If It Seems Too Good To Be True

by Kitsune71

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“…No?” I asked quizzically.

“No, I have nothing I can offer you at the moment, and to be frank the only real reason I even agreed to see you was as a favor to your friend Cindy.”

In a quiet pleading tone I asked. “But… but there must be something, anything? My scholarship program fell through this year and I really need the money or they'll drop me from the school… please?”

Irma, the shrewd looking talent agent sat across from me huffing and narrowing her eyes at me. 

"Look Ms. Smith it may not be hard for me to find modeling work for girls like your friend Cindy, she has a sultry look most advertising agency's kill for, but with a girl like you…" Irma said trailing off.

The girl Irma was referring to was a student at the university I attended. She, a couple others and I met occasionally to study in a group at the campus library. Cindy was a tall blonde who honestly looked like she'd come straight out of a beer commercial and was putting herself through college doing modeling. She was the bubbly sort of girl who made friends wherever she went and despite my normal routine of keeping to myself, Cindy always seemed to go out of her way to talk to me during our study sessions. She had been sitting next to me in the library the day I received a phone call from scholarship committee, which is how my kinda-sorta friend learned about my situation, after enough prodding from Cindy I explained the dilemma I was in and Cindy who was always too happy to help said that as long as I kept an open mind she knew a quick way I could earn some easy cash. Out of any real options I jumped at the opportunity, Cindy told me she’d get in touch with her agent and with any luck I’d get a quick, easy job to help stave off bill collectors long enough to either work out some kind of financial aid or find a reliable part time job.

Now under Irma's discerning gaze however, I was starting to doubt myself and whether I’d be able to handle this or not. I was aware of my attractiveness, I knew that I didn't have men flocking to me, but mostly figured that was more due to the very conservative way I normally dressed and my tendency to isolate myself away from most people. Standing at a height of 5'4" with my naturally red hair and weighing approximately 142 lbs, complemented by moderately sized C-cup breasts, I did manage to attract the attention of boys without much effort; however, my shyness often hindered me.

After staring at me for a few seconds Irma's face relaxed, giving me a more gentle smile as she spoke. “Look you are pretty I admit, it's just you have a very innocent kind of beauty and most places just aren't looking for that.” 

Smelling a chance I queried “Most?”

Smirking, Irma huffed. “Alright I do know one photographer, he runs his own website doing specialty pin ups and the like. I'm just not sure a girl like you would be up to…”

“I'll DO IT!” I practically exploded.

“Hold on now.” Irma held a hand up. “I can’t just snap my fingers and boom you’ve got the job, besides like most photographers, Dominic likes to meet potential models before he commits to anything.” I nodded meekly at this. 

Picking up her phone Irma started a rapid flurry of taps before looking back up at me. "Do you have time to meet him tonight?"

"Actually… I'm supposed to go out to a club tonight with a few of my friends" I said dejectedly.

What was I going to do, I knew I was supposed to go out with my roommate Bunny and some of her friends tonight. She’d been trying to get me to go out to a new club with her for weeks and wasn’t likely to take too kindly to me blowing her off yet again. Bunny was a pistol and had been the yin to my yang ever since we were first paired to room together at the university campus. I had grown really fond of the dark haired tattooed girl who for some reason seemed to have made it her personal mission to drag me out of my very comfortable isolated bubble and I didn’t want to disappoint her yet again. Biting my lip I considered canceling, but I didn’t want to disappoint Bunny yet again, maybe if I explained why I needed to cancel she’d…

“Perfect! I'll give him a call and have him meet you there, he won't take long I can assure you.” She said matter of factly, “Just give me the details of when and where you'll be, I'll call you to let you know when he's there, sound good?”

“Umm…okay.” I retrieved a pen from my purse and scribbled the details of where we were supposed to meet tonight. After handing the napkin to Irma, I thanked her before heading out the door with a smile and for the first time in days a little hope everything would turn out okay. 


‘Time to go home and get ready!’


“Lacie you home!?” Bunny’s voice echoed through the apartment. “You better be getting ready girl, because if I have to drag you out to the bar tonight I will!”

“I’m in here, Bunny,” I said from my bedroom, which is where she found me… in a world surrounded by piles of clothes and indecisiveness.

“Hey, how did…the…interview…go…what’s ahh…what’s going on in here?” Bunny asked as she stared at the chaos that was currently my room, the look on her face was one of confusion. I hadn’t given her too many details about the job I was applying for and I was certain if I had I’d never hear the end of it.

Smiling up at her I answered. “It went well, I might have a chance if I pass my final interview. I was just trying to decide what to wear tonight…I really wanna look nice but I could use some help…”

With a widening grin that made me nervous, Bunny said. “I thought you’d never ask.”

A couple hours later It was around 6:30, Bunny and I were sitting in a corner booth of the new nightclub with a few of her friends. I had spent a majority of the evening staying away from the dance floor while nursing a drink and just listening to conversation. I may have been my typical wallflower self, but at least for once I certainly didn't look it.

I wanted, no, needed, to impress this Dominic Irma mentioned, and was dressing to impress tonight. Bunny had been surprisingly helpful in picking out my outfit, for a girl who always wears way too much black, she was surprisingly helpful in picking out an outfit. I was decked out in a denim mini skirt, a red V-neck blouse, denim half jacket and a pair of red 4 inch strappy wedge sandals. My long red hair was tied in a high ponytail which accented my silver hoop earrings quite nicely. I went light on the make up, just some mascara and pink lip gloss.

As I sat there In my current outfit I couldn’t help but feel like a spotlight was following me everywhere I went and even alcohol was doing little to calm my nerves. I was about to finish the last of my drink when my phone buzzed making me jump, checking my phone I saw I’d gotten a text from Irma, apparently Dominic was waiting for me at the bar and I should look for a bearded man wearing a red baseball cap. It seemed a little cliché to me, but in a sea of strange faces, loud music and flashing strobe lights I wasn’t about to criticize.

After downing the rest of my drink I let the others know I was getting another and headed towards the bar area. Thankfully Bunny was too busy making out with her boyfriend to notice or I was certain she would have followed me to the bar. I was extra glad for that as I had to navigate around a few catcallers and grabby hands. I loved Bunny like a sister, but I also knew if she had come with me she would most likely have caused a scene. I eventually spotted Dominic and approached him from behind. Taking a deep breath I reached forward tapping his shoulder while raising my voice just loud enough to be heard over the crowd and music.

"Are you Dominic?" When the man turned around my insides fluttered, the man looked more like a war photographer than the creepy womanizer I had been expecting. He was a fairly tan man, dark brown eyes, he had short black hair, a short full faced beard and was well muscled but not overly so.

“Are you Lacie?” I nodded and he continued “Excellent, I’m going to refresh my drink and then we can find a quieter place to talk.” Nodding my head I followed suit ordering another cocktail myself and followed Dominic through the dense crowd to a table in the better lit area of the club. As I sat down I could not help notice Dominic looking me up and down.

