon, a classroom, an office and I even spied from could only guess was some kind of fake tunnel along the far wall.

The studio had plenty of expensive looking lights running along the top of the walls of the many sets, the windows along the rooms high ceiling had all been bricked up. Overall I had to admit Lacie was right, the studio was pretty impressive and given what the building looked like on the outside it was a relief to know Dominic provided a professional atmosphere. I was still taking everything in when Lacie's excited voice interrupted my perusal.

“Dominic, what's all this? Did you get some new equipment or props for a new set?” Lacie asked with an odd excitement as she was looking over a few large wooden crates propped along a nearby wall.

“Yep good eye Lacie, I recently received a very high paying commission order and needed some new equipment to satisfy the client's request,” Dominic stated matter of factly as he walked out of his office with a couple of clipboards in hand.

“Oooh really what's the request?” Lacie said her voice filled with curious excitement.

I just stared at Lacie, I was gobsmacked by her appearance, when we left she was wearing a long overcoat and a pair of red 2 inch kitten heels. I did think the shoes were a little weird, but my jaw dropped when I spotted the very revealing red strapless sundress she was apparently wearing underneath and now that her timid personality had also flown the coop I had to wonder… just who was this girl and what had Dominic done to evoke this transformation?

“We can talk about that later, Lacie, maybe after today's shoot.” Lacie pouted like a puppy being told no, which had me smirking. Dominic then continued holding up two clipboards. “Anyway I have the contracts for today's shoot, so if you two wanna head over to the lounge and fill these out while I'll get the costumes for today's first shoot that’ll make things go faster.”

In a chipper tone Lacie spoke up, “Sure thing Dom, come on Bunny I'll show you what to fill out.” With that Lacie grabbed the two clipboards from Dominic.

Following Lacie over to the lounge area I couldn't help but ask, “You're really into this aren't you?”

Smiling Lacie said “Well it can be a lot of fun, it pays really well and…well, you'll see.”

“But aren't you worried someone you know will see this?” I asked, concerned.

“Pfff come on Bunny who's gonna see this huh? All my ‘friends’ and ‘family’? You know I don't have to worry about that,” Lacie said doing air quotes dejectedly.

It was true, from what she had told me Lacie had grown up going in and out of foster care. She wouldn't discuss why so I could only guess, but because of that when we first started sharing an apartment I had initially made it my mission to get her to open up. Now I was glad she was finally opening up, I was however concerned about what had inspired her change and planned to keep a close eye on the situation. Then again who knows this might just be as fun as she let on and I might make enough to fast track my own dreams a little.

Sitting down on one of the comfy sofas Lacie helped me go over the contract, sign here, initial there and then we got to the pay rates and what each rate would require of us to do on camera. My mouth dropped at the rates Dominic was offering, at the lowest rate which would only really require me to do a couple hours of posing and acting with Lacie would net me enough to make a sizable down payment.

At least big enough to get Sam to consider selling only to me, the next pay level would cover all the equipment Sam was selling. That level however would require me to allow myself to be not only tied up on camera, but some light 'interactions' with my co-stars. The largest pay rate…well while jaw dropping wasn't something I was willing to even consider. When I read the requirements for the highest pay rate I looked up at Lacie to see her face matched her hair color.

Smirking, I asked “So Lacie, just how much have you earned since you started working for Dominic?”

A little of Lacie's old self surfaced as she timidly stuttered out, “Eee… enough to… to cover tuition, food and rent for a couple months.”

“Holy shit, just how mu…” My ribbing was cut short as Dominic walked over with a couple of bags in hand.

“Are you ladies finished yet?” Dominic asked.

Laci and I quickly scribbled our signatures on the last few blank lines we had left. Finished Lacie and I layed our clipboards down on the coffee table while looking up at Dominic expectantly. Handing each of us a bag containing a costume Dominic pointed over to the dressing room before heading back to his office.

“Come on Bunny, let's get ready,” Lacie said doing a poor job hiding her excitement.

“Lead the way,” I said, smirking.

Following Lacie into the dressing room we each put our bags down, as I looked around Lacie started going through her bag and the smile on her face had me curious.

“So what's in your bag, Lace?” I asked mischievously.

Smiling Lacie pulled out a velvet purple and white pleated skirt. Next she pulled out a velvet purple and white patterned v-neck top. Finally Lacie pulled out a pair of white knee high socks, white cotton panties, a purple neckerchief, as well as a couple purple and white hair ribbons.

“Looks like I get to be a cheerleader today,” Lacie said, sounding bemused. “What about you Bunny? What’s in your bag?”

“Hmm let's see…” Reaching into my bag I pulled out a long sleeved black mesh top, fishnet stockings, a red plaid pleated skirt, a black bustier, a velvet black choker and leather spiked cuffs.

Smirking Lacie chuckled, “looks like your normal wardrobe to me.”

She wasn't wrong, everything in the bag was something I might typically wear on a daily basis. At that moment I definitely felt like a stereotype.

“Yeah yeah ha ha, let's just get dressed already before you start making pyramids out of things,” I said jokingly, as I started stripping down. “Lacie, are you sure you're going to be comfortable doing this kinda stuff with me here?”

“To be honest you're the only other person I'd be comfortable doing this kind of shoot with, Dominic has suggested doing this kinda shoot before but I wasn't willing to with some stranger so I'm actually relieved that you were willing to do this with me.”

Touched, I looked up to thank Lacie, only for my jaw to drop a little as she was already fully dressed and was currently putting the second ribbon in her hair, whereas I still had to put on the bustier. Secondly… Daaamn, anyone who knew Lacie from before would never have guessed what a little hottie she was underneath those baggy clothes. After getting the tight bustier on and fixing up my makeup, I stood in front of a floor length mirror next to Lacie and couldn't help but comment smugly, “Fucking hell, we look hot!” giving Lacie's butt a good smack.

Jumping, Lacie turned to me still blushing. “Enough of that, let's go before Dominic comes looking.”

Walking out of the dressing room Lacie and I found Dominic setting up multiple cameras around the classroom set and without looking up from the camera in front of him Dominic said “Ladies, your shoes are over by the lounge area.”

Walking over to the lounge there were two shoe boxes on the coffee table, picking up the box with my name on it I sat down and opened the lid. Inside was a pair of black mid-calf high heeled boots, they had platform soles and five buckling straps going up the calf. They were gorgeous I had to admit, the heel combined with the platform sole made them at least six inches high.

Slipping them on they fit like a glove and I was half way through buckling them when I looked up to see Lacie was already waiting for me to finish. She was standing taller in a pair of four inch white wedge sneakers, dressed as she was, it brought back memories of snobby mean girls trying to bring everyone down a peg. Standing up, Lacie and I headed back over to where Dominic was now waiting, camera in hand.

“Well well well don't you two look like a dream, looking good ladies. Now daylight is burning so let me explain the first shoot of the day and then we'll get started, sound good?”

After a nod from both of us Dominic lead us over to the classroom set “Alright here's the setup, it's the night of the big game and after an embarrassing loss the rival team's quarterback has hired goth girl Bunny here to lure the head cheerleader Lacie, the home team’s quarterbacks girlfriend to an isolated classroom. After tricking Lacie into following her, Bunny subdues Lacie with chloroform and she then ties Lacie up. Bunny then waits for the rival quarterback (me) to come pay her and collect his prize, questions?”

At the conclusion of Dominic's explanation I had to admit the scenario sounded pretty hot and I started to get excited as this definitely sounded fun. 

“Now Bunny I have to ask since you'll be doing the tying, have you had any experience with bondage?”

Cheekily I replied, “Do I look like a nun, of course I do, my ex loved to tie me up plenty.”

“Excellent, that'll make this go by so much faster. Alright girls read over these stage directions quickly and then let's get started.”

After looking over the sheet with Lacie, we discussed how we were going to do this and then walked off towards the set. Breaking off from Lacie I walked over to where Dominic was fiddling with a camera.

“Hey Dominic I just have one more concern before we start.”

Raising an eyebrow Dominic asked “Sure what's your concern?”

Giving Dominic my no B.S. look I said “I don't want my real name to be used on or off the set.”

Smiling Dominic replied “That's reasonable, lots of models and actors use stage names so..” After Looking me up and down Dominic continued “How about we call you Lucy?”

Smirking at the idea I said jovially “As in Lucifer, sure why not.”

With that sorted out I walked back over to stand next to Lacie until Dominic was ready to start and we didn't have to wait long.


Walking onto the set with Lacie in tow, we navigated our way around the desks and made our way up to the teacher's desk. I turned around leaning on the desk smugly as Lacie stood in front of me with her arms crossed looking pissed. My smug smile was genuine as Lacie made gestures with her arms and when she turned around to leave I struck.

Grabbing her around her waist with one hand, my other hand clamped an unseen white rag over Lacie's mouth and nose. After a little play struggling Lacie went limp in my arms and I bent her over the teacher's desk. Walking around the desk I tossed a few bundles of rope onto the desk next to Lacie's limp form, all the while this had been going on Dominic had been hovering close by with his camera clicking away.

“You girls are doing excellent, keep it up!” Dominic said, encouragingly.

Folding one of the cords in half I pulled Lacie's hands behind her back and wrapped the double corded rope around her wrists three times before cinching the ropes tightly between her wrists. At Dominic's insistence I did the same to Lacie's elbows, knees and ankles. I was actually a little surprised at how easy it was to get Lacie's elbows to touch.

I knew I was supposed to gag Lacie with her neckerchief next, but feeling mischievous I bent over and slid down my panties. Bunching them up I opened Lacie's mouth and shoved them in, next I pulled Lacie's neckerchief free and used it to tightly cleave gag my roommate.

“Alright Lacie now's the part where you slowly wake up, groggy at first then you get mad and then Bunny I want you to prop her up and play with her a bit,” Dominic directed.

Clicking resumed as Lacie opened her eyes moaning, I was a little bemused at this since Dominic was only taking pictures and there was no real reason for the moans. Lacie really was into this it seemed, not wanting to let her down I manhandled her into a sitting position on the end of the desk and with great pleasure I started feeling her up. My black nail polish finger tips ran around Lacie's prominent chest as she squirmed, I then bent forwards running my tongue up Lacie's neck while squeezing her left breast and finally I lifted Lacie's chin giving her gagged lips a chaste kiss.

Clicking stopped and Dominic spoke up “That was fucking perfect, great job ladies. Now take a moment to relax while I go get changed and when I get back the video portion will begin.”

Watching Dominic head towards the dressing room I turned to Lacie “I have to admit this is kinda of fun, you doing okay Lace?”

Lacie seemed to be in another world, but still managed to nod and grunt an affirmative before laying her head on my shoulder. A few minutes passed by before Dominic returned and when he did he was wearing a red letterman jacket with a pair of black jeans.

Walking over to the side of the set Dominic spoke, “Okay ladies I think we're just going to add lib the dialog in this next part, but the main thing is after I come in I'm going to hand Bunny a wad of cash and she's going to sit in the teacher's chair to watch.”

Nodding to Dominic we got into position, then after multiple red lights started blinking Dominic said “Action.”

“Well, well, well, what do we have here, if it isn't the head cheerleader and my rival's girlfriend all snuggled up with their own school’s princess of darkness.” Dominic's smug voice floated through the classroom.

Looking up I asked snarkily, “You got the money?” A roll of green paper was tossed and after pocketing the cash I let go of Lacie, stood up and said, “She's all yours QB.” Walking behind the desk and in full view of the camera I pulled out my phone pretending to record what was about to transpire, then I sat down slowly crossing my legs and leaned back to enjoy the show.

I watched as Dominic first smirked at my camera phone, then turned and approached Lacie with a devilish grin like he was finally getting sweet revenge. Lacie quivered in fear, shaking her head back and forth frantically while letting out desperate moans of protest as Dominic reached out to grip Lacie by her hips.

Getting inches away from her face Dominic spoke with a dark tone “Your boyfriend cost me the game and embarrassed me, now I'm going to settle the score by taking it out of your sweet little ass.”

“Mmmph mmm mm MMMMMPH!” Lacie's unintelligible reply turned into a panicked shriek as Dominic held her tightly with one hand and his other hand began tracing the lines of her outfit. Dominic’s roaming hands worked their way down Lacie’s exposed tummy, down her pleated skirt and dipped underneath it to grab a handful of Lacie’s ample rear end. Dominic’s hand released his hold on Lacie’s ass and traveled north once again until it rested on the swell of her chest. Pulling the neckline of her top down over her breast, Dominic exposed her purple lace bra and his fingers rubbed the fabric with reverence. Lacie let out another squeak of fright as Dominic sat down, then maneuvered Lacie up onto his lap where she could no doubt feel the growing bulge in his pants.