“Well Irma was right about you as you definitely have the right look, but I still need to make sure you're the right fit. So I would like to ask some questions about you, who you are as a person, where you're from, what specifically led you to my doorstep that sort of thing.”

I nodded a quiet “Okay.”

“Alright let's get started, so where are you?” …That's really how the next twenty minutes went, with him asking questions and me doing my best to answer without looking foolish. Dominic had been very professional and polite while letting me speak at my own pace.

Finally Dominic asked me “Irma did note and I have to agree here that you are quite reserved. Which is great for my shoot but I do need to know, are you sure you can handle this type of shoot?”

Doing my best to hide my nerves I said “I am very committed to doing this, I can handle it. I admit I can be very self conscious especially around a lot of people, but Irma said you shoot solo so I think I'll be just fine.”

Dominic smiled and held out his hand which I shook. “Good I'm glad to hear it, now before we end this little meeting I will need your measurements and shoe size, sound good?”

I nodded an affirmative and was about to ask for more details, Dominic beat me to the punch however, “I had a last minute cancelation tomorrow if your interested, I can book you tomorrow morning around nine thirty?” After I nodded a yes Dominic continued “Excellent, Irma will likely send a car to pick you up tomorrow morning to take you to my studio. Now If you'd like to bring somebody along with you during the shoot and can’t find anybody on short notice I’m pretty sure Irma will be happy to oblige.”

“That sounds wonderful, thank you.”

“Perfect, now about your measurements.”

After exchanging details we went our separate ways, and I headed back to my table to tell everyone that I was heading home for the night. After catching a cab I called Irma, she had just gotten off the phone with Dominic and was excited to talk details. She told me she was impressed at Dominic's interest in me for a shoot tomorrow and when I expressed my nervous excitement did indeed offer to accompany me.

She also told me that I didn't need to worry too much about how I dressed tomorrow morning, just to do my hair and makeup. When I asked Irma where I should meet her tomorrow, she told me she would have a car come pick me up and that she would meet me there.

The next morning I woke up extra early to do my hair and make up. I did my hair and make-up much in the same way as I had the previous night. With the only notable exception being that I wore red lip gloss instead of pink and despite what Irma said last night. I decided that I really wanted to make a good impression, so rather than dressing conservatively like I normally do, I decided to wear a blue flowery sundress that came down to around mid thigh, a blue pair of wedge sandals, a blue choker necklace, my silver hoop earrings and my denim half jacket. I looked at myself in the mirror and despite the dress being shorter than I normally would wear, I thought I looked rather cute. Checking my phone I realized two things, it read 9:22 a.m. and the town car Irma was sending would be here in a few minutes.

Second was I had forgotten in my nervousness to put my phone on the charger last night and it only had 10% battery left. I grabbed my purse, stuffing the nearly dead phone inside and headed out my apartment door. Just as I reached the road a black sedan pulled up and the driver rolled down his passenger window.

“Are you Lacie Smith?”

I answered politely "Yes, that's me."

Unlocking the rear doors the driver motioned back “Whenever you're ready Ms. Smith.” I entered the rear door and soon we were off on our way. The traffic across town was awful until we started to reach the industrial side of town. The ride seemed to take so long that my stomach was swirling in loops as I kept clenching and unclenching my hands.

As the neighborhoods worsened I took quick, deep breaths and very slowly exhaled, and I cleared my mind of vagrant thoughts. The town car finally came to a halt in front of a less run down-looking warehouse on a street filled with abandoned-looking warehouses. Looking at the building I didn’t see any distinct signs or business logos, there was simply an address, plain metal door and intercom on the wall with a small security camera along the ceiling.

I got out and thanked the driver through the window. He looked at me hesitantly as if to say something, but seemed to think better of it, wished me a good day and drove off. I looked around for Irma but there was no one on the street, not even a parked car. I was alone in a strange part of town and starting to get anxious. It was five minutes to nine and there was no sign of Irma anywhere. I was certain she wouldn't have gone in there without me.

Taking out my phone I struggled to see if Irma had left a message since my phone had dimmed itself to save power. Yep she'd texted me all right, she'd texted me at the same time I had been heading down to the car. She was sick from food poisoning she'd gotten while meeting a client for breakfast earlier that morning and wouldn't be able to make it. She was very sorry, but she hoped I would understand.

Sighing I pulled up my contacts to try and call my roommate but right as I hit ‘dial’, my screen went blank then powered down. My anxieties began heating up as I stood there, I was alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood, and no one knew I was here except Irma who was sick and probably figured I'd cancel.

No cabs cruised down here and it was a long walk to the bus stop, if any buses ran down here on Saturdays anyway. Even if the buses were running, riding public transportation on this side of town dressed like I was would be a nightmare. The only sound was of the wind and the darkening skies. I began having visions of Bunny identifying my body for the police and my pulse began to race.

I tried to pull myself together, Dominic was expecting me, and it was against my morals to stand him up. Besides I really couldn't afford to pass this chance up, so taking a deep breath I headed towards the door and hit the intercom.

I waited a minute and buzzed a few more times. Where was Dominic? Not only that but where was his car? Was this some kind of a joke? I had been scared of going into this building by myself, but now I was feeling frustrated at the idea of being stood up myself. After waiting another minute and getting no response, with a sour face I turned from the door and headed back towards the street. It was then I heard a door open and my name get called. Nervously I turned my head around and saw Dominic holding the door open. 

He was smiling as he spoke “Glad you could make it, come inside.”

Upset I wanted to berate him for making me wait, but in the end I couldn't do it due to how relieved I was to see a friendly face. Returning a smile I shook his hand warmly and walked into the building. Inside was a small lobby with an empty desk along one wall and an elevator across from it. The room was dimly lit, but most of the light came through the windows running along the ceiling.

After locking the doors and taking my arm, he led me to the old elevator that looked and sounded like it had seen better days. Everything in the building I had seen so far gave me the impression it hadn't been used in years.

I was getting nervous when we got on the elevator. That's when Dominic asked “Where's Irma?” I almost panicked at that.

I wanted to give some excuse that she'd be by later, but not wanting to be caught in a lie.

I simply told him the truth “Irma got sick this morning due to food poisoning and couldn't make it.” Seeing Dominic smile, I asked, “Why are you smiling?”

He quickly said “I'm smiling because that's Irma for you, she really can't help herself sometimes.”

When the elevator reached the bottom floor and opened the silence surrounding us was off putting to say the least. The only sounds that could be heard were our footsteps. Dominic led me down a long corridor and I followed him cautiously wondering if I yelled would anybody hear me. Stopping before an unmarked door near the end of the hallway Dominic unlocked the door and reached his hand around inside to turn on the lights. He ushered me into a huge studio with many different sets, props and backdrops.

Cameras and studio lights on tripods were on the right side of the first room, all facing the far corner where the walls and floor had been covered with large sections of bright fabrics. Near the fabrics was a long table filled with straps and ropes that I supposed he used for making "sets." Alongside the table was a rack of clothes, costumes, and lingerie. Over in the far corner of the large room I spotted his motorcycle leaning against a wall.

I was broken out of my reverie when Dominic spoke. “Before we do anything I'll need you to fill out a few forms and sign a standard contract, then we can start shooting, sound good?”

Still feeling quite nervous I stuttered a quiet okay, before following him over to a lounge area off to the side. As I sat down on a loveseat Dominic handed me a clipboard which contained a dozen or so sheets of paper and a pen.

“The contract contains a standard NDA, release of ownership of your likeness, statement of payment etc, your pay rate will be on sheet 3.” After seeing how much he was planning to pay me, my eyes widened and I foolishly just started signing on the dotted lines. I handed Dominic the clipboard back eager to get started.

Dominic handed me a hangar with some garments on it and told me it was my costume. Then he directed me to the changing room next door, which he said was unlocked. I hooked the hangar over my shoulder and went out. When I got to the dressing room, I flicked on the light switch. The room wasn't very big, there was a stool in front of a decent sized counter and a large vanity mirror. There was a clothes tree next to the stool, and I put the hangar on it. Then I closed the door and slid the small bolt through the catch.

I took down the pieces of costume one by one and spread them on the counter. Together they formed a lovely harem outfit, and I could see it would fit me. I removed all of my clothes including my panties, and hung them on the hangar. Grabbing the first piece of my costume off the counter, I slid the cyan thong up my legs and shimmied a bit as the back wedged between my cheeks.

Next I put on the bustier, the lifting effect added to the decent amount of cleavage I already normally possessed, then I donned the floor-length cyan see through costumed skirt. The skirt was split into two pieces connected to a stretchy fabric belt, the thinner strip of mesh flowed down the front of my waist and hung all the way down to the floor between my legs.

A slightly wider strip flowed down over my rear hanging down to the floor. I tied the fabric strip around my hips, the gap between the two strips meant I would be showing off a lot of leg. Next was a decorative belt of connected pieces of hammered bronze that fit easily around my waist. I knew the jingling sound would now be heard whenever my hips moved.

Next I picked up a see through silk veil and jeweled headpiece, I lifted my ponytail to put on the jeweled headpiece and attached the see through veil across my face. Ready to give this a go, I straightened my posture and walked out the door to face my new career, feeling braver already.

“I'm ready, Dominic,” I announced when I re-entered the studio, gingerly stepping around the cables and gadgets on the floor because of my bare feet.

“You're almost ready Lacie, your costume isn't quite complete though.” Dominic said as he retrieved a shoe box from a nearby table.

Handing me the box, I opened the lid and my eyes widened at what lay inside. A pair of five-inch strappy cyan high heels sparkled back at me, in awe I lifted one of the shoes out of the box. The heels had platform soles with a chunky heel, a wide horizontal strap over the toes and another horizontal strap that would cinch around my ankle. The shoes were gorgeous, they'd also be very hard to walk in.

“These are beautiful Dominic, but they might be a little hard to walk in.” I said admiring the shoes as they shimmered in the light.

Encouraging me Dominic said “Go ahead try them on.”

Taking the heels out of their box I placed them on the floor, before sliding my feet delicately into the shoes. Bending over I buckled the straps tightly around each of my ankles, I then lifted and stretched my leg out while pointing my toes. I couldn't help but admire how beautiful and sexy the shoes looked as I rotated my ankle about. Standing up I took a few test steps to get the feel of the shoes, they actually weren’t too difficult to manage due to the slightly chunky heels.

“Very good, Lacie,” he replied. “Go stand over on the set so I can check the lighting.”

The set Dominic had been pointing to was one of the smaller sets, it had a roller at the back for which different backdrops could be easily changed and currently the backdrop was one of a middle eastern palace. There were small pillows with frilly cords spread out around the small set and along one wall was an opened chest. There was also a large round decorative rug that had been laid out in the center of the room.

I did my best to strut over to the set, with my costume jingling all the way. The rug on the floor was doing a good job deadening the clicking of my heels as I walked to the center of the room. I stood poised in the middle of the rug waiting for directions, looking up from his camera Dominic gave a low, approving whistle, which had me holding my head up a little higher.

Looking into his camera Dominic spoke up “Would you mind striking a pose, I need to check my equipment.” 

First I put my hands on my hips with my elbows pointing out, I then bent my left knee outwards while resting my weight on the toe of my high heel. Smiling broadly Dominic told me to hold that pose while he adjusted his lighting. Soon a click sounded and muttered, “beautiful.” told me my picture was now captured on film.

Dominic directed me through a multitude of poses shot from many angles and after fifteen minutes of pictures he finally called a break. I did some yoga stretches while Dominic went over to the equipment table that was filled with various props. I was beginning to find I rather enjoyed posing for a camera, it was relaxing and if I were really honest…rather stimulating. The work itself was rather easy and the pay was very good. Those thoughts ended abruptly when Dominic came back holding a pair of handcuffs.

“Umm.. just uh.. what's going on here Dominic.” I said, my voice tremulous and heart pounding. “Why do you have a pair of handcuffs?”

Dominic saw the fright in my eyes and he spoke to me very gently. “They're actually called shackles and they're a prop.”

“A prop!” I exclaimed. “Fake jewelry are props, a fake sword or gun are props. I'm sorry Dominic but I don't think I’m comfortable with doing whatever using those would entail.”

“Hold on now, I thought you were aware of what I do here,” he said calmly. “Many of my clients like to see pictures of women tied up or in bondage and you said Irma had explained everything.”

Caught in a lie but still anxious I stuttered “Ye.. yes.. but..”

Now seemingly offended Dominic continued “There’s a reason I pay so much, there might be a little bit of discomfort during the shoot. That's why the rate is higher, besides you might be interested to know many of the girls really enjoy this type of modeling. If you don't believe me, let me show you.”

Dominic walked over to a desk in the corner where he picked up a laptop and brought it back to me. Opening up the laptop Dominic pulled up a folder filled with pictures of gorgeous women bound and gagged. The women were tied with ropes, chains, leather straps, tape and an assortment of restraints I couldn't identify. Miffed by what I saw I looked away from the screen and huffed in disgust.

“Look closer Lacie, do any of these girls look like they dislike doing this type of modeling.”

Sighing I took a closer look at the pictures and it was true. All the models seemed fine and doing many different poses without any real pain or fear, although there were some who were obviously acting like they were scared. Many of them had beautiful smiles as they posed and if they were gagged they still didn't look unhappy.

As I scrolled through the album I realized the models did actually seem to be having fun acting like they were scared and I say acting because they were doing a really poor job of it before in the next pictures they'd nail the look. After I looked away from the screen, I realized I was feeling much more relaxed than when Dominic had first shown me the screen. Turning to Dominic I stared at him for a moment contemplating whether I should give this a try. After all, it was a lot of money…

“Look Lacie, it's clear to me Irma did a poor job in representing my business.” Dominic apologized. “I thought you understood the type of work I do. I run a legitimate business so if you don't want to continue…”

Seeing the opportunity for a quick and easy paycheck disappearing I blurted out “I'LL DO IT!, ahem I mean I'll give it a try.”