I watched as Dominic using both hands cupped Lacie's large chest from behind, squeezing and fondling Lacie's breasts slowly, which elicited a mix of moans from behind Lacie's gagged lips. I was starting to get really turned on myself watching as this stranger continued to molest my friend and before I knew my free hand had traveled south of its own will. Dominic pulled the cups of Lacie's bra down exposing her erect nipples and my own hand dipped below my skirt. My fingers slid slowly between my now slick folds as Dominic bent his head, suckling deeply at Lacie's vulnerable neck.

I let out a low moan as the vibrations of pleasure grew between my legs, meanwhile Dominic had turned Lacie to the side and was now alternating suckling each of Lacie's exposed nipples. Both Lacie's and my hips were simultaneously rocking as Dominic continued to ravish my friend.

I was nearing the edge of a cliff when Dominic lifted Lacie off his lap and bent her over the teacher's desk. At first Lacie let out a muffled scream of terror as Dominic gripped and slid her panties down her legs. Then Lacie and I locked eyes as I continued to play with myself, meanwhile Dominic was unzipping his jeans.

Our stare down was broken when Dominic gave Lacie's ass a good swat, looking over her shoulder Lacie really started to moan and struggle as Dominic pulled his cock free and lined himself up with Lacie's exposed cunt. Lacie let out the loudest scream as Dominic thrust hard and deep into Lacie's vulnerable pussy. Dominic started slowly, his hips gently pushing Lacie forward onto the desk, her exposed cleavage swelling and plumping into the desk at each consecutive thrust.

Up until that point Dominic's sole focus had been on Lacie, but when he looked up and spotted where my unoccupied hand was his grin broadened. Suddenly Dominic’s thrusts increased in speed and force, the table began shaking all the while Dominic kept eye contact with me. My insides were a broil and the phone in my hand began to shake as my other hand swirled faster against my folds. Lacie’s moans grew incredibly loud as Dominic bent over to whisper something into Lacie's ear.

Lacie's eyes flashed up at me, her whole face flicked back and forth between my face and the phone. Just as Lacie began once again to scream protests, Dominic's pace reached a fevered pitch and three things happened simultaneously. First Dominic’s penetrations went from rapid to deep powerful thrusts, secondly Lacie’s head swung wildly about as she screamed in ecstasy and I let out a loud long moan as my eyes rolled back into my skull as I came hard.

All three of us stayed stationary as our audible breathing slowed, Dominic was the first to regain his composure pulling out of Lacie and zipping up his jeans. Lacie seemed to be in a pleasure coma as she rested the cheeks of her face on the desktop. I was starting to straighten up when Dominic walked around the desk and plucked my phone out of my limp hand.

I nearly protested before Dominic spoke loudly with more of that smug tone. “Thank you Lucy, now that I'm done with her you can do with the hottie as you like,” he said, winking at me, “If you excuse me ladies I have a quarterback to destroy.” Dominic spoke, sounding incredibly pleased with himself as he walked off set.

Thinking quickly I got up and reached forward tilting Lacie's face up and with a smirk I said, “I wonder who else might be interested in getting some cheap sloppy seconds.” Walking away I said over my shoulder, “Now don't go anywhere, I'll be back with some more company.”

Walking off set I turned around to see Lacie quietly sobbing against the desk “…and cut!” Dominic said as the cameras flicked off.

Jogging back over to Lacie I quickly undid her gag, when Lacie spit out my panties the look on her face had me busting out laughing. Gaining control of my laughter I started undoing her ropes while helping her to sit up on the desk.

“You okay Lace?” I asked, concerned.

With a chuckle Lacie spoke in a hoarse tone “I'm fine Bunny, but did you have to stick your panties in my mouth.”

Laughing I replied “You should have seen the look on your face, that was priceless!”

“I agree 100%, that move was brilliant,” Dominic said as he walked over, “I'm a little ashamed I didn't think of that, or the idea to have Bunny pretending to take video while playing with herself.” Looking me in the eye Dominic smiled and said “Now that…that was inspired.”

For a moment even I blushed a little at the compliment, shaking it off. I finished undoing the last of the ropes and I was about to ask Dominic about where my phone was when he beat me to the punch.

“By the way Bunny don't worry about your phone, it's sitting on my desk inside my office, I'll take blame for forgetting to mention it but I don't allow personal devices on set while we're shooting.”

At Dominic's comment I felt pretty dumb, of course he wouldn't want phones or any other distractions cropping up and in retrospect I should have known better. Still…I didn't like that he'd taken my phone and stored it without my permission. So far Dominic hadn't appeared to be anything other than what Lacie had described him to be and I felt maybe this whole bondage on camera could be more than a little fun.

As If he were reading my thoughts Dominic spoke up “Lacie if you wanna take a moment to clean up quickly, you can then head over to the lounge and relax a bit while I talk to Bunny for a minute.”

Smiling Lacie nodded and headed over towards the bathroom. Turning to Dominic I raised an eyebrow expectantly.

“Bunny, first I just wanna tell you that you were amazing and I loved the way you improved the scene.”

“Thanks, I aim to please,” I said cheekily.

Schooling his face Dominic continued, “That said have you changed your mind at all about your level of participation, I have a couple different scenarios to choose from for the next shoot and you know I'll pay better based on what you choose.”

Chewing on my lip piercing I contemplated what to do next, I knew if I agreed to the 2nd level I'd have a much better chance at securing Sam's approval. It'd also mean I'd have to put all my trust in Dominic not to take advantage of either me or Lacie. Admittedly Lacie seemed all to willing to be taken advantage of by Dominic, however even as turned on as I was after the previous shoot getting paid to fuck on camera wasn't something I'd be willing to do.

Which left one other possibility…

“If I was to agree to do more…what scenarios did you have in mind?” I asked hesitantly.

Smiling Dominic handed me a folder containing three separate packets of paper, each packet containing a different storyline. There were stage directions, voice lines and notes on different possible ways to carry out the scene.

“Read over the scenes and pick out the one you'd be most comfortable with, Lacie has been a popular addition to my site, so I'm willing to be flexible with her content” Dominic said appraisingly.