Eyeing me Dominic asked. “Are you sure Lacie?”

Taking a deep breath I looked Dominic in the eyes and said, “yes, I'm sure, I’m just a little nervous.”

“And you're okay with the rest of what Irma described?”

Afraid of losing out I continued to lie through my teeth “Yes Dominic I’m really sure.”

“Wonderful, but just so you know, I might occasionally ask you to do a little acting for portions of the shoot, can you handle that.”

Hoping I wouldn’t regret my decision I replied “I’ll do my best, master.” I said smiling cheekily while offering up my wrists.

Dominic smiled and reached for my left wrist, which he then locked in a shiny thick cuff of steel. A short rigid steel chain joined the two thick cuffs together and in a moment my other wrist too was locked in the second cuff. I walked back over and onto the set striking a pose. I stretched my arms forward while squeezing my breast together with my upper arms as if to say ‘look what I have to offer boys’ and I smiled innocently while playfully tugging at the shackles.

Dominic spoke up as I continued in my posing “Wonderful job Lacie that's perfect for this scene!”

Stopping my posing, I asked, “What's the scene?”

Smiling Dominic said “You are a mischievous genie who is owned by an ambitious sheik and in this scene you've found a pair of manacles that the sheik likes to use on his concubines. You've put them on and are dancing about playing when the sheik shows up.”

I had to struggle not to laugh at myself, here I was clad in a skimpy outfit, shackled and teetering in a pair sky high fuck me heels while being photographed in an seemingly empty warehouse in a desolate part of town. I was also following the directions of a stranger who literally held the keys to my freedom.

Normally I was one of the most shy introverted people around and yet despite having never felt so helpless in my life, something deep inside me was stirring. A tingle of pleasure wove its way through me as I flitted about in a slow dance as Dominic photographed me. I knew it had something to do with the shiny restraints and flimsy costume but I didn't know why. I only knew I was feeling oddly enough more powerful despite my helplessness.

I was mid pose when Dominic's voice interrupted my dance “Alright Lacie hold your pose, good now without turning your body look towards the camera and give me your best shocked look.” I turned my head with wide eyes and my mouth agape and after a few clicks Dominic spoke up again.

“Excellent, now give me a guilty look like you just got caught with your hand in the cookie jar.” giving it my best, I looked down while frowning slightly.

After a few more clicks Dominic lowered his camera and smiled "That was perfect Lacie and with that scene one is over.” Walking over, key in hand Dominic unlocked the shackles and I took them off myself. I laid them over on the table before grabbing a bottle of water and heading over to the lounge area to sit down while I waited.

Fiddling with something over at the props table Dominic spoke over his shoulder “Well Lacie is this kind of gig as bad as you thought it would be?”

Smiling a little I replied “No, as nervous as I am I do have to admit it is actually kind of fun.”

“See that's the spirit and Lacie I have to tell you you're doing really well, keep it up and I'll throw in a little bonus.”

I perked up at that and when Dominic was ready and motioned for me to head back on set I sprung up on my heels and nearly toppled over. Blushing I straightened up and walked on set a little slower hoping Dominic hadn't noticed my blunder. Approaching me from the props table, my breath hitched when I noticed that instead of the shackles Dominic was now carrying a small bundle of rope.

Concerned, I asked “You're going to use rope now?”

“Yes Lacie, in this scene after the sheik catches the genie playing with the shackles, he decides to teach her a lesson by showing her what true restraints are and having her dance for him.”

Walking behind me I felt Dominic grip my hands and guide them behind my back. Dominic held my wrists together with one hand and I stared ahead as the feel of braided cords wrapped around my wrist. After looping the rope around my wrists six times, I felt the ropes tighten firmly as they were cinched and knotted off.

The feeling almost took my breath away, because of the way the ropes held my wrists together and the position forced my breasts to protrude invitingly. It initiated a tingling sensation between my thighs and I wobbled a bit at this new development.

I broke out of my reverie when Dominic asked “Lacie, you okay?”

I flexed my wrist a bit and winced a little, “It's a bit tight.”

“It has to be tight to look good, what I meant was is your circulation good?”

The ropes were a bit tight, but not enough to cut off blood flow so I answered “No that's fine, what's next?”

Getting in position Dominic raised his camera and said “First I want you to test out your new bonds, ending with you sulking at the camera. Then I want you to dance like you did before, only this time I want you to do it while pouting and gradually finding the joy you had when you were wearing the shackles.”

Taking my queue I started bending forwards then backwards, standing tall, and even twisting around so the ropes as well as my breasts would show in the same shot. Doing my best to sulk I looked at the camera giving it my best sad puppy face.

When he finished taking photos of me from the back, Dominic said, “All right Lacie good job, keep it up now and show me how you can dance.”

I can dance…or at least I can dance when I'm by myself, but I'd never done it with my hands tied behind my back while wearing sky high heels, however if that's what Dominic wanted then I was determined to try my best. Thinking of all the costume movies I'd ever seen, I lifted my left thigh up between the slits of my skirt until it was parallel to the floor showing off lots of leg.

I then pivoted on the right toe of my heel until I had rotated to face Dominic, then I stretched my left foot forward firmly resting on the toe of my high heel. The more I began to strut around the set the more confidence I showed in my moves. My exaggerated hip movements were a seductive display and my long tied up hair swirled about through the air as I danced. At one point I even pulled off that one Latin dancer move where while bending forward and back I shook my chest provocatively.

As I danced I couldn't help but love the feel of my breasts swaying back and forth within the confines of the bustier. The fabric rubbed against my nipples and the sensation caused them to swell, sending more tingles down into my core. Dominic focused his camera on my chest, and it pleased me that he did. I was really getting into this and the idea that these pictures would arouse and excite men everywhere was very …stimulating to say the least. Writhing and squirming, while always drawing attention to my vulnerable bosom, I smiled straight into the camera and pleaded with my eyes.

Too soon, Dominic lowered his camera and said, “Well done Lacie, now it's time for a change.” He wandered over to the props table grabbing a much larger bundle of rope and started walking over.

Standing in front of me Dominic stretched out his arm and dropped his hand twirling his fingers in a circle, and I obediently turned myself around until I faced the wall.

“Alright Lacie in this scene the sheik is now frustrated that his lesson has not worked in humbling the genie and has decided to up his game by making the bindings extra restrictive. I'll do my best not to make it too uncomfortable, but I can't guarantee this will be a walk in the park.”

A little more confident now I said “I can handle it.”

Standing behind me Dominic took the long piece of rope, doubled it and created a large double corded lasso that he held over my head. I watched a little nervously now as the ropes came down past my face and landed around my chest and my arms. He pulled it snugly below my breasts, pinning my arms to my sides and then wrapped another loop above my breast and back around through the knot between my shoulder blades.