Sitting back against the desk I leafed through the story ideas, the first scenario would have had Lacie and I pretending to be two writing students working on a project together. At some point our inability to write a scene convincingly enough would result in me talking Lacie into being tied up and high jinks would inevitably ensue.

In the second scenario Lacie and I were a lesbian couple enjoying a night of BDSM fun. When an intruder breaks in, finding Lacie all tied up, he decides to take advantage of the situation. Lacie, unable to warn me, has to watch as I walk back into the room, am ambushed and subdued. The intruder then spends a good time playing with the both of us. The night ends with the intruder alternating fucking each of us.

'Definitely not doing that one' I thought to myself. Reading through the third and last packet I made my decision. Handing the folder back to Dominic I nodded my head and let him know which scenario I had chosen.

“Are you sure you'll be comfortable doing everything listed?” Dominic asked.

"I'm sure, it sounds fun plus it pays a lot more," I said with a grin.

“Great, why don't you check on Lacie while I print off a few study sheets for you girls to look over while I grab your costumes and get the sets ready.”

“Okay,” I said, turning to head over to the lounge area.

“Oh and Bunny let me tell Lacie about the scenario you chose, it's always amusing to see her react to a script,” Dominic said, smirking.

Smirking to myself I headed back over to the lounge area to find Lacie taking a nap, she hadn't even bothered to change out of the cheerleading costume she was wearing and was laying there with her feet on the table. At the click of the heels of my boots Lacie opened her eyes smiling and patted the seat next to her. Plopping myself down next to Lacie we literally knocked boots as I laid my feet on the table next to hers.

“Quiet little Lacie is a kinky bitch, heh who knew,” I chuckled in a teasing voice.

“You can admit it was fun without teasing me you know,” Lacie said contentedly.

“Fine, it was fun plus I'm rather enjoying seeing this side of you,” I said, nudging her shoulder.

At the sound of footsteps Lacie and I turned to see Dominic walking over with a clipboard in hand.

“Alright girls, if you’re ready, let's go over the details of the next shoot.” At this Lacie eagerly sat up much to my amusement. “In the next shoot, Bunny is involved in a trafficking ring, her job is to find and abduct women for her boss to sell.”

I smirked when Lacie shifted in her seat, her thighs rubbing together.

“On this night Lucy manages to capture Lacie, however she was supposed to have gotten two girls and her boss, annoyed at her ineptitude, decides Lucy will make up for it by becoming the second girl. The crime-boss subdues Lucy, then both girls are taken to his hideout and prepped for auction before being put up for display in front of cameras where bids are being taken online. After being sold they are prepped for transport and shipped off.” Looking between the two of us Dominic asked, “Any questions?”

“Will… Will there be any… sex during this shoot?” Lacie asked, blushing.

With the biggest grin Dominic said “The commission didn't specifically request it…but if you'd like I can add a scene where the crime boss 'tests out the merchandise', but only if 'you' want me to Lacie,” he finished with a wink.

I rolled my eyes as Lacie gave a smile and small quick nod… Straightening up Dominic handed me a copy of the stage directions and dialog.

“Alright while I get the set prepped I want you girls to look this over and Bunny there's an extra form at the back I'll need you to sign if you wanna get paid more,” Dominic said smartly.

With that Dominic headed off towards the sets while Lacie and I went over the script Dominic had handed me. For the most part the directions were easy to memorize, I only had a few lines and Lacie didn't have any really. Both Lacie and I would spend most of this shoot bound and gagged so we didn't really have to do any rehearsing.

After about twenty minutes or so Dominic walked over to the lounge area with two garment bags in hand. After Lacie and I received our outfits we headed into the dressing room to change. Hanging the garment bag on a hanger I quickly and unabashedly stripped down to my skin. Opening the bag I examined its contents, laying each item I pulled out onto the countertop as I did so. The bag contained a black latex mini dress, some lingerie, a leather half jacket and a bag of accessories.

The first thing I put on was the lingerie which consisted of a simple black g-string and a black pair of thigh high stockings. Next I slid on a black latex mini dress, it had a low halter style neckline and came up to mid thigh with the skirt just barely covering the tops of the stockings. The dress clung to my body like a second skin, hugging tightly to every natural curve I possessed and as I smoothed out every wrinkle I couldn’t help enjoying the warm flush the feeling of latex gave me. Next came a black chain choker, the chain accented the tattoos that ran around my neck quite nicely.

I was slipping on the black leather half jacket when Lacie's voice interrupted my thoughts.

“How do I look Bunny?” Lacie said doing a spin.

Once again my jaw dropped as I stared at my roomie, Lacie was wearing a short bright red strapless dress with a mesh style midriff. The dress had long off the shoulder sleeves, the skirt came down to her lower thighs and had a long slit in the skirt over her right thigh. She wasn't wearing any hosiery, just showing lots of bare skin and the slit in her dress only seemed to make her legs look longer. She also had on a red mesh style choker, which went well with the red hoop earrings in her ears. Lacie had pulled her hair free from the ribbons she had been wearing, her long red hair now flowed down over her shoulders and rested in the middle of her back.

”Fuck! Lacie you look hot as hell! If the guys at school could see you now!”

“Oh stop it Bunny, I could never wear something like this in public,” she said, blushing.

“Whatever Lacie you could own any guy you want if you tried, anyway let’s quit fucking around and go get paid!” I said, smirking.

Like before there was a pair of shoeboxes waiting for us over on the coffee table in the lounge area. Sitting Lacie and I reached for our boxes, again each box had a post it note on it with our names so it wasn't hard to figure out which box was meant for us. Opening my box I lifted out a pair of black six inch high heeled platform slingback sandals. Slipping them on I was surprised by how comfortable they felt, which given the amount of time I'd be spending in them today was a good thing.

Looking over at Lacie I spied the devils footwear she was already sporting, she had on a pair of four inch red stilettos with an ankle strap. I stared at Lacie as she angled her red heels this way and that as she admired her new footwear and Lacie's smile widened when the sound of footsteps approached. Dominic stopped in front of us just taking in the view with a growing grin.

“You two look picture perfect!” Dominic said, smiling.

I let out a large snort at that. “Dad jokes Dominic, really?”

Smirking Dominic said “Would you prefer I ogle you while making lecherous quips about the supple curves of your bodies?”

“Fair point,” I said, rolling my eyes.

Clapping his hands together Dominic said “Alright ladies if you're ready follow me to set six so we can finish getting ready.”