Pulling the ropes tight, he then fed the ropes between my arm and torso just below the lower band of ropes binding around my chest. Next the ropes continued up and over my shoulder, behind my neck and repeated the pattern back to the knot between my shoulder blades. When Dominic pulled the ropes tight, the effect was the ropes basically welded my arms to my side and framed my breasts like a spotlight. The strictness of the ropes also caused my costume to mold itself to my body like a second skin.

All trussed up and with my large breasts displayed so provocatively, I felt like a display model ready for a test drive at a dealership.

Stepping back to examine his work Dominic said, "That should hold you," electricity coursed through my body and I blushed. My ears were burning and even my cheeks were rosy.

“Alright Lacie were nearly at the end of this particular shoot and if the last part goes well we keep on going straight on with the next shoot, okay?” After nodding my head Dominic continued “Alright Lacie, last dance, you're not having fun anymore but try to please your master anyway. When I give you the signal I want you to stop dancing and pretend to complain okay?”

Becoming a little unsure but not wanting to ask a dumb question I said “I'll do my best.”

I gave it my best, I truly tried but this was a lot harder and as I went about trying to dance I nearly fell multiple times. Throughout this last dance Dominic praised me multiple times for my acting, little did he know I was no longer acting in fact I was starting to get really frustrated from trying to dance while tied up so tightly.

Finally when I couldn't take it anymore I turned to Dominic to complain, only to see him give me the signal. So going with what I was about to say anyway, I complained about the ropes and how it was impossible to dance while being tied up like this. All the while I let my very real feelings be known, Dominic continued taking snapshot after snapshot.

I only stopped when Dominic put down his camera and asked if I was thirsty. Caught off guard I said I was and he retrieved my bottle of water from the lounge area. Walking over to me Dominic held the bottle to my lips while I sipped from it. When I finished sipping, he set the bottle over on the table and brought back a rubber ball that had a leather strap running through the middle of it.

It took me a moment to remember what he was holding, then as he reached me I remembered what that was for. I had seen them in the album on Dominic's laptop. Dominic used them as a gag on his models and sure enough, Dominic told me to “Open up!”

I opened my mouth to protest, but he pushed the large two inch ball deep into my mouth and buckled the strap behind my head. The large red ball sat tightly tucked behind my teeth and pressed down on my tongue, stealing me of my voice. Then he backed up while adjusting the settings on his camera, while I tried to adjust to this assault on my freedom.

This was not okay, I know I wouldn't need to speak while modeling, but I resented not being given a chance to say no. This wasn't fair, this wasn't dignified nor in my opinion a remotely sexy look.

I knew that the gag had also been buckled far too tight, since the straps were biting into the corners of my mouth. While the ball didn't taste as rubbery as I thought it might. I was mortified at how silly I probably looked, I imagined I must look like a pig over a spit at a luau. Not only that but the gag was also blocking my smile, and when this shoot was over I was going to let Dominic know just how upset I was… well, maybe I'd tell him after he'd paid me.

Finally set, Dominic said “This will be a quick one as all you have to do is look angry, yes just like that good.”

It wasn't hard for me to do what he wanted, seeing as I was in fact angry, but after a few dozen pictures from multiple angles Dominic lowered his camera aaaaand headed over to the prop table again.

‘What the heck, just how much more of this would I need to endure!’ I thought to myself.

Over his shoulder Dominic said “Two more additions and the final scene will begin.”

Dominic carried two more bundles of rope over, before settling down on the floor behind me. 

“Close your legs tightly together please.” Dominic said.

Eager to be done I changed my position so I was standing with my ankles parallel to each other with my knees touching as Dominic began wrapping cords of rope just above my knees and cinching them together tightly. He then repeated the action with my ankles as well. Keeping me steady, Dominic helped me lower myself forward down to the floor.

Raising his camera Dominic started taking shots from all around me, getting close ups of my face, chest, and legs. He'd pose my legs to the side, then help me to lay down on my stomach so he could get close up shots of my ass. Dominic must have taken two hundred pictures before finally calling it quits.

Smiling Dominic preened as he hooked up his camera to his laptop “Lacie these are some of the best pictures I've ever taken, you are going to be a hit.”

Even if I wasn't sure about his process, his complements were definitely giving me an ego boost and I was really looking forward to seeing some of the pictures myself…as soon as he remembers to untie me that is. Finally seeming to remember me Dominic came over to me, the gentle smile on his face now replaced by an excited grin. I don't know why but the warm feelings that had been stirring in my gut grew uneasy when I saw that grin.

“I think that's enough photos for the moment, Irma was definitely right about you.” Dominic spoke while bending down, his tone eager in a different way which made me even more nervous.

“I'll have to be sure to send her an extra large finders fee, she seems to have a real knack for finding new talent.”

“Anyway it's time to move on to the video portion of this shoot, now for this part I'm going to need you to act scared and unwilling okay?” Dominic said gleefully.

Stunned, I sat there for a moment or two unmoving and silent as I processed Dominic's words. Now I knew something was definitely off as I never agreed to any video recording. I needed to figure a way out of this, so finally snapping out of it, I rolled back over while moaning in protest and struggling frantically shaking my head at Dominic.

This definitely wasn’t working because when Dominic saw my writhing about he only spoke with more excitement. “Yes! just like that! You're a natural at this! Anyway I've got to go change, I'll be right back.” Dominic said as he began walking over to the dressing area, a bag in his hands.

I moaned in protest even louder as Dominic left the room, now my struggles were genuine as I tried to get out of my ropes and spoiler alert as thoroughly trussed up as I was I wasn't going anywhere. I was in a truly vulnerable state and unable to free myself no matter how hard I wriggled and writhed.

When Dominic returned a few minutes later he looked very different, gone was the casual photographer. In his place was a sheik garbed in fancy silks of black and gold. He was also wearing a turban and gold jewelry which dangled over his bare chest. Walking over to his equipment table, Dominic went about setting up three different cameras on tripods. Turning on the lights of one of the nearby sets with a remote, Dominic walked over and started positioning the three cameras around the set.

They were each facing a luxurious four poster canopy bed, it had shiny silk sheets and a variety of pillows. The set was lit with warm colored lighting and a backdrop resembling a palace bedroom. Three sets of red lights turned on as Dominic approached me, I just sat there transfixed with my ever widening eyes locked on the cameras.

Even if I weren't terrified of what was going to happen next there was little I could do to stop Dominic at this point. As Dominic bent down next to me, I finally snapped myself out of the trance I was in and squirmed while letting out a squeal as Dominic picked me up bridal style. He then carried me over towards the bed while I squirmed and continued making muffled cries from behind my gag.

Stopping in front of the cameras Dominic spoke in a middle eastern accent “I have wealth and power thanks to you genie, however after that performance I have decided that for my final wish. I wish for you to be my personal sex slave forever.”

I moaned louder and unintelligibly, and without missing a beat Dominic decided to translate for me to the camera.

“So genie you say to complete this wish we must consummate to complete the contract, very well then. I shall make you mine.” With that I was unceremoniously tossed onto the middle of the bed, with Dominic clambering on behind me.