Hopping up Lacie and I had to pitter patter quick short steps across the floor in our heels to keep up as Dominic headed towards the sets. Normally while wearing a dress so short I would have had to constantly pull the hemline down as I walked, but thankfully the shiny black latex clung tightly to every inch that it covered. Now I normally loved to wear short skirts, but I had to admit even I would have thought twice before walking anywhere there might be stairs present while wearing a dress this short.

As we we're following Dominic between the sets I got a closer look at the rooms I had been unable to see before. There was a doctor's exam room, a boiler room, a storage room and the set we stopped in front of looked exactly like your run of the mill motel room. Patting a nearby stool Lacie walked over and sat down while Dominic wheeled a cart over.

“Well Lacie, are you ready?” Dominic asked.

With a tremor in her voice Lacie replied, “Yes Dominic.”

“Good let's get you prepped for the scene,” Dominic said with a smile.

Reaching inside the duffel bag that was laying on top of the nearby cart, Dominic pulled out three long thick cable ties and walked behind Lacie. Drawing Lacie's arms behind her back Dominic looped one of the cable ties around her wrists and with a pull the cable was zipped tightly binding them together, her secure Dominic then did the same to Lacie's elbows and knees.

“Don't worry Lacie, you only have to endure the cable ties for a few minutes.”

It only took one look at the discomfort on Lacie's face to understand the meaning behind Dominic's words. I could only imagine how much the plastic pinched, but Lacie hadn’t seemed too bothered, at least not until Dominic had tightened the cable around her elbows. Moving a little quicker Dominic grabbed a red bandana from the bag, rolling it tight, he then pulled the cloth tightly between Lacie's lips and teeth in a tight cleave-gag. Helping Lacie to stand Dominic led both of us to the outside of the set where a fake door sat, giving us a thumbs up Dominic wandered back to the front of the set to turn on the cameras.

Looking Lacie in the eyes I asked “You ready Lacie?” When she gave me a nod I took a deep breath and waited for Dominic's queue.

“Action!” Dominic said loudly.

Opening the set door I pushed Lacie forward while at the same time making sure to hold onto her tightly, as she stumbled forward Lacie squirmed and squealed as I shoved her inside, shutting the door behind me. Not stopping, I continued guiding Lacie forward, forcing her up onto the large bed in the middle of the room. I returned to lock the door and as I did so Lacie did her best to squirm back towards the edge of the bed.

“Oh no you don't,” I said as I pushed Lacie back onto the bed and rolled her onto her belly. “Time to make you a little more comfortable until my boss can come collect you.”

At this Lacie bucked and squirmed forcing me to sit on the back of her thighs to pin her down. Reaching over into the duffel Dominic had placed on the bed I pulled out multiple bundles of soft braided white rope and laid them next to Lacie's panicking form. Grabbing a six foot long bundle of rope, I folded the cords in half and quickly began wrapping the ropes around Lacie's ankles, being sure to cinch the ropes tightly.

Reaching back into the bag I pulled out scissors and snipped the cable tie around Lacie's knees. In no time I had replaced the plastic tie with neat and secure cords of rope. Lacie continued to 'struggle' and make muffled protests as I continued my work. Soon the zip-ties around her wrist and elbows were replaced as well, I had to admit I was beginning to have fun manhandling Lacie.

Reaching back into the duffel bag I rummaged around a bit before finally fishing out my prize, a large one and a half inch red ball-gag. Undoing the knot Dominic had tied the bandana with, I pulled the cloth gag free and swiftly shoved the rubber ball forcefully between Lacie's teeth. Buckling the straps tight I enjoyed the mewling sounds coming from behind the large red ball.

Rolling Lacie onto her back I ran my hands down the curves of her body, her breathing hitched whenever my hands ran over her breasts and her shoulders shook when my fingers dipped under her skirt. I was about to delve deeper when a nearby phone chirped, cursing I picked up the phone and pretending to read a text grumbled. Sighing I turned back to Lacie, rolling her onto her belly I once again reached over into the bag pulling out a single cable tie and pulled Lacie's ankles back towards her wrists. Using the cable tie I placed Lacie into an uncomfortable hogtie, patting her rear when I was finished.

No sooner had I finished placing Lacie in the hogtie than a loud knock sounded on the door. I opened the door to find Dominic now wearing a very nice business suit standing there. Not waiting for me to invite him inside, Dominic barreled past me heading straight for Lacie's vulnerable form. I shut the door quickly and approached Dominic as he rolled Lacie onto her side while pretending to examine ‘my latest find’.

“This one will do quite nicely…” Dominic said examining Lacie “Where is the other?”

“It was a slow night at the clubs, quite frankly I was lucky enough to sneak this one away from her group. Don't worry I'll find…” I was interrupted by a sudden outburst from Dominic.


Sitting down on the edge of the bed I scoffed as I pretended to scroll through the phone unbothered by Dominic’s outburst “It's not as if I can conjure beautiful girls into existence you know, sometimes you have to make due with what you can find.”

“You…you are right I suppose, I suppose I'll have to find another way to make up the difference.”

With that a white clothed hand clamped down over my face while Dominic's other arm wrapped around my stomach and twisted me down pinning me into the mattress. I kicked and flailed, struggling for all my worth, I did my best to put on a good show. After a minute of this I pretended to slowly lose my strength and finally go limp. When Dominic was sure I was 'unconscious' he slowly got off of me and drew my hands behind my back. As cord after cord of rope looped around my wrists a intense feeling of anxiety and arousal engulfed me and as Dominic cinched the ropes between my wrist I could feel myself getting wet. 

With my wrists secured Dominic folded another long length of rope in half creating a lasso and looping it around my elbows. Using the lasso like a ratchet, Dominic began to pull on the ropes, as he ratcheted the ropes my elbows grew closer and closer. This altered my posture, forcing me to stick my chest out more and more into the mattress. If I were standing I’m sure it’d look like I was offering my tits to anyone who wanted a feel.

After cinching the ropes around my elbows tightly, Dominic started looping more rope around my ankles and as the cords tightened I couldn’t help rubbing my thighs together. When a black rubber ball was wedged between my lips I felt my nipples harden and I had to stifle a moan. Next I felt my ankles pull backwards and soon I too was placed in a tight hogtie.

“Well there now, looks like I'll make my quota after all,” Dominic said smugly.