Dominic sat down cross legged in the middle of the bed, before pulling me onto his lap. I could feel his erection digging into my ass as he propped me up with one arm, and his other hand began gliding down my body. I tried to thrash about, but restrained as I was it only seemed to excite him further. While holding my body firmly against his chest I felt his hot breath glide over my left ear, then Dominic began to nibble from my ear down my neck and despite my unwillingness I felt shivers run down my spine.

His hand slid slowly down my legs, parting the slip to glide over my bare skin. Gradually the caresses floated up over my exposed stomach, and his hands finally came to rest on the heaving swell of my breasts. In one swift motion the cups of the sparkling bustier were pulled down and my breasts spilled free, the cool air causing my nipples to harden. Warm hands groped and fondled at my exposed chest, his fingers pinching my hard buds.

“Mmmmmph!” I moaned as Dominic continued to avail himself to my helpless body.

After angling my body to my side, I squealed as Dominic bent his head down, taking one of my nipples deep into his mouth, suckling and biting down on my tender flesh.


Not content with dining solely on my ample chest, Dominic's free hand dipped underneath the hem of my harem skirt and panties. His fingers delved deep into my moist cunt, my earlier stimulation having paved the way for his invading digit. My bound legs wriggled back and forth under the ministrations to my sex.

My temperature was rising, my breath was becoming haggard and I was no longer fighting what was happening. I couldn't, it had been forever and a day since I'd last been touched by a man. Plus I was so turned on from earlier that Dominic's touches were overriding my resistance by turning my brain to jelly. All I wanted was to climb that mountain top and ride down on an avalanche of ecstasy.

Just as I was about to cum, Dominic rolled me onto my stomach resting over his lap. Frustration turned into mortification as one of Dominic’s hands gripped the bottom of my panties, and in one swift motion Dominic ripped the panties away.

My shocked cries only increased as I felt Dominic unsheath himself. Then Dominic spun me around so my back was resting against his bare chest. I let out a surprised shriek when just as swiftly I was raised up and lowered straight down onto his waiting cock. I moaned loudly as Dominic held me there, shifting my hips back and forth while I bit hard into the rubber ball pinned between my teeth. Soon Dominic began lifting me up and down, slowly at first, but soon the pace increased and I felt my legs begin to rise higher giving his shaft better access as he drove deeper up into me. 

Soon my high heels were dangling high in the air, giving one camera the perfect view as I was repeatedly impaled. Dominic’s increased pace caused my moans to grow even louder, truly testing the limits of the ball gagging me as I pogoed up and down. My breasts seemed to defy gravity as they bounced and jiggled at the apex of every plunge onto Dominic's cock.

Suddenly the world tilted on its axis as I was rolled face first onto my knees, and Dominic began pounding into my pussy from behind. A loud muffled roar ripped through the room as an incredibly intense orgasm engulfed my being. My cunt clamped down hard on Dominic's cock in an attempt to milk his cock of every drop of cum he could spill into me.

Dominic was now pistoning his cock in just the right spot and my eyes rolled back in intense ecstasy as my body quivered in a pleasure induced convulsion. Then Dominic was jack-hammering in and out my cunt, his cock was a blur until he too roared in a powerful climax and he filled my insides with his hot white cum.

With my face in the sheets I loosely registered Dominic pulling out of me, cum dribbling down the side of my thighs as I collapsed on my side. My breaths were labored as I felt a hand smack and firmly grip the bubble of my ass. Then Dominic's intense voice spoke to me loud enough for the camera to pick up.

“Now genie…you…are…all…MINE!”

With a click, the red lights on the cameras shut off. Still breathing heavily, fluids continued to leak out of me and I eyed Dominic as he got off the bed and began checking his cameras. I watched as Dominic replaced the storage cards and walked over to a table depositing them next to his laptop.

Walking over to a clothing rack, Dominic turned and spoke to me while lifting up another costume.

“Since the first shoot went so well, we're gonna move straight on to the next shoot.”

I made a muffled protest while shaking my head, which I can only assume he deliberately misunderstood.

“Well your next role will be a playboy bunny in which after you performed poorly in your tasks, your director decides you will make up for it by being his personal toy for the night.” Dominic said as he hit a button on the wall and a new backdrop lowered around the set.

Aghast at his demeanor, I could only squirm and moan in dismay as Dominic then approached the bed costume in hand. Dominic, after placing the bunny girl outfit on the corner of the bed, reached over grasping me by my bound ankles and I squeaked loudly as Dominic dragged me to the edge of the bed.

Gripping my ankles, Dominic began untying the ropes restraining me one by one until only the ropes holding my wrists were left. I turned and held out my hands expectantly, but he just laughed before pushing me back on the bed. I exclaimed a muffled “Hey!” but Dominic just started unbuckling and removing my high heels from my feet.

“To save some time, I'm going to leave your wrists tied and I'm going to get you properly attired myself. Also I'm going to leave your gag in so you can stay in character better, okay Lacie?” Dominic seemed to take my frustration as an affirmative and replied “Good, let's continue as we've a good bit of shooting left to do.”

After that he undid the clasps on my hoops and carefully removed my earrings along with the rest of the costumed jewelry from my body. I mewled as Dominic rolled me over onto my stomach and fiddled with the clasps of my bustier at the back and on my shoulders. My dignity or what was left of it was ripped from me as Dominic completely removed my top and soon my skirt followed suit.

My head spun as I was flipped over onto my back once more, Dominic lifting my now bare legs onto his lap. He started sliding a pair of fishnet stockings up my legs until they rested at my waist. I helplessly watched as Dominic grabbed the torso of the playboy bunny costume and slid it over my legs and up my body. 

It was red hot and held my waist and breast snugly. Reaching between my legs Dominic pulled the back end up so the leotard wedgied tightly between my ass cheeks. I bucked my hips and let out a quick squeak of surprise as he did this. After I was sat up, Dominic next fastened a dress shirt collar complete with bow tie around my neck and white ruffle cuffs just above the ropes binding each of my wrists.

“Two more pieces and we can start shooting.” I scowled at this and Dominic just laughed.

Walking over to the table and back with another shoe box in hand, Dominic removed a pair of red hot… five… inch… Stiletto heels. Dominic slid each of the shoes delicately onto the soles of my feet… slowly and… Sensually.. A zing ran up my spine as he did so…

“And finally, the piéce de resistance for any true playmate…” Dominic said as he slid a pair of red bunny ears into my hair.

There I sat, bound, gagged, clothed in the epitome of men's sexual fantasy, my cunt still wet with juices of arousal and full of semen from being fucked against my will.

The thought turned my face the same color as the skimpy bunny girl costume, I was garbed in.

I felt dizzy from the thoughts and feelings flowing through me. How could things have ended up like this, I had been taken for a fool and now I would be bound, gagged, photographed, and recorded being fucked, for the enjoyment of perverted men all across the internet like a common slut…

As I started to cry, the clicking sound of a camera reached my ears. I looked up to see a wicked grin on Dominic's face as he photographed my despair.

“These photos are gold, keep it up Lacie!”

I squeezed my eyes shut, tears leaking down my cheeks as my shoulders started shaking.

“Beautiful, now fall over on your side. I want you to look absolutely pitiful!”

When I simply stared at Dominic, he sighed before walking over and laying me down onto my side himself as if I were nothing more than a scantily clad mannequin.


Dominic started taking more pictures only stopping to pose my face this way, then that way, closing my legs, then crossing them. He would comment on each pose, I however was lost in my own pitiable thoughts the whole time.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when Dominic flipped me onto my stomach, and pulled me halfway off the bed with my knees resting on the floor. Picture taking resumed as Dominic got multiple angles and close up shots of my bunny tail clad rear end.

Shortly after the clicking stopped, I felt rope being fed under my arms and soon my elbows were drawn together. As my elbows came close to touching, my tits were pushed further out into the mattress. Dominic shot another dozen or so pictures before I was lifted onto my heels and guided over to a nearby desk chair where I was made to straddle facing the rear of the chair. The back of the chair was low enough that my chest stuck out over the top.

Taking out a long rope, Dominic tied my torso tightly to the back of the desk chair, this forced my tits to rest on the back of the chair. Dominic adjusted my legs so they were splayed out to the sides with the bottom of my heels sitting flat on the floor. As I sat there the clicking of Dominic's camera resumed getting pictures of me from all angles. 

Next Dominic brought out two more ropes and adjusted my left ankle so that it was sitting parallel to the front legs of the chair. Taking one of the ropes he bound my left ankle to the left rear leg of the chair, then he proceeded to do the same to my right ankle. This new position forced my rear end forward onto the seat of the desk chair, also causing my leotard to ride further into the crack of my ass.

The clicking of the camera resumed, Dominic was getting all the angles he could. However it wasn’t until he started taking an unusual amount of close ups from my front that I finally looked down. The position I was sitting in, combined with the way I’d been tied, was forcing my breasts to strain against the cups greatly. My boobs were practically bursting out, so much so in fact that the tops of my nipples were just peeking out from under the costume. Despite the ordeal I went through earlier, the blush I was no doubt sporting probably matched my hair in color.

I thought to myself 'This wasn't supposed to happen to me, I was just going to do some tasteful modeling and get paid. Even if that had been the best sex I’d ever had, I don't want to be a pornstar damn it!'

More tears spilled down my cheeks and the camera shuttered quicker, In desperation I looked up at Dominic pleadingly and moaned!

“Peeeez op oo maa guh!”

Instead of my pleas deterring him, Dominic just took more shots of my face before speaking to me excitedly. “Now that's the look that will sell baby, keep it up!

After a few more shots I began to calm down some, when the clicking stopped I looked up to see Dominic let his camera hang down around his neck while appraising me. I sniffled and gawked as he then smiled, bent over, reached forward his hand pulling down my top to expose my breasts. I started to really struggle and wail, the chair was even wobbling a bit as I thrashed about. All the while Dominic continued to gleefully take more pictures.

I felt so exhausted and defeated that I finally just put my head down and sobbed quietly. After a few minutes I noticed the silence and looked up. Dominic was over by the large bed where he'd filmed himself taking a genie. I couldn't see well as to what he was doing at first, but when he finally came back carrying the three tripod equipped cameras.

Trepidation, fear and arousal were taking over me. My breaths increased in pace and I shook all over as Dominic began setting up the cameras around me. Satisfied Dominic looked over to me and spoke, “We'll begin our next scene after I go get changed.”

With that he headed towards the dressing room again, A few minutes later he came back to the set wearing a maroon bathrobe and a pair of slippers while holding a smoking pipe.

“Oops, I almost forgot.” Dominic said as he walked over to me before adjusting my costume so that my breasts were covered again. Walking off camera before turning around Dominic yelled “Action!”

Three red lights blinked on in unison and for a few minutes nothing happened. He just stood there filming me sit, stretch, moan and struggle. Just when I almost forgot he was there, Dominic stepped into view monologuing as he did so.

“So Miss Lacie, I hear you're having trouble following directions on and off set.” Dominic's voice was full on authoritarian as he stood in front of me.

“Well since you are unable to fulfill your role as a playmate willingly, I will have to educate you on proper bunny conduct.” Dominic said this while lifting my chin. “Let's start shall we?”

Reaching behind my neck, Dominic started unbuckling the ball gag silencing me. As he did so his robe shifted and I could see he was wearing nothing under his robe, except his growing excitement.

“Your first lesson Ms. Lacie, is that mouth of yours is for serving others.'' With that the ball gag popped out of my mouth and before I could utter a single syllable of protest Dominic had filled the void the gag left with six inches of hard cock.

I could taste myself from earlier, the salt and semen mixed on my tongue. I fought gagging from the nausea of the taste and the pulsing throbbing of Dominic's cock slowly punching the back of my throat.

Dominic was certainly taking his time, not only enjoying himself but also giving me time to adjust to his girth invading my mouth. At least that was what I thought, seeing as soon as my panic slowed Dominic began increasing his pace. His hands gripped my hair tightly as his shaft pumped in and out methodically.

“Uhh… the less effort uh you put in Lacie the ugh longer this lesson will go on…ughh.” Wanting to get it over with, I began massaging his cock with my tongue.

“Ugh.. better, but you need to really suuuck Lacie.” So I started sucking hard but not so hard as to bite down. Dominic's moans grew as his thrust increased in repetition, I was starting to get dizzy from the pounding my throat was taking. Finally I could feel his cock convulsing and suddenly I was struggling not to drown as load after load of semen spewed into my mouth and down my throat.

As I began to gag Dominic gave a loud command “Swallow Lacie, swallow every last drop or you'll serve more than just the V.I.P's.”

I struggled to, at first, but eventually I managed to swallow it all down. “Good now lick it clean with your tongue.” Imagining it was a popsicle I reluctantly did as I was told.

Patting my head, Dominic said approvingly “Good job Lacie, now it's time for your next lesson.”

Looking up I attempted to protest, my reward was the taste of rubber as the ball was wedged back between my teeth as I was once again ball gagged

“Mmmmm,” was my only available reply.

With that the cameras clicked off once again, and Dominic replaced the storage cards on each of the cameras before walking back over to me with a big smile on his face.

“Well done Lacie, this is turning out to be some of my best work yet! Your acting is spectacular! Keep this up and I might just increase the bonus I promised when we're finished!” He said with exuberance.

I thought to myself ‘He can't really think I'm acting can he? I agreed to do tasteful photographs, not porn!’ I grunted in exasperation as he began removing the ropes holding me to the chair. When I had finally been released from the chair, Dominic helped me to my feet and guided me over to a doorway before stopping to fix my costume. 

The door led inside what looked like a long fake hallway attached to the wall of the studio. Clicking his remote, cameras lining the inside of the fake hallway turned on. Gripping my upper arm firmly, Dominic opened the door and forcefully pushed me through the doorway. Guiding me down the dimly lit hallway, Dominic forcefully pushed me back and forth as we walked simulating my unwillingness to follow. 