The sound of beeping signaled the cameras turning off and Dominic spoke in a pleased tone.

“Excellent work girls, done in one take wow.” Dominic's praise gave me a warm feeling as he undid the ropes binding our legs. “Let's continue, wait over by the hall set and I'll be right there.”

Still bound and gagged, I followed Lacie over to the fake hallway doing my best not to fall over. Soon Dominic had joined us, in his hands were two leather collars one black and one red. After replacing our necklaces with the collars, Dominic then attached two leashes and after hitting a button on a remote, the beeps of cameras turning on could be heard.

“Keep up the good work,” Dominic said as he opened the door and pulling on the leashes, started leading us down the dimly lit fake hallway. Dominic had clearly put in a good effort in the design of his sets, if I didn’t know better I would have thought we really were walking down a dark decrepit hallway of a building built to house, train and sell women off as slaves.

As Dominic led us down the long hallway Lacie and I were doing our best to act terrified, we whimpered or in my case let out muffled angry curses, the only other sounds were clicking of our high heels echoing down the long corridor as we walked. Approaching the door at the end of the hall I bucked backwards and would have fallen to the floor if Dominic hadn't caught me with his free hand. Lifting me up Dominic threw me over his shoulder, giving my exposed ass a swat and I cried out in indignation. Now sitting on Dominic’s shoulder I was carried the rest of the way down the hall, I occasionally kicked my feet back and forth in anger while Dominic continued to guide Lacie by her leash as if my struggles were hardly worth noticing.

Soon enough we were through the door heading towards the dungeon set. The cameras were already rolling when Dominic placed me inside a steel cell along the wall and shut the door with a loud metal clang. I stood and watched as Dominic led Lacie over to one of two nearby chains hanging from the ceiling. After attaching the chain to the ropes binding Lacie's elbows, Dominic pulled out a knife and used it to cut away at Lacie’s dress, the tattered remains of her dress soon lay around her feet leaving Lacie standing there wearing nothing but a g-string and heels. Walking over to a large armoire Dominic pulled out a beautiful intricately styled red and black silk corset.

“Gotta make sure you girls are presentable for purchase,” Dominic said, a greedy tone edging into his voice.

Walking back over to Lacie I watched from behind steel bars as Dominic tightened lace after lace until the corset left her with an hourglass figure. Satisfied, Dominic unhooked Lacie from the hanging chain and led her over to a small round platform with a pole sticking out of the middle of it. Sitting in front of the platform was a stool with a webcam sitting on it, after guiding Lacie up onto the platform Dominic attached her wrists and elbows to the pole with cable ties. Picking up a couple of lengths of rope laying on the floor next to the platform, Dominic proceeded to tie Lacie's ankles and knees together tightly.

Satisfied Dominic turned towards me and approached my cell, I cursed at him while struggling against my bonds as the cell door opened. I wobbled on my heels as Dominic grabbed the leash still tethered to the collar around my neck. Pulling on the leash Dominic guided me over to one of the hanging chains and soon I felt a weight attach itself to the ropes binding my elbows together. I then watched as Dominic left me to retrieve whatever pretty piece of clothing he was planning to force me to wear, and I didn’t have to wait long as soon he returned from the armoire with a black corset, a pair of shiny black elbow length gloves and a knife. I eyed the corset in Dominic’s hands as he laid it and the gloves on the floor next to me, it seemed a bit smaller than the one he’d dressed Lacie in. I didn’t have much time to focus on that however as Dominic brought the knife up to the sleeve of the jacket I was wearing.

Trying my best to be convincing I let out muffled screams as Dominic cut away at the black leather jacket and latex dress. After a couple minutes of Dominic cutting away at my wardrobe while pretended to panic, I was finally left standing there in nothing but the skimpy lingerie and a pair of high heels.

“Well looks like I picked out the perfect corset for you huh,” Dominic said appraisingly as he reached out and fondled one of my nipple rings.

Anger flared inside me for a moment before I remembered I had agreed to this, that said when Dominic wrapped the cupless corset around my midsection I couldn't help but let a little of my frustration be known. Dominic laughed at my scowl as he started tightening the laces on the corset until I too had a figure matching my roommate. When tightened the topless corset had an added effect of lifting my already protruding breast out even further. Dominic, apparently not done, reached into the pocket of his suit and pulled out what looked like two small cat bells attached to a small clamp.

My eyes widened knowing exactly what the bells were for and I vigorously shook my head in protest as Dominic attached the two bells to each of my silver nipple rings. I whimpered pitifully as now every shake of my breasts caused small electric charges to shoot down my body into my core. Smirking, Dominic gave each of the bells a small flick before walking behind me.

Cool air washed over the skin as Dominic untied the ropes that had been encircling my wrists. Even with my wrists now free the feeling of helplessness hadn’t dissipated in the least, the chain tethered to the ropes binding my elbows prevented me moving in any given direction more than a couple feet. Picking up the gloves Dominic attempted to slide them up my forearms, I flailed my arms about which earned me a swift spank to my vulnerable rear end. The sting on my left cheek was all the convincing I needed to let Dominic slide the gloves up my arms. I flexed my fingers inside the gloves as Dominic re-tied the ropes around my wrists, the familiar cool feel of latex provided a thin barrier between the ropes and my skin. The extra protection was nice since I felt like Dominic had significantly tightened the ropes around my wrists.

I stumbled forward as the chain detached from the ropes tied around my elbows and Dominic gripping me by my upper arms guided me over to the empty platform near Lacie. Helping me up onto the plinth, Dominic spun me around and pushed me so my back was leaning against the pole. Walking around the platform Dominic stepped up behind me and I felt my arms being centered against the steel pole. Next I felt the ropes around my wrist and elbows being secured tightly to the steel with cable ties. Then like Dominic did with Lacie, he grabbed a couple bundles of rope from the floor next to the platform. I mewled in frustration as Dominic fastened my ankles together with the ropes, not because the script called for it, but because the ropes now tied around my ankles were uncomfortably tight and soon so too were the ropes Dominic added around my knees next. I decided when this shoot was over I was going to have more than a few words of ‘constructive criticism’ to give to Dominic.

Stepping back with a grin Dominic gave each of us one last appraising look before addressing us “Alright ladies, chins up and let’s get this auction underway.”