At one point one of his pushes caused me to stumble and I had to take small dainty steps in my high heels to regain my balance. It was at this point when Dominic grabbed me with both of his arms to guide me. Reaching the end of the hallway, Dominic opened the door and forced me through. With a resounding slam the door was shut and the cameras clicked off again.

Guiding me over to what looked like the set of a BDSM dungeon, Dominic spoke. “Alright Lacie it's time for the final scene, I hope you're ready.”

‘Like I have a choice.’ I thought dismally as we walked onto the set. Cameras clicked on as I took stock of the set, the floor was made of blackened concrete, the walls a dark slate colored brick. On said wall all along one side lay a corrugated board, with many tool hooks up and down the board like in a mechanics shop. 

Only instead of wrenches and other such tools lay a variety of ropes, gags, whips, floggers plus all manner of torturous devices. As for the furniture on the set, there were many odd pieces with uses I couldn't imagine. Dominic guided me over to a treadmill of sorts, it was different from any other treadmill I'd seen before. It had multiple eye-bolts along the rails and the tread was angled parallel with the floor instead of at an incline.

“Well Lacie, while I set up your last bit of training equipment. I'm going to set you up here for a little bunny girl exercise.” Dominic said as I was guided on to the treadmill. Pulling a few loops of rope from a hook located on the front of the treadmill, Dominic proceeded to fasten a noose around my neck. He then fed the ends of the rope through one of the eyebolts on the top portion of the railing. Walking round the railing behind me, Dominic forced my legs together then bound my ankles together tightly with more rope.

“If you don't want to fall on your face Ms. Lacie, you need to bunny hop like your costume's namesake.” Dominic spoke matter of factly.

At this I started to panic, shaking my head in the negative vigorously. “Eeez nuh.”

Smiling Dominic hit the start button and the tread slowly started moving. No choice but to try, I bent my knees and started hopping forward like my life depended on it. At every hop my chest jiggled, at every impact my bosom bounced to and fro. Every time I landed the bunny tail attached to the ass of my costume wiggled back and forth.

All along, the cameras rolled catching my erotic humiliation from multiple angles. Out of breath after nearly ten minutes of this absurd exercise, the machine finally switched off and soon Dominic was undoing the noose around my neck.

“Well done Lacie, you're nearly done with your training for the night, now your last lesson should be easy as all that will be required is for you to stand still.” Dominic said as I was guided, still bunny hopping to the middle of the room where a chain dangled from the ceiling. 

Taking the chain Dominic fed the end under the ropes binding my wrists, before padlocking the end link to one of the links just above the ropes. As I examined the links over my shoulder, Dominic walked over to an electric box on the wall. With the push of a button, the chain tethered to my wrists began to rise. As the chain rose, so did my wrist forcing me to bend over at the waist. 

This not only caused the wedgie I had to dig deeper as my ass stuck out further and further, but also had my breasts once again nearly busting free from my top. I groaned loudly from behind my gag at every inch my arms were slowly raised. I stood there for a few minutes awkwardly swaying and moaning as cameras continued to roll. Finally footsteps approached and suddenly Dominic was behind me. As I stood there feeling more helpless and vulnerable then I'd ever felt before, I heard the robe Dominic was wearing hit the floor. 

Strong hands gripped me by my waist, I gave such a jump that my breasts nearly escaped the confines of my costume. I could feel the hardness of Dominic's cock dipping in between the gap of my thighs while his hands glided over and around the bubble of my ass. Dominic started squeezing my cheeks while adding a few good spanks for good measure. At every spank I would jump, with Dominic's cock digging into the fabric covering my pussy, which had me moaning louder and louder.

Spank! “Mmm.”

Spank! “Mmmm.”

Spank spank! “Mmm mmmm.”

SPANK! “Uh Mmmmm!”

Finally one of Dominic's hands gripped the fabric hugging my moist cunt, sliding it to the side and before I knew what was happening he had ripped a large tear into the stockings and his cock which was hard as a rock thrust deep inside me.

“Mmmm mm mmmm!” I moaned loudly, not even caring anymore that we were being recorded. All I knew was it felt so damn good that I started meeting his thrust with my own movements. At each penetration I could feel his hot member slide over my overly sensitive nub, the way I was tied and the angle it provided gave Dominic a straight shot to my most pleasurable spot. 

It was pure bliss for me until two things happened in quick succession. One I felt one of Dominic's hands reach forward and pop my tits free from they're costumed prison. The second was when Dominic pulled himself all the way out and then lined his cock up with my other hole. This had me screaming and shaking my head vigorously for a whole another reason. I started to beg and plead muffled protests. 

My pleas were suddenly interrupted as a torrent of wailing cries emanated from behind my gag as Dominic, without mercy, plunged himself all the way to the hilt of his cock deep inside my anus. The burn was excruciating as he slowly started pumping in and out. My breasts were bouncing back and forth as Dominic's pace increased. Slowly what was once mind numbing pain, transformed into pleasure as a wonderful buzz started to flow up through me. 

The orgasmic sensations intensified as the burn of initial pain ebbed away and soon I was meeting Dominic's thrusts once again. Dominic's grunts of pleasure grew louder and at each pounding his thrust grew deeper. The blinking red lights captured every moment as I was ridden harder than I'd ever been before in my life. As Dominic's pace reached a new speed, his hips became a blur and I too could feel my climax approaching fast.

My breathing became audibly fervent as my knees bent down then up trying to match Dominic's Thrusts. Then in a synchronized symphony of bliss, Dominic exploded inside me as my anus gripped down firmly on his cock. My clenching sphincter muscles only increased his moans as large amounts of his hot seed spilled deep inside me, with small amounts seeping out and dribbling down towards my moist cunt. 

His bucking hips sent aftershocks of pleasure up my spine and if I could I would have collapsed into a puddle of lust and adrenaline. Standing up straight Dominic slowly pulled himself out of me, bending down he picked up his discarded robe. As he clothed himself, Dominic turned to address me.

“I think we will have no more problems on set, right Lacie?”

Shakily I raised my head, and while staring deep into his eyes I shook my head.

“Good I'm glad to hear it, I'll have security come to retrieve you shortly.” Dominic said as he walked off-set.

The cameras continued to blink for another thirty seconds, only turning off when I dropped my head to stare at the floor.

Thirty very quiet minutes later Dominic walked me out the door of the warehouse handing me a large check and a business card. There idling on the street was the town car from earlier, getting in the back I sat there wordlessly throughout the car ride home going over everything that had taken place during the shoot. My thoughts were very conflicted as I rested my head against the car window. I was beyond exhausted and I decided that after cashing the check and paying off my bills I’d spend the next few days contemplating what to do next. 

Three days later I finally reached a decision and made the call, nervous over what would happen next…


“Hello Dominic, this is Lacie…do you have any more work available?”


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