Standing there with my body fixed to the pole on a platform in front of a Webcam on a stool, I watched as Dominic walked off to 'start the auction'. I jumped in surprise when the circular platforms Lacie and I were standing on started to slowly spin. At first Lacie and I simply stood there slowly spinning while waiting for the scene to end, but after twenty minutes of Dominic doing nothing but fiddle with his laptop I was starting to get irritated. How much footage of us slowly spinning around could he need, it's not like we could struggle much so I couldn’t see much point making us simply stand here and according to the script we’d been handed earlier the scene should have ended by now… The scene from what I remember reading was supposed to end with Dominic announcing a highest bidder and taunting us a little before moving on to the final scene.

Tired of not knowing what was going on I really started testing the strength of my bonds, I twisted my wrists around but there was no give in the ropes at all. I was beginning to let out muffled curses again when the platforms stopped spinning and I noticed Dominic finally getting to his feet.

With a clap of applause Dominic announced “Aaaand SOLD! You girls just made me the most money I've ever made in a single commission.”

I snorted and thought to myself 'finally, I was beginning to think this shoot was never going to end'.

“Well now that business is concluded I think a little celebration is in order,” Dominic said grinning as he approached Lacie.

After a couple snips Lacie was freed from the pole and I got to watch from my platform as Dominic tossed Lacie over his shoulder. He then carried Lacie back over to one of the hanging chains nearby. Setting Lacie down on her feet, he attached the chain to the ropes around her wrists. My eyes followed Dominic as he walked over to a control box on a nearby wall.

After hitting a button on the box a mechanical whirl sounded and Lacie's wrists slowly began to rise upward. As Lacie’s arms raised up behind her back it slowly forced her to bend over at the waist. Satisfied Dominic turned and headed back in my direction, seeing Lacie in such a vulnerable state my pulse started to race as Dominic released me from the steel pole.

Instead of picking me up and carrying me like he had done with Lacie, Dominic instead helped me hop down off the platform and forced me to bunny hop over to the other chain. At every hop the bells attached to my nipple rings jingled, sending musical tones into the air and down straight into my pussy.

As Dominic grabbed the chain and brought it towards my wrists, I did my best to swing my arms away from his grasp, but ultimately I couldn't do much to stop him once he managed to get a firm grip on one of my forearms. As Dominic walked back over to the wall and hit another button on the box, panic started to seize my insides as my wrists too were slowly lifted into the air forcing me to bend over exposing my rear end like an offering. In that moment I felt more vulnerable than I ever had before and on the flip side of that coin my panties were now soaking wet.

As I shifted back and forth precariously on my heels I glanced to the side to see Lacie staring at me. She looked on the verge of either crying or coming, however the attention Lacie was directing my way vanished quickly when Dominic appeared behind her. I watched awkwardly from where I stood as Dominic’s hands began roaming over Lacie’s body and for a moment I couldn't help but feel oddly jealous. That thought vanished quickly once Dominic started giving her ass loud forceful open handed spanks, at each impact Lacie would lurch forward while letting out long intense moans. I enjoy a good spanking as much as the next girl, but even I winced at the intensity of each blow Lacie was receiving. I had little doubt that tomorrow morning Lacie herself would have her own red tattoo in the shape of a hand after this.

After a few minutes the spanking finally stopped and I gazed longingly as Dominic reached around to grope at Lacie's chest. I watched with an acute fixation as Dominic pulled down the cups of Lacie’s corset allowing her breasts to spill free. Lacie’s pert rosie buds stood erect and it didn’t take long before Dominic’s thumbs were rubbing small circles around the buds. Lacie was now moaning loudly from Dominic’s ministrations and I could feel my own tinglings of rapture as I watched. What happened next however shocked me as Dominic’s hands gripped each of Lacie’s nipples pinched down hard. Lacie stamped her heels rapidly against the floor and she shrieked loudly until Dominic finally released her now very red swollen nipples.

I looked on as Dominic, unable to hold himself back any longer, slid down his zipper and pulled his hard cock free. Lining himself up Dominic slid Lacie's g-string to the side before finally entering her honey-hole. Lacie sang a muffled song of intense passionate moans as Dominic started pumping in and out of her. It didn't take long before Lacie was convulsing, her hips bucking wildly and her moans a muffled roar as she came hard.

I fully expected to see Dominic start to rapidly thrust until he achieved his own climax…

Instead Dominic reached into one of his suit pockets and pulled out a damp white cloth, before I or Lacie knew what was happening Dominic pulled a rag out of one of his coat pockets and held it tightly over Lacie's face. At first Lacie seemed confused as to what was happening, but soon that confusion turned to fear and soon Lacie was bucking for a whole different reason. It didn't take long before Lacie hung there, limp as a doll. I could only stare as Dominic pulled out of Lacie his cock still slick from her juices. Giving Lacie’s ass a final swat Dominic’s gaze swiveled and landed on me.

For a moment I just stared unsure whether it was all part of the scene or not, but when Dominic stood behind me caressing my ass I decided I didn't care and started struggling for all my worth. I could feel my heart beating like a jackhammer in my chest as Dominic's hands gripped my hips and when I felt the g-string I was wearing slide down over my hips I swear I could feel my stomach climb up into my throat. I did the only thing I could do at that moment and screamed muffled curses as I felt Dominic's girth press up against my slick folds. 

This wasn't supposed to happen, I had agreed to be tied up and have some exposure, maybe even some light fondling. What I hadn't agreed to was to be filmed while I was bound, gagged and fucked against my will. I swear when this is done I am going to kill both Dominic, and if she was in on it, Lacie, I thought to myself.

I didn't have much time for revenge planning as Dominic slammed deep into my pussy from behind and I cried out in rage…rage and arousal. Fuck it felt so good but how dare this bas… SLAM! Dominic started rhythmically slamming into me causing me to lurch forward. With each thrust I heard bells ring and felt waves of pleasure wash over me. Hands reached under me as Dominic cupped my breasts, squeezing and kneading them relentlessly as our hips bucked.

Pulses of bliss were radiating from my sensitive nipples, the sensation rippling down through my core and at each penetration of Dominic's cock I let out a resonating moan of delight. Dominic started pinching each of my nipples, rolling them between his fingers causing the bells to jingle and my eyes rolled in pleasure. I could feel myself edging towards a cliff of ecstasy when I felt Dominic pull out and then the tip of his cock was probing the perimeter of my anus. Shaking my head in horror I shrieked and screamed more muffled protests as Dominic slid himself in my asshole up to the hilt of his hard cock.

Fire like I'd never felt before burned and as Dominic pulled back only to slam forward again I bellowed in pain as hot tears formed in the corners of my eyes. For the next few minutes I struggled, thrashed about and screamed for mercy as Dominic continued to pump away at a brutal steady pace. Every minute that passed by felt like an eternity , but soon the pain ebbed away and a new warm tingling feeling began to spread throughout my body. A pleasure more intense than any I’d felt before was enveloping my core and I started to bend my knees while swirling my hips meeting Dominic thrust for thrust in a lustful dance. Dominic seemed to be pleased with this and would give my flush cheeks the occasional hard spank, the vibrations further intensifying the feelings stirring inside me.

The sounds of perverse grunts, moans, groans, along with the slapping of skin on skin grew louder and more frequent as Dominic’s thick length continued to drill into me. My vision was beginning to blur, my whole body a tingle and the most delicious feeling of ecstasy was taking over me inch by inch…until finally a waterfall of ecstasy washed over me as the tightly wound coils of pleasure that had been building inside of me exploded and the intensity of my climax was so strong that were I not tethered to the ceiling I would have collapsed. Wave after wave of pleasure continued to hit me as I shook from the aftershocks of my orgasm, meanwhile Dominic, unaware or uncaring of the turmoil my body had just gone through, pounded away at a frenzied pace.

Then the sound of Dominic reaching his peak filled my ears and a hot feeling spread through my insides as I felt his hot seed enter my ass. The jerking of Dominic's cock continued to drive deeper into me in hard violent thrusts, until he finally stood still and the only sound to be heard was our deep ragged breaths. Hanging there with Dominic still inside me I started to regain my senses when a damp rag was forcefully clamped down over my mouth and nose. I fought hard as I could, whipping my face around trying to dislodge Dominic’s hand while bucking my hips, stomping my heels, doing everything I was capable of in my current state. However my lungs were beginning to burn from holding my breath for so long and as hard as I tried to fight it, eventually I had to breathe. As I sucked in the sickly smell my vision went black, my body lost its strength and I soon fell unconscious.

Slowly I opened my eyes only to squeeze them shut again at the pounding pain in my head. I tried to lift my hand to massage my temples, but I quickly realized that my hands were tightly bound with rope behind my back and not only my hands but my elbows as well.

Panic started to creep up in my chest as I attempted to move my legs, only to find that my ankles and knees were also tightly secured. Opening my eyes slowly I took in my surroundings, I was kneeling on a cushion bound and gagged inside a small steel cage on a cart in a small hallway near an elevator.

My heart raced and every breath felt like a struggle as my brain tried to piece together what had happened. Then everything came flooding back to me, Lacie, the studio and Dominic. At the memory of what Dominic did, the anger hit me and I started furiously struggling against the bondage holding me captive. After tiring myself out I did my best to calm myself and survey just how badly I was fucked.

The cage I was enclosed in was made of thick steel bars, my wrists and ankles were from what I could tell tethered to the steel bars by thick plastic cable ties. A removable metal bar had been locked in place between the middle of my back and my arms preventing me from moving about. The ball-gag I had been wearing had been replaced by a harness style ball-gag and adding to my discomfort the ball now gagging me had to be close to two inches in diameter.

I closed my eyes, hoping that maybe this was all just a bad dream. But when I opened them again, everything was still the same. In the distance I could hear the sound of a wheeled cart getting closer, soon the door to the studio opened and Dominic appeared pulling a cart with another cage similar to mine. As Dominic stopped the cart next to mine my heart clenched as Lacie started to sob seeing me in the same predicament she was in.

I stared up at Dominic with hatred as he pushed the a button on the freight elevator, turning around Dominic walked over to my cart and I felt him checking over my bonds.

I mumbled a unintelligible ‘fuck you’ at the man.

With the elevator still slowly descending Dominic hunched down and reached forward gripping me by my chin.

“Sorry whittle whabbit I’ve already taken my fill from you, gotta admit as much fun as I’ve had with little Lacie over there. You have probably been the best fuck I’d had in a while,” Dominic said with a sneer.

A ‘ding’ sounded and the elevator doors opened up prompting Dominic to stand up and roll each of our carts into the elevator.

As the elevator slowly rose Dominic turned back to me “Just so you girls know I wasn’t lying about one thing, the ‘commission’ I’m going to get for you two girls will likely set me up for a couple years. Honestly I don’t normally do this sorta thing often, but the offer I got for you two girls was just too good to pass up.”

When the rickety elevator finally reached the first floor Dominic wheeled Lacie out first and a couple minutes later returned for me. Pushing the cart down the dusty hallway we reached the lobby, as we continued down another hallway I couldn’t spot Lacie anywhere. At the end of the hallway was a set of double doors, passing through the door my cart was pushed out into a huge dilapidated warehouse and that was when I spotted Lacie’s cage.

Dominic had left her near the loading bay entrance and her frightened muffled sobs were echoing throughout the warehouse. Wheeling me down a service ramp Dominic parked my cart next to Lacie’s and I started to shake myself. I watched as Dominic sat down on a stool near the large door and pulled out his phone.

“Hey it's me… yes the shipment is ready, how far away are you? …Really, excellent, I’ll open the door,” Dominic spoke excitedly into his phone. 

Hitting a button on the wall the loading bay door raised up and a white panel van quickly backed into the loading bay. Just as quickly the loading bay door lowered and Dominic walked over to greet the two men exiting the front of the van. Both men were wearing crisp black suits and each would have been indistinguishable from any other white male businessman. 

Pointing to our cages, the driver asked, “That the shipment?”

Grinning, Dominic replied, “Yep and the payment?”

The driver nodded to the other man who handed Dominic a briefcase.

After checking the contents Dominic and the driver shook hands “They’re all yours, make sure you shut the door when you leave.” 

With that the bastard walked off leaving Lacie and I to our fate. The driver opened the back of the van while the other man walked over to Lacie and lifted the cage up with ease. I screamed at the man, tears welling up in my eyes as he loaded the cage into the back of the van.

Then before I knew he was back and my cage was lifted up as well. Seeing my outrage the driver assisted the other man and together the two loaded my cage into the back of the van right next to Lacie’s. Now sobbing myself I could only stare forward as the rear doors of the van slammed shut…


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